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Week 2 Blog 3: Wednesday April 8, 2020

Bath Time for Guinness

If you guys didn’t know I have a dog named Guinness. He is an eleven year old GoldenDoodle. Guinness has been my best friend since the day we got him. He is a sassy, energetic, rude old man. My family treats him like he is an actual person so he has been living in such a luxurious and luscious life. While being in quarantine, my parents have made a couple of bonfires to hangout around so of course Guinness is out there running around and playing fetch. After bonfires your hair and clothes smell gross, so what do you normally do? Shower. Even though Guinness is pretty much a human he doesn’t shower like the rest of us do, so he is very smelly. So after his haircut appointment got canceled due to COVID-19, I decided to take matters into my own hands by giving him a bath outside. After luring his fat butt outside I put his leash on him and began spraying him with the hose. I couldn’t hook his leash up to anything so I just dropped it, well once I did that he took off making me chase him around the whole yard. After finally dragging him back into his doggy pool I started massaging the shampoo into his thick fuzzy fur. The brat didn’t run away this time because he loves getting scratched. While shampooing his hair I thought to myself, “Wow Mayor Lightfoot can get her hair cut but my dog who cannot even get the coronavirus can’t get his hair washed and cut professionally.” My once furry, curly headed q-tip of a dog, looked like a fat rat after rinsing the shampoo of him. I unhooked his leash and he took off for the grass as I laughed watching him roll around on our freshly cut grass, he got up and what do you know… he got mud on the whole side of his leg. I knew he would just keep dirtier if I didn’t take him for a walk quickly. After we walked the cute big rat let me brush him out, which is rare. He recently has hated his brush because of his matted hair. Since he was such a good boy I gave him a couple treats. Now, Guinness smells like wet dog and a little bit of Vanilla which is way more tolerable than built up dirt and fire. Once Guinny dries I know his wet dog smell will go away so that’ll be good. (Picture of my good boy from last week)

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