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YPF: Tristan, I gave you one, you finished it.

Tristan’s Fetch and Tug Buddy: What, now he’s trying to get treats from both of us?

YPF: I gave him a dental chew, but I believe he’s now trying to indicate he’d like a carrot for dessert.


TFaTB: Yes, you did.

YPF: I have my hands full, can you give him one?

TFaTB: Yes, I will pay your debts.

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Someone today asked if Kappa was nonshedding bc they pet him a bunch and came away with like no hair on their hands or clothes. Weather resistant AND low shedding 👀👀 get you a man that can do both

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Every time I get the notification that my dogs have new “DNA relatives” that are “Close Family” on Embark I get excited, but they’re always just like 12%. Still I’m holding out hope for a 25% match one day lol.

Seems like Bree is 12-16% related to every Boston Terrier tested through Embark. Bree has 1 mixed breed “relative.” Seems like Haley is 11-13% related to every Shetland Sheepdog tested. Hers I think is more interesting, because Beagle is her top breed percentage, but she supposedly shares more DNA with other Shelties? I assume Bostons and Shelties may just have a lot of popular lines that get bred a lot, and Bree and Haley are somewhat related to those lines? Or they’ve got one popular sire as a distant relative.

Tbh I know Bree’s family … But I really really want Haley to end up with a sibling match or something through Embark because I know nothing about her family. Where are her parents and siblings? I’ve scoured the internet for any trace of a litter born in 2012 matching her description, in the town she supposedly came from, but nothing ever turned up.

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Absolutely beautiful out there tonight. When we started walking I took the picture of the red tree and the others were coming home got dark fast!

Cute side note, Maki turned around and sat in front of me to tell me she had enough of the walking trail and was ready to walk back home. I love it when she communicates clearly! (I often step in front of her to tell her to sit if she’s pulling or fixating on something. I wonder if she was copying me?)

@shotinthekidney for some fall aesthetic

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someone decided to go outside and wriggle around in the mud for a good 15 minutes

as i took this photo my mum was stood directly behind me telling hugo how much of a little shit he is. he doesn’t care at all.

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