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#does that make sense
hearty-an0n · 5 hours ago
HELLO! c!jack always failing at his silly little evil plans makes us have the same mindset about him that he has of himself
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alicewestwater · 12 hours ago
tagged by @x-writes @andiwriteunderthemoon @wannabeauthorzofija and @mp-golfin!!
i’ve chosen one word from each of y’alls tags because i don't think having 20 excerpts in one post would have helped anyone 🥴
CHOKE [from x]
I missed winter already. Spring birthed colour everywhere and I should have loved it. My garden must be choked with growth and perfume and chlorophyll. I must be growing a mini forest there. But I missed the chill in my bones after every exit-and-enter from the front door, the plumes of vapour dewdropping from my mouth, the steady palm-rubbing as if I was trying to ignite fire. Somehow the insidious fermenting of the snow had burrowed into me. I didn’t want to change seasons. Stay rooted two feet under, bend and fold but don’t break away.
DREAM [from chandra]
Green paint gossamered in the half-fluorescence. You lay on the bed and dreamed peacefully, an angel with your hair fluttering by your ears, your eyelids cycling through sleep— shut now, slowly opening, shut again.
HEALTH [from zofija]
Our house was a slump of cement when the rains came around: the plumbing would crackle and fizz as if thunder had built camp there, the soft paint would be mossed and smothered with mud, and the ivy that curled on the rooftops, like barbed wire, would wither in stagnant water and die in clumps. You could stand under the rooftops and catch a few of the rotting vines if you were unlucky enough— the chlorophyll already sucked out, and the residue a corpse of dark green— and the decay would ruin your porch as much as it ruined your day. Every house was plagued with unhealth and the air was dirty and sediment in your lungs. Laceflies stuck to windows and shed their wings. Everyone was sick from the cold or sick of the weather and wished to sleep forever.
RAINFALL [from pía]
i didn't find rainfall so used rain instead
You, you, you. For thirty years I’d let you live with me. When I turned, you were there, grinning. When I unsaddled rain at the door, you were there, saving the towel for yourself. When I’d cut my fingers on my documents, you were there, hoarding the antiseptics. It was all in spirit, they’d say— the dead never leave you, after all. Always taking up residence in your heart. Always haunting you.
my words for you are: skin, delicate, porcelain, glisten. tagging @athenapollo @shaelinwrites @pamsdrabbles @chayscribbles @dallonswords @jennawritesstories @kraljevna @nangua @oasis-of-you @rossafabula @zmlorenz + anyone else who wants to participate !
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villyns · 13 hours ago
No shade but why do you get so much discourse on your blog
😂😂😂 Chiefly because I am someone who is not afraid to share their opinions, but at the same time want to educate myself and help educate others on matters that are important to me. It has been sometime ever since I last got discourse like this before, and it is entirely self impose because I was the one who first post about my frustration with a friend who invalidated my sexuality.
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bwoahtastic · 13 hours ago
Can we have 4 of the WIP sentence thing
4 is Nymph Seb losing his son and then finding him again👀 (he is mentioned in the Nymph Mick fic I wrote)
Charles was crying too, his little face screwed up in confusion and panic as he reached both his little arms out over Mark's shoulders to Sebastian, who was trying desperately to get far enough from the lake to reach him.
send me a number between 1-15 and I'll send you 1 sentence of the WIP that correlates to it👁👁
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neocrush · a day ago
actually i was more like equally...? idk i knew that i wasn’t the best at dancer for sure, like i was practicing. i think it might of been a lucid dream idk, i’ve had many but i don’t remember...they were there and some other girls but i was specifically close to two of them, didn’t know them but felt it. it felt like we were all good friends.
okay but that dream oh my know sometimes i use dreams as inspiration to my stories, maybe one day even if it’s like a small one, but like a a cute imagine of the dream you had
plot twist you’re on the girl version of i-land
omg yes AHHHH i’ve actually thought of making cute little scenarios like that especially for heeseung and jungwon, but i wasn’t sure whether i wanted to write it as you and them going on return of superman as idols or you two being the parents of the kids 🤷🏻‍♀️
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sailor--yoon · 3 days ago
clue to which that friend group is, love?
not an existing friend group actually 💀 just people i hope i might meet soon (but for now theyre all people i imagine 💔)
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akionlyfans · 4 days ago
ok requests are open but only if it's about the Characters and how they Act 🤔 not x reader
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llamaalpacca · 4 days ago
odd girl out girls' aesthetics
Mirae - vintage
Seonji - soft
Yuna - light academia
Nari - cottagecore
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ruluxe · 5 days ago
i just want to read like 100k+ kagami meta, like just give me a story of kagami experiencing life. all the ups and downs, good and bad, self discovery, being vulnerable while also being strong, learning to love and trust others. i just wanna read smth where his happiness isn't dependent of others but a result of him accepting others and letting them in and sharing those burdens with him, and all of it adding to the already amazingily strong and resilient person he is.
#ru.txt#kagami taiga#im just rly in my kagami feels today#i dont want it to center around a romance or bromance#just him experiencing things#does that make sense#why does he get so worked up when hes got a game#how does he sleep otherwise#what does he do when hes alone#is he consciously aware of his inability to form attachments to material things#is it an inability? or is it a conscious decision because he isnt concerned by material things#is it a result of him losing many personal things in his life like relationships and previous possessions bc of moving around#he is sentimental with certain objects ie himuros ring even after he thought their friendship ended and hed left for japan#he had probably thought hed never see himuro again yet he kept the ring. why#his apartment is devoid of anything personal aside from a few bball magazines and a succulent#did he buy it? does he take care of it? does he talk to it when hes feeling alone?#does he go out on to the balcony late at night when he cant sleep and gaze on the tokyo skyline and watch the citylife#and think of LA and his dad and his other friends#does it hurt him or is he numb to it now#does he ever look to the stands during a game and just wish he saw his father standing in them cheering him on?#does his lonliness keep him awake at night? does he text kuroko or himuro when hes feeling particularly bad or does he keep it all 2 himself#bottle it all up and go to the nearest court to let it all out#are his eating habits because hes big and burns a lot of calories so hes constantly hungry#or is his endless hunger a metaphor for the emptiness he feels and he eats to fill a void#does he get to laugh often? does he get to experience little things that bring him joy or#does he go so hard on ball bc its the only thing that correlates to a time where he was truly happy and accepted and acknowledged#so many questions i cant stop but im gonna cause this tag list is long enough im sorry i just love him
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clownpetal · 7 days ago
okay idk how to formulate what i want to say but here we go annie is very obviously a lesbian but if she was to end up with a guy the only dude i can see her with is abed, and that is very funny because that is just the comphet lesbian + the comphet crush of a lot of lesbians who are fans of community
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pkeoj · 7 days ago
I took so much pre-workout I feel like how cats eyes look when they go from small pupil to large pupil
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cat-eg · 8 days ago
drawing feels like spending time with myself
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wooseoks · 8 days ago
all good is so classic astro and i’m obsessed. don’t get me wrong i like that their concept is maturing with them and they’ve been branching out stylistically but the cutesy fun concepts are so classic and feel so right for them and it’s fun for them to promote a cutesy song again
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spacebeyonce · 8 days ago
today’s a real life and death day
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tay-ever-lore · 9 days ago
come in w the rain’s bridge sounds like she’s shouting it to the rain
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inkykeiji · 9 days ago
I always have this picture in my head where the todoroki family is like kardashian famous and touya/Dabi is the hot troublemaker mysterious brother (always getting caught doing coke by the paparazzi) but girls just thirst over him 💕
ANON THE WAY I FUCKING SCREAMED AT THIS HAHAHAHAHA YES YES YES SAME!!!! oh my god same!!! every once in a while i think about a quirkless!AU where they’re just a family of actors and models but they come from a really really long line of actors n models so they’re stupidly famous,, but that’s all i ever get to before i get bored lmaooo
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eldesperadont · 9 days ago
Here’s an updated list of my fav puroresu photographers on Instagram because:
1.) I often see their work getting reposted, mostly without credit, despite pretty much all of them not being fond of that (always check what their bios say pls) 2.) they are doing gods work with giving us such great shots of our faves and deserve appreciation. 3.) the old post (here) is outdated, features inactive accounts or my description of them doesn't fit anymore, I still recommend checking them out tho!!
yutaka10.26 – post about NJPW regularly and a lot
taigaphoto_pw – same as above, but also attend other promotions: DDT, FREEDOMS and AJPW for example (just a funfact but Jay White often uses their work)
pluma_blanca930 – not the most active account but has some impressive shots, mainly posting NJPW and STARDOM
m.mitubachi – in regards of aesthetics my fav, their editing gives their shots a film photography vibe - post exclusively NJPW as far as im concerned
naozen_pwp – also exclusively post about NJPW, definitely check out their IG story highlights where they share most of their work
bc1975forlife – has a big catalog, mostly STARDOM and NJPW but he also posts stuff about FREEDOMS
octopus.stretch_pw – rather new account, uploads since Nov 2020, attends NJPW, STARDOM, DDT and NOAH shows, posts less than the ones mentioned so far but has some really awesome shots
dragon000stop – attend a wide variety of Japanese promotions, heavy focus on color editing their pics
tomosankak109 – mainly NJPW, got a real good eye for dramatic shots!
napp0nx_x_x – have with over 13k posts on their feed quite an impressive collection, mostly NJPW, DDT, NOAH, BJW and FREEDOMS
honourable mentions: akn__pw, daichi8244, yumiiii125, nakabatakeda, mari__photo2020, mihonin and kanaa1028
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apipefullofdreams · 9 days ago
Burning Bridges
The bridges around us are burnt—
charred remnants of ash and fire
and all I feel now is how badly I wish
I could turn time backwards
and never make those promises to you.
Your curls, your brown eyes, your laugh—
like someone had a gun to your head
and forced you to take a joke—
all replay in my mind like a record on repeat
that I just can’t stop playing.
It sits on the record table, spinning.
Ephemeralities, you’d call it,
something to indicate the way we felt like
everything around us was fleeting,
but our friendship was the north star—
constant. You’re gone now, too,
but you were right.
I’ll never shake the sight of you.
I don’t know when I fell in love with you.
It could never be pinned to just a moment in time.
I see your hair, pinned up at prom,
your eyes, glassy with tears when we’d sit
behind the buildings during break
holding hands like time could never
catch up to us if we were together.
You were never in love with me as far
as I know but it always felt like more
than just two friends huddled together
to make warmth out of a day as cold
as you’d become.
The bridges around us are crumbling.
I cannot get back to you across the water
dividing us, cannot swim for I know I would
sink back into the depths like the Titanic,
like Atlantis—gradual, and then all at once.
If I went back to find you, I’d never find myself
I don’t know when I started to hate you.
It could never be pinned to just a moment in time.
I see your eyes, stony and cold, at prom,
your voice bitter with resentment at me,
or resentment projected at me, maybe.
We were quite a pair: me, who apologized
too much and you, who could never
find it in yourself to say sorry for all the lies you built,
the house of cards you stacked
just to knock it all down with a flick of your wrist
and a violent, malicious grin.
You never knew I loved you,
but you knew I broke every promise
I made to you and I think that’s enough
to show how much I grew to hate us.
It replays in my mind:
The fights, the laughs, the way you
kissed my forehead before class that day,
the way you begged me to break down
my walls for you, the way you lied
and then told me lies weren’t the worst
crime a person could commit.
It replays in my mind:
The warmth of your hand, the winter blizzard
in your stare, those days when every word
out of your mouth was acid onto my skin,
the way you told me we had an “always”
like Hazel and Gus and then flinched from my touch.
The bridges around us are burnt.
I drop the match, drop the gasoline.
I watch the river surrounded with flames.
You’re somewhere on the other side,
your figure shrouded in smoke
so that way I cannot see what I leave behind
as I make my way back home.
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letmemakeuproud · 9 days ago
Prime: I am the emperor of the entire known universe, I'm in no way cute.
Me: okay but what if I drew you all angy with your ears turned down
Tumblr media
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