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#dogs are life

I walked my dog for the first time since last December!

Ok, hear me out, I know what that sounds like. Fluff has been walking Talvi for me all this time because I’ve been unable to. The last time I walked him, I was dragged over by him. I landed on my hand and bent my middle finger back (it still hurts to squeeze my left hand tightly to this day), tore up my knees, and ended up covered in dog dung because I’d been picking up after him when he pulled me over. Now, this was an awful, awful mental health day to begin with, so this triggered one of the worst meltdowns I’ve ever had. I just lay there and screamed, watching my dog run away from me, terrified that I was going to lose him or he was going to be knocked over by an oncoming car, completely paralized and powerless to do anything about it. Luckily, nice people helped, someone caught Talvi and brought him back and a few other people tried to make sure I was ok. I was completely out of it, I couldn’t function, everything was too much, and these people, as good intentioned as they absolutely were, kept touching me, kept talking at me, trying to get me to give them some kind of number to call, asking if I was ok, if I needed them to call an ambulance. I managed to communicate to them that I was autistic, in hopes that they would stop, but this made it worse, because now they were treating me like a helpless child that didn’t understand what was happening. In short, they pitied me, essentially. Eventually, they managed to lift me off the ground and take me to a nearby elderly club meeting place (imagine a youth club, but for the elderly). I told them my mum’s name and where she worked and they got her to come and help me get home and cleaned up. I was eventually ok, but the whole experience shook me really badly, to the point where I hadn’t dared to take Talvi outside ever since.

Tonight, Talvi had a really bad stomach. He’d had stomach problems all day, so I knew that when he came up to me and asked to go out, he really needed to go. Fluff had had a long week, and he’d gone to bed early, completely out of spoons, and waking him up was the last thing I wanted to do. So I weighed up the possibility of taking Talvi out myself. Sunday night,, unlikely for us to come across anyone else out at that time of night, and Talvi’s usually ok as long as nothing catches his attention (such as people talking to him or other dogs being present). So I looked at Talvi and went “Ok, look: I’m going to take you out, but if you don’t behave even on the other side of that door, we’re coming straight back inside”. He was completely fine, the whole time. Sure, he was a little tuggy, but nothing too terrible. My hands aren’t sore from the lead, which is a win in my book. He did what he had to do, waited while I picked it up, and then we came home again, no fuss. I know it’s probably a small thing for a lot of people, he is my dog after all, I should be able to walk him. But for me, this is pretty huge and I’m super proud of myself.

That is all, I just wanted to share this with someone. Thank for reading, if you did :)

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I am enraged.

My friend’s dog passed away recently and he and his family were understanably very upset, as they had had that little lovable fluffy cloud named Bianca for a decade. He didn’t go to school for a few days to try to handle the grief at his own pace.

Then when he did get to school again a student had asked him where he’d been and he explained about what had happened at home with Bianca.

… And this other student had the nerve to claim that ”Oh please it was only an animal, you were just being lazy!”

I now wish to form an angry mob with torches and pitchforks to hunt down this f*cker.

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I was at a neighbour’s house yesterday and their dog was being lovely as usual, rubbing against me and being so gentle and friendly and generally a little floofly sunshine

She seems to know that I’m sick and always makes a beeline for me and leans on me so I asked her mum if she’d considered making her a therapy dog (to visit places like hospitals, schools etc) and she just goes oh she already is and goes and gets this uniform bandana and the dog got so excited and was like I’m on duty and thought she was about to go out but then when her mum sat down and told her they weren’t going out she thought for a minute then came back over to me like oh ok I’m working here then LET ME GIVE YOU THERAPY HERE ACCEPT MY LOVE and honestly what did we do to deserve dogs

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I’m allergic to cats
I hung out with a gal last night for the first time ever, I think she thinks I’m borriinnnggggg and I don’t blame her but her cat was lovin’ up on me and I didn’t wanna mention how allergic I really am, but I’m sick now, sinus headache, sneezing every 5 mins x4, blowing my nose, red puffy eyes…so that sucks

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I think I might be a bit obsessive in making sure my dog is warm enough.

Most of the time he just kind lays sprawled and stretched out, but every once in a while he’ll curl up to where he looks like an oversized butter bean.

When this occurs, I will grab anything close by in the way of covers and bury him under it. Blankets, comforters, towels, the occasional pillow, even freshly folded and cleaned laundry.

I will spend several minutes tucking him in, making sure his whole body has equal amount of coverage, and also making sure that he can, once he gets too hot (bc he always gets too hot eventually) easily maneuver his way out from under the nest I’ve so carefully crafted for him.

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