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#dogs are better than people

Here lives an appreciation post for pitbulls!

Pit bulls experience so much predjudice, despite the fact that they were nicknamed the “Baby-sitter dog” because of how gentle and sweet they are.

People who own pitbulls aren’t allowed to live certain places becuase people are afraid of pitbulls. Which is bullshit if I’ve ever seen any.

Say it with me: “If a dog is raised with love and compassion, they will act in love and compassion, because that’s all that they know. If a dog is raiseded with agression and fear, they will act in agression in fear, because that’s all that they know.” Breed has nothing to do with that.

Here’s my baby, Tess (named after Tessa Gray) Feel free to add pictures of your dogs, no matter the breed. Spread the love.

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Kakashi cocked his head to the side, silver brows arching into the seam of his Konoha Hitae-ate.

“Are you sure Sasuke…? Even after all the good advice and fruit baskets I gifted you with (free of charge) throughout the years-?

Vegetables weren’t cheap and he always made sure that his baskets held some variety.

”-Still no? I guess it’s just as well that I’m the last of my clan and have no niece or nephew to support in their little misadventures, then.“

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The fact that my friends are mad at me for not spending time with them during this pandemic speaks volumes. I understand people aren’t taking the virus seriously. I’m more worried about being away from my dogs too long & something crazy happens. I already have to be away from them eight hours a day because of work. No one wants to come over my place, which I’m cool with. I get it. But that’s the only way I’m willing to hang. Sorry my dogs come first. I understand they are just dogs to other people but they are my family. The only family I have. So don’t be mad if I don’t come out with you guys. I have extremely bad anxiety and I am already thinking the worst happening to my dogs. I’m just so tired of the petty ass shit. 🙄

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Milo, my pup I’ve had for four and a half years now, isn’t the smartest dog. Some of the things he does:

-Will try to eat whatever you have in your hand. A rock? A bit of fuzz from the drying machine? Doesn’t matter. He at least wants to attempt to consume it.

-He’s a small dog, we think a Cairn Terrier/Maltese mix. 15lbs of fluff. So he jumps off of the back of the deck (a 6 foot drop) to go after some deer in the back yard. Thankfully unharmed, but has (surprisingly) learned his lesson about heights and deer.

-He has the object permanence of a one year old. Ball thrown over his head? Doesn’t exist until it’s back in his line of sight. Squeaky toy landed a bit father over the couch than he expected? Gotta go point out where it is.

However, he is also smart. He has never received any formal training, and when I got him from the shelter at a year old the only thing we knew was that he’s was terrified of everything but housebroken. Some of the things he does:

-Will mimic your sneeze. He doesn’t fully sneeze, just a little forceful exhale though his nose.

-If I’m crying (happy or sad) he will sit on me and either try to lick my face or use his fur to dry my tears.

-As I take my Depression Naps™️, he is always sure to wake me after an hour or so, especially when it seems I’ll sleep the rest of the day away. And he is relentless; if he has to, he’ll stand on my throat and paw at my face. Doesn’t need food, or to go out, just wants me awake.

While he’s sometimes a pain in my ass (like when I have to retrieve him before the deer can get at him), he’s also a great little therapist whose much easier to talk to than a human.

So Milo, keep on keepin’ on, my funky little dude.

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