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what of ace’s things do you think the doctor kept? some old cannisters of nitro-nine? the dalek-destroying baseball bat? her old cassette tapes? maybe that giant rucksack that she had or some patches that she never got the chance to put on her jacket? maybe 11 picked up the fez thing because he remembered ace all those years ago picking one up in the museum.

i can see one of their incarnations going back to her when she’s older and stopped travelling as much, and dropping a box in front of her door full of old keepsakes and knicknacks she picked up during their adventures with nothing more than slip of paper with a question mark on it to tell her who it was from. and maybe dorothy (because she’s outgrown ‘ace’ at that point) looks up at the stars and remembers her mad adventures with the little scottish man in the question mark jumper and for the first time since she became a proper adult, she dreams again.

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13 tip toes through the Console Room towards the kitchen: Easy does it now old girl, no need to wake the humans.

Graham standing in his dressing gown with a cup of tea: It’s a little unnerving that you refer to us as our species.

13 jumps a little in fright: It’s a little unnerving that you lot only have one heart.

Graham chuckles putting the kettle on: Come on let’s have some breakfast and watch the news before the kids get up, where are we headed today?

13 grins: I was thinking London in the 60’s, some fantastic barbershop quartets you know…even kids doing them.

Graham stills turning around: You didn’t!

13 giggles nodding: You looked adorable in that candy stripe suit Graham honestly a right little dapper man.

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David about working with Neil Gaiman on Good Omens, NY ComicCon 2018 (x)

David: I feel very sad that… leaving Doctor Who was a big thing and it was quite traumatic, and then I found out the next season Neil Gaiman was going to be writing for it. I feel like that was a great sadness that I finally now get to put right by actually working with the man and just getting to speak his words.  

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Hello! Thank you for the request! I hope you enjoy this! 💜


Missy x Reader

Summary: The Reader is insecure about her relationship with Missy.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1249


Originally posted by doctorwho247

You would sneak into the Vault quite often. It was a thrill to go against The Doctor’s orders. You usually didn’t do so out of fear of being accidentally hurt by some vengeful alien on the warpath, but venturing down into the Vault didn’t seem to be that risky, despite what the Vault’s inhabitant proclaimed on multiple occasions.

“Do you think he knows about this?” You asked aloud, wandering around the Vault, gathering what you needed for afternoon tea. Thinking about it,you wouldn’t be surprised if The Doctor did know, he did seem quite perceptive, unlike Nardole, who claimed to be perceptive but was really the opposite.

“Would it matter if he did, dearie?” Missy spoke accusingly, with a hint of sadness she tried to mask. She sat at the piano, trying to distract her quickening heartbeats with some soothing piano while you laid out a tea set with some snacks on a nearby table. Your relationship with Missy was quite new and both of you had your own insecurities about it. You being Human put a strain on both of you, and adding the fact that you were a friend and companion of The Doctor did not lessen any of those fears of fragility.

“Not really, if he does know, he clearly does not mind me being down here, I just fear that he might blab to Nardole or Bill. Who, if you might have noticed, are not that fond of you. However, if he doesn’t know, it would be hilarious to see his face when he finds out!” You turned around after finishing setting up the tea set and snacks and leaned against the table.“Would you mind if he knew, Missy?” Your tone was quite, but pointed, causing Missy’s fingers to stop and her head to turn to you abruptly, mouth slightly agape. She knew what you were referring to, even though you never explicitly said it, you often felt inadequate compared to her and The Doctor, being just a mere Human, and becoming aware of her’s and The Doctor’s lifelong friendship did not ease your feelings of inadequacy.

“Dearie,” she stood and walked over to you, placing her hands on each side of your face, “of course I would not mind, quite the opposite, really.” She smirked devilishly, trying to make you blush, she loved making you blush. “How about we eat the delicious food you brought for us today, and then, later, I will prove to you how much I care about you. Does that sound okay?” You nodded and let Missy peck your lips quickly before she pulled out a chair for you to sit.

You chatted over tea, trivial things, eager to not openly voice your discomforts about being so young and naive compared to two practically immortal beings. Though, Missy seemed very eager to discuss it, hinting at it every chance she got, hoping to wear you down, until you broke and confessed what was on your mind.

The conversation wandered onto The Doctor as you finished your tea and snacks. Missy had been more open about her childhood than you expected, or, at least compared to how little The Doctor talked about his past. Missy led you to a small sofa, gripping your hands tightly as she spun you around the room until you both reached your destination. She was vibrant and animated when talking about how, while at The Academy she single handedly vanquished a rogue brigade of Daleks, and noted that The Doctor would tell a different story. One where he was more involved in the triumph instead of quivering in the corner like a cold puppy in the rain.

Upon reaching the sofa, Missy laid you down on it, which she quickly followed suit before you could get up and complain.She wrapped an arm around your torso to keep from falling off the edge.

“Missy, this sofa is too small for us to lay like this.” You giggled at her antics.

“Oh fine! I guess we will just have to adjust!” Before you could comment, she hooked her other arm underneath you and hoisted you up until you were laying on her chest. “Better?” she questioned, smirking again.

“Well, I guess it is better than the former position we were in.” You awkwardly moved and craned your neck, unaware of where to lay your head. Missy noticed your blush at the situation, her smirk growing ever so slightly. She drew her hand up and gently pushed your head down toward her chest, giving her permission for you to lay your head there. Your blush only intensified, but you tried to focus on her heart beats to lull you into a state of calm.

After a long silence filled with only the two of your breathing and Missy’s heartbeats, Missy spoke, “Y/N, I think we should talk about what has been bothering you.” Your breath hitched, you really didn’t want to talk about this, you were afraid that if the two of you discussed this then your relationship would end faster than you wished. You eventually asked why it was necessary.

Missy began combing her fingers through your hair, scrapping her nails against your scalp in a circular motion, “The sooner we talk about this the sooner we can get through it together.”

“You will laugh.Or think that I am just being a stupid Human.” Missy immediately placed her hands on either side of your head to maneuver you until you were looking in her eyes.

“I might laugh as a coping mechanism to deal with shock, but I would never call you a stupid Human. You are the exception to the human race.” Missy placed a deep kiss to your forehead before maneuvering your head back to her chest. You took a deep breath before voicing your fears about your relationship with Missy; the age difference, the species difference, how you wanted to be ask important to Missy as she was to you, how you didn’t want to be seen as an ignorant child because of how you little you knew compared to the Timelady. Missy dealt with your fears, one by one, reassuring you of the hold you had on her hearts and how your only foolish mistake would be if you were to deny her love of you. If you were to deny that fact, Missy made it painfully clear that she would break out of the Vault, steal The Doctor’s TARDIS and destroy however many galaxies it took until you got the message. She made it clear that even though the two of you would have many things to work though, she wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

All of Missy’s declarations of love were accompanied with Missy massaging your head and your back. These soothing acts and the repetitive calming drumbeats of her hearts and her soft words of love soon lulled you into a sound sleep. So sound, in fact, that you did not wake when The Doctor entered the Vault. Stopping in his tracks, as he closed the Vault door, when he saw the sight of you enclosed in the arms of his oldest friend.Missy smirked and mouthed a “hush, their sleeping” to the flustered Timelord. Then placed another kiss to your forehead, already laughing at your reaction when you find out that The Doctor didn’t know about you and Missy and your reaction to knowing that you didn’t get to see his surprised face.

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It’s weird but I think dyslexia helps me connect with a character more?

I can’t fully listen to what they’re saying, I can’t concentrate on it properly because the words kind of spin around my head, so I have to feel what they’re feeling and so when I’m watching/listening to something I always find myself empathising with the character a lot

Idk maybe it’s stupid but

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