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#dogs are great

one of the best things in life is having a big ass dog like a rottweiler or smth headbutting your legs asking to be pet

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Man, I just had a really bad breakdown in front of my friend last night. Today when I woke up and went hug my dog, who is not very fond of physical contact, he snuck his head between my chest and my legs as to hug me and tried to pet me with his legs while doing that, I felt he was worried about me, and he knew I was feeling down, honestly he’s the best dog ever and I love him, I wish my mom would let us bring him upstairs.

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Do you ever look over at your dog and he’s just sitting there minding his own business doing dog stuff and then he notices you noticing him so he makes THAT FACE? You know the face.

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my favorite time for strangers to overhear me talking to myself is when the owners of very large dogs can hear me excitedly exclaim “WHAT A WONDERFUL PUPPY!!!!!” from inside my car

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Dog 1 (Dash): Loves bathtime, walked into the shower stall by himself. Is 40 pounds maybe a little more. Is happy to be clean boy.

Dog 2 (Rush): Hates bathtime, had to be picked up and put into the shower. Is 55+ pounds. Acts as if he’s been betrayed for the next two hours.

I’m now just imagining several of my f/o’s trying to deal with my dogs

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My dog has learned the schedule of we wake up and go to my aunt and uncles, then we leave after we eat dinner, and I was going to hang out and watch a movie and he kept walking up to me, walking to the door, and walking back to me like hey, it's time to go get with the program.

aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a good boy!!!

my dog is so funny now that i havent left for work in almost a week, he just keeps expecting me to go when i wake up in the mornings and anytime i don’t get dressed/put on my shoes he’s like “MOMMA IS???? STAYING????? MOMMA LOVES ME?????” lmao

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We all have craziness in our lives and its different for each person, my craziness comes with alot of dogs in many different breeds with different attitudes. There will be many funny stories with pics, as well as informative lessons soon to come.  

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I know absolutely no one is going to see my dog repost. I know that no one who gets recommended the thread is going to want to read my extremely personal rant about my own relationship to the post.

But it still feels good to let it out. Even if I continue to choose not to say anything in real life (which I know is not a good alternative), a tiny weight is lifted from my shoulders.

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Was having depressive thoughts and shit, only to hear jacky lay loudly at the bedroom door when she was supposed to be with kyr. Well kyr had gone upstairs, so instead of waiting by the gate like she usually does she came to the door. Guessing she was worried about me cause my mood swing, I pet her extensively saying it’s just my “sleepy bitch depression” and that im ok. Satisfied by her release of happy chemicals and my pets she decided to go continue waiting by the gate as I went back into the room

And I just want everyone to know that dogs are great.

And getting depressed or anxious before sleep(or when hungry or lacking some other need) is normal. It’s your body responding to the stress of not having that need meet and not knowing how to deal thus bad brain time. And though your feelings are valid and you should talk senior what bothers you. Make sure you take care of that need as it is the most likely thing to solve that negative mood

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