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#do you not want students
black-and-yellow · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The lesser-known Mic quotes.
Mostly from the School Briefs light novels, but there's a couple from the short audio drama too. I only listened to a guy on YouTube read one light novel chapter, so I don't know how accurate the quotes themselves are.
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pocketramblr · 6 months ago
The Thought™
“Izuku isn’t worthy for OFA bc he didn’t take training to be a hero serious in middle school, Mirio is a better-” and here’s where i cut you off and explain why you’re wrong
Mirio didn’t take it serious in middle school either
And we actually see this, thanks to his life partner’s flashbacks. Tamaki’s recollections tell us a few things:
1. In middle school, they actually had a class provided for them to help train out their quirks
2. mirio didn’t take it seriously and really sucked at it, honestly, as a result.
3. mirio dressed like a delinquent (i’m not kidding, the open shirt and ponytail is delinquent thing for middle schoolers)
4. not only did he not take the school-provided classes seriously, he also wasn’t great in classes. perhaps not for lack of effort, but it stands as something we know
ergo, five, which comes up in mirio’s flashbacks:
5. Mirio didn’t take it seriously or improve as much or EVEN KNOW HOW to improve at this concept UNTIL Sir Nighteye took him on to personally train. He only got as good as he did after months of this starting from his first year (And thanks to Izuku, we know he didn’t even get good enough in his first year to do well in his second sports festival. By the way, thats about the time that All Might would have turned him down and Sir cut him off a second time.)
So, to recap
People who make this argument do so in bad faith, because not only is it fine for them that Mirio not take it seriously in middle school, but that Izuku had to- they have further demands.
It’s fine Mirio slacked off in a class that was just handed to him to get stronger, but How Dare Izuku not figure it all out by himself and train harder physically alone! Izuku can’t be worthy after ten months of training because that was thanks to All Might, but yes its fine that Mirio has about two years of one-on-one training with Sir when we compare them, plus the additional years of training both in his middle school and at UA.
i’ll give them one thing they’re consistent about at least- not listening to people about what they actually want. Like not listening to Toshinori about how its his quirk and his choice and why he picked Izuku- And also not listening to Mirio himself when he said, point blank, he absolutely would not want it. Like, he straight up said “no thanks” just to the hypothetical, he wouldn’t want the real thing.
And he certainly wouldn’t want any bs on his behalf of the hypocrites who choose not to read when it comes to touting him as the ‘worthy option’
also, please spend two months in a classroom with actual middle schoolers before you say something dumb like that. they’re kids. the only excuse i can accept is if youre also a middle schooler and therefor cant see why its so dumb to expect that of you. the whole point is that they’re kids and that kids NEED support to do well. thats. thats the whole point.
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msannaemmi · 8 months ago
Taking away the distraction (phone/laptop/puzzle...) doesn’t work, because I’m not being distracted by that object
My brain is looking for distractions because everything feels so boring
I think this is the big difference between attention span between adhd and neuro typical brains, or at least the best way I’ve been able to describe it to my friends
It’s why working in an empty room or blocking your phone or whatever doesn’t work, because they’re not the problem, the problem is your brain looking for interesting stuff
And if please, please, please teachers could start understanding that, that would be awesome thanks
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black-and-yellow · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He got a few...
Τhe AU can basically be summarised as 'Whoops! That wasn't a good idea!'
Our guy Loudspeaker is convinced he's doing the right thing. Or, rather, that he's doing the only thing he can to keep Eraser and Eri safe. He can't quite wrap his head around the idea they'd prefer it if he just stood by them. He doesn't enjoy being in the League, at least not at first, but the League likes having him because he's got an insanely good quirk and it also feels like a win for them to have a pro on their side. He does remind them often that the only reason he's with them is to ensure his friends' safety, but they still don't like him going out and talking to students or other pros. Ideally they hope to destroy his emotional attachment to his old friends so he'll eventually turn against them. Nobody knows how to beat Eraserhead better than his best friend and former classmate.
Eraserhead won't talk to him. So that's the main cause for regret. Since he still has a key to UA, there's nothing stopping him sneaking back in apart from the threat of Aizawa drop kicking him so hard his jaw dislocates. Occasionally he'll try and get back into his room in the Heights Alliance staff dorm building, but he's gotta be sneaky. Especially since he knows if the LoV knows he might be telling the heroes about their plans. If they think that, they might just have to break their agreement. And that's the last thing he wants. Eri is also mad at him, obviously. And Aizawa guards her like a Rottweiler so there's no chance Loudspeaker is getting to talk to her and explain himself. Unless he sneaks in. So yeah, little man misses his pals. He does his hair a bit like Nemuri and he sticks a plaster over his nose like Shirakumo sometimes. As if they'd approve of his actions any more than Aizawa does. And he knows it.
His students miss him and they sometimes go out and see if they can find him. Whether to speak to him or just to watch. And as much as he'd like to see them, he really doesn't want to get them in trouble, so he scares them off as best he can.
All Might has tried to talk to him. All Might tries not to get on anybody's bad side. He wants to give Yamada a chance to redeem himself before completely blocking him out like the others. So that's when Loudspeaker starts thinking 'okay, maybe I can turn back before it's too late', but of course he has to be careful about that too otherwise he'll have the LoV on his tail for betrayal. But then Aizawa tunes out of his 'come get me' radio broadcast and ignores pretty much everything else. So. He's a little stuck.
But hey, at least he got a cool scar out of it. He tells the League it's from his last epic battle, but it's actually just because Shouta pushed him down some stone stairs. And it's all gross and infected. But you can't have everything.
My pinned post has links to every comic in chronological order including a plot summary and something about his scar.
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minzart · 4 months ago
Jade, after a stressful day at school and has yet to work at the lounge: I want to burn this building down
Yuu, tired of Crowley's tasks, brain cell trio shenanigans, overblots, LIFE: call me when you get it going, I'll bring the gasoline, Crowley's office is mine tho
Savanaclaw Student A, whispering: those two are scary together
Octavinelle student C: you think? That's just normal.
OsC: shhhhh! It's a bet betwing us, of whom the prefect will chose first, my money's on Jade, so shut up and let them have a moment
SsA: ... mines on Jack
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okayto · 28 days ago
Reflections on My Masters Degree
As a person who got diagnosed with ADHD at the end of undergrad and subsequently had almost no healthy study habits to build on.
I started my masters degree several years out from undergrad. This let me learn how to live with diagnosed ADHD, and how to structure my life while working full-time, so that helped.
I made myself a deal going in: I would take a lower grade for turning things in late, if it came to it, rather than forgo sleep. As an undergrad I did the opposite and pulled all-nighters weekly or more, and while I graduated with honors, I was often miserable. I had to make a deal with myself before starting: Kayt, we know we have time management problems. We will do our best. But we will not sacrifice our physical and mental health for an A. Our goal is learning, not perfection.
That said, time management is the best. I did not do this well in undergrad, nor did I have any good study strategies/habits (thank you, undiagnosed ADHD). This took work. My program was asynchronous (I didn’t have to “attend” virtual classes at any specific time, just get things done by certain dates). While I probably would’ve preferred in-person classes for the camaraderie and learning experience, this worked really well with my night owl proclivities (and shift work).
(Also, my strategy was “try really hard to do good work and turn everything in on time for the first 3ish weeks of 6-week classes so if I run into problems, the professor already has a good opinion of me.” It worked.)
Reading the syllabus is crucial. Really. And notes from professors, and rubrics. I was one of the best students in my cohort and a lot of it came from just reading what I was given, and doing work that met the expectations bluntly stated in rubrics and other documents.
Group projects don’t have to suck, but it takes work and ideally your professor knows this. (My best group projects were in classes where the professor required us to turn in reports, and decide guidelines ahead of time.) If your professor doesn’t help, you just gotta deal. Communicate with everyone, get people to agree to deadlines and divisions of labor, etc. Ideally, get group members to agree to conflict resolution (”What happens if someone’s part isn’t done by X time?”) This is probably a post unto itself, but the point is: it sucks if you have to set this up, but it can take a lot of the normal group project pain away.
Communication with professors is great. Especially if you ask politely and in advance, things like “can you clarify,” or “do you have examples” are great. I also avoided some late-reduction grades simply by telling the professor in advance. “Dr. Fuzzles, I just wanted to let you know the person I need to interview for this assignment wasn’t available until today [when the assignment is due], so I will be a little late turning this in,” and “Dr. Wuzzles, I apologize but I am turning the assignment in a bit late. I have been having trouble sorting things out.”
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epicene-humanoid · 7 months ago
some trans Jeff thoughts:
he realized he was trans in elementary school and just went fuck it I'll just start introducing myself as Jeffery and see if anyone decides to stop me (as we know, jeff winger can get away with almost anything)
he got top surgery the second he could afford it (around the same time he started at his law firm), and probably bribed someone to keep it a secret
"I'm jeff winger and i would rather look at myself naked than the women I sleep with" are the words of a man proud of his transition
he's really insecure about his fashion sense, which is why he mostly dresses like the douchey guys at his firm in the start of the show, he thought you can't go wrong with the sleazy lawyer look
he will never admit it but he feels super good about the dean hitting on him, because the dean is a (cis) guy, acknowledging that Jeff is more manly than him
i think he starts out stealth and comes out to everyone one by one, probably starting with abed because he knows abed won't judge him and will probably just see it as an interesting backstory.
abed just says it's cool and maybe worth a prequel exploring Jeff's transition, and jeff asks him to predict how all of the members of the group will react to him coming out.
abed's predictions:
britta will be over-the-top supportive and do a ton of research about trans history, probably put together a slideshow just to prove how progressive she is, and jeff will be a little bit weirded out, but also touched that she did all that for him, though he would never let her know that
shirley will be confused, because she doesn't know how someone she trusts and knows so well could be part of a group she was raised to hate, but ultimately realizes that there's nothing actually against the lgbtq people in the bible, and, as a cool character development arch, starts to advocate against use of the bible to justify bigotry
troy will just think it over and decide that Jeff's physique and coolness are even awesomer knowing how much work he'd had to put in to be like that, and respects Jeff's manliness even more
annie will give him a hug, say something sweet about how she'll always love him, and worry about his health, because even she read somewhere that taking testosterone makes you more likely to have a heart attack, jeff will explain that the risk is still only as high a cis guy, and she'll be the one to always remind him to take his shots
peirce will say at best say "jeff winger used to be a chick?" and at worst call him a slur, either way there's sure to be a lot of misgendering from him, and pestering to know Jeff's deadname (needless to say, Jeff just doesn't tell peirce)
the whole group goes out of their way to keep their beach trips a secret from pierce (the girls don't want him there anyways, he's too liable to be creepy) even though jeff knows that even if pierce saw his scars, all he would have to do is make up a story about some childhood accident and pierce would never question it
sorry this ended up being super long. can I hear some of your headcanons for him?
YES ALL THIS!!! yes yes i’m fully accepting this as canon oh my god
i’m about to type a whole ass ESSAY at midnight because i have been DYING to talk about this for months ajfdksljk,,, this is going to be obscenely long and i might end up adding even more to it as i continue to rewatch the show because there is truly no shortage of trans jeff content (especially when you’re trans and see transness in every little thing ajdkslfkjs)
spoiler warning for literally everything about this show under the cut <3
i 100% agree, i feel like he realized he was trans super young, especially since in the show we see him as a little kid a couple of times. 
Tumblr media
like look at little jeff with the oversized sweatshirt and little ponytail!! that’s childhood trans fashion. not to be dramatic but part of me thinks that jeff’s dad left before he fully came out to his family (which gives him even more angst about it, because until that one Thanksgiving episode, he’s never able to prove to his dad that he’s a better man), but part of me thinks that his dad left after he came out (which adds that spicy i-should-have-stayed-in-the-closet guilt that he has to work through). 
either way, because his dad wasn’t there, he had to base his concept of masculinity on something else, which was becoming a lawyer!! there’s some line that’s like “after the dust and divorce papers were settled the only man i looked up to was [the lawyer guy]”. like, replacing your father figure in your mind with the concept of “a job where you can talk your way in and out of anything and distort other people’s concept of reality”? that’s trans.
Tumblr media
 and the fucking THANKSGIVING EPISODE... i struggle to watch it without crying hehe <3 yeowch! the dichotomy of willy jr. being the “wrong” kind of man because he’s “too soft” but jeff also not being enough despite adhering to all the social standards of masculinity... fuck!! this whole scene of him telling his dad “i am Not well adjusted” and talking about how he gave himself an “appendix surgery scar” when he was a kid and he still keeps the get-well-soon letters from his classmates under his bed? oh my god. the implication of people loving him not despite his scars but because of them?? trans. i can’t think about this episode for too long or i’ll start yelling.
Tumblr media
OH and this scene? where he talks about how his mom got him a girl costume for halloween?? and everyone said “what a cute little girl” and after a few houses he stopped correcting them?? and “once the shame and the fear wore off, i was just glad they thought i was pretty”?? THAT’S TRANS... the man needs validation oh my god... and then in all the halloween episodes we see he has these ultra-masculine costumes (a cowboy, David Beckham, one of the fast and furious guys even though he never watched the movies, a boxer with his DAD’S boxing gloves... god) costumes are about becoming something else and he always chooses to be hypermasculine and that is trans.
Tumblr media
THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION EPISODE!!!!!!! being uncomfortable during P.E. is a queer experience. period. but him being specifically uncomfortable in the clothes someone else is assigning to him? trans. “are we gonna talk about clothes like a girl? or use tapered sticks to hit balls around a cushioned mat like a man?” TRANS. and him eventually stripping in public? celebration of transness. and the fact that he eventually becomes comfortable in both the uniform and his own style!! trans!! god i love this episode. 
Tumblr media
AND AND AND!!! the gay dean coming out episode!!! where it’s the three of them discussing the best way for the dean to come out as gay despite not entirely identifying with that label!! so we have both frankie and the dean who are sort of ambiguously queer, and jeff who’s a stealth trans man who’s probably only out to only the study group at this point. this scene where the dean and jeff have this like eyebrow communication while frankie is talking is just so cute. queer-to-queer communication. “I am so curious” “oh?” “intellectually.” “oh...” ajfdksljfk this scene just screams high school GSA to me and i love it so much.
Tumblr media
and SPEAKING of the dean!! i totally see you on that. i feel like jeff has some internalized homophobia/biphobia (like he’d throw punches over someone else, but when it comes to himself he has a lot of shame). and also seeing the dean so confident in all his different outfits/costumes has a weird affect on him bc it’s like “okay, the dean, a cis guy, can do that, but i as a trans guy could Not because that’s Breaking the Rules”. which, like, throwback to the halloween thing. of course there’s no right way to be masculine, but mr. winger does not know that.
Tumblr media
another thing!! the episode where their emails get leaked? that includes his emails with his therapist. fuck!! he was outed to the whole world in that episode!! no wonder he was so fucking angry!! this whole episode (and really any time he mentions his therapist) is so interesting when you think about them as a person he talks to about his transition. OH which adds to the thing with the dean!! “and you told your therapist you wanted to be alone this weekend” and “not you jeff, i know you’ll be visiting your dad” ”I told you to stop reading my emails”. luckily his study group has his back and just makes fun of him for emailing astronauts lmao
Tumblr media
and WHO can forget “they’re giving out an award for most handsome young man!!!!” what else is there to say about this line besides: he’s trans. you know he didn’t get awarded enough for being a handsome young man when he was a kid, and no amount of compliments when he’s fully-grown can really make up for that. some people crash a kid’s bar mitzvah to cope with the fact that they struggled to be seen as themselves when they were a teenager <3
Tumblr media
also his weird relationship with pierce? where he kind of hates him (understandably lmao) but at times has this almost-friends-almost-father-son relationship with him? especially in this episode where he’s forced to bond with him and ends up having a good time by accident (at a barber shop no less, the perfect place to Be A Man with your Man Friend). idk what to say about him besides the fact that pierce says his mom wanted a girl when he was born and made him dress like a girl (and his middle name is anastasia!) so if they’re gonna do any bonding over transness it’s gonna be that. 
Tumblr media
okay one last thing and then i’ll shut up for the night. this episode kills me (and almost kills jeff hahahahelpi’mcrying). it’s a very Trans thing to not be able to visualize your future self, it just is. growing up trans at the time he did? i don’t know what kind of future he saw for himself, but i’m so happy that he ended up with a group of friends who became his family and love him the way they all do. i’m so emotional over this asshole it’s ridiculous. 
in conclusion:
Tumblr media
they’re trans, your honor <3
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zhuhongs · 19 days ago
ah, the universality of wanting to see a familiar face. idk i just. have a lot of thoughts
#theres a guy in my chinese class that looks like a classmate i had in elementary school and i couldnt stop staring at him. i just. i think#its him. we werent friends but. its like. wow. i never had a conversation with u but ive known u since i was 5. i hope you're doing well.#funny that we're in the same class in uni huh?#it is him. i just confirmed using canvas. i should message him.#and earlier today i also say a friend from high school. she was a year older but we became friends bc i loitered at the starbucks were she#worked. she always gave me soy for free. she was 1 of my 3 prom dates. we kinda fell putta contact but we live in the same town. she kinda#went off the rails and wanted to ghost everyone and fuck off to seattle. but im glad to see she stuck around and we go to the same uni#its funny. i chose that uni bc no one else from my hs wanted to go there. and yet here i am#and its also smth ive noticed with my students#one of the girls in my program was at my camp in 2020 when i first started and when i saw her at ny new job i said hi and she said 'how do#you know my name. i dont know u' and i told her that she does know me. i was her art teacher a year ago and then she went OH. and now when#ever she sees me she hugs me and says hi. even though shes not in my class. but she knows that she knew me and is still like. fond of that#and my other students from that year i saw again and they all are happy to see me#one of the kids that graduated has a brother thats at ny school but not in my program and said hes gonna tell his brother to sign up so he#couple see me. and another girl always says she misses me. that im the best art teacher shes ever had and im rlly not a good teacher but#she likes me bc she knows me. and another kid told one of his friends on the first day of camp this year to be quiet bc i was cool. bc he#had me last year. and its nice. its nice. its nice to see a familiar face. no matter how old you are#i always wanted to become a stranger. move away and leave after high school. i wanted to start anew where no one knows me. but i realize.#how nice it is to see a familiar face. even if its someone you werent close with. just knowing them. even at a surface level is nice. it#feels good. its comforting really. and i used to hate it. but im rlly learning to value things and ppl. no matter how shallow. its just#nice to not be fully alone. huh.. its a strange feeling#after spending so long wanting to leave and become a stranger. i feel that its actually nice to reconnect. its nice to make acquiantances#and friends along the way. its nice#and seeing old faces is nostalgic. it makes me wish for something i cant really describe#not that i want to return to being a kid. im glad im an adult but it makes me aware that one day. the current me will be in the pass and i#will think of her fondly. and think of ppl fondly. huh#🐌.txt#🐌.pdf
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