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#doctor strange in the multiverse of madness
Theory about the MCU multiverse:
1) Universe and timelines are two separate concepts. There are an infinite amount of universes that make up the multiverse. Each of those universes can have branching timelines that result because of free will.
2) Think of it like this; the multiverse is a rope. A universe is a strand that is part of the rope. An alternate/branching timeline is a piece of fiber that got loose from one of the strands.
3) Alternate universes explains how we can have different actors playing the same roles. So that’s how we can have Tom Holland Peter Parker meet with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, they’re all from different universes.
4) Alternate timelines within the universes explains how we can have variants played by the same actors. That’s how we can have President Loki meeting 2012 TVA Loki. They’re both from the same *universe (EDIT) but from different branches.
5) This would also explain why Loki and Sylvie are completely different from each other. They’re from different universes AND they are the variants of the original from the universe they came from.
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vi-trying-to-survive · 19 days ago
Sick Day Soups
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x f!Reader
Warnings: Literally zero, this is just fluffy fluff 💕💕
Summary: Stephen taking care of a sick (Y/N), after multiple events of her caring for him.
A/N: hi guys, I hope you like this!! I just felt like writing something short and domestic for Stephen and (Y/N) cause I think Stephen wanting to take care of his s.o. would be so soft and cute 🥺💕💕
Balancing a bowl of hot chicken soup on a tray, Stephen tilted his head slightly towards the door slightly, urging the cloak that floated next to him to open it, his hands full. It turned to face its back to him, upset at being commanded around, rolling his eyes frustratedly, he sighed, “can you please open the door, she’s really sick and I’m worried”. Begrudgingly, the floating piece of velvety material raises one of its edges to turn the worn bronze handle, opening a pathway into Stephen and (Y/N)’s shared bedroom.
Careful not to spill any of the burning hot liquid, he sat the tray on the bedside table, bending to sit by the edge of the bed watching her as she slept. Her arms were strewn above her head, her chest rising and falling softly, hair spread around her head with some stray strands falling over her eyes, which were crimson edged, his like her nose while her lips appeared dry and cracked. Frowning at the way an illness could dampen her usual radiance, reaching out to push a few strands of hair out of her face, before trailing his hand down to stroke her cheek gently with his thumb, coaxing her from sleep.
She stirred for a bit before her eyes fluttered open, lips curving up into a grin as they focused on her sorcerer who was gazing down lovingly at her, “good morning, darling”, she croaked out, throat sore and scratchy, looking past him at the cloak that floated around the room anxiously, “thank you too cloak”. Taking that as it’s que to leave the scarlet cloak, fled the space, leaving only a swish at it’s wake, earning a weak giggle from the woman lying amongst a mountain of pillows.
“More like good evening, (Y/N)”, he smiled sympathetically at her, moving to grasp her hands in his, tugging tenderly at them to help her reposition herself, “come on darling, you have to sit up and have something to eat”.
Leaning some of her weight on him, she forced her body into a sitting position, reaching to pull the tray onto the lap, before her hands were swatted away by Stephen’s , making her gasp in shock.
Lifting the ceramic bowl into his own arms, he dipped the spoon in, gathering a large amount of vegetables and chicken along with the soup, nervously stammering, “It’s— I just— You always end up taking care of me, I just wanted to take care of you this time”, he finished holding it up for her.
Her expression softens into a smile at his explanation, gratefully eating from the utensil that he had in front of her, causing him to mirror her grin, as he continues scooping the now warm broth and place it into her mouth tenderly, making sure not to spill any on the bed sheets.
As she swallowed the last spoonful, he found that a little bit of it had trickled down the edge of her mouth. Reaching out, hooking the edge of his sleeve on his thumb to wipe it away, making her grin lopsidedly at him, “thank you, love”, her voice a little nasally from a stuffy nose.
She yawned, raising her arms up above her head, stretching her whole body, making the man who sat at her side chuckle, “I suppose it’s time for you to get back to bed”, putting the bowl back onto its tray, gathering the edges of the comforter to tuck her in.
She whined in reply, “what already? I’ve only been up for like an hour”, adjusting her body to lay flat, with her head upon a pillow freshly fluffed by the sorcerer who stood ready for her very beck and call.
As she snuggled back under the covers, that enveloped her body, trapping warmth with her so that she could comfortably be coaxed to sleep, she removed one hand from comforting warmth to interlock it with her boyfriends, softly squeezing it, promptly letting go to cover her nose as she sneezed, retrieving a tissue from the box that was situated strategically on the bedside table. “I would kiss you, but I don’t want to pass this horrid virus on to you”, she exclaimed to him throwing her hands in the air only for them to land amongst the multiple throw pillows that surrounded her face.
“It’s fine darling”, he chuckled softly, as he readjusted her pillows one last time, pulling the covers up so that they covered her up till her nose, leaving only her eyes and hair visible, “I can still kiss you”. Pressing her tender and sweet kiss to her forehead, as he stroked her cheek gently, causing her to close her eyes and hum contently, slowly drifting of to sleep once again, feeling safe in his comforting presence.
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lavfeyson · a month ago
everyone was saying “oh damn pray for strange in m.o.m he’s gotta deal with loki and wanda messing up the multiverse now” and playing him off as the relatively sane one but after that spider-man leak idk i think wong is the only stable magic user left
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violetfuchsia · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are we ready for these 3 beautiful witches/wizards to be on the same screen in the same movie next year??  🕯 ☽ 🔮 ☾ 🕯
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holdtightposts · 4 months ago
Marvel Studios just released the Phase 4 preview and I kind of love how it’s a subtle jab at Martin Scorsese of basically “it’s not that deep.”
Tumblr media
And then they show the audiences reaction to opening night of Endgame. Martin Scorsese will NEVER get people that invested into his films the way people get invested into Marvel Studios movies.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Who’s excited for Phase 4?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Does that mean this will be Ms Marvel’s intro? The title card’s S looks just like Kamala’s dress with the same marking.
Tumblr media
They also updated the Ms Marvel title card to match!
Tumblr media
I understand why some people don’t like the MCU films but please don’t ruin something that is harmless that so many other people enjoy.
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Hypothetical set-up for Loki season 2:
General plot summary:
Picking up after the events of season 1 and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, Loki makes his escape from the TVA after realizing that the organization has been taken over by Kang the Conqueror. After a thrilling chase through the golden city, Loki ends up outside of the TVA headquarters, which is revealed to be the Desert Beyond Space and Time.
(what the desert looks like from the Exile comics)
Tumblr media
After days walking through the desert, Loki is found by a group of scavengers who take him captive. The scavengers immediately recognize him as a fugitive from the TVA and decide to take him back to the “City of Exiles”, a city comprised of variants that managed to escape before they were pruned or brainwashed. 
The rest of the season is focused on Loki learning about the City of Exiles and eventually assisting them in their grand plan; a full-on assault on the TVA in order to take Kang the Conqueror down and prevent the Second Multiversal War. 
New Cast Members (assume that the Loki season 1 cast all reprised their roles)
1) Josh Brolin as Good King Thanos. This Thanos variant is the ruler of the City of Exiles.
Tumblr media
2) Maggie Q as Sigyn. She was an Asgardian noble who was arrested by the TVA for falling in love with her universe’s Loki, which went against the rule that Loki should be alone.
Tumblr media
3) Simu Liu as General Shang-Chi. This Shang-Chi variant is the head of Good King Thanos’ army. Compared to his MCU counterpart, this Shang-Chi is brutal and merciless. This is meant to be a direct call-back to him being the son of Xu Wenwu.
Tumblr media
4) Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver). This Quicksilver variant shows up as a surprise character during the middle of the season as a member of Good King Thanos’ army.
Tumblr media
5) Wyatt Russell as Hunter J-33 (formerly John Walker). This John Walker variant was arrested by the TVA and brainwashed into becoming a hunter. He’s the secondary antagonist of the season since he acts as the lead enforcer for Kang the Conqueror (think of him as the Brock Rumlow of the show).
Tumblr media
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Gallery: Happy Emmy Day!
To celebrate tonight’s Emmy event and hopefully Elizabeth in a beautiful dress winning lots of awards, I wanted to post a few special outtakes from a 2017 photo shoot for Glamour Mexico. Hope you enjoy! To watch the Emmy’s, here are the details –
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Studio Photoshoots > 2017 > Session 035
Gallery: Happy Emmy Day! was originally published on Elizabeth Olsen Source • Your source for everything Elizabeth Olsen
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vi-trying-to-survive · 20 days ago
Brownie Blues
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x f! Reader
Warnings: None, just angst. Probs the most angst thing I've written ever :') 💖💖
Summary: (Y/N) thought that Stephen has been on extra edge since the whole time loop ordeal, so she thought she could get him to take a break with her, but things don't go exactly to plan.
A/N: I really hope you guys like it. 🥺💖 This took me kinda long to write, but idk why. Also it's so angsty, like I didn't even plan to make this so angsty but it sort of transformed on its own :') Also if you like the writing please do leave requests😘🤩💖 (doesn't have to be Stephen Strange, I write for anyone in the MCU, but I love him with all my heart 💖💖), I love writing them. 💖🤩😊
“Stephen !!!!” (Y/N) yelled, in excitement waving her hands in the air dramatically, “I just found the best thing in the store today”
“(Y/N), if it’s another basil plant to replace the one that died”, he rolled his eyes, walking down the stairs, his hands in his pockets, “you have to accept that your not good with plants”.
“But it’s such a good plant and it’s supposed to be easy to grow”, she claimed, waving her arms in the air dramatically, “but that’s not what I got”.
‘Well then, what did you get ?”, he asked, as he wrapped his arms around her waist, before pulling her in for a kiss, causing her to circle her arms around his neck, tugging him closer.
Still enveloping each other, they broke the kiss. “I got ingredients to make brownies”, she beamed up at him, “thought we could make them together … I think we both need a break from the situation at her hand”.
Stephen couldn’t help but match her smile, admiring her thoughtfulness but eventually sighed, his smile fading, “I would love to, but —“
“No buts Stephen”, she frowned, looking away from him and releasing her arms from his neck, sliding them down to his chest, “you can’t keep working like this, you barely sleep and you don’t eat enough”.
Turning her face back to him, she paused allowing herself to get lost in his eyes for a few seconds. She always loved how his eyes were so light and clear, full of life and joy, though he tried to keep a neutral expression, she could always tell how he was feeling from his eyes. Sighing she started, “I just — ever since the time loop — and I know bargaining with Dormammu was torturous, but you never open up to me or anyone else about it”, placing her palm across her face in a frustrated manner, “I’m just worried about you Stephen”.
Taking a step back from her, he placed his arms defensively across his chest, “well I’m sorry if I am trying to keep this universe safe (Y/N)”, he retorted, sarcastically, “you know what I’m sorry, I didn’t want to burden the people I love with the excruciating pain that I had to go through to save Earth— no, no scratch that … the universe!”
Now pacing back and forth slightly, in front of the woman who now stood shocked, with her hand covering her mouth which was agape.
Raising his arms to exaggerate, he continued with a mocking tone, “you want to know what happened so bad don’t you”, his usually calm eyes, now like a thundering sea during a storm, “I was stuck in that time loop for 10 years, 10 years of dying over and over again, while for you, Wong, Mordo and everyone else it was barely a second!”.
Finishing his rant, seemed to settle him slightly, finally allowing him to take a good look at the woman who stood shaken in front him. Her eyes glittered, with the start of tears forming, and immediately Stephen knew that he had mishandled the situation.
As (Y/N) began to speak, the large, wet drops began to spill, staining her cheeks, but her voice didn’t shake, “I’m not going to apologize for caring about you Stephen, but come and talk to me when you’ve calmed down”, with that she stomped out of the room, to toss her bags in the kitchen and let all the tears that had built up flow out.
Stephen continued to stand in the foyer, even after (Y/N). He had never made her cry, they’ve had multiple fights before, because what couple doesn’t, but he’s never made her cry ever. In fact he prides himself on it, or at least he used to, he though to himself. He knew he had messed up and his heart ached for her, longing to go to her, but his mind still filled with anger and pride refused to listen. Instead he found his legs carrying him to the library, flicking his hand the door shut with a long creak.
Reaching the kitchen, (Y/N) tossed the bag she was carrying onto the counter in exasperation, wanting to scream. Unfortunately as the bag hit the surface of the cold countertop, a large crack filled the empty space around her, and the awful feeling at the pit of her stomach grew. Reaching into the bag, she pulled out the carton of eggs, hesitantly pulling at the top, which revealed that two eggs had cracked with their yolks leaking out slightly. The sight mixed with her argument with Stephen, well mostly her argument with Stephen, caused the tears that lined her eyes to come crashing down again. Messily pressing the bottoms of her palms against her face, she tried to rub the tears away, but they just kept flowing. Letting out a frustrated groan, she reached into her pocket, pulling out her sling ring. Sliding it onto her fingers, she began making the familiar movements and a blazing orange portal began to form. She defeatedly walked through it.
Stephen sat at one of the tables in the library, with a thick book opened in front of him. Staring at the yellowed, age page, he tried to concentrate on the new spell he was learning before (Y/N) interrupted him. He tried to be angry or even annoyed at her, but the moment she entered his mind, his whole demeanor softened. He cursed his photographic memory as the image of her tears rolling down her face entered his thoughts again.
Leaning his elbow against the wooden table, he rested his forehead on his hand and noticed that after a few minutes he noticed that his sleeve was wet. Running his palms across his face, he realized that he had tears running down his face too. Groaning he leaned back on his chair, he thought back to that rotten memory.
(Y/N) was right, not talking about what happened during the time loop was eating up at him, like a mold that grew larger each time he replayed it in his mind. He had put up a façade, so that he didn’t have to relive it with others, thinking that it would be better for them that way. Most people thought he was fine, but (Y/N), his sweet (Y/N) who could see right through him knew otherwise, and he pushed her away, like so many people in the past. She didn’t deserve that, all she wanted to do was help him.
Realizing how awful he had been to her, Stephen quickly rose from his seat, his heart throbbing and yearning to be with her. His feet pounded against the hollow floors of the building but she wasn’t there. In a flurry of panic he thirst his hands into his hair, urging his brain to think of all the places she would have gone to. Fortunately in a matter of seconds it became clear to him.
Nervously, he pulled out his sling ring, moving his arms, the portal began to form, taking a deep breath he stepped through it.
(Y/N) sighed, leaning her elbows on the stone wall surrounding the enclosure that was below. “I freaking love penguins”, she muttered to herself, fixing her eyes on the small black and white creatures. Some of them waddled around the rock in the center, while the others swam around in the water around it. She giggled weakly as one pushed the other into the water, honking in victory. Turning to the others she noticed a pair of them who stood basking in the sunlight, with their flippers almost touching each other, making it look like they were holding hands. “I wish relationships were that easy”, she frowned, wondering if she had pushed Stephen too far past his limit.
Being here made her think of the first time she took Stephen to see them, back when they were both still mastering magic in Kamar Taj, thinking that after an exhausting month of learning they deserved a break. ---
“Alright I can see why they’re endearing”, he chuckled, grabbing your hand and intertwining it with his, “they’re cute, quirky and very lovable … a lot like you”.
Grinning widely at him, she giggled, “thank you”, squeezing his hand and shuffling closer to him, trying to steal some of his warmth as a cool autumn breeze blew through them, carrying some of the sunset-coloured leaves along with it.
Resting her head on his shoulder, she asked softly, “do you know what’s so cool about penguins?”.
He shook his head, positioning his arm around her waist, pulling her in closer and clutching her tightly, as though she would disappear at any second.
She smiled, as she looked down at the penguins that stared up at the pair suspiciously, “they mate for life … they even propose with a rock, its so cute”.
“That’s one of the weirdest things someone has told me on a date”, he looked down at her and laughed, “but also one of the sweetest and endearing”.
She stuck her tongue out at him playfully as he turned toward her. Tenderly he placed a hand on the back of neck, pulling her in for a slow, sensual kiss. She instinctively wrapped her gloved hands around his waist, tugging him closer to her. Although they broke the kiss for air, their foreheads still remained connected as they smiled giddily at each other.
--- Rubbing more tears away from her already red and puffy eyes, she buried her face in her hands.
“(Y/N) ?”, a very familiar voice called out hesitantly and yet it still cut through the sounds of the noisy tourists and animals that surrounded them.
Recognising it instantly, she wavered a little, before turning around to face the man who stood a few feet behind her. She saw that his eyes matched hers, lined with red and the skin under them puffed up, his nose the same crimson as well. The sight alone made her heart ache and she wanted to run up to him and wrap her arms around him, but she stood her ground and folded her arms over her chest, his words were still a fresh wound in her mind and it stung.
He slowly made his way towards her, testing the waters. She did and said nothing, much to Stephen’s dismay, but he reminded himself that this was on him, so it was up to him to make it better. “I– I’m Sorry” he stammered out fidgeting with his hands as he shuffled from foot to foot, which made her soften her defensive stance, “I wasn’t fair to you, in fact I was terrible, and you were just trying to help, and your probably right … I am working myself to the bone”.
Releasing the breath, she was holding, she moved closer to him, cupping his face in her hand, “I’m sorry too, it was partly my fault”, she blurted, “I pushed you too far when you weren’t ready to talk about it”, his words making her anger melt into nothingness.
He gazed deeply into her eyes, “no don’t apologize, don’t even begin to blame yourself, please”, he sighed, “none of this is your fault, and if I’m being honest, you were right, the memory of Dormammu is getting to me”.
Timidly he reached out to clasp her hands in his, rubbing his thumbs gently over the surface, “I appreciate everything you do for me”, he admitted, forcing the walls he thought would protect the ones he loved to come down, realizing they only further provoked the raging storm in him, “I’m enraptured with you, my feelings are overwhelmed with you and you mean so much to me, I apologize for treating you like anything less”.
As she gazed into his crystal-like eyes, she could finally see some semblance of peace start to settle once again behind them, which lit a spark in her heart that blazed brightly. In a sudden burst of emotion, she threw her arms around his neck tightly, making the tall man stumble backwards, pulling his head down for a sloppy, desperate kiss. His lips moved in sync with her almost instantaneously, arms wrapping around her waist, almost clutching for fear that she would leave him at any second now. Breaking the kiss for air, they rested their foreheads against each other, the only sound between them being soft pants, relishing in each others presence, wanting the moment to last forever.
"Ahem", a man stood behind them, awkwardly glancing between the pair, while holding onto the small hand of a young, about 5 year old, girl, who was frowning furiously at them. "You're in the way!", she exclaimed, raising her free hand in the air to accentuate her point, as she tugged at her fathers arm repeatedly.
"Sorry", (Y/N) smiled apologetically at them, moving out of the way, dragging her stunned boyfriend along with her, burying her head in his chest after they were a distance from them, her cheeks painted a light crimson color from embarrassment. He chuckled lightly, pulling her frame closer to him, placing a gentle kiss on the top of her head. She responded by snuggling closer into the crook of his neck, brushing her lips softly against it, grinning to herself.
Pulling back slightly, Stephen cupped her face with her hand so that her gaze was fixed on him, “am I forgiven ?”, he whispered, worry flashed behind his eyes. She placed her arms across her chest, raising a hand to stroke her chin mockingly, as though deep in thought, before giggling, “yes, I think so”, standing on the tips of her toes to leave a sweet kiss on his cheek. He chuckled in response, enveloping her in his arms, as she moved in to place her head on his chest, sighing contently, he enjoyed the warmth that she radiated, having missed it, hoping to never let go of her.
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agentem · 26 days ago
What If Episode 4.
Usually I am all about th female characters but I don’t understand why Strange would pick Christine over WONG.
I guess this was the most interesting What If episode just because toy leaks have suggested that Supreme Strange is back in Multiverse of Madness. And because the Watcher got to talk to someone.
But RIP the Cloak of Levitation.
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