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#doctor strange
thesuperheroesnetwork2 days ago
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dyns3322 hours ago
Strange : "Loki, go clean your mess. Wong, prepare the portal. Y/N, find the right formula."聽
Wizard Y/N : "Yes Father."聽
Strange : "..."聽
Wizard Y/N : "... I mean. Master. Yes Master."聽
Loki : "The mess is cleaned, Father."聽
Strange : "Excuse me ?"聽
Wong : "The portal is ready, Father."聽
Strange : "What are you doing ?"聽
Peter : "Can I help too, Father ?"聽
Wizard Y/N : "... I don't know if you are trying to help me or mock me ?"聽
Loki : "A bit of both darling. While messing with Stephen."聽
Strange : "... Weirdly, I rather have you calling me 'father' than 'Stephen'."聽
Peter : "Why Father Stephen ?"聽
Strange : "You all stop this right now. I'm only Y/N's father... I mean Master !"聽
Loki : "He said it ! He said it !"聽
Wong : "And I recorded it. I sent it to everyone. Tony says it's nothing new. Natasha says it's cute. Thor wants to know if Loki aks for permission before courting the lizard."聽
Loki : "I did. He said 'I'm not their father, do what the hell you want, but hurt them and you're dead', exactly what a good father would say."聽聽
Peter : "I wonder what your father would have say to Y/N."聽
Loki : "Something like 'I'm not his father, do what the hell you want'."聽
Peter : "... I'm hoping for a joke or something, but I can feel it's not coming."聽
Loki : "Maybe he would have add 'why would you want to date Loki ? Thor is way better, even if he's too good for you, tiny human'."聽
Wizard Y/N : "Fathe... Master, can you hug Loki, I think he needs a father figure's hug."聽
Strange, sighing but hugging Loki : "... Whatever."聽
Wizard Y/N : "Loki, accept the hug and don't stab my Master."聽
Loki, putting the dagger away : "Yes darling."
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skiplo-wave2 days ago
Stephen: So this is your girlfriend?
Peter: Yup!
Stephen: hmm you like magic?
Mj: Dark magic or whatever to piss off my neighbors who are total Karen鈥檚
Stephen: You鈥檒l make a great daughter in law. Now why don鈥檛 I show you possessed garden gnomes
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mysiepereira3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 7/25 of drawing MCU Christmas prompts 馃巹鉁
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stark-strange-love2a day ago
Steve: you鈥檙e late to the avengers meeting again.
Peter: sorry I saw a dog
Tony: that鈥檚 what you said last week
Peter: yes, the dog lives in my house
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funkylittlebidiot2 days ago
Stephen is so fucking stupid I hate him so much 鈥測our ward鈥 what is this 1860s London? No one has ever told this man to stfu and that鈥檚 why he鈥檚 like this
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Stephen: I love the pedestrian-to-car staredown when you see them go from a rolling stop to a full stop. That's what the fuck I thought. Vehicularly manslaughter me about it.
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skiplo-wavea day ago
Stephen: *trying make tea*
Tea kettle: enter password
Stephen:..........*enters Tony's name*
Tea Kettle: that is incorrect you have 2 more attempts
Stephen: >:/ *enters his name*
Tea Kettle: That is incorrect you have on more attempt
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ironfam-wizard21 hours ago
Stephen walks to the living room to find the love of his life, Anthony, sitting on the couch looking at the family album.
Breathing shallowly
Gray hair
Battered body
Skin papery thin
Tony is old, but not him. Immortality is something that he never chose; it was granted by the time stone and he had never known before. As he walked in, taking a moment to stare at his husband, he walked forward and sat beside him.
Tumblr media
Stephen: Hey...*pull tony to his chest*
Tony: *smile* Stephy....
Stephen: *chuckle* Love... what鈥檙e you looking at?
Tony:聽Our sons...*take a deep breathe* Peter and Harley...They are so busy nowadays with SI, but I'm still glad they come to visit me every week. I know they are trying to give me more time to spend with you, but I missed them *coughing*
Stephen: I can portal them here in a split second. Just say the word, love.
Tony: NO! NO! *cough* wait, I mean, that鈥檚 a good idea, but I want to stay like this with you too *sigh*
Stephen: Okay... *kiss tony鈥檚 hair*
Tony: Stephen, Please take care of them when I can't anymore.
Stephen: I will, love... *whisper with a hoarse voice*
He took Tony鈥檚 hands in both of his and clinging to him like a lifeline, Tony chuckled slowly and kiss Stephen鈥檚 jaw.
Tony: Thank you for you beautiful love, Stephen....
He can't hide his sadness from him. He let Tony lean against him with rattling breaths, until he didn鈥檛 hear it anymore.
Stephen: Thank you for staying with me until the end, love
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stark-strange-love22 days ago
Stephen: I鈥檓 absolutely furious. Today my therapist said that my deep seated spite and 鈥淚 don鈥檛 give a fuck鈥 mentality is because of buried trust issues, my scarring childhood, and emotional trauma NOT because 鈥淚鈥檓 a Scorpio鈥
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Strange tells Peter, MJ, and Ned to聽鈥淪COOBY-DOO THIS CRAP鈥 but,,,, that鈥檚 about solving mysteries and unmasking the mysterious antagonist at the end
Unless we鈥檙e planning on ripping Willem Dafoe鈥檚 face off at the end of the movie, I don鈥檛 think Mr. Doctor is up to date on his pop culture references
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ur-old-tv2 days ago
Tumblr media
Mom come pick me up I'm scared
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funkylittlebidiota day ago
I had a lot of thoughts about Doctor Strange in the shower just now
Decided to follow the mutes鈥 advice and mention my Stephen shower thoughts anyway but only because I want to publish the essay.
Stephen is an asshole. He鈥檚 arrogant. Self-absorbed. Narcissistic. Over-confident (though in general I don鈥檛 think there鈥檚 such a thing as being too confident - love yourselves, babes).
He hasn鈥檛 held a decent conversation with anyone in years. Most of his socialization comes from the many hours he鈥檚 spent in an OR with people that - for all intents and purposes - work for him. People that would never dare disagree with him or show their contempt. 聽Basically, he spends a good 40 hours a week in a room where everything he says - no matter how unfunny, stupid, or awkward, or just plain rude and offensive - is positively received.
40 hours that are just filled with his own monologue, about his own life, the things that annoy or fascinate him. At most, he鈥檒l ask about a random nurse鈥檚 children, while immediately forgetting their names, and will feel good about that charity for the rest of the week.
I鈥檓 not trying to say Stephen鈥檚 a bad person, it鈥檚 just a fact that he鈥檚 overconfident in his own people skills and has an inflated ego because he鈥檚 used to being the most important person in the room. Even among his own peers, people won鈥檛 argue with him because from the moment he stepped into medical school - and even before that - he鈥檚 had a leg up on them by having an eidetic memory.
He鈥檚 used to people bending to his will and having everything be easy.
The only thing he ever had to work for, was his surgery skill. That鈥檚 not something he can simply learn by reading a book once. Or maybe the techniques themselves, the possible complications and what you should do when something goes wrong, can be learned, but the actual movements require muscle memory. The steadiness of his hands needs to be trained.
So, as the one skill he has truly worked hard for, he鈥檚 rightfully very proud of it, and clings onto it with everything he has. But it鈥檚 also because he鈥檚 so proud of this accomplishment and because he uses it as irrefutable proof that he鈥檚 beyond everyone else even without his eidetic memory to aid him, that he鈥檚 too afraid to do anything too complicated in case he has to face the fact that even he can make mistakes. And god forbid he鈥檚 like a normal mediocre person who does things wrong sometimes.
In the shower there was another tangent about Kamar Taj and how he still just talks to people (Wong, Mood, even the AO) not really with but this is already too long as it is but the gist is just that while in Kamar Taj he鈥檚 a lot more understated because he鈥檚 learning a new skill he doesn鈥檛 immediately excel at with the added disability of his hands not cooperating. He barely bothers to try because he doesn鈥檛 think he鈥檒l ever be as good as the rest so what鈥檚 the point.
He slowly gains his confidence back once he starts succeeding in his spellwork and realizes his hands won鈥檛 hold him back from magic at all but even then he doesn鈥檛 allow himself to reach the same levels of self-importance or claim himself to be the best until he鈥檚 learned every book in the library and knows everything there is to know which would take a few more months at least.
It鈥檚 only the words 鈥榠t鈥檚 not about you鈥 that really shatter his conception of the world and break through his delusions of grandeur.
It doesn鈥檛 matter whether he鈥檚 the most talented sorcerer. It didn鈥檛 matter that he was the best surgeon in New York. It didn鈥檛 matter and no one cared because it鈥檚 not ABOUT HIM.
It wasn鈥檛 about who he was or what he could do, it mattered what he could do for others.
The only point of being better than everyone else, is being able to do things others can鈥檛. Being able to perform miracles in the eyes of people that can do less. What use is being the best when you鈥檙e only doing procedures a mediocre surgeon could do? While there鈥檚 an entire list of patients whose only hope is a complicated procedure only the best could hope to accomplish.
So, when Dormammu came to their universe, Stephen is faced with the fact that he鈥檚 the only one that has used the eye of Agamotto before, that he鈥檚 the only one with a plan, the only one that could even hope to attempt a risky move like the bargain. And he did it, despite the possibility of failure, despite the risk to himself, because he realized that everyone would be worse off if he didn鈥檛 at least try.聽
He鈥檚 learning from his mistakes, and he鈥檚 been humbled.
So now, when he does risky shit and performs spells above his skill level, it鈥檚 not because he thinks himself better than he is - actually, he鈥檚 never been arrogant in his own abilities as he never overstates his skills, in fact he even used to understate them by giving up too easily - it鈥檚 because he wants to make up for all the risks he didn鈥檛 take.
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incorrectkamartaja day ago
Sorcerer Supreme Wong: [giving Stephen a mission file] I need you to kill this man.
Stephen: Wong, this is a picture of myself.
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