#does anyone else feel this way?
here-there-everyfuckenwhere · 6 months ago
I know I’m probably not the only one bothered by this, but the astounding lack of LGBT+ representation in Ted Lasso is so weird to me. In a show that so intimately tackles toxic masculinity and gender roles as two of its primary concerns, I find it very strange that pretty much every character is (canonically) heterosexual. I mean... aside from Colin’s Freudian slip about Grindr, a few throw-away jokes made by Keely about wanting to fuck Rebecca and Trent Crimm (maybe) being on a date with a man in s02ep07 we pretty much have nothing in terms of LGBT+ representation and I just find that really unusual..
I understand that Ted Lasso is definitely everyone’s “happy place” show, and perhaps the writers felt that having a realistic, openly-gay character would mean having to (potentially) deal with homophobia in sports but like.. season 2 was already really heavy in terms of subject matter. I mean. We literally got an entire storyline about Rebecca and Ted’s respective childhood traumas (the latter literally involving suicide), not even to mention governmental corruption, mental health in athletics, abusive parenting and childhood trauma ect. So for them to shy away from having an openly gay character feels.. idk... odd? Jarring, even?
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laantii · 4 months ago
Why do I always feel numb and empty, what is wrong with me?!
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hlfgdlsbn · 2 months ago
Anyone else finding it weird when books get adapted and suddenly the characters have voices? Because when I read a book then every single character has my voice in my head lmao
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im-lost-in-daisies · a month ago
Well through the season I felt like they're going to show Jake as the alter that is more violent and does what needs to be done at the moment, but this introduction of him felt just like another killer alter trope and I'm a bit sad and disappointed?
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thegyusorcerer · 7 months ago
there are days where I love watching couples be all cute and sweet together, read books about romance and happy endings & just love romance 🥰💕. But there are other days where I don't want anyone who's in a 10m radius from me to mention romance or relationships because I'm sick and tired of it and it sucks to watch it. why am I like this, please 🤡
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beachblu3s · a year ago
I really love that one anime troupe where the main character was an edgy evil badass in the past but due to some life-changing event they’re now a cinnamon roll
Like...allow me to present my favorite examples:
Before 👿 —> after 🥰
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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marwhoa · 10 months ago
I head canon that if Baji had a future appearance, this bum would prolly have insanely long hair. Don’t ask me why but I just feel like he would let it grow unnecessarily long prolly to spite folks because once someone said “cut your hair, girly boy” or something like that and he went “Yknow what *never cuts hair again*” and now he has like really long, still nice hair and like he’s come too far now so he doesn’t want to cut it but every now and then he’s just like “… man…”
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gay-spaghetti · 9 months ago
Y'all I've realized... Out of Matpat's channels... I think Food Theory is my favorite, funnily enough.
I think because, .. his game theory and film theory channels are usually just... Trying to apply real world science and physics to fictional media. Which can be fun and interesting, but most often it's just like.. "duh that's not how it would really work." I mean?? The guy did a "film theory" about fucking baby shark.
Food Theory is a blast because it's applying science to something that's actually real. That also means Mat and Steph can do fun experiments to prove their theories! The channel also talks about the food industry, where they reveal marketing tricks, and compare which drink sizes hold the most liquid. Like--it's actually useful and fun.
I still enjoy game and film theory, but if I had to choose ONE channel to keep, it would be food Theory
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motiontocompel · a year ago
I'ma need someone to write a diluc x reader where the reader has been childhood friends w Diluc but the reader (preferably female) has always kinda been jealous of the dynamic between Jean (ew) and Diluc, whoever writes this can end the fic however they'd like but please someone feed me 😭😭
Wait I can just write this myself-
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aggressive-secretary · 2 months ago
Does anyone else have a problem with KNOWING the way you feel at this exact moment is the way you'll feel forever, even if not logical?
Example: Let's say I have a cold. The whole time I have that cold, I feel like I'm going to have a cold forever. I get depressed and anxious because I know I will be mildly sick for the rest of my days. Or let's say I have a shitty day. Everything is overwhelming and everything sucks. Oh well, guess that's just my life now.
And when the negative thing goes away, I'm not really relieved. I just wonder when it will happen next.
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alien-affect · 4 months ago
Okay, so I’ve never been great at putting my thoughts into words, and this may be weird, but bear with me, please.
Sometimes, I get sort of agitated and upset when people call some of my autistic behaviors cute or adorable.
It’s happened on a few occasions when I’ve been stimming ‘cause I’m happy or excited. A sibling, or a friend, or even just a classmate has been smiling a little too widely at me, looking amused, and when I ask why, they say, “that’s adorable” or “you’re being so cute!”
It’s happened when I’ve been info-dumping. I’m overexcited, monologuing about one of my favorite topics and bouncing a little while I do, and suddenly someone says, “you’re so adorable.” Or, “you’re just so cute.”
When I was in high-school a friend wrote in my yearbook that it was “adorable” how it seemed like I “didn’t know how to human.”
This has been happening since well before I know I was autistic. And it bothered me even then. And yeah, it’s better than people calling me a freak or a weirdo for the same behaviors, it’s better than being called annoying. But when I’m called adorable or cute, I feel my drop a little.
Maybe it’s ‘cause it feels like my behaviors are being pointed out.
Maybe it’s that it feels infantilizing.
Maybe it’s that it feels like people are trivializing my disorder. Like its “cutesy” when I’m happy and talking about stuff people don’t mind listening too, but them the look in people’s faces change when I’m stimming because I’m stressed, or my mask drops and I sound flat, or I misunderstood something, or I’m close to a meltdown, or, or, or.
I don’t know why it bothers me, it just does.
But I feel like I can’t complain, because at least calling me cute is complimentary.
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aliceinmadnessland · 9 months ago
Every time time I listen to Lost in Hollywood by SOAD and Daron says "All you maggots smoking fags on Santa Monica Boulevard", I can't help but imagine a bunch of Slipknot fans.
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crimson-kitsune · 7 months ago
Something about Hannibal really bothers me.
It's not that he kills people. Not even that he kills them for something as minor as rudeness- because frankly I've been tempted before.
It's not the way he displays his kills like a really morbid art project- the skill it takes to do so without leaving evidence is kind of awesome actually.
It's not how he abuses his position as a therapist to manipulate people like puppets on a string- because while I do think that's a shitty thing to do, I can understand where he would get bored, and I admit that it would be entertaining to be able to ....wind them up and watch them go.
It's not really even that he eats people, or how he has others unknowingly eat human meat.
It's the fact that his cooking looks so damn good in the show that it makes me want to reach into my tv and grab some so I can try it, even though I KNOW what it's made from.
Like, straight up, in all honesty, if I woke up in the world of Hannibal and had the misfortune of being invited to one of his dinner parties?
Well, first I would know that I'm probably doomed, because I am a rude little shit and I don't think I could change that even on literal fear for my life.
But more importantly if I was sitting at his table and he put a plate of his cooking in front of me, and if it smelled anywhere near as good as it looks on the screen?
I really, really, don't think I would be able to resist trying it. Even knowing what its very likely actually made from. Out of morbid curiosity if nothing else.
This bothers me. On multiple levels.
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angelcaswinchester · 8 months ago
it's funny, and also slightly paranoid, but i've always got this worry in the back of my mind that anytime i get an anon ask that it's going to be anon hate or something really upsetting. anytime i get the notification that an anon messaged me my heart races for a few seconds and my stomach twists, and then i click the message and it always surprises me when it's something nice and sweet and lovely. and isn't that crazy? how the human brain very quickly expects the worst after being burned a couple times, but is always surprised when you see something thats actually genuinely good. anyway, another random late night confession by yours truly.
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goodbyetommyyy · 8 months ago
i spent so much time in my room i forgot real men existed...
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outrunningkarma · 5 months ago
They say “fuck” in ‘The Great’ SO MUCH, it was starting to get annoying.
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jilldeville · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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pillowsandbones · 11 months ago
The world is blank inside my head
The absence of being envelops me
A crushing wave
As soft as a blanket
I’m outside of here
Wandering away
Pondering away
I sonder myself
Creation of my life ceases
The future goes missing
As I sink in it’s reflection
Deeper and darker
Colder and farther
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faerie-fang · a year ago
yes i’m bi — that means i’m attracted to men, women, nonbinary folks, and any and all other genders out there — but honestly? i find i’m really only attracted to other queer folk
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haburoji · a year ago
I’m so excited for rune factory 5 but I can’t help thinking the playable character’s designs are a downgrade from Frey and Lest :(
Tumblr media Tumblr media
they really went from hatsune miku to Aryan ™
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