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#doki doki literature club
harleyquin · 22 days ago
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Tumblr media
CANT get over that its canon that sayori and monika are aggressive “feel your feelings! youre valid!” mom friends, and natsuki and yuri just want to be a little dysfunctional in peace sometimes
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hong-bsws · 16 days ago
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Monika~( Doki Doki Literature Club)
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channydraws · 23 days ago
can you draw the ddlc girls pretty please?
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harleyquin · 23 days ago
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The two just sit there for a long time. The tension seems to fade a little bit as time passes. Even without any words, this seems to mean at least something - though it’s not clear what that may be.
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hamuko-san · 21 days ago
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harleyquin · 22 days ago
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Tumblr media
sayori built this polycule with her bare hands
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smiledog15578 · 17 days ago
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📽Wanna join our film club?📽
I just want y’all to know that DDLC and WKM fucked me up in so many ways
Monika/Mark- trustful and exciting, a man of many talents, and you must pick him. Always.
Sayori/Damien- best friend from childhood who was the one to recruit you to the club and meet the others!
Natsuki/Abe- sour at first but as time goes on a real sweetheart. The first to notice things are wrong.
Yuri/William- rather distant from the others, has a obsession with weapons and a morbid curiosity.
🌸Reblogs are appreciated!🌸
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toweabulb · a month ago
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i’m sorry this will never not be so fucking funny to me
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akirameta84 · a month ago
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from now on i want all horror games to advertise like ddlc this is the funniest shit
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curiouscarnifex · a month ago
People on here know its possible to spread content warnings about stuff with infantilizing or talking down to people right?
Like the DDLC post that's going around is honestly really insulting, I have delusions and hallucinations among a host of other issues and enjoy horror games, and played and enjoyed DDLC. Psychotic and otherwise mentally ill people aren't children and we can in fact enjoy horror.
If you want to actually help someone figure out if the game is safe for them you need to list off what actually happens. So here are trigger warnings for Doki Doki Literature Club
Suicide and mental illness shown/discussed in detail
Graphic violence and murder
The game reads your computer files in order to talk directly to the player using info from them
The idea that everything is a simulation/ you are trapped in a simulation
Child abuse and neglect
Emotional abuse
Betrayal by friends/someone close
Eyes and eye horror
Glitches and Unreality
Self harm is discussed and shown in detail
If any of these are a trigger for you I highly recommend being careful about if you chose to play and what kind of headspace you're in if you do.
I played it and I deal with simulation based delusions and while it was intense I knew not to play it if I wasn't in a good headspace and genuinely enjoyed it.
Edited to add on ones I forgot
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