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#doggo of the day

Busy day.

Started with an 8:30 morning abs work out. Lemon yoghurt with strawberry granola. Tea with almond milk. 🍓🧉

Worked in the morning, clients post office, groceries and banking done earrings done. ✅

Home for lunch time. Eating in the sunshine. More yoghurt with granola, 2 apples and cuppa tea. ☕️🌰 slowly getting used to almond milk it my tea. It’s a lot nicer and lighter in your protein shakes.

*top tip*

I strimmed, raked and cut the grass. Swept up all the mess. My sister raked the flower beds. We tidied them up. She then jet wash all the slabs and garden furniture while I weeded and watched Sherlock run around. Tidied Th W kitchen and dishes up. Went for a wash down before heading back out to work. Saw my two ladies for their tea. Had a lovely wee chat & watched part of the chase. Once I finished I made dinner for the 3 of us plus three floofs. Walked penny around The field. She’s crashed out on the couch now. Ran my sister a bubble bath with candles and now sitting in mine with a full belly. Defiantly an early night tonight. Didn’t want to get up this morning.

Hope you’ve all had a productive day in the sunshine

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