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#dogs are precious

My grandma’s dog is so sweet and intelligent.
He picks things up and brings them to you if he doesn’t think they’re in the right place. I remember when he was a puppy and we were at a pet store he literally picked up a bone and carried it to the counter to buy it.
There are a few exceptions but all you have to do is ask him to bring it.
So Dutch Bros has puppachinos and he eats them outside but I forgot to ask him to bring his empty cup back and when I tried to he looked so confused because up until today I’ve never directly talked to him. I’ve said hi and pet him a few times but other than that I’ve never looked at him and talked.
He’s a big dog that drools a lot so it’s literally taken a year for me to grow used to him. I feel kind of bad for rarely paying attention to him but better late then never, right? And he seems really understanding.
Anyway, Buster is a good boy. Will reblog with a pic ‘cause I currently don’t have one.

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I am enraged.

My friend’s dog passed away recently and he and his family were understanably very upset, as they had had that little lovable fluffy cloud named Bianca for a decade. He didn’t go to school for a few days to try to handle the grief at his own pace.

Then when he did get to school again a student had asked him where he’d been and he explained about what had happened at home with Bianca.

… And this other student had the nerve to claim that ”Oh please it was only an animal, you were just being lazy!”

I now wish to form an angry mob with torches and pitchforks to hunt down this f*cker.

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I was at a neighbour’s house yesterday and their dog was being lovely as usual, rubbing against me and being so gentle and friendly and generally a little floofly sunshine

She seems to know that I’m sick and always makes a beeline for me and leans on me so I asked her mum if she’d considered making her a therapy dog (to visit places like hospitals, schools etc) and she just goes oh she already is and goes and gets this uniform bandana and the dog got so excited and was like I’m on duty and thought she was about to go out but then when her mum sat down and told her they weren’t going out she thought for a minute then came back over to me like oh ok I’m working here then LET ME GIVE YOU THERAPY HERE ACCEPT MY LOVE and honestly what did we do to deserve dogs

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Pairing: Eddie Brock x Reader

Warning: Fluff, snow

Words: 1730 words

A/N: Gif is not mine, credits to the owner. Winter is here my friends! Yesterday was the first snow day in Ottawa, so enjoy this little one-shot  ♡

The first snow has finally taken hold of the city. Many drivers weren’t ready for the sudden change causing more dense traffic than usual. The kids were crazy about the situation though. Who never saw the fresh snow and wished for schools to close? To their disappointment, schools were still open to fulfill their part of the parent-school contract, keep them in prison away from everything fun life has to offer. 

Fortunately for you, school was only a bad memory. No more sit and listen, no more y/n stop daydreaming and read page 361 for the class and most important of all, no more prepare for the Beep test. Goosebumps spread on your skin at the mere thought of it. 

No. You were free. And damn did that feel good.

A wet nose pushed your palm with enthusiasm, Brier your golden retriever had yet to experience his first snow. You smiled and crouched to your furry friend, petting his adorable face. 

“Ready for a walk big boy?” A joyful bark followed and the leash was on his collar in a second. 

At the second the door opened your whole body was pulled forward. You managed to close the door, but not without slamming it, making you cringe and mentally apologize to your neighbors. In a matter of second, you found yourself outside, the snow falling on your face slowly, wetting your cheeks. 

Brier started jumping in the air, trying to eat the snowflakes and sneezed when he put his nose in a pile of snow. Laughing at the cute view of him rolling in the white carpet, you gently pulled on the leash to get him to follow you. The dog park was from far his favorite place to play and your favorite place to be as of lately. 

You see, two weeks ago you met a friend of yours who has a dog as well. It was a routine for both of you to meet there every Friday morning. That day, she brings a friend with her. Eddie Brock. To say that he was handsome was an understatement. You heard your ovaries scream in delight while your brain started to overdrive. It wasn’t enough that he had the perfect body and lips to turn you on, he also had to have the perfect personality. You definitely fell for him that day. And hard at that. 

To top it all, he came back the next Friday. You didn’t know if it was because your friend Sasha had invited him after you had asked her if he was single or because he wanted to be here. You were happy anyway, having the opportunity to pass time with him them. 

Today, you secretly hoped that he would be there again and maybe you would find some courage to ask him to grab coffee with you someday. 

The dog park was almost empty by the time you got there. Usually, there was not a lot of people, just a few elders who were enjoying their retirement with their dogs and two young men who moved in the city recently and worked night shifts. The snow must have scared the older ones because only the two boys waved at you. You waved back, letting loose your golden fluff and let him play with their samoyed. 

Two hands slamming on your shoulders made you jump and scream. A laugh reached your ears just when you turned around to hit Sasha on her shoulder. 

“That wasn’t nice.” You glared, adjusting your scarf around your neck. 

“Maybe for you.” She continued laughing. Her shiba inu, Elias, was jumping on you repeatedly, asking for your attention. 

You happily crouched to give him the love he deserved when a new set of shoes appeared in front of you. Lifting your eyes, you felt your heart skip a beat. It always surprised you how much the man had an effect on you. You put the blame on his cocky demeanor and handsome facial features, but deep down you knew. His cocky smile was your weakness and let’s say it, the mere sight of his lips was enough to make you shake in the inside. 

“Hey.” He watched you from above, hands in the pockets on his jeans, a light redness across his kissable cheeks and his ever-present lopsided grin. 

You shot up and smiled when your brain finally registered the information. He was here again, as you had wished, resulting in your courage fleeing by the window in a hurry and leave you all alone. 

You hoped you weren’t blushing and returned his greeting. Elias started to whine for attention at his feet and soon enough the man was throwing a ball to the now leashless dog. 

Only now did you really took in his clothing. You frowned in concern when all you could see on him was a black t-shirt. Well, he had a pair of jeans and shoes with socks, but no jacket or even a hoodie to protect himself from the cold weather. He was wearing a t-shirt at minus 5 celsius. You loved winter, but even you wore big socks at home with a big hoodie most of the time. Let’s now imagine how many layers you put on to go outside.

“Eeeh. Sasha?” She hummed, turning towards you. “Won’t he get cold?” You pointed at the source of your concern and object of your desire. 

“Oh. He is mentally dense. It’s good isolation.” You thought about it for a moment, both of you watching him play with the three dogs. 

“Make sense.” You nodded and made eye contact with her. The laugh caught the both of you at the same time, catching a certain someone’s attention. It has been a while since you laughed like that and damn did it feel good. 

“Seriously though. We argued for a good ten minutes, but this thick skull of his wouldn’t understand anything. He said he wouldn’t get cold.” She scoffed, rolling her eyes. “He better not come to me when he gets sick." 

"Did I miss something?” Eddie’s head tilted on the side, eyes searching yours. You couldn’t stop but notice that he only watched you for an answer and completely ignored Sasha. That was it. The blush heating your cheeks forced you to lift your scarf in an attempt to hide it. Noticing your problem, your ever-loyal friend came to your rescue.

“Y/N wanted to grab a coffee on her way back but she forgot her wallet." 

You failed to find the funny part of it but definitely caught on the fact she was setting you up. Your first instinct was to punch her on the shoulder again but you quickly thought better of it. Maybe it would work. Maybe you could have more time with Eddie Brock and finally make a move. So you played the game. 

Putting an embarrassed smile on, you shook your head. 

"But it’s not a big deal. I’ll wait to get home before getting my coffee. At least I have my keys.” You chuckled and met his gaze.

“You know what? There’s a really nice café on my way home. Maybe I could buy you coffee and we could, I don’t know, talk a bit more or plan a dinner?” He scratched his neck, a new shade of red spreading across his cheek. You couldn’t decide if it was because of the cold or because he was seemingly asking you out and seriously, you couldn’t care less. “Only if you want!” He quickly added. 

“I would really like that.” Your warm smile made him relax and beam in return.

You started chatting, only stopping when Sasha bided you goodbye. You put the leash back on Brier’s collar and followed Eddie to his café. To your surprise, his hand grabbed yours on the way there. You had figured that he must have been freezing, but you never saw him shiver or heard him complain about the cold. Now, with his hand in yours, you figured why. He was hot. It was like he hadn’t passed 45 minutes in the cold, but had stayed near a furnace. Or maybe he was the furnace. You have heard Sasha complain about her last boyfriend who was a human heating system, maybe it was that. 

Accepting the explanation, you wrapped your fingers around his and enjoyed the feeling of your hand warming up slowly. 


You learned so much about him at the café and it did not help you in your goal to stop idealizing him. It’s just that everything about this guy was perfect! His mom would have been really proud. 

He walked you home like a gentleman, your hand secured in his left hand when Brier’s leash was in his right. The walk was silent, you both enjoying the presence of the other. Your home came into view too quickly in your liking but you couldn’t help it. You were sure that if you took a turn to walk around the neighborhood, he would notice. At your doorstep, you both paused. You allowed your dog to get in to warm up his paws while you stayed outside, wondering what to do next.

“Soooo… If I was to ask you to dinner, would you accept?” He sounded so hopeful that your mental self started a little victory dance in your head. 

“I would definitely accept Mr. Brock." 

"I’ll be there at 7 then.” He kissed your cheek, whispered something in your ear and walked away from your stunned form. 

You slowly got in and stayed in place for a minute, assimilating what just happened. He kissed you. It felt like heaven. His lips were so soft and you couldn’t stop yourself but imagine them on your lips. Then, it hit you. Removing your boots quickly, you ran to your bedroom and jumped into your bed, Brier following suit. You grabbed your pillows and hugged them tightly in glee, in embarrassment and in hope. 

“And you won’t need your wallet. You can leave it at home for real this time.”  

You reached into the pocket of your winter jacket and got out your wallet. It was a small one and your pocket was big enough that it would have been impossible for him to know you had it on yourself. You started giggling, looking forward to your diner with this oh so perfect man.

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#23 ☺️

Omg. Yesterday, my last class was about our practical term. For 6 months I knew where I wanted to go and yesterday I changed it all 😅

To answer the question, I don’t know which one I prefer the most, but it would be awesome to be:

a) a certified dog breeder. I LOVE dogs. Which is why every fic’ I do has a dog in it (sorry cat lovers). My own dog is the love of my life and I would love to have little puppies running around and train them. I love showing tricks to animals (you should have seen the dogs and cats I was assigned with. Every cat know how to high five and all the dogs know at least sit, lay down and stay) and tacking care of these little bundle of love would make my life complete.

b) a motion capture actor. (I don’t know if it’s the right title, but hey, wish you understand what mean by that) So yeah, I like video games and watch movies. Before going into a Veterinary Technician program, I was in a Multimedia program. I fell in love with the motion capture and I always liked to imagine myself as a motion capture actor. I had drama classes before and playing roles always interested me, but I never liked seeing myself on a screen. Motion capture solves this problem and it would have allowed me to do something I like.

Thank you very much for your question!


Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

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I have written the cutest poem I could ever write

Just look-

Your dog

I’m like a dog

When you’re coming home,

I can’t control my excitement

When you’re scared,

I’ll nuzzle upto you and cuddle you until you fall asleep in my arms

When you’re angry,

I’ll be there to calm you down

When you’re being harmed,

I’ll protect you with all I’ve got

Even if I can’t lift a pebble

When you’re crying,

I’ll hug you and share your pain

I’ll love you no matter what

I’ll be there whenever you want

I’ll make you happy

You make me happy

All I ask

Please don’t leave me

I’m still just a puppy

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The dog who I am best friends with at work sometimes bites people when they reach for his collar.

I learned today that he was owned by the same lady since he was a puppy. Then when she died a family member took him and one of the members of that household “was often rough with him in an unfriendly manner” and eventually he bit the dude when he grabbed the dog by his scruff and tried to force him outside. Which was the event that prompted them to surrender him to the shelter.

Now. I’ve never pet this dog around his collar/ scruff area. I clip my leash to his collar, but he always has on another thin leash that I use to pulll his collar around and don’t actually touch him to do this. He trusts me enough to let me do that. I don’t think I’ll ever pet him around that area though.

There are a lot of dogs with noted “handling sensitivities”, meaning they don’t like to be touched in certain areas, and I think knowing the context of those goes a long way. For some dogs only good friends are allowed to pet them and for others it stems from pain, either physical or psychological (or sometimes physical that turns into psychological). And when you think about it, you’d probably bite someone too.

This dog is one of the most beautiful dogs we have but he is also one of the least adoptable. Someone did that to him. He just needs someone as fucked up as he is, who understands him.

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