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Disney Store Travel Pillow/Plush

Stitch looks like a flat pancake here but all in all its a nice pillow, his design looks alright for being smooshed and he has a nice little Disney Store logo on the back. 

I believe this was bought sometime in the 2000s during the original series’s run.

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Unspecific Lilo & Stitch: The Series looking Stitch Plush

This plush HAS a white tag about the material and such but no company name/may be fake or made for a store brand. Really unsure about this one it has some strange off colors. The eyebrows being bright blue instead of darker.  It also has a dark tuff of hair like the classic Stitch but the rest of it is so bright. ALSO dem nails are long there Stitch!

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Applause’s Disney Medium Stitch Plush

This plush looks like a larger version of Applause’s Hula Stitch and it just isn’t as beautiful without that detailed outfit. The nose was done with less quality then the other plush by Applause. Just like it though, the plush lack’s Stitch’s pads on his front legs and its hair tuff isn’t fax fur but material in the shape of.

It is weighed down by beans and can ‘sit’ well without being moved.

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