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camilosluvr 18 hours ago
Omg i love the camilo, dolores and isabela with a s/o who's mute, can you make one where their s/o talks for the first time and how they would react hearing their s/o voice for the first time?? Thanks! :))
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Camilo, Dolores, and Isabela hear their mute s/o's voice for the first time
Taglist: @doloreshearsyou @fairytale-writes @jjk-ily @dai-tsukki-desu @maximuscofi @el-1-jah @onthr-dream @kenzi-woycehoski @ais-little-teacorner @maileylikesducks @whyyarewehere @ynfromencanto2430 @sunnth
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
It all started with camilo mentioning your voice and joking about if you talked and you thought that it would be nice to respond in your actual voice
But, you didn't just talk because camilo asked because he literally asks you to talk or what your voice sounds like all the time and because you've been mute for a long time and you weren't just going to break that vow because he asked, you actually thought about it for a while
When I tell you camilo was shocked when you spoke, he literally questioned if there was a ghost in his room or not but when he realized that it was you, he hugged you and told you how much he loved your voice
He literally loved your voice and asked you to talk more but if you weren't going to speak around anyone else then that's fine because whenever he wants to hear your voice, he can just drag you to a secluded area
You and camilo were chilling in his room together and just enjoying each other's presence while you two sat on the floor and camilo had his head in your lap as you brushed through his curly brown hair, he had purposely tangled his hair just so you could brush it.
You looked at Camilo's pajamas that sat beside you and you tapped Camilo's shoulder as you set the brush down making him look back at you and you signed "Cami, do you have pajamas to throw them on the floor or to just look at them because every time I come over here they're on the floor" and it took camilo a bit to realize what you said because he's not that good as reading and understanding it as he is when it comes to speaking it.
Camilo chuckled a bit "I do wear them, they're just not my favorite." Camilo explained making you chuckle a tiny bit and camilo then thought of something "What if you just randomly responded to me with your voice like I'd probably shit myself out of surprise." Camilo said as he turned his entire body around to face you which made him lay on his stomach "Well, that would be quite a surprise." You said making him freeze and look you in the eye, he looked around the room to make sure that no one else was there because he didn't believe that it was you speaking but then when he realized it was you, he looked back at you and he shifted into you then back into himself.
He then grinned and hugged you "Aw, your voice is so cute!" He yelled as he hugged you tightly making you chuckle at his actions as he sat up to hug you fully and not just your torso "Your voice truly did almost make me shit myself though." He whispered in your ear making you burst out laughing while camilo snuggled into your shoulder "But talk more! I like your voice!" He yelled as he smothered your face with kisses "Okay okay! That tickles!" You yelled as you laughed from the tickling feeling of Camilo's lips pressing every inch of your face.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores always hears everything so she's always prepared when someone wants to tell her something but she was not prepared for this, she didn't hear you debating whether you should or not because she can't hear your thoughts
When you spoke, dolores literally froze and dropped the basket of fruit she was holding because she literally couldn't believe her ears for the first time ever
It started when you two were picking fruit from an apple tree and she was asking did you think that they were ripe, she expected you to sign an answer but instead, you said an answer with your actual voice
Dolores loved your voice so much and would ask you to talk so that she could hear it or even whisper it, everytime you go to sleep, you whisper a small "Goodnight mi amor' for dolores because you know that she can hear you and because you love to wish her goodnight and before you were never able to tell her with your voice
If you're not comfortable with talking around other people then that's fine too! She'll just settle for your whispers because even whispers are loud for her, it's just as good!
Dolores and you were just looking up at the apple tree observing the apples to see if they had any worms in them "Do you think that they're ripe?" Dolores asked as she picked one of the branches and looked closely at the shiny red apple. you hummed as you looked at the apples "Yeah, they do." You said as you picked off an apple and dropped it in the basket full of pears, oranges, and other types of fruits.
Dolores froze and dropped the apple on the green grass that had a few flowers spread out in the field, the apple rolled down the hill you two were on as dolores squeaked as she slowly turned her head to face you "What'd you say?" She asked you as she pursed her cherry red lips together.
You turned your head to face her as you halted your apple-picking "I said, yeah, they look ripe." You said as you chuckled a bit and dolores grinned and she kissed your cheek leaving a red kiss mark on your cheek "Your voice is so nice." Dolores said as she chuckled a bit "Though, you almost gave me a heart attack." Dolores said as she put a hand over her chest as she let out a deep breath making you chuckle more.
Isabela Madrigal
When I tell you that you almost died because of how shocked isabela was, she grew spiky plants and carnivorous plants around you because she was so caught off guard
Though it wasn't like she didn't like your voice, she loved it but she didn't expect you to talk, and just like camilo, she didn't even think it was you
Isabela loves your voice so much and likes to hear you talk about many things especially when you talk about your day while she's making flower crowns and flower necklaces for you
If you don't feel comfortable talking around anyone else then that's fine, she'll just take you to a secluded area or to her room so she can hear your voice or so you two can talk
It started with you and isabela growing flowers and plants in her room when you asked isabela what was one of the flowers she grew and she was about to answer but then she realized that you said that and not someone else
Isabela and you were just chilling in her room, you were sitting on one of her flower and vine strings while she sat on one beside you while she grew flowers beneath both of your feet "Hey isa, what's that plant?" You asked as you pointed at the bleeding hearts that she had just grown over your head "Oh those are bleeding hear-" She said but she cut herself off as she had to make sure that she had heard you and not someone else.
Isabela looked at you with confusion written all over her face then she looked around to see if anyone else was there before looking back at you with the same confusion on her face "Was that you?" She asked as you chuckled a bit at her reaction "Yeah, it was me." You said and isabela froze and stared at you with blank eyes making you laugh more but then the swing you were on came undone as isabela grew yuccas, agaves, cactuses, and different spiky plants along with carnivorous plants underneath the both of you.
Your eyes widened as you started to fall from the air but luckily you two were pretty high in the air so you didn't fall on the ground immediately "Isabela!" You yelled out making isabela snap out of her thoughts and look down at you, she hurried and removed the spiky and carnivorous plants and replaced them with a giant sunflower to catch you, you landed safely on the sunflower as isabela hopped off her swing with only her hand resting on one of the vines as she lowered herself to the sunflower.
Isabela sat next to you on the flower "Mi amor, I'm so sorry, you just caught me off guard is all." Isabela said kissing your cheek as you dusted the pollen from the sunflower off your clothes "It's fine, I would've been shocked too." You said as you leaned on her shoulder with a small smile "Your voice is (beautiful/handsome), talk more, please? I'm not gonna drop you this time." Isabela said as she smothered your face with more kisses as she grabbed your hands, at least you knew that she almost killed you because she liked your voice and not because she hated it.
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isabellalvr 8 hours ago
isabela: so you two are.. dating?
y/n: yup
isabela: why?
camilo: because i find y/n very attractive and fun to be around 馃え
isabela: no no i understand that im just confused why shes dating someone like you.
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camilosangelita 17 hours ago
How would Mirabel, Isabela and dolores react to seeing their girlfriend (or partner you choose) wearing glasses for the first time?? ( They only use when they are studying/reading a book for a longo time)
Dating Headcanons!
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Twinsies!" was the last thing you heard before being tackled onto the floor by your girlfriend Mirabel, the book in your hands being thrown right across the room.
"Ay Mirabel." You held your chest, laughing. "You scared me!" You exclaimed, picking up your glasses from the floor to make sure they weren't cracked.
"I'm sorry! I just can't believe you wear glasses!" Mirabel picked up your book, reading the title before gasping. "You read this too?!"
You nodded your head enthusiastically. "Have you gotten to the part where they-?"
Mirabel proceeded to tackle you again. "Don't spoil it for me [Name]!" She whined out, before proceeding to fangirl about the book with you.
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Dolores, could you pass me my glasses?" You asked, taking out a book you brought to read with her on your picnic date.
"Your glasses? On it!" She responded, rummaging her hand around in the basket before finally taking them out. "Here you go!"
Dolores already knew you had glasses, since you accidentally left them in her room when you stayed over one night.
"Thank you, now, what page were we on?" You opened your book, pushing your glasses up.
"Page 156! The part where they almost kissed!" She swooned, laying her head on your lap, eagerly waiting to hear the next part.
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
Tumblr media
"Where are they?!" You panicked, looking everywhere for the thing you needed the most, your glasses.
You needed them to study, and now you had no idea where they are. You were so focused on finding them, that you didn't notice a vine opening your bedroom windows.
"Did someone say, glasses?" Your girlfriend called, swinging inside your room to hand you your lost possession. "Mi Angelita!" You smiled, taking your glasses from her.
"You never told me you wore glasses." She pouted, crossing her arms and turning away from you. "I didn't think it was important." You defended yourself, planting a kiss on her cheek to see her face grow red.
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estcsy 2 days ago
all of the madrigal grandkids have such a nice jawline and my face shape literally looks like the moon 馃対 it鈥檚 so embarrassing
(we had an entire conversation about this)
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patient-steadfast-steady 11 hours ago
cld u do a dolores x gn reader where the reader tries to be a romantic but ends up failing every time bcos of bad luck nd clumsiness? or just fluff in general pls,, maybe some awkward pining and dates?
ofc i can!! dolores is bae hehe i hope you enjoy, and thanks for requesting! <3
warnings: none
note: this is so cute aaaa i tried to combine a little of all of your ideas, i鈥檓 sorry that it鈥檚 a bit long and all over the place oof | sorry this took a bit to get to, i鈥檓 still getting the hang of this request scene hehe
鈾攢鈹鈹 鈽呭健 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈾
dolores stands beside her aunt, smiling sympathetically at the villagers passing through for an arepa. she鈥檚 quietly listening when she catches your voice amidst the noise.
it鈥檚 a soft 鈥渙w,鈥 but she knows it all the same, and suddenly her heart is louder than before, and she politely excuses herself to julieta.
dolores has known you for only a short while, but she immediately took a liking to you. your clumsy awkwardness is every bit as endearing as it is funny, and she feels herself slowly falling.
she only has to wander a small distance before she spots you. you are, in fact, on the ground, scraping something up frantically.
dolores silently sidles up to you, unable to see what you鈥檙e stuffing into your mochila. 鈥渄o you need help?鈥 she offers gently.
you jump and yelp, causing her to step back with a squeak, and the two of you stare at each other for a millisecond.
鈥渉ey!鈥 you quickly greet, scrambling to your feet, brushing hair out of your face.
dolores smiles fondly, offering a greeting; unable to miss the hastening of your breath and the reddening of your cheeks.
鈥渨hat are you doing?鈥 she offers in the lull.
鈥渙h, uh, nothing,鈥 you giggle nervously, clutching your mochila close. dolores pretends not to hear the clinking of glass. 鈥渋 was just on my way to the market.鈥 you add with a nod.
鈥渕ay i walk you?鈥 she asks, letting the glimmer of hope seep into her tone. she blocks the world out to listen to the fluttering of your lashes as you blink.
鈥測eah, i-i would love that,鈥 you answer, smoothing your shirt.
she offers her arm to you and giggles when you trip on your own feet taking it.
as the two of you walk, dolores has a thought she has never even considered before. as conversation upon conversation filter through her brain, she suddenly wishes she could also hear thoughts.
she steals a glance at you, who catches her eye and veers the two of you to the left with your haste to pretend you didn鈥檛. you stumble and dolores steadies you with a laugh.
no, she thinks, she only wishes she could hear yours.
you fiddle with the strap of your mochila, looking a bit saddened. the market draws nearer, and before the business of it overwhelms her, dolores asks: 鈥渄id you break something important?鈥
you seem surprised, then smile. 鈥測eah, actually, uh,鈥 you hesitate, 鈥渋t was something for you.鈥
dolores stops your trek and takes your hands. 鈥渇or me?鈥 she asks, a little dumbfounded. she never supposed you thought of her enough to bother.
you blush and your palms are very sweaty against hers. she doesn鈥檛 care.
鈥渂ad luck caught up to me today.鈥 you say, pursing your lips.
she could tell it really upset you, and she didn鈥檛 like the crease in your brow. before she could offer words of sympathy or encouragement, you drew the broken glass out of your bag.
it was the remains of a coffee cup, painted with her signature reds and golds, with fractured designs peaking amongst the ruins.
she felt like crying. 鈥渋t鈥檚 beautiful.鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚 broken,鈥 you emphasize.
鈥渋t鈥檚 still important to me,鈥 she picks up a piece, 鈥渂ecause it鈥檚 from you.鈥
you drop the remaining pieces in your fumbling, sputtering. the shattering of glass echoes in her brain and dolores slaps her hands over her ears, dropping the piece she was caressing.
the two of you stare at it for a moment, then laugh together awkwardly, dissolving into genuine snorts and gasps. you step away from the shards, shaking your head.
鈥渢hank you,鈥 you breathe out after your fit, making meaningful eye contact. 鈥渢he cup meant a lot to me, and i wanted to gift you something special.鈥
dolores smiles and- seizing the opportunity- she adds, 鈥渨e can paint one for each other.鈥
you beam, clasping her hands in yours. 鈥渨ould you like to do it together?鈥
dolores is blushing now. 鈥渋鈥檒l make time tomorrow.鈥 stars above so help her, she鈥檒l make time tomorrow.
鈥渢hen it鈥檚 a date!鈥 you rush away with a wave, definitely bumping into somebody with an absentminded sorry.
dolores wanders her way back to julieta in a daydream, her thoughts of you finally drowning out the noise about her.
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reguu-x 10 hours ago
"A Rose For You," Dolores x Mariano Fanfic !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈺攢鈹 鈰呪潈 鈰 鈹鈹 鉂 鈹鈹 鈰呪潈 鈰呪攢鈹鈺 summary : when dolores asks her boyfriend, mariano, that it is time for them to go on their first date, in which mariano finally decides to take her out on a midnight walk through the encanto, and gives her a very special surprise ! . . . written in : third person word count : 1,002 鈺扳攢鈹 鈰呪潈 鈰 鈹鈹 鉂 鈹鈹 鈰呪潈 鈰呪攢鈹鈺
Tumblr media
It was many days since Casita was rebuilt again, and the people of Encanto could鈥檝e never been happier. For instance, Isabela doesn鈥檛 just sit down a look pretty, growing flowers from time to time, she also helps grow plants and crops for the farmers.聽
Luisa has also changed as well. She no longer has to worry about carrying things for people everyday, she now gets to relax and is allowed to sleep in from time to time. Even Abuela was more excepting of people nowadays. She doesn鈥檛 mind that her family isn鈥檛 perfect, nor the people living in the Encanto. In fact, she plays along with Camilo鈥檚 silly jokes. She helps Mirabel sew dresses, she even plays games with Antonio and his animals in his room. All was well, and nobody could鈥檝e been happier. All except Dolores. Of course, Dolores wasn鈥檛 the type of girl to complain about anything. She watched as her cousins and siblings all had fun with their gifts, embracing their powers and living their best life, but what about her? Her boyfriend Mariano had been busy ever since the rebuilt, so she was basically invisible again. She was only spoken to when they needed her.
It seemed that nothing really changed, at least to her. That evening, Mariano was going to stay for dinner with the Madrigals. Everyone was getting ready. Abuela had to fetch a few extra chairs, one for Bruno, of course. Julieta was cooking with the small help of Agustin. Antonio was asking the animals to warm up Mariano鈥檚 seat. Camilo was shape-shifted into Mariano, pretending to be him.聽鈥淔or rehearsal, to make sure everything is perfect.鈥 Dolores told him.
Isabela was growing flowers and plants all around, decorating the dining area ever so beautifully. Mirabel wanted to give him a present, a hand-sowed neck tie, just for him.
Dolores wanted to ask Mariano to go on a date with her, she was waiting for so long for Mariano to ask her out but he never got the message. He was always like that, oblivious.
She waited at the front door of Casita, waiting for her beloved Mariano to arrive with his mother. She was excited, finally she would have a break from being unseen and hardly spoken too. Dolores wanted tonight to be perfect for her boyfriend.聽
She saw Mariano with his mother and shouted with joy.聽鈥淗e鈥檚 here! He鈥檚 here!鈥 Her family rushed to put the food out and all sat down at the table, waiting for Dolores to walk him into the dining room.
She walked with him, their arms linked together with his mother on the other side of him. They sat down in their respective spots, Dolores sitting right next to him, beaming.
Dinner was amazing as always, Julieta鈥檚 cooking could鈥檝e never been better. After dinner, Dolores rushed out towards the door before Mariano could leave.
鈥淲ait, amor!鈥 she called out to him. He turned around when he heard the nickname, then waved at his mother to go on without him.
鈥淒olores? Is something wrong?鈥 He asked her.
鈥淢ariano, I was just wondering, since we are dating an all.. that we could go on a date?鈥 She asked him nervously.
鈥淲as this not a date?鈥
鈥淚-it was.. I just, want it to be just you and me.鈥 She looked away from his eyes as he held her hands.
鈥淥f course, mi vida. Why didn鈥檛 you ask me before?鈥澛
鈥淏ecause,鈥 she started. Dolores sighed and looked into his eyes.聽鈥淏ecause I wanted you to ask me first.鈥
鈥淎w, Dolores.鈥 He hugged her.聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry. I will let you know when our next date will be, alright?鈥澛
Dolores smiled.聽鈥淭hat would be nice. Thank you Mariano.鈥 They hugged one last time before waving each other goodbye.
It was around eleven pm, everyone was sound asleep. Well, everyone except Mariano.
He pathetically climbed the vines leading up to Dolores window, and knocked lightly.
Her eyes instantly fluttered open and she turned her entire body towards the window. When she saw Mariano, she was confused. He motioned for her to follow him and dropped down to the floor.聽
Curious, Dolores got dressed and climbed out the window, awaited by her boyfriend.
鈥淢ariano?鈥 She whispered.聽鈥淲hat are you doing here, and at midnight as well?鈥
鈥淲ell,鈥 he began.聽鈥淵ou said you wanted a date, so here! A date!鈥 he giggled like a little girl.聽鈥淚ts beautiful, quiet, and we are alone. Come, follow me.鈥
Dolores was a little hesitant before following him towards a beautifully decorated area near the lake. The area was decorated in pillows and blankets and lanterns as well as lights hung up on the lamp posts. In the middle of the place, there was a bowl of chips and dip and some wine.
Dolores was on the edge of tears, she was so shocked and surprise, but above all was overjoyed. She hugged her boyfriend and they walked down towards the place.
They talked (well, more like whispered), giggled, smiled, kissed for about two hours. To them, tonight was the most perfect night they had ever had.
鈥淎hem, Dolores,鈥 Mariano looked down, holding her hands in his.
鈥淵es?鈥 she giggled.
鈥淚 have something to give to you, a present.鈥 he said.
She giggled once more. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not gonna propose to me, are you Mariano?鈥
They both laughed before he shook his head.
鈥淣o, not yet, mi amor.鈥 He reached into his pocket and pulled out the most beautiful and red rose Dolores had ever laid her eyes on.
鈥淥h my! Mariano! This is..鈥 she was at a lost for words.
鈥淒o you like it?鈥 he smiled at her.
鈥淵es! I do!鈥 she giggled and he placed the flower in her hair.
鈥淣ow it looks even prettier in your hair.鈥
Dolores blushed as Mariano pecked her cheek. She felt happier then she had ever felt in what seemed like forever. She smiled at her boyfriend. She was his, and he was hers, and that鈥檚 all that mattered.
Tumblr media
Heyy everyone! I hoped you like this fanfic!! I worked really hard on this despite me having a pile of school work to do. Give some more request if you鈥檇 like!! I have about 4 as of right now BUT I do have much more motivation than before. LMK if you want more Dolores x Mariano fics?? tysm for reading! cya soon!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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we-talk-about-bruno-here 28 days ago
Camilo: yeah I give up. I'm tired
Dolores: quick, get the emergency supply!
Mirabel: *brings y/n into the room*
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just-some-lesbian a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Have it or whatever....
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dos-oroguitas 19 days ago
Two by Two
Tumblr media
Being Camilo鈥檚 twin wasn鈥檛 easy when you think your gift wasn鈥檛 as 鈥榝lashy鈥 or as happiness-inducing like your brother鈥檚. As Casita breaks down maybe your power could be finally of good use.
masterlist !! two by two headcanons
Platonic! Twin! Camilo x Twin! Reader
Tumblr media
What鈥檚 worse than one Camilo Madrigal? Two Camilo Madrigals. Well, not exactly but you might as well be. Born a few minutes after Camilo was born, you were twins with the one and only troublemaker shapeshifter of the Madrigal Family. Though you can say you aren鈥檛 as bad as your older brother. Sure you would play meaningless pranks here and there but you were surprisingly more tame than he was, acting like another much more mischievous Isabela in your Abuela鈥檚 words.
While your brother had the ability to shapeshift into different people, you had the ability to shapeshift into different animals. Safe to say the first few months of having your miracles, Encanto experienced frequent thunderstorms and rainfall. The two of you were almost the same except however for your personalities. Yet you two would insist you were identical, often wearing matching ruanas as well as matching slippers so that you two wouldn't be told apart. You were proud to have him as your big brother and had loved him so.
Although you would be a bit envious of Camilo. Turning into different animals weren鈥檛 as flashy and people pleasing as Camilo鈥檚. Though you tried to hide the fact that you felt that way.
One would think the two of you wouldn鈥檛 be as close but you would be surprised. Camilo adored you, you were his twin, you two shared the same womb, it was natural for him to be overprotective. He鈥檇 frequently tell you that you two would stick with one another no matter what.
You can always remember the times when you two were younger, whenever you鈥檙e upset he would always be sure to defend you. Sure you鈥檇 sometimes get into little arguments and tussles but it wouldn鈥檛 even last long. He would always be the first one to cave in and apologize. Although the two of you were almost the same, you were more sensitive than he was, fighting would almost always end up with you crying and storming out of frustration.
鈥淚鈥檓 your twin.鈥 He would remind you with a smile that the two of you shared. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e my twin, we stick together through thick and thin.鈥 Camilo would promise. No matter what you or him did, the two of you would always be stuck with one another.
Although following your little brother Antonio鈥檚 gift ceremony, as well as the declaration that cracks were showing in Casita as well as the candle flickering, the two of you had ended up at odds once more. You stood by Mirabel, believing in your cousin that the miracle was dying. After all, Mirabel wouldn鈥檛 lie about such a thing. You were sure of it.
You didn't expect to discover more of yourself now that Casita was allegedly breaking down. The insecurities that you had dug deep deep down to please your abuela Alma resurfaced after stumbling upon Mirabel, while coaxing her sister to give her a hug. You didn't anticipate joining Isabela on venting out what you had thought were your flaws and weaknesses.
You grimaced as you watched Abuela鈥檚 enraged outburst. Everything was a mess.
Your primas, Luisa could barely lift an empanada, and Isabela was out of control. Then again you might have also been a part of the little flower show that Isabela had done, causing imperfect but still beautiful flowers and plants to grow. Your abuela had almost always suggested turning into animals that were beautiful in her standards. An orchid mantis, a scarlet macaw, a multicolored tanager, a peacock or a flamingo.. those were what she deemed as beautiful. Never what you liked. She never asked what you would like to turn to. Her obsession with perfection extended to you in a way. It's always been just,
(Name) turn into this..
(Name) this would look beautiful..
Ay, (Name) that animal would do no good, it must be beautiful..
And you couldn鈥檛 help but resent how she doesn鈥檛 tell off Camilo to change into 'beautiful' and 'perfect' people. Camilo was free. Camilo was free to change to who he wants and he wouldn鈥檛 get scolded for changing into something your Abuela thought was dangerous and ugly. So when you finally had the chance to be free and wild? You took the opportunity.
You had run and danced alongside them, turning into different animals you had only heard of from books as Isabela bloomed stranger but equally beautiful flowers.
A lion, leopard, tiger, and a beautiful snake too.. all of it had frightened the villagers as you ran and 鈥榙anced鈥 on the roofs of Casita with your cousins and it didn鈥檛 take long until your Abuela Alma to rush in Casita, shaking with fury. Caught up with the rush, you hadn鈥檛 even had time to change back from your form, a clouded leopard with Isabela鈥檚 colorful flower stains on your fur.
You looked down as your Abuela berated Mirabel. Lips parting as she spoke to Mirabel with venom lacing her words. You tried to find the words to defend her. Still unchanging, your fur reflecting in the moonlight as you stood there beside Isabela.
鈥淟ook at our home! Look at your sister, your cousin..!鈥 She says, appalled by your messy and wild form. At that you had slowly changed back, unable to meet your grandmother鈥檚 eyes.
鈥淧lease, just, Isabela and (Name) weren't happy.鈥 Mirabel tries to explain as your cousin had started to pat down the colorful mess on her dress before turning to you to gently wipe the color off your face. Both of you shifting in place nervously.
鈥淥f course they鈥檙e unhappy! You ruined her proposal and (Name), Mirabel, you managed to rope in your prima too?鈥
It was a back and forth before your grandmother鈥檚 voice had shakily escaped her lips.
鈥淭he cracks started with you.鈥 Your abuela took a step forward. 鈥淏runo left because of you.鈥
鈥淟uisa鈥檚 losing her powers! Isabela鈥檚 out of control and (Name) has gone wild because of you!鈥 You could see Mirabel's expression and you wanted nothing more but to come to her rescue.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know why you weren鈥檛 given a gift! But it is not an excuse for you to hurt this family!鈥 The ground shook from underneath you, Casita鈥檚 tiles cracked as Mirabel lowered her gaze.
鈥淚 will.. never be good enough for you, will I?鈥 Mirabel鈥檚 voice felt unsteady and you could see your Tia and Tio Julieta and Agustin behind your abuela, worry written in their features. 鈥淣o matter how hard I try..鈥 Her gaze trailed to her sisters and you.
鈥淣o matter how any of us tries. Luisa will never be strong enough, Isabela won鈥檛 be perfect enough, (Name) won鈥檛 be like Camilo, Bruno left our family because you only saw the worst in him!鈥 Mirabel exclaims. You winced at her words, looking down at your feet. You won鈥檛 ever be like Camilo. You won鈥檛 please enough people, you won鈥檛 make others happy just like your hermano did. You refused to look at your parents eyes鈥, clearly showing that they didn鈥檛 know how hard you struggled to please everyone by limiting who you were.
You especially couldn鈥檛 look at Camilo who, thankfully, wasn鈥檛 in sight.
鈥淏runo didn鈥檛 care about this family!鈥 The skies darkened and more cracks started to appear underneath your feet.
鈥淗e loves this family, I love this family, we all love this family, you鈥檙e the one that doesn鈥檛 care. You鈥檙e the one breaking our home..!鈥 Mirabel continued, frustration written in her features.
鈥淒on鈥檛 you ever..!鈥 Your abuela had taken a step forward, her face contorting in anger. But Mirabel had stood her ground.
鈥淭he miracle is dying because of you!鈥 Your abuela鈥檚 eyes widened and she had looked taken aback, the angry expression fading from her worn and old face.
And for a millisecond everything was silent until the ground split between the two of them. Your mami had gasped, hands raised as her eyes were focused on the candle. Mirabel and Abuela had looked towards where the candle was perched, gasping.
鈥淭he candle!鈥
As the cracks worsened, it knocked the candle out of balance. Everyone braced themselves as the ground shook once more. Mirabel was the first to move, running towards the candle.
鈥淐asita, get me up there!鈥 Casita had broken one of the railings, turning it into a ladder she could climb up on. You caught a glimpse of Camilo鈥檚 figure who had looked at you briefly, lips pursed and an unreadable expression on his face. You watch him shift into different people, ducking and running to not save the candle but Mirabel.
Your cousin Isabela had grabbed a vine, swinging and attempting to help but as she did so, you caught sight of her door, flickering before slowly going out of light. Her powers went away too as she suddenly fell, and with the help of Casita had managed to get down safely.
Your brother Camilo was close, jumping to reach the roof in Jose鈥檚 form before he had turned back to himself again and you would have helped if it weren鈥檛 for Casita beating you to it. You quickly turned to Mirabel, turning into a cheetah and attempting to save her. Damn the miracle. Your cousin had helped you be more of yourself, and realize you didn鈥檛 have to worry about making people happy as long as you were happy. Your happiness came first and it took your prima to realize that.
You jumped and quickly maneuvered the debris that stood in your way, paws tapping against the cracked tiles that was pristine before. Seeing Antonio being carried away by your father, you had swiftly pushed and guided them to the way as more debris fell. You could see Mirabel reach the rooftop, and you struggled to climb up with her, running along the ladder Casita had placed down with all your might.
鈥淢irabel!鈥 You could hear your Tia Julieta call out for your cousin, watching as the tiles created waves to push her back to the rest of the family.
鈥(Name)!鈥 Your own mother鈥檚 voice had exclaimed, trying to reach out for you as well. 鈥(Name)! Mirabel, leave it!鈥
As she struggled to reach the window, you had helped her out, letting her climb on your back, pushing her against the wall so she could have something to hold on as Casita鈥檚 roof tiles pushed her up even more. For some reason your door was still okay, still glowing despite the flickers. You can only hope you would have enough time to get the two of you out of there.
Your eyes widened as the largest tower of your home had slowly descended and you watched Mirabel as Casita caught her, creating a slide on the way down. You let out a frightened yowl as you were separated from her, your door finally flickering and going out as you shifted back to yourself, a large crash echoing as Casita came crashing down on the two of you.
Your family had quickly rushed in as the worst of the disaster had passed, dust and smoke wafting about.
鈥淢irabel!鈥 Julieta鈥檚 cries filled the air with Pepa鈥檚 calling of your own. 鈥(Name)!鈥
Your Abuela was settled down by Dolores, making sure the older woman was alright before she had joined the search for you. And she had sobbed, her gift being no more. Despite the times she wished her miracle was different or she hadn鈥檛 gotten a miracle at all, she wished her hearing had returned now so she could find you. She would take it all back, have her miracle enhanced to its maximum and she wouldn鈥檛 mind. If it meant hearing you again.
Camilo Madrigal had never been scared. He was supposed to be all smiles, so he could entertain, so he could make everyone happy. But as he saw you chase after Mirabel, dread pooled in his stomach.
His throat was sore as he called out your name along with your mami. No, no, he could lose his powers but not you. He didn鈥檛 even have the chance to say sorry yet. He didn鈥檛 know. If he had known what you had felt, what you had thought of yourself, he would鈥檝e reassured you. He didn鈥檛 want another him, he only wanted one of you.
He was the first in the pile of debris, looking around for any sign of you.
鈥(Name), please, where are you!?鈥 Dios, Dios, if he can hear Camilo鈥檚 prayers, please let him find you safe. 鈥(Name), hija, where are you?!鈥 Your mother and father had sobbed in worry.
You and Him. Him and You. Two by two, remember?
And Camilo had sobbed, desperation evident in his painful cries. The gravity of the situation weighing down on him. What if he never finds you? What if he was a twin no more? He鈥檇 give everything up just to know that you鈥檙e okay.
He was slowly losing all hope. There was no sign of you.
Memories of growing up with you had suddenly entered his mind and made him sob harder. The day of your fifth birthdays鈥 he had told you that he would use his powers just not to help the people of Encanto but to protect you, his baby sister. He promised to make you smile no matter what and protect that smile too. He promised that you would never be apart.
Once you had gotten lost whilst running wild in Encanto's forests in your many animal forms, exploring and not heeding any warnings or calls from your parents. As soon as Dolores had informed the rest of the family of your disappearance, he was already grabbing his ruana and a lamp. It didn't take long for him to find you, huddled inside a hollow tree, whimpering and calling out for him.
You were inconsolable, having been under the impression that you had been forgotten and abandoned. Camilo only shook his head and carried you on his back where you hugged his neck tight.
"No matter where you are, hermana, even if you were on the opposite side of the world, I'll always come and find you."
He had made you laugh, and had tried his hardest not to make you cry. He would tease you but you鈥檇 know he didn鈥檛 mean a word. He would give you seconds and when the two of you were caught, he would take the blame.
And he squeezed his eyes shut, tears continuing to roll down his freckles cheeks.
鈥淗ermana, please..鈥 He collapsed on his knees, hands trembling and all cut up as he had tried to dig through numerous piles of broken down walls and furniture. Antonio had curled up behind him, not wanting to believe that you were gone. Pepa and Felix had joined, pulling each other into a tight hug as Dolores stifled a sob.
鈥淐ami..鈥 A quiet voice had come out of nowhere and he swore he had never gotten up that fast. 鈥(Name)?鈥 He calls out. Was his mind deceiving him?
"Camilo," There it was again. Calling out to him and he whipped his head from side to side, looking for the source of the voice.
"(Name)! I hear you!" Dios, Dios, was it you? Were you okay? He begged to whomever was listening that it was you who he heard.
鈥淐ami.. Mam铆, Pap铆, To帽ito..鈥 Another call of his name and the rest of your families鈥 and he knew he wasn鈥檛 hallucinating anymore. 鈥(Name)! Where are you, hermana!?鈥 He was up on his feet, your own family following after him as hope swelled in their hearts.
A pile of furniture was situated deeper in the ruins of Casita and there you were, huddled up under the protection of the large dining room table as well as the large doors of your home. You coughed again, dust in your lungs as you breathed in.
Camilo was the first one to hold you, pulling you close and hugging you tightly as he sobbed against your hair. 鈥淗ermana,鈥 You couldn鈥檛 look him in the eyes after what Mirabel had said but you allowed him to hold you. The next thing you knew you were both engulfed into a warm hug by your parents and Dolores who had sobbed as well, Antonio wiggling in between you and Camilo鈥檚 hug.
鈥淚 was afraid we lost you, (Name).鈥 Pepa鈥檚 voice trembled as she gently cupped your dust covered cheek in her hands, wiping them away as tears rolled down her cheeks. She held you close, squeezing as if making sure that she wasn't dreaming. She gently held you in arm's length, looking over to make sure that you were okay.
"Mami, I.."
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you tell us?鈥 Felix had gently held your shoulder and you looked down at the question as you felt Camilo鈥檚 gaze on you.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 want.. I just wanted to make everyone happy like Camilo,鈥 You admit. 鈥淏ut it鈥檚 hard with a miracle like mine.. or what once was mine. I thought if I just kept quiet, I鈥檒l slowly love who I am and what I'm meant to be. I thought I鈥檇 be satisfied with just being.. I just wanted to make you happy.鈥 You trailed off as you hiccupped.
鈥淟o siento, mam铆, pap铆..鈥 Pepa and Felix looked at one another before shaking their heads. 鈥淎y, mija.. whatever makes you happy, makes us happy. Your happiness comes first and foremost. Whatever you wish to do, we will be right behind you.鈥
Camilo sighed softly as he gently pats your head. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 need to make everyone happy, hermana. I don鈥檛 want you to be like me. I like you the way you are. I like (Name) Madrigal, my twin sister.鈥 He says seriously.
鈥淎nd besides, you think the town could take another me? We might as well be shooed out of Encanto.鈥
You stifled a laugh, your cries ceasing as you smiled and Camilo had mirrored your own. 鈥淪ee?鈥 He ruffles your hair and your would tilt your head curiously, wondering what he had meant.
鈥淚 told you, I鈥檒l always find you."
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch
is my yearning for an older brother figure too transparent in this fic or no? anyways, i think Camilo would be an awesome big brother.
to be included in the taglist, please reply to this !!
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xieula 28 days ago
Bruno and Camilo's reaction after making you cry.
Part Two !
Tumblr media
Chosen Pronouns: Y/N = She/Her | Bruno = He/Him | Camilo = He/They
Summary: You have an arguement with them and ended up making you cry due to the exhaustion eating them up.
Warning: Screaming, Mentions of trauma, spoilers, extreme angst & arguements
Tumblr media
you always hated arguements due to the fact that your parents used to have arguements frequently when you were only seven.
But it just had to happen again, but this time with your boyfriend, huh?
You were at the bakery, just helping out your family.
You liked making donuts there while in the bakery though.
But, Bruno?
He's struggling with a lot of things.
First, someone requested Bruno to see their future, Bruno warned them for what was going to happen next. Either a bad luck or worse.
The person of course, as usual,said that they're not going to get mad at Bruno just to see a stupid vision of their own future.
But alas, they did get mad. They said how they never should've requested a vision in the first place and tried attacking Bruno. Luckily, Bruno had the confidence to push them out.
Bruno has had the worst day. Now, he has to deal with the gossips, he just wants to buy something for his fellow rats. But, people would stay away from him.. especially after that *ahem* goldfish incident.
Bruno was absolutely overwhelmed. He just wanted to be in your.. arms.
He wanted you to comfort him.
To make him feel special.
But he had no time for that right now.
He strolled around Encanto and spotted you, just finished helping around the family at the bakery.
He wanted to just run up to you and hug you tight, like really tight.
But he also still had to help around his family too, (because this was after Abuela and the Madrigal family welcomed him back to the family.)
While he was in the middle of his work, it has been 5 hours now. You want to hug him already! You haven't seen him since morning..
As you caught him just trying to sweep some dust out, you ran up to him and hugged him like it was the last time you'd ever hug someone.
"Bruno!! I missed you dearly."
"Y/N, not now..." Bruno said, with his annoyed tone.
"Wha- Uhh, excuse me? I haven't seen you since morning! What do you mean not now?!" You replied in an instant.
"Y/N, not. now."
"*sigh* whatever bruno. i'll see you after another five hours, I guess." You lowered your head down, if you had the power to control the weather- then some little raining clouds will appear up above your head, and create a thunder storm, that's how sad you are.
After 5 hours, you just took a little nap. There was nothing to do anyway.
When you've realized 5 hours have passed by, your mood brightened up in hopes that Bruno may be done with his chores now.
You ran your way towards there, only to see him with another.. woman.
"eh?" You whispered to yourself.
"Bruno? Is that Bruno?" You thought to yourself.
Seeing him with another girl doesn't make you jealous at all. You know Bruno loves you and you love Bruno.
But thing is, that woman was absolutely stunning. Big chest, her hair styled, dress fancy.. like she came from a modern place.
While you..? You're just.. another ordinary human. White top, some accessories on, and a skirt. That's it, just like any other people.
And you wouldn't be jealous at all.. if he wasn't blushing right now.
Why is there some sort of red in his face? You've never made him blush like that before..
You waited in his home, your feet constantly tapping the floor. In fear that he may have been.. cheating on you.
Bruno opened his door to see you.
"It's you, mi vida." Bruno spoke.
"Yeah, aha. It's me." You replied in a quite cold tone.
"What's with the cold expression?" Bruno stammered.
"Oh nothing.. just that i saw you with another woman and you were blushing.. what was wrong, mi amor? Why were you blushing?" You got to the point right away, also trying to prevent an arguement just by asking a simple question is all.
"You.. saw that? Hey! Were you stalking us..?"
"Of course not. I told you I'd come back to you in five hours, remember..?"
You didn't know what was going through Bruno's mind, but all you know is that you suspect him of cheating.
"Have you been.. cheating, on me Bruno?"
That was when Bruno snapped.
"C- Cheat? Do you seriously think I would cheat? Do you really think I'm THAT type of person?!"
"N- No, Bruno, I didnt mean it that wa-"
Bruno's hand smacked the door to keep it tightly shut.
"If you really think I would cheat, then what type of girlfriend are you?"
"If you really think of me that way.. maybe I should cheat on yo-"
Bruno's voice went quiet.
Only to see your eyes tearing up.
What has he done now?
"W- Why would you? Did you seriously just say that you should just maybe cheat on me?"
"I- I.. y/n, I didnt think before I say, I swear-"
You pushed Bruno out of the way and opened the door.
Bruno watched as you just.. left him like that.. so easily.
All because of him.
Tumblr media
This one might hurt a lot- but Camilo never showed a slight interest in you.
Not even a tiny bit.
Now you were wondering what got you guys together if Camilo never liked you.
Out of pity, perhaps?
He'll think guilt will eat him alive if he rejected you?
Because he doesn't want to see your sad face ?
Whatever it is, you don't know the answer to that.
Camilo has only shown interest of the new girl in town.
Brown hair.. butterfly hair clip... green eyes.. modern dress.. and so on.
She had everything you wanted.
Which made you jealous.
It made you seem selfish, i know, but wouldn't you also be jealous if Camilo showed interest in this new girl ?
Who's a pick-me.
She knows Camilo has a s/o, but she didn't even care at all. That's when Camilo started falling in love with her. He fell right onto that girl's trap.
It was a regular day, as usual. Until there has been a new gossip around town.
Such things as, "Camilo may have a little crush on the new girl, what will his s/o think of this?.." and "the new girl in town said that Camilo is her future husband."
Pfft.. future husband? You got to be kidding me.
You approached the new girl and told her how Camilo is YOUR boyfriend and hes taken already.
"Puh-leeze. I wouldn't even give a single damn if he's taken or not, honey. He'll be the happist man alive when we get married." Was all she replied with, shes rich with money.
"Now who are you to say that? And.. Married?! Camilo would never marry a stubborn, selfish, BRAT like you!"
"Uh- SELFISH? Aren't YOU the one interrupting our little happy relationship together?! And excuse me- my name is Veronica, not stubborn, selfish, brat!"
"Well, Ve-ro-ni-ca, you guys don't have a happy little relationship together, while you guys have this so called, "little" relationship I and Camilo own a big relationship, thank you."
"Ugh. Just accept that me and Camilo are happy in our relationship and Camilo is not happy being in yours."
That's when Camilo jumped into the scene,
"Veronica? ..And Y/N? Just as I was supposed to introduce Veronica to you, Y/N! Haha! Guess I was a little bit late to the party, no?"
"Anyway, my sugar plum honey Camilo- Y/N is a mess. We shall stay away from her for a while.. "
"I'll wait for you at my house, honeyyy!~"
"Y/N.. hah, sorry about that.. she's from another country called America."
"I can tell."
"Camilo.. why is she calling you "honey"? "Sugar plum" ?.."
"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that-"
"That you guys are together in a relationship?"
"What? That you never even loved me from the start of our relationship? Hm?"
"Y/N, I love you and you know that."
"You never did!"
"Veronica is way more better than you, anyway. Hmph."
"Camilo, what on earth are you talking about?" You felt your blood rush through your veins.
"Goodbye, Y/N. I'm breaking up with you. Thanks anyway, I really needed to let all those out.. hope we can still be friends , though."
"Never. At this point, don't even look me in the eye."
Tumblr media
Hello yall, and yes, this is original. I went, "what?! Cmon, theres barely even angst here on the Encanto fandom!!"
Should I do another part but with a happy ending? I got a bit mad at Camilo's part, so instead of y/n staying silent as the coward she is, she got the courage to be a #girlboss !!!
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bandshirts-and-books 22 days ago
Y/N: It's pretty cold outside.. wanna hold hands? We should stay close.
Dolores, blushing: Okay.
Camilo, trailing behind them: It's fucking summer.
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hopepunk-fanfics 15 days ago
Has anyone ever considered that maybe Dolores was the nicest and most understanding towards Bruno during the "We don't talk about Bruno" song because she knew he was living in the walls? Like the girl has super hearing, she totally knew Bruno was still around so she didn't want to slander him
Also just imagine if she did talk rudely about him and that night she hears through the walls
Tumblr media
"I heard you were talking shit about me"
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camilosangelita a day ago
could you do dolores w a fem reader? maybe dolores is crushing on us and is planning on asking us out? you can ignore this if you don鈥檛 want to do this request =)
The girl of my dreams
dolores x female! reader,
summary: with the help of her tio bruno, dolores gains the confidence to do something very important.
not proof read.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sure, Dolores was told that the man of her dreams would be just out of reach 鈥 but what about the girl of her dreams?
You and Dolores were best friends, since diapers! You two practically grew up together, making you both completely attached to the hip, swearing to tell each other everything and anything.
..However, there was something Dolores had kept secret from you, and she was sure she couldn't keep it to herself for very long.
That something, was her crush on you.
Now don't get her wrong, she wanted to tell you the moment she realized it herself, but she ultimately decided not to - in fear that if she did, things wouldn't turn out too well.
But, Dolores knew she would have to tell you eventually, considering that she couldn't keep any secret to herself.
So, she decided to pay her Tio Bruno a visit, in hopes she would get the clarity and confidence she needed.
"Dolores are you sure? What if you see something you don't like? It's already happened before, I don't want to hurt you a second time." Bruno crossed his legs, giving his niece a hesitant and worried look.
"[Name] is going to find out sooner or later, I just need to know if we'll still be friends.." Dolores explained, giving her Tio a reassuring nod to let him know she'll be okay, regardless of the vision being good or bad.
Bruno smiled nervously, lighting some sand on fire with a stick, taking a deep breathe before holding his hands out for Dolores to grab. "You might wanna hold on..."
Dolores quickly held on tight, wincing as the sand that was once on the ground circled around them, the harsh noise hurting her ears.
The vision had started to form, and it showed you raising your hand up to Dolores' cheek.
"She's..slapping you?!" Bruno furrowed his eyebrows, going back on what he said. "Wait! She's holding you!"
"Am I being slapped or not?!" Dolores yelled out, horror written all over her features.
"She's holding you!" Bruno exclaimed, excitement filling his eyes when the vision stared to come to a close. "A kiss! It's a kiss!"
Dolores' jaw had dropped, watching the sand turn into a green tile and fall right into Bruno's hands. "Well look at that! You two do get together!"
A smile had taken over Dolores' face, making her squeal and jump up and down, Bruno jumping with her. "What are you waiting for? Go!" He encouraged.
Dolores leaned her head to the right, to try and figure out where you were. "She's outside!" She immediately ran downstairs, thanking Bruno on her way out.
Bruno smiled, letting out a huge sigh. "Kids.."
Tumblr media
aftermath: you accepted her confession, and you two are now girlfriends who like to do picnics on the mountains of the encanto, the end :]
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estcsy 2 days ago
i need more about dolores
things about dolores in my dr 鉂わ笌!
- me and her bake things for dinner when we can!
- one of the chismes she told me while I was there is that I man in town named diego is cheating on his wife with a woman named dani
- her love language is acts of service
- she actually really likes to do hair so if I need help she鈥檚 willing do it!
- she sings anto帽io to sleep :(
- she says some out of pocket things sometimes but she has no business making it hilarious while she鈥檚 at it
- her and isa are like this 馃馃徏
- both isa and her are put in charge when the parents + abuela leaves
- she鈥檚 very smart
- her favorite fruit is a mango
- she smells very fresh
- she also looks really clean
- she sneezes like a cat it鈥檚 adorable
- if she doesn鈥檛 like someone she鈥檒l say something like 鈥測ou鈥檙e too loud, be quiet鈥
- when she gets excited she makes he hands into fits and shakes them around
- she鈥檚 probably the hardest to get to know but once you crack her she鈥檚 WONDERFUL
- when I first shifted (AND I WAS PANICKING) she came straight to my room and asked me if I was okay 馃珎馃挃
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larrythe1st 10 days ago
y/n, walking into their own house: hello, people who do not live here
camilo: hey.
isabela: hi.
dolores: hello.
mirabel: hey!
y/n: I gave you the key to my place for emergencies only!
camilo: we were out of doritos
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patient-steadfast-steady 8 days ago
鈾攢鈹鈹 鈽呭健 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈾
i鈥檓 still waiting on some requests, so i thought i鈥檇 do a little something fun in the meantime :) i always love pairing characters with their love languages, so i thought why not haha
some of these were kind of hard to figure out?? i wanted to give most of them more than one, but i managed to narrow it down lol
i hope you enjoy!! give me ur thoughts :)
the madrigals鈥 love languages
words of affirmation!
she desperately wants to hear that you love her no matter the weather
being constantly told to suppress her emotions leads her to constantly want her lover to be open about theirs (especially towards her)
she鈥檚 tired of hearing the thunder, she wants to curl up in bed and listen to sweet words and soft songs
acts of service, i think
she鈥檚 always helping others, and she feels so very loved when her lover comes to help or does something for her
as much as she loves cooking, i truly think she鈥檇 be starry-eyed over a meal you made just for her so that she wouldn鈥檛 have to :)
helping with chores around casita, helping about the town, even helping with the family. it鈥檇 never go unnoticed, and never without more love swelling in her heart.
honestly, the little rat lad just needs any sort of love, in any shape or form
quality time!!
he鈥檚 spent so much time alone for so long that just a minute of uninterrupted, undivided attention is all it takes
sitting close and sharing something you enjoy, chatting comfortably about everything under the sun
watch silly telenovelas, spend time with the family, laugh over dinner; everything and anything. he just wants to live life with you
this may seem contradictory but i think words of affirmation!!
what can i say, she鈥檚 like her mama
she just wants to listen to something worthwhile, something said specifically for her from the lips of her lover
to drown out the sound of the world to listen to your voice is something she鈥檚 always loved doing
now she can do it while looking into your eyes, while holding your hands <3
physical touch !
idk he strikes me as the type to relish in a soft touch, a long hug, a quick kiss
look, he doesn鈥檛 even need those things, a high-five, a fist bump, a head-pat, he鈥檒l take it all
plus his parents are very touchy-feely (much to his chagrin), but the point is he sees it as the outward expression of love
anyway, it鈥檚 more enjoyable to experience for oneself :)
also physical touch :)
holding hands?? yes
dancing in each other鈥檚 arms?? yes
cuddles into the afternoon?? YES
brush her hair, carry her bridal-style, kiss her face COME ON NOW
please, she just wants to be near you and to feel your heart against hers <3
acts of service !!
helping her means so so much to her; she has a lot on her shoulders and knowing you understand that and want to help is everything to her
even better: do something for her before she can get to it, she likes those kind of surprises :))
and stars, relaxing together after a good day鈥檚 work is always the best reward
gifts !!
we already know she鈥檚 a giver of gifts herself
but to be given a hand-crafted gift you worked hard on?? she would treasure it until she died
baking a goodie for her, finding a shiny trinket and giving it to her, a bouquet of wildflowers?? ALL OF IT
just a sketch, just a small something that reminds you of her is enough. it seriously makes her feel so special :)
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camilosluvr 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Mirabel Madrigal x GN Reader, Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader, Luisa Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff, Scenarios
Synopsis: The Madrigal Grandkids with a S/O that's love language is biting
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
At first, mirabel was a bit confused and just lost?
She doesn't really mind since you don't bite that hard but she does wonder why you do it though so she asked you like any normal person would do
When you said that it was your language, she was a bit surprised but not really bothered by it because it wasn't really an issue with her
Mirabel and you were sitting on her bed as you two drew clothing ideas for mirabel to sew when suddenly you kissed her cheek and that wasn't out of the ordinary but when you bit her cheek, is when she got a bit surprised "What was that?" She asked as she chuckled a tiny bit not looking away from her sketchbook.
You moved away from Mirabel's face and looked at her "I bit you, did you not like it?" You asked as you pouted a tiny bit, there wasn't a problem with her not liking it but you were going to be a bit upset because mirabel didn't like your love language "No, no, just a bit surprised." Mirabel said as she grinned a bit as she turned her head to look at her making her curly hair bounce and sway a bit.
"It was actually nice," Mirabel said as she kissed your cheek making you grin at her, It would take a bit to get used to but mirabel liked your small bites and she actually bites you once in a while.
Isabela Madrigal
Isabela wouldn't mind but it did throw her a bit off guard when you did it for the first time
Isabela would compare you to a venus fly trap because of your biting and other carnivorous plants but don't take that as an insult! She loves carnivorous plants and loves your biting! She thinks it's adorable and she bites you back
When you said that it was your love language, isabela finally understood and that's when she started calling you venus fly trap
Isabela and you were just going around town, doing your chores and stuff when you decided to kiss her cheek which she leaned into but when you softly bit into her cheek, it made her stop walking in shock.
You stopped walking and looked at isabela "Um..you good?" You asked as you looked to your left and to your right then back at isabela as you were a bit nervous as isabela seemed like she didn't like your bites of affection.
Isabela then shook off her shock and looked at you "Yeah, you just surprised me...I kinda liked it." Isabela said as she said the last part a bit less loud than the other parts of her sentence while she winked at you then she leaned to your face and softly bit your cheek making your face heat up and making you flustered.
Isabela laughed at your flustered state "You did it to me, so I did it to you." She said as you two started walking again as you shook your embarrassment off.
Luisa Madrigal
Luisa literally froze when you first did it, She didn't know what to do but she did like it a bit, she did think it was a bit weird though she doesn't mind
She does wonder why you do it though she doesn't ask because she thinks that she'll appear as rude, she'll eventually just ask.
When you tell her that it's your love language and how you show affection, luisa literally loves it and feels honored whenever you bite her
Luisa and you were just relaxing in her room when you suddenly kissed her which she, of course, leaned into as she loves your kisses but then you softly bit her which literally made her freeze with you in her strong muscular arms.
You didn't mind and didn't think anything of it, you actually didn't even know that she froze because she wasn't moving in the first place, the only thing that was moving is her chest because of her breaths but when her arms started tightening around your body is when you started panicking.
Luisa loved hugging so you didn't mind when she did but sometimes her hugs were too tight "Luisa..?" You mumbled as you tried to snap her out of her thoughts, you didn't know what she was thinking about but most likely it was about your little bite "Oh sorry!" Luisa said as she loosened her grip on you and you nodded as you mumbled an "It's fine" while you sweat-dropped.
Luisa removed one of her arms from around her to rub the back of her neck "It's just that your small bite surprised me." Luisa said as she wrapped her arm back around you and you laid your head back on her chest "Hm, did you like it?" You asked as you quirked an eyebrow and luisa nodded "Yeah, it was nice." Luisa said as she kissed your forehead gently making you smile and chuckle a bit.
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores didn't really care nor was she surprised as she heard whenever you talked about whether you should do it or not, she was actually the one that told you that it was okay
Dolores likes it a lot, she thinks it's cute and sometimes even bites you back, and sometimes she just snuggles into bite
As I said before, she already knows that it's your love language so you don't even need to tell her that it's how you show affection but either way, she likes your bites and thinks they're cute
Dolores and you were currently watching antonio as everyone else was out doing chores and antonio needed to be watched, Antonio was a mature five-year-old and could be by himself for a few minutes but he couldn't cook and he was a five-year-old, and toddlers can't really be by themselves all day while every adult or teen is out doing something else.
You were leaning on Dolores's shoulder as she watched antonio play around with his jaguar and toucan, you then kissed her cheek making her smile and you could feel her face muscles flexing against your lips, you then bit her cheek making her giggle a bit "That tickles!" She said as you pulled away from her cheek.
You smiled softly at her "Then, maybe I should bite you more." You said whilst you chuckled a bit, antonio wasn't even around anymore, he just went further into his room to give you two your time.
Camilo Madrigal
Camilo actually loved it when you did it for the first time, He bit you back but much harder and it left a bite mark but he apologized immediately after and wouldn't stop apologizing for like two days
Camilo calls you morder which means 'bite' in Spanish or sometimes he just calls you 'biter' because of it though when he was little, he used to bite a lot of people and his mom and isabela used to call him morder too
When you explained that it was your love language and how you show affection, camilo started biting you too! He did do it softer than the first time though
Camilo and you were just in his room chilling, you were in front of him with his body lying in between your legs, he was laying on his stomach with his head on your tummy while you brushed his thick, shoulder-length curly 4A-ish hair with his green mixed bristle brush.
Camilo then looked up to look at you making you stop brushing his hair and you set the brush down on Camilo's canary-yellow satin sheets that matched the color of one of his 'backup' bonnets though the bonnet wasn't his, it was Dolores's, he stole it and dolores just let him have it because he wouldn't have given it back anyway "You're brushing my hair so rough, just like my Mami." Camilo said as he rested his chin on your stomach.
You chuckled a bit as you rolled your eyes "And, your hair is easier to brush when it's wet." You said as you ran your fingers throughout his now untangled hair and you then kissed Camilo's cheek then you bit it making him grin.
You looked at him weirdly when you pulled away from him, camilo then bit your cheek but much harder leaving a red bite mark indented on your left cheek making you scream out in pain "Ow!" You yelled making camilo pull back and he saw the mark on your face and he jumped up and immediately clutched your face "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bite you that hard!" Camilo whined out as he hugged you and he mumbled out many apologizes "I'm fine, It's fine 'milo.." You said as you sweat-dropped at Camilo's actions and movements.
He was crazy but he was a sweetheart.
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Yandere Camilo Headcanons
Tumblr media
鈥his boy loves to mess around with you. Be it lighthearted pranks or full on teasing, you name it.
鈥t's kind of his way of letting you know he likes you, with him always hovering over you whether you're aware of it or not
鈥is shapeshifting abilities come in real handy in this situation, where he likes to watch you from afar or converse with you whenever he gets the chance
鈥e even stands in front of his mirror, shapeshifting into you and pretending he's talking to you, acting out his fantasies of what it would be like if you were a couple
鈥e also uses it as practice for when he has the courage to ask you on a date
鈥e likes to act smooth and gives you a lot of flowers The only scary thing here is that he knows almost everything about you, some of it from watching you and the others from Dolores
鈥olores knows about this and how unhealthy it's become, but she chose not to butt into his business since it's pretty harmless so far, cute even
鈥amilo isn't that dangerous of a yandere since he's mostly the stalker obsessive typeHis love language is food. And since he loves you, whenever he's got food in his hands, he's always sharing it with you.
鈥ut he does get easily jealous when you talk to others while he's there
鈥e wants 100% of your attention when he's with you and gets irritated when others want to take it away
鈥e really doesn't think you need anybody else in your life if you've got him. With his shifting abilities he can honestly be anyone you need him to be
鈥henever he sees you're upset, he's always trying to cheer you up but telling you jokes and shifting his appearance to entertain you
鈥f you talk with the other person for too long, he just grabs your hand "sorry to cut the conversation short, but [name] and I have a lot of chores to do " and drags you away, leaving you confused
鈥e even occasionally makes you wear his poncho so everyone can acknowledge that, and it gives everyone the impression that you two are already together, which he absolutely doesn't refute
鈥"Mi amore, that outfit really suits you! You should wear it more often!" He then proceeds to hold your hand, giving it a light kiss. See? that's him trying to charm you
鈥ike Camilo, please don't. You'll turn [name] into a blushing mess. But that's what he wants to see :)
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When a character calls you,聽鈥渕i vida鈥,聽鈥渕i cielo鈥,聽鈥渕i cari帽o 鈥,聽鈥渕i amor鈥,聽鈥渕i querida/do鈥,聽鈥渕i coraz贸n鈥 in an Encanto fanfiction or headcanon.聽
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
The Madrigals had been more of a family to you than your own flesh and blood, what happens when your own family wants to take advantage of that? Platonic! Madrigal Family x Gender Neutral! reader
masterlist !! part 2 is here!
requested by @frogbe
Tumblr media
You鈥檝e always struggled fitting in with your own family. If you could even call them that. You were always the odd one out, left behind and forgotten by those that you considered loved ones.
You couldn鈥檛 blame them though. You were a curse, a stain on your family鈥檚 name. All because your father had knocked up the maid while he was married. At your birth, you were quickly abandoned by your mother who had insisted on leaving the village of Encanto, unable to bear the shame of bearing a bastard child as well as the fact that you had reminded her of your father, now dead in the ditch after gambling away his life savings. And so you were left on the doorsteps of your grandfather鈥檚 home.
He had begrudgingly taken you in, though not because he wanted to. Far from it. You were there so his family could look and feel good about themselves. You existed to make them look better.
The citizens of Encanto knew none the wiser. To them, from the outside looking in, your 鈥榝amily鈥 was kind to clothe you, feed you, and treat you like their own.
Your grandfather鈥檚 family never paid enough attention to you, however. Not even when you were starving and wandered the streets of Encanto, rummaging through rubbish and taking what you can get. You鈥檇 often be seen eyeing the different shops鈥 displays or even eating leftovers someone had just recently left. You were left to fend for yourself and somehow, you were okay with that.
Though you would soon find out there was a home somewhere in Encanto for you. They weren鈥檛 of your blood but they had treated you as such. With loving smiles and caring touches, your home was with the Madrigals.
And then you heard from a little grapevine that Julieta Madrigal often had leftover food from all the cooking she did for her healing. Though you weren鈥檛 exactly that well versed with the Madrigals. On the contrary, your grandfather forbade you from interacting with them.
鈥淵ou stay away from the Madrigals, pendejo. You鈥檒l only make a mockery of our name.鈥 They would say in disgust when you would ask them about the amazing Madrigals. Each time you showed curiosity about them, you were always shut down and pushed away. So you stopped the questions.
Though you would often hear Mirabel, or as your grandfather liked to call her, 鈥楴o Miracle Mirabel鈥, sing about her family and you couldn鈥檛 help but stare in awe from far away, scurrying off to continue the errands that no child your age should鈥檝e been doing after she was done. Lifting things half your size and running around town, you were basically the family鈥檚 errand child.
Though as your stomach grumbled, you figured looking for those leftovers in the Madrigal rubbish bins was better than coming home and eating nothing. So off you went, looking around and sneaking onto the hill that Casita was perched upon.
You were a minute into raking through the trash and eating bits of stale candies and pastries here and there before you heard a 鈥榟m鈥. You lifted your head up quickly, banging the back of your head on the lid of the rubbish bin you were scavenging in and then suddenly passing out.
Dolores was only curious. She hadn鈥檛 expected you to be so startled that you had managed to hurt yourself and faint in the process. 鈥淎y, I killed her!鈥 She exclaims as she quickly rushes forward, taking you into her arms. The commotion had woken up the family who had quickly rushed to see Dolores with a child in her arms.
Camilo would gasp dramatically. 鈥淵ou killed them..鈥 He would then be swiftly elbowed by his pap谩 Felix and would get a shake of his head in disapproval. 鈥淲hat? I can鈥檛 say she killed them? What is that? Not alive.鈥
鈥淭hey鈥檙e still alive, tonto!鈥 Dolores had huffed at her brother before Pepa came rushing over with Julieta who had quickly checked you over, taking out some arepas from her pocket. She had emergency arepas, just in case.
You would stirr at the yelling, eyes fluttering open to gaze at Julieta who offered you a gentle smile as you winced, head pounding. She would part your lips before placing the arepa near.
鈥淗ere, you鈥檒l feel better when you eat this.鈥 Sniffing at the arepa, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice that this one didn鈥檛 have the smell of trash or rot in it. You don't need to be told twice as you open your mouth wide. Julieta didn鈥檛 expect you to take it all in one big bite! She was thinking of a small bite! Small! You practically inhaled the arepa in her hands.
It didn鈥檛 take long for you to feel much better though.
鈥淐an I.. Can I have some more..?鈥 That, my dear, was the exact moment all of the Madrigals had decided in their minds that you were family.
All your days after that would be spent more and more in the Madrigal house. They insisted on you coming over after you were done with your chores and errands. Suddenly you understood why the amazing Madrigals got their name. They were amazing.
Abuela Alma would often gently pull you aside and fix your untamed hair when she saw you in the streets, asking some of her grandchildren to help you out when they saw you. You would protest heavily of course but she would shake her head at you.
Julieta and Pepa doted on you. They had taken it upon themselves to share the motherly duties when it came to you. You would almost always be carrying a mochilas filled with empanadas, your favorite. Julieta and Pepa would team up with Mirabel to get you new clothes and they embroidered designs that symbolized all of the Madrigal family in a beautiful pattern on your clothing.
Agustin and Felix? Best dads ever. They were both protective of you, however. When they caught wind that your grandfather was treating you badly again, they had almost knocked down his door. You had to beg them to refrain from doing so.
After all, your grandfather was still family.. right?
You would find yourself whisked away and hanging out with the girls of the Madrigal family. You were a baby. Though you were a few years younger than Mirabel, you were still a baby in their eyes. Isabela would almost always make your favorite flowers, showering you with them when you were having a bad day.
Luisa would often ask you to confide in her. She was technically your big sister now too. And despite your protests of not wanting her to carry your burden, she would shake her head. Leave it all to her, she would say.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 what big sisters are for.鈥 And the two of you would tear up and hug one another, sobbing at how you appreciated each other.
Mirabel would often embroider designs on your clothings, and would even make matching sets but tailored for more of your style and convenience. She even got you those mochilas you used to carry your food around with. She embroidered your initials on every belonging that you had.
Camilo and you were a very unlikely duo. He was a troublemaker, you were not. He was confident and loud, you were not. But somehow, for some reason, you get roped into his shenanigans.
鈥淧sst, (Name), you got any more arepas from Tia Julieta?鈥 Yeah, Camilo Madrigal uses you to get more food. And you don鈥檛 mind, you were given so many everyday anyways.
He would often try to run around and be you for a change since you almost always got into no trouble. Once in your form, he had managed to break a vase and he had expected to be scolded severely but instead, they didn鈥檛 even bat an eye.
鈥淥ur little (Name) can do no wrong, the vase was broken already when it got there.鈥
Antonio had taken a liking to you too, calling you big sister/ brother often and had made sure to keep you safe, sometimes asking his little animal friends to keep an eye out for you. The rats in your grandfather鈥檚 walls happily did that though as you were known for feeding them from time to time.
Tio Bruno was a bit more distant at first. He was sure you would be frightened by him but you had happily asked to watch his rats perform when Mirabel brought the topic up. Soon enough you had your own role in his plays, you would play the little mice that Bruno has casted as the main rat leads鈥 children.
You would ask for a vision once and he was afraid of scaring you off so he had declined at first, only for you to reassure him that he could never scare you off.
But he didn鈥檛 budge. He was still working on not being frightened of doing visions. And you understood that.
Though your grandfather had caught wind of your closeness with the Madrigals. After a long day of doing his errands, he was waiting in front of the door as you opened it, a disgustingly sweet smile on his face.
He treated you better tonight. He had asked you to join him and his family for dinner. Your uncles and aunts are scrutinizing and gazing at you intensely.
鈥淪o, you and the Madrigals..鈥 He says after a moment of silence. 鈥淚t turns out you aren鈥檛 as stupid as you look.鈥 He smiled crookedly. 鈥淕ood.鈥
You expected to be scolded but your eyes had widened as for the first time ever he had praised you. But you should鈥檝e known better than that.
鈥淲e can use that, (Name). You can use that to our advantage.鈥 He murmurs with a smile. 鈥淪tick with them, take advantage of their kindness.. they鈥檙e a very respected family and associating with them is a very fortunate opportunity.鈥
And you stand in your seat, swallowing thickly as all eyes are on you. You trembled but you couldn鈥檛 let your grandfather think that you were doing this for something to gain. You mustered up the courage, stammering.
鈥淣o.鈥 And for a moment again everything was silent.
鈥淣o?鈥 He says in a scarily calm tone and you feel your body stiffen.
鈥淵ou forget yourself. I was kind enough to keep you in, you see. I fed you, clothed you, I made you.鈥 He had roared. 鈥淎nd without me, listen carefully, without me you are nothing!鈥 The harsh words stung and you had to remind yourself to keep breathing.
鈥淲ithout me you won鈥檛 be standing here right now, pendejo.鈥 And even though you didn鈥檛 want to believe him, a small part of you thought so too.
And you clenched your fists. 鈥淚 won鈥檛 do what you ask of me.鈥 You gazed up at your grandfather defiantly. 鈥淚.. The Madrigals are more family to me than you鈥檝e ever been. I don鈥檛 want.. I don鈥檛 want to use them for your own sick gain.鈥
Your grandfather was silent before he sat back in his chair. 鈥淚s that so? Then go live with them. You think they鈥檒l take you in? You鈥檒l see that they鈥檙e just like me, I took you in out of pity. They don鈥檛 love you. They鈥檙e only saving face, plastering fake smiles. I thought you were smarter than that. You鈥檙e a bigger fool than your whore of a mother who left you to die on our doorsteps.鈥
Your lower lip trembled and before you could say another word, you were thrown out by your aunt at your grandfather鈥檚 request. The clothes that Mirabel had worked hard on to embroider now muddy as rain began to fall on your small frame.
"You'll come back, you'll see." Were the last words your grandfather had said to you before slamming the doors on your face.
Hiccuping, you try to gather your thoughts, gazing at the hill where Casita was. What if he was right? What if they did it just out of pity? What if they were just using you again?
Your feet carried you to Casita鈥檚 front lawn and before you could say a word, just like all those months before, Dolores found you. You ran into her arms, sobbing as you held on tight. The rest of the family had come out to hug you as well, whispering sweet nothings.
She heard and she couldn鈥檛 help but tell the family. Pepa had both been heartbroken and angry that someone could say such cruel things to a child. The rain that had messed up your clothes? She鈥檇 apologize later.
Julieta was rolling up her sleeves, rolling pin in hand as Agustin tried to reason with his wife.
鈥淛ulieta, mi amor, we can鈥檛. Me and Felix found a few unattended bees鈥 nests in the forest, we can use that instead.鈥 He would nod solemnly as Felix had enthusiastically nodded beside him. 鈥淭hey wouldn鈥檛 even know it was us! In and out job.鈥 He reassures both Julieta and Pepa.
The Madrigal grandkids just held you tight, with Isabela plotting to fill your grandfather鈥檚 garden with sundews and cacti. Luisa planned on just letting the donkeys around town roam his home. Maybe even make it the donkeys鈥 own litter box. Camilo, the menace that he was, was already thinking of ways he can make their life inconvenient. And sweet Antonio had asked the rats to chew their clothes up.
Abuela and Tio Bruno were the last one to approach, gently cupping your cheeks in her frail hands, thumbs gently wiping away the tears that continued to fall from your eyes.
鈥淪hh, nieta/ nieto. You鈥檒l be okay. You鈥檙e okay..鈥 And you purse your lips. 鈥淗ow are you so sure..?鈥 It had felt the world was against you.
Bruno placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, placing an unfamiliar green slab in your hands. And it took you a while to know what it was or what was depicted on it. It was his vision slab and you were on it.
鈥淏ecause you鈥檙e home, (Name).鈥 And you didn鈥檛 know why he said that but as you look down, you had an inkling of an idea.
It was you, smiling so brightly and happily with the Madrigals and Casita behind you. And although no other words were said, you gazed up at the faces of the family that you considered your own.
鈥淲elcome home, (Name).鈥 They said with a smile and you couldn鈥檛 help but smile as well.
鈥淚鈥檓 home.鈥
Tumblr media
Platonic! Madrigal fics makes my heart so happy. I鈥檝e always loved the found family genre. I hope you guys like this one too! Let me know what you think!
My attempt to make reader gender neutral! Sometimes I forget that I sprinkle fem/masc words in so please let me know if I missed one so I can change it!
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