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I miss having Nala around and her silly little habits and the way she will just demand scratches and belly rubs and even her stinky breath and the fact that she always, always tries to lick my face

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October 25th 2020, today you are 6 years old.

Your chin is getting grey, but that doesn’t matter, you’re beautiful either way. 6 Years ago I was a very very anxious person. Too afraid to express myself and grow, too afraid to go outside, too scared to be by myself.

Then you sprung into my life October 25th and I anticipated you coming home to me every single day. Then January 3rd it happened. I met you, I met the biggest part of my life. I met the dog who would change my life forever, the dog who would shape me. I knew you were special when the first thing you did was choose to be with me, and sleep in my lap.

You wanted to be by me always, you clung to me from the second we met, even to this day you sit on my feet and try to be close as possible. You refuse to get off the bed unless it’s right next to me where I can touch you.

You made me feel wanted from the start, from you sliding across the floors in Petco because you were SO enthusiastic about coming to me, to how you bound through the air with the most graceful of jumps. How you tried to get closer and closer to me till you fell of my bed and bonked your head.

Everything about you is what I could’ve wanted. You don’t play fetch, but sure it’s not your thing, you prefer chase and tug, you always like interaction like that. You maybe reactive, but you always need a little bit of challenge in your life, and it’s taught me a lot. I wouldn’t change anything about you.

You have more trust in me than anyone ever could or ever would. When you don’t like something all I say is “Shh, it’s ok Duma” and you relax. At the vet’s you hide by my legs, you refuse to let them take you back and sit on my feet. When you were very hurt with the infection in your toe, you whined and whined, I didn’t know what to do, but all you wanted was to be on the bed and let me hold you, and you went quiet. You finally fell asleep.

In the car you want to be in my lap, you put your head in my chest and hide your head in my arms, sometimes you turn around and give me a kiss on my face.

I’ve never heard a dog as vocal as you, every time you yawn you make it as loud as you can. Every time you’re pet you grunt and groan. Every time you want to be heard you whine as loud as possible. You don’t bark you howl, howl so loud and proud. You’re a fighter, you’ll mess anybody up.

 You’ve made an impact on so many people’s lives, ways they’ve opened up like I’ve never seen before. You’re beyond a pet to them, you’re Duma.

I bring you everywhere with me, from beaches to mountains. The yellow leaves they match your eyes. I never wanted a tattoo really, but I’d get one of you. 

Because of you, I learned to care for myself and you, learned to care for my boyfriend. Learned to love cooking, started making money so I could buy you things and take you to the vet. Learned how to be an adult, learn to be less afraid of the world. Working with you, I learned to go outside at Seaside, where we ran on the beach together. I learned how to be a better, kinder person with you. I made many friends and learned all about dogs because of you. 

You love the sand, you love the snow, The leaves, the trees, the grass. You enjoy the sun in the summer and the fire in the winter. You smell like a campfire, you smell like the earth. Because of you, I’ve found to look at the good things in everything, just as you do. There’s always something good somewhere if you think of it like Duma does.

There will never be another dog like you, I feel you were chosen for me, to help me grow. You’ve helped not only me, but my boyfriend. You’re going to be part of me till I die. I want the whole world to know who you are. I love you Duma. Thank you for everything. You’re a good dog.

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Every so often I wonder how Neil Patrick Harris’ other works would fit into the DC universe that has Music Meister in it. Like yeah, they are just separate, entirely unrelated works, but like- in a world where Meister exists and is a known villain with a literal hypnotic singing voice, how does something like Dr Horrible’s Sing along Blog fit in? Like, is it him somehow? Or is it just a soundalike? Like, an extremely close soundalike?

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