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Game-Changing Sites for Writers
A recent search for a specific type of site to help me build new characters led me down a rabbit hole. Normally, that would make me much less productive, but I have found a treasure trove of websites for writers.
Bring Characters/Places to Life
There are a few different places you can use to create a picture of something entirely new. I love this site for making character pictures as references, instead of stock photos or whatever pops up on Google Images.
thispersondoesnotexist: every time you reload the page, this site generates a headshot of someone who doesn't exist. This is great if you're thinking about a character's personality or age and don't have specifics for their facial features yet.
Night Cafe: this is an AI art generator that takes your text prompt and generates an image for it. I tried it for various scenery, like "forest" or "cottage." It takes a minute for your requested photo to load, but no more than maybe five for the program to finish the picture.
Art Breeder: this website has endless images of people, places, and general things. Users can blend photos to create something new and curious visitors can browse/download those images without creating an account. (But if you do want to make an account to create your own, it's free!)
Find Random Places on Earth
You might prefer to set a story in a real-life environment so you can reference that place's weather, seasons, small-town vibe, or whatever you like. If that's the case, try:
MapCrunch: the homepage generates a new location each day and gives the location/GPS info in the top left of the screen. To see more images from previous days, hit "Gallery" in the top left.
Atlas Obscura: hover over or tap the "Places" tab, then hit "Random Place." A new page will load with a randomly generated location on the planet, provide a Google Maps link, and tell you a little bit about the place.
Random World Cities: this site makes randomly selected lists of global cities. Six appear for each search, although you'll have to look them up to find more information about each place. You can also use the site to have it select countries, US cities or US states too.
Vary Your Wording
Thesauruses are great, but these websites have some pretty cool perspectives on finding just the right words for stories.
Describing Words: tell this website which word you want to stop repeating and it will give you tons of alternative words that mean the same thing. It typically has way more options than other sites I use.
Reverse Dictionary: type what you need a word for in Reverse Dictionary's search box and it will give you tons of words that closely match what you want. It also lists the words in order of relevancy, starting with a word that most accurately describes what you typed. (There's also an option to get definitions for search results!)
Tip of My Tongue: this website is phenomenal. It lets you search for that word you can't quite place by a letter in it, the definition, what it sounds like, or even its scrambled letters. A long list of potential options will appear on the right side of the screen for every search.
Hope this helps when you need a hand during next writing session 💛
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Knight… Mr. Knight.
steven grant/mr. knight x female!reader
Tumblr media
summary: in an aim to be more adventurous, steven suggests the two of you have sex in an alleyway. he’s completely out of his element, but at least you love the suit.
a/n: yo, yo, yo it was about time I wrote some mr. knight smut, cause oh god, he makes me feel some kind of way. also hopefully this doesn’t seem rushed?? I wanted to get it out of the way to prepare for all the steve harrington fics that I’m going to inevitably write (starting tomorrow, and I can’t fucking believe I get him back in like less than 24 hours). so prepared to be sick of me, guys.
warnings: +18 content; unprotected p in v; semi-public sex; alleyway sex; fingering; handjobs; suit kink/glove kink; steven trying to dirty talk; passionate love-making (idk I kinda don’t like using that term, but that’s the best way to describe it); this shits kinda lovey-dovey; swearing; mr. knight name kink??
word count: 4k
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“…I’m sorry. What—what did you say?”
Steven hesitates, shifting his weight from one foot to another as he wrings out his hands. “Well, uh, it—it was just a thought, love. I, uh, if you don’t want…if you don’t want to, that’s totally fin—“
“Steven,” you say slowly, taking one step closer to him. Even in the dim light of the alleyway, you can see the way he shies away from you. There’s a slight frown that pulls down his lips as his eyes shift nervously from his feet to the wall, to you. “Honey, what did you say?”
He inhales sharply. “I, um…I asked if you wanted to…ya know, do it. Here.”
His words render you speechless. Stunned. You try to meet Steven’s eyes, but he doesn’t reciprocate. He’s embarrassed, somehow. But you know him well. You can tell he worries about what you’ll say to his suggestion; what you’ll think about the possibility; how you’ll see him after knowing one of his secret fantasies.
“Alrighty, let’s go home.” He goes to rush past you, but your hand catches his wrist before he can make it very far. Your grip softens on him, fingers absentmindedly stroking up and down his forearm.
Pulling him towards you, Steven’s face finds yours. You feel his warm breath waft over your cheeks and puff against your eyelids. His breathing stutters, shoulders shaking ever-so-lightly; only noticeable if you were to look hard enough.
“Steven…” you purr.
Pushing the ebony curls away from his face with your index finger, your eyes roam over the curve of his chin and the deep-set of his eyes. “Is that what you want, honey? To take me right here in the alleyway?”
Whimpering, Steven leans into your palm that you pressed to the apple of his cheek. The sound is divine. A beautiful high-pitched noise that makes your breath deepen and your pulse quicken. He pushes into you; lips moving to graze over your mouth in a passionate kiss. But you stop him suddenly, biting his bottom lip, then licking over the imprint of your teeth.
Your hands smooth themselves over the front of his chest: over buttons and cotton until your fingers reach the unzipped edges of his jacket.
“…How about…” you give him a chaste kiss. A peck of the lips as you smile into him. “If we’re trying new things…” you’ve managed to walk back with him to the brick wall behind you. Guiding him to stand over you; to trap your form under his. “Could you—there’s something else I’d like to, um…test out.”
You kiss his nose, then his cheek, and finally his chin as your nose traces his skin. “What if you…could you summon the suit?”
It’s his turn to be shocked. For his mind to be robbed of any thought as you nuzzle his neck. As you breathe him in. All of him. Until the smell of coffee—two creams and sugar—has filled, drowned your lungs with love, and your veins with arousal.
He gulps, and you feel the motion beneath your mouth as you lick and suck at his throat. “The—the suit?” You nod excitedly—albeit, a little more excited than you probably should’ve.
It takes his mind a few seconds to whir back to life. To restart the system and navigate its basic functions before he’s bumping his nose into yours. “That’s…somethin’ you’re in to?” Your eyes flutter shut as you kiss him, this time far eagerly. “Okay.” His voice is a little shaky as he kisses you back, and you imagine he’s still thinking over what will happen.
He’s always thinking. A jittery man that can’t help but think over every possible scenario.
And though the worry-wart part of him is helpful, sometimes he needs a little extra help turning off that part of his brain. Even if it’s just to let him get his bearings together.
Luckily, you know exactly how to do that.
He’s quickly nodding his head, ensuring your body is flush to the wall as his fingers intertwine with yours at your sides.
It’s a habit he has. No matter where, or how the two of you have sex, Steven always makes a point to hold your hands. It’s an endearing trait. A minuscule moment in a frenzy of heat and adrenaline that helps to ground you. While your body floats, your hands stay connected. It ties your hearts together in every way. Whether that’s the two of you chasing your highs like rabbits as you ride him, or if he’s tenderly making love to you in the early hours of the morning.
It’s a part of your routine that you can count on; something that tells you that the man fronting is Steven. Your Steven.
He’s begun his descent down to your collarbone as he mouths at your exposed shoulder.
“Just, just one thing, love.” Another tender kiss to the skin there. “D’you, do you mind if I leave the mask off?” He straightens his neck so he can look you in the eye. With his hand still in yours, he brings them to your cheeks and holds you there as he kisses you with such great force. Enough that when he pulls away, he’s breathless. “I just, I like to kiss you, y’know? Don’t want anythin’ in the way of that.”
You nod at him with a giddy smile. Then, in the blink of an eye (literally) you’re met with the same image of Steven’s face. Except, this time, the stark whiteness of his suit peeks at the corners of your peripheral.
Your smile grows.
“Is this…” Steven clears his throat before leaning down to nibble at your collarbone. “Is this good?”
You let out a sigh and close your eyes. “Ye—yeah. It’s more than good, Stevie.”
“It’s Knight…Mr. Knight.”
Your eyes shoot open. It takes you a minute to catch up, but when you do, you’re looking down at Steven. He trails his nose over your clavicle, blissfully unaware of your reaction. “Did you…” he stills. “Did you just quote James Bond?”
Steven stands up, fully erect as he stares you down. His mouth is slightly swollen: red and puffy, with pursed lips. His eyes are dark, pupils blown in the early on-set of ecstasy. He looks fucking good. Extremely sexy in that fucking suit.
You cunt throbs at the sight, but your mind remains amused.
“…Um…yeah, yeah, I did, yeah.” You both nod in unison. Steven then puffs his chest out lightly and crosses his arms over each other. But then he uncrosses them, going in the opposite direction, only to move them again. He’s adorable.
He huffs, then settles for resting his hand beside you; white-glove flat against the brick, so close to your head that you can feel the heat radiate off of him. His head hangs low, eyes boring into yours. “Did that…does that turn you on?”
You chuckle at that. It’s an unexpected reaction, a bout of giggles at the ridiculousness of your boyfriend trying to be suave. Trying to be something else. Something that he typically isn’t.
He frowns for a moment, mistaking your laughter as a negative response. He knows he’s out of his element; a mess of an awkward man that’s failing in his effort to be sexy. To impress his girlfriend, for once. To try to compete with Marc’s prowess.
“I’m sorry, that was—was stupid.”
He’s shying away from you again. So quick to assume your amusement is related to dislike. But it’s not. “Honey, Steven…” his eyes are turned down towards your feet. He’s pouting, looking at the contrast between your black skirt and his white trousers. But then your fingers are hooking beneath his chin and raising his gaze to meet yours.
You kiss him slowly then, gliding your tongue along his bottom lip before slipping it into his mouth. One hand comes to rest on the back of your head as the other returns to its position on the wall. He supports you against him, mouthing at each other until you’re both dying to breathe.
He never could resist you anyway.
You hum softly. “So, Mr. Knight…” another aggressive peck. His eyes widen in your direction at the nickname. “You gonna’ make me feel good?”
For the first time ever, Steven doesn’t really think. Instead, he growls into your shared kiss. The sound reverberates in your mouth, forcing a groan out of you.
Your hands fly down to the edge of his pants, fiddling with the zipper and button there. Though it’s a little frustrating because he keeps distracting you. Keeps kissing you deeply while your fingers, in their frenzied state, try to remove layers of fabric.
Eventually, you get down to just his underwear. Palming him suddenly, Steven gasps. It’s the low sound that is shuddered into your shoulder that makes you grin. He’s always so sensitive for you. Granted, you’re always incredibly sensitive for your boys. But the nice thing about Steven is that he reacts to you in ways Marc won’t let himself. With Steven, you can take control. You have a little bit more of an edge over the cute gift shopist than the mercenary who will deny you an orgasm until he’s had his way.
It’s nice, once in a while.
Your fingers curl around the band, shimmying them down enough to reveal what you want.
The air between you and Steven grows increasingly hotter; thicker with no signs of being able to breathe any time soon. His cock sits out in the open; presenting itself to you. It’s painfully hard, with the tip leaking precum. With a quiet moan, you pull Steven down to kiss you again before grabbing him in your other hand.
He ruts into your palm at the slightest touch; so eager and desperate and whining for you. For you to keep going, to pump him raw.
The entire thing makes you dizzy.
So you begin stroking him. Your hand curls around his length as it moves back and forth from the base all the way to the tip. Your movements are slow. Calculated. Controlled as you get him warmed up.
“Fuck, love,” Steven whines into your mouth. “Just…fuck.” You let out a sound of amusement. Pulling away from him, you watch his face contort as he fucks himself with your hand. You’re pumping him faster now, with the edge of your finger rubbing over the tip every time you move down the shaft. You change the pressure of your hand, altering with every twist; touching him both softly—a barely-there caress—and gripping him like a vice. Hard and strong.
He rolls his hips with every squeeze, moving into your hand every time you reach the base of his cock. You take the time to study his face then. His eyes are softly closed; his mouth pursed in a slight opening. His chest heaves, panting growing louder with each stroke. You want him—need him—to cum in your hand.
But in your momentary distraction, you didn’t realize that one white-gloved hand travelled over your hips, and down your thighs until it disappeared beneath the hem of your skirt. You don’t realize it until a finger touches you through your underwear.
You stop your ministrations suddenly, eyes looking between your occupied hand and his. “What are you doing?”
“Well, um…you asked me to make you feel good, didn’t ya?” You nod, mainly to yourself.
His breathing is still heavy, still desperately trying to get a grip on the air surrounding him. But he’s cohesive enough to know what he’s doing to you. Especially when he moves your underwear to the side and you feel the different fabric against your mound. He rubs you gently, applying even pressure with the pad of his thumb as he drags it up and down the sides of your folds. Though it hardly feels like anything, it’s enough to break your forehead out in a sweat.
“Steven…” you moan. You’re caught in the middle of your brain short-circuiting, focusing on the sounds and textures your body experiences.
In an effort to bring yourself back to reality, you try to go back to touching him. But you can’t really think much about it. Simply, you’re acting on instinct alone (much like Steven is) as your eyes look over the dark cloudy sky. You’re working together, strangely. Moving and touching and stroking and flicking. Until you’re both softly moaning into each other’s mouths, air fanning over the other face. “Fuck,” you mumble, as he drags a finger along your seam. “Your gloves are gonna’ get soaked, honey.”
He kisses your mouth erratically. “I think they already are, but alright.”
It’s that comment that makes your eyes roll back into your head. The actions you’re performing on him come to a slow as he picks up his pace. Pleasure overruns you as your free hand comes to grip his shoulder. He’s moving faster, and you try to continue to touch him, but your pace grows more stunted the foggier your mind gets.
But Steven, somehow, keeps his cool.
He’s still a whining mess. Still submissively rutting into your hand, which now rests on your hip, with every stroke. Except, he has total control over your body. And maybe that precedes anything and everything in his mind. You’re not entirely sure, but you wouldn’t put it past him because that’s just how Steven is.
Your boys always end up putting your needs before their own, except Steven doesn’t really negotiate how he does it during sex. It just happens. He makes you cum first. Makes sure you feel absolutely amazing before he allows himself to take from you.
“Goddam—fuck. Steven, honey, Mr. Knight…” you feel as though you’re losing consciousness. Names are spilling and blending together into one big jumbled sentence as your hips begin to gyrate against his hand. “Fuck, I’m…I’m gonna cum. Gonna…”
You gasp as Steven’s finger circles your clenching hole, and it’s then that you cum. It’s a small wave of ecstasy. A soft ebb and flow of pleasure that releases tension in your shoulders and lets your body fall back against the wall.
Gentle panting and Steven’s distant praises in your ear ground you as your grip on his cock loosens. Over and over again he mumbles against the shell of your ear how good you are for him, how much he loves you, how watching you cum is everything to him.
Once he knows you’re completely supported, Steven pulls away from you, lowers himself to one knee and drags your underwear down your legs to your ankles. “Step,” is his quick instruction. You do, or you don’t. You aren’t really sure if your body listens to him. Or if your mind is too far gone. But regardless, he stands back up and shoves your panties in his pocket.
He turns to look at the exposed entrance of the alleyway: the end that’s filled with an empty street shrouded in a yellow glow. The kind of warmth your body feels as you hum to yourself in contentment. A physical representation of your euphoria.
When he’s satisfied that there isn’t anyone there to catch the two of you, Steven returns his attention to the matter at hand.
“You alright, love?” One hand—the one that’s not covered in your slick—goes to move your hair away from your neck. He softly bunches it together, pushes away the sweaty strands on your forehead and releases it behind your head. The little nest he so affectionately made for you acts as a cushion. Something to protect your scalp from the scrape of brick.
Though, you assume that it’s not because of what he’s done. But for what’s to come.
His hand comes up to the side of your face, lovingly stroking his knuckles over your cheekbone. You lean into his touch, still lost in that hazy cloud as you attempt to watch him through half-lidded eyes.
“If you’re tired, love, we can stop.”
You shake your head quickly. An affirmative no. “Steven, please.”
He kisses you again, steadying your body with the weight of his own as he manoeuvres the two of you. Holding his cock, all the while angling your hips upward, he guides himself into you.
You both sigh in tandem at the feeling. He’s slow in his efforts, gliding forward through your walls until he’s buried to the hilt. The feeling of being full blooms around your pelvis; delicately branching to your abdomen and lighting fire to the oxygen within you. He stays there for a minute: still and patient as he waits for you. For you to give the go-ahead.
And it’s when you nod when your fingers dig into his shoulders and you adjust your hips that he pulls out, and pushes back in. “You feel…god, love, you feel fucking…damn.”
“Steven,” you mouth into the side of his head. “Fuck…please…dammit…fucking move.”
He chuckles gently at your lack of ability to form a complete sentence. The rumbling of his chest vibrates against your ribcage, sending goosebumps across your skin.
You want him as close as possible. You want to be so entangled with him that you can’t tell where your limbs begin and his end.
But most importantly, you want him to just fucking move already.
Steven then nods to himself. “…Alrighty.”
And like a racehorse, he’s off.
His tenderness, the prior hesitation in the movements of his pelvis is traded for something else. It’s like the flip of a dining room switch; or the opening of the gates at a dam.
The act itself is as simple as counting to three, yet the implications behind it are staggeringly beautiful. So deliciously pleasurable that all you can do is hold on for dear life as he grinds into you.
He doesn’t move painfully fast, and part of you is grateful for that because the moment simply doesn’t call for it. Instead, his thrusts are hard. He takes his time dragging himself through your walls; allowing himself to slam as deeply as possible into you before slowly stroking back out. It’s a repeated set of him rolling his hips and throbbing with every clench of your pussy.
And it’s turned you into a fucked-out mess.
And it’s fucking wonderful because it’s exactly what you wanted. What you needed. You were craving the feeling of the thick vein on the underside of his cock, moving in and out; rubbing itself over and into your hole. You desperately needed to hear him grunt; to hear Steven panting into your ear as his fingers dug bruises into your hips. And with the way he was moving, with the rhythm he had built up, you knew that you were going to get to cum with him.
It was only a matter of time.
“Steven,” you moan into his ear. “Steven, baby, honey, lift up my leg.”
Another harsh snap of his hips. His pelvis rests heavily against your lower body, and you moan at that familiar twitching feeling inside you. You can practically feel his pulse in his dick. In your cunt. You whimper at the fact.
Taking a fist full of hair, you pull his head back up to face yours. “Steven, lift up my leg. Ya know, put it on your hip.”
It comes out as more of a question than a statement. A meagre cry rather than a sultry demand. Nonetheless, he seems to get the idea.
Maybe, even a little too much.
Soon, he has you practically up in the air, positioned between his body and the wall. He has both of your legs wrapped around his hips and your upper body pinned beneath his. “Are you—is this good? Like are you comfortable?”
You don’t trust yourself to speak, especially with this new feeling. Now that your legs have been spread out, you feel your entire lower half open up completely to him. An exposed alter that beckons him to worship in any way he can.
If it were anyone else—any other situation—you’d feel a little apprehensive being completely off the ground. But with Steven, the thought never crosses your mind. And it’s not just the way in which you feel safe with him. The complete blind trust in the one you love most. But you also have your bleary mind to blame because he’s just fucking you so. Good.
The second your ankles lock around his waist, he was driving into you.
Every feeling, and every action bleed together immediately; twinkling out into the hazy edges of your vision. Every harsh bruising kiss to your cervix led to a cry. Every tug on his bottom lip led to him bottoming out, then shoving himself back into you. With every thrust, you bounce up the wall; the force of his cock shoving you up further and further. The feeling of him is all-encompassing.
Steven then pushes a hard thumb to your clit, rubbing you in tight circles. The fire that has been slowly stoking in the pit of your belly grows. The small flame that flickered within you explodes into a raging bonfire. It burns throughout where the two of you are connected, turning your body to pliable ash as you feel Steven swell near your g-spot.
“Oh my god, Steven. Fuck. Fuck me, honey.” You shake in his grip, drunk off the way you feel. Drunk off of the way his pace has begun to stutter; drunk off of his cock and the way he had to readjust himself to drive into you harder. To bring you to the peak, and to jump off with your hand in his. “M’so close. Just—just right there. Right…right there. Please...”
He grunts with another thrust. “I—I know, love. I know. I’m there, too. Just…just a little more…”
You can tell from the way he begins to spasm that he’s most likely losing feeling in his arm. But holy fuck, you are right there. So very close. The knot that tightens right above your pussy is so incredibly taut. One end is being pulled by his fingers, and the other by his dick. He’s yanking and stretching and twisting the rope in every which way.
So much so, that it’s started to rip. Started to break apart, hanging on by a single thread.
The beginning sensations of your long-awaited second orgasm of the evening.
Then with a perfectly timed flick of his wrist and snap of his hips, you still. You white-knuckle his biceps, eyes screwed shut as you slam your head into the wall. Your mouth falls open in a long silent moan. Your throat, so dry and scratched from earlier, is completely devoid of noise as you cum. There’s the occasional squeak that leaves you as you gasp for air; shaking violently around him. Your orgasm rips through you mercilessly, as Steven crashes into you like a tidal wave.
With a low whine, he cums; fucking up into you as he works himself through the high.
As his abdomen tightens against your stomach, he shoves his face into the crook of your neck, mouthing at the flesh there. Mumbling and rambling incoherently as his hips slow. You grip onto his head, carding your fingers through his hair until you both have come to a stop, and your breathing has returned to normal.
“Fuck, Stevie. That—“
“Was great,” he says excitedly. His face is beautifully flushed, a wide smile poking up into rosy cheeks. “We should—no, we definitely will do this again.”
A loud laugh tries to escape you, stunted by the way you intake breath. Through aching muscles, you lean down to tenderly kiss the top of his head.
Yes. You will definitely be doing this again.
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tachvintlogic · 2 days ago
Warriors is often characterized as being vain or self-centered when it comes to his appearance, but for me that's not true. Self-conscious is how i would describe it. Before the war, I don't think he cared about his appearance at all. He wasn't nobility, and on the battlefield, appearance isn't all that important if your face is covered by a helmet.
The war came with some very unexpected developments, like getting the Master Sword, skyrocketing through the ranks, meeting Impa, meeting Zelda, and more. As the one bearing the Hero's Spirit, he can handle those things.
But then he became Helen of Troy.
Hyrule is at war because Cia is in love with him. Her attraction had more to do with his heroic actions and nature than the appearance of his reincarnations, but...
Come on, that's not what the rumor mill is saying.
Word on the street is Warriors is so drop-dead gorgeous, so bootylicious, that the kingdom is fighting a war over him. He's the face that launched 1000 ships. So everyone has high expectations when they see him.
And Farore forbid he doesn't live up to those expectations every hour of every day.
Every time he introduces himself he sees that slightly disappointed look in the other person's face that he didn't live up to hype. What a tragedy he doesn't always conform to everyone's idea of the ideal man, that he looks like a person and not the divine image of beauty incarnate.
And the comments! "I thought you'd be taller" "I thought you'd be shorter" "You have some baby fat" "You look older than I expected" "Your hair is a little messy" "Your sleeve is too wrinkly" On and on about things he used to never notice or care about. It's worse when he's at a noble gathering and Zelda is using him as a prop to drum up support for the war effort, but even on the field he can't escape it.
Farore forbid Warriors go without a shower for a few days and have helmet hair because there's a war. "You have to look presentable for the troops or it'll lower morale." Of course it'll lower morale. He's Helen of Troy. His beauty is the point. He has to look presentable.
All this results in Warriors having a lot of anxiety around his appearance. He checks himself in the mirror over and over for imperfections he didn't notice the first time. And even after that he can't shake the feeling that he's somehow doing it wrong or missed something, and everyone is secretly laughing at how silly he looks and he's embarrassing Zelda by simply being in public.
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ughhheragain · 2 days ago
OMG could you do a being in a fake relationship with Pietro maximoff to make someone jealous but you both end up falling for eachother
unexpected outcome | p.m.
Tumblr media
Days had started to feel longer and sadder ever since you and your now ex-boyfriend had broken up. The reason why seemed foolish for you but to him, it wasn’t. Right before he left you for good, he turned around to face you, a torn expression on his face. 
“Look, I’m sorry Y/N but this is all just too much for me. You’re always away on a mission or whatever it is that you do and I just can’t take it anymore. I’m done here,” his words stung and the kiss he planted on your forehead did even more, as a tear rolled off your cheek. 
Now, of course you had tried to reach out to him on the days that followed his departure. But, you quickly figured out that he had made up his mind for good and that it was time to get over him. Did you manage to do so? Not quite. 
The Avengers eventually caught up on your odd behaviour, which was very different than the one they were used to. Usually, you’d be described as the bubbly one, the one who’s laugh can always be heard easily. There, it wasn’t the case at all. I’m not saying that you were sliding across every wall crying and hugging old photos of your ex but you weren’t exactly cheerful either. 
“What’s her deal?” Pietro asked, as he nodded in your direction so that Sam would get who he was talking about. 
“Y/N? I don’t know man, but from what I can see, she’s not having the best time right now,” he observed, frowning. 
You were walking around the kitchen with eyes still puffy from the night before, which you had spent erupting in small breakdowns right when you thought the previous one would be the last ever. You almost teared up again when you went to pour coffee in your cup and noticed that none was left. However, Wanda’s comforting hand your shoulder kept you from doing so. 
“Here, let me take care of this.” 
In the blink of an eye, your cup was filled and warm to perfection. She stood before you, her head tilted and her eyes filled with concern.
“You’re still coming tonight, right?”
“What’s with Tony?” 
“His party, Y/N. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about it.”
Of course you had. So many things were running in your mind and Stark’s party had been the very last to do so. All you’d been thinking about lately was what you were going to do next. Would you get rid of the pictures? The playlist? His old shirt? Toothbrush? Not once had a party been your main concern. 
You shook your head in confusion and frowned, wondering if a going to a party would be the best choice to make at that moment. Wanda caught up, and gave you half a smile. Taking your hands in hers, she squeezed them with affection. 
“You have to come. I’m sure it’ll help you clear your head. Plus, Natasha can’t come… I can only handle so many bad news,” she leaned in a bit, and gave you the puppy dog look only she can do so well. 
She smiled victoriously the minute you rolled your eyes, in defeat. “Yes. I’m confident you will thank me tomorrow morning,” she said before kissing your cheek and leaving to go to training. 
The day passed on an average note. You spent an hour or so training with Steve and Sam, who had both tried to make you forget your problems with punches and kicks.
“C’mon, sweetheart. Give me a smile, I promise I’ll let you win next time,” Sam breathed cockily as he stood over you, a n inviting hand hovering over you as an invite to help you up. 
When the time finally came, you heard three knocks following a rhythm only you, Natasha and Wanda had established. 
“Uh- Wow,” Wanda let out as she stepped back a bit. “Now I kind of hope he’ll show up only for him to break down with regrets.”
You chuckled and looked down quickly, “Can we please just not talk about him anymore? I’m coming to forget.”
Wanda laughed along and took your hand in hers as she started walking, “Right, to forget.” 
Stark was known for his extravagant parties and yet again, he hadn’t missed one beat. The decoration was ravishing, dancers were dancing high up, on golden platforms. The music was loud, coming from every where in the room, which was made possible by the new technology he was experiencing. 
“Well, if these aren’t the two most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Not even in Asgard,” you and Wanda turned around to face Thor, smiling with a drink in hand. Handsome couldn’t even be the right word to compliment him back, but you still used it. 
“I have to agree here,” Pietro appeared behind him and walked in to plant a protective kiss on his sister’s forehead. “You do look very beautiful, Y/N,” he noticed out loud with a thick accent, as his eyes quickly scanned your entire self which made you feel naked almost. 
The music was loud, almost too much but this and drinks were the perfect combo to make you think about anything else than him. However, the content smile quickly disappeared from your face when you spot him at the bar, with a hand holding firmly the back of a woman you’d never seen before. “Why’d I have to look at this damn bar,” you thought, regretful. 
“What’s wrong, dragoste?” you heard Pietro’s voice quite close to your ear, which sent shivers down your back. 
“Hm? Nothing. I think I’m gonna take some air,” you said loudly enough for him to hear. You thought he’d leave it at that but that’s knowing Pietro wrong. A frown automatically decored his traits and he faked a pouty expression, earning a smile from you. 
He leaned in again, “Don’t tell me it’s because of that guy, there.” You tried to fake innocence but gave up because he’d shown you enough times before that he can always see right through your bullshit. “C’mon.”
You didn’t have the time to think before feeling yourself being dragged deeper into the crowd, yet closer to the bar. It didn’t take you long to connect the dots, Pietro had a plan. Classic one, even stupid but saying that it didn’t make you feel like a teen again would be a lie. 
“This song actually makes me despise Americans a bit less,” Pietro admitted with a grin as he took your hand in order to make you twirl once or twice. Being with him was like a breath of fresh air. He’d always have this special ability to make you smile and crack a laugh even when you really didn’t feel like it. Again, he didn’t miss. He’d managed to make you forget about what you had just witnessed. However, what you hadn’t expected was for Pietro’s charm to actually work on you. When you weren’t single, you’d been doing your best to not appear like his tricks made you feel anything. You’d stay friendly at best and leave it at that. But now that you were “free” again? Hell, it was all different then.
Now, maybe it was also enabled by the alcohol, the music and the mix of anger, sadness and deception that had been bottling up in you. But, you could tell that something was different. 
“Hey,” you saw Pietro mouth and so, you leaned in, standing on your tippy toes. His breath felt warm on your ear and for a second, you felt your knees give you up. “He’s looking at us. Brother doesn’t seem to pleased.”
You could tell that Pietro was having fun with it but didn’t take it too seriously. You’d witness every time he’d show a new girl around the tower or cancel your team plans to meet one. Everyone knew that Pietro was living the single life to the fullest and hence that you were probably one among others. But, for once, you didn’t hang onto that miserable thought. 
“Oh,” you breathed in — almost — fake exasperation, “Let him.” Wrapping your arms around his neck, you brought him closer to you. 
Pietro looked surprised at first, then amused, and then simply content. It also felt as if he relaxed under your touch. As if being around you on this very night was different for him as well. But, you didn’t pay it much attention either. 
“It’s getting too hot in here, I think I want to get some air and thistime, I really mean it,” you managed to say between breaths. Seems like partying can be exhausting when done with Pietro. “Trust me?” you heard him ask as he grabbed your hand firmly and nodded almost immediately.
Looking around, you made up that you were now both standing on the only empty spot of the Stark terrace, above New York. The view was breathtaking as always but Pietro’s blue eyes reflecting the city lights was even more. 
The flirting went on, Pietro was making a few jokes and you’d laugh shamelessly. “I prefer to see you like that.”
“Like what?” 
“I was.”
“Didn’t seem so lately.”
Now, it hit you. You were mourning a relationship that had actually — theoretically — ended weeks ago. You bit the inside of your cheek as you realised all of this and shook your head in disbelief. Pietro, on the other hand, was looking for your eyes as as a smile started to form on his lips. 
“You’re right.”
“It feels good when you admit it.”
“Please, don’t get too cocky.”
“I’d never.”
Your exchanges were getting shorter and shorter as tension started to build. Even though the music was inside, it was still pounding in your chest and blame it on that or your surroundings which made you loose track of everything but it all happened so fast. Next thing you knew, you lips were on Pietro’s and your hand on the back his head. 
Now, what surprised you was how quickly he caught up. He didn’t brush you off or stopped you. Instead, he kissed you back and even smiled into the kiss. It all felt so relieving. To the point that it didn’t feel like faking anything anymore. 
a.n. I tried a new writing style, tell me what you guys think!
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emeraldenha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing: choi yeonjun x fem!reader | genre: high school au, strangers to lovers, fluff | w/c: +3.4k words | warnings: mentions of identity issues and self worth, reader has a small emotional breakdown
Tumblr media
if there was one way to describe you in a couple of words, it’d be ‘too nice’
you wouldn’t exactly call yourself a pushover
you were only nice to people that you thought deserved it
but when they did deserve it, you showered them in kindness
complimenting your project partner’s outfit with a wave when you pass by them in the hallway, cheering your close classmates up with a care package during exam week
you do one-time tutoring sessions for free in the library during your spare time and you lend an ear for people to vent their problems by your locker between class periods
teachers absolutely adore you and use your work as an example even though it makes you incredibly embarrassed
some students who don’t know you well think you’re an ass kisser
that you seek attention and praise to make yourself feel better than others
but you know it’s not like that, reminding yourself that you don’t need to listen to those who only try to put you down because that shouldn’t stop you from offering help to a person willing to take it
and your friends always tell you to never change because you’re the one pure soul in this cruel, cruel world
they (as well as half the school) nickname you hybe high’s angel
because no one has a reputation quite like yours
and at first, the nickname sort of bothers you
especially when it becomes more common to hear that name over your actual one
but you get used to it
because that’s who you are… hybe high’s angel
the first time you meet yeonjun, it’s valentine’s day
school has already ended and you’re rooming around the mall by yourself to get an impromptu gift for a classmate you saw getting rejected at lunch earlier today
you hoping the gift won’t be taken the wrong way
you’re just trying to give them something to show they’re cared and appreciated for even though it isn’t by their crush
but this kind of mistranslation has happened before (many times)
another reason why you’re called hybe high’s angel is because you’re seen as some other being
you’re mysterious in such a captivating way… like angels
nobody knows what you’re really like
you never talk about your interests or hobbies, you don’t join any clubs, participate in any sports
you also don’t date
which has unfortunately crushed the hearts of many students even if you let them down gently with a hug and smile of grace
even your friend group is in the dark about why you’ve rejected every single confession you’ve received
they actually question you about it like crazy, wanting to hear your love life stories when they gossip about theirs
but you don’t give them the satisfaction of a real answer
you leave the mall with a simple gift box in hand but as you stop to glance at a notification on your phone you feel a playful tap on your shoulder
“hey, beautiful.”
when you turn around, you see a boy around your age with a bouquet of red roses in hand
and you can only stare at him with wide, confused eyes
his expression nearly mirrors yours as he realizes the awkward situation, scratching the back of his neck and clearing his throat as he apologizes
“I’m so sorry! I spotted you from afar and mistook you for my girlfriend…”
you quickly tell him it’s okay and that his girlfriend must be very lucky to have a boyfriend that gets her such beautiful flowers and the comment makes him sheepishly blush in excitement
the both of you converse for a minute or two as his eyes still search for his girlfriend in the crowd but then he takes a proper look at your uniform and snaps his fingers in recognition
“you go to hybe high, right? I have a friend that goes there.”
and you’re like really?? who??
“choi soobin. I don’t know if you know him or not but he’s a second year.”
you nod enthusiastically, “oh, I know soobin! I’m also a second year. I used to be in the same class as him, sweet guy.”
it isn’t long until the boy’s girlfriend finally shows up and you watch as his eyes light up like a thousand stars at the mere sight of her
he quickly wishes you goodbye and goes to walk away but spins on his heel a split second after
his smile glows
“I’m yeonjun by the way. it was nice talking to you!”
slightly taken off guard, you shout your name back and then he’s off
you quietly sigh to yourself as you watch him reveal the roses from behind his back, pulling the girl into a blossoming kiss
it’s puppy love
the way they burst into a fit of giggles and act like they’re the only two people on earth
you want something like that
but you don’t deserve it…
you don’t see yeonjun again until a year later
unlike the sunny day at the mall where you first saw him, this time it’s at a 24 hour convenience store fifteen minutes before midnight
you’re in the freezer section for a quick coffee on the way home after a long day of helping your friends study for an upcoming test when you see yeonjun paying at the register
his appearance is a lot more disheveled than when you last saw him
instead of his pristine uniform and bouquet of roses, his shirt is crinkled and half-untucked, hair ruffled as if he had just rolled out of bed as he searches his pockets for extra change
you slowly move to stand in line behind him, putting the situation together that he’s a couple dollars short of his purchase when he starts contemplating about which items he’ll keep or abandon
you step forward until your shoulder to shoulder with yeonjun and look at the cashier that’s evidently bored out of their mind
“how much more does he need?”
“four dollars and fifty cents.”
you pay the remainder of the cost and wait for yeonjun to move out of the way so you can pay for your coffee
which he does hesitantly, mumbling a shy ‘thank you’ as he exits the store
though when you exit those same automatic sliding doors, it turns out he’s waiting for you
“I’m sorry that you had to pay for my things. is there any way I can repay you?”
you shake your head
“I didn’t have to. I wanted to. you don’t owe my anything.”
“are you sure?”
“yeah, it’s no problem, yeonjun.”
his eyebrows furrow at the mention of his name
“how did you know my name?”
you smile at his perplexed expression and tell him about the time he accidentally thought you were his girlfriend that one valentine’s day
his face twinges a little bit at the word ‘girlfriend’ and you take note of it
“oh, I don’t think I remember...”
it’s clear by his mannerisms that he feels guilty for not recalling the encounter, but you only laugh and assure him it’s fine
“I have a weird talent for remembering faces. I honestly don’t expect you to remember me at all.”
apparently that still doesn’t convince him to let it go
he asks you again if there’s something he can do to return the favor, and giving in, you tell him he can walk you to the bus stop
it’s dark out and you don’t mind company
you learn a lot about yeonjun during that walk to the night bus
you learn that his school is only a fifteen minute drive away from yours
you learn that as third years, you both have the same dream college
you learn that around a few months after you met him that year ago, his girlfriend dumped him… and it was an ugly breakup… at least on his part
you don’t pry for more than what he’s willing to tell, sensing that it’s still too much of a touchy subject, but you can read his emotions easily
you can feel the pain laced in his eyes as much as it is laced in his messy bed hair
“you won’t tell anyone this, right? just a secret between two strangers?”
you joke, “not even soobin?”
it gets him to chuckle and you wonder how beautiful he must be when he laughs
“if you’re asking me seriously, soobin already knows so it’s fine. but besides him, this stays between us.”
you give him a cheeky wink and promise to take it to the grave
it amazes yeonjun how he feels like he can already trust you
he could be on the edge of a cliff and something tells him that you’d be the kind of person to save him
and that’s based off an old interaction he doesn’t even remember and a short walk from the convenience store
yet he wholeheartedly believes it
not long after, you reach the bus stop
and not wanting the night to end so abruptly, he says he’ll sit and wait for the bus to come too
‘I’m not in a rush’ is his reason
“hey,” he grabs your attention, adjusting his position on the bench of the bus stop. “we mostly talked about me. tell me something interesting about you.”
you’re body tenses
it’s been awhile…
it’s been awhile since someone’s been curious about you
you bite the inside of your cheek and shrug, “there’s nothing interesting about me.”
he doesn’t buy that for a second, breaking into a mini tangent on how everyone has something that makes them interesting
you think for moment
“that look,” yeonjun smirks. “you thought of it. come on, say it!”
“people call me hybe high’s angel.”
of all answers, he wasn’t expecting that
usually people gloat about a hidden talent, a crazy life story, a self indulgent hobby
an angel… he could see why people created that image of you
“it suits you,” he replies
you don’t smile or discuss it further
you just nod
the bus arrives before you know it
you stand up to leave, but before you enter, yeonjun’s hand blocks the way
and in that hand is his phone, the layout for adding a new contact right on the screen
it’s a wordless exchange of eye contact that gets you to take the phone from his hand and fill it in with your phone number
you tell yourself this won’t go far, as harsh as it sounds
you’re friendly with everyone and yeonjun isn’t much different from them
so as much as his curiosity about you made your heart flutter, there won’t be another moment like that
you won’t allow it
three months later, you admit that was a lie
yeonjun texts you almost everyday
and though you’re a master of distancing yourself from the spotlight, he somehow always manages to turn the conversation around so he can get to know a little more about you
it almost infuriates him that you’re the most closed off person he’s ever met
though that only makes him more determined
it took him DAYS for you to tell him your favorite color
in all honesty, you don’t have one
but you tell him it’s yellow at some point so he’ll stop asking
he mentions you to soobin, hoping that his friend can fill in some of the blanks that have been weighing on his mind
a lot of those blanks are still left open ended
however, soobin informs him with what he can
that you’re pretty smart and dedicated to helping others
students approach you all the time, whether the problem is academically related or a personal issue or anything really
there’s an unexplainable aura around you as soobin explains it
it’s not that you’re just nice
but you have a special power for build trusting seamlessly, as if the task takes absolutely no effort
and yeonjun thinks to himself that he knows that feeling
it’s why he tries so hard to get closer to you after that night at the bus stop
you see through him so clearly
and he wants to be the one that sees through you too
‘it’s pointless’ is what soobin says about the idea
when it comes to yourself, you’re reserved
he’s heard that not even your friends can budge you
but yeonjun dismisses the warning without caution
because as silly as it may sound, he felt so undeniably free and himself when he was with you
and he misses that
he hasn’t felt that way since… well, since his last breakup
so for those first three months, he finds every given moment to spend time with you
sending you good morning texts, inviting you out to anywhere and everywhere, driving to your school right after his last class ends so he can wait for you by the gates (his friend beomgyu fears for his life since poor driving skills + a little speeding is a bad combination)
sometimes you get in his car and he reveals he has absolutely zero plans for what to do so he lets you choose
it’s all intentional in order for him to get a glimpse of your life — where you go, what you do, what you like
it freaks you out
and it usually results in something extremely vague and anticlimactic because you genuinely don’t do much for yourself
yeonjun scares you
because you’re waiting for when he gets bored, when he realizes he’s wasting his breath going to all these lengths trying to get to know you
but that time never comes
you also get to understand him on a deeper level
that he’s a total romantic and when his girlfriend broke up with him, it really messed with his self esteem
since her main reason was that he wasn’t enough of what she wanted
even though he poured his everything into their relationship
“I mean, sure, you weren’t fit for whatever standard she may have had, but that doesn’t make you any lesser of a person. the yeonjun I know is beautiful and genuine and loving. don’t look down on yourself, because I’m confident that you’d be more than enough to someone who can appreciate that.”
you mean those words with all your heart
and they strike a chord in him
eventually leading to yeonjun gaining the courage to ask you out
…you tell him no
you tell him that he’s a really amazing guy but you just don’t date
he takes it well and says that he just wanted to get it off his chest, that he doesn’t mind staying friends
though yeonjun is anything but subtle
you’re not oblivious to how he’s slightly more affectionate and flirtatious than usual
clingy but only to your level of comfort
it continues on until one day you can’t help but ask
“why do you like me?”
when he answers, his smile is warm and bright
painted on his lips like sunshine peaking through your dark and gloomy sky
you think that yellow may actually be your favorite color
“in my entire life, no one has ever fully accepted me for who I am. I always thought that meant something was wrong with me, but you proved that’s not true. I know that you're strong and put together on the outside, but everyone has their struggles. you don’t have to hold them in, and if that time comes, I'm here. I like you. I really do.”
you’ve always told yourself that it’s okay
it’s okay if people take you for granted
because your feelings don’t matter
but yeonjun’s so dead set on showing you they do 
and for once, you want to let go and fall in love with someone
you want to allow yourself to be loved
“is it too late for us to go on that date some time?”
he shakes his head, “never.”
dating yeonjun is unfamiliar territory 
or more so, dating in general is unfamiliar territory
luckily, yeonjun is very gentle and patient even though it’s obvious that he’s eager to do couple things with you
which you get to in the long run
yeonjun: aww you’re wearing the top I picked out for you
you: yeah, you were right. it’s cute
yeonjun: oh my god, we should totally get matching outfits!
you: baby steps, babe, baby steps...
then later on, you find yourself laying in his arms in his living room 
his parents out of the house while you talk about your day
nights like these with yeonjun are your favorite
talking with no interruptions as the hours pass by — no tv, no music, just silence besides his and your voice
you ramble on about how burnt out you are due to your long tutoring sessions at the library when he plants a kiss on your forehead and whispers
“look at you. how can my girlfriend be so selfless?”
you chuckle and mutter something like you’re not the angel of hybe high for nothing
but yeonjun immediately notices a shift in the air
you realize that when you’re with yeonjun, he doesn’t drop the subject until you both talk things out
and it’s a bit uncomfortable because you’re not used to being vulnerable to your true feelings
but at the same time, you can’t deny that you’re so unbelievably grateful that he does this
it’s difficult for you to get the words out under his intense stare
you don’t even know where to start or how you’re supposed to express your feelings
you move to sit up and your knuckles turn white as you grip the edges of the couch cushion
but then yeonjun holds your hand in his and says that the two of you can save this conversation for later
it’s the most concerned you’ve ever seen him
and despite being on the verge of tears, you shake you head and begin talking through the slight shake in your voice
you’re so selfless because you don’t see much worth in yourself
which leads you to find purpose in being kind to others
you don’t really know where your future lies because you feel so lost with identifying who you really are and what you’re really passionate about
that “dream” college you’re both planning on going to is only your first choice because it’s close to home and you don’t dare to explore what else the world has to offer
you’re not enough, you’re not deserving
and though yeonjun claims that he’s the type who needs advice more than he gives it
he tells in a million different ways that you that you are deserving, you are enough
like you once told him
if it takes telling you everyday in order to convince you, then so be it
he makes sure to drill into your skull that you have all the time in the world to figure things out and that he’ll be there every step of the way
you’re not alone
you have him
he’ll be there to cherish you like you cherish others, love you like you want to be loved
and you break down into sobs
you don’t know exactly what love feels like, but if you were to guess, it’d be this
graduation comes by faster than you expect it
yeonjun makes a big deal out of sitting together and opening your college acceptance letters
hugs the life out of you when you both make it in
and is excited to remain by your side in the future for however long it may be
since your graduation ceremonies are scheduled on different days, you both go to support each other
you receive many heartfelt goodbyes from your friends and classmates and it’s the first time they’ve seen you so emotional
yeonjun is hard to miss in the audience considering he shouts like a madman when you step foot on the stage
bombarding you with kisses after the ceremony is over
then taking you to a celebratory dinner in which you reflect on how this chapter of your life has come to a close
in reality, you’re not much different
you’re still the same girl that greets people at every corner and becomes an automatic shoulder to lean on if requested
because that kind of compassion is a permanent mark within you that can never be erased
but whenever you’re feeling down or in a bad headspace, yeonjun’s right beside you like he said he’d be
and you’re eternally grateful for the love he gives for the reason that it taught you to love in return
in the end, you don’t mind being everyone’s angel
at least yeonjun is yours
Tumblr media
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physicalturian · a day ago
[18+] (Anything she can do) I can do better - Ran Haitani x Reader
[She/Her pronouns used for the reader, no physical description; Everyone is +18] [AFAB!Reader]
Words : 4090
Warnings : Smut / Rough / Oral Sex / Hair pulling / Prostitution / Manhandling / Face-fucking / Unprotected sex / Overstimulation
Summary : After months of working at the club, you finally meet the owner. He's angry, frustrated, and needs a release. Luckily that's exactly what you're good at, except...he seems a bit off.
In other words: Ran needs a fuck hole, you're it.
(A continuation of Deranged Love)
-- --
Paradise for others. A much more common word too.
Four simple letters to describe the ultimate happiness. But the happiness we provided was closer to pleasure. Rich people seated in front of a stage, all trying to drown out how boring and dull their lives had become—the price they had paid for putting wealth over anything.
The saying went that money can’t buy happiness, but that never stopped those fat cats from trying, from leaving their jobs late at night only to run here, ignoring any social life they might have had if they cared even one bit to keep one.
It was much easier to pay people to like you than to spend time trying and trying, wasting energy that could have easily been put into fast and effortless sex. Because that’s what they wanted: quick release.
That’s what they all wanted. None of them were made to have any lasting relationship, we all knew that. That’s what made the business so fruitful: needy, sad people in a rush.
Now, while I had seen my fair share of these people, I had never seen anyone as frustrated as the one that had stepped inside the club this very night. I had been working here for many months now, most people were regulars which is why I was confused seeing a newcomer this confident stepping inside the club.
Confidence must have been the wrong word, he was pissed off, his gaze scanning the room for the one he needed.
The arrangement went that we’d wait on people around the room, let the dancers do their work and when some clients wanted some alone time, they’d come to us. A brothel hidden behind a strip club is what this place was. So I nudged my colleague and nodded at the man at the door, “Should we call security? He looks like he’s about to fuck some shit up.” I asked, leaning on the bar.
The man next to me, Takumi, looked up from the drink he was pouring and his eyes widened in shock as he slammed the bottle down, “Fuck—I didn’t know they were visiting tonight, shit, fuck!” Obvious panic rose as he started cleaning around; grabbing his arm, I looked at him with big eyes and asked him what was going on. He met my eyes, confused, “Are you for real? It’s the Haitanis, they own this place.”
Letting go of him, I looked at the man and commented, “He’s alone, though. Is there like a wife or…?”
“He has a brother, his name is Rindou.” Takumi paused and glanced at the man before looking back at the drink, “This one is Ran Haitani, the eldest.” He then looked at me once more, still as confused, “Girl, were you never there when they came by? Are you that lucky?!” He asked in awe with a slight chuckle. He found it funny but I wondered for a second if it was really lucky to have missed seeing such a handsome man so many times? Seeing him untie his tie with gritted teeth, I felt my stomach ache in anticipation.
A short snort escaped my nose, I moved back from leaning on the bar and smiled at my colleague, “Lucky? I would be better off seeing more of that guy. He’s kinda hot, right? I’ll wave at him.”
Before I could do that, his eyes had met mine and he was already stomping towards me, a hand running through his hair. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t scared, but it was never uncommon. So many of the people I had worked with had turned out to have the strangest tastes, or to be psychopaths. If anything went wrong, I knew I could call security and everything would be fine. 
“You’re on your own on this one, no one’s gonna do shit if you can’t handle him. What he says goes, not you.” Takumi said barely above a whisper as he walked behind me then walked away to hand the drink to one of the men seated at a table of four. His words made me regret my decision, but I couldn’t back down now; not when the owner of the club was standing in front of me, looking down at me with a clenched jaw. “We’re going in the Velvet room.”
Oh, my voice was so weak when I answered, ”I was told to never let anyone in the Velvet room—sir.” His eyes widened for a second before softening, something he hadn’t done since he had entered the club and was looking around like a hunter looking for its next prey. “Yeah, why do you think, pretty face? I’ll tell you right now cause you look slow, it’s cause it gotta be free when I wanna have fun.” His hand lifted, I thought he was going to grab my face but instead it gripped my wrist with force, “And I wanna have fun right now, so you’re coming with me.” I was then pulled without much asking, I did not try to fight it but I realized how dumb I looked ever since he had spoken.
When we entered the Velvet room that he locked shut behind us, I forced my wrist out of his grip and straightened my back, “Maybe you should use your words to tell me what you like, Mister Haitani. I don’t know if you’re aware of how your own place works, but we’re only that good because we know exactly what our clients want.” I stated without a stutter. Not fear nor intimidation had a place here once it was just the two of us between soundproof walls. This was my job, he was just another person I had to fuck or get fucked by. If I faltered every time, I would not be where I stood right now. So I needed to get my shit together.
Ran smiled dryly as he looked me up and down.
Two steps and he was standing in front of me.
Leaning over my shoulder, he whispered right next to my ear, “I’m not your client. This is a one time thing.” His hands placed themselves on my shoulders as he pushed the straps off them, making my dress fall on the ground. “I fuck the shit out of you and I leave.” He spat then held me by the biceps and pushed me to the bed. Falling on my back, I quickly propped myself on my elbows and tried to sit up, but he was faster and now straddled my pelvis. “If I didn’t know you had a brother, I’d have assumed you’re a spoiled only child that’s never been told no in his entire fucking life.”
That made him scoff as he undid his belt and forced my hands up as he wrapped it around them, “You’re almost as talkative as her, if you keep fighting me off all I’ll have to do is close my eyes and–”
“Oh, so that’s what it’s about!” I said playfully, letting him tie me up. The man had been rejected, or he had set his sights on someone that did not want him back and now the poor little guy was hurt. He did not seem like the type of man to process shit through anything but frustration, so I let him hook my tied arms around his neck and met his gaze with a smile. “Can’t get the girl you want so you’re fucking the anger out?” 
The man ran his tongue over his teeth and took off his vest and shirt while never looking away from me. He then helped me so I was the one with my legs over his, wrapped around his waist, he didn’t speak however. “I’m right, aren’t I? What’s she like? Want me to act like her?” With the little reach I had, I threaded my fingers on the back of his hair and cooed, “I can do that, it’s in my set of skills. You know, I’ve even done some age play with the most unethical bastards.”
Ran mumbled something under his breath then ripped off my garter-belt, earning himself the most annoyed grunt from my person as I saw the expensive fabric being torn along with the one of my panties. “You’ll pay that back for being a brute–” His hand flew to my mouth as he covered it, glaring at me, “Shut your damn mouth, I’m not here to talk, you don’t know shit. You won’t know shit. You don’t get shit. Got it?” He threatened.
We looked at each other for a moment, him waiting for me to tell him I understood, while I looked him dead in the eyes, searching for the true meaning of his words. No matter how rough he looked, there seemed to be something more—but I nodded.
He smiled and brushed his thumb over my lips, smearing the lipstick, “Good slut, now just take it like we all know you can and keep your mouth shut.” He cooed mockingly.
I nodded once more, but then smirked while he freed his cock and aligned it with my hole, “You say I don’t get shit, but–” I felt him slowly entering me but kept talking as I hissed, “I see what you are, a lonely Kingpin that can’t find love—that thinks fucking his own prostitutes will make him feel alive, isn’t that sad?” I mocked back. The man, provoked, gripped my hands and moved them from his neck to have me fall back on the bed. Like that, he pulled out and forced me on my stomach before entering me with force, without much preparation. It elicited a moan of pain that soon mixed with pleasure when he gripped my hair and pulled my head back roughly. With one strong lift, he had my hips up with my chest pressed down in the mattress—he stood behind me now, fully sheathed in and leaned over, “Stop talking.”
And as he started ramming inside me, I let out a laugh through the whines of pleasure. It made his thrusts deeper and more violent just as his grip on my hair tightened and he pulled my head even further back, hurting me. I still managed to breathe out, “Does she talk a lot too?” The hand in my hair moved to choke me as he let out a breathless laugh, “You’re nothing, cut the shit talking and be a pretty hole.”
Tilting my head back to try to look at him, I grinned, moaning at each and every thrust, “It’s different, right? When the pretty hole wants your dick.”
He let go of me and forced my head into the mattress this time, making me hiss in annoyance. “Did you make a move on your girl or is she out of your league?” I laughed, gripping the sheets when the hand on the back of my head moved to the back of my neck and his thrusts started becoming more erratic. I wanted to have a look at his face while he fucked me, I wanted to see how right I was with each of my words so I grunted, “Turn me around.” He didn’t. “I said, turn me around!” This time, it was louder.
While he did just that, without a care of hurting me, he looked down at me in disgust, “Thought I heard you give me an order, repeat that shit?” He had stopped his movements and now had brought his free hand to his ear in a mocking gesture to make me understand he was listening.
Both out of breath, I panted, “You’re not a fucker, you’re a lover. I see that in your attitude.” He looked at me with furrowed brows, now ticked off. “Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fuck!” I smiled sweetly, “When it’s good.”
And just like that, he had pulled out and moved on top of me—he was fast to shove his dick in my mouth, and I was just as fast to bring my hands to his cock as I sucked him off with a proud smile on my face.
“Do you all have an attitude like that? She comes in—” Hard thrust. “Dressed like a whore.” His hands moved to hold my head with both of his hands, I could barely hear him with the sound of my gagging around him but I listened, “And why does a bastard like him get a girl like that?” Oh to be the therapist of a man that cannot cope with his emotions, I thought lightly while taking him the way I knew they all loved. He kept ramming inside my throat, making me whine loudly at the strength of his thrusts. My eyes were crying, my jaw hurt but it felt so good. The man continued after a silence, “He’s fucked up, that’s what she wants–” His voice stuttered as I felt him shoved himself deep inside me before feeling his cum fill my throat right before he pulled out and grabbed my hands.
Ready for more, I looked up at him with a fucked out face and smiled. His eyes were focused on the belt but he spoke, “You’re better when you can’t talk.” I didn’t know the guy, but acting bored out of his mind did not suit him. 
Feeling the freedom of my wrists, I brought them in front of me and massaged them while speaking, “You wanna forget, right?”
Ran stopped moving once he was off the bed and looked at me without any expression on his face. He was intrigued.
Wiping the drool from the corner of my mouth, I smirked, “I can make you forget, you know.”
He laughed, it was probably the first time I had seen him really smile tonight. I was rather proud of that for some reason, or perhaps it was just that I had taken it as a challenge. This disdain he had for me, this obsession he had for her, I wanted to replace her. I wanted to show him she was nothing, that everyone was replaceable, that a woman that was out of his reach was worth nothing when I was there. It was so easy to be anyone’s missing puzzle piece, I wanted to be his. I wanted to take her off his mind, out of pure boredom, because he had challenged me.
“Yeah? Someone like you can’t do shit.”
I nodded slowly and slid out of bed to stand in front of him, trailing my hand on his tattoo, “Oh. I can do so much, Mister Haitani. If you ask around, you’ll know they call me “The Gifted”. I’m rather… handy.” I smiled before slowly moving my hand from his chest to his shoulder, then I threaded my fingers through his hair. For a split second he leaned in, but the next he had snatched my hand off his scalp and pulled my arm back to press me against him.
“This was a one time thing. I don’t need you, I used you as an outlet for my frustration, next time I’ll take another whore, it’s that simple.” He explained but did not move away, neither did I. Instead I leaned in and kissed him, he did not return it but I smiled against his lips—he pushed me, making me stumble back on the bed. He then tugged my leg and made me fall on the carpeted floor. With both my hands behind me for support, I looked up at him in surprise as he lifted my chin and looked down at me, empty, “You couldn’t take the bad shit I wanna do.”
I reacted in less than a second, “If that’s what you think you’re into, be creative. I’m always up to let a grown man heal his inner child—or heal his broken heart by letting him fuck me dumb.” His eyes widened. He stood there a second, looking at me in surprise before letting me go and getting dressed again. I let out a chuckle as I stood up and put on a dressing gown. I was almost certain he would come back, because I had let him be what he wanted to be, I had listened to him, I had given him the attention any man craved.
“Now, next time I think you should take your time, though. I’m not surprised I didn’t orgasm but shit,” I looked at the watch on his wrist, having taken his hand, “That was a quickie, 15 minutes? Are you that easy?” I scoffed, holding back a smile from how satisfied I was with saying it. My entire body froze when I remember who I was talking to—quickly, I looked at him and uttered, “I didn’t—sorry sir, that was–”
He walked past me and grabbed his belt from the bed before looking at me with a half smile. I spoke before he could say anything, “Is she pretty? Or is she just giving that other guy what you wish you had?” His smile disappeared.
“You’re like, he’s worse than you, why does he have her, right?” I asked again, fully serious.
He took a moment to answer. When he did, he just let his head fall back and smiled, “I don’t know, guess I like a challenge.” His eyes met mine again, a silent agreement that we both enjoyed challenges. Ran then continued, “She’d feel great around my cock, but she’s too unhinged.” There was some lightness to his words, as if he was himself now instead of the bastard that had fucked me.
“Now we’re rational? All you needed was to empty your balls, mh?” A mocking smile on my lips. I did not move from my spot, expecting him to leave so I could get cleaned up. But the man rolled his eyes and slumped on the seat next to the bed, legs spread while resting his elbow on the armrest. He lazily placed his chin on the palm of his hand and looked at me, “I’m not a bastard.” He simply stated.
Letting out a sudden laugh, I looked at him with raised brows, “And that is the bare minimum, do you get how low the bar is?” Not wishing to stay up any longer, I sat at the end of the bed and looked at the man expectantly. He had more to say, we both knew that.
He looked around and sighed, “You got a toy or something around here?”
Taken aback, I let out a sound that I didn’t know I could make—it made him chuckle. Standing up hesitantly, I opened one of the well-designed closets that hid well within the decor and showed him all we had. He whistled and stood up, grabbing a simple vibrator and handing it towards me, “Finish.”
I didn’t take the toy and shook my head, “I’m telling you, it’s common. If I had to masturbate every time a client left me high and dry, I’d have arthritis, sir.” As much as I said it with a smile, I was actually touched by the gesture. That was a reminder of how low the bar was, once more. I held back a laugh and turned around to sit back on the bed.
The man had another idea. I heard the closet close, “I could order you to do it, you wouldn’t be able to say no then.” He tossed me the toy. His eyes moved from mine to my legs, telling me wordlessly to get on with it. He sat back on the seat and looked at me expectantly. I did not know if he knew how much more intimate this was, rather than having him participate in it. I needed to make this more professional, more transactional.
Slowly, I got up and sauntered towards him, “So you’re a giver? Hm?” I dropped the toy on his lap then rested my knee next to his thigh. Both my hands placed themselves on his shoulders before bringing my other knee on the other side of him, “Get me off, then? If you’re that kind.”
He had a nice laugh, I’ll admit that. I’d had worse people under me.
Both his hands were on my inner thighs as he helped me spread my legs wider, my ass now on his knees, “A quickie, right?” He smiled mockingly. I heard the buzzing of the toy that he turned on then felt it press against my clit and tensed. I met his eyes as he watched each of my reactions to find the right spot. I felt him move it, angle it, changing the way he was holding it—when I lifted myself off him the second a wave of pleasure hit, I saw him smile wickedly. “There, are you that easy?” He asked, forcing me to sit back down as he kept it there, switching between grazing my clit in that angle and putting pressure on it.
I looked down at him with a smile drawing itself in the corner of my mouth, my legs clasping around his as my mouth fell open and I started breathing heavily, “Fuck—stop, shit, fuck please–” My head tilted back as I felt myself getting closer and closer then everything stopped. Out of breath, with my chest heavy, I looked back at Ran in anger, “You piece of shit.” The words died on my tongue when I saw he had his dick out and he was smiling broadly, “You got me hard again, I wanted to feel that pretty hole of yours. Come on.”
With a click of my tongue against my teeth, I helped myself on his cock and started rocking back and forth, “I was close, you’re selfish.” Just as I said that, he brought the toy back to my clit and had it follow my movements. My walls instantly clenched around his dick, making him hiss in pleasure, “That’s a lot nicer than when you’re talking shit under me.” He commented, never moving as I fucked myself on him.
High on pleasure, I still chuckled, “I can still try if you wanna feel like you’re fucking her.” One hard thrust inside me, I groaned at the sensation. That seemed to entertain him enough as he kept doing so at uneven times. The vibrations on my clit had me once more closer to climax; when I felt it coming, I stopped moving and let the shiver course through my body as my legs started shaking once more. This time, Ran did not stop, instead he shoved himself further inside me, making me swear under my breath at how good it felt. 
The sensation grew and grew, I could feel it, my eyes were closed and I didn’t want to hear him say shit anymore, I couldn’t hear anything. It was too good, it was so simple and yet so fucking good that the knot that had formed in my stomach suddenly snapped.
My entire body went numb as I leaned over his shoulder and let my chin rest on it too. I think I felt his hand touch my back gently, rubbing it a few times before both his hands cradled my face, making me look at him, “That was kinda fun, but next time you mention her, I hurt you, yeah?”
My blood went cold.
I nodded and understood this was my cue to get off him, so I did with shaky legs. I hadn’t realized he had also found release for the second time tonight until I felt his cum dripping down my thigh.
“You look cuter like that.” He commented as he zipped his pants and put his jacket back on, “You got a long night ahead of you, so I’ll let you be…” He paused and looked at the ruined red garter-belt on the ground, “Red. I’ll let you be, Red. Pray for your own sake I won’t see you again.”
I did not know what he meant by that, but we both knew I’d see him again. I had him hooked, he had me too, but not out of anything close to affection. We had both been challenged. I did not know what I had done to be seen as a challenge for the man, but I knew I needed to make him forget about her.
And I will.
No matter how long it’ll take, I’ll make him forget about that woman.
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hello-nichya-here · 13 hours ago
You said that despite all of Iroh's hipocricy and flaws you like him. What do you like about him?
First there's the very thing you mentioned in your question: he is a deeply flawed character. I REALLY like complicated characters. Hell, even characters I don't like get points if they feel like real people.
I've said that Iroh was better as a villain and I meant it, but not in the sense of "He is fundamentally a garbage person, will never change, and doesn't deserve happiness."
Iroh in book 1 and for the first episodes of book 2 was a genuinely well written character. The writers were NOT scared of showing us that he had a an evil side - we see him taunting warriors of Ba Sing Se, bragging about how he got the name Dragon Of The West, and we see him joking about burning a city to the ground.
They also weren't afraid to show that he could be ridiculously clueless sometimes. He changed course of the ship during an important mission just for a piece he needed for his game, he tried making tea with what he knew could be a deadly plant, he firebended in public while undercover, and he thought that "Why would he banish you if he didn't care about you?" was going to cheer Zuko up AND was a reasonable thing to say to an abused child.
He also felt genuinely guilty stealing Song's ostrige horse after she and her mother helped him and Zuko, but did it anyway. He was disappointed in Zuko for stealing even when it wasn't a matter of survival, but still couldn't bring himself to actually berate him for it and call him out for being unfair, cruel and selfish. He wanted to protect his nephew, but did nothing besides look away in pain and shame as Ozai burned him. He didn't really show how much of a badass fighter he was until Zhao pushed him too far and tried to kill the moon.
Iroh was a funny, likeable guy, with a truly monstruous side. He did horrible things, but also had lines he would not cross. He was a wise man AND a dumbass. And he wanted to be a good person, a good uncle, and a good father - but he had no clue how to do that because all he was taught to see as normal and good his whole life was evil. All the Saint!Iroh bullshit that started in book 2 and got a billion times worse in book 3 don't erase the good writting that was there before, just like the comics (and the flaws of book three) are not enough to ruin the show for me.
And on a more personal note, there are two things about his dynamic with Zuko that feel a bit like my relationship with my parents: My mom loves old popular sayings and uses them in conversations all the time, which confuses my autistic brain, and I sometimes have to talk some sense into my dad when he is being a dumbass (old people can be as dumb as children, I swear to God)
Plus, there's the nostalgia factor. I watched the show as a kid, and I loved Iroh because I didn't understand that some of the things the show was framing as good (his blatant disregard for Azula, his unwillingness to see the bad in Zuko, and him just fucking off to Ba Sing Se and leaving his nephew with the responsibility of fix all the damage their nation caused) were actually fucking awful. I have too many fond memories of the character to truly hate him even though I see the problems with him now.
I've said it before, but the best word to describe uncle Iroh is UNCLE. He's an old fucker who can be wise, but can also be too stubborn and set on his ways to notice that his behavior is often not the best... but I spent enough time with him to know he is not all bad, and can be truly loving. He just needs some therapy and someone to hold him accountable for his fuck ups.
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squidyyy23 · 18 hours ago
macy games, macy games, MACY GAMES!!! 💫 thanks @celestialmickey for kicking us off. 😘
your name: tina ✨
your age: 31
your height in cm: 152cm (i hope you know seeing these in cm will mean nothing to me 😂)
you’ve been invited to game night. you have to bring one drink, one snack, and one game. what do you show up with? drink: i can barely remember to drink myself. i forgot to bring drinks. / snack: i’m backing something. treats always. / game: oh man, we’re a big board game nerd household [exposed 😳]. i’d have to know more about who’s in the group to answer that. 
last dream you remember: [redacted] 🤐🌶
last book or fanfic you read: book: reading a marvellous light for book club. 💕 / fic: masterful birthday bee words 🥺😭🥰
a song you can’t stop listening to: fvck somebody - the wrecks. not even by choice. spotify has decided it must be on every playlist it makes. more than once, i swear.
a tattoo you’d get right this second: gah i want something so bad but i don't know what! 😩 someone else decide for me please.
favorite season & why: summer! ☀️ i'm a lizard. i need to feel sun on bare skin to keep the bitching to a tolerable level.
a place you’ve never been but want to visit: all of the tropical lands.
are you the eldest, middle, youngest, or only child in your family? an eldest only child. no full siblings, but step/halves sprinkled around.
describe yourself in three (NICE) words: dedicated, drama-free, funny (i hope? 🤣).
actually getting to this not forever late so have some tags: @shameless-notashamed @sleepyfacetoughguy @you-are-so-much-better-than-that @heymrspatel @gallawitchxx @rereadanon @thisdivorce @suchagallabitch @mmmichyyy @creepkinginc @arrowflier @lethargicmick @clingymickey @metalheadmickey @smokey-mickey @milkovski @chicanomick
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arlestial · 2 days ago
Your favorite blue lock boys with a blins s/o headcanons please and thank you 😭😭
Tumblr media
synopsis : How does your boyfriend help you trough your blindness ?
pairing : Isagi Yoichi, Mikage Reo, Yukimiya Kenyu x genderneutral!reader
tw : none, it’s fluff and kind of comfort <3
word count :
author-note : Hi ! I hope you’re doing well :) Thank you for your Blue Lock ask, it’s one of my favorite (if not my favorite) manga ! I decided to put these characters because they’re my favorite too ! I read a lot of articles about blindness to be sure to write correctly your ask. There’s not a lot of BLLK writers in here unfortunately :/ Thank you again for your ask ! Sorry if it’s short :/ Take care of yourself anon <3
ISAGI YOICHI is always worried about you - you’re blind !! How can you live peacefully with all those persons around you ? He’s very curious about your blindness, and ask you a lot of questions. Do you dream ? Of what ? Are you blind since you are born or are you blind from an illness ? If it’s an illness, which one ? And why ?? He can be very insistent with questions, but not in a bad way. He just wants to know how it feels, to understand you and your sensations better. He will do everything in his power to protect you, and if it’s too overwhelming, you can tell him - he won’t take it badly. He understands that sometimes, you just need space and you want to feel like a normal person. I feel like Isagi is one of the sweetest boys ever - cutting your vegetables and your meat in your plate without you asking, describing you the video of his football match, put the duvet on you; things you are accustomed to. He just wants to prove you that your blindness doesn’t bother him and that he will always be there for you.
"Isagi, don’t worry, I’ll be fine, you said, searching for your coat in the closet."
He grabbed it and handed it to you, patting your shoulder to signal his presence.
"I know ! But be careful, please. Do you want me to accompany you ?? I shoud’ve ask sooner, gosh. Sorry-"
"Hey, relax. I’m just going to the mall, I will come back in one or two hours. Don’t worry. I can handle myself !"
He pressed a chaste kiss on your cheek and, with your cane, you walked down the stairs, a anxious Isagi behind you.
REO MIKAGE trusts you. He knows you can handle yourself, that you’re accustomed to your handicap, and that you have now your own habits. But, he’s still very careful with you and it doesn’t bother him to throw all of his money on you. He would ask doctors or specialists if they can do anything like restoring sight to you. If it’s not possible, he will use all the money he can to give you a peaceful and easy life. He understands that you want to be considered as a normal person, so he won’t help you unless you ask for it - there are times when he does help you without you asking too - but he prefers you to know that he’s here for you, and that your blindness doesn’t make him love you differently.
"Hi, darling", he said, watching you getting-up from the bed. "Have you slept well ?"
"Yeah, I did." You searched for his body on the bed, but he wasn’t there. You frowned.
"I’m preparing in the bathroom, we’re going to visit my friends, remember ?"
"Oh yeah, I nearly forgotten"
By the time you woke up, he was by your side, leading you to the bathroom. You washed when he was picking out clothes for you, describing them to you. Then after your shower he helped you put them on, you brushed your teeth together, and when you were both ready you got in the car and Reo drove you both in a little cafe to meet his friends.
KENYU YUKIMIYA is, surely, the person that understands you the most. He knows, in a different way, what it feels like. The fact that you don’t see anything in this world, it hurts him so badly, he apologizes for everything and anything, even if it’s not his fault. You can tell him to stop if you want, because you began to worry. He’ll ask his ophtalmologist if there’s a possibility for you to see, and he’ll apologize to you again if it’s not possible. In fact, he treats you the best he can. Cooking you breakfast when you woke-up, buying clothes you would like by touching it, bringing you to concerts of your favorite artists, or buying you a service dog to help you better than a cane to move. He will read for you before you sleep, or bring you snacks everytime he goes to the market. He literally adapts his whole life around you, he wants to prove you he’ll do anything anything in his power to make you feel good.
"Kenyu ?"
"Yeah, dear ?", he said, already getting up from the couch he was reading on.
"Can you read me the book from yesterday please ? I heard people talk about it, and it seems pretty nice"
"Obviously, come here"
You knew the whole house by heart now, so you sit on the other side of the couch. Kenyu, on the other hand, caught you and secured you in his arms, your head on his chest, caressing your cheek. He pressed a chaste kiss on your temple.
"You’re better closer."
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bernraccnt · 2 days ago
little red and the wolf (wolf x afab! reader)
dm requested:  HI!! can i request a NSFW/smut mr. Wolf x fem reader if thats ok and thanks!! 😁😁
i literally had the hardest time writing this but I DID IT
before u read: smut (+18), switch wolf and switch reader, reader and wolf are brat coded i don’t make the rules, still using they/them 4 reader, 2nd person pov, i really enjoy this reader’s characterization if you can’t tell, i also tried not to take it super seriously bc im not a big fan of serious sexy times, i suck at describing things my b
Tumblr media
you once heard someone say that nightclubs bring out the most primal instincts in people. and sitting here, at the bar and being blinded by the lighting in the dark, crowded space, you felt inclined to agree with that.
when you were dragged out to the club by an old friend of yours, you wanted nothing more than to drink yourself into a coma and force them to drag your drunk ass home. hell, you were planning on throwing up on their shoes just to make them reconsider ever asking you to do this again.
but, when your eyes trailed along the partygoers, sweat and musk heavy on your nose, and you saw a slim figure already staring back at you, you decided to stop thinking about your future victim and take in how fucking attractive this man was.
even in the shadows of drunk people and a shitty remix of lady gaga’s telephone and shakira’s hips don’t lie blurring your senses, you could tell this guy was a wolf. long grey snout, golden eyes, and a row of teeth-- oh my fucking god, you were nearly salivating over those teeth.
you darted your eyes away before you could be considered a creeper, frantically bringing your glass of whatever bitter drink your friend forced you to order to your lips and chugging. god damn, either you are really thirsty or that man is really fucking hot.
you buried your head into your arms, trying to hold yourself together. even with liquid courage, you could never build up the balls to go over there and lay it thick on him. hell, even if your life depended on it, you’d probably still coward out.
“your outfit’s really nice.” the four words were spoken from a deep voice, one you didn’t recognize. picking your head up, you turned to your right and blanched upon seeing the wolf man leaning against the bar, now a foot away from you. he gave you an almost knowing smirk, “i’m digging the red.”
oh, of course you’re wearing red and talking to a wolf. next thing you know, you’re gonna watch him swallow your grandma. “eh, just threw on the first thing i saw.” you played off, swirling your drink and reeling back your panic. “though, it’s quite ironic that you’re talking to someone in red, ain’t it?”
he seemed to like this connection, let out a chuckle that you found attractive as well. god damn it, why couldn’t he have an ugly laugh? “what can i say? i seem to like the trouble that comes with the color.” fuck, why was that attractive? or were you just drunk? “my name’s wolf. it’s my first time comin’ here and honestly this place is a little too rowdy for me, but if you’re a regular, i feel like i’d reconsider.”
“shit, you think i come here regularly?” you guffawed in his face, smiling far wider than was probably socially acceptable for strangers. you then told him your name, “my friend dragged me here tonight, i don’t go clubbing.”
he mirrored your grin, showcasing a grin full of sharp teeth as he slid into the barstool next to you. “more of a homebody, eh? yeah, i get it.” wow, this guy was speaking your language. “i used to not go out much either. not many people are a big fan of me, y’know how it is.”
the dangerous glint in his eyes made you flustered, but also nagged at the back of your brain. somehow, you knew this guy from somewhere. the mannerisms, the ego, all of it was familiar to your tipsy brain.
but, you chose not to address it, only kept smiling. “that’s surprising! you seem pretty alright to me.” you took another sip of your drink. “what brings you here? i hope you’re not a poor soul like me.”
“eh, wanted to see what all the hype was.” he shrugged, resting both arms on the bar. he waved over the bartender and ordered some fancy drink, something you didn’t care for. “my friends would never drag me anywhere, i do all the dragging.”
“ah, a leader type.” you hummed before you could even stop yourself. “hot.” fuck, why do you say the things you do?
wolf took it in stride, in fact, he even seemed to be elated in your blatant attraction. “glad you think so. you’re not too bad yourself.” he leaned in, as if he was about to tell you a secret. “though, i’d prefer seeing the full masterpiece you are, without clothes that is.”
if this was any piece of shit in this club, you would’ve socked the living hell out of them. but wolf wasn’t exactly ordinary in your standards, so instead, you felt your stomach clench in excitement and had to school your expression.
“we’ll see where the night goes, wolfy.” you teased with a playful wink.
the next few hours of your night was spent sitting right on your spot on that barstool and laughing it up with your newest stranger turned acquaintance. you were so entranced by the charming wolf that when your friend came over and said they wanted to go home, you did a double take.
“ay yo? what time is it?” you fumbled for your phone, eyes widening when it showed you it was nearly four in the morning. “oh shit, we gotta go get an uber.” you grunted under your breath, turning to wolf with an apologetic smile. “hey, man, i’m sorry to cut this short but this dumbass behind me can’t even walk straight.”
“fuck you.” your friend muttered, slurring and swaying as they stood to your left.
wolf let out a hearty laugh, waving you both off. “it’s alright, i’m just sad it couldn’t have been longer.” you physically perked up when he pulled out his phone and tapped on the contacts app, creating a new one before your eyes. “is it alright if i get your number?”
“fuck YES it is.” your mouth spoke before your mind could come up with an actually alright response to his question and you snatched up that phone like it was the last piece of candy on halloween. wolf had trouble hiding his snickers as you frantically typed out your number, made your contact name “hottie at the club”, and took a blurry selfie with flash as your contact photo. that made you giggle so hard it hurt your stomach.
wolf watched with the widest grin as you left the bar, dragging your friend by the back of their hood. never before had he been treated so nonchalantly, so nicely, by a stranger. it was odd that you didn’t recognize him, but he chalked it up to your own drunkenness getting in the way of the fear that consumed most people.
and despite all the signs that he probably shouldn’t shoot you a text, lest you become a suspect by the m.p.d. or if you report him to the m.p.d., he did so anyways, only less than two days after your first meeting.
xxx-xxx-xxxx: hey! it’s wolf, the guy from the club on friday, i hope you were successful in throwing up on your friends shoes
while he was mulling over his decision with mild anxiety, you were sitting on your couch, rewatching your favorite movie for the day. when you saw the text, your eyes popped open, and you choked on the chips you were munching on. your fingers rapidly pressed against your phone, movie forgotten.
hottie at the club: OH FUCK I TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT???
wolf let out a loud cackle that startled the other bad guys at the kitchen table around him. if he tried hard enough, he felt like he could hear you shrieking that with a panicked expression.
you added xxx-xxx-xxxx as furry!
furry: sure did. all the way down to which alcohol you were planning on chugging to get the grossest effect
hottie at the club: i am so sorry you listened to me scheme against my friend
you let out a long groan, burying your head into the couch cushions and screaming as hard as you could. you even threw a few punches in there for good measure. god, you were such an idiot.
furry: dont be it was funny
furry: anyways i was wondering if you wanted to do something sometime soon? 
him. you wanted to do him.
furry: like a movie?
hottie at the club: sure! i don’t really like movie theaters but we could do something at one of our places if you want!!
oh fuck, wolf thought, it’s like you were made for him. he breathed a sigh of relief, as he was dreading being seen in public. he didn’t want to scare you away now, not when he’s just started getting to know you.
furry: yours might be better. my roommates are kinda nosy lol
and speaking of nosy, webs peeked over wolf’s shoulder with a huge grin. “oohhhhhh” she drawled, laughing at the glare she got from the bad guys’ leader. “who’s the ‘hottie at the club’?”
“mind your fucking business, that’s who.”
hottie at the club: how about this friday at 8?? i can pick u up if needed :)!
aw, he mentally cooed at your use of emoticon. that was kinda cute.
“oh, wolf’s gotta partner now?” and now shark had joined in peering over wolf’s shoulder, eyes wide with curiosity. “oh, is that a date?” meanwhile, webs had looked at the number listed next to the contact and was now looking up the person wolf was texting discreetly.
furry: works for me! i’ll text you my address then
furry: excuse me for a second i have some heads to bash in
wolf had sent that last message and quickly pocketed his phone before webs and shark could relay any more information to the others. “not a word--”
“WOLFY’S GOT A DATE!” shark gushed like a teenager, balling his hands against his face. “are they cute? when did you meet them? do we know them?”
“pfft, as if.” snake sneered, but wolf didn’t take it seriously. it was his way of joking. “you think wolf can reel in any person?”
“like you could, boomer.” webs retorted before wolf could. he was mildly thankful for her interjection and gave her a small smile of gratitude.
which quickly fell when webs turned the computer around and showed your citizenship file and everything else related to you, ranging from social media to past jobs.
“what-- webs!” he was utterly scandalized when he saw a glimpse of what looked to be a private twitter account, with many retweets of porn related things. “knock it off!”
“oh, and they’re freaky.” piranha was impressed, reaching forward and clicking on the tab with your twitter, scrolling through it. “lots and lots of sex stuff here, chico.”
“eugh, don’t turn the computer this way.” snake gagged, hiding the computer screen from his eyes. “i don’t wanna see this.”
“piranha! snake!”
“they seem to be a keeper.” shark took over the trackpad from piranha and clicked open your instagram, looking through the far and few photos of yourself on there. “really good looking. good job, wolf.”
“shaaark.” this one came out as a groan.
the group of four snickered at the puddle their boss was melting into. it was oddly hilarious to see the typically cool and calm wolf was dying at the sight of his friends discovering his future date.
“so, what? you hoping to fuck or...?” snake decided to ask the question of the hour, quirking an eyebrow over at his friend as he buried his face into his hands. “because, no judgement here, man.”
“shut up, for the love of god.” his deadpan tone caused a domino effect of laughter at his expense.
unfortunately, wolf didn’t stop getting teased all the way up to the actual date, where he took the car and drove it to a nicer part of town, partially to escape his friends and partially to not give away where his homebase was. he let his fingers drum against the light pole he was leaning against, waiting patiently for your “bunk ass car” (your words, not his) to make its appearance.
he was surprised to see that your car, was in fact, a bunk ass vehicle. not exactly the best condition and there were dents here and there, but he couldn’t complain. not when you had that adorably large grin from your spot in the driver’s seat.
“what’s up, wolf?” you hummed, happily bobbing to a song on the radio. wolf recognized it as something webs enjoyed listening to. “you ready for this sick ass movie date?”
he buckled himself, trying his hardest not to sniff aggressively. the car had a uniquely you smell, it made his mood brighten instantly. “depends. what’re we watching, red?”
you gave him a sideways glance. “red?”
“like the thing you were wearing when we met?” he explained, glancing over. his eyes caught onto your shoe against the gas pedal and smirked. “and apparently the same color as the crocs you own.”
to your credit, you didn’t immediately crash your car as you leaned down and frantically ripped off the red shoe wear, throwing them over your shoulder and into the backseat. “fuck you, i’m just gonna stop wearing clothes around you at this point.”
wolf’s grin turned evil. “i wouldn’t mind that.”
“of course you wouldn’t, you pervert.” you scoffed, but your grin was an exact mirror to his.
wolf turned so his upper body was fully facing you and leaned over the center console. “you can call me a pervert, but i think you’d probably enjoy it too.”
you had stopped at a red light, giving you the opportunity to reached over and tug him by his plain shirt’s collar, now inches apart. “fuck around and find out.” all the breath in wolf’s lungs escaped him as he saw the power trip you currently were taking.
shit, you were his equal in every single way. he laughed, your lips brushing against one another. “i have a feeling we’re not gonna be watching anything when we get to your place.”
the only thing that stopped you from making out with him right there was the light flashing green. you released your grip on his shirt and returned to being a safe driver. “like i said, fuck around and find out.”
when you were about five minutes from your place, wolf reached over and set his hand on your thigh. everything but that part of your body tensed up and you had to fight the urge to pull over in a random parking lot and fuck him right there.
needless to say, as soon as you walked inside your apartment, you snatched wolf by the shirt and shoved him up against the wall next to your door. he gave you an equally eager grin, grabbing the back of your head and smashing your lips against one another.
it was a clumsy kiss, teeth bumping and with way too much tongue, but neither of you really cared. your hands wrapped around his neck, entangling your fingers into the fur on the back of his head, while his own hands shoved themselves up your hoodie.
his nails lightly scraped your stomach, dull enough not to scratch you, but also sharp enough to hurt if he grabbed you too hard. he leaned back against the wall and moved his hands down to your ass, giving it a quick squeeze.
you could feel him smile into the kiss as you jumped, then shivered at this motion. “asshole.” you muttered against his mouth, still jumping when he prompted you to. his hands caught the underside of your thighs and he pulled back, panting. you both looked equally roughed up.
“where’s your bedroom?”
“furthest door down the hall.” you instantly responded, moving to press kisses against his neck. wolf wasted no time, speed walking across your messy apartment and all but kicking your door in when he reached it.
one moment, you’re mouthing at his neck, and the next, you’re flying through the air and onto the bed. you let out a loud shriek-laugh, smiling widely when wolf dove to land on top of you. you both still were smiling at one another.
once again, you guys found yourselves kissing, your crotch moving to slot against his and you grinded as hard as you could. the reaction was instant, a groan coming from his throat as his hips jerked.
he pulled back, giving you a playful glare. “hey, now.” he grunted, even though he was returning your motions with his own. you both sighed in pleasure when his dick rubbed you in just the right way, your head falling back. “fuck.” he whined.
“that’s what we’re doing.” you cheekily replied, still smiling the entire time. wolf, in retaliation, leaned down and started pressing his teeth into your neck, leaving bite marks. you sucked in a deep breath of air in response a rough bite, arching your back and gripping at the hair right underneath his ears.
“shit, you’re gonna be the death of me.” he said under his breath, pulling back far enough to start tugging your hoodie off. “take this off.” he demanded.
thankfully, you didn’t have a smart comment waiting for him, instantly sitting up and ripping off the article of clothing.
wolf’s jaw dropped when he realized that you weren’t wearing anything else underneath it, eyes zeroing in on your boobs. “you-- where’s your shirt?” he ears tilted back and he swore if he was capable of blushing, he would be neon red.
you shrugged with no explanation, tilting your head. “you were gonna see them eventually, might as well give you easier access.” you could’ve burst out laughing at how flabbergasted the poor guy was. one pair of boobs and he’s gone.
then you suddenly stopped smiling and looked at him with wide, fearful eyes. “wait, are you a virgin?”
he immediately started shaking his head frantically. “nononononono! i would’ve said something if i was.” he reassured you.
“oh.” was all you said.
and then wolf leaned forward, hands outstretched to your chest. you laughed at the mood shift and suddenly, you were back on track.
he gave an experimental squeeze and planted a kiss on your boobs before pulling back and taking off his shirt himself. he instantly was back to hovering over you and hand his fingers wrapped around the waistband of your pants and underwear. “normally, i’d take it slow, but i just wanna see you, red.”
“go for it, mr. big and bad.” you gave your consent, picking up your hips and allowing him the proper space to pull off the clothing. he gave you no time to adjust to the sudden naked state you were in, already tugging your thighs over his shoulder. his eyes zeroed in on your pussy, your slick glinting in the light of your bedside lamp.
you could’ve disintegrated when he started placing small nips and bites on your inner thigh, the pad of his thumb coming up and resting on your clit. you sucked in a hard breath as he stared at you, maw closing over the plush fat on your thigh.
he pulled back to tell you, “i can’t finger you with these,” he wiggled his fingers, more specifically motioning at his nails, “so you’re gonna have to do the hard work for me, sweetheart.”
you groaned as if he asked you to go do the dishes. “damn it, i was gonna have you do all the hard work--” you let out a choked moan, cutting yourself off as wolf pressed his finger back against your swollen clit. “alright, i’ll do it, shit--!”
you propped yourself up on your left elbow and shoved a few of your pillows under your shoulder to make it a little easier for you. lying back against them, you slowly dragged your fingers down your stomach, eyeing the way wolf’s eyes were locked onto them.
trying to hide your growing smirk, you traced the outside of your pussy with a finger, entertaining yourself with the way his eyes just wouldn’t look away. he did snap out of it when he heard you hide a snicker and glared up at you.
“sorry.” you muttered, pushing one finger inside of you and arching your back at how good it felt. “give me a sec, i’ll have it all figured out in no time.” from the way you were talking so casually, one might expect you to be doing literally any other activity.
wolf gave you a look you couldn’t quite discern. “no, go slow.” he demanded.
“what the fuck-- do you wanna fuck me or not?” you retorted, glaring as you pushed the finger in and out.
“i do, but i also wanna see this.”
“...fucking weirdo.” you grumble and flopped back, trying to move at a steady pace. wolf hummed in accomplishment, pulling one of his own hands away and using it to take off his boxers as he watched you with eager eyes.
when you pushed in a second a finger with the first was when it started feeling really good. curling them like the expert you were, you let out soft moans. wolf’s eyes took in how your hips rose to meet your fingers and how carried away you were getting as you tried to prepare yourself for him.
“yeah, just like that, baby.” he murmured, pushing your hips down and holding you to the bed. his thumb returned to your clit, with slow circles, and you let out a long whine, head falling against your pillow. “oh, you’re so pretty like this.” he beamed when you let out an embarrassed huff that melted into a groan.
“please just fuck me.” you whimpered, eyes squeezing shut from the mixture of yours and wolf’s motions. your fingers rubbed against a specific part inside of you and your vision went white for a second. “please, please, please!”
“alright, alright.” he spoke as if he was being inconvenienced, but you saw the way he moved to sit up immediately. he took his thumb off and then paused, leaning down and pressing a kiss to your clit, making you jolt from the sudden pressure. “sorry, just giving you a good luck kiss before i destroy your guts, little red.”
“yeah, yeah, whatever, loser.” you chortled, pulling your fingers out and pushing the pillows underneath you away. when you laid back down, flat on your back, you brought your legs up and presented yourself to him with a wicked smile. “now come over here and fuck me with your big bad cock.”
wolf didn’t even get the chance to fully comprehend what you had just said to him before he burst out into hysterical cackles, falling face first into your chest as he laughed and laughed. you were no better, tears streaming down your face as you let out a long wheeze.
“my WHA-HA-HAT?”
“BUAHAHA!” you both were losing your minds, clinging to one another like you were going to disappear if you didn’t.
and when you had cooled down and wiped your face dry, you and wolf stared at one another, trying to catch your breaths. you then snorted and that’s what started another laughing fit, with wolf’s laugh going super high pitched.
then, after recovering from that, wolf had picked out a condom from his pants and tore it open, rolling it onto himself with a chuckle. he looked like he wanted to laugh more about your comment, but the throbbing of his dick reminded him of the task at hand.
“you’re so ridiculous.” he muttered, returning to his position above you. both of his hands moved to hook your thighs over his and you could feel the tip of his dick pressed against your pussy.
your heart thumped with anticipation. “don’t go easy on me, wolf. i can handle a little pain.” you teased, making him roll his eyes.
“after all the shit you just pulled, i don’t think i even have it in me to consider going gentle on you.” and then he pushed in. both of your jaws dropped as he moved at a semi-slow but steady pace until his hips had met your own. the hands that held your thighs open were now gripping hard enough to hurt.
“oh fuck.” you moaned.
“ditto.” he agreed, eyes fluttering shut. “shit, this might become a regular occurrence.”
“fuck, if your dick feels like this every time, i might make it a daily one.” you spoke in a breathy tone. your back arched and you shimmied your hips up, attempting to set a pace.
wolf met your motions with his own and soon, you both fell into a steady movement. every time you fell down and the tip of his dick rubbed against your sweet spot, you felt like you were going to pass out. he wasn’t like anything you ever had before, his dick shape unique enough to make just enough of a difference.
wolf, meanwhile, felt like he was in heaven. every clench and every sound that left you made him reach the edge far faster than he’d like to admit it. he was holding back with all of his might at every thrust, snarling to himself. fuck, he was about to start paying to be around him all day if it meant he got to do this whenever and wherever.
he leaned down, still thrusting at a consistent pace, and started marking up your body, wherever he could. one hickey on your stomach, another few on your boobs, and more littering your neck. he couldn’t get enough, he needed to be smothered in you.
so, he stopped thrusting and held you close to him, chest to chest. “what, why’d you stop--” you let out a surprised shriek when he flipped you both over, with him now at the edge of your bed and you straddling him.
“ride me.” he gasped, looking up at you with such desperation. “god, fuck, ride me.”
you didn’t even bother trying to act smart, using your knees as leverage and bouncing up and down on his cock. from this new angle, you felt him even better, his tip rubbing against your gummy walls at just the right pace. fuck, now you were embarrassingly close.
“shit.” you two cursed in unison, making you both snicker through the moans.
“i’m-- fuck-- i’m already close, red.” wolf murmured in disbelief, returning to his task at marking you up.
“glad to know it’s mutual.” you sighed, eyes squeezed shut and thighs beginning to tense uncontrollably.
it was like a wave of static crashed over you after a particularly good thrust, your entire body losing feeling except for in your pussy. you squeezed harshly and that’s what made wolf let out a broken moan before he came as well. he fell back, grabbing your back and dragging you with him.
you moaned into a rather clumsy kiss, riding out the waves of pleasure that felt like they would never end. eventually, you both had to pull back and while panting, you calmed down from the sensitive high.
wolf stared up at you like you were a god, smiling when you swiped the sweat off of your forehead. “pretty good, right?” he asked, both joking, but also making sure you enjoyed yourself.
you nodded rapidly, dispelling whatever worry he had. “oh yeah, i enjoyed that.” your voice was now gravelly, over-exertion from all the moaning and groaning ruining it.
you then moved to sit up, hands planted against his chest. “pretty good fuck for a criminal, i gotta admit.”
wolf blanched, eyes popping wide. you let out a half shriek, half laugh at his reaction, covering your mouth and leaning away.
though he probably should be shitting his pants, wolf just let out a long groan, wiping at his face. 
fuck, you were lucky your pussy was talented, or he would’ve ran out the room.
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azelmawrites · 19 hours ago
Switch to me//Yelena x reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yelena was aware that you had a girlfriend. How could she not? You told her one time during your study session, tucking a hair strand behind your ear as you uttered words that made her heart drop, “my girlfriend and I…” Her whole body switched cold at that moment, and the only sound she can hear was her own heartbeat.
To her, you were out of reach but now knowing your heart belonged to another, also, you were simply impossible to reach. What made Yelena even sadder was the fact your girlfriend wasn’t a terrible person. Describing her as decent wouldn’t be enough, she was a very good partner with the way she treated you with utmost affection and love she never saw in her entire life.
But she still couldn’t help feeling that it was such a waste that you settled with someone else, and not her.
“My girlfriend has the same one.” You pointed at her jacket, sat on the chair next to her as you began fixing your stationary. Yelena had to physically stop herself from saying the only reason she changed her style recently, was to look more like your type.
“She remembered your anniversary?” Yelena asked, hoping that your girlfriend forgot it so she can whisper in your ear like what the snake did to Eve. You sighed, “she didn’t, but I don’t blame her cuz I forgot about it too,” then zipped your pencil case open, “was too busy with finals and all and she’s got job interviews, so it’s all right.”
“That’s how it starts, saying life got in the way of it all and then you two will start arguing and then it will end up in a bad break up.” Yelena said, you only chuckled and shook your head—taking her words lightly, “thank you for worrying, but we’re doing completely fine!”
Yelena rolled her eyes and had to physically stop herself from saying that this is what she is fearing, and that she wasn’t worried at all. In fact, she would find any holes in the relationships to exploit the vulnerabilities.
But weeks passed, then snowballed into months and your relationship with your girlfriend never ended. It weighed on Yelena’s heart, nowadays just seeing you made her unable to breathe. She was told that time would make it easier, and that she would get used to it. But time didn’t do anything, but only sprinkle slat to her wound.
Because as time went on, your relationship got stronger to the point of you saying that you suspected your girlfriend was going to propose. Just hearing those words made her stomach churn and lose all the color in her face. That was when Yelena decided to stop meeting you completely and begin avoiding you like the plague. She ignored your calls and built walls whenever she couldn’t avoid you.
Though fate had other plans, on the night of your graduation day when your whole department went out for drinks. You were there, with a pretty smile and talks about your supportive girlfriend, and words that made Yelena down liquor irresponsibly, hoping that it would numb the pain.
Now, normally, Yelena wasn’t the type of drunk that would go around uncovering her deepest secrets easily. But she would uncover them if she were asked about them, so when you asked, “why are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong?”
She simply wasn’t able to stop herself from slurring, “because I’m in love with you.”
“You should break up with her, switch to me, I’m so much better than her.” Yelena said, dropping her weight on your figure. Stumbling a little, you gathered your balance before saying, “you’re way too drunk for this conversation.”
“Yes, but they say drunks say the truth,” she said, picking up her weight from your body just to gently pat your head, “you’re too perfect to have one girlfriend, you know, you can cheat on her with me, and I won’t say anything,”
“What the hell are you even saying?—”
“You know I don’t mind being the other woman,” Yelena interrupted you, her palm covering your mouth, you pulled her hand away as you frowned “you’re clearly in a bad state, we should have this talk sometime else because right now…” before Yelena can drop her weight over your body in a caged embrace, you stepped back.
“I love you, (Y/N).”
“Goodbye, Yelena.”
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castiel · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i'm the one who groped you tight and rode you from perdition
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quinintheclouds · 23 days ago
Dorothea Gillim really went "I want to make a show that's so funny I'd unironically watch it, but for kids. I know! I'll hire writers from Family Guy, The Onion, and SNL!"
Add some A List voice actors and let them riff a bit, and that's how you get the chaotic satirical shitposty masterpiece that is WordGirl
#wordgirl#quinpost#seriously her goal was for the comedy to be the main thing and it's so funny my guy#I mean the show is self-described as satirical and a parody... and the 4th wall is practically non existent lmao#they're just like let's make a crazy plot with amazing characters and comedy as a priority and then add some vocab#like I'm sorry but this is 10x better than family guy; y'all are getting praised for the wrong show XD#no wonder it was my favorite show as a kid.... rewatching it was such a good decision#like I knew the show was hilarious as a kid but as an adult I'm able to see SO MUCH MORE bc I get the satire now#it's so meta and self-aware#ahead of its time truly#if it came out today it'd be so big on tumblr lmao#ok but why do we treat PBS Kids shows as less than cable shows?#like they're targeted to the same age but one happens to be educational#(and free.... hmmmmmmmm)#you know how many words I learned from wordgirl that weren't even featured words? they just use them and you pick em up from context clues#one of the earliest featured words was 'cumbersome' and man I used that word so much as a kid bc of it XD#they never should've taught me flabbergasted though; i still use that one all the time hgjkl;'#i'd actually forgotten what 'stimy' meant so my rewatch actually taught me a word at age 24 sdfghj#and I read the dictionary more than once as a kid#see? it IS possible to make kids shows that DON'T talk down to kids!! It's written like it's adults watching; just that the jokes are clean#cannot recommend enough; it deserves the attention it's getting and more
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idreamof-jeanie · 6 months ago
can we like, maybe stop endlessly and vehemently defending p*dophilia online? that would be really nice actually, thanks.
#be it m*p or l*li or age gap or pr*-sh*p#its all the same#advocating for the fetishization and normalization of abusing children does not change no matter what words you use to describe#take it from someone who started experiencing csa at 6 and had to learn what that was through the internet#the context for my experience coming solely from people who wanted to see this happening#which then turned into some nasty fucking self hatred/blaming and asking questions to myself no child should have to#because you might be able to remove it from that context#but victims and abusers alike dont#and you are in essense doing the work for the abuser in that case#teaching victims their stories are nothing but pleasurable fiction#not bad enough that anything needs done about it#and even addressing it is shameful and extreme#y’all realize when you go on these tirades blanketing every victim as a malicious idiot whose only intention is to censor#that you sound like a youth pastor teaching young children not to speak out about what their parents do behind closed doors#i’ll say it again#Y’ALL ARE DOING THEIR WORK FOR THEM#fiction is not secular#you cant say it has zero effect on reality#that is scientifically not true#your brain does not differentiate between whats happening on a screen or on the pages of a book and what is reality#and thus you internalize and accept this as truth#because as much as your mouth says it#your brain literally cant find a difference between ficion and reality#maybe consider that as the reason YOU dont see it as harmful#because maybe YOU have already been desensitized to these things#but remember your empathy too#and dont automatically label every single person that criticizes your actions a snowflake or a sensitive young person or delusional#please#long long vent but its been a long long day
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theygender · 6 months ago
Sometimes I think some people who make image descriptions may not actually understand how screen readers work
#just saw a compilation of the shades of purple from different pride flags with their hexadecimal codes and it was really cool!#image description as well so yay for accessibility!#...but the id listed off the hexadecimal code for each one and im just imagining how annoying that would be to hear on a screen reader#just 'the first image is labeled bi pound sign G82C71. the second image is labeled ace pound sign C4W28T.' etc etc 8 times in a row#like as someone reading with my eyes i can just skim over that but. screen readers dont really have that option?#its gonna say every single one of those letters and numbers out loud individually#i use screen readers occasionally and mine doesnt have the option to just skip words/sentences it only lets you skip whole paragraphs#(or at least thats all ive figured out how to make it do)#and i mean you could definitely just skip that paragraph if you have a screen reader but then...#whats the point of even having that image description if people with screen readers are just gonna have to skip it?#personally i probably would have described it as something like#'a compilation of 8 images featuring the shades of purple from the bi ace [etc etc] flags with each of their hexadecimal codes'#and then placed the hex codes under a read more in case someone who was using a screen reader on the post actually wanted them#just. stuff like that#also sometimes i see people reblog with image descriptions on my posts but like... i already use the built in alt text feature#so then if someone is using a screen reader and they come across that reblog its just going to describe the image to them twice 😅#i dont personally use my screen reader on tumblr but. i wonder how many other posts with id's in the reblogs are like that...#im really glad to see people are trying to make things more accessible! i just feel like there may be some misunderstandings#rambling
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taeyungie · a year ago
#you know what hurts? i can't stop thinking about what tae said today#taehyung said in the vlive that he doesn't like the way he look which is why he didn't post pictures for the past 6 months#i try not to overthink because.. what can i do anyway#but it just breaks my heart. and it's not even about him but the way that all people just.. sometimes don't see hew beautiful they are#and they're so certain in their belief that they won't change the opinion no matter what#but hearing it from HIM#and with the fact that the last picture he posted was in december; full body; with half of his face covered#and the actual selca was posted many more months ago#is just making my heart hurt#because he's so perfect that i cannot describe it with my own words#he's so perfect so gorgeous so stunning and exquisite#there's not enough words in any existing language to describe how perfect he is#and the way we have troubles believing he's real sometimes#he was insecure about his looks from the beginning. there were always these little things he would mention that didn't seem like a big deal#he's always stressed out and now probably even more with his mixtape and their packed schedule.. i just :( i always worry so much about him#i know it's probably stupid because yeah the truth is we don't know them privately and how they're doing in real life#because they only tell and show us what they want us to see#and I've been thinking that maybe the bonds we create with idols isn't supposed to be there.#that it's just a tactic that industry uses to make them seem like angels to make us feel attached to them...#but we just know how good hearted everyone in bts is. there's no doubt to it and no fan service will ruin it because we just /know/#ahh i don't know. i hope he's okay. and i just wish i could tell him how handsome he is and boop that stupid nose of his that i love sm 😔😔#goodnight ~#ems
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ranvwoop · a month ago
👀 Do you have any WIPs that you would never let see the light of day? If yes, what are they about?
I do! I have a lot of like,, mildly weird and tough to explain but. started out as self indulgent specific phobia focused drabbles. sometimes they’re not that but in the same style. they're both not polished and don't have any need to exist outside of Felt Like Writing This. I often work on them just as I’m going to sleep or waking up and don’t have the brainpower to b productive but wanna write :]
Also like, stuff that’s unfinished and bad. I will rattle off some lost causes. Bduo LIS au + emerald your name au (connected, actually), fm//a au, actually I can’t think of any more. o7 to the fallen concepts I’ve probably grown out of
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doritoprincess · 8 months ago
ngl i get that it’s a bit of a touchy subject for a lot of trans women on here but at the same time i cant help but feel a bit uncomfortable with how quickly we seem to shut down transmascs trying to come up with terms for their own feelings of oppression because we seem to have a knee-jerk negative reaction to certain terms
#like#i understand that ‘misandry’ isn’t an active axis of oppression in the same way misogyny racism and the like are#but at the same time i cant help but think we’re clinging so tightly to the idea that misandry is a term only used to silence women that we#inadvertantly end up coming off as majorly condecending to transmascs who may use that word to describe thier own oppression#and this isnt even to say that i disagree with some of the points i see other trans women make about this#like yeah transmisogyny is sort of the core where most transphobic and terfs are aiming at#but at the same time i see people getting really angry and defensive about transmascs ‘tone policing’ trans women and its like#idk dont you think what we’re doing right now is sort of tone policing?#like i cant be the only one whos sorta made uncomfortable by how quickly we jump onto transmascs trying to articulate their own oppression#by going ‘you cant use that word because it takes the framing of our opression away from us who are more oppressed objectlvely’#idk man i feel like were just sorta looking for ways to not have to think about how transmascs or really even other cis men feel about stuff#and ive never really found that to be a good way to initiate discourse#idk man ive kinda seen this floating around as a Discourse Topic and its been making me think about stuff#anyway you shouldnt reblog this but ill leave the replies open in case anyone has anything to chime in with that i may be overlooking
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theasstour · a year ago
Dude the tags about marion talking about toms mom....I was so uncomfortable and her using the Q slur so much its like....is the author queer either? It felt like a bit in an attack
It’s like... “She was extremely overweight, which was strange, because all I ever saw her eat were salad leaves and cucumber slices, and all I ever saw her drink was black coffee. Despite this apparent self-denial, her features seemed lost somewhere in the swollen flesh of her face, and her bosom was enormous and always propped up on display, like an oversized, well-whipped meringue in a baker’s window.” Like... you’re a thin person writing this for what???? For comedic relief??? To state just how fat Tom’s mum is???? She could’ve just said “she was very fat” and left it at that. Even if this is meant to be from Marion’s pov and not the author’s and “it’s just Marion’s way of thinking” it still pissed me off and could’ve easily been left out
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lemongogo · a year ago
grand escape
Tumblr media
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