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It’s not QUITE the prompt, but sort of in the spirit, I think.

It started innocently enough, as such things do. A beer bought and bought in return. A friendly jibe and a laughing riposte. A game of pool taken to its natural, apocalyptic extremes. They’d done this a dozen dozens times, had the script memorized. Oh the lines were improvised, but the plot was always the same, and a welcome comfort for that.

The plot was MOSTLY the same.

“You take that back!”

Haruka meant to jab a finger at Minako, but somewhere between her brain having the idea and her finger executing it, she forgot where Minako actually was and so jabbed at a beer bottle instead. It sailed backward, over the table, and was saved from an untimely end on the sticky dive bar floor only by Minako’s dulled, but still adequate, reflexes.

“Bottle can’t help it’s empty, bud.” She returned the dark glass longneck to their tabletop. Almost. It plummeted to the ground and smashed on impact, earning them a round of hoots and applause from the other patrons, all just as drunk, or well on their way.

Minako blinked down at the shards, struggling to focus. “Destiny,” she concluded with a shrug. Which would’ve been the end of it, if Minako had her way, but when did that ever fucking happen?

“YOU.” The finger came again, pointy and accusatory and this time deadly accurate, nailing Minako square between the eyes. She flinched and swatted at the annoyance like an entire swarm of bees had invaded her personal space. “YOU take that back!”

Minako smacked Haruka’s hand in three quick successions, finally driving it to retreat. “Take what back?!” she demanded, then added for good measure, “No!”

As if the anger was the only thing keeping her upright, Haruka slumped in her chair. Her head wasn’t quite buried in her lap, but if her torso was just a little bit shorter, she might have managed it. When she spoke, her voice was thick and miserable.

“How could you call Michiru a loser?”

Had Minako said that? She searched her fuzzy memory. They’d been talking about their latest battle, some second rate asshole who thought he could get an upgrade to Asshole First Class if he tried hard and believed in himself. He wanted a power boost, blah blah ginzuishou. Another day at the office, really, though it’d been a dicey few minutes when he’d tried to just drown them in monsters. If Michiru hadn’t been there, they might’ve …

Minako laughed, the beer amplifying everything to the point she had tears running down her cheeks from laughing so hard by the time Haruka managed to get through to her.

“S’not funny!” Haruka half-insisted, half -whined.

The fuck it wasn’t, but Minako gathered herself. Fucking lesbians, god love ‘em.

She smooshed her hands into either side of Haruka’s face, suppressing another round of giggles as Haruka’s lips poked out like a fish. “Oh, Haruka. Haruka.” Minako patted one cheek a little harder than necessary, but full of pure affection. “You’re the loser.”

Haruka blinked. “I’m the loser?” she repeated, words muffled slightly by her bulbous fish lips.

Sighing, Minako rested her forehead against Haruka’s, but didn’t relinquish the grip on her face. “Every single day.” There were a few more cheek slaps for good measure, then Minako shoved Haruka away and swept up another of the many surviving beer bottles. “I said, ‘Your wife is so much more badass than you’.”

“I’m a loser,” Haruka said again, slowly, concentrating hard.

“Yup!” Two, maybe three drops ran over the lip of the bottle and landed on Minako’s tongue. Disapproving, she peered inside to see who was holding out on her.

“Michiru is more badass than me.”

“So much more.” Shaking the bottle didn’t seem to dislodge its withheld bounty, which, for the record, was bullshit.

Haruka looked at Minako like she’d never seen anything so monumentally stupid in her entire life. “Way to state the fucking obvious, christ, Mina.”

“My bad,” Minako agreed, and flagged the server for another round.

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Oh I’m here for the salt (Also, this won’t touch anything from the last season, since I don’t know where you’re at)

  • I read somewhere once (and I don’t know if it’s true so take it with a grain of salt) that Noelle or someone said She-Ra is/was more feminine than Adora is comfortable with, and I think that tension is something that would play out beautifully if Adora was butch
  • The Horde doesn’t leave a lot of room for personal expression. Adora’s never had a choice, it’s just always been here’s your uniform, here’s a handful of approved haircuts, take it or be forced. She’s comfortable with it, and never has to examine why
  • And then she’s thrust into the Princess world where there’s SO MUCH choice, but also… there’s a lingering expectation that some choices shouldn’t be made
  • This is confirmed for the audience through Scorpia, who come Princess Prom mentions that she’s MADE the choices no one likes, and it’s only ever made her fit in less
  • She and Adora both attend in the least awful dresses they can find
  • (I do understand the love of big femme!Scorpia, but I’m here for butch wish fufilment)
  • And of course Adora has the extra struggle of transforming into She-Ra, who everyone likes, whose differences from Adora everyone seems to think are good
  • (Adora likes being taller, more muscular, having power flow through her veins, but she is sure that people respond just as much to She-Ra’s beauty, a beauty that’s so different from any way Adora might want to be beautiful)
  • When she makes her sacrifice and loses the ability to become She-Ra, it comes to a head, because she can’t be all the things She-Ra was. She doesn’t have that power, and she just can’t keep trying to be like the other Princesses
  • And she’s angry, maybe, that now Scorpia is there and Scorpia seems to be doing alright now, as she is, and no one’s asking Scorpia to change
  • (They have in the past, but Adora doesn’t know that, and the peace they’re at now is partly growth and partly that it just doesn’t matter in the face of everything happening)
  • (No one ever outright asked Adora to be different than she was, not in that way, but Glimmer has offered her dresses and make up and the implication is there, even if it was never meant)
  • Adora has to wrestle with who she is with She-Ra gone, and she feels like she’s not a Princess at all without her, like she doesn’t belong with them
  • And of course she is wrong, of course everyone accepts her, happily ever after etc
  • Also, this is insignificant, but Frosta’s a baby butch and she’s SO EXCITED to have two cool role models
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No no no. You’ve got this all wrong. Rei does not waste time. Rei carefully selects which of many possibilities are WORTHY of her time.

USAGI wastes time reading manga. Rei devotes an afternoon to keeping her finger on the pulse of popular culture and critically engaging in the current trends of media influence on society.

USAGI wastes time wandering around shopping districts. Rei keeps herself sharp with regular practice tracking down the best bargains, while keeping her wardrobe crisp and modern to ensure she can always make the best impression.

USAGI wastes time napping. Rei is attuned to the needs of her mind and body, and does whatever is necessary to maintain them at peak condition.

Nothing here is wasted, so the rest of the question is irrelevant. And use your time better, USAGI.

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Replies for Try again and do better


LOVE THIS TEN TEN. Love the language, the military precision it evokes.

Adora you disaster

I’m glad you liked the military timing thing! It seemed to make a lot of sense for Adora to schedule her day that way even though she’s been out of the Horde for a while now.


Owwwwwwwww 😭

We love to make our favs sufferrrr


anyway, I have a real soft spot for characters who live their lives in regimented ways, by formulas and patterens because there’s this idea that if you do something right enough can get results

I never really thought about that for Adora, but then again I haven’t given it that much thought, and I think it fits really nicely and well. I think you do a great job of firmly putting that into place, of giving us that feeling of structure as a trellis but also as a gate

Yeah you and Ren both commented on that tick I gave her, and I’m glad it came through well! It’s always interesting to me what folks see and headcanon individually for a character and sharing it with the group how that shakes out in various versions. 

Also “feeling of structure as a trellis but also as a gate” is so much better a way to put it than I ever could :D 


“and order from her friend. and order from her queen” is a fucking genus line and I am so pleased I got to read it

Thank you!!


I want to shake ADora SO HARD and tell her Catra’s whole fucking thing is not her fault. But it makes perfect sense to me that she thinks that

Oh yeah definitely. I really want to take another crack at it some other time at looking more at Glimmer and Adora in S4. I feel like through season 4 Adora recognizes the parallels in what is happening with Glimmer to Catra, both her relationship to her and Glimmer’s behaviors, but fixates on THE WRONG parts and ways to try and fix the situation. She sees the similarities with Catra but extrapolates all the wrong conclusions.


and the idea that pain is almost soothing to her was ACE-HIGH, I lived it, no notes.

WE LOVE TO MAKE OUR FAVS SUFFER. No but seriously, your writing has definitely influenced me in feeling like I can go those kinds of places with my own character choices. So definite high praise for me to hear you loved it.


This was such a good rich little slicelet, thank you for sharing it and also for telling me there were no spoilers ahah

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! It always means a lot that you take the time to leave thoughtful feedback and make the time to read my shit, even when it’s not always your bag (tho I know this is ahaha). <3 

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Well, my first thought is “I need to finish that damn drawing!” But I promised myself crochet orders first.

BACK TO OUR RAY OF SUNSHINE LENA. I have not done much with you of late, but oh you were the one that drew me into Overwatch. You were the face of the game and I LOVED it. This sweet tiny lady zipping around saying funny things won my heart pretty quick.

I could not play her to save my life.

(I admit I probably spent more money than I’d like getting some of her outfits too, but back then at least were you guaranteed to get what you wanted, or enough coins from duplicates for it to be worth it.)

She has such a beautiful friendship and family with Winston. Finding out about Emily was amazing. Having characters with disabilities, one of which was the “star” of the franchise is a cool thing to see.

She’s just full of so much hope even with everything she’s been through with the team and the world.

She said “the world could always use more heroes” and we really could stand to have a few more like her around. Bless you and your freckles, Lena Oxton.

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I see Haruka and Mina getting into fights all the time, about everything ranging from which shitty beer is the shittiest beer to who should get to go charging at a monster first and immediately regardless of plan. But which of those many fights are FOR REALS? That’s the thing.

Most aren’t. Most are just bluster and fun and blowing off steam. But now and again they hit on something. Haruka’s feeling a little extra self-destructive today, and when she pushes Mina away, she doesn’t care how hard she shoves. Mina’s running a little too high on righteousness and a little too low on patience, and doesn’t bother to pull her punches or temper her words. I think they both fail sometimes to recognize the flip side to how close they are, the ease with which they can hurt each other and the responsibility to NOT.

When it happens, though, the peace offering is usually in sincere apologies, brushed under some insignificant capitulation. “Fine, we’ll listen to your shitty pop music in the car for the next week.” “We’ll get whatever habanero disgusting bullshit you like on the next pizza and I won’t say a word.” Until they get drunk, then it’s soppy emotions and tears and hugs, and absolutely NO MENTIONING ANY OF THIS TOMORROW.

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docholligay replied to your post “Oh oh! Minako in 2, please”

She stole this from Haruka in my heart

oh absolutely a good 70% of Minako’s wardrobe is stolen from her friend’s closets.

“what are you doing in my room,” Haruka tries to say demandingly (but as it’s four in the morning and she’s still mostly asleep it comes out as a croak).

“mind your own business, I’m thrift shopping,” says Mina, inspecting a gaudily-patterned button-up.

thoughtfulfuri replied to your post “Usagi + 5 (a sharp suit) please!”

Omg yes! Perfect! I love this. She’s perfect and that caption!!!


oldschooltardis reblogged your post and added:

LOVE how you did the hair!!

thank you!! :D I love doing her hair so I’m always happy when other people like looking at it as much as I like drawing it ahaha

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Thanks Doc! I might take you up on this sometime! 

I swear though that I mostly meant my comments as a measure of perspective as I feel like it’s a pattern I see a lot during like your fic contests and other people I follow who don’t post fic often that their stuff goes without a ton of notice (you are actually very attentive to this stuff and I admire the shit out of you for that), so that particular post that was railing on people for letting fics go with only a couple hundred of notes and how useless those notes are was a bit galling. To even get notes can be wonderful. 

Still, I wouldn’t have felt the need to vent on my own if it wasn’t for the sheer condemnation with which was being thrown at people for specifically not reblogging. I don’t want to link to it of course though because it just made me need to vent and if I can’t put my comments where the poster can see it, then I don’t exactly have a place to point at them either. To each their own.

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As soon as I got remotely confident with the controls way back when the game came out and I was playing on XBox, I picked her up, and for a while, she was probably one of my strongest characters. She got me to high gold back when I played competitive (on the console). 

She was the face of the game and then they gave her Emily and omg I about lost my mind. She was so much fun, so cheerful, and now she had a girlfriend! I was thrilled! 

And of course she was only enhanced by you. I saw you were writing fic for her and omg that was amazing! At first, I tried to avoid it because I honestly wasn’t a fan of Tracer/Widow and live and let live right nbd but I’d catch glimpses and get sucked in. THANKS FOR THAT! But I always really enjoyed the Winston/Tracer friendship AND WHAT A FRIENDSHIP TO PUT IN THE GAME AND TO WORK OFF OF. The short with Doomfist was sooo good for that and I remember immediately thinking ‘Doc has to see this!’ 

She is so enhanced too by the take that she has ADHD and the added zest of greater exploration of just how bad being lost in time was, how Winston saved her. And I should hate you for Bert but it’s such a good addition to her story! And now we have Tracer/Emily married and Pharah and Tracer pals and even the way Tracer an Mercy can work off each other. She’s got so much goodness and light in her that she lights a room or a fic or a game (except when I’m Mercy and it’s an enemy Tracer and good lord someone pls help because she’s a Good character). 

Oh oh and her freckles yes! And her lightning and pink punk skins!! Love love love. She’s so much fun in so many ways and definitely you owe a lot to cultivating my love of her because she’s just so enriched in every way in your fics! 

I didn’t attempt to make this coherent. ENJOY UNEDITED/UNSTRUCTURED GUSHING

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Well first of all, yours is the canon Tracer in my heart. I’m still super behind on most of the fic but the bit I’ve read are beautiful and you bring so much life and love into that hyper little thing they tossed out into the world.

I love how she built this sweet little family around herself with Winston, Emily, and the others. Her moments with Pharah. Even in game she was very much my type of character even if I couldn’t play her worth anything. She’s just… so good. And to have her be the face of the series was amazing (even if they changed the game too much to keep me around for long). I love her with all my heart.

That she’s so expressive and just seems to throw herself into everything she does. She’s always a bit of work to draw, but there’s so much character to add that the details are always worth it.


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pasdechat said:

Loreal’s Sulfate Free line is a little pricey, but they do make one that works to give the hair more volume.  I’ve had good luck with their products.

I’ll write that down. Thanks!

initiala said:

Suave Bamboo and Aloe is similar, they sell it at Target and the like

We have a few in the area so that’ll be good to look into. Thanks!

docholligay said:

I have a ton of hair so this isn’t a thing I need but I’ll ask around!

Thanks! I have a lot of hair for my family, but it just sits there all flat and boring if I don’t use at least a little something. And it would be a good starting point for my sister when we’re trying to encourage her into finding the mental energy to get up and try things.

keyofjetwolf said:

The bottle style looks like it’s by OGX (

First place I checked. We use a lot of their shampoo and conditioner but sadly they don’t make this at all anymore. Which is a shame, I like what it does with my hair and I don’t react to anything in it!

rhiorhino said:

Oh shoot that looks kinda familiar, I’ll go check around and see if I find anything similar

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docholligay replied to your post “I had a dream last night that the Sailor Starlights showed up in…”

Wait I want this now

Bonus round, the generals finally capture Seiya and take her to the Dark Kingdom where Beryl’s all “You absolute morons, that’s not Endymion” but the Starlights see her and are like OH MY GOD, KAKYUU!?! because they both have red hair 

Beryl now has seven dumbasses to deal with but the Starlights are willing to worship her so she’ll take it

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