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Butterflies and Science pt.2
Part 1 x (First kiss)
Doc Ock (Otto Octavius) x transmasc!reader
(gay/pan/bi transmasc!reader and Otto -t4t)
Summary: Doc Ock falls in love with you, and you find a special kind of love.
Note; fluff, lime, transmasculine reader.
CW; trans insecurities, mention of transphobia and homophobia, size difference.
Part 2 summary: After a bit of nervousness, Otto and you finally meet again and share an intimate evening. You both discover something about each other.
Words: 2239
Tumblr media
- After that first kiss, you’d laid in bed the two following nights thinking about it and repeating it in your head.
- You kept thinking about Otto’s red and masculine lips and the taste of the tuna mixed with slight taste of his tongue. How you’d do anything to feel that again. You’d never felt this way ever before. The thought was just making you crazy with desire for him. You were imagining his hands, placed at bottom of your back, rubbing gently and him laying his lips on yours again.
- These were all quite intense thoughts to be having while getting prepared for work, so they kept distracting you, and making you do mistakes.
- The taste and the image of it was just constantly there and it almost seemed a gift too good to be true.
- On his side, Otto kept feeling nervous and afraid of the opinion of his department. He had never outed himself as being attracted to men, so he was nervously and constantly going through all the possible homophobic scenarios he’d need to face in his head. What could go wrong, who could prove to have a problem with it. These all seemed like teenage preoccupations to Otto but nevertheless they were consuming his thoughts.
- But shortly after, Otto would feel elated, and alleviated, by the thought of your touch, and wanting to feel closer to you. Otto didn’t know how to control his feelings, or how to keep them at bay. So his feelings were at the same time, of love and of fear.
- And the truth was that both of you knew by the way you were staring at each other when you were having your coffees that this was not a quick fling. Something really special was growing between the two of you.
- So as the morning began, the two of you were simply looking forward to seeing each other again, but with the fear of those growing insecurities at the backs of your minds.
Experimental Environmental Research, 10:00 a.m.
- As you walked in for your shift at the lab today, you spotted Otto explaining away some procedures to some of the technicians about his new experimental device. Otto quickly noticed you and you saw him pause a bit in his tiny speech. His face had lit up but he did not really look directly at you. You headed over to the hangers as your heart began to race.
- You started to think, and fiddle with the fingers on your left hand.
- “God I wish I could stop feeling this way... [pause].” you thought. You felt yourself touch your face and felt your freshly-shaven face which smelled of your new shaving foam and fresh cologne from this morning. This made you feel even more self-conscious. “I wonder if he’d be able to smell that...” you pondered.
- “Are you ok?” You heard a faint voice inquire from your right. That’s when you saw that Otto was standing just about a meter away from you. His height stood over you impressively, and you gasped slightly. You hung your autumn coat while smiling at him.
- “Oh..umm, yes! I’m doing good! Thank you, Otto, or sorry, Mr. Octavius...” You looked shamefully. You wanted to show him a brand of respect, as if the kiss wouldn’t deter you from knowing your place in this facility. So you felt like calling him by his last name would present a better image of you.
- Otto widened his eyes and you saw him look directly at what seemed like your neck and your left shoulder. You saw him gulp as he gathered his words, a shameful look taking over his face as well due to where his eyes had directed themselves in.
-  He looked side to side and proceeded with his remark. “You’re looking very nice today... (Y/N)” he began.  “I had to point out [he laughed], respectfully”.
-  You blushed slightly. “What? This simple shirt and tie? This is just my-uhm-my usual wear. [you laughed]” Oh god, had you begun to stutter?  You felt a rising tension which you couldn’t prescribe a solution to.
- Otto watched you laugh and you noticed his chest slightly puff up. He seemed to be gathering the courage to ask you something.
- “I was wondering if...you might fancy a date of some sort?” You saw him smirk as he looked at you. He stepped over a bit closer to you. “I just...would really love...to get to know you better, (Y/N)”.
- His height stood over you yet again, but this time more, and you felt absolutely flushed.
- “Maybe the movies? This weekend?” He inquired.
- “Sure! Otto...I’d love to...” You looked down randomly at the floor. “I- um..-” you were attempting to find the words.
-  A technician’s voice interrupted your sentence, bringing Otto’s attention away from you. One of the technicians was calling him over due to an electrical issue. Otto looked at you with a worried smile. Sorry that you had to get interrupted. 
- “Yes! Right now!...” Otto answered. “What were you saying?” He asked you, approaching you so close that you felt he could reach for your hand. Otto’s eyes were those of a shy creature.
- “Oh on Saturday, we can talk then” you said looking at him, your cheeks beginning to turn pink. You saw sparks flying from the cables. Almost a metaphor to how you both were clearly feeling. “You really should go see that”
- Otto “Yeah...[he peeked over] On Saturday, then” He confirmed, and left you with a quiet smile.
- As he left, you kept thinking of the thought that had sprung into your head. Something you were worried he wasn’t aware of. The fact that you were a particular kind of man. What would Otto think? you thought. Would he hate me? Or be disgusted?” You felt angry all of a sudden, and then disappointed. “Why can’t I just be normal...”.
- But then Otto gave a look to you as he was attending to the technical issue, and you thought. “No, everything is going to be okay...”
That same Saturday, at noon.
- You were putting on some Brut on your face just as you had finished your shaving, feeling good about today. Butterflies were in your belly, at the grand expectation of your date with Otto. Otto....Otto Octavius. You couldn’t really believe it. He had to be the most beautiful man you had ever seen.
- But your insecurities were quick to set in. And thoughts about your manhood started to race through your mind.
- What if Otto didn’t see me as a real man? What if he’d never want to kiss me again? The smell of cleanliness and shampoo started to waft into your nose. Feeling as though no matter how dapper and clean you were, you’d never be able to be lovable.
- All you wanted to do was love Otto and hold him and yet the possibility of impending transphobia and rejection was clouding and sporadically shutting off the butterflies that you felt. The fog in the mirror symbolically mirroring the confusion in your heart.
- Perhaps the best course was to avoid any intimacy altogether, let it die off, you thought. Maybe you didn’t deserve this man’s affections.
- By then you were sitting down on your bed, your tie around your neck, looking shamefully to the ground. You were practically taking in every detail about this apartment, the lamp, the bedside table, and the door, as if you knew it would be a future important memory.
- You closed your eyes and touched your lips, thinking of all the romantic scenarios that could happen. Walking down the streets, laughing, dreamy goodbyes, they all started to flood through your mind like passages in a movie. What if he-
- A heavy knock took you out of your daydreaming, as your eyesight re-focused.
- “Who could that actually be?” You thought, truly puzzled. It wasn’t like an half an hour till Otto was supposed to meet you. And he’d said the entrance.
- You put your shoes on and got up, hoping that is wasn’t the landlord about another one of those gruelling building meetings. Your room was looking fine you thought, bed tidy, a part from a couple of ties you’d left lying around.
- You walked over and looked into the peephole, and your breath halted in panic.
- “Otto?” you said out loud.
- He was standing, formally dressed and looking as nervous as could be, seemingly holding something yellowish that you couldn’t distinguish. My god, he looked adorable.
- Suddenly you felt so light. And all your worries started to leave your mind.
- “Otto?” you  thought. “There’s no way he could be the transphobic kind.”
- You took in your breath, brushed at your hair, and opened up the door to him.
- “(Y/N)!” Otto exclaimed. You then noticed the bright bouquet of yellow flowers he was holding, and his candidly formal outfit, a long coat with a turtleneck under, this one grey this time, and his towering height.  Otto held in his breath as he saw you.
- “Hello, Otto...” You said softly. “Gosh, you look so... handsome. “ you expressed. “so very formal” you added, with a lovesick smile. “So do you!” Otto practically blurted out, nervously. He looked down, as if he was the one that was shy now. “I mean...you always do...[he gulped] These are for you!” He handed the flowers over to you, which you carefully gripped and smelt into. Oh it was the nicest smell.
- “Sorry! Come in!” you said, not wanting him to feel as if you were holding him up at the door. You went into your apartment and headed over lay the flowers down on top of your tiny desk. Otto stepped in slowly, acting as the awkwardest courter. He was staring his eyes wide as you moved across the room, his arms hanging on the side. He looked at you sheepishly as you closed the door.
- “I’m sorry if I came unannounced, and so early” he expressed to you.
- “Oh, it’s no problem,...as you can see I was already ready...”
- “It’s just that, from the way we were staring at each other all week, I thought maybe we’d want to, if that is okay with you, to hold each other for a bit...”
- You stared at Otto, taken aback and totally enamoured by his proposition.
- You walked to him and carefully slid his coat off, and then went to hang it. Otto was standing there, looking as vulnerable as you’d ever seen him. You felt as if he didn’t realize you felt vulnerable too.
- You approached him and reached over to grab his hands. “I’d want nothing else” you said, as he looked down to you.
- “God, you really are...” Otto said to you. The two of you walked over and then lay on the bed. “Do you know how handsome you are?” Otto said to you. He started to caress your cheek as he smiled. “You’re so bright, and you’re so funny.”. Otto put his lips on yours and you let him travel your face. A small moan escaped his lips as he stopped.
- “Thank you...” you said. “I don’t know what to say, Otto. I would return the compliment...”
- “I’ve never been open to my department about my attraction to men - “He confessed, a slight look of shame on his face. “To myself, even. .... But when I first met you, I knew that’d have to change. I don’t want to live feeling shameful about it anymore”
- You listened as New York’s brightest nuclear physicist gushed at you and promised his heart. You felt a strange rush build inside you, like an instant of hope and bravery, which made you feel as though you could climb the highest mountain and leap across the widest trenches.
- “Otto?” You called to him. “Yes? (Y/N)?” he answered, cupping your chin and then holding on to your tie.
- “I’m...I’m transgender.” you told him, as your eyes started to swell and your throat closed.
- You saw as Otto took in your information and a faint smile escaped his lips. He let go of your tie to reach over to your hand and then kissed you tenderly. “And?” he said.
- Your heart swelled at his increasingly loving eyes. “I transitioned in 1985, I’ll have you know, [...] No one knows that”
- You started to wrap your head around this new information. Otto Octavius? The great and respected scientist? The man of physics and environmental research? God you never would have guessed that. You were absolutely amazed.
- A deep sense of relief spread around your whole body and you felt the weight of any worries and lack of understanding slip away. You admired his eyebrows and surprisingly red lips.
- “God, I’m so happy you walked into my research laboratory...” Otto said, hugging you tightly and securely, as you placed your head into his chest.
- “How was that in your time?” you inquired. Beginning to be curious about how it was he that he transitioned in that decade.
- “How about we discuss that over some spaghetti bolognese?” He said, cupping your face in his direction. He stood up, holding his hand out as to help you up.
- “We’re gonna have to!” you exclaimed as you jumped up thanks to him and hopped over to grab your coat.
                                             To be continued
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Tumblr media
Defrag Protocol - Cyborg!reader x Doc Ock
#sick-fic, #comfort, #established relationship etc.
mini CyDoc sick-fic cuz im epic and was sick this past week. You could also consider this a teaser for my actual cyborg!reader x Doc Ock fic. I promise you it’s coming 🥺
(also I was gonna wait till I had proper accompanying art to post this, but it kinda sucked so... ur just getting a crop of the sketch for now. Might try again later XD that and im just rly excited about how the fic turned out ok i wanna post it!!!)
-anyway, fic under the cut:
You slowly awaken to muffled daylight assaulting your senses. Otto is already up and awake, letting you get an extra hour or two’s rest. You realize, however, that upon trying to move; your arms feel like lead, followed by your head and legs. Moving them feels like wading through molasses and as you come to your senses you feel your head begin to pound as well.
You’ve never felt like this before, are you sick? You’ve never really had a true cold or flue before. The nanobots in your blood lend to a pretty overpowered immune system. At worst you’ve had a few sniffly days during the winter. But as you groan lightly, trying to make head or tail of your body, you can tell that something is seriously wrong.
You sense Otto’s eventual return and the expected gentle shoulder touch. The whirring of his actuator’s seeming louder than usual in your weaker, more sensitive state. You let out a meek groan in return to him gently shaking you. It’s much wearier than your usual wake up refusals and this elicits a quick response from one of the actuators. Larry, you think, just from the sound, quickly rushes to your side and gives you a once over. “Are you alright, dear?” Otto asks, now circling the bed. You can merely curl yourself tighter into a ball, tucking yourself under more sheets in pain. An actuator claw gently lifts some of said sheets off of your head tho, so Otto can see your face a little more clearly. He quietly kneels down next to you. “Are you sick?” he asks, brows furrowing with worry. You merely shrug in response, you’re not entirely sure yourself.  You almost forget to respond, having gotten a little lost staring into his big brown eyes, looking up at you with gentle concern. Concern for you, makes your chest feel warm inside, or is that just the fever? “I don’t know...” You start “I’ve never been sick before... ” Thankfully, while meek, your voice sounds mostly normal, and it’s just your internal systems failing on you. “Computer virus?” He suggests, you reply with another tired shrug. Otto tilts his head dotingly before standing up, gently removing the sheets from your curled form. “Come here.” The cold of the morning air is quickly replaced by the warmth of Otto’s arms as he swiftly picks you up, bridal style. You may be a little heavier than someone of your usual height and weight class, due to all the metallic add-ons floating about your body, But Octavius continues to pick you up with ease. It’s relieving knowing that the apparent weight of your limbs is, in fact, merely in your head. You’ve gotten used to being picked up and carried around by the doctor, often preferring this method of traveling from place to place over walking... or flying. But its more often in the form of piggybacks or being coiled up in an actuator arm, even now being carried close to his chest still gives you butterflies. You don’t dislike it tho, in fact you snuggle against him more as you tuck your heavy arms against your body for warmth. Your limbs feel like you can feel every metal cable muscle strand in there for once, you really hope you’re just temporarily sick, this is really not the ideal operational status for a rogue overpowered military cyborg. You’re barely able to keep your eyes open but you sense the two of you approaching the small computer station you set up in a corner of the apartment. Otto kicks out the chair a little before sitting down and setting you in his lap. One arm still wrapped around you keeping you in place, the other reaches for the keyboard and enters the login. As the computer logs in and the multiple monitors slowly flick to life you feel the back of Otto’s hand rest against your forehead. This is met with a small ‘Hm.’ before both hands now work around you, searching the desks for some cables. You blearily exist in and out of consciousness as Otto continues to work. You gently rest you head on his shoulder and chuckle as you receive a quick forehead kiss from the man currently wrapped around you. You sleepily nuzzle into him more as you feel a hand fall onto the back of your neck. You’ve run through a few diagnostic sessions with Otto before, so with practiced precision he removes the protective plate covering the access panel on your neck, followed by the plugging in of two cables to several ports near your cervical vertebrae. You feel the usual rush of energy flow into and then out of you as data is uploaded to the machine. You must have moved a little in reaction as you feel Otto run a hand up and down your back comfortingly. You return to snuggling up against his chest as you watch streams of data appear in the corner of your vision. You’re too tired to look at any of the screens right now and just let the Doc do what he need’s to do, he’s familiar enough with your code now to decipher it. You’re jostled around lightly as Otto goes about entering commands and running diagnostics, but for the most part you remain sleepy and cozy in the arms of the scientist. “Anything interesting?” You ask after a short while, your strength seeming to come back to you slightly. The diagnostic process must be correcting some of the minor errors, but you still struggle to lift your limbs. “Mmm, it’s hard to say for sure...” He starts, his voice still a little groggy from waking up as well, it rumbles through your chest gently. “Looks like they may be some new bad sectors-” “There are plenty of redundancies,” You interrupt, with a yawn “try running a defrag protocol." Otto nods “Bad files clogging up over time causing compounding errors...” He adds on to your statement. “Yeah, something like that,” You nod back in return. “hopefully...” You add, quietly. “We’ll find out, love.” To this you get another quick kiss from him before he quickly writes in a defragging program into the terminal. ... “Have you done this before?” He asks, suddenly hesitating before hitting enter and executing the code. “Nope.” You shrug, “It’ll be fine don’t worry,” You chuckle, "I’ve done worse.” You hear a sigh escape the man before the sound of the enter key being hit. Suddenly begins the familiar tingling sensation of new code being uplinked to the computer half of your brain, then it’s quickly replaced with a new sensation. Your thoughts and memories, all for a moment get juggled around inside your brain, dancing around in your minds eye. You close your eyes so you don’t feel your eyes dart across the room as if you were in REM sleep. But as quickly as it came it starts to dissipate and your mind begins to feel clear, very clear actually. It almost feels like someone’s taken a pressure washer to the inside of you brain. You sit up a little, Otto watching over you silently and carefully. Slowly but surely you feel the strength return to your limbs and you roll out your back and shoulder muscles. You’re definitely feeling much better but it also feels like you just ran several marathons, you’re still gonna have to take the day or two to recover. “Feeling alright?” Otto asks, having watched you stare at your finally functioning limbs for several long moments. You lean your head back in his arms, now actually able to look at him in the eyes and smile. “Yeah, much better.” You say, stretching out your limbs. You hear a gentle sigh of relief from Otto who smiles back at you. “So no computer virus?” “No, no computer virus.” You laugh. “Thankfully I don’t go around plugging myself into random internet-connected computers, so it shouldn’t be too much of a threat.” You continue, gesturing to the cables coming out of the back of your neck. “But it’s good to know, even military grade cyborgs need to practice basic computer hygiene” You laugh. “Military grade prototype cyborgs.” Otto jests, gently poking the back of your left shoulder, where your tattoo reading the numbers #01 sits, currently hidden under the oversized t-shirt you slept in. You roll your eyes and click your tongue in response. You continue to wriggle and stretch in the doctors arms as you work the knots and weight out of your cybernetically enhanced limbs. Otto takes this time to terminate the data connection and gently pulls the cables out of your neck. He is much more gentle than you used to be with those, you laugh to yourself. After you’re all put back together, Otto leans back. “Time for something to eat, you think?” He asks, lifting an eyebrow. “Oh, that sounds like a very good idea!” You reply back, enthusiastically. But nary a movement is made by you. Instead you snuggle up against his chest again, looking up at him expectantly. He shakes his head and lets out a breathy chuckle before lifting you up and carrying you bridal style again. Of course, not without pretending to drop you on the way out. “Whoops!” “Hey!”
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Tumblr media
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Doc Ock:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spider-man No Way Home without context
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*Otto shows up*
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Concept: Sitting on one of the lab tables while Otto is tinkering. One of the tentacles comes over to you and just sort of hovers there right in front of your face. Naturally, you reach out to hold the claw and place a gentle kiss on the claw which causes it to spin widely and excitedly. Now the other tentacles are approaching you and they all want kisses. Now you’re just giving the sentient metal claws kisses and Otto doesn’t have his helpers. He’s a little mad until he turns his head and sees you doting on his tentacles and he’s unable to stay mad. You’ve always been able to find beauty and love in everything.
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Doctor Octavius/Otto finding out about your size kink would include :
Tumblr media
(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Otto 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)
-Him definitely catching onto it rather quickly and already using it against you as he notices how stunned you are by his presence, looking right down at you and making you feel even smaller and shorter than you might already be
-Him finding pleasure in purposely making himself even taller than you as he uses his tentacles to elevate himself, teasing you even more as he stalks you before cornering you and trapping you
-Him having quite a habit of reminding you how much smaller you are compared to him, whether it be your pet name or as he’s teasing you, he sure enjoys taking complete advantage of your love for how much bigger he is
-Him gladly making you feel so much smaller whenever he easily picks you up or just holds you completely to himself, pointing out how clearly flustered you are and definitely teasing you about it constantly if it’s his size that has you tongue tied
-Him definitely taking advantage of how easily he can have complete control over you as you’d kiss each other, his hands and claws roaming you freely and reminding you how strong he really is
-Him leaving you no control as he’d easily put you in your place and restrain you with his claws, pressing himself against you to make you feel how big he is and going down on you at his own leisure knowing well you’re loving every second of your surrender
-Him making you feel even smaller with the way he’d explore your body with his hands and lips, and would just easily grope you or spank you, taunting you about being at his mercy
-Him taunting and cooing you about being smaller than him and whether or not you can handle him, especially as you’d touch him in return or would go down on him, praising you endlessly of course when you’d manage
-Him easily putting you in any position he feels like fucking you or feels like you deserve as he pleases, enjoying to make you feel so weak and needy at his mercy
-Him of course loving to make you feel protected for as he holds you and takes care of you afterwards, pampering you endlessly despite just having to tease you constantly about loving him for being so much bigger than you
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good fucking girl
† kinktober day 10 – praise kink + gagging
pairing: doc ock x apprentice!reader
warnings: 18+ only, praise kink, oral male receiving, gagging, brat tendencies, fingering, teasing, orgasm delay/denial, unprotected sex, age gap, size difference, the word sweetheart used as an endearment
word count: 1.4k
summary: working under nuclear physicist doctor otto octavius has you thinking about what it’d truly be like getting to work under him
note: if ur not already a doc ock thot then hop the fuck on !! it's a wild fuckin ride and there is also no way off
read me here or on ao3
Tumblr media
“Oh, sweet girl, look how good you take it,” the gravel in Doctor Octavius’s voice is much more prominent now, your lips gliding effortlessly down his shaft until your nose hits his stomach. “Good fucking girl.”
His hand finds its way into your hair as you kneel there before him, fisting a bunch of it at the scalp gently, desperately needing something to tie him down to reality as his hips met your mouth. Your eyes flit up to watch him come undone; he unravels above you at the unearthly feeling of your pretty lips wrapped around him like this.
You moan around him, the vibration sending you both spiraling. Your fingers haven’t stopped playing with your clit since you started sucking him off, his praises fueling the fire raging in the pit of your stomach. The size of this man, so thick and lengthy down your throat, was easy to imagine stuffed deep up your cunt, rutting into you over and over and over until you were seeing stars. You could feel your arousal seeping down your inner thighs. You hadn’t realized how touch starved you were until this man had put his hands on you, even in the most innocent way. The light graze of his hand on your lower back as he approached you from behind to take a look at your work’s progress, the nudge of his fingers against yours when handing a needed tool in the lab to him, the way the front of him would slide against the back of you when trying to work together in your shared lab space — all of it was gradually building up inside of you until you couldn’t even be in the same room as him without soaking through your panties. And to think he had no idea at the time that you had reciprocated feelings.
You slide back off his cock to take just his head inside your mouth, swirling your tongue around it before flattening it against his tip, licking a fat stripe while looking up at him through your lashes.
Otto sucks in a sharp breath, tightening his grip he has on your hair. A curse follows his shaky exhale. Maintaining his gaze, you take him completely down your throat again, essentially swallowing him, holding yourself there until you’re gagging around him. You can taste his precum on your tongue as you continue to repeat the motion, tears welling at your lids and saliva building at your lips and seeping down your chin. You watch as his eyes roll to the back in his head.
“Fuck, sweetheart, I — I’m gonna—”
Before he can finish, you pull off his cock with a wet pop, your eyes not leaving his reddened face. If looks could kill, the one he gave you in this moment would have dropped you instantly. A stupid grin takes full advantage of your lips.
“Mm, you have to be quiet, Doctor,” you hum softly, looking up at him from your position between his legs. “I can’t have all of Oscorp hearing this.”
Without hesitation, a metal tentacle irately wraps around your waist and slams you onto the lab table behind you. You find his eyes again, watching them flash with a new kind of lust, taking their time flitting down your body splayed and restrained at his hand before him. He slowly approaches you all the while, pausing when his eyes land on your sopping cunt. His tentacles reactively tighten at the sight, squeezing you hard in his grip. You can’t stifle the yelp in your throat, writhing in his clutch for a little leeway. You try to hide the grin toying at your lips.
Otto strokes the insides of your thighs as they rest open on the metal table. “Not so cocky now, are we?”
Your hips involuntarily buck toward him, desperate for his touch. You glanced down at his cock, so close to your entrance as he raked his palms up and down your thighs.
“My dear girl, you think you deserve my cock after what you just pulled?” he whispers, one hand drawing awfully close to your core, staring attentively down between your legs. “Ah, look at you, sweetheart…”
Gingerly, he starts rubbing big, slow circles on your clit. You gasp breathlessly, looking down to watch him play with you.
“Now tell me, darling…” Otto plunges two fingers inside you swiftly and in the same fluid motion pulls right back out, returning back to tracing circles on your clit. “What the fuck are we going to do with that mouth of yours?”
Panting, you buck your hips at the loss of his fingers, your body begging for them back. “Jesus fuck, Octavius — please!”
With a chuckle, his pace slows even more so. “I could do this all day,” his cock twitches against you and you groan, and he quickly picks up the pace. “Say my name.”
An unintelligible string of curses pour past your lips as your brain can’t keep up with his fingers. You become entranced in his pace, how quick and slick he’s toying with you, making you laugh internally at how easy it is for him to make your pussy drown in its own arousal. You moan out his name.
“Louder,” he urges, eyes not breaking from your face.
Replacing his fingers back inside you, he finger-fucks your cunt with quick, deep thrusts.
“Otto!” you scream, your eyes squeezing shut in pleasure.
With your feet up on the table, you use them as leverage to fuck yourself on his fingers. You can’t help how loud your noises have become with how desperate Otto has made you for his touch after all this time.
Several quick knocks on the door have you paralyzed in place as you shoot a look toward the entrance, hearing an alarmed voice yelling on the other side. You watch as an appendage flies to drill it shut, in addition to the back door, though nothing slows his pace.
With a smirk, he leans in closer to you. “Look who’s too loud now, darling.”
Below him, you throw your head back, gritting your teeth as he adds in his other hand to toy with your abused clit. It’s all too much for you now— you’re overwhelmed with pleasure.
“Fuck fuck fuck— I can’t— I can’t—"
“Can’t what, sweet girl?
After all this time leaving the lab with these thoughts in your head, these fantasies you believed to be only yours, going home to fuck yourself at the thought of him — you were here, his fingers deep in your pussy, wanting you just as much as you had wanted him.
Your moans go quiet as your eyes flutter shut, body ceasing movement. You were so close, so lost in the euphoria, a blurry haze took over your sight as you tried to look up at him. The only thing your mind could focus on was his hands on you. Touching you so good. Fucking you so good. Working you closer and closer to coming utterly undone.
Before you could stop it, right next to your high, all his contact was gone. Your head shoots up off the table, finding him and his cocksure grin peering down at you. Your face pulls into a tight-lipped grimace of wry amusement. “You cocky bastard.”
“What’s that? You want my cock?”
His hands quickly find your hips and in one quick motion plunges his cock as deep as he can into your cunt. Your scream surprises the both of you, your arms twisting free from his metal appendage and clutching onto his forearms as he fucks you relentlessly. Nothing could have prepared you despite how many times you had played it out in your head. He was so fucking thick, so big, filling you entirely… your body had gone numb as it rocked back and forth atop the table, the metal tentacle at your waist slamming you down onto his cock to meet his thrusts, as he overpowered you.
He stands so intimidatingly over you, captivated by the pretty sounds coming out of your mouth, fueled by the thought of his cock making you come unglued like this. His cock twitches inside you. “Come for me, my dear, you’ve done so well.”
With a guttural groan, you let go. Your walls squeeze him hard as he continues to fuck you through your orgasm, his hand on your clit slowing. You feel him release inside you moments after. Your head feels light, almost dizzy, as you lay there in awe. Your chest heaves with breathy moans, your eyelids heavy with euphoria.
“Mm,” his hands find the inside of your thighs again, stroking them in praise, his hips leisurely still meeting yours as you lay there breathlessly on the table. “Such a good girl.”
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oh-otto · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
A homemade meme for y’all
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imagine-a-dream · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Being in relationships with Otto Octavius/Doc Ock headcanons.
Tumblr media
📖 Otto Octavius
He is the softest man. Honestly, Otto is literally the human equivalent of a marshmallow.
He can be serious and even stern sometimes, especially at work. But one soft look from you and a smile aimed at him, and he's nothing more than a putty in your hands.
He will absolutely shower you with compliments, kisses, touches, and small and meaningful gifts.
He’s a generous man, be it in the field of affection or gifts. He will never hide from showing his love, both in public and in private.
But if you’re not comfortable with PDA, he’ll be understanding. He would hate to make you uncomfortable in any way, so he’s honestly content with just holding your hand. Anything is alright with him.
As much as he loves you and puts you first, he’s a man of science and his work is very important to him, so occasionally he can be late or even not come home for a few days.
But he will always make it up to you.
Lots of extremely romantic dates. He’s a scientist and proud of his mostly practical mind, but boy is he a huge sap!
And if you organize a date, especially if you buy him something and give him flowers, add a flirty comment or two, and he’s a mess.
He’s almost embarrassed about how hard he blushes from such a simple act, especially at his age, but your kiss can help with that.
Speaking of his age, if there’s an age gap between you, he might feel self-conscious sometimes. But he’s not one to dwell on misery and self destruction. If you say you don’t care about any of this and you love him just the way he is, he’s alright with it, too.
He trusts you.
And because of that, he’s not that jealous if he sees someone flirting with you or just paying you attention. He knows you can handle yourself and is sure of your love.
The only reason he would interfere in the scene is if the person made you uncomfortable.
He is protective a bit, but all in a good way.
If someone disrespects you in any way (even if it’s a member of your family), he will be sure to put the person in their place. calmly and without any hesitation, but with such dominance that it leaves no room (and no desire for that person) for arguments.
He is the best at comforting. He’d make hot chocolate or any beverage of your liking that makes you feel warm, put on your favorite TV show/movie/programm, pull over a weighted blanket, and cuddle you until you feel better. All while giving you kisses and rubbing your arms or back.
If you needed comfort in public, he would lock you in his embrace, practically shielding you from the world. He would make you laugh with light teasing, playful flirting, and funny anecdotes.
Otto would support anything you do, say, or even think. He genuinely enjoys listening to you and all of your ideas and thoughts about all kinds of matters.
And watching you create something… It’s just as marvelous as when you watch him do his things.
Even if you think your work didn’t turn out that well, he’ll honestly think this is a masterpiece.
(If you craft something, he will secretly steal one of your works to put it in his office, along with your photo. It never fails to brighten up his mood, especially so when he’s stuck with something or too tired).
He is a passionate man and loves his work very hard (but not more than you, of course). So he sometimes gets so caught up in it that he forgets to take care of himself.You have to remind him to eat and get enough sleep.
All in all, it's a very healthy relationship when both of you respect each other and love endlessly.
You would be a sickeningly sweet couple!
Tumblr media
🐙 Doc Ock
He is a bastard.
He'll flirt and sass his way into anything (and trouble as well), and that’s how he wormed his way into your heart. And into your panties…
This man has no rest whatsoever and won’t let you have it either.
He’s just as dedicated to the work as before, if not more so now.
But he will still always find time for you.
Which means breaking into your house in the middle of the night, giving you no rest before work/classes.
You've ended up late more times than you’re willing to admit, but Doc always tells you not to worry about it. If you struggle with money, he’ll get some. Anything so you'd be happy.
(You had to talk him out of it more times than you’d like, honestly.)
So. Much. Confidence. He’s the definition of this word.
He’s so confident he doesn’t get jealous. He doesn't think you would ever look at someone else when you have him (it’s more because of his ego than his trust in you).
But if some poor idiot chooses to flirt with you in his presence?
His protective side turns possessive, and things go south pretty quickly.
He won’t hesitate and definitely won’t regret punching and strangling this person. Just to teach them a lesson.
You’re his, in every way.
But even if he can be possessive and even slightly aggressive sometimes, he has a strict rule with his tentacles: you’re out of harm's way. You’re untouchable.
He would never forgive himself if he hurt you in any way. Feelings count as well.
He’s so in love with you and so grateful that you stuck with him, even when he’s a monster. He’ll literally kill anyone for you. And if you’re against it, he will settle for pampering you in any way he can.
His life as a criminal doesn’t let you two have public dates as you would before, but you can still have cute home dates.
And it almost always leads to some steamy activity ;)
He’s even less concerned with taking care of himself now, forgetting all about the rest, food, and even showering sometimes.
He would hate it if you babyed him, so you have to find a way for him to accept your care.
Once everything is settled, Otto will officially "introduce" you to his children. At first, you were hesitant to accept them into your life, but with time, you kind of started to like them. (Especially the way they spiced up your personal life.)
He absolutely will manhandle you from time to time, even "kidnapping" you from your work/classes only to drag you on a date.
You’d complain a little and roll your eyes, but his knowing and cocky smirk makes you melt every time without fail.
Spider-man would try to "save" you a couple of times, but when he learns that you’re not a victim of kidnapping, but very much a supervillain's significant other, he’s confused. But he just let you two be.
(Not without a promise from you that if anything happens, you will call for him. It offends Ock, and you have to get him away from the bug-man before he starts to throw fists again)
You know that he would never hurt you. They will never hurt you.
Since the accident, his temper has shortened and he can get angry pretty quickly. If he snaps at you for some reason, he will apologize for his outburst after he cools down and reasons with his children.
(And always make it up to you)
His back and head are in constant pain, as are his eyes. So since he can’t really go shopping, you’re the one who buys the medications (and makes him take them when the pain is unbearable).
He would probably learn how to sew at some point, just to create more clothes that would feel comfortable with his extra limbs.
The actuators are kind of your children now too. They let you pet them and even talk to you, mostly through Doc (but you found a way to understand their chirping and clicking).
They are really great helpers. You even learn their names and try to call them by them so they feel included in your life.
It’s not an ordinary family, and Doc is far from an ordinary man, but it’s the best one you could have asked for.
Tumblr media
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eupheme · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus) x F!Reader
Rated E - 2.7k words
Tags: fluff, a little angst, mentions of wounds, feelings, fingering, PiV, spitting, age difference, tentacle restraints, softDom!Doc Ock
Contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home
“There’s some things I can’t change. Will never be able to. But there’s some things I can fix.”
There’s the clicking of metallic limbs, the icy chill you’ve come to recognize coming to rest below your chin, tilting your head up.
“Starting here.” He murmurs, and he’s leaning forward, his lips pressing against yours.
You were worried about him. You were always worried about him, the anxiety gnawing in your guts ever since you found him collapsed near the harbor. Shaking from anger and grief, it had taken hours of gentle coaxing and kind words to get him down the pier, and into the small apartment you rented just a few buildings down from the old abandoned laboratory.
You had holed up with him for days, cleaning the wounds on his back where the needles pierced his skin, where the metal chaffed his spine raw. It was a little… unusual - you had to admit it, but there were worse and stranger things in this world.
Otto was kind, you could sense it deep down, but there was an anger that would rise to the surface at times. Never at you, but at a memory, a part of his past you might never unlock. An enemy that only he could see.
He’s been gone for hours, and you've begun to imagine the worst. Otto’s been more riled up lately - disappearing for hours, coming back with scrapes and bruises, a wild look in his eyes. The empty space of that abandoned laboratory he rented was slowly becoming by filled with machines, and you didn’t know him well enough yet to know what he could afford, but it seemed like a lot.
Then came the muttering to himself, the slow creep of “we” into his vocabulary. You noticed it, of course you had, the way that “I’ll be back soon” gradually became “we’ll be back soon.”
The way you heard him answer questions you could not hear. It never seemed to turn off, only grow as time passed. Even in intimate, secrets moments between the two of you - the ice-cold arms winding around your limbs, pulling them spread-eagle on the mattress, his thick bulk between your thighs.
“We’ll be so good to you.” He’d sigh, tugging your thighs wider, your hips tilting until he’s grinding against that spot - your mouth open in a silent scream as you clench around him, “Take care of our dear girl, won’t we?”
But in those moments you didn’t care who he was talking to - just as long as he didn’t stop.
It’s late, the rain pounding on the roof of the apartment, the churning water outside smashing against the rocks. You’re in bed, the blankets pulled up, your knees against your chest as you watch the lightning arc across the sky, followed by a shattering burst of thunder.
But it’s not thunder - it’s the door, slamming against its hinges as Otto fills the doorway.
“Sweetheart.” He rasps, fingers clawing against the doorframe as he stumbles inside, his coat heavy and slick with rain.
Your feet are hitting the floor in a flash, but he’s already crossing the room to meet you, before coming to halt as you stand before him.
“Are you okay?” You ask, your eyes roving over him - something is off, something feels different -
“Yes, darling. I’m fine.” He looks at you like it’s the first time, discarding his glasses on the side table, his hand reaching out to touch your face, your lips.
“What happened?” You ask, your voice hushed, your heartbeat loud in your ears.
“I think…” He begins, but then trails off. Then his dark eyes are finding yours, “I think I was given a second chance tonight.”
Their sharp gaze turns cloudy, seeing something beyond you, “There’s some things I can’t change. Will never be able to. But there’s some things I can fix.”
There’s the clicking of metallic limbs, the icy chill you’ve come to recognize coming to rest below your chin, tilting your head up.
“Starting here.” He murmurs, and he’s leaning forward, his lips pressing against yours.
You don’t understand but you’re melting against him, fingers reaching up to twine into the leather lapels of his jacket, tugging to keep him close.
His hands move to rest on your hips, fingers kneading soft flesh, walking you backwards until you’re tumbling onto the bed. Otto sheds his coat, taking all but a second to drape it over a chair, to kick off his boots before he’s following you.
He’s bigger than you, taller and wider, your bed creaking with his weight as he moves on top of you. You roll beneath him, letting his thighs slot with yours, the weight of him welcoming as he leans down to kiss you again.
Otto’s mouth moves, worshiping your lips, moving to your chin, teeth scraping your jaw and then an earlobe.
You move against his bulk, your hips shifting until the seam of your leggings are catching just right, until the sharp spark of pleasure is lighting in your guts as cling to him.
“It’s like I’m waking from a dream,” He murmurs against your neck, his thigh coming to press and grind against your core, your fingernails sinking into his sweater. “But I was afraid that by waking, you’d be gone.”
“I’m right here.” And you pull his hand to your chest, lying it flat against until he can feel the thrum of your heart beneath your skin.
“You’ve always watched out for me.” He pulls back, the needy, grinding rhythm stopping, “I haven’t always been good to you, but I’m a changed man.”
Your head tilts up, your palm curving around the back of his neck to draw his face down, until his lips are pressing against yours, until your tongue is licking at the seam of his lips.
“Show me.” You whisper against his mouth, and that’s all he needs.
There’s six hands undressing you, pulling the oversized turtleneck off your head, the delicate tip of a tentacle unclipping your bra, another tugging the straps down your arms.
He’s pushing up on his knees with one hand, the other hooking fingers into your waistband, working with another metal appendage to tug the tight material down your legs.
The spark ignites into a flame - the ease at which he uses his arms to undress you making you ache, his thigh already making the soft spot between your thighs slick.
Otto watches you, spread out beneath him, body laid bare except for the scrape of lace covering your pussy. The metal creaks again, one long arm twisting until the closed, blunt tip is pressing down against your panties, inching forward until it’s bumping against your clit.
You moan, your hips jerking against the metal, until two more slide from behind him, their jaws opening wide to wrap around your thighs, pinning you down beneath him.
The tip runs another pass over your clothed slit, pressing more insistently now, a circling jerk when it reaches your mound, only to drag back down.
“Just look at you,” He moans, using the moment to pull the turtleneck from his shoulders, exposing the expanse of his bare, broad chest. “What am I going to do with you, sweetheart?”
“Touch me.” You whimper, your thighs jerking feebly against his grasp.
The tentacle makes a tight circle over your clit, and he smiles, “I thought I was, darling.”
Your whimper turns into a soft whine, “With your hands, baby, please.”
Otto groans at that, his fourth tentacle sliding beneath the band of your panties, the jaws opening to rip the fabric from your hips.
It’s not the first or last pair he’s ruined like that, and you can feel the hot pulse as he shuffles forward, his fingers sliding along your bare thigh to rest outside your entrance.
“You want me here?” He gently presses against your lips, the tip of a finger starting to slip inside.
“Please, fuck- Otto,” You’re begging now, with your eyes, with your lips, anything to get just a little more.
His hand shifts, his middle finger sinking inside to the knuckle, your moan of relief mixing with his as it starts to pump. You’re wet, thighs stained with arousal already, and it’s not long before he works a second finger inside, scissoring you open.
It’s all muscle memory, the way his fingers push and stretch a curl, until he’s pressing against that spot, his other hand coming to cup a breast, his thumb brushing over a stiff nipple.
“You’re always ready for me, aren’t you?” He’s said this to you before - his voice a harsh groan then, fingers tighter, an edge to his sharp movements.
But he says it in wonder now, looking at how you open up for him, the slick shine of his fingers as he pumps them in and out of you. The way you’re still here, after everything.
He thought you might be gone by the time he made it back. Maybe you still deserved to go, but before you did... he’d do this right.
The mechanical arm moves back into place, finding a rounded edge to rub against your clit, and he watches the way your back arches for him, the way you chant his name over and over.
You’ve missed him, and it’s too much, your face tilting so you can see him, your brows pinched as you moan, and you see it - the way he’s gazing at you, utterly entranced, the tight coiling in your belly about to snap.
“Don’t stop, I’m - I’m,” you’re babbling, needy and at the mercy of his fingers, the impending relief so close you can taste it.
“Come, sweetheart.” He almost pleads, needing this like you do, “Please, let me feel you.”
His fingers keep the same, steady pace, the circles at your clit so perfectly precise that it only takes that gasp of his voice to send you over. Your thighs flex under the metal arms, your moan loud as your pussy pulses around his fingers, the pleasure arcing up your spine.
He stays with his fingers buried in you until it’s too much, until you’re pushing him away with a huff of a laugh, your smile coming easier now.
The tentacles unfurl, and with shaking elbows you push yourself up, your fingers hooking in the loops of his belt.
“Can I?” You ask, but you know his answer, can see how he’s aching for you, the fabric pulled tight and tenting.
“Yes,” he breathes out, and then things shift with the way you whip his belt through the loops, fingers working the button and zipper.
Otto watches, completely at your mercy as you peel his trousers down his broad thighs, another tug freeing him completely.
His cock hangs thick and heavy between his thighs, the tip beaded with precum, and his whole body seems to clench when you reach out to stroke him.
Your fingers can barely wrap around as your hand pumps, and the low moan he makes when you pause to spit in your hand, lubing up your fist makes you clench down around nothing.
When your head dips to taste him, to run a tongue over the heavy vein, the curve of the tip, he curses, a long, drawn out “fuck” that seems to rumble from his chest.
He stops you when you go to fully take him in you mouth, not wanting to end the night just yet.
“How do you want me?” Otto asks, and it’s almost impossible to answer - you want him every way, all the time. How are you to choose?
But you manage, letting your fingers reluctantly drop, before turning yourself around on your hands and knees. Your back arches, thighs spreading as you lean forward to rest on your forearms, glancing back over your shoulder at him.
An invitation to continue.
He fists his cock, his other hand smoothing over the curve of your ass, dipping down to where you drip for him. Fingers run over your folds, collecting your release to slick his cock, a low groan in his throat as he covers himself in you.
The metal arms curl around you once more, stomach and thighs, the chill welcome against your hot skin. You can feel him line himself up, the blunt head of his cock pressing against your folds.
“Are you ready?” He asks, and you try to shift your hips back, to take more of him.
But he doesn’t push into you, instead his tentacles pull you back, impaling you onto his cock with a long, smooth motion. The stretch is familiar and sweet, your mouth open in a high moan as he fills up, tugging you back until your hips are flush with his, the curve of his belly pressing the swell of your ass.
Otto holds you to him, your fingers fisting in the sheets, thighs trembling at the fullness - waiting until you’re used to his size before he starts to move. A shallow thrust, and then another, until sliding himself almost all the way out, only to snap back into the tight warmth of your cunt.
Sometimes it’s those arms that do the work - he’d lean back, let them wrap around your hips and waist, lifting and dropping you down on his cock again and again until you’re whimpering and leaning into overstimulation. Or using them to hold you still, to warm his cock while he works, until he decides you’re ready for more.
But that’s not tonight. Tonight, he does most of the work, his hips setting the pace, rolling against yours until he find that spot again, the one that makes your eyes roll shut and your face bury in the mattress.
The pleasure is building again, the sounds of your moans and the wet squelch of your pussy taking him again and again filling the room adding to the fuel, and fuck - you know he’s going to make you come, this time around his cock.
He’s murmuring again, so low you can’t hear it over your moans, but it’s not to the “we” anymore. It’s to you.
How he never fully appreciated you. How you deserve someone who would, someone kinder and younger than himself. How if he was lucky, if there was a chance you’d stay, just stay, he’d make it up to you, a thousand times over.
For how could this be redemption, if you were not in it?
The tentacles tighten around your stomach, around your legs, helping pulling you back to meet his thrusts - but it’s his hands you feel, smoothing down your back, spreading you to watch where he buries his cock into you, how he stretches you wide around his girth.
It’s his hands that wind their way between your thighs, pressing and sliding against slick, soft skin, finding your clit and circling just right.
It’s his hands that bring to racing to the edge and then toppling over, his name a loud cry on your lips as the taut string snaps - as you clench and gush around his cock.
“Fuck. That’s it, that’s my girl.” He grunts, feeling the way you flutter tight and hot around him, causing his hips to stutter, causing even the rhythm of his mechanic limbs to fail.
“Christ, you feel so good coming on my cock,” Otto’s voice is low, rough and wrecked. “I’ve missed this, missed you-“
The bright bursts of light behind your eyelids start to fade, your limbs being heavy with your release. He’s not far behind, fingers gripping the flesh of your hips, his other limbs unwinding until it’s just you and him and the slap of his hips against yours.
“Sweetheart, I’m close,” He groans, and you can feel it, the way his thrusts turn shallower, pressing himself deep until he bottoms out. “Fuck, I’m going to come. Take it, take all of me-“
It’s only another thrust later before you feel him empty himself in you, the hot pulse of his cock within your walls, painting them with ropes of his release. Your name is like a prayer on his lips, a cry that pitches up at the end, his chest bending to press flush with your back, his face burying against your neck, his arm wrapping around you.
Otto stays buried in you, his thick thighs pressing flush with yours, his cock pressed deep until he stops leaking, until you’ve taken all that he can give.
You whimper when he pulls himself from you, but the arms are at work again, his body moving in tandem until he’s sitting back, propped up against the pillows, and you’re in his lap, curling into his thick chest.
Otto’s wide hands cradle your jaw, one thumb brushing the soft curve of your lip as you smile contentedly up at him.
“The power of the sun, in my palm of my hand.” He marvels, his eyes soft.
“I think I may have had it all along.”
Notes: I had a crush in 2004, and boy howdy it's stuck around
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little-spicy · 4 months ago
| Experimental |
Otto Octavius x Reader
WARNING: NSFW; Sex Pollen; SMUT 🔥🔥
Summary: When Otto experiments with a brand new substance, it doesn't go well. Y/N sees the big bad doctor in a whole new light.
A/N this gif 🥵🥵
Tumblr media
IT WAS A NORMAL DAY IN THE STARK INDUSTRIES LAB, Y/N was looking at documents Fury wants her to look at as she sat down at her desk in the lab.
"Hey Doctor Octavius, here's the file the Fury had with the stuff you've been dealing with." Y/N said and turned to the man as him and his tentacles were studying the substance.
"Thank you Miss L/N." Otto said to her and Y/N gave him a smile and he gave a nod. "Norman and Curtis took the day off, so I'll be working late tonight."
"Of course, I probably will as well with all these files Fury wants me to look at." Y/N said with a sigh. "I'm gonna need coffee."
Y/N got up from her chair and went over to the coffee machine, glancing every so often at the physicist.
Ever since Peter had accidentally brought men from other dimensions they had all begun trying to get their lives a little bit normal.
Norman, Otto, Max, and Curtis all worked at Stark Labs with Y/N as they were all interested in the advance technology and investing in their own research.
Flint actually had begun a flower shop with Clint, after hitting it off with Clint and his family and becoming an uncle of sorts.
Of course Strange was trying to figure out how to get them all home but in the meantime, all of them had a good life after being fixed and helped by Peter and Peter and Peter.
Y/N was introduced to all of them when Peter had given them a tour of the lab. Y/N was one of the top alchemists in Stark Labs, being friends along side Bruce Banner.
Peter had been able to get Pepper to allow the men to work in the labs as long as Y/N was there. Y/N agreed as she could see the men's talents and they were all happy that she agreed.
Though Y/N got along with all of them, Otto was the one that normally kept to himself.
He would indulge in the occasional conversation or two, but when he was focused on work, he would only be focused on that.
Y/N understood though she felt sometimes that it was personal, every time she would invite him to lunch or grab coffee he would always decline. Even if the others would come, Otto always declines.
Norman, Curtis, and Max all assured Y/N that he didn't hate her, it was just Otto being a grump. Y/N tried to believe it but she still felt a doubt in the back of her mind.
"So Doctor Octavius, do you know exactly what this substance is?" Y/N asked.
"I have no idea, but by the looks of it, it's not toxic." Otto explained, looking at bright blue powder.
On the last mission with Peter and Sam, they had gone into a hydra base and when they had gone into one of the rooms, there were rows and rows of a bright blue powder substance.
Peter and Sam got a couple of samples before they had to escape from Hydra agents. Bucky had seen it before but never knew what it did and this Fury put Peter's friends to the case and Otto was stuck doing the beginning of the work.
"I wonder why Hydra had so many?" Y/N asked and as she came in closer to look.
As Y/N came closer, Otto didn't notice her standing so close and when he turned, he accidentally drop the vial and it spilled everywhere.
"Dammit!" Otto yelled and Otto and Y/N stepped back as the powder blew up. Y/N moved to the other side of the room but it was too late, they both inhaled the sweet and sickly scent. "You should of watched where your going!"
"I'm sorry, there wasn't a distance printed on your back!" Y/N yelled back, holding her shirt up, covering her nose. "Dammit now we have to quarantine."
"What?" Otto asked, looking at her in anger.
"We don't know what this stuff is! We can't just walk out and assume it isn't a plague." Y/N said and looked up. "F.R.I.D.A.Y set up quarantine and let Fury know that we are in lockdown in Lab A."
"Of course, Miss L/N." F.R.I.D.A.Y said and suddenly all the doors looked and the windows were then laced in an electric shield. As Otto watched as they were put in lockdown Otto looked back at Y/N and glared.
"Listen we will be fine, there's always a protocol for this, why do you think there's a bedroom and bathroom in this lab?" Y/N asked.
"Incase you overwork or you decided to spend the night?" Otto asked.
"Okay that or incase you are exposed to a dangerous chemical." Y/N explained. "You'd be surprised how many times Bruce has dropped something on himself."
"So what? We just sit here?" Otto asked and Y/N shrugged.
"We can figure out what this is, the sooner the better." Y/N said and as she tried to approach Otto stopped her.
"You've done enough, thank you." Otto snapped and Y/N looked at him a bit hurt and went over to her desk as she saw Fury pop up in a video call.
Y/N sighed, already having enough anger toward her for the day. She sadly answered the call and an annoyed Fury showed up.
"What happened?" Fury asked as Y/N looked at him with a deadpan.
"The chemical Doctor Octavius was inspecting broke, I told F.R.I.D.A.Y to quarantine cause we don't know what we are dealing with." Y/N said. "We'll be fine, once we figure out what this is."
"No need cause we sent it to a couple of other people and Carol found out what it was." Fury said and Otto turned his head toward Y/N's computer. "Carol said it's an aphrodisiac, she remembered encountering it a long ago and had tried stopping a couple of smugglers getting it on Earth."
"Well somebody smuggled it in." Y/N said and Fury nodded.
"Yes but it's not as dangerous, Carol said it was used in different cultures and couples that wanted to be- to be-" Fury was trying to explain but Y/N could tell he was holding back.
"To be what Fury?" Y/N asked and Fury sighed.
"That wanted to be sexually active, it causes them to go into a sexual drive that you can't stop unless you do it." He said and Y/N's eyes widened and looked over at Otto and they both realized what was going to happen.
"You mean that Otto and I-" Y/N was cut off by Fury.
"Are gonna be in bed like dogs? Yes." He said. "Now we don't know how long it's gonna take for it to kick in, but just stay in there and- and you know what just do whatever- goodbye."
Fury ended the call and Y/N and Otto both looked at each other.
"Great! This is definitely how I wanted my evening to go." Otto seethed, his face full of anger and let out an angry huff. "Stuck in here with you."
Y/N felt her heart crack, the sound of venom in his voice and she looked down, and away from him. Her fists clenched and she tried not to breakdown.
"Am I really that bad?" Y/N asked and Otto looked at her, his anger fell immediately. "Am I really that awful?"
He looked at her as she had glossy eyes, she fought off the tears, not wanting him to see her cry.
"Don't Doctor Octavius." She said, using his professional name and opened the door to the bedroom in the lab. She shut the door harshly and a tear fell from her cheek.
She locked the door, not wanting Otto to come into the bedroom. She wanted him to suffer, of course she felt bad but it wasn't like she planned on getting them both exposed to a sex pollen.
She decided if she was going to be in the lab, she might as well get out of her professional clothes and grab the spares.
When she opened the drawer she found a couple of Stark T-shirts and they were big thankfully, and there were a few pairs of sweatpants.
But as she began to take off her clothes, she begins to feel hotter as she takes her clothes off. Letting the cool air hit her body and her nipples hardening from the cool.
"Fury wasn't kidding when he said the effects would kick in." She said and decided to strip, leaving her in only her underwear.
She didn't feel too bad as she laid on the bed, letting herself feel the cold air. But as she continued to stay in bed she could feel herself grow more and more sexually aroused.
She didn't know why but she just couldn't help it as she began to touch herself.
She immediately took her panties off and began to play with herself, the slickness coaxed her fingers. Hearing herself moan as she dove her fingers into her pussy.
She began to pump in and out of herself, the sound of gushing and moans filled the room as she felt pleasure in maturbating.
"Fuck." She moaned as she continued until she felt the familiar feeling in her stomach, her walls clamped on her fingers and her juices coaxed her fingers.
But as her orgasm began to fade, the heat came right back and even stronger.
"Oh god." She cried out and she heard the door handle jiggle.
"Dammit, Y/N please let me in." Otto urged, and she could hear he was struggling as well.
No matter how much she wanted to be fucked, she was too prideful.
"No, fuck yourself, literally fuck yourself." She said angrily, and began to masturbate again. She dove her fingers right in again, and Otto could hear it through the door.
"Don't make me fucking break down the door, we both can tell masturbation doesn't work." Otto seethed. "Its either you let me in, or I'm gonna break down the door and make you beg."
When Y/N heard that, she couldn't help but feel turned on and she didn't know if it was because of the pollen or if it was her own thoughts.
Y/N moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm coming, and as Otto heard her loud moans, he did as he said he would and ripped the door open.
His tentacles tore the door hinges off and as Y/N came, Otto held a hungry look in eyes when he laid eyes on Y/N.
She was spread over the bed, fully naked and he could see the cum on her fingers and thighs. She was wet and ready, and his cock was rock hard and throbbing with need as he stared at her.
She couldn't help but feel more arousal when she saw Otto in all his glory. He was naked and his cock was hard, dripping with precum, just waiting to be put in her.
Her mouth watered when seeing his cock, it was average length but he had such girth. She was surprised that it was that big and he smirked as he watched her look at him.
"Now, now, no need to be shy." He said and walked over to her and got into the bed. He looked over on top of her and she quivered in arousal and a bit of fear. "Your fucking mine now, dear."
He went down and began to devour her breast, sucking and nipping. Making Y/N hiss in pleasure, making her wetter if possible.
"You don't know how long I've wanted this." He said as he began to kiss down her chest. "How I've always dreamed to taste this pussy."
Her eyes widened at his confession, but said nothing as her mind was racing as she watched this man.
He kissed down her stomach, and onto her thighs, smiling as his face went down to her pussy. He inhaled her sweet scent and immediately came close to her pussy and began to lick, he did so gently, so teasingly that it made her whine.
His tentacles suddenly came forward and grabbed her wrists and ankles and made her spread out. Completely helpless as this man began to eat her out.
He flicked her clit with his tongue and she moaned out, and he smirked as he saw the affect he had on her.
"You seem all nice and wet for me, you told me to fuck myself but seems I just needed a fuck toy to help me." He said, and got on his knees and began to tease her with his cock. "I just need to fuck my cum into you, so you can remember who fucked you good."
He covered his cock with her slick and she cried out as she felt so empty.
"Please, please- I need this." Y/N pleaded, fight the tentacles restraints and bucking her hips.
"I need to hear you beg, my dear." Otto said. "You need to learn that my cock is better than your fingers."
"Please Otto, god, I want you- I need you to fuck me." Y/N begged. "I'll be good, I'll your good- ahhh!"
As Y/an begged suddenly Otto went fully in and thrusted into her pussy. They both moaned loudly at the feeling of being full and tight.
"So good." Y/N slurred. "Better than my dreams."
Otto raised an eyebrow as he heard her confession as well and he bent down and kissed her.
Her eyes widened and she melted into the kiss, his tentacles let go of her wrists, and her hands immediately went around his neck.
She kissed him back with lust and passion, moaning as she bucked her hips up. Otto pulled away and groaned, letting out a deep chuckle.
"You are driving me mad." He said and kissed her again, pulling his hips back and slamming into her.
She screamed out in pleasure as she felt him do it again, and again, and again.
"Oh god yes." She said as he began to thrust into her nonstop, one of her hands went down to her clit and began to rub circles.
She gripped his cock tight, feeling herself coming closer to her high.
"Fuck I'm gonna cum Otto." She whined and he laced his hand around her throat and gentle squeezed.
"Your gonna wait for me, your gonna cum with me because your a good girl, and a good girl would grip my cock and let me fill her up." He said and Y/N nodded, he other hand gripping his arm that was around her throat.
"Please, I want to cum, cum with me Doctor." She said and Otto felt more turned on when she called him that, he began to speed up.
The sound of skin slapping and the bed creaking roared in the room, but neither of them cared. They only focused on each other, and Otto could feel her click on his thighs as he pounded into her.
"I'm gonna cum, dear." He grunted. "Cum with me."
Y/N didn't need to be asked twice and with a jolt, screamed and felt the wave of pleasure wash over her. She shook and used both hands to grab Otto's face and smash her lips onto him.
He kissed her back and felt his ropes of cum coat her walls, he felt his dick cum and thrusted a few times to get it deep inside her.
They pulled apart and both of them were panting, the feeling of the sex pollen was cooling down.
Otto's tentacles let go off her ankles and he immediately pulled out and laid beside her. He draped an arm over her.
"So better than your dreams, huh?" Otto asked with a smirk, Y/N blushed and slapped his arm.
"Same could go for you." Y/N said and now it was Otto's turn to blush and she laughed. "Is that why you were-"
"Ever since Rosie- I- I thought I wasn't good enough, I didn't think you wanted a guy like me- so I kept my distance and waited for these feelings to- to-" Otto was cut off by Y/N kissing him softly.
"It's alright, this probably isn't how we both wanted to start out, coffee would of been nice." She said with a laugh and Otto pulled her close to his chest.
"I think this is way better than coffee." Otto said and she snuggled into him.
As they cuddled, the could feel the pollen's warmth coming back again. They both groaned as their embrace made it better.
"Maybe your right." Y/N said and got up on Otto quickly and stared down at him. "Maybe this is better than coffee."
Otto chuckled darkly and grabbed her hips and sunk his cock into her.
"Darling, you have no idea." He said and she moaned out.
Both of them cried out and were happy that they had the whole night of nothing but pure and ravishing sex.
Y/N was mostly happy that she knocked over that vial, because without it, she surely would of missed out.
Hope you liked this! If you want to give me prompts or suggestions for another preference or one shot let me know! I do Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter! ✨✨
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nekovmancer · 4 months ago
Burning Desire
Summary: When Doctor Octavius finds out how silly your crush on him can get as he discover some scribbling on your paperwork, he can't help but be a tease. Warnings: dom!Otto x sub!reader, age gap, mentions spanking, oral sex (giving), semi-public sex, unprotected sex, creampie Pairing: Otto Octavius x f!reader Requested by Anonymous featuring prompt 26 "Focus only on me". MY REQUESTS ARE OPEN! Read the rules and make your request here
Also posted on AO3
Tumblr media
gif source: here
Your hands were on my hips, your name is on my lips Over over again, like my only prayer ━━ BURNING DESIRE (Lana Del Rey)
You couldn't exactly remember the point where your rigorously professional relationship with doctor Octavius crossed not one, but too many lines.
The late nights working in the lab together surely was a great help to bring the two of you together. And things were quick to get heated… shame is on you who had poor control over your own desperate desires.
But who could blame you at all?
In your defense, it was hard to not treasure doctor Octavius. He was a wise, respectful scientist with an admirable passion for his work, and such a courteous and experienced man… of course you had developed a goddamn crush on him. How could you not?
At first, you thought of it as a mere childish platonic passion, those where you got yourself thinking how his surname would look on you… Y/N Octavius. Damn. It was too great to ignore. You had even scribbled it a few times on the edges of your paperwork, violently erasing the words whenever Otto came dangerously closer. Of course, you’d blame a miscalculation if questions were asked, and he was gentle enough to reassure you. Little did he know…
Surprisingly, you realized he seemed to fancy you as well. Octavius was the one who always brought you morning coffee, let his hand brush in yours longer than expected when you handed him something, or even made sweet commentaries on how beautiful you were, leaving you flushed and stuttering to reply a simple thank you. And if you still have any doubts despite his clear preference for you among his other assistants, well… they were extirpated the very day you fucked him on his desk.
Having sex with your boss and mentor wasn’t precisely ethical of you, so the relationship you developed, if you could call the thing going on between you two like that, had to be kept a secret. You love the stolen kisses, the nasty touches under the table, especially if someone's around which implies you have to keep quiet no matter how good it feels. And also those lovely small gifts Octavius would leave on your table, signing the notes attached to them as a secret admirer. His handwriting was unmistakable, and he'd always come up to you afterwards, asking if you appreciated the present with a cocky smirk that left no doubts he already knew the answer.
And speaking of the devil…
Octavius had just required your presence in his private study, which could be he wanting to lecture you over some mistake or have sex. Or both, actually. You happily followed him along trotting like a puppy on their owner’s trail, standing patiently in the middle of the room while Doc closed the door behind you, waiting for him to offer you a seat. Such as the obedient pet you were.
He chuckles lightly when he passes by you, fingers brushing on your shoulder as a gentle caress, “I was reading your reports… excellent, I must say. But something caught my eye,” Octavius proceeds to move away, sitting behind his desk. The ghost of his touch was still lingering on your skin when he grabbed a handful of papers, examining them with a smirk. “Just remind me of something… since when has your last name become Octavius?”
“Oh… fuck,” you whisper, biting on your lower lip.
In fact, a million times fuck.
Your dumb-ass must have forgotten to erase some of your silly scribbling. And Octavius, the bastard… of course he wouldn’t miss it and be so damn amused. And of course you were blushing madly, your face boiling hot as the reddish blush covered them, running down to your neck til the tip of your ears. Not that you already aren't pretty obvious about your crush, but… this was way too childish, too embarrassing.
“Well…” you swallow, frozen where you're standing. A cornered prey staring right into the eyes of their predator. You needed to recover something of your dignity, if it still had something to recover by this point. But thankfully, you knew just how to handle this matter flawlessly. “In my defense, I… I… plead guilty, sir.”
Octavius’ eyes darken when you called him sir, but you didn't avoid his lustful stare. Instead, you let his piercing gaze reach for the deepest part of your soul, even if he already knew where you’re trying to get. Of course you knew this single, yet powerful, word would snap something inside of him. And hopefully it would be enough to erase your dumb scribbles out of his mind.
You managed to keep yourself still besides Octavius' hungry look, strong enough to leave shivers of expectation running down your spine. Despite having all your clothes on, you somehow felt naked… exposed. Like his gaze alone could tear your clothes apart. And it only left you more aroused for what was about to come. Which meant your plan was going all too well.
Batting your eyes with an innocence that surely didn’t match your thoughts, you wait for him to say something, no matter how much you’d love to state he was even hotter whenever his dominant side was brought up between four walls. Pity he probably wouldn’t spank you for daydreaming about him. No… he was way too fond of your passion, to not say cocky, to punish you for it.
“What a cute little one you are…” he exhales, eyes now wandering over your form from head to toe. “Come here, kitten” doctor Octavius taps his lap, finally inviting you to have a seat, and it’s your turn to smirk shamelessly as you pleasantly obey. “Now tell me… what were you thinking when you wrote these?” He points to the writings of Y/N Octavius all over the paper’s edges, making the blush on your cheeks persist and your smile fade. At least those weren’t followed by a couple of hearts.
Oh damn… as it seemed, he wasn’t giving up. Plan B was lying, but you surely were far from being a good liar, and Otto wouldn’t be happy to notice you’re trying to fool him, especially since he was being a fucking stubborn one as if he couldn’t already read you like a book.
Plan C was smarter and safer, so you followed along.
“I was thinking about you… about us,” you bit on your lip again, letting your fingers trace the lines of your handwriting smoothly. One of Octavius’ arms surrounds your hips, bringing your body close to his chest. He was warm… his scent had this strong accent that smelled like smoke and coffee. And, mostly, he was beginning to get hard. “I am sorry. I should have erased this before handing you my report. It’s… ridiculous. I am sorry, sir.”
“Is it?” with his chin resting on your shoulder, Octavius’ breath was dangerously close to your neck. It felt so pleasurable against your skin… you shiver, swallowing the whimper you’re about to vocalize. Your restraining didn’t seem to please the doctor as he noticed, so he moves the hand on your waist to cup your breast, giving it a gentle squeeze, and you can’t hold back your moan despite how much you’ve tried to suppress it. At least, it wasn’t loud enough to betray what you’re doing behind closed doors. “I don’t think so. Why don’t you just tell me all about these thoughts of yours about us? I can bet they are not as pure as the look you have on your pretty face.”
Octavius leans to kiss your blushed cheek, his wet mouth proceeding to peck the tip of your nose, and then moving down to your already parted lips, waiting for his tongue to come in. You close your eyes as his face gets closer and closer, feeling your heart pound against your ribs. Arousal, shame, desire... the whole trinity burning on your lower stomach.
Doc’s warmish breath tickles the sensitive skin of your mouth, though he didn’t move to actually kiss you as you expected him to. He avoids your awaiting lips, reaching lower to pick at the skin of your chin not so gently. Teeth gripping at it until it leaves a wet, red mark on your face.
"Doctor Octavius…” you sob, your sly tone of voice almost reaching a plea. “Why won’t you kiss me? Do you wish me to beg?”
“Oh dear, you’re such a good girl… but I am afraid I can’t proceed until you answer my question. Maybe I should repeat it for you?” Octavius brings his hand to stroke your cheek, sometimes lowering his caress to smooth the bruise on your chin, and you lean to his touch.
Pouting, you try to bring your thoughts together as you take a deep breath to recompose yourself… and in the silence which follows, you can hear your co-workers gossiping behind the door as they pass by, and you can’t help but let your focus deflect to their conversation. Kinda impossible to not do so, since you’re the subject.
“I bet Y/N is screwed again. It's the fifth time in a row she's called to Doctor Octavius’ office this week.”
Cocking a brow, your lips bend over to display a bold smile as you mewl your question, “Did you hear that? Are you going to screw me, Doc?”
“Darling… focus only on me,” the caress on your cheek gets rougher when his thumb and index fingers press each side of your face, holding it and keeping your eyes on him, and him only. “Are we going through that rebellious phase of yours again? If that’s the case, maybe I should put you in line before proceeding with this conversation.”
You shook your head, lowered your eyes to the papers and tapped your index finger on top of your writing. Alright! Focus. Plan C was still running, “I… I have a better idea. Why don’t you let me show you just what I was imagining while I scribbled this all over my paperwork, Doc? I am sure this is going to put my mouth into better use.”
Because saying exactly what you’re dreaming of out loud would point an end to your thing with Otto, you were sure it would. Your relationship was made to be kept between four walls, to be a stroke to the ego and a carnal pleasure. It was not meant for those lovely poetry shit and such declarations as... the way you thought about him while you wrote his last name as yours.
In your daydreams you’d picture him as your partner. Officially. But it would be too much to ask of Doctor Octavius. Your boss, your lover... the first man you had ever loved, keeping the truth of your feelings as secret as your relationship with him. For now, you’d have only what you could have. Greed is dangerous, so you choose to drown in lust instead.
He let go of his hold on your face, smirking. “Fair enough. Show me, then.”
Kneeling before Octavius, you push his chair enough to give you some space between his legs. The bulge in his pants was still there, making your mouth water with the glorious sight of his covered length. Your hands caress his inner thighs from the top to the bottom, slowly reaching for his pant’s buttons. Octavius groans, and his fingers find their way through your locks, intertwining them as one.
A delightful sigh escapes from your lips, which you wet with the tip of your tongue, “You know something I can’t get out of my mind?” you purred, your eyes meeting his as you finally unbuttoned the trousers, lowering them with his underpants. His free cock had precum already leaking from its red tip, and it’s Octavius’ turn to sigh, the grip on your hair getting harder. “Your moans. It feels so good when I earn them,” you chuckle, rolling your tongue around his glans, tasting the salty precum dripping on your mouth.
Octavius’ head fell back, and he squeezed his lips shut to avoid a whine, which echoes on his chest. “Oh, of course… it’s a shame we can’t be loud,” you head motions to the door. Behind it, the other assistants kept their work, concentrated in their calculations and shit, and too oblivious to care for how long you were staying in the boss’ private study. “But I do think about it a lot…how intense they get when you’re fucking my mouth. Damn… you’re making me wet already.”
“I knew there’s nothing good coming from this dirty head of yours,” he muttered under his breath, the fingers gripping on the strands of your hair now too close to your scalp. Hurts so good it burns, and it indubitably makes you horny.
“Oh… I am no good when it comes to you” and without another word, you take his full length down your throat, until his tip reaches its depths. It’s a bold move that almost makes you choke, but the way Octavius' breath sharpens and he groans weakly… it’s worth it.
He pulls the strands of your hair so hard that you can feel tears forming in your eyes, yet you take the pleasurable pain as a hint to don’t stop moving. You suck on Doc’s cock, wet mouth wrapped around his throbbing length as he bucks his hips to move further inside of you. His cock filled your mouth entirely, muffling your helpless cries with every thrust of Octavius’ hips. You let him settle the pace, digging your fingernails on his bare thighs to steady yourself.
Octavius’ free hand then moves to your chest, where he slides it under your blouse to find your breasts, no bra obstructing the way to your hard nipples. The doctor’s eyes widen, and he pinches your nipples between his thumb and his index finger. “You little minx,” his accusatory tone nearly makes you laugh, but you just sucked him harder, twirling your tongue around his cock until his chair was creaking with restless movements and he was mumbling sweet nothing, his grasps on your hair and skin loosening and then unexpectedly tightening again.
“Oh darling, you have no idea of how much I’d love to fuck you for this entire lab to hear” Doctor Octavius grunts, pulling your hair backwards until his cock slips out of your mouth. You grumble at the absence of his manhood, but have no more complaints when his lips capture yours in such a heated, passionate kiss which makes your knees weaken. “But I’ll fuck you nonetheless. Let me just… make sure you’ll keep quiet.”
His big hand now comes up to cover your mouth. Almost half of your face to be honest, considering the man is huge. By any means, the pressure is enough to suppress any sound you could vocalize, as you figured out when you try calling out his name while Octavius helped you to get on your feet. “Hm? What is it, darling? I can’t understand you like that, you know?” he giggles, moving the hand obstructing your mouth away when he tenderly lays you on your back on top of his table, moving away the sweaty strands of hair stuck on your face. “Say it, pet.”
“Since you’re going to keep me quiet… cum inside of me, would you? Please.”
He clicks his tongue, an amused grin in display “It would be my pleasure,” Octavius gives you a gentle peck before covering your mouth again. “Now open your legs for me, pet.” Obeying his command, you spread your legs, supporting your upper body on your elbows so your face is still close enough to his when leans to you, your breath tickling the palm of the Doc’s hand which was still pressed firmly against your face. Octavius’ eyes are dark with lust, the blow pupils obscuring the sweet chocolate iris. “Good girl.”
With a single hand, he manages to get rid of your clothes, slowly but surely leaving you naked from head to toe. Octavius had kissed and teased your body with each removed garment, leaving dark hickeys covering yourself from between your breasts to down your pelvis. Your hard nipples were still wet from his saliva, the burning pain of the loving bites traveling along his kisses until they’ve reached your lower stomach. There weren’t butterflies there, but flames. They make your body hot in a fever-pitch, dampening your aching chore with the languishing fluids of your desire.
Octavius’ firm hand was still covering your mouth, not moving a single inch since he placed it there. Your hot, thick breath was making its palm sweaty, and the drops of salty sweat were dripping in your parted mouth, from where restless moans came from. Though, the best was to come.
He finally reaches that sweet spot of yours, aching for him to touch it. Octavius’ aquiline nose brushes against your clit before his lips gives it a luscious kiss, which leaves your inner thighs trembling. You buck your hips, a silent plea for him to give you more. Doc chuckles, withdrawing his face from your needy pussy. Your desperate cry is muffled. “Be patient, kitten. I’ve waited too… look what you’ve done to me.”
Clenching his free hand around his cock, Octavius inhales sharply before pressing it against your wet cunt. He slides his cock between your folds, moving it smoothly thanks to your fluids. Its head touches your clit over and over, electric waves running through your veins from each sloppy thrust. Your nails scratch the wooden surface of the table, your watering Bambi eyes staring right into Octavius’. It takes this mere glance for him to know you want him inside.
“My pet is so eager to take me,” he mutters, guiding himself inside of you. Your tense muscles relaxed briefly when his cock got warmed in the embrace of your walls, fulfilling your burning desire. Octavius’ hand around your mouth tightens to hush you, but your relieved moan is still quite soundly. “Oh, fuck. Fuck. You have the sweetest of the cunts. Has anyone told you that?”
His thrusts are painfully slow, but the motion is meant to be kept once the sound of your skins colliding was a bit too indiscreet. You grind your teeth, considering the idea of being fucked to the whole lab to hear dangerously tempting. Whining, you roll your hips to get Octavius’ attention, who gasps with the unexpected friction. “I know, dear… I know,” he sighs, lowering himself to kiss your temple. “Guess I’ve never taken my time to savor you, did I? Sneaking around made us too brief and rough. Shame on me.”
Doc unclasps the grip on your mouth, and you instantaneously gasp for air. Before you can say anything, though, his lips are crushed against yours. Octavius is demanding, his tongue hovers above yours and sets the dominance, twirling inside your mouth and swallowing your moans.You bring your legs to surround his waist, embracing it and bringing him closer to you. His thrusts now are deeper with each move from his hips, settling the pace which he follows with his tongue.
The slow pace goes from excruciating to voluptuous, reaching a sweet spot inside of you. Your moans echo through your chest, reverberating on Octavius' throat. Not only your legs, but now your arms embrace the Doctor’s frame, holding tightly on him as if your life depended on it. He parts the kiss to catch his breath, resting his forehead on top of yours. “Hush, kitten. You are doing so well… I’ll fill you with my cum in no time. ”
You shiver, the expectation bubbling in your stomach sending waves of blazing pleasure all over your body. The flames once licking your lower stomach were now crackling all over your body, announcing how closer you were to your high. You let your head fall back, landing smoothly on the table under you.
Octavius takes it as an advantage to maintain his control over you, keeping you pinned to the table by catching your throat between his fingers. You swallow thick, feeling a knot in your stomach slowly loosen… the overwhelming bliss pokes the deepest part of you, a slight warning it was about to erupt.
“Doctor Octavius…” your voice feels distant when you call for him, finding it hard to keep your eyes open. “I… I think I…”
“Shhh. It’s Otto, darling. I wanna hear you calling me Otto when you cum on my cock.”
You barely have the strength to nod as Doc places his thumb on your clit, rubbing it delicately in circular motions. The calloused skin brushing on your most sensitive nerves is enough to send a last shiver down your spine, which causes a heavy trembling from your head to toe. You hug Otto tightly when your orgasm collapses over you body, whispering his name over and over right in his ear. At first, it’s desperate. Then feverly passionate. It’s a prayer, a plea… your end and your beginning. Your everything.
Numb with pleasure, your mind goes blank as your walls clenched tightly around him. When you went down from your high, a panting and sweaty mess, Otto is digging his fingers on your buttcheeks as he finds the way to his own release. It’s another shot of ecstasy hitting you with no mercy. You squeeze your mouth shut as, satisfying his later promise, he fills you with his cum.
Still buried inside of you, Doctor Octavius kisses all the way to your shoulders through your collarbone. His soothing lips smooch all the dark bruises marked on your skin before they capture your mouth, kissing you with no rush. His fingertips gently caress your scalp, then your back, moving to your chest to cup your breasts. You can feel him smiling through the kiss, really taking his time to savor you...
You’re the one to part, running your thumb over his lower lip slowly to smooth the small bite you just gave it. You raise your eyes to meet his, feeling your heartbeat faster with how tenderly he was looking down at you...
“I love you.”
You blink. Repeatedly. Did you just hear him say…?
“Wait… what?!”
“I love you,” he repeated, smiling from ear to ear. “Dearly. I want to make you mine not only between those walls... I want you to be Y/N Octavius, you silly pretty thing. I love you. Just as much as you love me. And I knew it. All this time… I just wanted to hear you say it. I needed to be sure. Pardon me for…"
“I love you too,” you cut him off, breathlessly. If this was some sort of dream, you wish you’d never wake up.
Tumblr media
A/N: my second smut, yay! So, I had this first idea... which I had completely changed so maybe this piece only makes sense in my head? *faints* Feedback is always welcome and PLEASE give feedback I love to talk plus I am the most insecure petite thing you'll ever meet so- feedback. 🐱
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boop-le-snoot · 5 months ago
I want to kill you like they do in the movies | part 1
Tumblr media
I want to fuck you like a foreign film, no subtitles to get your through this; I'm a country you never, ever, ever want to visit again.
You're a former student of Dr. Otto Octavius. As he descends into partial insanity, your unassuming, quiet form lingers in the dregs of his mind just like your shadow used to linger in the back of the class. As they say, still waters run deep...
for the inspiration, I want to thank @burrowingdweller and their art! mwah 💋 I strongly insist you play this playlist in the background as you're reading the fic(s)!
Otto's shit eating grin, the mecha tentacles, his cigar, blackout glasses & more leather and metal than in a German porno. Ock's mouthy, thick in all the right places and his penchant for frivolously peeling all the layers off you knows no bounds! Soft!Dark!Otto my beloved.
4,1k words. This part is suggestive, so 16+. Second part will come out sometime during Christmas - it got out of hand and grew too long. This is just pure suspense. Part 2 now out!
Tumblr media
You were woken up by the unfamiliar sensation of a cool breeze on your leg. Not the one to risk keeping a window open at night while living in the not-so-good neighborhood of your city, the sudden change of temperature jolted you out of slumber. As you hastily peeled your eyes open, fitfully blinking away the sleep, the fine hair on your nape stood up.
There was someone in your bedroom.
Your muscles clenched and released, hot lead spreading through your limbs at an alarming pace. The breath you were holding in shuddered, getting stuck midway between your mouth and your lungs.
"Hello, darling," the intruder spoke, not even giving you a moment's chance to gather enough oxygen to scream.
His voice was strikingly familiar; your noise of distress died down in your throat before it even started and you turned your head in the direction of the man, squinting, puzzled and bewildered at the sight of your former professor's unmistakable, towering form.
"Doctor Octavius?" You felt stupid asking of the obvious, but for some reason, your brain could not come up with a better way to attempt to gain insight on the matter of your former nuclear physics teacher breaking into your bedroom in the middle of the night.
A metal appendage glowed orange and red in the dark as it neared you, hovering a couple feet away from your face.
Right. The whole Doctor Octopus situation.
"I have found myself thinking about you recently," the man stated calmly, almost jovially, as if he didn't just commit a crime for the sake of a late night chit-chat. "And I can't seem to get you off my mind," he continued. "It seems like I will need you to accompany me for the time being."
In no way it is phrased as an invitation or even a request; despite the pleasant tone, Otto's words leave no room for consideration. He sat on the large chair in the darkest corner of your room, the clothes you'd dumped on it the previous day neatly moved to the table beside it, gloved fingers tapping on the wooden surface next to a framed photo of your family.
You swallowed, drawing the blankets closer toward your chest in a gesture entirely subconscious. He noticed this, of course, and the corners of his mouth fell, but other than that, he offered no acknowledgment of your obvious discomfort. The content, slightly teasing expression you came to know during your college days was replaced by one of absent amusement.
"What... What for?" Despite the fear gnawing at the edges of your mind, you somehow quickly had come to a realization that he would not hurt you, unless absolutely necessary, of course. He wasn't the warm, welcoming goofball you remembered him as, but neither was he demanding and deranged; silently, you decided it would be in your best interests to placate him for the time being. "I'm nothing special," you offered him a tidbit of honesty in return for his innocuousness.
The mechanical appendage closest to you is joined by another just one like it; slowly, they glided closer and closer, as if trying not to spook you. The smell of iron and motor oil filled the air around you.
Otto smirked. "Oh, but you are," you couldn't see his eyes behind the oval blackout glasses but you felt the force of his stare weighing down on your face. "But you wouldn't know that, would you, darling?" The corners of his mouth tilted upward again. "The mirror is a worthless invention. The only way to truly see yourself is in the reflection of someone else's eyes." (*)
The repeated use of the pet name sparked a feeling you'd long forgotten, left behind in the back rows of his classes. You'd rationalized yourself out of the harmless little crush the day you found out he was married; no amount of personal gratification was enough to outweigh the label of being a homewrecker. He was a handsome older man, a cliché in every textbook, and you preferred to stay far away from both of these complicated situations.
Looking straight at the disgraced scientist, you felt a sense of pity creep in, diluting the fear that previously occupied your mind. Still, you could not find any words to express the cacophony of feelings that turned words into useless poutpourri.
Under his piercing stare, you allowed yourself to be talked through packing a bag and leaving a note for the landlord and your loved ones. Otto had retained at least some of his patience and love for teaching: he was nothing but sweet and courteous in helping you stage an escape from your life as you knew it. Dr. Octavius had always come off as a deeply intelligent, well-spoken man; shedding the burden of morality made his intellect stand out more than ever.
Sometimes, letting go wasn't the hardest part; neither was the foreboding future with promises held unclear. It was the moment as it remained, striking and heavy, that blurred the finest, thickest lines of reason into a rapid current descending into mayhem and disorder.
You had serious doubts anybody would go looking for you any time soon.
After a short, fast run, being held close to his chest and rushed through the night-time city, you found yourself in a spaceous loft. Engineering tools and various machines in different stages of development littered several massive wooden desks, but aside from that, Otto's place was impeccably tidy. The décor was tasteful, most of the furniture solid and antique.
Standing in the middle of the room, still wearing your silly pajamas and clutching your duffle bag, you felt stark naked and fully on display. The loft was cold, courtesy of the fully open window you'd been carried inside through, and you couldn't help but shiver.
"That way," one of the mechanic appendages pointed towards a door. Otto's voice and demeanor had grown noticeably more relaxed once he saw you were not freaking out.
The room was nice, if a little dusty. The absurdity of the situation set in when you sat down on the bed, at a total loss, and a soft knock sounded out just a second before a servo opened the wooden door and Otto himself walked in with a tray laden with soft biscuits and a steaming mug of herbal liquid.
"Something to help you go back to sleep," he explained, seeing your confusion. His eyebrows knitted together. "We will talk in the morning."
"Is it drugged?" You asked bluntly, sensing a nearing bout of tears and hysteria leaving you teethering on the razor's edge as your brain finally, finally made an attempt at processing the situation.
The change in him was as quick as it was terrifying. "I would do no such thing!" He barked, forcing you to recall just how loud and deep his voice could be. "That is absolutely laughable. You should know better."
You couldn't help it, your bottom lip trembled and tears threatened to spill from the corners of your eyes. You're no wilting flower, far from it, actually, but something about Dr. Octavius' sudden anger and subsequent disappointment made your throat tighten and your eyes water.
His lips moved but no sound actually came out, he must have been talking to himself, so you patiently waited for him to make up his mind, solve his internal conflict and leave. One of his servos floated near your face yet again and you almost managed to suppress the flinch; granted, it shrunk back upon sensing your apprehension.
Sooner rather than later, he came to his own conclusions, but not without fueling your bewilderment even more. His smile, a little bit shameless around the edges, returned when he reached out to draw back the comforter and usher you under it.
Stupefied, you followed the silent instructions.
"This place could use some warmth. A fireplace, maybe?" He rambled, tucking the corners of the softest blanket you've felt in your entire life around you. "Nonsense. It's an unnecessary fire hazard. I'm a physicist, I can figure out a heat source both safe and aesthetically pleasing," the smile never left his lips but the vacant expression under it rushed back.
He cycled through his faces so rapidly, so forcefully. Like a madman.
"Good night, darling," his hand slid over your hair once, before you could even attempt to pull away, and Otto's whistling accompanied his quiet footsteps on his way out.
Your eyes were glued to the wall. They stayed there throughout most of the night, senselessly tracing the patterns on the wallpaper: each and every swirl of the delicately painted flowers was carefully examined and documented as your fingertips kneaded into the thick covers, leaving fold lines on the previously pristine fabric.
Save for the massive bed and a sturdy desk and chair, the room was empty. The plant that stood in the furthest corner looked days away from dying. It's leaves were mostly yellow and the soil looked barren and dusty.
Memories of Dr. Octavius' personal lab flooded your brain. It was neat and the multitude of plants in it were always watered; your mind drifted back to his wife. She must've been the one to take care of the plants. The Daily Bugle had reported her being dead as a result of an explosion in Otto's lab: you didn't need to be a genius to form a logical chain of events.
It explained a lot, if not all of Otto's odd behaviour, now that you had the time to think about it.
Otto, as your professor, had never expressed any untoward interest towards you. He oftentimes asked you and other capable students for small favours like helping with some calculations or giving a fresh eye to the barely comprehensible equations, keeping the relationship strictly professional. It wasn't anything special: at the time, you were elbow-deep into the subject and eager to learn.
Otto's favourite student, one Peter Parker, most certainly had tons of knowledge and experience on you.
And yet, you'd been the one who stayed on the doctor's mind. The speculation remained at the forefront of your attention, keeping your consciousness on high alert even as, come morning, you slipped into a restless, uneasy sleep.
Little by little, over the course of several days, the alarm and unease receded. You were kept appropriately occupied at most times, scribbling notes and inputting data into several computers that calculated results far beyond your understanding.
You made coffee and food, coaxed into it after seeing Doc's terrible habits of skipping meals and sustaining himself on ramen noodles. It wasn't anything unexpected: even before... Before the terrible things that happened to him, Otto often displayed classic mad scientist behaviours. Most of the faculty members did, including yourself.
This Otto, this towering, sneering, mechanised, menace of a man hardly resembled the Otto Octavius you knew. And yet, you couldn't help the shy smile that inched onto your face as he thanked you for your efforts. For some fleeting moments, no more than second or three at a time, the cold flames in his eyes changed to genuine warmth and appreciation, and even as the large, monstrous actuators crawled from behind his back, the fear that you were supposed to feel faded into delicate curiosity.
"Doesn't that hurt?" You'd spent the last two hours bent over paperwork, numbers and letters a fading background for the attempts to gather your courage to inquire about his extra appendages.
"What, exactly?" Eloquent as always, Dr. Octavius turned toward you, thick eyebrows raised in expectation.
"The actuators," you awkwardly cleared your throat. "They look heavy."
"They're titanium, practically indestructible," his chest swelled with rightful pride. "It's not exactly monkey metal. But I've adapted," Otto's hand waved about, as if he was attempting to dismiss you.
One of the tentacles turned it's red-eyed head to stare at you while the rest of them kept up the pretense of being occupied. Coffee was spilled and schematics were ruined, invoking an irritated growl out of the scientist as he hurried to save what he could.
The lack of a clear answer made your eyes linger on the harness connecting the arms themselves to his back. It appeared to be fused with Otto's flesh; a thick metal and leather belt encircled his mid-section, and while you were sure it did wonders for his posture, there had to be no way it was comfortable to wear 24/7.
The more you looked, the more obvious his discomfort became. Otto's broad palm traveled up his shoulders to rub at his neck, thumb digging into the flesh as he let out a barely-audible sigh of relief. The skin where his palm had previously rested was reddened, white half-moon indentations left by his fingernails stood out.
Dr. Octavius cleared his throat, and the next thing you were able to focus on was his condescending smirk.
Feeling your face flood with heat, your defiance reared it's ugly head: having been shamefully caught ogling your captor, there was no turning point back.
Otto's hand came up to rest just under his jaw. "Ask," it was an order.
You had no idea what to ask. Any possible questions you might have, you were far too anxious to voice: setting off his short fuse was a prospect most terrifying. The actuators tended to react violently to his mood swings and you had no doubt: one day, instead of a coffee cup or a piece of machinery, it would be your limp body flying towards the wall.
"I can rub your shoulders?" You blurted out, inwardly cringing as soon as the words left your lips.
Briefly, you thought you saw a flash of suprise on Otto's face; his fingers twitched and lips began to stretch into that teasing, cruel grin you had come to associate with Dr. Octopus, Otto's cruel side.
"Why, darling, I didn't know you cared," his hands dropped, neatly folded over his lap. "Come over here."
Standing on shaky legs, you complied, looking at the floor under your feet as you neared the doctor's back. The actuators retracted, but not by much. The bottom ones remained uncomfortably close to your body, their visors trained on the top part of the spine harness.
"I won't hurt you," his words came out soft, almost gentle.
Otto briefly raised his hand to take hold of your smaller one, callouses and scars dragging over your gentle skin as he placed you palm right over a hard, rounded spot just at the crook of his neck.
Dr. Octavius was hot to touch, almost scalding, small hairs tickling the pads of your fingers. Being this close to him was a novelty: under the smells of leather and metal emerged a hint of tobacco and expensive liquor. Truly, the scent worthy of a world-class criminal.
Silently, you dug your fingertips into the hard spot, sight still preoccupied by the patterns of the hardwood floor. You senses were dialed to eleven; you felt, not saw, the actuators twitch and sway as Otto's shoulders slowly dropped and content little sighs departed from his moist lips. The wound trapezius relaxed bit by bit under your patient ministrations.
"Shit," you heard his groan of approval and your face flared even more - something you just had thought impossible.
Your hand froze and you hastily tried to peel it off Otto's back, nearly succeeding, but only managing to jump when his own hand closed right over it, securing it where it was.
"Doc?" You asked, following a pregnant silence that was far too loud.
Otto squeezed your hand; securely, tenderly, with a sigh that made the entirety of his body sag and fold in on itself like a crumpled paper bag. "Thank you," his eyes met yours over the rim of his glasses. "You've always been a good girl. Glad to see that hasn't changed," if not for the crooked tilt of his lips, you would have considered the gesture to be sweet.
The words echoed in your head as heat crawled down your neck and into your blouse.
It wasn't as if Otto was oblivious to the effects his words had on you, but he was courteous enough to settle for a smug smirk and a flick of his wrist, effectively sending you back to your own desk. You were hot all over, eyelashes fluttering as your eyes struggled to focus on the paper in front of you.
"I have some business to attend to tonight," he began, conversationally, as the clock neared your bedtime. The time he usually insisted you go to bed. "Would you like me to bring you something?"
The question put your tried brain in a stupor as absolutely unhinged images of Doctor Octopus in a McDonald's drive through window flooded your thoughts. "Um, a cheeseburger?"
Doc halted in his steps, all four tentacles tilting to the side as if examining you for your own version of insanity. You smiled, sheepishly, wanting to play it off as a bad joke, but the man briskly came over to stand right in front of you, commandeering your attention with a single tap of his foot.
Finding the slow upturn of your head unsatisfactory, Doc's single gloved hand lifted your chin up to meet his pitch-black eyes. "I could give you any trinket this god-forsaken city has, and you ask for something so... Trivial?" He sounded puzzled.
You swallowed audibly. "In my defense, I've never worked for a big-time criminal before."
Doc barked out a terse laugh. "Feisty little thing. Always so clever with your words," his gloved thumb carefully stroked your chin, gliding along your jaw, tracing the shell of your ear. "Don't worry, you'll have your junk food," as if he'd only noticed the path his hand had traced upon your face, it was quickly withdrawn and stuffed in the pocket of his trousers.
Several hours past your bedtime, the loft stood eerily quiet and still. The dust in your room had settled, somewhat, but specks of it glistened in the pale moonlight from time to time; you made out shapes of willowy smoke and ghostly creatures in it, wove a web with the power of your imagination.
Otto wasn't overly fond of seeing a strip of light coming from under your door when you were supposed to be asleep. For someone who had himself permanently fused to a machine, Doc was a little too insistent on cultivating healthy habits in his assistant. Regular breaks, meals, eight hours of sleep...
You felt his eyes on your curled up body when you sat on the spacious windowsill, next to an open window that overlooked rhe scurrying city. It was the most peaceful, being left to your own devices, lulled into tranquility by swarming cars, chattering people below and soft flow of wind.
It was cool and airy in the room; your eyes slid shut, your heartbeat slowed down. The soft breeze you can almost taste in your mouth is but a figment of your imagination; that doesn't stop your lips from parting, trying to fit as much of the perceived freedom in your lungs to conserve it, preserved for the moments you feel like drowning under Otto's heavy stare.
You're not afraid of him. Unstable and passionate, but never explicitly violent toward you. Teasing, impudent but never mocking.
The thought of him weighs you down like a boulder tied into the center of your soul; your very bones are afraid he'd drag you down with him. With the colorful entirety of NYC at the tips of his actuators, there's no trench quite deep enough for Otto.
Something clattered right behind your door.
Peaceful thoughts scattered like hares under a headlight and your heart thumped in your chest, uselessly beating against your ribs. Your ears eagerly listened for anything that pinpointed the source of the disturbance - Otto's muttering, the scrape of his metal arms against wood.
The floor is cold under your feet, soft rug doing nothing to protect you from the chill held in the very depths of the wooden boards under it. It creaks softly: the door was not the the one to betray you, as you thought it'd be, quietly opening it just enough to see inside the dimly lit main room.
A glowing red light flashed in your direction, the source of it obscured by the shadows holding the vast space hostage. The room seems stuffy and cold with the lights out.
The squeak you released registers at the same time as another actuator reached for the light switch.
Otto's back was turned towards you; endless stream of black leather absorbed some of the light, a glossy sheen to his trench coat, so supple, it looked oiled. It was a viscous drop of tar in the yellow splash of light of the overhang lamp.
"Didn't peg you for a scaredy cat," his voice was quiet, which did not stop him from commandeering your attention in the slightest.
The raspy undertone to it, the wide stance, you knew he was as far from being Otto as he could be. No, this was Doc Ock himself, in flesh and metal, bent over the schematics you'd worked on earlier in the day, planning something absolutely earth-shattering for the days to come.
"I heard a noise," you explained yourself, remaining mostly behind, in the safety of your room.
"Come here," the order came... Not unexpected, most certainly unwelcome.
Nonetheless, you obeyed, pulling the oversized shirt of your pyjamas down to cover your legs. A waft of thick smoke erupted from Doc, tainting the air with spices and tobacco. Several neatly folded packages, labeled "biohazard" littered the table; you recognised the symbol of a lab near the docks, you saw several blood stains on the paper wrapping.
A gloved finger poked at a set of numbers. "Tell me, what do you see?"
"An equation," you replied, swallowing the bile in your throat. "The amount of plutonium needed to achieve a stable reaction." Aside from you brief interest in the matter in college, you weren't all that familiar with nuclear physics.
A cloud of smoke enveloped your face, the acrid matter leaking out of Doc's satisfied smirk. "Atta girl," the cigar migrated into his hand, ashes falling all over the papers. "Now, where can we get the plutonium?" The hand came to rest on the arm he'd crossed over his torso. "Hmm?"
It took a moment to realise he was, in fact, addressing you and not asking a rhetorical question. You found it simultaneously insulting and flattering he thought you'd know where Doc could unleash his mayhem and steal himself the plutonium needed; all your jobs in the past years were pretty ordinary.
"I don't know," feeling stupid, you mumbled, playing with a torn cuticle on your thumb. In a shirt three sizes too big, standing clueless to the massive, stern man, there was no denying yourself you'd felt like a child.
Doc's snort stung unusually cruel. "It's a shame. I remember you being bright, talented," he turned toward you as you refused to meet his eyes, looking into the eye of a nearby actuator. "But you always lacked determination."
It stung, more than you expected it to. Reasoning with the words of a madman was fruitless, you knew it as clear as day, and yet you found yourself swallowing the retorts burning right at the tip of your tongue. They didn't need to be said, anyways, Doc was smart enough to see them plainly written on your face.
The shiny leather of his glove closed around the valley of your chin once more, but this time, the grip was firm; no trace of benevolent affection. His eyes were obscured by the dark of his glasses and you saw yourself in the reflection: pupils blown, lips parted and moist, patiently awaiting your judge, jury and executioner.
"You can do so much better," Doc cooed, blowing faint traces of smoke right into your parted mouth. "Perhaps you need motivation. We can help with that," reasoning for the odd choice of pronoun unclear, he was in no hurry to help you solve any riddles. Your confused expression egged him on, curling his lips into a contemplative grin.
The plush bottom of your lip bended to the gentle force of his thumb. Tangy, coppery and bitter flavours crawled down the tip of your tongue, teeth scraping softly over the worn leather; enthralled by the unfamiliar feel, your body leaned into the movement until only the very tips of your toes remained on the floor, foothold unsteady.
Too shaky, almost trembling and ravenously hungry for things you don't know of, your eyesight gave out, until Doc's face became little more than a blur with a pair of shiny voids in the middle; your wrist grasped his forearm in a featherlight hold as your vestibular system shorted out like a faulty fuse in Doc Ock's grasp.
"My, my. Luckily you're so eager to please," his voice creeped over the blood banging in your ears.
Tumblr media
Taglist (please comment to be tagged in part 2): @slothspaghettiwrites @viva-asgardia @starkiller-queen
(*) He's quoting Voltaire.
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up and coming fics (meaning tomorrow)
- doc ock x fem! reader: after coming home from a long day he comes home to you singing and is immediately stunned
- tasm! peter parker x fem! reader: after the crazy time he had he realizes that he has to move on with life but decides that breaking into your house and scaring you is a good choice
- tobey! spider-man x fem! reader: you had a really hard day and him asking you is what made you finally cry but he understands and takes care of you
- all spider-man’s x fem! reader **: what better way to celebrate and bring the boys together than fun night
- norman osborn x fem! reader: confused and hurt as memories flood his brain he needs someone to help him through the darkness
- tom! spider-man x gn! reader: fluff alphabet
- stephen strange x fem! reader: he left you in a panic worrying you to death. but he is sure to make you safe and call you
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I'm just gonna leave this here
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you get it, you get it and if you don't, you don't
They both belong in the science dilf category
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Pre-accident Otto be like:
Tumblr media
But post-accident Otto:
Tumblr media
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Good Ideas (Otto Octavius x Reader) 18+/Lemon/Smut
Word Count: 3,637
Minors Do Not Interact, please blacklist/block the tag “lemon” as that will have all and any of my smut/18+ themes
Warnings/Tags: Cock warming, blow job, breeding kink, praise kink, teasing, mild orgasm denial, semi-bratty reader, creampie, mentions of sex toys, mentions of katoptronophilia, mentions of body worship. I don’t care to have a beta reader.
Summary: Otto is content with you sitting on his cock while he continues his work, while he tells you all of his sexual ideas he'd love to try with you.
A/N:  This takes place after a newly reformed Doctor Otto Octavius. Also implied he had figured out a way to make his tentacle arms retractable so that the poor dude could sleep on his back and not have to have them out all of the time.  I needed to get this idea out of my system.
AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35918326
You had come to Otto’s apartment to spend some time with him, and make sure that he was taking care of himself. You knew that he had been on a research bend, and if he was anything like you, you knew he would have more than likely forgotten to eat and possibly sleep. You had the key to his apartment, as you let yourself in and announced your presence. He called out to you in the makeshift office he had in his lofted apartment. You took off your coat and set it gently on his bed as you walked by it, before heading to his desk.
“Hi, my love.” You greeted, as he turned in his chair and smiled at you as you leaned down to give him a chaste kiss. “It’s good to see you, darling. I’m a bit busy at the moment, but as soon as I’m done, I’m all yours.” He told you, as he grabbed your hand and held it for a moment.
“When was the last time you took a break?” You asked him, as you gently spun the chair he was sitting in to face you.
“Not since this morning… When I woke up, took a shower, and made myself breakfast.” He honestly told you. “Alright, well I’m glad you are at least taking care of yourself to some extent…” “I know you would be frustrated with me otherwise…” He teased.
“Well if you were being stubborn, I would have just convinced you to take a shower with me…” You smirked, as you looked at him up and down. “If you had told me that earlier, I wouldn’t have taken a shower.” He chuckled as the two of you kept your gaze on each other.
Both of you knew what your thoughts had turned into, and if anyone else saw how you two were looking at each other, they wouldn’t have any doubts in their minds as to what your thoughts were of each other either. The distance between you two seemed to buzz with energy, especially as you two stayed quiet for a long moment.
“I have an idea if you’re interested…” Your voice was playful, especially as your hand moved to intertwine yours and Otto’s fingers together. “I’m always interested in what’s going on in the beautiful mind of yours…” He flirted, as his thumb rubbed against yours.
You then leaned forward, as you placed your lips next to his ear. He couldn’t hide the smirk on his face by how close you were.
“How about I take care of you while you continue working… If I can break your attention, then you’ll have to do whatever I say for the next twelve hours… But, if you can keep your focus, even if I make you cum…” You trailed off, hoping he would finish the sentence with his own stipulation.
“Then you’ll have to do everything I say for twelve hours, but I can use the time whenever I want… Including being able to split up those hours however I want…” He finished, as he whispered in your ear too.
You hummed as you pulled back from him, contemplating his stipulation and considering the fairness of it. Before you realized that it was all for fun anyway and that you both trusted each other.
“Alright… I’ll allow it.” You then kissed him lovingly, which he reciprocated. “I love you.” He whispered against your lips, and you smiled. “I love you too.” You replied.
You then carefully moved in front of his desk, in front of his computer screen. He turned his chair to you, making sure to keep some distance so that you could comfortably kneel on the ground. Once you were settled into a kneeling position, you moved his seat closer to you. Your hands then reached forward to his pants, as you unbuckled his belt. You then unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, as he helped you free his length from his boxers. He had already become half-hard from you two talking about the idea you proposed to him. You leaned forward and stroked him twice, before licking up the underside of his cock. Otto had groaned at the sensation before you stopped and looked up at him.
“Continue working, Doctor.” You smirked, as he nodded and did as he was told.
He had continued back to his work, his research. You continued your work on him, too, as you licked the tip and swirled your tongue around it. When you finally took him into your mouth, he let out a deep groan. Still, he was determined to win the playful bet, so he attempted to focus as best as he could. He had even begun typing at this point, as you had begun to take him in further. He was bigger than you could fit in your mouth comfortably, so what you couldn’t take of him, which usually was an inch and a half, you worked with your hand. You hollowed out your mouth, and when he could feel the tip reach the back of your throat, he couldn’t help but falter in his movements. He was always good at keeping his hips steady for you, as he didn’t want to lose his self-control with you. You couldn’t help but think that you were for sure going to win the bet here soon if you kept up your motions. You then pulled away from him, as you pumped him a few times as you wiped away some spit that accumulated on your bottom lip. Otto had cursed seeing you out of his peripheral vision. You sighed before you wrapped your lips around his length once again. You could feel his cock twitching, and you knew he was going to cum soon. You doubled down on your movements, and Otto very nearly lost his resolve. He had continued to work, though not as intensely as he was before you arrived. He let out a breathy groan as he came in your mouth, as you worked him through his orgasm. You swallowed his spend, as you looked up at him as you cleaned him up. Otto let out a breath, as he handed you a tissue from the box placed on his desk. You couldn’t help but chuckle, as you saw him still working. You took the tissue from him as you wiped your mouth and chin. You shook your head as you tapped on his knee with your hand. He took the hint as he pulled back from the desk, as he helped you stand up.
“Are you alright?” He asked you, as he brought you in closer.
He brought his hands up as he massaged at your jawline. You simply smiled and nodded.
“I’m okay… How are you? You did a lot better than I expected…” You teased with a smirk. “I’m wonderful… And I won that little bet of yours…” He teased you back. “You did, congratulations.” You laughed, “So, would you like me to leave you be?” you questioned after.
He shook his head, god no, how could he just allow you to leave after that? He leaned forward in his chair, as you saw two of the mechanical tentacles come out from behind his back. You looked at them, then at him curiously. You watched as the two arms began to take off the armrests of the chair he was sitting in before he placed them off to the side. After that, the arms had retracted back to the middle of his back.
“No… In fact, I’d like for you to come sit in my lap.” He told her, and you smirked. “How?” You questioned, though you had a feeling you already knew the answer. “I was thinking you could keep my cock warm while I finish up what I’m working on… I can start my twelve hours…” He looked up at you as one hand had snaked up your skirt to massage your thigh.
“Of course… But I’m going to start a timer…” You teased, before kissing him passionately.
You then pulled up your skirt, as he helped you take off your underwear. They were discarded onto the floor in front of you two as he helped position you over his lap. Otto’s hand had gone to your pussy, making sure you were wet enough for you to take him. His fingers dipped between your folds and he let out a choked moan at the feeling of how aroused you were. When he slipped a finger easily into your vagina, you whimpered, as you had gotten rather needy while you were giving him a blow job.
"Oh darling, you’ve gotten so worked up for me…” He whispered against your lips and you nodded furiously.
Otto removed his hand, as he helped guide himself into you. As you kept yourself steady and lowered yourself onto him, he let out a deep breath as he could feel you clenching around his cock. Once he was fully inside you, you let out a desperate moan as you had attempted to move your hips. He was quick to hold you still as he looked you in the eyes. He then pressed kisses to your lips, trailing up to your ear.
“Now sit still while I work.” He whispered into your ear, and you groaned.
You did what he said, even though you really didn’t want to. You could feel him becoming hard all over again, and it sent a shiver up your spine at the feeling of him filling you up more than he already did initially. You leaned forward, as you buried your face into his neck. His left hand rubbed your back a bit, as he continued his work on his computer with his right hand.
“You’re so good to me… You always take me so well, my love.” He whispered into your ear.
He could feel you clench around his cock, as he couldn’t help but groan. Although he couldn’t help himself to want to tease you.
“I wonder if I could make you come without moving… I could tell you all of the different fantasies and ideas I’ve had with you, how does that sound?” He questioned, as you moved back a bit to look at him and nod.
You took a deep breath, as he kissed you deeply, not once moving his hips, or allowing you to move yours. He then pulled back from the kiss to lean forward to whisper in your ear, as his eyes were still glued to the computer screen in front of him.
“I should put a mirror just behind me… So that you could see how beautiful you look right now with my cock buried deep inside you...” Otto chuckled to himself. “Or I could put it just behind the desk… Then I could see the look of pleasure on your face when you’re bent over my desk while I take you from behind…” He continued.
“Otto, please…” You begged.
You found yourself getting antsier as he spoke aloud his dirty thoughts. Otto once again felt you clench around him, and he took a deep breath to steady himself as well. You allowed yourself to get lost in the various ideas he was describing, closing your eyes to help you focus on the memory of how good he made you feel. Your breathing began to get shaky, as you once again attempted to get any kind of friction between you.
“Or, we could try another idea I’ve had… Something a little… Adventurous. I’d want to see how long you would last with a vibrator inside you, while I had the controls, setting the pace. Especially if I could play with you in front of others you may or may not know… Do you think you could keep a straight face, knowing that I could grant or deny you your orgasm?” He now had both of his hands on you, as you groaned against the feeling of his hands being so close and yet so far.
“That would be so unfair, you would just be dying to let everyone know who I’m going home to, huh?” You flirted back, toying with the idea.
You attempted to move to kiss his lips, hoping that could help move you along with bringing you even closer to your orgasm. Just from the thoughts alone, and the feeling of him twitching inside you every time you clenched around him in pleasure, was sending you closer and closer over the edge. When he moved away from your lips with a laugh, he eventually leaned forward, as two of the mechanical arms came to replace where his hands were on your thighs, keeping you still. You shivered at the sensation of the cold metal on your legs, as he gently cupped your face with his warm hands. His thumb traced over your bottom lip, down to your jawline, as he went even further and trailed down your throat, before resting on your shoulders.
“You’re being impatient, Starlight…” He whispered against your lips, “If you let me finish my work, I can give you exactly what you want…”
“If you would let me move, then you could still work… Please…” You said breathlessly.
Otto had then used both of his hands to continue typing on the keyboard, as he smirked to himself. He hummed for a second, as you could feel the very slight vibrations that the arms emitted naturally. It made you squirm even more at the sensations, it sent tingles throughout your body, almost in a ticklish way.
“I wouldn’t want to miss out on your precious looks, besides, I need to focus…” He pressed a kiss to your cheek, before turning back to the screen.
It was frustrating you to no end to try and listen to what he had to say, it was the rule he stated when the bet was first placed. At the same time, part of you started to care less and less as time went by. You had gone to shift one hand off of his shoulder to play with your clit, but before you could even fully remove your hand, one of the metal claws of a mechanical arm gently grabbed your forearm to stop you.
“Are you serious?” You whined pathetically, impatiently, as you buried your face in the crook of your neck and groaned loudly. “I told you to have patience…” He reiterated and he could hear a low growl rumble in your chest.
You shifted your face to reach a bit of skin that was left exposed on his neck that his sweater didn’t cover. You couldn’t help yourself as your nose brushed up against the skin.
“If you bite me, I’ll have you sitting here for another thirty-minutes, love.” He warned you, making you groan again and whine.
You eventually gave up, as you rested your head back onto his shoulder. You attempted to calm your breaths, trying to focus on something else other than how his cock felt inside you. It didn’t work though, as your mind wandered back to the thoughts that he whispered into your ear earlier. Then you found yourself once again frustrated that you weren't the one to win the bet. Things would have gone much differently, and you would finally feel at least some satisfaction by now. You thought you had managed to calm yourself down enough to at least be able to hold out for the little while longer he worked… That was until he started to whisper in your ear again, making your body go into an all-out frenzy.
“Y’know, there’s been another thought that I’ve had about you recently… I’ve thought about what it would be like to try for a baby…” You gasped at his words, as Otto felt you clench around him even tighter than before, he thought if he continued, you certainly could come to that idea. “I know you’d love the idea of my cock buried deep inside you, as I filled you up with my cum… I want to come home to you, take my time with you, show you how much I adore you…” He thought he could lose his own self-control to not move, as he finalized the last details of the project he was working on. “Imagine that, my hands worshipping every part of you… Telling you how amazing your pussy feels around me, how gorgeous your breasts look with every deep thrust, how soft your thighs feel under my hands, how I’m addicted to your lips like they’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever had…”
Otto finally finished what he was working on, as he pulled away from the desk, as he got you to look him in the eye. He kissed you passionately, drowning out a moan, as his lips trailed down your jawline, to find a soft spot on your neck that he nibbled at for a moment. Neither of your hips moved, but with how your mind was being flooded by thoughts of him, it made you feel dizzy. His tongue soothed over the spot on your neck, before he nipped at your earlobe, as he continued to whisper dirty things into your ear. He could feel your legs trembling under his mechanical hands. You were close to coming just by his words, but you just needed a bit more of a push.
“Can you come for me, love?” He questioned, as your mind completely went blank when your orgasm finally hit.
Otto could feel how you clenched around him, and how your arousal surely began to soak a spot into his pants. He retracted all of his smart arms, as he kept you steady with his own hands. He massaged small circles into your hips, helping you come down for the small high you experienced. Otto couldn’t help but find himself a bit proud about the effect he had on you.
“I am yours, for as long as you’ll have me…” He whispered one last thing into your ear before he pressed his lips against yours again.
You tried to regain your bearings, as you felt somehow overstimulated, and at the same time not stimulated enough. You kissed him sloppily, as you were trying to catch your breath. He finally lifted you up off of him, making you whimper at the lack of feeling all at once. Otto comforted you, as he moved you to stand for only a moment so that he could carry you to his bed bridal style. Once he laid you down, he began to undress you, as he helped you get out of the clothes that felt incredibly restrictive at that point. He had stripped himself of his pants and boxers all at once before he moved to take off the sweater he was wearing. You moved further up the bed, as you discarded your bra, which was the last piece of clothing you had on.
“Do you still want this?” He questioned you to be sure. “Yes, god, please, I need you.” You replied desperately, as he moved over you.
Otto smiled, as he gently spread your legs once again and placed your ankles over his shoulders. He lined his cock up at your entrance once again, before he kissed you again needily. He pushed himself back into you, making you moan against his lips, as one hand flew to his forearm, the other gripped at the sheet below you. It didn’t take him long to set the pace, as he had teased himself in the process of teasing you. Although his frustration wasn’t as obvious as yours, he definitely wished he wasn’t so stubborn at times. Granted, it paid off in his favor. He steadied himself on his forearms, as his lips trailed down to your breasts. He took one nipple into his mouth, as his thrusts hit a deep spot within you.
“Otto…” You attempted to notify him of your incoming orgasm, but you could only moan out his name as you threw your head back against the pillow.
Otto felt you once again, clench around him with another orgasm, as your legs trembled. Within the next few thrusts, he couldn’t hold back his own orgasm any longer. His hips stuttered against yours, as you felt his cock twitch inside you as you felt him cum inside you. You caught your breath, as you blinked a few times as you could swear your vision went blurry for a moment. When he finally pulled out of you, he gave you another chaste kiss before lying on his back next to you. You turned over, as he pulled you closer to him. You rested your head on his chest, as you could feel his quick heartbeat. He reached for your hand on his chest as he held it, before bringing it up to his lips to kiss your fingertips, then your knuckles. You looked up at him before you pressed a kiss to his chest.
“Do you really see yourself spending your life with me?” You questioned him, your tone hopeful. “I meant every word of everything I said, darling.” He answered, making you smile. “I’m so glad I got to love you in this lifetime… I can’t imagine my life without you…” You took a deep breath, as he pulled you closer to him in a hug of sorts.
“Me too…” He spoke, as he pulled you into a sweet kiss.
He threaded his fingers into your hair, as he just admired you for a long moment. You couldn’t help but smile, as you could do the same. Despite all that has happened over the years, despite the craziness of how this all began, neither of you would change a thing if it meant that you could be with each other at this moment.
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danny-cordray · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
otto octavius x fem!reader
MAJOR NO WAY HOME SPOILERS, angst, some fluff in there too but mostly angst, not canon compliant (in reference to spider-man 2) for plot purposes
a sorcerer with something of an understanding of the multiverse struggles to come to terms with her unexplainable attachment to otto octavius - a villain who has entered her reality
okay so a couple notes! one. for the purpose of her story rosie does not exist, many apologies. two. this isn’t a very happy fanfiction, again, many apologies. the end IS a wandavision reference and the fic is named after evermore from live action beauty and the beast. and finally, i spent at least ten hours over the course of three days writing this so i really hope you all like it!
10.3k words
Fate was a very odd thing, a concept that you struggled to come to terms with during your training. Your fate, what it meant. Fighting fate was something you were told to never do, it was an important part of becoming a sorcerer. The Ancient One delayed fate for millennia, but she could not stop it.
Peter Parker was trying to fight fate, and Strange had tried to help him. Now, he was pacing around the sanctum with his cape thrown off to the side - floating and, somehow, showing concern.
“Stephen, you contained the spell. It’s okay, we have nothing to worry about.” You said, moments of silence only thickening the tension.
“We have everything to worry about, we- I just tampered with the fabric of reality. Exactly what we were told not to do.” You had been present for the spell, but you did not cast it. That responsibility fell on Strange. Regardless, you hadn’t stopped him - so both of you were responsible in some way.
“Yes, but we can handle it. Pulling your hair out will only make things more difficult.” You said, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.
Stephen nodded, but there still seemed to be something off in his demeanor. “There’s something wrong… I can feel it. Can’t you?” He asked, trying to listen as if there would be some audible clue for why he was so worried.
For a moment, you were silent. But you could feel it too, there was something off. “I can feel it… but I don’t know what it is.”
Upon your confirmation, Stephen started up the stairs. “Guard the Sanctum, I’ll be back.” He left without another word, leaving you no room to stop him. Stephen could be calm, but you had always been the more level headed of the two of you. It was one of your strongest qualities.
You sat down, staring blankly at the walls. Something was off, you could feel it. In your stomach and your chest. It didn’t take a sorcerer to sense that something was coming, but ‘what’ would be the question.
Though, as you sat alone in your silence, you couldn’t help but feel a little bit of excitement. Nobody wanted to see another world-bending scenario, but you had been a bit bored with sitting around the sanctum. Something new and different could be just what you needed.
Just as a small smile began to flicker across your face, a portal had opened and someone was zapped into a newly created cage. You screamed, jumping back as the lizard-like creature tried to jump at you but found itself trapped. No! You did not need something new or different! Familiarity was good, it was ideal.
“Strange?! What the Hell is going on?!” You said, gaining your composure back as you finally found him in the corner, looking incredibly irritated.
“We didn’t contain them all, this guy,” He pointed at the creature, “Seems to be from another world.”
As you walked closer to it, seeing it growl, you only rested your hand on the barrier.
“Don’t lean too far into that, he can’t get out but you can get in.” Strange said. You pulled your hand away, but you were fascinated by the creature.
“Where are you from?” You asked, but you didn’t have much time to dwell on it.
“Parker’s in trouble, it looks like we have another one!” Strange got your attention, bringing you over to him. You could only see the metal devices attached to his body on the bridge, yet it seemed so familiar to you. Perhaps you needed to stop spending so much time at night visiting other realities, you were beginning to get confused. “Watch how I do this, you may need to do it yourself.”
Stephen slid a metal contraption onto his forearm, opening a portal to the bridge and capturing the man and Peter before bringing them both back. He had used the thing with ease, as though he had used it many times before, but you knew that he had only one other experience with it - the perks of a photogenic memory, you supposed.
Peter’s conversation with Strange rambled on in your peripheral hearing as you took in the man in front of you, as he took you in as well. He was snarky and angry, but you didn’t think that was all there was to him. There was something so entrancing about the man that Strange had to call you back to reality after a few moments. You couldn’t help but notice a pained look in Octavius’ eyes when he heard that name.
“We’re going to go get Parker’s friends, do you want to come?” He asked, clearly irritated by everyone at this point.
“Nah, someone should stay back. Guard the sanctum… it’s prisoners.”
“I am not a prisoner!” Octavius growled, offended by the idea of being a prisoner. But he could see your sympathetic glance, the way you winced at his words almost made him feel bad. It didn’t, really, but it nearly did.
“Alright, we’ll be back in a few minutes.”
“Nice seeing you again!” Peter said, waving in your direction. He was always a delight.
“You too, Peter! No more spells, okay?” He nodded, looking a little embarrassed until he heard your laugh and knew that you were just messing with him.
As the both of them left, the lizard seemed to be sulking away in the corner. Was he… taking a nap? Interesting, guess that was one way to pass the time.
“Your name… it’s… what’s your last name?” Octavius asked, his eyes locked on you. You had noticed he reacted to your last name, though you hadn’t had any time to address it.
“Yours first.”
“Otto Octavius.”
He complied, so you might as well comply too. As you told him your name, you noticed he had visibly softened. He knew your name, yet you didn’t know why.
“Why is that familiar to you?” You asked him, slowly inching toward his containment cell. “Can I come in?”
He nodded to his left, “I don’t know why you would want to, I could kill you.”
Slowly, you took a step through the barrier. “I don’t think you will. My name is familiar to you, but you are familiar to me.”
He watched with furrowed brows as you approached him, your hand timidly resting on his forearm. Touch. Visuals and names were good, but physical touch was the best way for you to read someone else’s energy. “Do you recognize me?” Otto asked, watching you with bated breath.
“No. But… I recognize your energy, I guess. I’m… a sorcerer. I’ve visited other realities, even though it’s strictly forbidden. Never stayed or made an impact but… each time I pick up different energies. I can’t place yours but… it’s so… disarming to me.” The one rule you had made for yourself upon going into other realities was to never talk to anyone. You knew you never could’ve had a conversation with this man, but he felt familiar. He felt like home, like you could put your defenses down when he should be raising them for you.
“I knew someone with your name. She-“ He cut himself off, both of you hearing people coming into the sanctum. “Go, you’ll only make them question you.” He said, letting your hand slip from his arm as you quickly walked down to the table and hopped on top of it. You wanted to know what the other version of you did, how he knew you. Why it was that he seemed to like you, but for now, you couldn’t.
“Hey, I know you. You were in that picture on Peter’s desk!” Ned said, eagerly once he got into the room. You turned back to glance at them, waving with a small smile on your face.
“Peter, did you put that picture of us all bloody on your desk?” You had taken a picture with Peter on the battlefield when you were fighting Thanos. Moments before the end, mid-battle, Peter had ended up next to you and noticed you had the outline of a cell phone in your pocket. Of course you sent him the picture, but you hadn’t expected him to frame a picture of you both looking like absolute hell.
“Oh- well- Nobody else took any pictures with me except for Tony so…” He was sheepish, but turned to Ned. “Yes, she’s the one in the picture.”
“Nice to finally meet you.” Mj said, shaking your hand. You smiled and shook her hand for a moment before Strange interrupted you all.
“Glad to see you’re all getting along, but we have pressing matters at hand. Remember what I told you, I’ll be back.” Stephen approached you, holding out a written out spell. “If they cause any trouble, come find me. This will show you my location.”
“They’re seventeen, not nine. We’ll be fine, Stephen.” You said, patting the top of his hand. “See you in a jiffy.”
He shook his head, an amused smile on his face, but left rather quickly. Strange was a hard nut to crack, but you were a gentle person, and he became a very good friend with a large amount of effort.
As they began investigating, you took it upon yourself to make everyone coffee. It was the least you could do, since they were technically your house guests.
“Do you like living here?” Peter asked, practically out of nowhere, as you set his coffee down. “It’s just, there’s snow coming from Siberia and it seems like you and Strange deal with inner dimensional threats every single day.”
You glanced down at your coffee and shrugged, “Do I like living at my job? No. But I’m okay with it, better than paying New York City rent.”
He seemed to understand, somewhat. As they worked, you couldn’t help but stare over at Otto, finding him absentmindedly playing with the metal tendrils attached to his body, before he cautioned a glance back over at you.
“You know, just because they’re prisoners doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them.” Mj said, catching your line of sight. “I would be interested too, if someone from another world was right in front of me… I am interested, but..” She motioned to what she was working on.
That was the push you needed to stand up, “You’re absolutely right.” You quietly walked over, walking back into the cell. Peter seemed a bit on edge, but relaxed when he watched you sit beside Otto against the wall. He wasn’t going to hurt you, much to Peter’s confusion.
“How did you get into this whole sorcerer thing?” Otto asked, turning to look at you. The others couldn’t really hear you, though they knew you were talking. You had been talking in low voices and far enough away that it didn’t make a difference - it was, a private conversation.
“All sorcerers here come from a low place. Strange lost the use of his hands, and his career with them. I lost… well, I lost a few things.” You chose to not really tell people about your lowest moment, because you didn’t like to think about it or relive it. But you felt like you could trust Otto, for whatever reason. “I missed my subway on the way to work about a decade ago, I ended up running through the city because I thought it would be faster than waiting. But I ran into the wrong crowd, I went onto the subway for safety but they followed me there. We fought, I lost my voice. I could talk, not until I found Kamar-Taj. The magic coursing through my veins right now is what healed me.”
Of course, you didn’t get too into detail with the fight. You didn’t want to, didn’t think the gory details were needed in any capacity. Otto’s look of hurt was something you didn’t expect.
“The version of you from my world, she had the same incident happen to her. But she eventually regained the ability to talk, on her own.” He said, and you could see that look behind his eyes again. That look, as though he had lost someone, and as much as you wanted to dive into it, you didn’t want to bring it up unless he seemed ready. Otto was someone you unreasonably trusted, but he was also a very temperamental man. Any risk of setting him off was one that you were not willing to take.
“Don’t mean to cut whatever this is short, but I’m about to head out.” You quickly stood up, walking over to Peter.
“It’s about to be dark, is now the best time to-“
It was Otto’s turn to interrupt you both. He was angered by the conversation, by the idea of Peter going after this Osborn fellow. Whatever gentleness he had displayed toward you for a moment, was completely gone. The exact thing you knew could happen. But regardless of what he said, Peter knew what he saw on the bridge, and he needed to go after it.
After Peter was suited up, you handed him the metal contraption that Strange had been using. “You’re going to point this at your target. You need to believe what you want to happen is going to happen, if you don’t, it won’t work.”
For a sorcerer like you or Strange, that was common knowledge. It was the first step in your training, to trust the magic and not question it based upon the science that you may have once understood. To believe in what you were doing, otherwise you would never succeed.
“And I don’t need magic to use it?” He asked, his eyes locked on the device before meeting yours.
“You have magic, Peter, it’s right here.” You motioned to his friends, laughing at your own horrible joke.
“Very funny.” He responded sarcastically, amused enough to drop the nervousness that he had been feeling for a moment.
“Just trying to lighten the mood. Now get out there and bring me some more friends to talk to.” You responded, a big smile covering your lips.
“I feel like you might just stick to the same friend.” He said, eyeing Otto and walking back to Mj and Ned before you had a chance to retort. It was true, you had clearly taken a special liking toward Otto. But you had hoped it seemed more out of a genuine curiosity, and less due to feelings of nostalgia that you were having a difficult time wrapping your head around.
Regardless, you pushed the comment aside and joined Ned and Mj at the table. You watched Ned search the refrigerator for food and glanced down at the time. “Want me to order something? We don’t really keep food here.”
Ned glanced at you and nodded, Mj had her eyes locked on the screen but mumbled a response of ‘Rice’. You glanced at the other two, you weren’t sure if the lizard creature ate. Nor were you sure if landing in a new world took away an appetite.
“Y’all hungry?” You called over, though, you were talking more to Otto. The lizard let out a grunt, clearly not hungry. But Otto merely shrugged.
“I could go for some food.” He affirmed. You pulled your phone out, added what you wanted to eat and passed the phone around. When you finally got to Otto, he seemed a bit anxious by it, but added the food anyway. “A gentleman typically pays, you know.” He teased.
Your brow quirked upwards as you looked at him. “Perhaps, but I’ve gotta keep you on your toes.” The flirting seemed to come naturally, and only served to excite him. The sun was only just beginning to set, and nobody knew how long it would take before anyone else was captured. For now, you just needed to pass the time.
It seemed like he had something to say, but Otto was practically unreadable. He seemed like a very cold man, though it felt as if there was more to him than that. Whatever version of you had existed in your alternate life, he seemed to know her. To have some sort of connection with her, but that didn’t necessarily mean you had been friends.
Maybe you died because of him, or maybe he had killed you. There was no real reason to believe that this was a good relationship that you had. But he hasn’t been awfully rude to you, at least, not when he was just talking alone to you. Cold and a bit dismissive, yes, but the rudeness was mainly saved for everyone else.
As the silence lingered, you sat back down with everyone else. Mj was still hooked on the screen, but Ned turned to you. “So… could you teach me how to do magic?”
“Well… yes. But, probably not right now.” You said, pointing to the screen. “I think we’re a little preoccupied right now.”
“Yeah, yeah. Totally get that.” He was quiet, watching the sun fade from the screen as Peter went further into the woods. “But, just out of curiosity, how good of a sorcerer are you?”
“I don’t know. Not as good as Strange.” You said, shrugging your shoulders. “He’s got a photographic memory on his side and a natural gift for the mystic arts. I’m pretty good, but not on his level.”
Ned nodded, about to dive into that a bit more before he noticed that Peter seemed a bit nervous.
You got behind Mj, peering over her shoulder at whatever it was that he was seeing. There was something controlling the electricity, you didn’t notice it until it had noticed Peter. You were half tempted to use your sling ring and go help him, especially when another creature showed up. But this one seemed to be helping Peter, rather than hurting him.
It was very interesting, seeing that one of them had some sort of electrical powers. But that didn’t make it any less terrifying, knowing that these men were all out to get Peter. Every single one of them wanted him dead, yet had no clue who the Peter they wanted dead really was.
As much as you wanted to help Peter, he didn’t need it. He could handle himself and you knew that. You gave him that faith when you told Strange they could handle themselves, and you trusted him to do this alone - even if it was in your nature to be incredibly paranoid and help everyone.
It didn’t take long for another person to enter the room, your eyes locking with who you assumed to be the one with electrical powers. You wanted to discuss those with him further, they were very interesting to you. But he seemed a bit more vengeful at the moment than the others. The Sandman joined after, leaving only Peter to have not returned.
He let Mj know that he was going to stay and clean up the mess, he was right to assume that everyone was going to blame him for it. People were unnecessarily cruel to Peter in the media, it seemed entirely unfair to you.
If you had the time stone, you would be able to come and undo the mess for him. But you didn’t have it anymore, so that was no longer an option. Maybe you would go and help him in a while, you doubted you would be getting any sleep.
The others in the room seemed to be having a conversation, much to your surprise, the lizard could talk. Even more surprising, he actually had a lovely voice.
The man who had electric powers, Max, you learned, seemed to not be as annoyed as when he first got there. Though, you still wanted to ask him about his powers, perhaps it wasn’t too much of a good idea.
Your conversations with Otto seemed to have made it lost on you that these were not just men from other worlds. They were supervillains, most likely with a trail of blood on their tail. These were not people who you should be conversing with. You seemed to understand that with everyone other than Otto.
Though, you did notice that Mj seemed a bit upset. “Hey, I can show you two the spare rooms, if you’d like? They’re not as cold as the rest of the sanctum.”
She nodded, Ned seemingly a bit more excited about that than she was. You showed them up the stairs, before finally arriving at one room. “The wifi password is on a note on the windowsill.” You said, letting Mj take her room before showing Ned to his. “If you need anything, I’ll be downstairs.”
With that, you made your way downstairs. You would see them again about twenty minutes later to give them their food, before returning to the rest of the supervillains. You quietly handed Otto his food, before noticing that you had another human in the room now. Slowly, you passed your hand through the barrier and handed the food you’d gotten for yourself to Max.
“Where’s your food?” He asked, sitting down against the wall as he glanced at the food.
“I mean… that technically is my food? But I don’t have an appetite anyway.” You responded, sitting down on the chair at the table, shutting the computer since nobody really needed it at this point. It was pretty late into the night, and you knew that you probably only had until sunrise before it was back into full gear.
He seemed to accept that answer for what it was, and accepted the gift. You couldn’t help but notice the lingering eyes of Octavius, who once again seemed like he had something to say yet without the power to speak his mind. Like there was some voice in his head compelling him that there was no good in it. You’d seen the same tortured expression before, the day that you met Kaecilus before he had his cult by his side.
Choosing to ignore it, you rested your head in your hands as you stared down at the table. Maybe ‘I’m super bored’ is a reason to bring Strange in for help. He was your closest friend, after all. So what harm could it really do?
But, you didn’t realize how exhausted you were until your eyes were shut. You fell asleep in a matter of moments, despite trying to stay awake. It’s not like the villains really needed anyone to watch them, it was impossible to break the enchantment keeping them where they were. But, you probably would’ve been a bit more comfortable in your own bed.
You woke up incredibly groggy, raising your head to notice most of the people in the room asleep. You got up, deciding that you might as well move to your bed, but you heard a voice calling out your name.
As you turned around, your eyes caught sight of Otto. You hummed in question, sleep still evident on your face as you walked over to the barrier.
“I’m going to be sent back to my world today, aren’t I?” He asked, watching you for your answer. Searching for any kind of answer that he could have for himself.
“Most likely, unless we find a reason not to do that.” So far, it just seemed like these guys were menaces to their world. But that was what they were meant to be, it was their fate, and you were not to toy with fate.
“Perhaps I should tell you why I knew you, then. I would hate to be curious for the rest of my life.” He said, but his words were cut short. Mj and Ned came running into the room, you realized that you had both most likely been woken up by the sounds of them slipping on the snowy floors above.
You sighed, watching him return to his glaring silence and allowing you to walk over to the others.
“Peter just called, him and May are bringing someone else.” You tilted your head. It should’ve been more convenient for him to simply zap another villain into a new barrier, why was he bringing them back by hand.
As they sat down, you sat on the table once again. “Can I sit on the table too?” Ned asked, a hopeful look in his eyes.
“If Strange walked in here and saw me letting you sit on the table, he would have me ex-communicated.”
“But you’re sitting on the table.”
“Yes, and I Iive here.” You responded, watching Peter walk through the doorway with another person. You watched him, eagerly, as you stood up from his seat. You waved toward him when Peter introduced you all, but timidly followed him when he joined the others at the computer. As much as you wanted to trust this man, it was hard to trust any stranger in the sanctum in which you were sworn to protect.
He seemed to recognize Otto, you knew he might since Otto had said he knew him the night before. But he had also said that he was dead, that Peter was chasing after a ghost. In your understanding of the multiverse, you hadn’t heard of the deceased returning to life but as they talked, as they all exposed their true relationship with Spider-Man it all seemed to make sense.
Fate. Their fate was to die. Just as the Ancient One, as Tony Stark. As all of the other people who you were forced to watch die, to see pass on through the universe. You had sworn an oath to protect fate, even though it hurt to know that everyone in this room was a ghost. Pulled moments before their death.
They were villains, killers. They needed to die to preserve life, but you didn’t think that had to be the only option. But… it was, wasn’t it? As strange came in, you noticed a box in his hand, a box that was all too familiar. He must’ve gone to see Wong, or someone else who could help him with this.
As he assumed Osborn to be another one, you tried to stop him from sending him behind a barrier. “No- Stephen, he was harmless.” You tried to argue, but it was to no avail.
“None of them are harmless, they’re tampering with the fabric of reality.” He said, dismissing the arguments of anyone around him. He had his mind set, despite everyone else arguing against it.
“Strange, at least give us time to fix this. They’re already-“
“You, of all people in this room, should know that you can’t change fate. Remember your training.” He was more cold and dismissive than you had seen him before, though you knew it came from a place of self-blaming.
He was right, it was fate. You should remember your training, you should stop Peter as he runs away with the box. But you stood, frozen in place as your mind ran loops around itself. You tried so hard to remember your training, to remember that you were never to tamper with fate. But as your eyes scanned the room, at these human lives that were apparently inadequate, as you met eyes with the man you had some sort of connection with in another world, you made the decision you were told to believe was wrong.
“Are you gonna stop him?” Mj asked, both her and Ned turning to look at you defensively. You were on their side, but they knew that you were close with Strange as well.
“No. A friend once told me that we don’t trade lives, and I’d like to believe that.” You answered. Mj smiled for just a moment, but couldn’t contain her worry. Peter might not be able to beat Strange, but fighting him wasn’t an option for you. Unless you were truly desperate, you refused to hurt your friend.
But after a few moments, he was there. Peter won, box in hand. “You’re gonna help?” He asked you, a small smile on his face.
“Of course.” You responded, before his attention was drawn to the others. The ones who were astounded that they were still alive, that this man who they had sworn to hate was there, trying to help them. Otto, however, did not take too kindly to this. He didn’t want help, especially not from a kid he clearly didn’t like.
But it was clear he wasn’t in his right mind, whatever happened to him in his world had messed up his thoughts. He did seem to be in some sort of battle with his own mind, so whether he wanted it or not, he was going to have help.
Despite a few sour attitudes, you were determined. You helped Peter cast a barrier around the truck, containing the men in the truck before taking a seat in the front. You couldn’t help but feel bad, holding them all back there. But it was for their own well-being. Until they were of sound mind, they could run free into the city again and cause destruction if they weren’t properly contained.
“I have to ask, Strange talked about your training. What did he mean?” Peter asked, just getting off the phone with his Aunt May a few seconds earlier - alerting her to the new arrivals at the apartment.
“Our training… we learned a lot about fate. How we can’t tamper with time, or destiny. We can’t stop the future and we can’t change the past, because it’s what has to happen no matter what.” You answered, staring at the sling ring on your finger. “I promised to never change the fabric of reality, to change someone’s fate. But I broke that promise today.”
Peter glanced over at you as you started the truck, driving into the steady stream of traffic. Thankfully, it wasn’t a very long journey to the apartment. “Why? I mean, I’m glad you did and all, but why did you change your mind”
“Steve. He told me that we don’t trade lives, and we half of the population because of it and lost Vision anyway. But we still gave him a chance, and got everyone back in the end.” You explained, reiterating the point you had made earlier. “I know those men did bad things in their timeline but… when he said that their lives weren’t as important as the flow of time I- I just couldn’t let that happen.”
You wouldn’t explain how it was irrevocably tied to your interest in Otto, in knowing what the other version of yourself had to do with him. In the inexplicable draw that you felt to him, like a magnet to a refrigerator. Since the moment you’d seen him, he had consumed your waking thoughts.
All you wanted were answers. Answers to why you felt so connected to him even before you knew that you were. To the familiarity that you had been distinctly unable to place. You wanted answers, but most important, you felt an innate desire to keep him alive and safe.
But you weren’t about to share that with Peter or anyone else. You didn’t even understand it, so the idea of trying to make anyone else understand it was practically impossible.
“Besides that, people are awful to you. You’re just a kid, and everyone seems to forget that.” You added on, as you met another red light you glanced over at Peter. He had been through so much in three years, sometimes you resented Tony for bringing someone so young into a world of so much pain.
You hadn’t been introduced to the Avengers until around the same time as Stephen, well… the exact same time. But you stayed on Earth with Bruce, and he went into space. You knew well enough that it wasn’t all that fun being a superhero, witnessing death and having to keep everyone at arm's length so they don’t get killed in the crossfire. Peter was only fourteen when he was brought into this, it didn’t seem fair to you.
“I really like being a superhero and helping people. But it’s really hard. I tried to have a normal summer vacation and this is what happened.” Peter answered. He seemed so defeated and hurt. “If I didn’t have people like Mj and May and Ned with me… I don’t know what I’d do.”
His words resonated with you more than you would’ve liked. Truthfully, you didn’t allow yourself to be sensitive or to love. You did love, you loved your only friends Strange and Wong, but they were sorcerers just like you. You knew they could protect themselves. But people outside of that? It was hard for you to connect with them, which was what made it so odd for you to grapple with your attachment to Octavius.
“Yeah, that’s why I only have two friends.” You answered, while your tone was light, anyone could pick up on them being anything but that from a mile away. “If it’s any consolation, I wanna punch Jameson in the nose every time I see him in Time Square.”
“Oh yeah, me too. A hundred percent.” He responded, a small smile on his face. You arrived at The destination rather quickly. Stop and go traffic could be irritating but with the recent attacks, not a lot of people were out and about in this area - especially since it was still pretty early in the morning.
You both escorted the men out of the truck, May coming down to meet you all. Lizard refused to leave, but from what Max said, he seemed pretty set on being what he was. So it made a lot of sense. Regardless, you broke the barrier on the truck and went upstairs with everyone else.
Otto was still being as difficult as ever, doubtful in the experience and know-how that Peter could possibly offer to any of them. Even if he did have faith in him, he still had absolutely no desire to be fixed. He liked what he was, but he wasn’t thinking fully clearly.
You sat down on the couch, even as everyone else made their way into the other room to check out whatever it was that Peter was going to show them. You accepted a glass of water from May, but you couldn’t help the conflicting thoughts that were currently plaguing your mind.
An oath to protect fate and time was broken, but you didn’t feel bad about it. In fact, you truly believed that you had done the right thing. You wanted to feel remorseful, to feel any type of regret for what you had done. But you couldn’t, you knew that you had made a good choice - even if it wasn’t one that your code saw as the right decision.
The betrayal that you had committed against Strange was definitely plaguing your mind. He was your best friend, and you had left him in the mirror dimension on his own. You had broken an oath, and hadn’t even had the guts to say to his face that you were going to. You didn’t regret your decision, but from the point of view of having done this to a friend, you felt immensely bad. Stephen was not a trusting person, and the fact that he even let you call Stephen said enough about your friendship.
Regardless, had you not made this decision, you would have never been able to forgive yourself. Had you let these men go to their deaths, had you not done everything in your power to find out what your connection to Otto was. There would have been no part of you that forgave yourself.
You weren’t sure how long you had spent wallowing in your own pities and regrets before you remembered your surroundings. Sparing a glance at Otto, you noticed him looking even more sour than he was when you had first seen him. But, he was also currently being restrained by his own metal arms so you didn’t really blame him.
“Can you get this off of me?” He asked, motioning toward the metal appendages covering his body and keeping him from moving.
“Unfortunately no, only Peter has access to that.” You responded, a remorseful smile covering your face.
“If you could, would you?”
“No, because you would attack everyone here and run away.” You answered, honestly, since there was no reason not to.
“That’s not true, I wouldn’t attack everyone.” He said, though you could tell by his tone he really only meant he wouldn’t attack you or the other villains, most likely. As much as that statement made your chest pound, you elected to ignore it.
“Yeah, well, you aren’t getting away that easily.” You retorted, keeping your conversation moderately light seemed to be the best choice for you.
“No? Well, you could always come with me.” He said, watching as you raised your eyebrows. Now you definitely can’t ignore it, the fluttering and tingling occurring in your stomach. You wanted to ignore those feelings, but he was making it far too difficult.
“Bonnie and Clyde didn’t end well, Octavius.” Despite your nerves, you were finding it rather easy to flirt back and forth with him, as if it was some second nature.
Peter had interrupted it, coming into the room with some type of cure. It couldn’t have been more than an hour of him and Norman working, but Otto was doing anything but accept it. You stood from your spot, watching as Peter finally gave him the cure despite him flailing around and trying to stop it as hard as he could.
Though, it didn’t seem to be working. In fact, it seemed like he might’ve died. Your heart dropped for a moment, regret filling your body, the regret of having not just sent him back. Now, he still died and you were forced to play a part in it. Amazing, just what you wanted. Clearly! No answers, a corpse on your hands, and you’ve betrayed your code and best friend. Wonderful.
But, just saw you were ready to go get the box back, he blinked. Not only did he survive, but Peter’s cure worked! He spoke about being relieved from the thoughts, the thoughts that you had theorized had been plaguing his mind. As he glanced down at everyone, finally joining the others as himself. Peter came down and took his nanotechnology back, freeing Otto of his restraints.
He was grateful, grateful for Peter’s help. Grateful that he hadn’t listened to him when he asked him not to cure him. Grateful that he was free of the horrible thoughts that had consumed his waking days. As he looked over at you, you had an overwhelming feeling like you had just returned home.
His gaze was no longer cold and distant. No longer hidden behind layers of pain and endless torment. You were stunned as you felt him hug you, your arms wrapping around him in response. It solidified the belief you had been harboring that whatever connection you had with him in the past had to have been positive.
When he pulled away from the hug, he kept himself a little closer than arm's length. “I apologize, I was very close with the version of her I knew in my world.” He explained to the others, Norman being the only one who glanced curiously.
“I never did ask for your name…” He said, trailing off as he looked at you. Something in his tone was different from what it had been before, but you wanted to believe that it was simply because he saw now that there was a cure to whatever was hurting him.
When you told him, you noticed the flicker of recognition. Of course, he seemed to be familiar with who you were. But he could tell that you weren’t, so he didn’t say much about it.
Peter went back into the lab with Norman, you and Otto following this time. While he spoke with Norman, you sat on one of the nearby chairs.
Your brain was going so fast at one time, and yet all you could think about was the feeling of locking eyes with Otto. The real him, not the version of him tormented by voices in his mind. The distinctly familiar, distinctly comfortable feeling. The way that it felt natural to be held in his arms, like that was how you were meant to be. You wanted answers more than anything, and it blinded you from the fact that he was going to be gone soon.
There was some part of your brain that knew, but you hadn’t really comprehended it. Hadn’t thought of it. All that mattered was getting him help, but now that help was happening so quickly, you were growing increasingly worried.
He noticed your eyes on his, the sad expression in them. He led you back to the living room, where you both sat down on the couch. “Are you alright?”
You nodded, but he pulled your hand up with his own gloved one. Showing you that your hand was shaking, and that you seemed to be anything other than alright. “I’m just thinking about…” You trailed off, you genuinely had no idea how to explain it - because you didn’t understand it. “You never told me how we know each other in the other world.”
Otto seemed to have some sort of recognition - you were upset because he had to leave. Because he was never going to tell you what had happened between you in your other life. He wanted to tell you, somewhere private and without the risk of prying ears, but it seemed like this might be his only chance.
However, time didn’t seem to be on your side. Peter’s Spidey Sense seemed to be going off. You both stood, walking over to him but making sure to keep at arm's length. It wasn’t until his webshooters went off that you caught what it was. Osborn.
Norman Osborn no longer seemed to be himself, the nervous man that had wandered into the sanctum with you and Peter had disappeared completely. This must’ve been the Goblin, the cackling menace who Peter had seen on the bridge.
His words were biting and cruel, but the moment he was free to attack, he did. He didn’t just attack Peter, but Otto as well. He had taken off a part of one of his metal arms, and had sent him flying out of the window. You, in your haste, thought of nothing other than keeping Otto out of harm's way. You had no way of knowing if he was plummeting to his death or if he had grappled onto to the side of the building.
The moment Otto was out of the window you secured your sling ring on your fingers and jumped, sending a portal in his direction and sending you both to the first uninhabited apartment your sorcery could find in the city. Otto fell to the ground with an ‘oof’.
You landed far more aggressively since you had actively fallen through the portal. He narrowly scooted out of your way before you fell. You groaned, grabbing onto your shoulder in pain. “Sorry for the lack of warning, jumped before I thought.”
“That’s why you fell… you jumped out of the window?” He asked, baffled as he looked at you.
“Well, I just saw you falling. I didn’t know if you had grabbed onto something, clearly you did.” You defended. But you only laughed when you finally saw him laugh about it.
“That’s definitely something I should expect you to do.” He said, moving closer to you on the floor and wrapping an arm around you as he helped you sit up - he didn’t imagine landing on your back like that felt necessarily good.
“Otto… please tell me about… me.” You said, stopping him from taking his arm off of you as your hand grabbed his forearm. Had you not had such a strange past twenty-four hours, you may have taken the time to consider how ludicrous that statement was.
He smiled at your persistence, at how badly you seemed to want to know. “We worked for Norman, it’s how I met you. But what neither of us knew was that you were also friends with Spider-Man, that you fought crime with him.” He said, searching through your face to see your reactions to his words. “We were both young when we met, but you were so caring and gentle that I wanted to know you more. I found out about your accident, about how your training with Norman had allowed you to speak again. I learned about you, and I wanted nothing more than to get to know you.”
“Wait, so… I was close with him?” You questioned, wondering if you, somehow, had a connection with every villain in New York City unbeknownst to you.
“Before he lost himself, yes. We both were.” He answered, continuing once you nodded in understanding. “I started coming to your lab to see you, to help you with your experiments, to show you my own. At some point, it stopped being about the experiments - though, I don’t think it ever was for me. I fell in love with you, probably the moment I saw you. We stopped meeting at the lab, and started meeting at restaurants, at your apartment. Anywhere we could meet, we would. Eventually I confessed these feelings and… you felt the same way.”
His words made things click into place for you, why you had immediately felt some type of way toward him. Why your heart and chest had fluttered when it seemed that he actually seemed to like you. It was confusing at first, but you were starting to get it.
“After about two years, I asked you to marry me, and you said yes. We got married, and we had a daughter. We were happy for a long time, but there was an accident.” He said, glancing away from you for a moment, before looking back when he felt your hand grasp his own. “You helped Spider-Man, worked with him. You… You went out one night and you never came back. It was all over the news the next morning, that a wannabe supervillain had taken a bottle of steroids and nearly killed Parker, but he’d killed you. The newest person rising in the ranks at Oscorp. With the potential to be the next head of the company. My wife, the mother of my child… I didn’t even get to say goodbye.”
You couldn’t help the tears from falling from your eyes as you hugged him, your head resting against his shoulder. You had noticed before he had been softer with you than he was with the others, and it seemed to make sense now. Why he cared, why he was kinder to you.
Otto stood up, he had a few tears on his face as well, but he seemed so focused on your window. “Why did you choose this place?” He asked, looking down at you.
“I- I didn’t, I summoned the first empty apartment my sling ring could find.” You answered, watching him confusedly as he led you closer to the window.
“This was your apartment in my world, where we spent countless nights talking until the sun rose. The apartment where I suggested we find a house together.” He said, questioning how your subconscious had taken you here. “I remember this view, the subway entrance below us… I went to that stop more times than I care to count.”
It was too much, he knew you liked speaking to him, but you had to explain to him why. Even if you didn’t understand what you were feeling, or why it was happening. Even if you could hardly explain it to yourself, he deserved to know.
“Otto, I can’t explain it but I need to try.” You said, gaining his attention. “The moment you came here I felt some sort of attachment to you, some familiarity. I didn’t feel it with Norman. I felt it with you, like I knew you. Like I was meant to know you.” You watched him, just hoping that what you were saying was making any sort of sense. “I reasoned that it’s because I’ve visited other worlds, that perhaps I recognized the energy you brought. I do pick up certain energies when I enter other worlds. But I don’t think it’s your energy, I think my mind or… heart or soul or whatever… I recognized you.”
He stared at you with some sort of wonderment, as your hand slowly found his cheek. Otto let you press your lips against his, the feeling itself feeling so new and so distinctly familiar all at the same time. It felt like home, like you were meant to kiss Otto. His arm wrapped tighter around you as you kissed him, you could feel him expressing years of pain and sorrow of missing you into the kiss. It felt right, it felt good.
You couldn’t seem to get enough of the feeling of his mouth, of feeling connected to each other in such a way. If you could spend eternity kissing him, you were sure you would. But you felt him pulling away from it, because you both needed to breathe. Your eyes slowly opened, taking in the sight of Otto.
“I don’t want to lose you, again.” He admitted, cradling your face with his hand.
“I don’t want to lose you either, I just got you.” You muttered, a familiar sadness covering your face again. “Maybe there’s a way…” You said, thinking about it. Maybe it would be so bad if you left with him, or if he stayed with you. Maybe it could be okay. Maybe.
“Maybe there is.” Neither of you truly believed there was any way to ever see each other again after everything was said and done, but there was nothing wrong with living in denial for as long as you possibly could, was there?
You leaned against his chest, another hug consuming both of you. This feeling, the feeling of being held by each other, being close. You didn’t want it to ever end, and you knew that Otto didn’t want it to end either.
As you pulled your bodies apart, you couldn’t help the longing stare you sent in his direction. “We’re gonna be okay.” You said, even though you were basically living in denial at this point. Maybe there was a way for the both of you to be happy with each other, but you had studied the multiverse enough to know that the odds of that were low at best.
“You said you visited other universes, didn’t you?” He asked, watching out of the window yet again.
“I… I have. It’s strictly forbidden, but I’ve always been very interested in the multiverse.” You said, but it wasn’t exactly in your physical body. “When I’m there, I’m projecting my astral form. Floating above all else, invisible to anyone who doesn’t know how to seek another’s astral body.”
Another sorcerer could see your astral form, the Ancient One could. Strange and Wong could, but most people would be unable. He seemed to want to respond, but he was distracted by something out of the window.
He was silent, his eyebrows furrowed as he glanced out of the window. “Do you see that?”
You looked where his eyes were watching. A fight, a… portal? They were on the Statue of Liberty. “Peter.” You whispered, concern running through your mind.
Even from afar, you could see the electricity from Max - the fight happening over the newly altered statue. “Can you use your… what’s it called?”
“Sling ring?”
“Yes, can you bring us to the ground? It may be easier if I climb, that way I can trick them into thinking I’m on their side, and help Parker.” He said, watching you process this plan before nodding. You were beyond relieved that he was going to help, that the cure had worked and brought him back.
“I can do that.” You said, opening the portal. As you looked at the bottom of the statue before you, the loud noises of the fight above coming into your ears, you couldn’t help the feeling of utter hopelessness that was conquering your mind.
Otto turned to you, sadness evident in his eyes. He wanted to do this, to help just as you did. But he had lost his universes’ version of you before, a person who he was in love with, and it was clear that the idea of losing you again hurt him more than he could really come to terms with.
As you pressed a kiss to his cheek, you felt Otto turn his head to press his lips against yours. It was short and sweet, though it felt more bittersweet than anything. When the kiss was broken, it was clear what you needed to do. You both stepped through the portal, as you shut it behind you, Otto pulled you against him so he could bring you up the statue with him.
You held on rather tightly, you were used to creating portals, not trusting someone to scale you up the side of a landmark. But he seemed to have full autonomy over the arms, so after a while you just embraced it. Once you saw Ned and Mj you tapped his shoulder. “I’ll meet you at the top, let me go here.”
He nodded, helping you climb onto the scaffolding as you ran over to them. “What happened?!” You said, watching as Ned aggressively tried to use the sling ring that you knew belonged to Strange.
“I don’t know I- I can open the portals but I can’t close them!” The fighting up above quieted down after a moment, you could hear conversation but whatever fight was happening seemed to have been contained.
As you began to open a portal for Ned and Mj, Strange came out of where he had been, eyeing all three of you with a bit of anger. He was disappointed in everyone, but more so seemed disappointed in you.
“You should know better.” He said, glaring towards you as he took the box back. “Why would you do something like this?”
“They needed help! I could see it in their eyes and it’s working!” You pointed out what was happening, Ned and Mj explaining Peter’s plan to him. He was glad that it was working, but they all needed to go home.
“Maybe, but I’ve never known you to take that kind of risk.” He responded, before his eyes locked on Peter. When Strange went to go talk to Peter, you excused yourself to find Otto.
When you found him, your arms wrapped tightly around him. He hugged you back, glad that he hadn’t gotten himself killed by standing up to Max. But the moment didn’t last very long, as Osborn entered the picture.
Everything happened in a flash, from somewhat victorious to the multiverse cracking open before your eyes. You opened your sling ring to get onto the torch with Stephen, casting spells to try and close it as quickly as you could.
There was nothing in your mind other than stopping this, stopping the infinite number of people in the sky from entering your world. If they did, it could be cataclysmic.
“It’s not working!” You shouted, above the noise. This was exactly what you needed to avoid, what he was so terrified of happening in the first place.
“It’s not going to.” He responded, the hope drained out of his voice. The spells could only hold them back for so long, but the futile effort was the only thing that you could do - because you at least had to try. “I need to know; why did you help Parker?”
“In another universe I knew Octavius he- he was familiar to me the second I saw him. I needed to know and I just… I couldn’t let him die.” You answered, your eyes locking with those of your close friend. “I’m sorry, I just had to help him.”
“I understand… I think I know why.” He said, recognition clear on his face. The answer was kind of obvious to you as well, you were meant to be with Otto. In this universe, in the other universe. But you had met a version of him that you couldn’t be with, even if you wanted more than anything to have him in your arms forever.
“I know there isn’t but… is there anyway for me to… for…” You didn’t know how to ask the question that you knew the obvious answer to.
“We can’t stop this… we have no way of sending him home.” He answered, watching your expression change. There was no way to send Otto home, but there was also no way of being happy at all with the amount of people entering this universe. Peter joined you both on the torch, the chaos below had seemed to come to a halt, as Peter begged for any way to fix this. He had one, one that meant that nobody in the world would remember him.
It was unfair, unfair that he needed to lose everything in order for things to be okay. But he had his mind set, and it really was the only option that you had. You hugged him for a moment, “I’m sorry it had to come down to this. You’re a good kid.” You pulled away, before you and Stephen let him go say goodbye to his friends.
But you knew what this meant, what the solution meant for you, for Otto. “I’m sorry.” Was all Stephen said, opening a portal for you to go through and say your own goodbyes.
You exited through the portal, the overwhelming urge to cry filling your body. You stared at Otto, and he knew what was about to happen from the look on your face.
“T-There’s nothing we can do.” You mumbled, feeling a metal arm tug you closer as you fell against his chest. “It’s the only way.” You knew you were crying now, feeling a hand pull your face up by the chin so you were looking at him.
Your mouths met in a passionate kiss, all of the longing and loss that Otto had felt throughout the first time that he had lost you was conveyed through the movements of lips. He had loved you more than anything in his own universe, and he knew from the moment that he laid eyes on you in this one that those feelings had remained. He didn’t need your life story or even your full name to know it was you, to recognize your personality or that bright smile that you gave everyone who would give you the time of day. He had missed you for a long time, and a familiar burning of pain filled his chest again when he realized he would have to miss you once more.
Your kiss was filled with longing, the curiosity you once had was replaced with understanding. There were always meant to be fixed points in time. Whether it was a death, or a birth, an accident, or a promotion. In everyone’s life, there were certain irrevocable truths that needed to be. Maybe your accident was one of those, but the truth that you knew was yours, was your love for Otto. You no longer felt confused by your draw to him, because you came to understand that his soul was connected with yours in some way. As though you were some kind of soulmate to the other, an incomplete puzzle piece until you found each other. You had found him, protected him to the best of your abilities, and your heart broke at the idea of losing him.
When you finally pulled apart from the kiss, Otto’s forehead rested against yours. You hardly noticed the form of Max beginning to fade away out of the corner of your eyes. “I love you, in this universe and the next. I don’t want to lose you.” You mumbled, letting your tears fall as you held onto him.
Otto ran a hand over your face, comfortingly. “We’ve managed to fall in love in two universes, I’m sure this won’t be the last time.” He answered, pressing one last gentle kiss to your mouth before you felt nothing in your arms.
You sat on the ground, your tears falling loudly now. Your brain was beginning to grow foggier and foggier, until all you knew about what had happened was that it was because of Spider-Man. As far as you knew, you never knew who Spider-Man was, only that he had been there - that he had these men in the wrong universe accidentally. Your heart was filled with anguish, as the loss of Otto filled your mind. Even as you felt Strange help you up, opening a portal for you both to go home.
You let yourself cry against your friend as you returned to the sanctum, the uncharacteristic sympathy of him as he hugged you and helped clean your wounds validating the pain in your chest. You knew that you were in love with Otto in every universe, even as he faded from this one. That the pain of losing him would linger, even as the truth of your circumstances of meeting began to muddle in your mind. Fate was unavoidable, and you believed that your fate had always been to fall in love with Otto Octavius.
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