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I sit all day and work on my laptop. So when my dog expects me to take her out for a walk, I try not to say no for at least once a day. It gives me a mini workout and makes her happy.

But yesterday when my brother took her out, a guy started quarrelling with him that dogs should not come to the park even when they are not pooping. When my brother said that we pick her poop up, he continued to force us to take her out of the park. He started making a video of my dog and my brother.

It’s a public park but we pay for its maintenance along with a few neighbors as the municipal corporation does nothing for it (or maybe very little). Another fighter cock joined that man and started shouting at my brother. All that while I was working in my room so did not get to know.


Originally posted by imparareadireaddio

So today she again looked at me and signalled me to take her out. I agreed although I was in no mood to go out. But what had happened yesterday, did not leave my mind.


Let me remind you that she is very docile and never harms anyone yet people hate her because she’s a dog, a female and a local breed. Today when I took her out, I was tense all the time. I was worried that someone will again give me a lecture on why I take my dog on the street or in the park as if it’s their street and park.

Plus because of the pandemic, I was anxious and was pulling her leash towards home, again and again. But I’m feeling guilty that because of those low life people, my dog has to experience my tense behaviour. I fail to understand why those assholes hate such a harmless and affectionate creature?

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“Ojos que cuentan historias”

Fotografía de un primer plano a una perra bodeguera.

Es una fotografía que llama la atención, por el simple hecho de que sea un primer plano. No tenemos al animal mirando a cámara, pero, aún así, logra un fuerte impacto.

Una de sus razones es la escala del animal con respecto al encuadre. Lo vemos en un grande tamaño, ya que la fotografía es bastante cercana. Otra razón, incluso más importante, es que eso que vemos a gran escala es su cabeza, su rostro.

Al contrario que una patita, por ejemplo, su cabeza tiene ojos, que, a pesar de no mirar directamente a cámara, consiguen que el espectador se detenga a mirar. Los ojos tienden a ganarse la atención de cualquier persona, ya que, como se dicen, dejan ver el alma.

En esta fotografía la última afirmación es casi literal, ya que en sus ojos podemos, nítidamente, ver lo que ella está viendo. Sus ojos son una ventana a su realidad.

Cámara: Nikon D7500

ISO: 250

Apertura de diafragma: f/5.6

Velocidad de obturación: 1/800 seg

Distancia focal: 140 mm

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