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Daydreamtober day 19: Nature. A lot of the headcanons I saw relating to this had to do with Stephen not ‘getting along’ with nature, and this went against every thought I had of the man and his plants. So, instead, we’re emphasizing his ultimate introvert(ism). 💛


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Drax: *eating*

Wong: Guys-



Wong: Guys-

Bruce: OMG



Wong: Guys-


Bruce: OMG

NEBULA: *takes blades*


Wong: Guys-

Bruce: OMG

Wanda: Guys please let’s be rational

Bucky: oh noes

Stephen: What is it Wong?

Wong: There are two Drax.

Everyone: ……….

Drax 1: *eating*

Drax 2: *eating*

Quill: Oh no….

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The Strange Family-Teaser


Summary: Y/N takes Nightmare’s deal to create a new reality, one where they could have normal lives and everybody lived.

Based off WandaVision

Alternate Ending to Whispers in the Dark

“Yes, I could bring your father back from the dead,” Nightmare says. “Hell, I could make it so he never died in the first place. I could take you back, back to before everything with Thanos happened. Think about it, you and Strange would be alive and happy. You could be one big happy family. Your little sister, what’s her name— Morgan— could grow up with a father.”

“What’s the catch?” Y/N asks.

“I get his body,” Nightmare says,pointing to Stephen. “What? You didn’t think I would do it out of the kindness of my heart, do you?”

“Why his body?” Y/N asks.

“Strange’s mortal form is surprisingly resilient.”

“You’re insane,” Y/N says.

“You should do it,” Stephen says, walking up to her.

“What? No, I can’t! You would be possessed by this asshole for eternity, you dumbass!”

“I would be with you,” Stephen says. “Think, none of this would have happened.”

“Okay… Let’s do it.” Y/N looks up at the creature. “Nightmare, I accept your terms.”

She barely blinked, and she was back in the sanctum. It was eerily quiet. She had gotten used to the noise from the kids, it was anxiety inducing. She wondered if Stephen was even there.

Her question was answered when he walked into the room, smiling. “Good morning beautiful,” he says. “Are you excited?”

“For what?” she asks.

“Our wedding day, don’t tell me you forgot?” Stephen chuckles.

She blinked. “Stephen, what day is it?”

“May 31,” he answers.

“And the year?” He looks at her like she’s crazy.

“Are you drunk?” he asks.

“Just answer the question.”


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Imagine: Trying to put a few Halloween decorations in the New York Sanctum.


Walking with a thick volume with intentions on returning it, you stopped in your tracks.

What?” You had stopped by a side table. Tilting your head, you questioned yourself.

Didn’t I put a glow in the dark pumpkin there? Was it yesterday or the day before?

You made your way to the library at a faster pace.

If Strange threw it out or something…

Already suspicious and finding that another Halloween decoration was missing from a spot on the wall, you walked into the library. You weren’t one for confrontation, but taking down decorations was not okay.

Wong sat quietly at a table. A book laid in front of him and a pumpkin.


You let out a small laugh.

He looked up.

“Feeling festive, Wong?”


Originally posted by wongthelibrarian

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Butterfly Affect •||• 1


Summary: {Thor x Darcy Lewis}DISCLAIMER: The title is intentionally spelled that way. Time travel involved, play on words ;)


Something happened after the events of Ragnarok that send Loki and Thor back through time, with the help of Doctor Stephen Strange. Right at the events of… Thor’s car crash? Everything’s the same, even who they were, except that they remember their futures as if it were the past. Thor wants to find a way back home. Loki wonders if there was a reason they were sent to that specific time. Doctor Strange says that there’s one thing that they can change. Darcy Lewis’s future.


•Thor (2011)•

It was just after Thor and Loki pulled apart from their embrace that Stephen Strange decided to open a portal into Thor’s bed chambers. Asgard was gone, the brothers had made up, and there were plenty wounded. Of course, some things you can’t prevent or change for the sake of the timeline. But there was one thing that he knew needed to be changed. For the sake of the entire universe.

“I need your help,” he said, taking a deep breath. His heart raced, and he had just enough time to take in the warm, brown room before adding on: “I hope to whatever God there is that you grabbed the Tesseract.”

Loki arched a slender brow at the wizard. “Help? With what, exactly?” Stephen noticed how he dodged the subject of the Tesseract, mentally tucking that information away as Loki kept talking. “We destroyed Asgard and pushed along Ragnarok—”

“That’s just it!” Stephen snapped at him. Loki closed his mouth. Thor hadn’t said anything, just watched, which the sorcerer was grateful for; he wasn’t sure he had the patience to repeat himself. “Ragnarok wasn’t supposed to happen, yet. Because of mistakes made in 2011, half the universe will die.”

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Ok, this is so damn sad. So, Peter realized in FFH that giving away the glasses to Quentin wasn’t the smartest idea but, at the same time, he knows the next Iron Man would have never done that, which means that EDITH is not made for him (at least in his mind). It takes him longer than he’d like to admit to realize that the only person Tony trusted with his life the exact same moment they meet him is Dr Strange. 

Which means that he can entrust Tony’s control to Stephen Strange. Because, you know, Tony trusted him, and Peter trusts him too (way more than Tony used to). Stephen doesn’t want to. Let’s say that this is a universe where not only he fell for Tony, but where he has a good relationship with Morgan and, for this reason, Pepper can’t stand him considering him responsible for Tony’s death (just because I’m salty at Pepper 24/7 and I love the idea of Morgan being a little ray of sunshine in everyone’s lives. But when Peter tells him what happened in Europe, Stephen decides it’s for the better. 

What Peter didn’t tell him is that he can basically use the glasses to control everything Tony created and that the AI inside of them is like a sort of Tony. Stephen is curious, he might not seem like this but he needs to know and he’s only willing to know more about those glasses so he decides to wear them. And he’s extremely surprised when the first voice he hears is Tony’s telling him that the kid would really trust whoever has a nice goatee. 

Follows sleepless nights of astral projected Stephen and AI Tony speaking about everything and nothing until it’s time for the Sorcerer Supreme to be a productive human being once again. 

Now, that’s a little headcanon. For the more canonical version, let’s just say that I'd like to see this, but as I mentioned yesterday, this would put Stephen in a focal position in the Spiderman movie, a position which I highly doubt he will be in. (To explain it better, I expect Stephen to have the same screentime Tony had in Homecoming instead of the one Happy had in Far From Home). That said, it would totally be excruciating for both Stephen and Peter to have to make that conversation about Tony and, most importantly for Stephen to somehow have the opportunity to speak again with Tony. 

For once, I’m kinda happy RDJ won’t be, not even as voice actor, in this movie because my heart wouldn’t be able to take it. 

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Person on airplane: Help! Help!!! Is anyone here a doctor???

Tony: I AM!

Tony: *stands and rushes over, clearing his throat*

Tony: Empty space is not empty in the same way .999999 barred equals 1!


Bruce: Tony… let me handle this

Bruce: The reason why half-lives are a bitch is because they decrease exponentially meaning they will never truly go away

Stephen: For fucks sake, move your dumb asses

Stephen, kneeling down and assessing the patient: we can have a PhD flex-off later

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I think it’s a matter of miraculous incidents being a better way of disregarding realism - at least as defined in shared superhero narratives - than “they trained really hard/bought what they needed”. And even then you’ve still got Batman and Doctor Strange and the like.

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