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#doctor who

Martha: *lists the bones of the hand off the top of her head*

Watch: I have literally never been more attracted to anyone in my whole life.

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Every Doctor Who StoryThe Romans

“Oh, something else I forgot to tell you. I think I’ve poisoned Nero.”

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off to make a playlist for one of my drs ashshshsjjs i really need better coping mechanisms god

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Promarkers drawing made in December 2020.

I really enjoyed Spyfall. I knew there was something weird about the MI6 agent O but I couldn’t grasp what. Never I’d have thought that behind the shy and clumsy man was in fact hidden the Master. I jumped on my sofa when I watched the reveal scene!

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To be fair, LOTS of people want to escape from Earth.

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                                             尺乇ᗪ 千ㄖㄩ尺

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Did you just slap Heather?
It was a love tap!
I panicked, okay?
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My brother was taking a test and the example of how to put in your name said “Noble, Donna”

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So I was sitting in the dark stair case in my breakfast break when a random student walked past me then stopped and went back up and then stood next to me. Then said “Well regeneration clearly is a lottery but changing the character completely is new. Or is this such a thing like with the War Doctor? Being the Ace Master?”

Then I got what they/he ment

My pin buttons….


Putting the link for the pin button down below (support this awesome artist pls🤗)

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In a jack and Doctor mood?!

Rp it with me?

Message me!

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What do you want from me? I’ve never broken any of your stupid laws.
…In front of you.
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10: No, no, no. Let’s not sugarcoat this. You find me finnicky, pedantic, and annoying.

Martha: No, she doesn’t.

Donna: I have actually used those exact words before…in that order.

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