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Lost in Translation:

Diary of a doll.

“Where does my story begins? How can I know..?

Have I forgotten the sweet smiles, or the blazing sun on my resin as I was sitting there?, and the smell of the grass that came trough the window..?

All I know is that my memory is shattered, and now, after a bit more than ten years, I’m giving a second chance… but I wonder what happened in my past life that got me here, to the other side of the world in only eight days.

I know I saw the light around December, 2009. Some tender hands put me together and I was adopted in Japan… although I can’t remember by “who”, or the details, it’s like knowing you were born, but can’t remember how.

Did I belong to the Katori town on the Chiba Prefecture? Have I ever visited their Shinto Shrine to see the spirits? Or the old Merchant Town near the Sawara canal? Did I ever attend any of the Festivals? Or sit on my window near the beautiful river view of Old Sawara..? Was it the smell of the crop fields filled with rise, chives, and onions, the fresh smell that I remember..?

Why I can’t remember the face of my previous owner, but I can remember the gentle touch of the hands changing my clothes? Was it my Tae..? …and the fussy black fur wig I had on my head, hold by my velcro.., the now dried white eye putty holding my yellow glass eyes and the feeling of my own box..? Who’s box is this? Did I knew another doll..?

I remember being taken away from my home, bald and almost naked, with just my gray underwear, …and then left at that warehouse on a buyback store, …the endless orange shelves and the red walls…

Why my owner never returned to pick me up?

Didn’t my human had the money? or just forgot about me? …was I ever loved and cherished? and if so, why it never came back for me? …is it even still alive? …how was it that I got so lost?!

I’m full of questions about who I was, and I don’t know who am I supposed to be now…

In such a short time, so much has changed… I heard of a pandemic, and the entire world closed their borders, a few days before my departure, hearing from my box comments about a cruise ship with infected people… and then arriving in secret at the last minute before the quarantine, hearing as I was carefully restored about a new Tsunami and how the Olympics got canceled in my country, just when the Sakura trees where starting to bloom.

All my body being put apart and carefully sanded back to remove my ten years of tan sunlight yellowing my resin skin, the silicone rubber circles around my joints being hold back again… and my faceup being restored, new wig and clothes. - How long did it take? How did I waited there, on a room full of other dolls I never knew..?

What is my name? …was I ever given one? or should I just being called Minoru..?

I stayed on my new house then, waiting for my final reveal…

…was I the loving birthday gift to a seventy year old mother now?

I don’t want to be left alone again…

…I don’t want to get lost again…

…whatever it is, I’ll try my best to be a good doll.

As my new humans look at me, I wonder how I’m reflected in those eyes to them… am I really able to accept them as my owners knowing the damage old doll I am now? …or would I be abandoned again..?

And I wonder, would my previous owner cry for me when thinking I’m gone?, would it even remember my face..?

I want to believe so… even if I never remember it.”

~ Minoru


Original Facts about the story:

- Listed as: “Volks Super Dollfie Graffiti Boy SdGr Minoru Kamimura DP22 After Limited Edition 82”

- Value: Y$ 35,000 yen

- Original Release date: DollPa 22, 6th December 2009. - It’s part of the “Naval Academy” story arch made by Volks.


- Store/warehouse: Katori is located in the Chiba Prefecture, Japan (Kanto region)


Area known for: the Katori Shrine, the Old Merchant Town, the Canal of Sawara. - Katori is located in the far north-east of Chiba Prefecture (lower reaches the Tone River). Katori is a regional commercial center. The economy is mostly agriculture: Rise, Chives, Onions, and greater burdock (as major crops). - In October and July there are Sawara Festivals, there is a traditional river view of Old Sawara.


Mandarake stores have a warehouse there, long lines of orange shelves and red walls in the workers room (with computers and tables, processing the orders). It’s a “buybacks only” (empeños), not sales nor pick ups, set at: 4365 Sawaraha, Katori-shi, Chiba. Open from 12 PM noon, to 7:30 PM (opens every day of the year).


The doll was exposed to sunlight on a sitting position (based on the yellowing marks) near a source of light: hands, chest/neck, knees (inner joint), and feet where yellowed. He wasn’t wearing his original outfit (obviously).


Only a small set of grey underwear. - The velcro on his head had traces of a black fur wig and it came with yellow glass eyes. The doll was a “single jointed body” (long legs SD-Gr), silicon circles around the joints where added.


Arrived from Japan to Argentina in only 8 days (with a different box from another Volks doll), just the right time in the midst of the (Covid-19) pandemic, a day before the packages transit was closed and it was retrieved by me around 26 hours before the obligatory lockdown was established by the Argentinean government.


Days after, during his restoration, there was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and tsunami (11:49 JST 25 Mar 2020 - Northwestern Pacific Ocean - M 7.8) that triggered volcanic activity in the American continent. Japan Olympic games where postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the Covid-19 worldwide outbreak.

This doll had such a ride, such a past, and such a present, that deserves to be told as much as possible. It’s not maybe the object itself, but the story, time and places it has endured to being here right now.

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So my writing muse seems to be visiting. I was suddenly hit with an idea, while at work of course. I jumped on here to type out what I had in mind, saved to drafts, and just copied it over so I can work on it. I have not written in quiet awhile, which makes me sad. I try but no dice. Now I can write, but it’s not what I’ve been wanting/needing to write. But I hope if I get this new idea out of the way, I can jump back to what I was working on before and keep going. I really want to get all of my dolls stories done!

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“I really need a couch or something,” she thinks, trying to fall asleep on the stack of blankets she called a bed.

Moving to a new city was hard. Real fuckin’ hard. But she didn’t have anything to go back to, and would take hard over that any day.

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I always love to hear about your dolls’ backstories- so today I would love to hear about your doll’s occupation/job!

My Delia (grown up version) works at an art gallery that focuses on artists like James Jean, Benjamin Lacombe and Audrey Kawasaki. She is actually the owner too but who would believe a 20 year old girl owns a big gallery.
She funded the gallery by selling one of the paintings Picasso gave to her when they met in Paris in the 30ties.

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67.“You’re bleeding all over my carpet.” though the its christmas does have its charms.

Okay. Backstory for this one: Milos left the courts after his father was killed over political bullshit at a “young” age. (He’s an elf so young is probably like 54.) He became somewhat of a conman, and managed to attract the attention of an old human widow. She took him in like a son and he genuinely felt affection for her, but she died soon after, and because no one was supposed to know he was there, he eventually decided to squat there until eventually the house became inhabited again.

Iona left the courts when she realized her parents weren’t going to let her live as a girl and…now has been basically searching for a place to call home ever since. (It’s sort of a theme with all of the characters from that story.)

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Here’s a cute little fic to the prompt “I’d kill for a cup of coffee. Literally.”

A little bit of backstory for this: Brant’s abuse resulted in bouts of rage that he specifically triggers on the battlefield to help him both fight and also kill. (In universes with concrete magic in them like the one in this fic, he actually turns into a wolf when he goes berserk.) He’s kind of gotten used to it (killing) compared to Dustin, but it still fucks him up, which Dustin knows. 

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* u* my boy is out for a face up and body blushing I can’t wait to get him back eventually.

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I was talking to a customer about hobbies today and she asked about my ball jointed dolls and what they were (because I mentioned my hobby was expensive) and I said something about them being dolls that are in pieces but strung together to be able to pose like a human and that you can buy them clothes and a bunch of junk and she just…
“Oh yeah, my daughter has one!”
Me: :D more doll people??
“It’s a little wooden thing right? She does art. Hers doesn’t have clothes though.”
Me: ;–; ah. Yes. Okay.

If I had told her what they actually are and how much more money they cost I’m sure she would have been appalled.

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Caspar is no longer a floating head AHHHHH I’m so excited!!! 

; u ; I opene his body and oh my god I’m so so soooo in love with this body, almost more than the head, it’s sooo pretty and so beautifully sculpted. 

Myou doll well done. I’m gonna gush about it more later and post pictures later on but for now time for coffee and getting ready for work. 

I’ve only got 2 bjd’s and I’ve only just gotten the second one a body finally after five friggin months but I already want more ; u; need to take time to focus on getting more clothes and stuff, and restringing my poor msd boy now that I finally have elastic in too!! 

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attempting to reply to [[this conversation]], but someone in the chain must have me blocked, because i cannot reblog it.

probably like 3 people will read this, but whatever.  i spent time thinking and writing it, i might as well put it somewhere.

a LOT of adults still play with toys (trains, models, dolls, action figures, etc.) and i know toys aren’t the only way to play outside of games (there’s also LARPing/ cosplay and some other kinds of improv; art can be a form of play, many kinds of creativity can be playful.  but i’ll leave those topics to other people…)

so, although i am one of those still-plays-with-dolls adults, and i follow a lot of adult doll/actionfigure collectors in flickr, facebook, and here… i haven’t formally tried to analyse HOW we play with them, so the following is all anecdotal:

people may be longing to be kids again, connecting with their own (or friends/relatives’) kids over a shared hobby, making up for a missed childhood, injecting all the cynicism of adult experiences into a lifelong hobby, countering that cynicism with idealism, or processing terrible/ wonderful/ mundane life circumstances through the “lives” of dolls…
we can make miniature worlds where we decide how things work.

a few things i’ve seen a lot of: fashion photography & dioramas (i class this together because the primary purpose may be creation of aesthetic objects and images at a small scale) without an express story, then also photocomics & photostories (which usually include aesthetic concerns and some diorama/props and clothing, but the emphasis is on the story or joke).

i’d probably class screen-accurate reenactments of scenes from canon along with fashion photos and dioramas, because i think the visual problemsolving/ creativity is the same: the idea is to get the image you want (in this case, recreating canon), not telling a new story.

kitbashing/ modding/ repainting/ creation of art dolls is a part of the hobby that may bridge the imaginary line i’ve somewhat arbitrarily drawn.  sometimes you’re making a doll just for aesthetics, and sometimes you have a story or character in mind for them.  sometimes it starts as one thing and becomes the other. (the same can probably be said of the other image-based examples above)

photostories may be similar to original fiction or fanfic, with new characters and stories or building on and sometimes criticising existing canon, and some of us even write (original or fan)fic and make doll pictures in the same “world”, sometimes acting out scenes with dolls to get them right in the text.
there are several well-known (within the hobby, anyway) original doll soap-operas, where the characters get up to just as much drama as those on tv.
some photostories tend to be very “innocent”, where everyone is more kind and noble than they would be in the real world or in canon (usually not in ignorance of reality, but as an escape from or antidote to the reality that has disillusioned us), and some stories have scheming, selfish, cynical moments.  some people include relationships and sex in their doll stories and some don’t.

with photocomics (not sure it’s even necessary to separate this), we’re still making stories, but this time it may be comic relief, to offset the heaviness of life and/or canon.  (i think some ppl use “photocomics” to mean the format is that of comicbook art but the pictures are made by toy photos.  for me that would be a kind of photostory.)

maybe these folks want to weigh in on what i’ve missed or misinterpreted? @sapphire-stargazer @dollsahoy @autisticzombie @isomethingwicked-rainbeads @dolljunk @action-figures-in-action @gingerlucy @homeschoolhour @duckodeathreturns @antennapedia @ghostcomics
i know i’m missing a few ppl sorry (names are not my area)

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How about New Year's Eve/Resolutions as a new topic for the cute doll pic stories? Background with fireworks, party hats, champagne..

Ohhhhh, I love that idea, anon!

Thank you so very much much for the suggestion! This is great!

I hope I will get such a backdrop done soon!!!!

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