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#dogs are good

Not gonna lie when my dog does anything I just imagine Inuyasha, sess, or Kōga doing the same thing and instantly it brings me peace and good laughs

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I was at a neighbour’s house yesterday and their dog was being lovely as usual, rubbing against me and being so gentle and friendly and generally a little floofly sunshine

She seems to know that I’m sick and always makes a beeline for me and leans on me so I asked her mum if she’d considered making her a therapy dog (to visit places like hospitals, schools etc) and she just goes oh she already is and goes and gets this uniform bandana and the dog got so excited and was like I’m on duty and thought she was about to go out but then when her mum sat down and told her they weren’t going out she thought for a minute then came back over to me like oh ok I’m working here then LET ME GIVE YOU THERAPY HERE ACCEPT MY LOVE and honestly what did we do to deserve dogs

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I miss my dog who wasn’t my dog but was my dog.

Shes technically the man who used to be my step dads dog, when he and my mom started living together I met his dog, the very first night she got attached to me, she slept at the edge of my bed every night after that, that is, until my uncle moved in.

For $200 a month he got half of my room, unfortunately being the child I had no say in anything. My uncle banished her from the room.

After a few months of him living with us my parents split, my mother, brother, and I moved out sometime throughout november and the last time I saw my dog was just before December started.

I miss her a lot. I’ve been begging my mother to take me to the shelter to adopt a rescue but unfortunately the $160 adoption fee just isn’t in our budget.

Dogs are good and I want another one, one for myself. This sad story has been brought to you by me, I’m sorry you had to read this.

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Milo, my pup I’ve had for four and a half years now, isn’t the smartest dog. Some of the things he does:

-Will try to eat whatever you have in your hand. A rock? A bit of fuzz from the drying machine? Doesn’t matter. He at least wants to attempt to consume it.

-He’s a small dog, we think a Cairn Terrier/Maltese mix. 15lbs of fluff. So he jumps off of the back of the deck (a 6 foot drop) to go after some deer in the back yard. Thankfully unharmed, but has (surprisingly) learned his lesson about heights and deer.

-He has the object permanence of a one year old. Ball thrown over his head? Doesn’t exist until it’s back in his line of sight. Squeaky toy landed a bit father over the couch than he expected? Gotta go point out where it is.

However, he is also smart. He has never received any formal training, and when I got him from the shelter at a year old the only thing we knew was that he’s was terrified of everything but housebroken. Some of the things he does:

-Will mimic your sneeze. He doesn’t fully sneeze, just a little forceful exhale though his nose.

-If I’m crying (happy or sad) he will sit on me and either try to lick my face or use his fur to dry my tears.

-As I take my Depression Naps™️, he is always sure to wake me after an hour or so, especially when it seems I’ll sleep the rest of the day away. And he is relentless; if he has to, he’ll stand on my throat and paw at my face. Doesn’t need food, or to go out, just wants me awake.

While he’s sometimes a pain in my ass (like when I have to retrieve him before the deer can get at him), he’s also a great little therapist whose much easier to talk to than a human.

So Milo, keep on keepin’ on, my funky little dude.

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