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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#dogs are angels

I hit my knee with a chair by accident (and I have a pretty big scar there so it hurt A LOT) and one of my dogs ran to me super fast and started licking my hand because he saw I was in pain…… what an angel.

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I am a whole ass 22 year old adult. I was born and raised in southern Kansas. I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten dirt. Today I used my dog as a means to catch the bug in front of our door today. I can still feel her judging me. She keeps looking for more bugs though. It’s freaking me out man.

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Me in my room having a meltdown and crying my eyes out


My dog who loves me unconditionally crawling into my lap to comfort me and looking up at me w her big ass puppy eyes

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You know someone is a kind person when they end their youtube video with the phrase “Don’t hit your dog. Never hit your dog. If you hit your dog all it does is upset them. They’re hurt and they don’t know why cos they’re just dogs. It’s all about positive reinforcement”

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Another reason why we don’t deserve dogs.

I went to my dog crying today. He rolled over and let me rub his belly then he seemed to sense my emotions because he got up and licked my face. A complete slobber fest. He never does that. It was like he was wiping away my tears. No one has ever wiped away my tears before and I was thinking “They must taste so sour and shitty.” He laid on my lap ( and he is not a small dog he’s a Rotweiller-mix) and every few seconds licked my face and he made me laugh and smile. No one has ever made me laugh and smile when I was crying. Few have seen me cry.

He was there for me when I felt like I had no one and he made me feel loved and wanted and needed like I wasn’t just a complete waste of space, money and time.

His name is Milo. He may not the smartest dog. Or the cleanest dog. Or the best behaved dog. But he is my dog and he loves me and supports me and makes me happy. So to me he’s the best dog in the world and if you want to fight me on this than be my guest because I will fight for him till my heart stops beating which shouldn’t be too far off.


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My boyfriend and I were petting a dog for a solid hour at a wine bar last week, and I’m still thinking about it. 

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So, I had a History test today.

My college closes at 2 a.m. , which means you can sit there, in the learning hub till two in the morning and finish your work or whatever. Right opposite my school is a 24 hrs convenience store, similar to 7/11, except it’s got wifi and you can like sit there and eat or chill and it’s more expensive. (We have a 7/11 too, near college)

Anyway, I was up in college, studying for my history test, till it was closing time. I had, like, three cups of coffee or so(?). I knew I would go to sleep as soon as I get home AND my phone was not working so I didn’t know how I’d wake up the next morning. I decided to sit at the aforementioned convenience store, and just study. At five something, the college reopened, so I packed up my stuff and went to college. I left my things on the table and went back home to freshen up. 

On my way back, I saw this adorable dog and I immediately perked up, but I didn’t know if he was stray or not, so I couldn’t touch him. He kept following me and it was so adorable. I went to 7/11 bought a cup of coffee and he was gone. Like gone. I swear the dog woke me up more than the coffee. It is because of him, that I did fucking well on my test. I hope I see that dog again.

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So I went for a walk (bc I was feeling like shxt) and I met this pack of dogs in the park, I wanted to pet them and they just came to me all together and there were several puppies moving their tail and wanting to be pet all at the same time, it was mess and I was on the center trying to pet each one of them. And I laugh so hard.

This may be ridiculous but this improved my day.

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I’ve just been through the most painful, delirious and lonely 12 hours of this year. I was so worried this was going to develop into something serious just before I have to go back to work full-time. My folks are on holiday, my phone is broken, most of my friends no longer use Facebook - I have never felt so isolated and I’m a fucking proud hermit. At 3 in the morning I was hallucinating these giant spikes rising up in my bed and trapping me in and I was screaming for someone to kill me.

But then my biggest dog crawled in next to me and licked my face. My other pup also curled up on my lap.

I am so lucky.

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