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I finally washed and styled Sunny’s hair. Most of her hair was gel-free, so it just needed a little help.

Obviously I didn’t go with what she had before, style-wise. Couldn’t figure it out at first then realized I didn’t really like the OG look so I went with this! The curls were frizzy and got trimmed, then recurled. I like the was the bangs separated, kind of adds to the sailor moon look!

Looove how she looks, but I wanted to change up her eyes and now I’ve gotta risk messing up her hair to do it. I’ll have to put that aside for now 😭

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All my ladies in one place. ❤️ Anyone else stoked for Christmas so they can add a beauty (or more than one beauty!) to their collection! I know that Blaire and one other secret girl are in my future from hubs! 🥰❤️

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I miss quality fairytale Barbie dolls released just in time for Christmas. I mean Nutcracker, Rapunzel, Swan Lake, Princess and the Pauper and the like. 
When I was a kid, my parents never got me any of those (they were not fans of Barbie in general, because why ‘overpay’ for a Barbie when you can buy a cheap bootleg?) but I still loved looking at their photos and daydreaming.
Now that I can afford those dolls, Mattel is no longer releasing anything this awesome. I could get one of the vintage dolls, but they are super expensive and not available MIB in my country…
I know those movies and toys were a blatant cash grab, but they were remind me of Xmas and I miss them so much. 

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Do you ever just get sick of your older brother being a dickstick so you fill his bedroom with dolls that he finds incredibly creepy. Carefully placing and posing them so that he will discover them all gradually, and they will all be looking in his eyes the moment he walks in the room.

And also place menacing notes behind them so if he tries to move one he gets Threatened™

And also hide a Bluetooth speaker under his bed so the moment he enters his room you can start playing creepy music.

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