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My dog Luna literally is the kind of pup that’ll act like the biggest dog in the room and stare down a pupper twice her size just to show how tough she is.

She’s a little rascal and I love her.

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Today’s dog I groomed. Bob.

Hand stripped the top coat and dead coat with a knife. The best way to groom a wire haired jack russell like him. Unfortunately no before picture. But he looked like an old man with long whispy hair.

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I just spent like 5 mins making a comfortable and warm bed with my blanket for my dog, and when I moved away, she jumped off the bed and went downstairs

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FAQ : “Why are your K9 Shadow Vests so inexpensive compared to the other brands I have seen?”

Answer : At Bullet Blocker, our mission is to bring the highest quality goods, for the lowest possible cost. We are not in the market of price gouging, and never will be. We’ve redesigned, remanufactured, and reimagined our K9 Vests in order to bring the price down, without sacrificing quality.

 We have also teamed up with leading charities such as @pleafoundation, Little Blessings, and Protecting America’s K9’S to provide protective equipment to underfunded Law Enforcement agencies across the world.

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