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#dog training

Sammy and I started IGP because we got invited from a the IGP trainers and a few members in our dog school (and I was interested), today was our second training and he is doing super well.

We will not compete someday, it is just fun for Sammy.

We started “revieren” and barking at the helper.

Especially the running is pure joy for Sammy.

Look at the good bean!

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Something I really appreciate about my behaviorist is that even though she has a deep and professional knowledge of dog language she is always able to communicate herself to clients in such an easy to understand way. Both myself, who has an understanding of dog body language and behavior as well as my sister in law who has much less of an understanding are able to have meaningful conversations about our dogs and work through the issues at hand successfully. 

Like that is how it should be, because at the end of the day it shouldn’t be so complex the average person can’t at least understand. 

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Churro is my kitten, he is sixth months old and already has two trick titles!

Currently he’s learning agility (in a limited just for fun way) but also he’s about 90% blind. Can most likely see just some bright lights, maybe shadows.

This is his adaptive agility equipment! The room is dimmed to make the lights appear brighter to him and he uses a jingle bell on a stick to navigate the obstacles. He’s learning it quick, and more important he’s having a lot of fun running around the training room.

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Dogs are fun and I always manage to teach them weird stuff and commands.

When Inara gets up she likes to stretch, and sometimes she just crawls forward and stretches her back legs back. I’ve been telling her “oooooh nice booty stretch!!!” whenever I see her do it, and she gets all excited.

I’ve been thinking I should put it on command and add to our after agility stretches. Well. Turns out it is put on command now, the command is booty stretch and in future you might find me at agility trials, sitting on the floor talking to my dog about her great booty.

Be careful how you talk to your dogs I guess?

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Chó Phú Quốc (vietnamese ridgeback) is the ultimate +R dog because they can climb fences so if u punish it, it will just be like bye bitch. Also if they like u they can go hunt and bring back prey for u. 10/10 would adopt

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Qatar Airline  
 عزیزانی که در مورد نحوه مسافرت با پرواز قطر ایرلاین سوال داشتند، توی این کلیپ
کاملاً براشون توضیح دادم. بفرستید برای دوستانتون که نیاز به کسب اطلاعات کامل دارند. 
⚠️ برای تهیه بلیط خودتون و سگتون میتونید به صفحه آژانس مراجعه کنید: 
⚠️ برای انجام کارهای قانونی و بهداشتی سگتون هم به صفحه مجموعه ایران پت تراول سر بزنید‌:
 ⚠️ تشکر ویژه از کلینیک دامپزشکی آیرانا :

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Spring ran right out to backyard despite it being cold and rainy, so I decided to try a short walk too. He didn’t seem to mind the weather at all, which really surprised me tbh. And we had a couple minor incidents he did really well with -

Two cars passing us at once when almost to our corner, one from behind scared him and he bolted a couple feet, tail fully tucked. Got a sec to look around and some treats, chased a couple more, recovered to tail half up by corner. Wasn’t sure he was gonna!

Then semi cab on our street was running, big rumbly sound. That concerned him some, so he walked on my other side and watched it. But walked right past, and chased a couple treats and tail back up after passing.

Tail fully up for the rest of the walk and self corrected himself whenever he started to hang back around my feet or cross behind me. He’s really doing great with all of this and responding faster than I thought he would! Such a good boy.

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Found out the webinar has been released for free, proceed to sharing it everywhere.

Michael Shikashio’s webinar for defensive handling when confronted with offlead dogs and emergency situations:

  • What to do when off-leash dogs approach or attack your on-leash dog
  • Handling a dog who has issues with people or other dogs in tight spaces such as city environments, apartment buildings, or vet’s offices
  • Managing sudden moments when distance from people or other dogs cannot be controlled
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