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#doctor who

holy HELL I had a dream where Robert Pattinson was cast as the new Doctor and everyone went crazy. People despised him, the hating twilight era was apparently at full again.

honestly sounds cool, Rob, I’d be proud of you as the doctor.

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putting quotation marks arounf any of the ind words in “not the mind probe” makes it SO terrible actually

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I wrote a fiiccccccc!!!!

it’s twissy but could be both platonic or romantic, it’s got nail polish and hand holding and metaphors!

I really hope someone out there likes it 🥺

Enjoy!! I’m honestly honoured to finally post a dw fic

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I’m here, still, yes, I’ve just been busy. I’m currently *checks 180 open tabs* an hour or two away from having 3/6 of my college classes completed for the semester. I’m also unemployed! So what the heck, I’ll open some requests and do my best to get back into the swing of things. 

I write for: 

  • The 13th Doctor
  • Dhawan!Master
  • Missy 

I prefer requests from my previously reblogged prompt list at this time. However, as a lil Christmas gift, I will take specific requests if you don’t like any of the prompts.

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