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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#doctor strange

tony and stephen insult and snipe at each other every time they meet, which leads onlookers (i.e. the other avengers) to wonder if they actually LIKE each other as people.

but then, a spell for reverting an ancient galactic evil into its egg form goes awry…and along with the bad guy, tony and stephen morph into tiny babies, less than a year old, babbling and crawling around.

as the avengers rush to find ways to reverse the spell on the bad guy, they put stephen and tony together. and they’re surprised to find the babies form an instant bond. tony barely has control of his hands, but he likes putting stuff together; stephen likes BRINGING him stuff to put together and watch him work. when stephen babbles, it’s like tony understands and babbles back. and when tony cries because one of his towers of junk fell over, stephen comes over immediately to comfort him and check for boo-boos.

when the avengers find the two babies sleeping soundly in each other’s arms, they briefly ponder leaving them that way for good. but then they remember that they need the two grown men to help them defend humanity, and reluctantly step up their efforts to reverse the spell xD

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Tini Howard & Pornsak PICHETSHOTE (W)
Andy MacDonald & Lalit Kumar Sharma (A) COVER BY Ariel Olivetti
The Sanctum Sanctorum holds all of the bizarre and dark relics that Doctor Strange has accumulated on his journey as the Sorcerer Supreme. But when one of those relics awakens and begins wreaking havoc in the halls, will Doctor Strange be able to wrangle back control…or will his Sanctum be transformed into his own personal hell? Find out in this epic Annual from Tini Howard (THANOS), Pornsak Pitchetshote (INFIDEL), and more!
40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99

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Here’s my quick, quick attempt to join the bandwagon for the #sixfanartschallenge trending on twitter and instagram.
I decided to go with my Tim Burton-esque style. It’s not my best work, but it was a fun challenge to participate in.

Side note, I had totally forgotten until I got the “Han Solo” request that I worked for Harrison Ford as a translator once. He was such a gentleman and a professional. He was so good we actually wrapped early, which almost never happens.

Please click on the pic if it’s blurry. (*shakes fist* Damn you, Tumblr!)

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Supreme Fam as Various John Mulaney Quotes
Stephen: I'll keep all my emotions right here and then one day I'll die
Also Stephen: I look back on being 17 and think, 'Oh my God, how did I not die?'
Peter, about MJ: I have a girlfriend now myself, which is weird because I’m probably gay based on the way I act and behave
Tony: I grabbed it, drank all of it, and said, ‘It’s perfume.’ And it w a s
Peter: My vibe is like, 'hey you could probably pour soup in my lap and I’ll apologize to you'
Harley: Sometimes, babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all
Christine, the voice of reason: No one cared what I thought
Harley: I think Emily Dickison is a lesbian
Stephen: Eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
Stephen: I will pepper in the fact that I am gay
Peter: I look like I was just sitting in a room in a chair eating Saltines for like 28 years and then I walked right out here
Peter: Ooh, ducklings!
Tony: My Dad loved me. He just didn’t care about my general happiness or self-esteem
Tony to Peter and Harley: You are never too young to learn our national 'no snitching' policy
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I shared this AU idea with a few friends. I really like it and might even write it. Not sure, tho.

My brain is occupied with a cute fake dating idea I had. And I know it’s super weird, because it’s Christmas related, lol.

It’s a complete AU, so Tony’s parents are still alive, and they want him to come home for Christmas. Every year they throw a bigass party and invite family and everyone important, so it’s very important to them to keep up appearances. Obviously it’s a big no-no that Tony is single, and so they pester him to find a decent date for Christmas. At least for the party.

Tony is so annoyed at one point that he tells them he already is in a committed relationship. And then he panics, because it’s a complete lie, and Christmas is only two weeks away. How  is he supposed to get into a relationship til then?! Well, it’s basically impossible, so Tony does what Tony does best—he fixes this.

He thinks, if he has to attend this clusterfuck of a party, and has to spend the whole holidays at home with his very much hated father, he’ll do it with style. So he discretely searches for someone, who’ll pretend to be his s/o for the holidays for a good chunk of money. And to really spite his father, this person has to be a man. Because god beware a Stark to be gay! Howard will flip, Tony is sure about that.

Enter Stephen, who is a desperate med student, and doesn’t have the money for his next tuition. He stumbles upon Tony’s ad and isn’t opposed to the idea of fake dating another guy, so he contacts him. There’s no family waiting for him for the holidays anyway, so he doesn’t care much of spending them somewhere else, pretending to be the very gay boyfriend of someone he has never met.

He is young and needs the money, duh.

Fast forward to them going to the Stark mansion for the holidays. Howard gives them a lot of shit, but in the end Tony makes sure they’re sleeping in the same room, in the same bed. If he can spite his father, he does it as best as he can!

And then there’ll be a lot of cutesie stuff they do to sell their act. Like going ice-skating together and Stephen teaching Tony how to ice-skate. And they drink hot chocolate with whipped cream, which ends in them getting their whiskers white as snow. Playing outside, because one of them started to throw snowballs at the other, ending with them lying in the snow, laughing and panting, cheeks and noses red with cold, looking at each other, faces just a few inches apart.

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