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Doctor Strange.
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Just a random meme I thought of the moment I laid down in bed, literally making me wake up just to make it real. Because let's be honest...this is pretty accurate lmao
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Commission for SirLeafHeart (twitter) 💖
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Personal Space
Smut - Explicit content - NSFW - 18+ only!
Pairing: Sinister Stephen Strange x Reader
Summary: You try to set some boundaries in your new relationship together, but it still ends the same way... with you both naked.
Warnings: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ ONLY - pet names, language, oral sex, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, daddy kink, creampie, light Dom/Sub, dom Stephen, Stephen being a horny little devil
Send me nice dirty thoughts tomorrow please. I'm having more dental work done & will need good things to distract me.
Tumblr media
You really couldn't get enough of each other. If there had been anyone else in that universe they would have been utterly sickened at your displays. Particularly the fact that the dark scary sorcerer who was now your partner had taken to following you around like a lovesick puppy. The first few days after you officially consummated your relationship he didn't even want to let you out of his sight. 
He eventually stopped following you around, or at least he got better about not being obvious about it. It still didn't stop the flowers and little 'I love you' notes that would magically appear. It was obnoxiously sweet that he seemed to not be able to go more than several hours without telling you he loved you and needing to hear you say it back. You knew it was from being alone for so long and even before that feeling like love had repeatedly sucker punched him. 
After you woke up in the middle of the night to find him staring at you lovingly, which in turn scared the crap out of you at three in the morning, you knew you had to tell him to reel it back just a little. Otherwise you were gonna end up in a fight about it when he popped out of nowhere for the umpteenth time in a day. You had to figure out the right way to say it though. The right way to tell him that you adored him but he was quickly on the way smothering you.
You decided the best way to make sure you maintained your own independence was to have a space that was each your own. The other had to have permission to enter. For Stephen you had assumed this would be his office. You already felt weird going in there if he didn't give you permission, so it just made sense. For you you had already picked what had previously been your bedroom before you moved into Stephen's. It was still close by so you would be within earshot, but far enough away you wouldn't feel like a zoo animal.
After he snuck up behind you and started attacking your neck for the third time that day, you carefully started to brooch the subject. Depending on how the conversation went you could either take him to bed to try to pacify and reassure him, or actually get some form of housekeeping done. You had taken to trying to fix parts of the Sanctum as well as organise some of the stuff Stephen had just left cluttered everywhere. It kept you busy. You hadn't gotten much done though.
"Hey Stephen, I want to make a suggestion. As much as I enjoy all of your attention, and I do, I think maybe we should each have a spot to go where the other one can't interrupt whatever we are doing. Just so we don't start to drive each other mad. I love you but I have been trying to fold this one load of laundry for a day and a half. At this rate neither of us are gonna have clothes."
"Forget the laundry darling. I can just conjure us up new clothes, or better yet… we just don't wear any." 
He went back to kissing and biting at your neck only to realize after a few moments you weren't making a joke of some sort or teasing him. He couldn't hide the shock of hurt in his eyes. You immediately tried to soothe any unease in him. By holding him tight and nuzzling into his neck.
"I love you so much Stephen. I don't want you to doubt that for a minute. I never thought I could love anyone the way I love you. It's for that reason that I want to make sure we take care of this relationship." 
He knew you were probably right. He may be a brilliant sorcerer and surgeon but you were probably the one with better logic, and better relationship experience. It still didn't mean it didn't hurt him a little. You brought him back to life. He was a little afraid if he wasn't around you for long enough it might actually physically kill him.
He would try his hardest to go along with this, but only after he pouted about it. You were the most cherished thing in his life. If he had his way he would keep you in bed or in his lap all day everyday. He looked like a little kid who you told couldn't have his dessert. He actually had his lower lip pushed out as plopped down in the chair in front of you and made grabby arms at you. You couldn't help but oblige the overgrown man child and sat down in his lap. 
You pulled his head into your chest and stroked your fingers through the gray hair at his temple. He wrapped his arms tight around your waist and pulled you as close as he could. Letting him sulk a little as you placed kisses on top of his head. How this man could be the same one who destroyed his entire universe you had no idea. He was a big teddy bear. A scared puppy who just needed love. 
He finally gave in, a big sigh coming from him before he finally looked up at you, "You're right. Having our own space is a good idea. I guess I have been a little, much, lately. I just feel so much better with you, and I want you all the time. You have no idea what you do to me." 
"I know Stephen. I'm glad I make you feel better. We can still visit each other when we are in our own spaces, we just have to ask. When we are anywhere else it's open season. There will still be lots and lots of time for us to fuck. I promise and I love you." 
"Okay, but can I fuck you on my desk first so I have something nice to think about when you're not there?"
The suggestion got your gears turning. A little glint in your eye. Not only might this idea encourage him to give you some more time to yourself, it would also fulfill a little fantasy you both had swimming around in your heads.
"Tell you what, how about I promise to surprise you in there in the next couple days? Especially after the other day I like the idea of surprising you a bit more often. Trust me, you'll know it when it happens." 
He narrowed his eyes and looked at you suspiciously before a grin crossed his face. 
"You are such a tease darling, but okay. Starting tomorrow we institute private space rules. For the rest of the night though you are mine, and I'm not letting you out of my arms." 
He waved his hands in the air and opened a portal that dropped you both right into your shared bed. True to his word, that is where you stayed for the rest of the night.
A few days later you were the one lurking around watching Stephen. Waiting for him to go into his office and lose himself in some work. You wouldn't need long to prepare your surprise for him, but you wanted to make sure you could actually surprise him. 
Once you saw him wander into his office. Clearly partly only because he really really wanted you to go through with your plan. You stealthily snuck back into your shared bedroom. Shrugging off all of your clothing as quietly as you could and slipped on one of Stephen's dark blue robes.
You were tempted to look for a pair of high heels to slip on with it, but you weren't sure that you had any in that universe yet and if you did, the sound of them on the hardwood floor would have given you away before you got to his office door. So you went barefoot. Holding the robe closed, slinking over to Stephen's office. 
You knocked on the door before sticking your head in, making sure to keep the rest of you hidden behind it. He was sitting at his desk with his feet up on it, book in hand. He looked curiously at you and the Chesire cat smirk you wore. Making sure to follow your own rules that you had set, you asked for Stephen's permission to enter. 
"Would you like some company Stephen?"
"It depends, what kind of company did you have in mind, my love?" 
He closed the book and placed it off to the side of the desk before uncrossing his ankles and sitting up straight in his chair. Intrigued at your game. He crooked an index finger and gestured for you to come in and over to him.
"Well I was just thinking about you and how much I love being in your arms. How good you make me feel, and it got me feeling a little bit needy for your touch." 
As you slowly sauntered in you fiddled with the edge of the robe you wore. Exposing a little bit of skin, then hiding it away again. Letting yourself enjoy the feel of the fabric against your bare skin and the fact that the smell of it reminded you of Stephen. He quirked an eyebrow up at you as you approached.
"Is that so darling?" 
"Mmm hmm. Even though I'm sure you're terribly busy with all sorts of important things. Maybe you can take a little time to take care of me?" 
You let the robe droop off of both shoulders and just barely held it closed. Plenty of cleavage on display. A feline sway in your walk as you moved to where he was behind the desk. Positioning yourself with your back to the desk, you lifting the back of the robe so you could sit yourself up on it. Making sure your ass was bare against the dark stained wood. Letting the robe gather between your legs, hiding what you knew he wanted to see most.
He sat back surveying every move you made. Studying the pretty little display before him. Letting his eyes undress you before his hands got the chance. 
"Does my precious angel need some attention? I think I need to see just how needy you are before I know just what kind of attention to give you, love."
You bit your bottom lip and dropped your gaze. Looking up at him through your eyelashes as you let the robes drop from your shoulders and puddle around your waist. Letting your hands trail down your breasts, fingering at your nipples and moaning as you tugged at them. Your legs sliding a little farther apart. A throaty groan coming from Stephen's chest as you tried to play out every part of the fantasy he had told you. 
"Keep going princess. Show me how much you need me. You know what I want to see."
Before you could even move, his hand drifted down to rub at his cock through his pants. His hips thrusting against his hand as he gripped at his shaft. You exhaled through your nose as you saw him starting to harden. Suddenly you did really need him to touch you, and you needed to touch him. You felt yourself getting nice and wet for him. 
You scooted forward a little more on his desk. Spreading your legs nice and wide before you slid your hands down over the fabric hiding the treasure be wanted at the apex of your thighs. Slowly pulling the fabric away from your body letting it lay on the wood surface you sat on. Moaning softly as the soft fabric caressed your folds. Trying to keep your eyes locked on the sorcerer as your sex came into his view. Watching the fire light behind his crystal blue eyes as he eyed the object of his desire. Licking his lips on reflex.
"So beautiful sweetheart. Look at that pretty little pussy. She's all wet. Is that what you need me to take care of darling? Is this pretty pussy needing to be played with?" 
You pouted your lips and nodded your head yes. Trying to seem as desperate as he wanted you to be. You could get very used to playing these little games with him. 
"Yes Stephen, can't get enough of you. Love it when you touch me, and kiss me, and fuck me. I want anything you'll give me, baby. I need it." 
He scooted forward in his chair and ran his hands up your bare legs. Pulling them up over his arms. Letting his lips suck a small bruise on the center of your ribcage just below your breasts. One of your hands moving to lace into his hair, the other tasked with holding you upright. He started kissing his way down the soft flesh of your belly to your pubic mound. Not letting himself indulge in your sex just yet. 
He did let the tips of his fingertips trail down your wet warm slit. Smiling at the way your pussy reacted to even the softest of his touches. He could spend eternity studying and memorizing every single millimeter of your body. 
"Say please, pretty girl. You know I want my lips and tongue on your perfect pussy just as much as you do, but I want you to ask correctly since you're interrupting my work. Being such a needy little girl." 
You both knew all you had to do was snap your fingers and he would fall to his knees no matter what he was doing and bury his tongue inside you, but he loved that you indulged his dominant urges just as much as his submissive ones. He felt like he could always be himself with you. He was never one to believe in soulmates before you. Especially after he had been so certain he was destined to be with Christine one way or another. Now the fact that he had ever wanted another woman felt unfathomable. A sin to even think. You seemed to have been created from every want and desire he had ever had. 
You pulled his lips up to yours. Locking him in a searing kiss. Your knees now bent up by your shoulders as he clung to your thighs. Your fingers gripping in his hair. He was so glad he had neglected cutting it before you arrived. Letting it grow a bit longer than the variant you had met. He loved it when you pulled on it. Maybe he should grow it even longer? How would you feel if he had a ponytail for you to pull on?
"Please eat me out, Stephen. Eat my pussy then fuck me please." 
You felt his lips curl up into a smile at the breathy way you begged for him. God it was even better than his fantasy. If having your own personal spaces made you act like this then it may be the best idea ever. 
He growled as he dove down between your legs. Throwing your legs over his shoulders and sitting back down in his chair as he began licking at you. Little teasing kitten licks on your slit before sucking lightly on one labia then the other. His nose nudging at your clit but otherwise ignoring it until you started trying to steer his mouth there. He finally let his lips close around it and gave it a couple soft laps with his tongue. Sucking on it a single time before he dipped down to lick up more of your nectar. Your taste was an ambrosia to his senses and the more he teased you the more it flooded his mouth. 
He groaned against your pussy, vocalizing his enjoyment before he sucked hard on your clit. Leaving the tip of his tongue positioned against your hole, desperately wanting to feel you fuck yourself on it. You quickly got where he was going with it. Feeling the way the muscle stiffened as you let your hips roll against his face left very little question about it. 
By now you had to use both your hands to hold you up on the desk so you used them to create the leverage you needed to push your hips forward and backward. You started gently, just letting the very tip of his tongue probe inside you. The sensation was so nice. So teasing. You quickly started to fuck his tongue deeper into your needy hole. The evil in his eyes shining through as he knew his tongue penetrating you just made you more needy. You needed something deeper, something that would really stretch you open. You needed his cock, but he wanted to make you work for it a little more.
You dropped your head back, concentrating on the feeling of his tongue moving in and out of you. The sucking pressure on your clit when you pushed his tongue farther inside you. Desperately trying to focus on the stimulation he was giving your clit and trying hard to press his tongue against that sweet spot on your inner wall. The harder you tried to move towards a climax the more apparent it became you needed more to get there. That he was making you have to ask for more, and you knew how he wanted you to ask. He wanted you to beg.
"Please Stephen, I need more. Wanna cum. Wanna cum so bad. Need your cock daddy. Please." 
Now that intrigued him. You had never called him daddy before. It seemed he had officially turned you into his needy little desperate baby girl. He slowly started pulling back. Letting your legs drop from his shoulders before somewhat reluctantly pulling his mouth off of your yummy pussy. Leaning back in his chair and observing the state he had left you in for a moment before making his next move. 
With a single simple hand gesture he stripped himself of his own clothing. His cock standing at attention and he quickly started to lazily stroke himself. Your eyes were locked on his cock and the fluid that started to bead up on his tip. God you wanted him to fuck you. He chuckled when he noticed your eyes watching his cock intently. 
"See something you want, pretty baby? Tell daddy what you want." 
You hopped off the desk and started walking towards him. Rubbing at your clit as you stood in front of him. Your eyes never leaving his big thick cock. 
"Want your cock in me. Wanna bounce on your cock daddy. Please? Can I ride your cock?"
He patted his knee beckoning you to him before holding out an arm to help you mount him. You quickly moved to straddle him, but he didn't let you lower yourself onto his cock. Instead he wanted to tease you just a little longer. He ran the head of his cock up and down your slit. Making sure to slap his cock against your clit several times when he reached it. He knew that you loved the sensation of his cockhead teasing you right before he fucked you. He loved watching his pre-cum smear all over your pussy and mix with your slick. 
Once he had his fun and his teasing had you gripping his shoulders with both hands he leaned his chin up to kiss your swollen well bitten lips. Whispering into your mouth in between kisses. 
"Take it baby. Take what you need. Bounce on daddy's cock and maybe I'll help. Make yourself cum. Then you get to make daddy cum. Be my good girl and earn daddy's cum." 
He positioned his tip right at your entrance and let you start to slide yourself down on him. You both moaned at the feel of your warm wet heat engulfing him. After impaling yourself halfway down on his length, you lifted your hips pulling everything out but his tip before sliding all the way back down. As you bottomed out he couldn't help but let a needy 'fuck kitten' fall as his head dropped to look at where you connected. He didn't think anything ever felt as good as you did. He let his hands come to rest on your hips and gave your ass a small little slap. 
You got the message loud and clear. Slowly starting to slide up and down on his shaft. Using his shoulders for leverage to help yourself build up some speed and force. Angling your hips a little differently every few bounces trying to find the perfect angle to hit that sweet spot. Stephen knew you had found it when your mouth fell open and your head fell back. It was at that point he took over some of the effort of moving you up and down so you could focus on keeping his tip hitting your g-spot. Letting the heat start to build in your low belly. 
"That's it, pretty baby. I know you found that perfect spot. Just felt you gush around my cock. Love those little sounds you make when you fuck me."
He couldn't help but start adding his own force as he fucked up into you. Starting to thrust up from beneath you. Making your bounces all the harder each time you landed. The sound of your hips slamming down on him making him all the more feral. Your breasts bouncing in his face adding to it, he burrowed his face into them licking at your nipples whenever they passed by his lips. His fingers clawing at your ass cheeks, holding onto you even tighter.
"Tell daddy how good it feels, baby. I can feel you starting to squeeze me tighter." 
"So good Stephen. Your cock feels so good inside me."
He started punctuating his words with harder thrusts. Making sure to roll his hips a little extra to rub on your clit a little more. 
"This. Is. So. Much. Better. Than. I. Fantasized. I'm fucking you in here every single day." 
You were clinging onto his shoulders and your thighs were burning. Each bounce on his cock pushing you closer to cumming. Your eyes were squeezed shut. Just a few more of his firm deep thrusts and you would be there. You could feel your pussy starting to flutter around his cock. Your juices drenching him and making each slide up and down even better.
"So close daddy. So close. I'm gonna cum. You always make me cum so hard daddy."
He moved one hand to your lower back and brought his other hand around to your front. Pulling his thumb up to your mouth for you to give it a good suck before bringing it back down to strum over your clit. As soon as he started gently circling the bundle of nerves your countdown officially started. You started whimpering as your bounces got out of rhythm. 
"That's it baby. I know you're right there. Cum on daddy's cock, pretty baby. Cum for me angel. Soak me so I can give you mine."
His coaxing you on tipped you over the edge and the heat in your belly snapped. Your pussy fluttered uncontrollably and the muscles of your legs started shaking. Stephen's thrusts underneath you never ceasing or even slowing. Each one prolonging your orgasm. He knew you were spent when your chest fell forward and your face fell to the crook of his neck. You started kissing and licking at the spot below his ear. Positioning yourself to encourage his own orgasm. 
"Oh good daddy, made me feel so good. Use me daddy. Want you to feel good too. Fill me up. Pound my pussy daddy." 
He growled at your last statement. He loved when you asked him to be a little rough. So he wrapped his arms around you tight and started slamming himself up into you. Between the force he was bouncing you and the force of his own thrusting he had you moaning again within seconds. Between the feeling of your perfect wet pussy on his cock and the sounds of you teetering on the edge of overstimulation it wasn't going to take him long to finish. 
"Gonna fill you up so good princess. Love filling you up. Maybe one day I'll fill you up and you can make me a real daddy." 
The high pitched squeak that elicited was what did it for him. Two more thrusts and his cock started to throb inside you. A groan coming from him with each rope of cum that shot into you. He always filled you up so completely. Your pussy always seemed to milk every single drop from him.
After a few moments to catch his breath, he effortlessly lifted you up and carried you to your shared bedroom. He kept his cock nestled inside you the whole time. Easing your filthy fuck back down to an intimate exchange between lovers. He laid down with you and kept you close in his arms. 
Eventually he let you get up to go to the bathroom to pee and clean yourself up, before bringing back a warm damp cloth to take care of Stephen. You really enjoyed caring for him after sex. You knew he wasn't used to being cared for that way, with tender gestures, and you loved seeing the lines on his face melt away and his eyes soften. You loved the warm sweet man that showed up when you made the simplest of sweet gestures. You couldn't help but place a sweet sensual kiss on his lips. Pulling back to enjoy the smile on his face. 
"So when you are feeling very needy you get a bit of a daddy kink? That's very good to know my love. I love learning about all the little things that get you all hot and bothered."
"You don't mind, do you Stephen? I don't have to call you daddy if you don't like it. It just kinda came out because you were so dominant. It's not a frame of mind I get into all the time. It's a little embarrassing I guess." 
You buried your face in your palms to hide the blush that had cropped up onto your cheeks. This was one of those few kinks you didn't like talking about that much. He pulled your hands away from your face and kissed your knuckles on both hands. Then he started pulling you over to snuggle into his chest. 
He was nowhere near ready to admit it to you yet, but he meant what he said about maybe he wanted you to make him a daddy for real at some point. It was a thought he had found himself entertaining the more your relationship evolved. Maybe someday.
"I like whatever turns you on. I wanna learn every little thing about my dirty girl. Whatever makes my angel's filthy side come out. Right now I know I could use some naked cuddles with my perfect princess though. I do love how you can do a complete 180 like that from my dirty girl to my perfect angel. You are so perfect. Let's go to bed my darling. I love you so much." 
"I love you too Stephen, very much."
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Tumblr media
Ops! As usual I posted the WIP and forgot about the final version! Here's the finished Stephen Strange 🥰
I hope you like it! 💙
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Before the Illuminati…
Y/N: so you’re a mind reader, prove it
Xavier looks at Y/N’s shirt
Xavier: you love AC/DC
Y/N: how did you know?!
Strange: by Solomon’s wisdom, you are dense!
Tumblr media
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Not Traditional *
Series Masterlist // Want More Marvel?
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x Fem!Apprentice!Reader
Warnings and Tags: NSFW, Legal Audiences Intended, Semi-Public, Talks and (Inappropriate) Use of Magic, Some Fluff, Oral (M giving F)
Honorable Mentions: Thor Odinson, Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Parker, Wong
Thor stopped holding back.
Good. The burn she felt through her veins felt… in a lack of any other term, intoxicating.
That power. The golden tickling along her veins as she countered and blocked the moves the God of Thunder made. She was going toe to toe with a man of damn near fictitious power- would’ve been on 665. Better yet- she was making him struggle.
He grunted with every blow behind a competitive grin. Rambunctious in nature, Thor had been using a good deal of exertion already. With every taunt she made, he pushed her further.
Not to say it could last forever.
They both panted, stretching their backs out. “Again?” Thor asked, his voice still sounding fairly steady.
She huffed. The high of her magic made her head fuzzy, but a deep ache in her muscles spoke otherwise. (Y/N) shook her head. “I think you finally wore me out.”
“About time,” she heard Rocket comment from the audience.
She glanced over. It was true, the Guardians looked a bit bored. Rocket and Groot spoke amongst themselves. Quill was busy stretching out his shoulder and starting a hole into Gamora. Her Peter was mildly intrigued, as was Wong. They spoke quietly amongst themselves- probably some mild education from the Sorcerer Supreme.
She was more focused on Stephen for the moment.
That chilled gaze of his somehow felt… warm. Proud. A small smirk laid on the corner of his lips. She felt her face heat up further, standing up straight. The lady trail of his eyes over her body didn’t go unnoticed.
Keep your composure, (Y/N). You’re in front of quite a bit of people for those types of thoughts.
She tuned back in as the audience closed in, all adding in their thoughts and quips about the test battles they witnessed. (Y/N) did her best to focus with Stephen’s hand on the small of her back.
Back at the Sanctum, alone, she found herself staring at a book rather than reading it.
The ache in her muscles made turning pages a bit inconvenient. She sighed, resting her head on her hand. The tingling along her veins, leftover echoes, were distracting. Kept her on edge.
She could weaponize that type of feeling.
Peter still had nothing to help him. She was supposed to be able to help him. There must’ve been some answer she was missing. For months now, she had torn apart that damn library. Looked in archives. Nothing about a spell reversal. Not even a bit of a whisper, or hint.
“Is this a bad time?”
Christ. She blinked, finally coming back to reality.
Stephen stood across the table, raising an eyebrow. A pleasant reality indeed. He dressed down from his temple clothing. She tried not to stare too long at the pronounced collarbones she saw behind his collar.
“No, never a bad time for you,” she found herself speaking bluntly.
He gave a pleased turn of his lip as he walked around the table.
“You’ve had a big day. You should be resting.”
“I feel fine. Awake. Just a bit sore,” she shrugged, looking back at her book, “I figured I’d get a little studying done, and-“
“And stress yourself out after you’ve strained yourself,” he raised an eyebrow.
“Exactly,” she found herself sassing back despite herself. (Y/N) flushed, “I’m sorry. Just still a bit wound up I guess.”
“I don’t blame you.”
His hand brushed against the skin of the back of her neck. The sensitive flesh there memorized the feeling of those slender fingers.
“You did wonderfully today,” he continued, proud. She savored the tone and how it wrapped around those words. Confident. Like he knew she would be able to handle herself. “And yet you’re still here tearing your hair out.”
“You do the same thing,” she defended herself slightly, looking up. His praise still sang in her veins, nonetheless. She hoped it wouldn’t show.
Of course, it did.
He shrugged, fingers curling around a strand of hair before letting it go, “Consider it me having a soft spot for you, my dear.”
His other hand touched her chin, tracing a gentle line against her jaw.
“How do you feel physically?”
“What, you wanna give me a doctor’s appointment?”
He raised an eyebrow.
She sighed, answering the question,“I’m sore, but it’s not so bad when I’m sitting. It just feels like I ran a marathon.”
“You did have quite a bit of power going through you. Perhaps it’s best to try to ease on its use, as best as we can.”
She nodded, not knowing much else what to do with those clever hands on her. They distracted her from the bone deep ache.
“For the moment,” he continued, “I would like to offer to ease some of the pain.”
She hummed, “So you actually are giving me a doctor’s appointment.”
“It’s a bit less formal than that,” he said, his tone gentle and deep.
And how could she argue with that?
“What do you have in mind?”
“A bit of magic of my own. To see if I can get your muscles to relax a bit more… if you’re game.”
She nodded.
“I would,” he began, moving to stand behind her, “do a more traditional massage, but my hands still don’t quite allow that.”
There was no bitterness in his tone, but she found herself wanting to reassure otherwise. “Anything you give me will be more than enough.”
(Y/N) felt Stephen’s gentle smile. “Of course, darling.”
Ooh. The word ‘darling’. It was so pretty on his mouth, in his voice. She cleared her throat as he gently guided to move her forward.
His fingertips traced down either side of her spine in a testing gesture. She shivered despite herself. Come on. Don’t be this fucking sensitive right now…
“Where does it hurt most? Anywhere specifically?” he asked.
“Shoulder blades, lower back… pretty much the entire thing if I’m honest,” she willed herself to respond with a steadier tone.
“I see.”
She felt it begin. It felt like a salve to her soul. Her shoulder blades began to untwist themselves. She let out a gentle noise, closing her eyes.
Stephen was quiet as he worked, for the most part. His hands gently traced down the columns of muscle slowly, spreading the slow relaxation.
She would’ve been surprised if she didn’t doze off like a cat on a sunny afternoon. Because that’s how this felt- Stephen’s hands on her were warmth and light.
His voice joined the situation, “You did quite beautifully today.”
Ah. That sense of pride, laced with an edge of something else she loved. Oh. That was a lovely sound in his voice. She felt her face heating up a tiny bit as his hands found her waist, doing their work there.
“Thank you,” she found herself responding.
“You’ve remembered some of what I taught you, and more. Though, I might work on the over-extertion.”
“I’m fine,” she countered reactively, though her tone held no malice.
“Oh, I know. You held your own, like I knew you would.”
She swallowed.
“You were incredible.”
A press of lips to her shoulder. She exhaled at the contact. Even through fabric, he felt exactly like home.
“You should know that.”
She let out a soft noise as she felt his careful ministrations. His hands moved to the small of her back. They felt like puzzle pieces, fitting in and fixing wherever she felt tense.
“Stephen…” she let out without much more, her voice breathy.
His hands dragged their way down to her hips, fingers pressing into the dip he found there.
Hell. When was she this empty headed?
“Like I said… I wasn’t gonna offer a traditional massage here… If you’re still willing.”
His voice was low, dark like an inhale of smoke. It intoxicated her. It damn near ruined her as well, paired with the slow kissing up to her neck.
“I… I want anything you’ll give me,” she found herself saying honestly.
His smile was felt against her neck.
Fuck this.
She turned her head, reaching back to hold his face as she brought their lips together. Stephen made a small noise into her. She drank it readily as they embraced, letting him deepen it tenfold. God damn this chair back… it was digging into her rib cage…
Like he read her mental complaint, her chair spun around to face him. She made a noise of surprise as they broke apart with the movement. He settled himself down on his knees, spreading her knees as he kissed her again. Damn Stephen… always showing off his magic…
That statement became true by tenfold as his hands traced down the front of her body. She whimpered, leaning into his contact and wrapping her arms around his shoulders.
They stayed like that for a bit, limber and loose around eachother.
She almost whimpered as he pulled away from her lips, chasing him for another kiss. He let her once before pulling away, “Don’t worry, darling. I got you.”
His hands slid down from their caresses down to the waistband of her sweatpants.
“May I?”
She nodded, a sensation of warmth finally demanding to be acknowledged between her thighs. (Y/N) felt herself lift up her hips without argument, helping Strange disrobe her. Anything to get him right where she’s wanted him so many times.
The sight of him knelt between her knees like this was… filthy. Holy. Perfect.
He hummed, placing his hands on her thighs and spreading her wider. “No panties? That doesn’t seem very ladylike,” he teased gently, his eyes drinking in the sight of her sex.
Fuck. She felt so exposed. She would’ve closed her thighs shyly if she wouldn’t just be squeezing Stephen’s waist. He ran a hand up her inner thigh, the gentle tickle making her twitch.
“You’re lovely, nonetheless,” he continued, “Just like I knew you’d be.”
Fuck. Why does he have to be hot and eloquent? She felt like she had half her brain and a third of her English. She watched as he settled lower, lifting one knee onto his shoulder. The gesture sent her scooting forward a bit.
Stephen sent her a questioning look. She answered it with an affirmative nod. If there was anything in the haze in her head and the wetness between her thighs had to say about it, it was that she wanted this.
He spread her to observe with one free hand.
“My. You’re already so excited….”
She let out a little whine as she felt the warmth of his tongue lick her. The journey from entrance to clit was slow, reverent, and so fucking dirty. She attempted to steady her breathing as Stephen watched her with glacier eyes.
No more smart comments for the moment, the true exquisite torture began. His tongue swirled around her clit, starting its pattern. The heat of that god damned mouth…. She ended up dropping back her head to the back of her chair.
He pulled away just a fraction from the circling he made around her clit, “Eyes on me.”
She lifted her head back to watch that dark head dip between her thighs again. His tongue felt like heaven on her. She felt her pussy grow wetter around his lips. She felt a free hand nudge her thighs open wider, settling himself closer.
Fuck. She could feel every part of that sinful curl within her. (Y/N)’s hands moved to Stephen’s hair, needing to be closer to him somehow.
He made a noise of his own as she did so. The dark tone against her sex made her twitch and shiver. Her hands dug further into the dark locks, holding him securely there.
He licked her, every movement driving her closer to oblivion. She let out a gentle moan, “Stephen…”
He groaned in response.
Another noise in response, his tongue dipping down to inside her. The hot muscle in her pussy made her ravenous. Her jaw shuddered around her pathetic little noises.
His hand finally joined, resting his thumb on her clit—
She whimpered, sitting up straighter as the sensations began. It felt like a jolt straight to her clit, waking it up. Was he…
Suppose he did say not a traditional massage….
She watched as he manipulated his magic into her. The bubbly feeling, so sensitive, made her clench around him. The sound of her slick pervaded the air, his tongue getting its fill.
Another particular jolt made her hips move.
Stephen pulled away, speaking hoarsely against her sex.
“Ride my face when you cum.”
The noise she let out was feral as he dove back in. If he was playing dirty before, now was fucking filthy. His tongue redoubled it’s efforts, and that damn jolt of fucking pleasure coming from his hands joining.
It honestly wasn’t gonna be long before she lost it.
Her hands tightened in his hair, damn near pulling as she ground her hips against his tongue. He groaned again, rewarding her with more and more—
Gold began to line her vision.
Wait. What-
It was already happening.
She came apart, closing her eyes. Her hips bucked against his face wildly, feeling possibly the strongest rush she’s felt in… well… ever.
Stephen drank in every bit of her orgasm, tongue not ceasing it’s ministrations until he had his fill. Her hands eventually loosened their grip, letting his head free.
They both breathed heavily for a while.
“You… are so sweet…” Stephen commented breathlessly, kissing her thigh.
She acknowledged the comment mainly through a blush and a, “Magic during sex is playing dirty.”
“You mean playing to my advantage-“
His comment got caught off there. His head lifted from its space between her legs.
“… we might wanna get out of here before Wong sees this mess.”
“What?” she commented, opening her eyes.
Holy shit.
The library was in a good bit of disarray. The books have flown off their shelves- hell, some shelves were knocked over. She blinked. It was not there before…
Did she…
She looked at Stephen, “Did… did I…”
“You would know better than I did. Did you cause this?”
“I… I think so.”
Stephen and her laughed gently. The chaos of flown paper around them acted as confetti.
“Always the troublemaker,” he hummed, leaning up to kiss her soundly before their whirlwind cleaning aventure began.
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dovelywind · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Thinking about America and her relationship with Christine Palmer variants (Defender! universe, Earth-616, & Earth-838)
Okay, but what I keep picturing is that when America ended up in Defender! Strange’s universe he was willing to take care of her and stuff but there were some things he was battling that would’ve been too dangerous for America to be around. So he asks Christine to watch her, albeit grudgingly, and she would take care of her.
Like Christine and Stephen weren’t together but they were raising her and eventually became friends and stuff again and started to fall in love with one another again too. America was like on board since day one being ‘you guys love me, you’re my secondary parents, and you should be back together’. So she’d be trying to get them back together for years. Jump to the start of MoM, I don’t think Defender Strange ever told his Christine how he felt and unfortunately never got the chance.
So now I believe that outside of America trying to perfect and become more familiar with her powers, she’s determined to also always get 616 Stephen and Christine together too.
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high-quality-tiktoks · a day ago
she’s noping to a universe with universal healthcare
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strangelockd · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“You ever had a dream that you are falling as if you’ve been pushed off a tall building? That was probably me.”
I got my Sinister Strange costume finally and lets just say, “Thing just got out of hand”
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blue-iris-messenger · 17 hours ago
Okay, I'm done struggling alone with this lol.
I've gotten 9/13 variants of Stephen picked out from media or created from my own head for Damon's bracelet. I've got a dragon shaman, (partially inspired by @slasher-art. Credit where it is beautifully due ❤️) a 1800s steampunk surgeon, a magical artifacts detective and about six variants from the comics, MCU and cartoons.
And because my poor little brain can only be so creative, I'm now calling on some help to fill the other four slots because screw doing it by myself anymore haha.
Literally just throw ideas out for me. Eras, magical creatures, whatever. I'll come up with something and let you know the end results.
Gonna ping you all first since I trust you most.
@sobeautifullyobsessed @sanctumsanctorumshenanigans @doctorstrangeaskblog @strangelock221b @harlekin6
Pass this around so I can get as much inspiration as possible. Seriously, this thing needs to be finished before the end of the month due to the ASMR coming out.
Tumblr media
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halfbloodbatacademy · a day ago
Strange watched his sister drown right? And he has photographic memory, yes??
He remembers every single, tiny little detail of his sister’s death.
Every second is etched into his memory and the only way he could get rid of it was to detach himself. To work himself to save as many people as possible. He was so insistent on being able to use his hands, went through all those surgeries and rehabilitation experiments, and ended up becoming the sorcerer supreme, because it was his only way of not having to remember.
You want more? Sure.
Doctor Strange saw millions upon millions of timelines at once in Infinity War, trying to find a way to stop Thanos and only being left with one option. A few months later, and he was sent spiraling through the multiverse, trying to save a kid’s life.
What if he knew there was a variant out there that still had Donna?
A variant where he didn’t fail to save his little sister’s life. A variant that just wasn’t a failure.
I still have more.
Strange doesn’t talk about his parents, not in the MCU or in the comics. Most of the avengers have had mentions of their family circumstances, from Steve’s mom working her ass off to get him his meds and Bucky having to make money for whatever reason his father couldn’t, to the assassination of Natasha’s mother and the accident that killed Peter’s parents.
But Strange doesn’t talk about his. Why?
What if they blamed him??
Obviously not to the extent that Wendy blamed Marc, but Strange was always smart. What if he could see it? Like… he just knew???
No matter what his parents told him, he left and never reconciled with the guilt.
I’d kill for some information about his parents tbh.
Also, this is all like 100% unlikely I just chose sadness today
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mcu · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
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wallaballabingbang · 9 hours ago
Together | W. Maximoff x reader
Readers gender not specified <3
Summary | being blipped is not fun, but what happens when you return 5 years later and Wanda’s gone off the rails and you and her meet again in her fight to steal Americas power.
MoM events, infinity war events - not in order! ~Wanda doesn’t get blipped and the order of events is non existent but just go with it for the plot please!!
Tumblr media
You’d disappeared in the blip along with many heroes such as: Peter Parker, King T’challa and Scot Lang. You were an avenger to an extent but had very little impact on missions but nonetheless, you were classed as an avenger. So when the blip happened you weren’t missed by many, your disappearance hadn’t had a big affect on people or the world for that matter. Apart from one witch, Wanda Maximoff.
She’d watched Vision be slaughtered by Thanos and disintegrate by the blip but then to see you, her closest friend, standing in the middle of the clearing fading away. That was hard. Her love: vision and you: her 1st true love (unknown to her) to be taken away from her at exactly the same time, not a minute or second after the first. Another level of difficulty.
At first she’d mourned you both, visiting the memorial sight and searching for your names until she knew their location on the plaques off by heart. Eventually though, she stopped grieving for vision, but for you, never. She’d expected that she would be able to move on quickly after coming to terms with Visions death and thought the same for yours, but she never did.
In the back of her mind she’d always subconsciously thought of you. Simple things such as; walking past a new coffee shop in her neighbourhood and thinking that you’d like it and that she should take you there, but she couldn’t because you were gone and you always would be. Right?
Wrong. After five years the majority of people who were victims of the blip returned, you being one of them.
You’d returned back in the same spot which you’d left in, confused as to where everyone else was. You’d made your way back to the compound to find out that Nat was gone and so was Tony but you hadn’t had time to cry about it because Bruce Banner had informed you that your witchy friend Wanda had gone off the rails.
Bruce had sat you down in an unused room and told you how Wanda had gone crazy: Westview, chasing after a young girl for her powers so she could be with her children, and you. He’d spoken about how after the blip she realised that you’d meant more to her than just a friend and that’s how she spiralled out of control quickly. Getting ahold of the dark hold so she could shift universes, one where you and her were together and her children were also yours. A happy family.
You’d travelled to Kamar - Taj to help protect the young girl who’s name you’d learnt was ‘America’. A dark cloud rolled over the sky, covering the sun, most light disappearing from the day.
Strange and Wong had sent you and America inside the temple to increase the amount of protection, but soon it was breached and Wanda was inside the same room as you. She hadn’t noticed you at first, too focused on getting the girl and draining her off all her powers. It was only when you approached her whilst her magic choked America and took her powers, that she finally noticed you.
Her magic had faltered, allowing America unknowingly to open a portal into another universe, Strange diving into her to push them both through it to get away from Wanda.
Wanda had fallen to her knees in-front of you, as the girls portal closed, tears seeping from her eyes. She’d thought you were dead all this time, especially since you hadn’t come back when others did. She was sure of it.
You’d walked slowly up to her and knelt beside her, hugging her for the first time in over 5 years. “You can’t do this, this isn’t right.” You’d whispered to her as she hugged you tightly, momentarily forgetting about America and Doctor Stranger.
“I have to protect my boys.” She’d replied and pushed you away from her body to take a look at your face. She’d raised a hand to your cheek and held you face in her hands “who will protect them if i, their mother, aren’t there?” She’d asked you.
You’d sat in silence before speaking up again, trying to convince her to stop chasing after the poor girl who didn’t even have control of her powers. “You aren’t the only Wanda right?” She’d nodded at you and you took her hands into your own, deciding to go for your last resort.
“So if you go to your boys in another universe, then you’ll have to somehow get rid of the Wanda in that universe and you’ll also be leaving me, when I’ve only just got back!” You’d smiled shyly at as she looked up into the ceiling, you could see the cogs turning in her head.
“But what about my boys? Billy and Tommy? I’ll never see them again, I’m afraid I can’t let that happen.” She’d told you as she’d given you a tight lipped smile and lay a kiss on you forehead, moving her hands up to your collarbones, rubbing them soothingly as she spoke again. “You can come with me. You know I’ll win anyway, I always do.” She’d given you a teasing smile and a wink, stood from you and turned away, closing her eyes to what you had assumed to create a gateway into the universe of which America and Strange had escaped to.
Wrong, again. She’d dream walked into the alternate universe and you’d watched as her face twitched as she sat cross legged, levitating off of the ground in a circle of candles and runes.
You’d also watched as a dear friend of Wongs destroyed the dark hold, turning to ash in the process, Wanda falling to the ground as a result. You’d ran over to her, hands flying to her waist to help her up, watching as her eyes glowed a fiery red from anger and from the placement of your hands.
You’d also watched as she tortured Wongs students to get information on the dark hold and stolen their rings to open up portals.
However before she and Wong were to walk through the portal she’d reached out her hand to you, asking you to join her. You’d looked around you at the destruction which she’d caused and then back to her. You’d reached forward to her and grasped onto her hand and she smiled at you as she pulled you and Wong through the portal.
If you were to choose a side to be on after the avengers had collapsed, what better side to be on than with your ‘best friend’.
You’d always stayed by her side, and that’s how you stayed even when the Darkhold castle collapsed around you as you held each-other.
It’s been a little while but who cares!!
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symphonyofsilence · 2 days ago
So there is this theory that says that Wanda will not be affected by Strange's magic & still remember Peter Parker.
My sister pointed out that if Wanda does still remember Peter, & Peter goes to her as he went to Strange, Peter who has lost his aunt will find a new mother figure, & Wanda who has lost her kids will find a new one.
& now I need a movie just about Wanda & Peter!
Like... I'd be happy just seeing them watching tv, Peter showing his favorite movies that he keeps referencing to her & her not getting the hype & she showing her favorite sitcoms to him & him not getting what's funny!
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natasharomanovf · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wong and Strange being an iconic duo
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maya-hawke · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS 2022 | dir. Sam Raimi
Tumblr media
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