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nothing has hurt me more than doing a draw in kingdom. seeing it’s an epic. getting my hopes up for rye. only for it to be FUCKING MADELINE COOKIE

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btw if ningguang rly does come on hu tao’s banner … n if that banner is gonna come After xiao’s … well … u know 😏

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hey writers… what’s an alternative to eye rolling? I think my main character has rolled their eyes at least six times in this paragraph alone.

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how tf am i supposed to be in a happy relationship if i am completely unhappy with everything in my life?? maybe it’s covid, but i feel like i’m being held back. i feel like i’m not reaching my full potential. i feel like i’m not whole right now and it would be easier for me to figure out who i am if i were single. if i were alone. i have so many things to figure out, i don’t have the capacity for taking care of another person right now. i’m exhausted.

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My boyfriend is like “I have done nothing but bake bread for three hours straight” at 2 am

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I would like to point out to my rich neighbour, who is doing building work in order to rent out his basement flat that it is rude to do it during a pandemic. Its not polite, and yes maybe I’m bitter because I woke up to banging and drilling against my wall and I haven’t had a coffee yet, but I’m sick of it. Building work during time when people can’t escape is rude.

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Oh my god it took so fucking long but I think I can semi decently draw trapper without a direct reference

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Pour one out for Essek, whose only friends in the world straight up ditched him for a while, only to show up supposedly nearby and send cryptic, increasingly dire messages every few days, while he is trying to y’know, keep himself on good terms with the Dynasty so he doesn’t get found out and executed, and every time he tries to help these friends that taught him what love is they don’t take him up on his offer and just panic-call him again two days later.

I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually breaks and goes to find them himself. Or at least gets over his social anxiety enough to use his own goddamn message spell to initiate contact.

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“I think you could do a lot but you wouldn’t bc you are tired and that would be a lot of work”

ozzie you’ve done it.  you’ve broken beacon dash lamp dot tumblr dot com down to my bare essentials.  i honestly don’t know what to do with this house of cards i call a platform hahaha.  i’ve been doing hermitcraft propaganda since like 100 followers and now i’m just like.  cool :)  more :)  friends :) to :) introduce :) to :) hermitcraft :) and it’s finally actually working lolll.

yeah and as far as the faeliens in the hermitcraft shopping district are concerned, my name is bacon.

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so my sister’s looking at zodiac signs or something, and she said my jupiter sign is a

s c o r p i o

now, i don’t believe in astrology one bit, BUT JSJS. can i just replace my original sign?

edit: i just read a lil more and figured out what your jupiter sign represents. whatever. i’m a scorpio on the inside.

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Glance down at tug. Gentle hand ruffles hair. Wings tuck, crouches. On her level. Quiet pause. ❝ He’s hurting, Celi. But this isn’t a cut or scrape. This is inside. Right here. ❞ Tap where heart lies. ❝ He’s remembering a lot of bad stuff he did. Not on purpose. Some were tricky lessons given by our Father. Your grandfather.

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