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#dogs are amazing

ive always wanted a dog of my own. 

met the cutest baby named Gabby. a two year old black lab mix. me and the bf took her home on a sort of week trial period they offered. she was so sweet. wanted all the cuddles and belly rubs.

the bf and i started talking about money. about how it sucks my job won’t offer me full time but there’s not much else in my area that hires for better, so i’ll need to get a second job. about how much the deposit for a dog costs with our renters. talked about how we are both lacking in something in the relationship because we feel like roommates and friends but not partners. talked about how it sucks we live with a third person and how it doesnt help our relationship. 

we are both worried. we both figured for now, adding a third party to the mix wasn’t a good idea even though we both really wanted her.

we took her back to the adoption center. i had to work so i couldn’t go with, but i cried all the way to work and during work. the bf cried when he dropped her off. he never cries. the employees were so nice and understanding and apologized that we couldn’t keep her. 

they kept the blanket and bed we gave her at least. they said she would get to keep it and at least got to enjoy the sleepover.

i hope gabby gets an amazing home. 

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I am enraged.

My friend’s dog passed away recently and he and his family were understanably very upset, as they had had that little lovable fluffy cloud named Bianca for a decade. He didn’t go to school for a few days to try to handle the grief at his own pace.

Then when he did get to school again a student had asked him where he’d been and he explained about what had happened at home with Bianca.

… And this other student had the nerve to claim that ”Oh please it was only an animal, you were just being lazy!”

I now wish to form an angry mob with torches and pitchforks to hunt down this f*cker.

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The way my dog looks for me is just too much

took her with me to the pet store to get a new harness for her. Decided to have her nails trimmed while we’re there. I drop her off and then I go pay for it. I can see her but she hasn’t seen me yet. And she’s looking all over, her nose is in the air trying to smell me. She’s being really good while her nails are being trimmed but she’s still persistently looking for me and then bam. She seems me. And she gets that excited look on her face and I can see her little tail wagging like crazy.

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