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carlaerosie · a day ago
small cultural & Colombia/Latin related details from Encanto 🇨🇴
the flowers on Isabela’s dress - cattleya trianae orchids (may lilies), national flowers of Colombia
Tumblr media
Camilo snapping his fingers when he is excited
Tumblr media
Mirabel using her lips to point
Tumblr media
flowered balconies (like in Cartagena)
Tumblr media
ruanas (ponchos) that Bruno and Camilo wore
Tumblr media
Dolores’ “squeaks”
Tumblr media
inviting the whole town/neighbourhood to a party
Tumblr media
sombrero vueltiao - traditional Colombian hat
Tumblr media
Isabela being covered in the colors of Colombian flag (🇨🇴) during her song
Tumblr media
and many many more!
(this is for all the people who still say Encanto is not about Colombians ; sorry about the quality of the gifs)
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ricosbrainrot · 2 days ago
bruno in the walls watching his rat telenovelas: “and they were roommates . . .”
thirteen-year-old dolores at the dinner table: “and they were roommates”
seven-year-old camilo: “what”
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arthurscarnival · a day ago
Where's the lie
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ataraxianne · 2 days ago
I'd like to think that Dolores isn't actually the type who would gossip all the time, but she started it only to cover up her Tio
She was 12 when Bruno left, she was still a kid, so she probably thought that if she started spilling secrets left and right no one would think she could be hiding something
She always tells everything to everyone, if something was up she would know it and tell everybody.
If anyone lived in Casita's walls you'd know that by now thanks to the chatty unreliable Dolores, right?
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camilosangel · 2 days ago
Hello! Sorry to hear you’re overwhelmed right now. I hope you feel better soon. If it’s okay, can I please request some headcanons for Dolores with a reader who is very protective? Like, the reader can always tell when Dolores is overstimulated and gets people to quiet down or brings Dolores to a quieter place?
If not, that’s fine, I completely understand. No pressure and thank you!!
hiii!! i love this req sm!!! 🌜❤️
mi dulce querida
Tumblr media
dolores madrigal (she/her) x protective!gn!reader (they/them)
warnings: none other than mildly aggressive reader ?
whenever you scold someone for being too loud around her, she’ll calm you down by holding your face in her hands
when she’s super overstimulated with sounds she automatically looks for you, if she can’t find you she kinda just hides
pepa adores how caring you are of her daughter!!!
dolores has learned to read lips from you, you’d cover her ears and whisper things, at first she tried to listen and then got the hang of reading lips
finds so so so much comfort in your hugs!!! whether your shorter or taller than her doesn’t matter, as long as she buries her face in your neck and you cover her ears she’s fine
i loved writing this sm!!! i hope you like it ^_^
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encanto-for-white-ppl · a day ago
About racism in Encanto fandom (but I’m white and I feel attacked by latinos who gatekeep it)
okay so I’m pretty sure we all saw those latinos saying “we should gatekeep Encanto from gringos” or “Encanto was made for us latinos not for you all white gringos”
This is actually really sad. Encanto was a movie made for everyone to enjoy. Not only for latinos. Yes Encanto is a movie about latino family but it can represents many things. Everybody can relate to the characters and to their story. Not only latinos.
Those latinos who say shit like this are actually really sad and insecure people. Not to mention their separatism and racism. Are we gonna talk about how gringo is a slur? How they are literally bashing white people because we want to enjoy a movie? A movie which is a kid movie at the end of the day?
There is also one girl who’s entire blog is about how gringos can’t enjoy Encanto (I’m not gonna tag her but I think we all know who I mean)
please share if you agree. have a nice day!
Tumblr media
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keeperofthebees · 2 days ago
ENCANTO HEADCANONS PART 2. here we have the Warm Colors family headcanons (Pepa, Félix, Antonio, Camilo, Dolores)
Part one can be found here
Camilo is a few months older than Mirabel, so he got his gift first. When Mirabel didn't get one, he asked if he could share his with her or give it back because he didn't want her to be sad
The adults aren't very good at staying quiet sometimes, so Camilo and Antonio have learned to be next to or behind Dolores at parties to cover her ears
Camilo and Mirabel used to be best friends. They try to rekindle their friendship after rebuilding the house
Camilo and Antonio learned to talk quietly and use different means of communication when they learned their sister was sensitive to sound
Camilo just turned into anyone he wanted to when he first got his gift. he forgot how to turn back for a few hours
Camilo was jealous of Mirabel's glasses because he thought they were cool. Dolores got him a red pair with the lenses popped out
Camilo used to turn into Mirabel all the time so they could confuse people, but stopped when Julieta asked him to help with something (Mirabel can sort of cook. Camilo Absolutely Cannot)
Antonio liked to meow back at cats when he was like 3. he also liked to hiss at people he didn't like. the preist is terrified of him.
Pepa likes to just cradle Félix's head. Just because. Just whenever.
Pepa used to be very self-conscious about her gift, especially around Félix. Once she was raining and said "you'll get wet, amor". He simply sat next to her and said "I always liked the rain".
Félix does that thing where he laughs when he's nervous, and so do Camilo and Antonio
Camilo and Mirabel make popping sounds with their mouths all the time. One of them does it, the other does it back, and eventually they're just popping at each other like they're communicating somehow
Félix dances around the house while humming songs he likes. his wife and kids join in whenever they catch him
Pepa can be heard dancing alone in her room sometimes, with the pitter-patter of raindrops in the background
Dolores pops her ears whenever things are too loud because it muffles it a bit. she knows it's not healthy. she does it anyway.
Dolores caught Bruno stealing from the kitchen once. they both left without a word and the encounter was never brought up again
Dolores just spills random people's secrets on accident sometimes ("right, Dolores?" "Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez are having marital problems and sleep in separate beds now" "...what?" "what")
Camilo carries around a picture of himself in his pocket, in case he forgets what he looks like
Antonio likes to bite things. gently. Sometimes he takes his mom's hand and she thinks he just wants to hold it but he just softly bites it.
Antonio makes weird sounds with his mouth. trills, chirps, purrs, like the animals around him makes. Pepa has thought there was a bird beside her so many times but it was just Antonio
Camilo mimics the people around him on accident. people think he's mocking them, but he just liked how it sounded and repeated it
Dolores shakes her whole body when she's excited
Dolores covers her ears a lot on instinct. She'll be in the middle of a conversation and randomly cover her ears and say "sorry no yeah I'm listening" and then do it again two more times
Camilo can turn into animals, it's just a bit more effort so he doesn't do it a lot
Dolores used to listen to Mariano at night because he would stay up writing songs and she found his voice soothing
Camilo panics when he can't make someone laugh. being funny is his whole Thing. he makes people laugh
Dolores was quite jealous of Isabela because she was the favorite grandchild. they used to be pretty close, but drifted apart over time
Camilo and Mirabel had sleepovers all the time when Antonio was born so she wouldn't have to deal with a baby crying constantly
Antonio was taught how to climb trees by Mirabel. Pepa did not approve.
Camilo laughs at things he shouldn't. just a singular laugh. someone says something serious and he goes "HA. sorry, go on"
Dolores has blackmail on everybody. EVERYBODY. she's threatened her dad with it once, when she was younger. he looked really disappointed and she started crying
Antonio would wander outside sometimes and just interact with animals, even before his gift. He just sat with a toucan one time and Pepa screamed.
Félix understands everything his wife kids say and need, no matter what ("what is it, amor?" *incomprehensible gibberish* "sure, I'll get you something to eat!")
Félix and Pepa's first meeting was,,, less than ideal. still, it was love at first sight (hurricanes and all)
Dolores comes to people's rooms when they're crying and just sits there with them until they stop. then she asks if they want water.
Dolores and Mariano will be in the honeymoon phase for their ENTIRE relationship and I stand by that
Dolores heard Bruno talking through the walls and tried to tell people, but no one listened to her
Félix and Agustín are absolute BESTIES and are so stupid together and make the dumbest jokes and I love them sm
Félix is the therapist of his immediate family, letting everyone vent to him while their head's in his lap and he's petting their hair
Félix taught his wife and kids healthy ways of calming down, deep breaths, counting to ten, naming specific colored items in the room
Dolores does the "mawp. mawp" thing when her ears pop because it's too loud. Camilo and Antonio do it back, just cause it's fun
Camilo sometimes would sit with a baby Antonio and mimic his babbling
The whole family has a weekly "What Will We Not Tell Abuela About" session, mostly involving figuring out what Camilo did wrong and everyone finding dirt on those who could snitch
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actualguyfieri · a day ago
Imagine an Encanto modern au where Camilo decides to teach Bruno about meme history
It’s 4 AM and they finally got to 21st Century humor, and poor Dolores is haunted by fart noises and vine sound effects
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bandshirts-and-books · 10 hours ago
Y/N: Smart is attractive. Educate me on something I don't know!
Dolores: The mouth of a jellyfish is also an anus.
Y/N: Stop.
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militarywifeluvr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
dolly doodles
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canhearthiswholechorus · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
She lives in my head rent free
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carlaerosie · 2 days ago
Dolores fish gulugulu
Tumblr media
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anonastronaut · a day ago
Tumblr media
Look at that face 👀
5 seconds in and you know little Dolores is already hearing the juiciest gossip
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ferrerorocherfeast · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Art credit goes to @sourbons
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yelloweyedwoman · a day ago
Tumblr media
Cousin Dolores can hear a pin drop… 👂🏾
IG: Roadkill_Kim
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girlpog · 2 days ago
I’m surprised none of the Madrigals learned sign language so they could say shit without Dolores hearing.
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kitherondaleswife · 18 days ago
in “we don’t talk about bruno” dolores sings that she associates him with the sound of falling sand. i wonder if that means that she associates everyone with an specific sound.
maybe she hears thundering and raining and thinks about pepa. she would listen to some food frying and know that aunt julieta was home. she would hear laughter and immediately know that camilo was goofing around. rose petals falling around told her that isabela was on her way. the sound of heavy things being dropped made clear that luisa was working. birds chirping annunciating that antonio was playing.
and maybe, just maybe… the sound of a kind and strong heart beating was the tell that mirabel was around.
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peppermint-joys · a month ago
I like to imagine after the magic returned to the casita each of the family members rooms no longer was just a reflection of their gifts but also their personal interests. No longer it Luisa's room a home gym, or whatever, it pretty freakin relaxing more beach like. Mirabel has room, and it reflects her intrest in crafting. Bruno's room no longer has a ridiculous amount of stairs. There litt hide holes for his rats and it's more cozy. Their rooms become a mixture of who they are and their gifts.
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captin-merc · a month ago
This is a little headcannon that's been in my brain for a while it has to do with the doors and a sort of defence system they use. So when a Madrigal is overwhelmed they can go into their room and the door will keep people out. Here's some examples:
Isabela when she is upset her doorknob will grow thorns to keep others out.
Pepa's knob will give people an electric shock.
Antonio's isn't used that much because he's five, but when it is it will turn into a jaguar and bite the person touching it.
Luisa's door becomes to heavy for people to open.
Julieta's becomes hot enough to burn, but the pain and burn goes away as soon as you let go (this also doesn't get used often).
Dolores's is used the most out of everyone because her gift gets so overwhelming sometimes. When her doorknob gets touched it sends out a soundwave that leaves people's ears ringing.
Bruno's doorknob turns to sand when touched so no one can get a good grip on it to turn it.
Alma's door would be similar to Julieta's door except the entire door is just on fire.
And finally Camilo his door will straight up disappear into the wall. It was really scary the first time it happened because people must have thought he had either died, lost his gift or was still in there and was stuck.
Yeah feel free to add anything on to this.
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illuminatedlover · 19 days ago
Details about encanto that make my heart swell/break pt 2
Mirabel’s giggle when she grabs abuelita Alma’s hand to head to the ceremony makes me feel so SICK! Bc it’s so obvious they were close before all of this happened
I love Mirabel’s attention to detail pulling off a loose thread from her outfit
Mirabel is a side mouth talker, she gets it from Julieta
Pepa tripping just to water the crops someone help her
Mirabel being proud of her mother for being amazing is very much correct
Fèlix and Agustín flirting with their wives as they’re introduced in the opening scene
I can’t remember if I mentioned this but Mirabel being just as goofy, clumsy, and friendly as her dad ! She’s great with children!
I think if I counted correctly only 4-5family members had their morning coffee
The townspeople seem the most comfortable with Mirabel since she’s the normal one
Pepa being very proud “I MADE A RAINBOW!” Yes you did baby <3 I’m so proud of you
Julieta looking at her family with pride and so much love
Everyone having to clean their rooms even if they’re giant realms of wonder and imagination! Powers or no powers abuela wants the rooms CLEAN!
The cute animal drawings Mirabel did when she was younger still hung up on her wall
“I wish you could have a door” I’m still sobbing Antonio you are a beautiful soul ! Fèlix and Pepa did a wonderful job
Mirabel pointing to the gift with her lips very much something I do myself I liked that little detail
Casita taking the hats and hanging them
Luisa rolling her eyes at literally anything, but also letting the children climb her like a tree while she brings plates
Camilo mimicking his father 10/10 comedian
You can see Alma dancing as she watched Pepa and her family dance it’s actually so cute she’s looking at Antonio with pride
The look of disappointment abuela wore as she saw Mirabel walk Antonio to his door
Julieta fearing for her husbands life when the jaguar pounced on Agustín
The casita cracking whenever the amount of pressure is too much for any of the family members
Fèlix getting abuela alma to dance with him he is such a suave individual
Pepa’s little facial expressions she go: :o :D :0 :| >:[
Dolores smirking when she notes Mariano wants five babies she probably has some sort of info about Isabela either not wanting to marry him or not being very excited about it
Luisa is gentle and sensitive and I love that she wasn’t made into a total tomboy ! Buff women can be feminine !!
Luisa and Mirabel floating in the air like in spirited away say sike rn I’ll cry
Abuela alma pretty much hoarding Isabela and discussing how perfect everything is going… talk about expectation
The details of sand on Mirabel and her clothing!!! Loved the texture of it all
Bruno being introduced as a possible villain ( Disney’s signature green glow) but instead he is an anxious rat hoarding theatre kid
Seriously thought Mirabel was going to die from sand suffocation
Mirabel is the only one that looks like her parent(s) Isabela is pretty much abuela alma but darker, Luisa could possibly take after Agustín, but Mirabel stole her moms face! COPY PASTE!
I loved all the little music videos to accompany the songs they’re so visually pleasing
Also Pepa’s side of the family don’t see so bothered by Mirabel and her antics until the dinner scene. where Pepa is exasperated but mostly about the dinner, not about Mirabel knowing Bruno’s vision
Isabela! *raspy voice* YOUR BOYFRIENDS HERE! Ugh loved that part!!!
Camilo’s face at dinner scene, honestly everyone’s face at the dinner scene !!! Big WTF!
MIRABEL! *thunder crackles* very much scratched my brain so good
Bruno after being found out he’s alive and in the walls! “Bye!” Just continues on as if his own niece isn’t meeting him for the first time
Bruno’s plate design has little hourglasses on it, which makes me wonder if everyone’s plate has a design specifically for them
Bruno and Mirabel! “Pink, pink, pink! Girls, girls, girls! Glitter, glitter, glitter! Twirls, twirls, twirls! We’re Linda and Heather! Best friends!!”
Alma not being 100% sold on Antonio’s gift :/
Fèlix giving Antonio a thumbs up when he warms up Alma’s seat
This family is so awkward and funny they definitely tend to ramble it’s so charming how much of Alma’s personality they get from her
Dolores simply asking for Mariano to notice her because she’s kept off to the side much like her cousin
Luisa and Isabela cowering when abuela got upset and their faces when Mirabel confronts her about the amount of pressure she puts on them
Camilo and Isabela being the first ones to help out Mirabel to try and save the candle <3
Julieta still fighting to try and get Mirabel down I am sobbing !
Camilo thinking of Antonio when the magic goes out that honestly was heartwarming
Dolores helping abuela sit down safely
Pedro kissing his family goodbye I’m so upset I will never recover
The haunted look in Alma’s eyes when she’s safe in the casita with her babies, then you see her face harden as she braves the world alone
The little butterfly crossing Alma’s path again a reminder that her husband is always with them
Bruno coming to save Mirabel from being yelled at and standing up to his mother only to be confused by her embrace
Alma’s look of pride and her big smile as Mirabel leads them home meanwhile Bruno is struggling to even stay on sksks
Dolores with her smug face “yo I knew he was here I heard him everyday” exactly ! You tell ‘em to listen to you!!
Camilo being the most confused family member he never knew what was going on
Mirabel helping Luisa with the giant boulder and her lip quivering when she’s assured she’s worth more than her gift!
Julieta and Mirabel harmonizing <3
Julieta fixing her hair before the picture ! What a cutie
“I see me”
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