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These are what we use! On the left is our low value treat that we use all the time (we have also tried the bacon flavor and it went well), in the middle are the medium value treats, and the right are high value. With Hershey we mostly use the low value treats for things he knows/is good at, and higher value treats for new things/scary things and also sometimes for normal stuff when he is getting tired of the same thing. We also put a few of the low value treats in his puzzle toy to make it smell better than just his normal dog food thats in it. Hershey also gets a little piece of cheese once in awhile and he gets a bully stick or some peanut butter when he is being really good (or when we need him distracted). We also dont give him a treat every single time he does what he is asked to do, we praise him (our word is “yes” to let him know he did good) and we pet him. But experiment with different treats, not every dog likes the same thing. Fala is super picky, Hershey isn’t. I got lucky lol. Good luck!!!

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Hey there! So I like using a verbal command and hand signal because I feel like it is more clear what I’m asking Hershey to do when I use both and also because I will still be able to communicate with him of I go nonverbal (it happens sometimes smh).

Im just gonna list them because its easier, I hope that is okay! Some of these he has really solid, others we have just barely started. He is only 6 months and we are going slow so he doesn’t get overwhelmed.

- “sit” is a closed fist

- “come” is an open hand, palm facing out, close to the floor

- “down” is my first finger pointing towards the floor, close to the ground

- “stay” is an open palm, arm out

- “stand” is my thumb pressed to my first and middle finger pulling away from him

- “side” is me bringing my hand straight behind my back and then forward again, giving the hand signal for sit (this is for when I want him sitting next to me)

- “nudge” is the back of my open hand, usually when I am scratching

- “lap” (our DPT command) is the same hand position as our “down” command, but its with my legs stretched out when I am on the floor

- “give it” is just my hand open, palm up near his mouth (when I am trying to get something from him (toy, stick, eventually my inhaler or pill bottle))

- “go get it” is usually just me pointing but we are gonna make that one more specific

- “off” is yet another one where we point at the floor, showing him where to go

- “focus” is the same hand position as “stand” but held up to my nose so he looks at me

- “in” is just a verbal command for when I wamt him to go in somewhere (car, store, crate, etc.)

- “bedtime” is a verbal command where he knows to go in his crate (although he loves to ignore this one lol)

- “ah ah” is a verbal one that pretty much means “stop”

- “time out” is a verbal command for when he gets in trouble bad enough that he goes in his crate for 5-10 mins

- “leave it” is a verbal command for when he is trying to get things shouldn’t be getting

- “heel” is a verbal command for when I need him close next to me when we are walking

- “lets go” is a verbal command for when we are walking and he is going too slow

We are also going to work on some guide tasks when he is bigger but I’m unsure of commands or anything for that since I am still doing research. A “place” command is also in the works, as is getting “go potty” to happen on command (the hand signal for that is a thumbs up)

(Also if anyone has any other ideas for things to teach him that are task or command related, lmk! I may not use it depending on what it is, but send them anyway!)

EDIT: I forgot “orbit” which is where I just get him to go around me in a circle for blocking

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Some past dogs from long long ago. 

Molly - Boxer

Rusty - Boxer x Golden (Molly’s son)

Skye - Husky

These photos were when I lived remote in northern Maine. I sure do miss it. 

The boxers only had chain spots during the day, and stayed in at night or whenever I’d leave the house. They would go after bears and chase them far, so I could never let them free run out there. 

Skye was one of the huskies I inherited from my grandfather’s kennel and my favorite husky . I don’t have pictures of the other huskies. Skye was an awesome dog, but very skittish. It took quite a while to earn her trust.  

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Georgia stayed at my sister’s house over the weekend and she sent me this video earlier today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Georgia so exhausted!!! My nephew thinks she’s the funniest thing. Please note that every interaction my nephew has with Georgia is closely supervised.

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