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Fun Fact

Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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I just have to gush about my dog for a minute.

This girl is amazing.

I have issues with thunderstorms. Like, flinch in terror sometimes issues. So does she. BUT, the last two nights of storms, this little pupperino has been my constant companion, stuck to me like glue for mutual protection.

(Sorry for the lighting, the power was out)


We had nearby lightning strikes, a confirmed tornado in a northwestern subdivision (I’m in the north central part of town) and our little Wadi flooded.

But she stuck with me. I love my Princess.


A well deserved snoozle.

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A scruffy pup has appeared! 🐶

This cutie’s name is Vallie,  and he belongs to Mya Ta! Hope everyone is having a relaxing Monday. ♥️

I may have finished this round of Animal Crossing pieces, but that doesn’t mean I’m finished with commissions! Updates will be coming in the next month for new commission types you can request from me. :) Stay tuned!

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