mask3dkid · 7 months ago
[| ~ OOC post
Hello. It's me! I'm not dead! :'D
Sorry about my non-existence here. Have been struggling with writing focus what have been worrying me lately, and now after some break from school I can finally come back with calm.
So, before I start doing something here, I'm giving warnings. That's valid for everyone. Muses, Muns, Readers.... or just followers.
Please read the things below if you still curious or interested on this blog.
Tumblr media
- The main muse of this blog, Doll, will pass through rough changes.
Why that? I don't know if you guys have noticed that since the start of this blog Doll had a confusing backstory, that's is bc Doll never was suppose to have one actually. By now, I'm avoiding making new stories for them, just until I have sure of their universe line what will be challenging.
For those that had interactions with them in these weird phases, I will not be surprised if you guys prefer to remake the relationship with them after the changes. But if prefered a continuation, I will make the muse complately forget what happend and a lot about the muse, as forgetting things is part of the character and also, weird events with them do not surprise them at all.
- New icons!
Some of the old icons will stay, but with changes in the model as the program that I used before was FireAlpaca and I had trouble with pixels there.
- Partner blogs!
Isn't a surprise for those that follows @/detectivekingsmen that I'm making conections between them. And now in this month a new one will be conected here. @/binaslibrary where Doll will give some headache for being careless.
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binaconfusa · a year ago
Tumblr media
Doll the Stranger ( /òwó)/ ✨
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lewismonochromepepper · a year ago
@dollthestranger said:
(Amon) Sees the iPod, kinda confused "What is that?...."
The iPod sits there, still humming and glowing without a care in the world. It’s a bit slippery to the touch.
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@dollthestranger replied:
"Looks like we all are on a Cat season"
“Man....it’s a real catastrophe today, isn’t it.”
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viviskull · a year ago
Meme | Accepting | Mun Lina
Tumblr media Tumblr media
((Given half of my writing is like that here?  I can vibe with that assumption.  So ty, my dude!!  I think you’re pretty neat too!  Love your art btw!!))
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talesofnovembria · a year ago
@dollthestranger​ continued from here:
Green Gore keep walking but suddenly he stops.
“I know that you’re following me…..”
He turn around just his face, it’s difficult to see his expression because of a dark shadow covering his face, but you can feel the soft mood changed to a heavy one.
“Tell what you want or LEAVE.….”
He say that looking to the one that is following him
She stopped, figuring he was going to spot her at some point. He wasn’t much of a threat, so there wasn’t much reason to go for hiding while she was following after him.
Tumblr media
His head turned, the air around them seeming to grow heavier. She kept his distance away from him, tail swaying behind her. His head turned towards her, shadow hiding his face. Her eye lids fell down, not faltering in her stance. “Scary,” she quipped in a rather sarcastic tone.
Had she not? She gave a shrug of her shoulders, “Oh excuse me. Just a little hard to ignore when you’re muttering out loud to yourself.”
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bluescarfvivi · a year ago
Boop on the Nose: You’re adorable!
Tumblr media
An adorable gesture from a...very strange, masked person? In either case Vivi did return the favor with her own boop on the nose. 
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bowtiesandmirrors · a year ago
Tumblr media
(I get the anxiety bit-- I really do! It's no rush, this blog isn't going anywhere. Feel free to check out my about pages and rules if that'll give you more to work with and/or send in meme asks to poke my characters. :) )
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binaconfusa · a year ago
Tumblr media
Doll's new design :3
The second one is from the RP blog <:'3
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mask3dkid · a year ago
@arthurtristankingsmen from here
what if doll and arthur get slushies!
Tumblr media
// Raspadinha is how is called here on Brazil XD
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binaconfusa · a year ago
Tumblr media
"They're just Friends"
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binaconfusa · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Amon and Doll.
Yeah, Amon has a human version and is a giant woman.
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binaconfusa · a year ago
Tumblr media
some sketches of new characters and new designs
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mask3dkid · a year ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to Doll’s ask blog!
Check the Rules and Doll’s Files for no problems!
SFW blog:
The mun is a minor, so like the muse! Any chat or ask that breaks this rule will be ignored or blocked!
Selective post’s and questions:
This depends on the people that I know or feel comfortable on talking with, anything that can hurt or make the mun unconfortable will be deleted.
Relationships or Ships:
The Muse seems kinda mature by their actions but they is a minor, so, no shipping with 18+ characters.
Don’t ever try to control any character that appears in here! These will just make things complicated to them!
Magic Anon:
Sounds fair, but don’t use to makes the muse get hurt or hurt another muse.
Time of Posting:
That depends on the Mun mood, normally when is passing for a bad time, the mun will be off to didn’t “go away with words”.
The mun has a limited time of fun because of school and artworks.
All of them are made by binaconfusa (the mun). While the RP is going new ones will be made! In collab occasions has chances of the icons has two muses.
Starter and Chat:
I’m not so well at starting a RP or chat for 2 two things. 1 - My english can broke. 2 - Creativity Block
Doll’s Files!
16? Don’t know, June 2th will be 17!
Doll is an oc with a most 3 years of creation and I don’t remember so well the day that was made, so normally Their birthday is always on the same day as the Mun!
Has Paranormal Experience.
Babysit sometimes.
“Real name? What do you mean?”
Hurt someone is Their worst fear.
Have kinda of a messed backstory.
Rarely get mad.
Don’t take off their mask for anything . Just to eat, sleep and any event of trust for another muse.
Someone is hurt? is on Mother Mode!
Has a problem talking with girls.
Curious Child.
Friend Support.
If You read all of this post, send “I saw your face” to give me security. 
If you send without reading the rules, I have nothing to do, I just hope that you change beyond your lie. 
Tell me in case something “wasn’t so clear” in this post, I will fix it with no problem! :3
That’s all! Have a nice day!! ^w^)/ 
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mask3dkid · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Name: Alex Sabino Age: 17 y
Birthday: October 10th
Gender: Lost it :]
Height: 5,5" (1.68)
Sexuality: Demisexual
Specie: Not Human
Job: Paranormal investigator and conector
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, skateboarding and watch people.
With only 15 years old, Alex got their friends and city on chaos because of a contact with the unknown paranormal world, all just by the follow of their friends that was a gang that liked to break creepy rumors about the city.
They saw themself facing the own leaders of the other line, that was kinda upset about not being able to fix Alex's life. Because of the contact with the chaos maker, Alex was corrupted by the darkness, something that could consume them bit by bit if avoiding the other line's life.
Alex had to choose.
Live both lines like two lifes, having to lie to friends and family about their missing sometimes, or live both lines as one, being able to conect and destroy conections between lines but with the thing of being haunted by spirits and curses.
They choose the second choice, but with a thing. Their friends and family should be spared by the other line's dangers. So in action of protecting the people that they loved, by the other side's help, Alex fake their own death. Like this they could draw all the danger from the city when they leaves the place.
They watch their funeral and after, leaves their old city with the only thing that would remind them of home, the mask.
After all these events, Alex follow their life avoiding making conections with other people and started to be called by Doll, the character that they named for the mask, their comfort zone and memory of home.
Abyys event
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binaconfusa · a year ago
Tumblr media
the ship name is Kisoll uwu
has a video on tik tok too
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mask3dkid · a year ago
Tumblr media
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