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Maugrim waited, watching the moon from her bedroom window. It was almost time. She quietly got up and dressed. She pulled a small satchel out from under her bed. It was filled with her prized possessions and a few essentials. She carefully opened her bedroom door and crept down the stairs. Her heart pounded as she peered around every corner. She tried to find the delicate balance of speed and silence. She turned into the main corridor, but when she reached the entryway, she stopped. Her uncle was sitting on a chair facing the door, waiting for her.
“Going somewhere?” He asked.
Maugrim’s mouth went dry. She hesitated for a moment, then squared her shoulders and looked him dead in the eye, “Yes. I’m leaving, and I’m not coming back.”
“Joining the Wolves?”
She held her head high, “Yes.”
He stood up and walked over toward her. I took all her courage not to run right back to her room.
“Go back to bed, Maugrim.”
“No. I do not want to be a witch.”
He drew his wand, “This is your last warning, girl.”
Maugrim remained where she was.
He pointed his wand at her, “If it’s the wolves you choose, then with them you must stay. For nowhere else shall you find rest for more than the span of a fortnight. This curse shall hold until the sun dies, and the world grows cold.”
Maugrim felt the curse reverberate through her soul, and she ran.

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Hello, this is me, illustra (its not my actual name). I decided to make a persona for the future since Ill get to an asks eventually at one point. Again, thinking of what to draw for inktober is becoming more of a bit of backsory for my OC Tinta/TinTin and Blott/ “chara”. The bottom is the old drawing of this persona; but does have the colors for the current drawing.

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These guys sure are strange


March 8th 2020

Finally had a chance of finish one drawing with some of my OCs, the “green” one still don’t have a name tho

I’m working on a story with them and so much others, really hoping I could at least write all the events and if not a comic, at least create an illustrated book

Send me some luck haha

My dear Ambra (the blue one XD) is not a psycho btw, but she can become like this if someone insult one of her friends, she really can’t bear that

Lucy, the girl on the floor is just a bit…. Lunatic

Dustin is just Dustin and sometimes he need to be stopped (lol)

And the Green boi has to calm them all

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I spent 3 WHOLE HOURS straight trying to do a pixel art flower and this was the result. Right after reading all about hotarubitale and I couldnt stop thinking about it for hours. Then, I finally got the custom pro in animal crossing and decided to create this beautiful hoodie for @dreemurr-skelememer based off their son Gin sans. None of the chaarcters belong to me, I only wanted to make the hoodie.

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Some doodles i made for my au. The au is still in development because i am figuring out the other characters’ design. Their backstories are already completed. The green doodle is Fss!Chara’s design.

The brown is Fss!Frisk. Then we have snowdrop in a bunny hoodie. Papyrus is ready to use his slipper on whoever made his brother cry. Frisk is trying to stop him because they knew the monster would be dusted the moment the slipper came in contact.

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They say the mind haunts those with desires, the fantasies or dreams of something so sinister, it’s almost evil but in reality, they’re just cries of a pleasure only few could satisfy. it’s a lustful hunger for when too extreme, can make a person go mad. Perhaps even a lil naughty….

This November, recall what your heart truly desires. Look within yourself, even to the darkest corners that seem inhuman and remember what you want. Think of what can satisfy that very fantasy, and remember, it’s okay to be a little impure sometimes. 


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