#does anyone else relate
relaxxattack · a year ago
why is wilbur soot being straight such a weird thing. i don’t mistake him for gay. he doesn’t particularly hit any notes that would’ve made me go “oho this man is NOT hetero!” like i never thought he was lgbtq. but at the same time. learning he was straight was a Shock
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neuroticbog · 5 months ago
why am I always drawn to the mentally ill outcast disaster dorky tired awkward nervous wreck characters??????
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pugetsound · 16 days ago
people always comment on the fact that i eat too quickly (“like a starving victorian child”) but its literally just bc on a sensory level i fucking hate touching food so if its something like a burger, sandwich, burrito etc i refuse to put it down and pick it up again because of the high potential of getting sauce on my hands. i have to eat it all before i can escape
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ryuuzaa · 4 days ago
I don't comment on people's text posts anymore because of the crippling anxiety of them not responding back. Like I'll do it every once in a while, but...yk
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stvrmbrekkers · a year ago
i need to know if reading the first book of heroes of olympus for the first time and almost not continuing it because percy jackson wasn’t in it is a universal experience
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sobscutely · 8 months ago
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evtblue · 4 months ago
i'm tired. i just want to live in the middle of nowhere, have a ton of dogs, be gay and make out with my boyfriend, and just never have to interact with anyone else ever again
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an-angrygod · 2 months ago
Nothing matters in life does it? Like one day you might be the happiest person on earth and the next you could be all alone with no one who was there with you.
I think about this a lot. Life and meaning of it all. I wonder if the poets and philosophers have found an answer yet? Something I can agree with. Non of that gif has a plan crap, uk.
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chiimiie · 23 days ago
Types of BTS Stans
Seokjin (Jin) stans:
Dying slowly on the inside
About completely done with Seokjin
But can't live without him
Has a personal mental treasure trove of Jin selcas
Sarcastic in the best way possible
Drama watcher (obviously)
Yoongi (Suga) stans:
Cat lovers
Secret perverts with a sarcastic attitude
That one 'I-will-end-the-world' friend
Seem chill and sweet but once you meet them you will scream every waking moment with them
Someone to be scared of, but they have a heart of gold
Hoseok (J-Hope) stans:
Literal stars; brighten and liven up everyone's day
"Can I quickly simp over Hoseok's everything?"
Kings/Queens of hyperventilating and freaking out
Easily feel attacked
Look innocent, and are innocent (or maybe not. . .)
They'll fangirl/fanboy with anyone
Cutest hobbies and personality
Namjoon (RM) stans:
Strong, independent people who are secretly soft
Smart af, and goofy af
A mixture of perfect and 'what-the-actual-fuck'
Thinking about Namjoon 24/7
"Omg that's him, do yOU SEE HIM OMFG"
hyping Namjoon up for everything he does
Fangirls/fanboys alongside Jungkook
Hating antis and loving armys
Jimin stans:
they look cute and innocent (but are dirty minded af stay away)
Thinks about Jimin at least 69 hours a week
Can make anyone feel loved and special/the ideal memers
Cinnamon rolls than can kill you if obligated in a scenario where there friend is threatened
"protect tHEM AT ALL COSTS"
just like jimin, they are angels
goes batshit crazy over ANY content with jimin-ah
Jimin to them, is a omnipresent being to whom we are not worthy
Taehyung (V) stans:
literally the funniest/smartest/prettiest people to be around
that one 'life of the party/everyone's bestie' friend
fantasize about Taehyung constantly (never wake anyone V stan from their dreams, it's dangerous)
Passionate about BTS
Always are protective of their friends
A-Class simps that non-armys have to learn to be
Question the motive to live life and suddenly remember Kim Taehyung and BTS
Jungkook stans:
Are able to build a 100 shrines a day with the mental images of Jungkook on their brain
Thinking about any nickname Jungkook has and associates it with everything
Have never chilled a day in their life/unable to understand the concept of chill
Have willpower to talk about Jungkook till the end of time
Innocent and dirty at the same time
Easily impresses and proud of Jungkook for just breathing
Can't get enough of ANYTHING
there's no joke they won't understand
OT7 stans:
Literally every army. No matter which bias. Just-
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shen-the-peacock-lord · a month ago
Weird question: Does anyone else feel a (need???) to be a specific (fictional) character?
Like... there's a character I've sort of always felt really connected/attached to, in a way I don't really understand: it's not like their life or experiences resemble mine - far from it in fact!
It's more like: I'd really like to look like them and have their mannerisms?
I'd say it's gender envy or something similar, but I also want to have their personality and their interactions with other characters in that 'universe' ??? It's very difficult to describe...
(I also extremely enjoy reading fanfics or other stuff where the way they think and experience the world around them is described in great detail... Like, I need to know exactly how their mind and thought process works)
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ryderdire · a month ago
Curious anyone else have this weird thing where they feel like everything they get for themselves has to have a use or else it’s a waste like you can’t buy things just cuz they make you happy
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thesourstrawberries · 9 months ago
Dead Fandom Roleplay Groups
I’ve been thinking a lot about basically dead fandoms. As a past roleplayer, this pandemic has really made me fall back on the online community I had built nearly a decade ago. It barely exists anymore, which is to be expected. I miss the connections I made made with those people, and I still think about them all the time. 
We have all grown, and for some fandoms, there are only a small and sometimes close knit pockets of roleplayers left. We all have jobs or other life circumstances. Some of us have kids! I miss you guys! and I miss my fandom.
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ilovetheater24601 · a year ago
Today I was thinking about how truly crazy my music taste is like some days im vibing to Green day and others I'm single handedly performing all of Les Mis and literally everything in between
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artistically-unique-girl · 4 months ago
I really wish there was a feature on here where it puts your reblogs and your actual posts in separate places so you and others can see what you've actually posted and what you've reblogged. It's just difficult to scroll through your "posts" to find something you post especially if you didn't put a tag on it or can't seem to find it through just searching a word you know is specific to that post. I know I'm not the only person who feels this way, but idk how many people actually feel this way. Maybe it's just me and my friends, but I honestly think it'd be helpful.
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not-a-biscuit · 7 months ago
anyone else ever just feel better if they can touch another human. It can even be a finger on their elbow you just feel instantly calm when you are making physical contact with someone
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annacula · 3 months ago
Today in class ,
Teacher : Which words depicts peace in the poem ?
The whole class : silence and Freedom!
Did you just say freedom ?
*The inner eren woke up *
Me in my mind: Freedom ! Tatakae tatakae !
* inner eren intensifies *
I was transported to the parallel universe in the middle of my class . 🤣😭
Tumblr media
9 . 3 . 2022
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odetolove · 4 months ago
posting writing pieces is so draining afterwards.. like i got a train ran on me and the only thing i crave is soft aftercare
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neuroticbog · 6 months ago
me, scrolling through Tumblr: i’m bored
me: moves to Pinterest and looks at Tumblr post screenshots
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swagisdefinedbyme · 5 months ago
im over gay characters having supportive parents. I want to see a gay character that others can relate to. Of course, there are people that have  parents, but there are scarce gay characters with unsupportive parents. I want them to have a gay character be shunned from their family, taken away from their place of comfort, I want them to experience what many people face when coming out. I want to see them rise above that and find themselves. 
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amongmoths666 · 5 months ago
Can you believe I was so scared of the number 666 when I was a christian? Like seriously, I would avoid writing or seeing it at all costs because I thought bad things would happen. And, no joke, if I saw a yt video or whatever with 666 likes I would seriously unlike/like just so the like-number wouldn’t be 666. Like kiddo, it’s just a fricking number! It can’t harm you! (Given all the bible translations, it probably isn’t even the accurate number for the beast or whatever)
Past christian me would probably be horrified that current athiest me have 666 in my username lmao
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