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I finally could find a Gil that did not cost a kidney! He didn’t come with his shoes or hermet but eh, I would buy his body only because I don’t really care for his clothes.  Luckily, the one I got is the Mansters versions, which has my favourite T shirt. I want one for me haha
I hate him but I love his body so much… this sounds wrong doesn’t it?

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Darling Tagged 1986 Anili Scavini, Kate 15 Lenci Spring Felt Doll ebay cknresch

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Lenci doll “Micaela” 20” Box, Catalog & Certificate ~ Adorable Doll! ebay georgiatc

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Large Blue Teddy Bear Mohair Fur w Fabric Doll Clown Art Lenci Doll & Dress ebay jennyfer-22

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Plushie commission for @mullet231
Elkantar in her new, women version~
Hope you like it and thank you so much for commissioning me! ♥

Elkantar belongs to @mullet231
You can find me on: (@Luupetitek)      
Deviantart | ArtStation | Picarto | Ko-Fi donations

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Is the Billie Eillish doll around the same height as a petite Barbie?

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I love watching people open the presents I get them.. I get so excited

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Image about kaichou wa maid sama in kaichou wa maid-sama :P by Killer Doll

Image about kaichou wa maid sama in kaichou wa maid-sama :P by Killer Doll


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