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sweetpeauserboxes · a day ago
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reuripotte · a day ago
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Doctor Otto Octavius
What if Alfred Molina's version of Otto Octavius ​​was the same as the cartoon?
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kellofello · 2 days ago
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Remembered Octo Docs honkers and wanted to draw the guy. In honor of his reckoning.
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pondering-and-wondering · 17 days ago
Concept: Sitting on one of the lab tables while Otto is tinkering. One of the tentacles comes over to you and just sort of hovers there right in front of your face. Naturally, you reach out to hold the claw and place a gentle kiss on the claw which causes it to spin widely and excitedly. Now the other tentacles are approaching you and they all want kisses. Now you’re just giving the sentient metal claws kisses and Otto doesn’t have his helpers. He’s a little mad until he turns his head and sees you doting on his tentacles and he’s unable to stay mad. You’ve always been able to find beauty and love in everything.
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valvilot · 3 months ago
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cakebird-art · 5 days ago
You can pretend to hate it all you like Otto, we know the truth ( ͡♥ ͜ʖ ͡♥)
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Thank you for the request @guillermomybeloved!
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gurlbye-1 · 22 days ago
Imagine villians fighting hero's then their wife's call them for dinner they are like"goodbye it was nice warmup but my love is calling me "
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veiledhoney · 22 days ago
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Oh no he’s hot
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yelena-bellova · a month ago
friendly reminder that there’s still a lot of people who are or have loved ones who are immunocompromised and can’t go to the theaters to see no way home so please tag your dang spoilers. some of us would like to watch it from home with as little spoiled as possible 🙏🏻
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ravenclawprobz · a month ago
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Idk what to do with my life now that I’ve seen No Way Home, it was perfect
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yamato017 · a month ago
And finally, the ship
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rubbish78 · 15 days ago
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Alfred Molina as Otto Octavius in Spider-Man 2 (2004)
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reuripotte · an hour ago
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Otto Octavius ​​fights
Spider-Man No Way Home (2021) Dir. Jon Watts
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kellofello · a day ago
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Still gotta color, shade, and figure out what I wana do with his metal snake children. I'll finish em later.
Gotta gloss the honks.
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pauwulin · 26 days ago
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cakebird-art · 17 days ago
I just think they’re neat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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acid-witch-baby · a month ago
FOR MALE READERS?? God, I'm in heaven
Would be OK if I request for an scenario (or whatever you feel) of Otto x a reader who loves to take care of his claws, like talking to them, cleaning them when he sees a stain because he can't stand seeing them dirty, he loves to gently caress them...
And what would be Otto's reaction to his affection !!
Of course you can ignore this if you don't feel like writing it, have a nice day <33
A/N: I was literally thinking about this kind of scenario all day lol!
Cleaning Otto’s Claws And Showing Them Affection
Otto Octavius x Male Reader
Fem readers please dni
Tumblr media
- When you first meet Otto he is very hesitant about letting you touch his tentacles because he doesn’t have complete control over them. He tries to change the subject or move them away when you ask or try and touch them, let alone clean them. “They are very dangerous and have taken many lives” as he likes to put it. Once you are further into the relationship and he gets more control over them, he will slowly start to let you touch them.
- Otto even told you that they all had names which you found adorable. (Larry, Harry, Mo, Flo.) Finally one day he lets you clean them for the first time and it was…an experience. You didn’t realize how much personality and sass each arm had until you started to create a cleaning routine with them. Flo is the sassiest. During said routine you usually sit in Otto’s lap with a rag and cleaning supplies and get to work starting with Larry, then Mo, next is Harry, and lastly Flo since Flo is the trickiest one out of all of them.
- Otto loves watching his bf play with the appendages on his back. Especially when they start to tease you by grabbing things you are holding and hold it up higher so you have to kind of wrestle them. He also loves how you speak to them like they are pets. (he does also think it’s kinda weird) “Flo gimme back that rag! it’s not play time, I’m trying to clean Harry!” you bark at Flo making Otto let out a deep chuckle. Oftentimes when Otto and you are lounging about anywhere, you will start to coo and praise them. You have noticed when you start to praise them, the tentacles will start to get so happy that they start to flap their claws. Like how a human stims!
- When Otto sees you make the claws stim for the first time, he is astounded by this. He has never seen his tentacles act like this towards anyone. He is definitely gonna look more into that. Otto could watch you for hours just sitting by him or in his lap playing around and showing affection. You often catch him looking at you with half hooded eyes and a love sick grin making you laugh every time you catch him.
- When it comes to sleeping except a lot of arms holding you. While yes you’ll be sleeping next to, on top of, or under Otto, his claws will always be joining you guys as well. Their favorite position is to have you on top of Otto with your head on his chest while Mo is draped across your hip, Flo nuzzling your thigh, Larry’s claw is resting against your head gently, and Harry keeping watch over all of you while Otto has his arm around your waist. Usually you wake up in the morning by Larry petting you or Mo nuzzling against your face as a wake up call.
- In total Otto thinks your relationship with his claws is delightful and strange (in a good way). It feels nice for him to just laze around with you by his side keeping company. You make him feel calm and content.
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1nd1gnant · 4 months ago
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Good morning :--)
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veiledhoney · 13 days ago
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Wow that after credits scene where Otto and Norman live happily together in the rami verse was really something
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ravenclawprobz · 4 days ago
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You don’t wanna know how loud I laughed at this 
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