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#doctor octopus
schmude · 2 days ago
While rewatching 90s Spider-Man...I couldn't NOT draw this.
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movieexpert1978 · a day ago
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Day 6 of Doc Ocktober : Touch 
Mostly fluff here as Doc Ock is feeling lonely 
The rain seemed to be going on forever these days. She couldn’t do much this weekend as it was supposed to be raining on and off. She turned on the TV looking for something to watch when she heard a familiar tap on her balcony doors. She waited and when she heard it again she got up and opened the doors. Otto Octavious or Doc Ock as the papers called him walking in quickly with one of the arms closing the door behind him. He took his sunglasses off and she saw that he looked sad.
“What’s wrong?”
“I just wanted to see you.” He said quietly. She hugged him and gasped.
“Otto, you’re soaked! Come on, let’s get these dry.” She says trying to take his coat.
“You don’t…”
“Zip it.” She snapped. “You’re staying here tonight. You know I got some extra clothes for you.” She said.
“Alright.” He relented with a small smile. Once he changed she put what clothes she could into the dryer for him. She made him some hot tea with a little extra honey before she sat down with him with extra blankets on.
“What’s wrong Otto?” She asked again.
“I just…I just missed you.” He said. He pulled her into his arms and rested his head on her chest as she held him. The arms wrapped around them protectively. “The rain…it’s so cold…it makes me feel lonely.” He whispers.
“I’m not going anywhere Otto.” She said sincerely.
“I know…but I’ve been busy. I haven’t seen you in a while.” He said. “I’m sorry about that.”
“It’s alright. I see you in the paper.” She teases. “Maybe I can come see you one of these days?” She suggested.
“No, it’s too dangerous.” He says. She reluctantly nods. Now he pulls her in so her head is on his chest now. He smiles as he feels nice and warm. He kisses the top of her head. He just wants to stay with her as the world goes by. “Sometimes it’s too quiet in the lab. It’s not the same as here.” He said looking out the window.
“You miss the city?”
“A little bit…just the background noise. I keep thinking I’m hearing things when I’m not.”
“I do that all the time.” She nods. He rubs her back gently and she lets out a soft hum.
“I just want to touch you…feel you…feel the warmth of another person.” She inched up as close as she could to him and rubbed at his chest and shoulders. He buried his face into her neck and smelled the lavender soap on her. He clutched her tightly as if she could disappear if he let go. The arms helped him up as he carried her into the bedroom. They curled up under the sheets and Otto just held her. “I missed this.” He whispered.
“Me too.”
He kisses her tenderly and caresses her face. They hold each other for the rest of the night. She falls asleep before him, but Otto doesn’t mind. The rain keeps falling but it doesn’t bother him now, not with her beside him.
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dilfdocock · 2 days ago
Acting Out [Chapter 1]
Tumblr media
Being kidnapped by Doc Ock has become a pretty routine part of your life, but when your relationship with the scientist becomes heated, the idea of him taking you hostage becomes much less mundane.
[Read on Ao3]
This lovely work is inspired by some art pieces created by my friend @harry-larry-flo-and-mo​
Being kidnapped by Doctor Octopus had become a regular part of your life at this point. At first, you had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The next couple of times, you’d been a convenient choice. After that, the villain ended up digging into your background and finding out what an advantageous hostage you make given your family’s economic and political connections. It seemed as though every couple of weeks you were finding yourself in the middle of a new scheme the scientist had concocted. Millions upon millions of people in New York, but you were constantly finding yourself in this man’s clutches.
You knew you should be complaining, or at the very least in fear for your life, but you had stopped feeling put off by the kidnappings after the fifth or sixth instance. Despite being an evil mastermind, Doctor Octopus, or Otto (a name you’d learned after doing a bit of your own research), was an incredibly polite man. You’d often find yourself locked away in his lair for hours, and he would offer you food, drinks, and time to walk around or go to the bathroom. During a particularly long stay, perhaps the eighth time he took you, he offered to teach you how to play chess.
You couldn’t imagine things were like this with most other villains and their hostages. You’d heard plenty of horror stories, seen the news articles about people who never made it back to their loved ones, and it was all horrifying. Otto, strangely enough, wasn’t like that. You’d witnessed him get violent with Spider-Man, and even some other villains, but civilians never served any purpose to him except as bargaining chips and pawns. Maybe those rationalizations were how you justified the position you found yourself in the eleventh time he kidnapped you.
The two of you were alone in the main control room, where he kept an eye on various security cameras he’d hacked into throughout the city, as well as special cameras embedded in the suits of the other members of his group to monitor their actions. You’d gotten used to watching the cameras as a pass time, so much so that you recognized some of the locations while out walking and would discreetly wave, wondering each time if Otto could see you. This time, however, your back was to the cameras. One thing had simply led to another, from a joke to a teasing insult to an attempt at intimidation that was much more arousing to you than it should have been, all ending with you backed up against the control panel, hands gripping the edge of the table.
“You’re playing with fire,” he all but growls.
You weren’t sure what possessed you to be so bold in that moment. Perhaps it wasn’t boldness, but some other overwhelming emotion, that warmed you from the inside out and drove you to say, “Maybe I want to get burned, Doctor.”
The passionate kiss that followed was the start of your very secret and very complicated relationship with Doctor Otto Octavius. Now, nothing was more exciting than seeing him, whether he was kidnapping you in the middle of the city in broad daylight, or sneaking into your apartment in the middle of the night. Nothing was more thrilling than the touch of his hands or claws. Nothing was more arousing than his mere presence.
But one day, his antics had you wondering about something. From what you’d read, and from what he’d told you himself, Otto was not the same man he was before the accident that fused his creation to his body. He had become far more confident, intimidating, and combative. It made you curious about what he would have been like in the bedroom before his accident. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t imagine him being as dominant as he is now. But still, you wondered if you could push him a bit farther.
“I’ve been thinking,” you say, coming to stand beside him. One of his mechanical arms wraps around you and you smile.
“That sounds awfully dangerous, my dear, but do go on.”
You roll your eyes. “I’ve been thinking about when you used to kidnap me.”
He gives you a confused look. “Am I not currently holding you for ransom?”
“You and I both know there’s no reason to pretend things are the same now as when they started. I pop up in the middle of the city for no reason just so you can nab me.”
“So you go looking for danger,” he says, switching through a few of the cameras.
You sigh. “Fine, whatever,” you reply, beginning to unwrap the tentacle from your waist. The other three join in, causing you to gasp. They drag you closer to Otto, who finally turns to face you.
“Tell me what’s been going on in that gorgeous brain of yours,” he purrs.
For a moment, you feel like there’s nothing in your head but static. When you finally pull yourself together, you say, “I want you to kidnap me like it’s the first time.”
You’ve never seen Otto look so intrigued.
“Then what?” he prompts, his tone giving away the fact that he’s already figured out what you want.
“I… Well, I’m sure you can guess, brilliant criminal mastermind that you are.”
He grins, showing off those impossibly sharp canines that make you press your thighs together.
“I want to hear you say it. Go on, now. Tell me what you want.” His hand comes up to grip your chin, forcing you to maintain eye contact. “I can’t read minds, you know.”
“You try to intimidate me, threaten me, but I just keep talking back. You think I’m more trouble than I’m worth until you realize it’s all just a game, and that I’m trying to hide how attracted I am to you. I shouldn’t be, because you’re a supervillain, and I’m your hostage, but I just can’t help myself.”
“What else, darling?” he encourages. The tentacles around you begin to constrict. “There’s something else, I know there is.”
“You, um… You realize that there’s a way for you to give us both what we want and correct my behavior.”
Otto chuckles. “I wasn’t aware your behavior was in need of correcting.”
You pause, wondering if you would push him to be rougher right now. The idea makes your stomach tie itself in knots. You want it so badly.
“Maybe you should pay closer attention, Doctor,” you say, forcing yourself to sound more insulting.
Once again, you catch a glimpse of those sharp teeth. His hand moves from your chin to your throat, testing the waters as he wraps his fingers around your neck. He doesn’t apply pressure, just holds on gently, but you can’t help the way you relax in his grasp.
“Don’t test me,” he whispers, “or I will forego these games and take you, here and now, without any consideration for your own desires.”
“Won’t hear me complaining,” you reply softly, nearly drunk off the moment. You manage to organize your thoughts, though, wanting to push him harder. “Or maybe I will. We’ll just have to see.”
He slams you against the wall without warning, and you can’t help the moan you let out. He looms over you, and the hand around your throat begins to squeeze.
“You just want to see me angry, don’t you? You want to enrage me past the point of return, to run that mouth of yours until I find more useful ways to occupy it. You want me to be vicious, overpowering, and fuck your brains out. You want me to own you and to ruin you. There will be no mistake as to what happened when I’m finished, I can assure you of that. No one will be able to look at you when you’re rescued without putting the pieces together. But that’s what you want, isn’t it? You want everyone to know exactly what you’ve become.”
“Otto,” you whimper, clutching at his wrist.
He releases your throat and you breathe in deeply. His hand moves up to caress your cheek.
“Poor thing,” he says. “You look flushed. Perhaps you should go lie down and rest.” He pecks you on the cheek as his tentacles unravel themselves from you. “You know where my room is, dear. Go on, I’ll check on you when the others return.”
You can’t find it in yourself to argue, especially not with the promise of being checked on later. You nod, giving him a kiss before leaving the room. You find your way to his bedroom, not bothering to flick the lights on, simply stripping and sliding into bed.
And if your hand happened to wander between your legs, well, that was your business.
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beif0ngs · 10 months ago
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Dr. Olivia Octavius
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)
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artaline · a month ago
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there are many benefits to being a multiverse scientist
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