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Tumblr media
Badboy!Taehyun x Afab!reader (no pronouns used)
SUMMARY — your badboy boyfriend is actually a closeted sweetheart, you knew that. but in a moment of insecurity and misunderstanding, which side of him takes over? OR — it’s your six month anniversary and after a few walls are broken down, tae is ready to show you how much of a good boy he can be.
CONTENTS — smut/mdni, hurt to comfort: angst/fluff, rich!taehyun, taehyun basically has anxiety, established relationship, insecurities, crying, subjects of past friendship trauma, communication issues (they have diff communication styles & are still learning abt e/o)
WARNINGS — bratty/newly sub!tae, dom!reader, unprotected sex, orgasm control/denial, light humiliation/degradation, praise, light restraints, cock slapping, nipple play (m. receiving), finger sucking, hand job, begging, ruined orgasm, edging?, crying, color check-ins, hard sex turned sweet at very end, heartbreakingly loving aftercare
A/N — obviously inspired by the song “scary love” by the neighborhood!! X3
© to irockgyu. no translations/reposts etc.
Tumblr media
To Taehyun, it was obvious that he would never undermine your six month anniversary. Actually, he had been counting down the days eagerly (albeit a bit anxiously, for reasons he was too scared to admit or really think about) in his head.
But you didn’t need to know that.
Hell, he just got to the point where he could admit to himself how happy (relieved) he was that you’d stuck around with him for so long. Nobody else stayed long enough to gain the trust or get to see the many layers there was to Kang Taehyun, probably because most just wanted to be ‘friends’ with him for his money.
He learned his lesson to never let anyone in after one too many people finessed their way inside his heart, gained his attachment, only to leave immediately after getting whatever it was they wanted from him.
Except for you.
You weren’t even aware of Taehyun’s financial status until after you began a relationship. He found you intriguing from the start (and cute…maybe. Just a little) and so he hid the fact that he was rather wealthy from you. He wanted to see if you’d spare him a second glance when he had nothing to offer you except…well, himself. Him with all his bottled up sadness and angst that never dissipated as a teen, him with his emotional walls, him with a defensively blank face to mask what he really felt, and him who struggled to understand, admit and communicate his own feelings.
But you didn’t care about all his faults, for reasons he doesn’t think he’d ever understand. You saw parts of himself that he didn’t see, parts that were happy with glimmers of light. Like flowers growing through cracks of cement.
After Taehyun realized he never wanted his life to be vacant of your presence ever again, he finally got the courage to ask you out, and that’s where your journey together began.
Currently, you were sleeping over at his house so you could wake up with him by your side on the morning of your anniversary. Taehyun had already bought an offensively large teddy bear that was stuffed in his hallway closet to surprise you with in the morning. It may seem typical or cheesy, but you had a hard time falling asleep without something to hold. The boy hoped the stuffie would help get rid of the subtle eye bags that were overtaking your lids, the ones he pretended he didn’t see or worry over. He also bought a box of chocolates too. Because that was a basic requirement, wasn’t it?
Taehyun’s anniversary plan (that felt more like a mission after all he thought out and prepared) was:
1. He’d wait for you (admire you) until you woke up, give you your teddy and chocolates, and then cuddle for a little bit (maybe do some not so p-g things also…)
2. Tell you to get dressed, that he was taking you somewhere (you would of course freak out in your way that he found so annoyingly adorable, saying you didn’t bring anything other than a change of jeans and a t-shirt like you always did)
3. (Amidst your panic) he’d bring out your other and last surprise; the designer outfit he’d picked out for you months ago at the mall after seeing it. He just knew you’d look drop dead gorgeous in it.
And finally,
4. He’d take you to the fancy restaurant he made reservations for in advance.
Maybe…maybe he went a little overboard.
He just couldn’t help it. He was too embarrassed to admit he wanted to spoil you and too shy to act on those urges, so your anniversary was a perfect excuse.
Currently, it was around 10 pm. You were both snuggled on Teahyun’s bed, your cheek laid against his chest as you happily breathed in his warm scent.
Most of the lights, aside from his bedside table lamp, were off as the movie’s previews illuminated the large flat screen tv. Taehyun paid no attention to the ads as he browsed through his phone while you wouldn’t stop gushing about all the things you could do for your anniversary tomorrow. Taehyun only hummed in response, maintaining a neutral face to not let on the extensive plans he secretly had for tomorrow.
Plus…he was growing very shy at the thought of all the romantic gestures he would be making, it would be the biggest and most direct act of love he’s ever done for you. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous, or that it didn’t feel like the butterflies in his stomach were playing jump rope with his intestines.
Unbeknownst to your boyfriend’s own anxiety, you started to get a little discouraged by his aloof attitude.
Everytime you’d suggest something to do tomorrow, he’d only hum out in response, not even looking at you when you’d speak. And everytime he’d more or less reject an idea, your stomach sank a little more.
You were beginning to feel stupid. Were you blowing this out of proportion, making this a bigger deal than it really is?
Usually you weren’t one to celebrate measly anniversaries. But six months wasn’t measly to you, especially considering Taehyun’s past relationships (or rather, lack of). You thought this was something worth celebrating over, and you had been hoping he thought the same, but...
Taehyun cared for you, you knew he did. It was clear in the way he always checked in on you throughout the day, or the way he’d stick by your side protectively whenever you were out in public, or the way he’d always help you, or go find something you need. He always was trying to play it off as a coincidence, but you knew he kept a jacket for you in his car when you got cold after stubbornly claiming you wouldn’t. You saw his search history when he researched how to fix your leaking dishwasher that you couldn’t afford to repair and refused to accept his money to simply ‘buy a new one’, as he suggested. He’d claimed he already was knowledgeable in plumbing, but let’s be honest, rich boys have no reason to know such things, making his ‘casual’ act painfully obvious of the opposite.
When you would point out his non-direct acts of affection or teased him, his eyes would widen the minuteness bit, and he’d look away, sometimes claiming some weak denial.
You knew he cared for you, but…
sometimes you did worry.
The thing was, Taehyun was always so non-verbal with his emotions. Words of affirmation are really important! And as much as you tried to reason with yourself, you were a bit insecure, maybe even unsure of how deep his feelings for you actually went. Because you…you cared about him a lot, like, a lot. So, though you were certain he liked you, you often wondered if the weight of your feelings outweighed his.
You’d been pushing your worries down for so long, and in that moment as Taehyun stared at his phone screen, brushing off something you found to be important, you lost your grip as a hesitant question slipped past your lips.
“Do you even...do you even want to do anything for our anniversary?”
Tae shrugged his shoulders, eyes flickering over to the tv screen as the movie's introduction finally began. “I don’t care what we do, I guess.”
Hands coming together to fiddle with each other nervously, your gaze went to your lap, voice almost at a whisper as you thought out loud. “I-I just thought, y'know- six months is a significant milestone and I...I don’t know…wanted to do something for it.”
Your boyfriend let out a sigh before he spoke in a tone you found to be exasperated, causing your stomach to plummet.
“Yeah. That’s fine.”
A heavy silence was between you for a few minutes, Taehyun’s attention fully on the movie that played, like he didn’t have a care in the world. You on the other hand only grew more hurt by the second, lifting your head away from his chest to lean against the headboard of the bed instead. You felt something inside your heart crumble after Taehyun’s last sentence, like all your fears were about to be confirmed. Unable to even concentrate on the movie for a full minute, you found yourself speaking again, voice a lot more steady this time. But it was only thanks to the adrenaline beginning to pump through your veins.
“Sorry. Do you think that sounds too tiring?”
“A little.”
And there it was.
The very thing you were trying to convince yourself wasn’t there, now right in front of you in manifest. Tears threatened to sting your eyes, but you blinked them back. You couldn’t cry, not yet.
“What part sounds too tiring.”
“What sounds too tiring, the thought of going out with me tomorrow or the fact that we’ve been dating for six months?”
The only visible reaction he gave you was an unpatterned blink, mouth opening the tiniest bit before speaking in an infuriatingly neutral tone. “Just- calm down, Y/n.”
You hastily untangled yourself from the covers and got out of bed, tears already spilling out of your eyes when you blinked, blurring your vision. Taehyun had seen you cry before, but never because of himself, and you refused to let him see you break down over his own words. You already felt humiliated enough. Walking over to grip the doorknob weakly, although your body felt like it was surging with angry energy and hurt, you managed to tremble out, “My mistake.” before leaving Taehyun alone in his room.
You had been laying on the couch in Taehyun’s living room for maybe a couple of hours, tears finally having stopped, but your eyes still burned as an annoying reminder.
Taehyun had picked you up to take you to his house and in your previous haste to exit his room, you left your phone on his bed. There was no way in hell you were taking the walk of shame back into his room in all your red, puffy eyed glory to retrieve your phone.
Besides, there was no point.
Judging by the large, contemporary and very hard to read clock that hung on the big white walls of his living room, it was around twelve am. Hueningkai, (your best friend) who went to bed at an actually decent time of night like a maniac, was fast asleep by now and you had no other friends you felt close enough to call for a ride in such an embarrassing situation.
What even was the situation? You just found out that your boyfriend of six months doesn't even like you that much?
Was he even still your boyfriend?
Oh, God, did you just break up?
The sound of Taehyun’s door opening from down the hallway snapped you out of your own head, heart starting to beat faster against your chest. You thought it was your nerves making it feel like it was taking him centuries to make it down the hall and into the living room until you saw the giant teddy bear he was awkwardly wrestling with as he eventually stumbled over to you, sitting the stuffed animal beside you.
After a moment's pause, he made sheepish eye contact with you, eyes widening with shock and obvious guilt as he registered that you most definitely had been crying.
“O-one more thing.” He said before pattering off into the hallway. Emerging seconds later with a heart shaped box of presumably chocolates, his nervous grip was a little harsh on the present as he sat on the coffee table in front of you, your knees barely brushing against each other’s.
“I…I’m sorry.” Voice below a whisper, he explained, “Earlier, I didn’t mean for it to sound like I’m tired of you or that I don’t care. I do care, a lot, and I’m the farthest from tired of you. I could never be. I just didn’t want to spoil the surprise.”
He looked up from his own feet to look at you, silently hoping you would say at least something, but when all you did was stare, he grew more frantic, losing his rationale.
“I-I’m sorry it came out like that, I was panicking and didn’t explain myself well, I…”
Something shifted in his eyes, in his mind, and it happened all too quickly before you could stop it. “This-this isn’t all of it! I have a- a lot more planned, a lot more to give you, I promise, j-just,”
Everything seemed to blur around you as your eyes focused on Taehyun’s face that suddenly crumbled before you, tears that weren’t present just moments ago now racing down his cheeks as he dropped his face into his hands. Clambering forward to cradle him in your arms, his erratic breaths were now right against your ear as he fell apart.
“-just please, don’t leave! I need you here!”
“Baby, baby, it’s okay. Everything’s okay. I am not leaving you.” Your own hands trembled as one raised to his hair, gently caressing over his locks in a way that normally soothed him.
You decided it best not speak, his mind too jumbled to process any words right now as you simply comforted him physically. It was ten minutes before his breathing returned to near normal and his body stopped shaking, minus an occasional twitch as his hands fisted the material of your shirt tightly. Cupping his dampened cheek, you raised him from your chest just enough so you could look in his eyes.
“Feeling a little better now, baby?”
“Y-yeah, m’sorry.” He slurred, when normally his speech was clear and never stuttered. “I know you’re not like that, not like them. I guess my mind went somewhere else for a second.”
“It’s okay.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Stop apologizing, Tyun.”
“No,” he insisted, fully sitting up.
Taehyun momentarily interrupted himself when he realized you’d been kneeling on the floor this entire time, standing you up from the coffee table and moving you both to the couch. “I’m sorry for not explaining myself better, I’m really trying to improve on that. I…I care about you so much, Y/n, and I hate that I’ve made you feel the opposite.”
“Oh, Taehyunie,” you breathed, leaning forward so he could return back to your embrace again. “It was a misunderstanding, I’m at fault too. I acted on a moment of insecurity and I shouldn’t have, I’m sorry. I know you care about me, you show me that everyday.”
But I want to tell you, he wanted to say. He wanted to scream the depths of his feelings from the top of his lungs. But there was still that small weight of fear in his stomach, tying the words down.
He gave you a soft smile, a little tired from his previous state, but a smile nonetheless, one that you returned as you both leaned in to grant the other a kiss simultaneously.
“Happy anniversary.” He whispered breathlessly after you pulled away.
“Tyun, it’s not our anniversary until tomorrow.” You laughed incredulously, your arms around his neck while his were gently pressed to your waist. The usual sparkle in his eyes returned as his grin widened a little more, and you doubted your heart had ever felt such relief.
“It’s almost one in the morning, Y/n. It is tomorrow.”
“Oh my gosh! We better go to sleep if we want to have enough energy for tomorrow.” Standing up, you wrapped your arms around your new, giant stuffie in a hug, ready to drag it and your boyfriend to bed.
“I never would have guessed you’d buy me something like this. Did you order it?”
“No, I bought it at the mall.”
You could sense his inward cringe as your smile grew at the thought of your boyfriend, who tried to keep a tough public image with intimidating eyes and clothing, lugging a gigantic teddy bear throughout the mall and to the parking lot, probably having a struggle to stuff it into his car as well.
His nose scrunched at you and you realized you were laughing, shaking your head to try and gain some control of yourself. You’d have plenty of time to tease him about it in the morning.
“Let’s go to bed.” You said with a light giggle, pecking a kiss against his forehead.
“No, I don’t want to go to sleep. I want you to be with me.” He stated while grabbing a hold of your arm before you could pull away from him.
“I will be with you, silly.”
“I know, but- I want…you.”
You couldn’t hide how the way he worded his sentence threw you off guard. If he was asking what you thought he was asking, he normally was a lot more smug than the shy boy you were staring at right then.
“You want me? What exactly does that mean, Taehyunie?”
A pause of hesitation, and then, “I want to…Oh, God. Am I seriously about to say this,” His eyes diverted to the side, and you didn’t tease him when he took a few moments to gather himself, a small, nervous smile playing on his lips that he’d bite at occasionally or press into a thin line.
“…I want to be good for you.”
“You want to be good for me?” You parroted with an underlyingly teasing tone, your eyebrow arching slightly. He responded with the meekest of nods, his form somewhat hunched from his timidity, and it was then as he gazed up at you with his sparkling brown eyes that you realized you’ve never seen him look at you like that before.
He was showing you another side of himself. He was showing you his vulnerability.
The sweetness he still managed to obtain while asking you for something so dirty made you lose it, teddy bear temporarily forgotten as you let it fall to the floor while you ordered him to scoot over to the chaise section of the couch. You straddled his lap, loving the position as it gave you a little more height over Taehyun who was slouched against the cushions, chest rising and falling faster in anticipation of what you’d do next.
To his dismay, you only leaned in to kiss him, making him frustrated. Now don’t get him wrong, he loved your kisses. But normally, Taehyun didn’t have to wait, he didn’t have to ask because he was used to taking, used to himself calling the shots in the bedroom. So the fact that he wasn’t getting what he wanted, all while your hips pressed into his own without actually properly touching him, your tongue swiping over his bottom lip, it riled him up faster than you ever could have predicted.
In other words: he was a spoiled brat.
He broke away from your lips with a small wet sound, managing to have enough gall to scoff at you while making direct eye contact. “Touch me.”
“With that attitude?” You judged, unhappy with his demanding tone. His only response was his brows furrowed in a defiant pout. “I thought you said you’d be good for me?”
“Make me.”
The darkly delighted feeling you felt brewing in your stomach must have been apparent in your eyes, because a tantalizing flash of fear appeared in Taehyun’s expression before you forced him out of his seated position and flat on his back. Roughly, you tugged his shirt up until his torso and chest was exposed, Taehyun accidentally letting out a surprised squeak.
His hands clasped over his own mouth, but it was only a few seconds until you pulled them away from his face and pinned them to his sides.
“None of that. No holding back your sounds, and no touching. Me or yourself.”
“And if I do?”
“Then you won’t cum and I can just use you to get myself off.”
God, what was happening to him, because the thought of you just using him like a toy for your own pleasure had his dick pulsing in his pants.
But he did really, really want to cum at that moment, under your complete control.
So he gave in to your commands with a small whine, squirming against the cushions while trying not to blush as he took in the compromising, pathetic position he was in, your figure towering over his body.
“That’s what I thought. Do you remember the color system, baby?”
He nodded, slowly, almost cautious. As if he was in front of a ravenous beast. But instead it was you, and he had a growing feeling that wasn’t any better.
“What is it?” You asked while lowering yourself until his smooth, built chest was in your face, small puffs of breath tickling Taehyun’s skin and causing a shiver to run through his body. On most nights, he’d be asking you this question, but now the tables were turned and you were more than delighted by it.
“Red for stop, yellow for slow down and green for keep going.”
“Good boy.” You rewarded, immediately bringing his nipple into your mouth after finishing the sentence.
Glancing up, you were delighted to find his hands twitching but otherwise remaining where you’d placed them, cutely clenching and unclenching as you sucked and lightly teased his bud with your teeth. You let your fingers wander and grace feather-like touches across his abs, loving how he tensed beneath your hand while his breathing steadily became more labored.
With a slickened noise that had Taehyun squeezing his eyes shut from embarrassment, you released his left nipple in favor of the other while taking the left abused bud that was now wet from your previous ministrations in between your fingers, harshly toying with it. Your boyfriend’s body shuddered and withered as you mercilessly continued until he full-on moaned for the first time that night. Loud.
“Please, touch me! Please-“ His beautiful begging was interrupted by your gentle gasp, you allowing a sinister smirk as you watched the panic and confusion take over his face.
“What? I-“
To his own horror, he looked to his hands that had drifted to tangle in the hair of your scalp amidst his desperation.
“No! I didn’t mean to, I-I said please like a good boy-“
“Oh, but you aren’t acting like a good boy.” You cooed, sitting up again and feeling his very prominent hard-on fitting perfectly against your core.
“I am now…” he argued desperately, but your mind was already made up as you pulled his shirt completely off of him, Taehyun now being so obedient as he raised his arms to help with the task.
“No, a good boy would have done what he’s told and kept his hands to himself.”
“I’m sorry, I’ll keep them still now.”
“You certainly will. Now sit up.”
Surprisingly, he was quick to follow instructions, lips pressed into another thin line as he found his face in sudden close proximity with yours.
“Nothing.” He murmured and diverted his eyes as you gathered his wrists behind his back, taking his shirt and tying it as tightly as you could around him, using the thin material as a replacement to handcuffs. Maybe you could talk him into buying some later.
With his bulging arm muscles that you were more than familiar with, he could easily rip through the knot, no matter how sufficient and tightly you constructed it. But that puts his t-shirt at risk of being torn, and most certainly would get him blue balled. You were confident he’d stay in his confines until you said otherwise.
“What are you doing?”
“Giving you what you want.”
You pushed him, forcing him to fall on his back abruptly as he had nothing to support his weight before sliding your hands into his pants and palming him over his boxers.
“Wow, you’re so wet.” You breathed with genuine amazement, feeling how much his warmth had leaked through the material.
“So m-mean, Y/n.”
Forcing your eyes to rip away from the delightful image of his subtly twitching hips, you blatantly stared at Taehyun’s disheveled appearance. His hair was a gorgeous mess with strands splayed against the couch, lips reddened by his own biting of them and a rosy hue creeping up his neck: a signature tell that he was either embarrassed or aroused. Your guess was both.
“I think it’s safe to say, you like it.” A restrained pat against his cock ended your statement, Taehyun awarding you with another delicious sound.
“Color?” You checked, stilling your hand to massage his balls instead.
“Green. I…I like it. M-more?” His voice turned whiny at the end and your pussy clenched, beginning to ache as you resisted grinding your clit onto the couch for some relief. Though he didn’t say please, he asked so nicely that you couldn’t help but comply with his wishes, pulling down his underwear and pants in one go, all the way down to his ankles and throwing them somewhere on the floor.
Placing yourself in between his legs again (where he thought you looked very beautiful by the way, like a ruler on their throne.) you swiped your thumb over his tip a few times, distracting him with the pleasure before slapping his cock again, a lot firmer than the first time.
“Oh, Y/n, f-fuck!”
You rubbed over his shaft to soothe the pain before hitting him again three more times with no breaks in between, only to start the cycle all over again.
Cries of blissful torment filled the room until Taehyun finally reached his breaking point, warning in a whisper, tone almost watery with humiliation, “I’m- I’m gonna cum.”
You removed your hands off of him immediately, and he growled out in frustration as his high was ruined. To your surprise, he still came, the lingering, hot pain of his cock sending him into an unsatisfying orgasm as he withered and bucked into the air feverishly.
“God. Fuck you!”
A mirthless laugh that was unlike yourself met Taehyun’s ears that were ringing with the rush of blood and adrenaline, opening his eyes to look at you.
“You just came from getting your dick slapped and you still think you have any pride to hang onto? I see you still have the guts to disrespect me.”
As you said this, you stood up to remove your pants and underwear in one quick motion before resuming your position with Taehyun’s hips slotted between your legs. “Well sorry baby, but you’re not gonna get to fuck me until you learn how to beg as pathetically as you are.”
You collected the cum on his stomach with two fingers, spreading it across his angry red cock that was still hard and standing tall. “Even your dick is shameless.”
“G-God, sensitive, Y-Y/n.”
After ensuring he was nice and slick, you brought your fingers down to your own pussy, wincing slightly as you rubbed at your attention deprived clit. Taehyun hummed out another whine as he watched you. “Take off your shirt.”
Only receiving a glare in response, you felt his feet lift with little annoyed kicks behind you. “Can’t see your pussy ‘cuz of that fucking shirt. Take it off.”
“Stop talking.” Leaning forward, you thrusted your two fingers into Taehyun’s mouth, ordering him to suck.
He did so gladly, but you knew it was only because of your essence sticking to your digits, allowing him a brief moment to lap up your juices before pulling them out.
After rubbing his saliva between your folds, you pressed yourself against his cock, beginning to grind yourself up and down without actually taking him inside. Taehyun was not happy about this in the least as he maneuvered his hips, trying to somehow slip inside of you, but he was stopped by your hands pinning down his hips. He was purposely quiet, the only sound coming from him being his deep, rushed breaths.
Yes, as he suspected, it was hot as hell to have you using him to get yourself off, but the need to see your pussy splitting open from his cock, to hold your body in his arms and relieve himself of the (by this time) painful need to orgasm: it gave him tunnel vision. It was all he could think about as he felt your warm, inviting heat making wet sounds while gliding across his dick.
He worried his brain may actually turn to goo, so while he could still (hardly) formulate sentences, he spoke,
or rather, he begged.
“I’m sorry I was a brat, I’m-I’m sorry. But can you please fuck me now Y/n? I don’t think I can s-stand it anymore, need to feel you around me.”
His voice wavered the entire time. He’d finally broken down, and you were dying to have something inside of you, so you did.
Starting out slow wasn’t something you needed, your pussy was aching to cum, lifting and slamming your hips down onto Taehyun’s over and over. Your boyfriend was consistently crying out now, almost choking on his own voice at the sudden speed you took. He opened his eyes that he didn’t realize were squeezed shut before to watch you bounce on top of him.
You stopped all movements when you heard his voice, snapping your head up and confirming what you feared.
Sometime while you were ruthlessly fucking yourself on his cock, he’d started crying. That was evident, judging by the tear tracks that were on his face, more following their path.
“Oh my God, baby, what happened?”
“I’m- I’m fine, just-“
“Green! Definitely green, just…need to hold you.”
Still startled and now a little confused, your movements were slow as you untied the shirt from around his wrists, which you were honestly shocked he didn’t just rip out of, seeing as he wanted to be freed so desperately.
The second his cloth shackles were off he pulled your body against him, hesitantly fidgeting with the bottom of your shirt and looking at you with those heartbreakingly deep, brown eyes that were now even more sparkly as they failed to hold in his tears. At this, you ripped off your shirt, wrapping your arms around his neck while his hands instinctively wandered across the expanse of your bare back.
“Can…can I please move too?”
Your heart was beating too fast, deeming you breathless as you nodded your head minutely.
Both of you began to rock against each other, but the pace was completely different. In fact, it felt completely different than any sex you’d had before.
Taehyun’s thrusts were gentle, slow. But at the same time powerful and deep. You moved as one, to the point where you questioned whether you knew where your bodies separated, where your skin stopped and his began. But wasn’t it all the same?
Wasn’t he yours, and you his?
With the way you fit together, you must, because nothing you’d ever experienced felt like this, like you’d reached the unattainable.
Tears of your own started to well up in your eyes.
You didn’t realize how close you were until Taehyun detached from your neck, where he’d been planting kisses and marks, to plead against your ear, “Please, cum for me, baby. Please.”
With his trembling fingers swirling circles against your clit, your high engulfed you, and it was the most euphoric and dizzying experience you’d ever had. Your vision was spotting with black, but Taehyun’s cock twitching inside of you and a small grunt of restraint had you pulling together all of the strength you had left to pull off of him and stroke him. It only took a couple times until he spilled all over your hand.
His fingers traced different patterns onto your hip as you both caught your breath in the comfort of each other’s embrace. After a few minutes of silence, in which you still felt that strangely wonderful ‘connected’ feeling, even when he wasn’t inside of you anymore, you sat up just enough to look into his orbs. The corners of his eyes were still damp, but he’d stopped crying, a serene smile that you’d never seen before on his face, and he was directing it at you as he raised a hand to tenderly rub the nape of your neck.
“Let’s get you cleaned up.”
Something between a whine and a grumble came from your throat, nestling further into his chest.
“Don’t want to. Tired.”
He chuckled, the deep sound something akin to thunder as your ear was pressed against his heartbeat. “We at least need to make it to the bed. Come on.”
Like you were weightless, he carried you bridal style into the bedroom, placing you as softly as possible on the mattress before whispering that he’d be back to clean you up and exiting into the bathroom. Despite your exhaustion, you find yourself wanting to cry again at how sweet your boyfriend was, guilt washing over you that your own insecurities had made you doubt him.
Kang Taehyun was not cold and he was not uncaring. He was worth so much more than his money, and that was something his past friends had failed to see. It almost made you pity them. Because they had a chance to get to know this bruised yet beautiful soul, and they gave it away.
Kang Taehyun was never bad.
He was broken,
and wasn’t being broken proof of trying?
The last few things you remember came in fragments; a distant faucet running, a warm cloth against your skin, and a tender kiss pressed to your cheek before sleep encompassed you.
If only you’d stayed awake for just a moment longer, you’d have heard the sincere confession of Taehyun’s “I love you.”, and his sweet embrace that followed after.
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omg the tentacle fucking zhongli one 😳 imagine tentacles binding his arms together and other tentacles wrapped around his legs, spreading them wide apart so that you can have a good view. Having two thick tentacles fucking the deepest parts of him at sickening speeds while a smaller third tentacle rubbing against his prostate ruthlessly. Twos tentacles are jerking him off, one on his shaft and the other on his top, and the lube making it easier for them to move quickly. another tentacle is fondling with his sensitive balls and occasionally squeezing them. two other tentacles are toying with his nipples; flicking, pulling, sucking, and rubbing them so quickly that he could just cum from that alone. His moans would be so loud and lewd. The tentacles are continuously pulling out the lewdest sounds from his lips. His eyes are rolled to back of his head as he is being stimulated everywhere at such sickening speeds. And then having one thick tentacle fucking the back of his throat relentlessly, making him gag and moan, but that still isn’t enough to quiet down his loud moans. Making him cum over and over again till he doesn’t even know his own name. He can’t even protest because of the tentacle fucking his throat. Tears springing out of his eyes as his vision goes blurry from the pleasure. His voice straining even further as each moan escapes his sore and puffy lips. He’ll probably eventually pass out after the nth orgasm, but the tentacles won’t be stopping until you’re satisfied. And who knows when you’ll be satisfied, maybe till morning?
and if the tentacles can shoot cum up his ass? you know zhongli’s getting stuffed so much, it drips down his thighs and starts forming a puddle on the ground.
tentacle sex has me going feral LMAO also this was not proofread cause I have an assignment due tomorrow and I’m trying to finish it up 🥲
fucking his throat with tentacles 🤤🤤🤤 I wanna hear all the pretty gags and sobs he can make... when you're done his lips are all red and puffy, then you can tease him about how slutty he looks after getting his mouth fucked for so long! n when you're satisfied with fucking his hole, spread it apart so you can inspect all the cum inside of him. let it all drip out and take pics for memories' sake <3 so sorry zhongli but the titty tentacles ain't coming off tonight
good luck on your assignment!!! I'm supposed to be working today too but I had 0 energy so I just turned to tumblr instead 💀
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devildomsgod · a day ago
Hmm, what do you think on eating fem! Luci? 🤔🤔
Lucifer wants you to lick him like he's your last meal. He's left his pride behind the second he layed before you, pussy open and dripping without shame, so the demon expects you to eat him out the same way.
Keep it loud, groan against his flesh, carefully bite his most sensitive parts, press your face so hard against him to cover it all in his juice. Grip his thighs like he's your oxygen, close your eyes in bliss and tell him just how amazing he tastes.
Treat him like your queen and he'll reward you like one, his rich cum sweeter than honey sometimes. Let him be part of his reward and kiss his lips with your still sticky lips while your fingers continue what your mouth started, rough and fast.
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heenuna · 2 days ago
morning, love!
Tumblr media
pairing: dom!reader / sub!jake
genre: fluffy smut
warnings: somnophilia, nothing extra, just a smut :D
word count: 1,182
tag list: @laxatives4hre @wntrsgf
«mhhhm, please, _____, i was such a good boy.." a low whine comes through your sleep, breaking it slowly so that you can watch the details disappear into thin air, leaving only emptiness. you try to catch the with your hands but it’s no use.
for the first time in months, you had a truly beautiful, wonderful dream that you would have liked to enjoy longer, but finding out who or what woke you up is much more important. your sleepy body doesn't immediately respond to your brain's commands, so you have to open your eyes more slowly.
your usual room.
everything’s usual.
nothing weird.
you don't immediately notice the weight of someone else's body on you, but as soon as you manage to catch a glimpse of Jake looming over you, you immediately turn to him, smiling sleepily.
«good morning, baby, why are you up?» your innocent question makes him smile sheepishly at you before his back arches a little, his ribcage gives way to you, and he lets out a small, plaintive moan.
«g-good morning, _____, my cock was hard and i couldn't sleep anymore,» his explanation, so quiet and filled with a needy whine, finally drives the remnants of sleep away from you, and you propped yourself up on your elbows to get a better look at what's going on.
just like you guessed.
his pajama shirt is unbuttoned to the middle of his stomach, so that he has a better view of his chest; one shoulder is flattened. what beautiful shoulders he has, the curves of his collarbones, the neck.. you get lost for a while, looking at your baby, whom you see every day, but now, in the semi-darkness of the morning, he looks completely different. his skin glistens enticingly, his slightly pinkish nipples collide and rub against the fabric, not sparing him the word at all.
your eyes drop lower, along his taut stomach, to find that his pajama bottoms and underwear have long been lying on the side, forgotten and unwanted. you don't see your own shorts and underwear on you either, but you decide that their loss is not the most important thing right now.
a few more inches and your eyes meet his swaying hips. he skillfully picks up the pace, bends his back and puts his hands on the bed on either side of you so as not to fall from the excess of feelings. he was so delicate, with disheveled hair, bitten lips, and a slowly blushing face. your boy.
«baby, you..»
«i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i really didn't mean to wake you up..» he mumbles barely intelligibly, so you decide not to distract him from his job anymore. the tip of his cock rubs pleasantly against your thigh, leaving sticky marks on it, and you are only too happy to help your boy at least like that.
your warm hands slowly stroke his waist and sides, relaxing him a little more, and his steady rhythm falters. he starts to move unconsciously, but the friction is barely enough to bring him even a little closer to orgasm, and he groans in frustration at it. the tip stops in a puddle of its own precum with a characteristic squelching sound. Jake himself turns his plaintive gaze to you, biting his lower lip guiltily.
«damn, i shouldn't have woken you up..» you smile at his words, shaking your head and sitting a little higher, resting on your own pillow. your boy wanted to come so badly, but it didn't work out, should you help him? definitely should.
«Jakie, come closer and sit on my stomach,» you command gently, and he obeys, instantly lowering his hips on top of you so that his cock is firmly in contact with your stomach. it's so hot and wet, so needy for you.
you bend your knees behind his back, to let him sit more comfy, and take his hand in yours, twining your fingers together, «i'll help you»
his face blooms into a grateful smile, filled with some kind of lust and expectation, but it's not all that simple. your other hand curls around him, squeezing his shaft just a little, and he groans a long time, finally feeling your welcome touch.
«mhmmm, thank you, thank you, _____,» his hips begin to slowly push into your hand, and you don't stop him. the way he thrusts faster and faster with loud moans, the way he leans closer and closer to you with gratitude, everything about him is so loving and alive that this wonderful morning you just want to enjoy him for what he is.
«cum when you want, my dear,» you know he was going to ask you anyway, and so you decide not to wait for him. he nods obediently, picking up the pace. his tip is leaking, and it drips sticky precum on your bare stomach. so shiny and glistering.
«i-i'm c-close..» Jake whines into his hand, covering his face with his palm in embarrassment, and you have to pull your hand away abruptly, thankfully not just before his orgasm. his eyes fall on you in mute pleading and bewilderment.
«unbutton your shirt all the way down and don't cover your mouth with anything, i want to see and hear you completely,» you explain gently, and he undoes the rest of the buttons in the blink of an eye, pushing the shirt off his shoulders and it stops somewhere on his elbows, making a tempting rustle. both of his hands are pressed against your ribs, and only then you take him back in your hand and slowly stroke him. your other hand gently rests on his chest, squeezing it with your fingers. you nod slightly, and Jake starts moving again.
«th-thank you, _____,» he squeezes his eyes hard when you squeeze his cock harder, and speeds up the pace, feeling his orgasm build with renewed vigor. you can't resist it, he's exhausted, and you can't torment him any longer.
a couple more joint, reciprocal movements to meet his thrusts, and he cums, pouring out right on your stomach. a small puddle of his true enjoyment forms, but you just smile as you continue to gently move your hand up and down to help him ride it down. soon, he nods at you, and you take your hand away from his beautiful cock, which is beginning to soften.
«you did a good job, honey,» your fingers gently stroke his rib, and he smiles, leaning his body into you. you can feel his cum staining his stomach, too, but he needs a hug, right now. he needs your love. you can't say no to him, and you just hold him, stroking his soft, slightly greasy hair as he buries his face in your neck, breathing in the warm scent of love and morning.
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mimislovehotel · a day ago
Could I request a drabble abt mikey being jealous bc reader is "too close" to draken?
Just a clingy, pouty and jealous mikey yk
Fluff or smut, you can decide
- 🧊
"where were you?" mikey asks you, his arms crossed. with a smile, you step forward to him, hugging him like a teddy bear. you answer softly. "with draken, missed you~". he really wanted to push you off but he couldn't, he also missed you, and he wanted to feel you close to him. and this was finally happening. few seconds pass, and he goes back to acting mad.
"are you sure you missed me, (name)? weren't you having fun with the oh so great draken?" he asks you, letting his hands go in the air. you laugh, kissing his forehead. "as much as he is cool, i really prefer being with you here. just the two of us." your words make him soft, really. he feels how honest you are, and he can't help but not be mad at you any longer.
"prove it." he says, wanting to play the bigger. you laugh again, going on his neck to kiss him here. mikey leaves soft breathes, letting you do so. then, you go to his ear, kissing the lobe, biting it, licking it. he softly whines at your touch, wrapping his hands around you. "is it enough?"
"no.." mikey whines, clinging on to you. so cute.
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myetherealmelody · a day ago
I think Mammon would have a praise kink that only gets intensified when combined with Mommy kink tbh. Getting told he's mommy's good boy drives him crazy and he gets so flustered he can barely form sentences. So of course, his Mommy makes him use his words and tell her exactly what he wants and how good it feels.
yup yup yup-
"you're mommy's good boy, aren't you?" you coo as you grind yourself down onto mammon's cock-his wrists are pinned to the bed underneath your hand, above his head, and his eyes are unfocused, desperate whines and pants leaving his mouth as you fuck yourself onto his cock-
"wanna hear you say it~" you whisper, feeling mammon's cock twitch inside you, his face hopelessly flushed, because he loves it, he wants to be a good boy for you so badly-
mammon whimpers as you clench around his cock, stilling his hips so he doesn't fuck up into you, because you didn't give him permission yet and he's trying his hardest to be good, he really is-
"tell me what you want, baby~"
"wanna fuck you-" mammon finally admits in a huff of breath, bright white hair plastered to his forehead from sweat, his fingers twisting into the bedsheets as he watches you use his cock. "please, mommy?"
"then fuck me," you say, and he lets out a groan, finally lifting his hips up so he can fuck his cock up into you with desperate thrusts, fingers digging into your waist, messy and slick. "be a good boy and fuck me~"
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daaydreamy · 2 days ago
Uhhhh I was maybe wondering if you would do reader X Harry and he had a mummy kink? And he begs for a release djdjfj I don't know something like that and she could maybe pegg him
you need it? - harry styles x reader
⌗ summary : harry needs something that only y/n can give him.
⌗ warnings : smut, pegging, mommy kink, sub/dom themes
a/n : some sub!harry for you guys <3
“M-mommy…” Harry whimpered softly, gripping the sheets as Y/N fucked him with her strap-on. He let his eyes close, taking in the pleasure of each thrust she gave him. He continued letting out soft moans and whimpers into the cool air of their bedroom, his head swirling with endless thoughts of how good she was making him feel. He was addicted to this feeling, really. It brought him to such a euphoric place, so euphoric that he never wanted to leave it.
It was about 11 a.m., sunlight flooding into their room through the window. The sheets rustled with every movement they made, making their bed a mess. It was starting to get a little hot under the covers so they kicked them off of their bodies, revealing their naked bodies to each other.
Harry and Y/N were both laying on their sides. Y/N was holding him close, his back pressed up against her chest as she fucked him slowly from behind.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Y/N murmured softly, pressing kisses to Harry’s shoulder and back. She watched Harry nod, a soft moan tumbling from his lips, which traveled to Y/N’s ears. She couldn’t help but moan softly at how good he sounded, fucking him a little faster, which caused him to let out a loud whimper from the change of pace.
“Shh, you’re taking me so well, love.”
“O-oh fuck. Need to come, please mommy. Can I?” Harry whimpered and a small smile tugged at the corners of Y/N’s lips.
“Go ahead. Let go for me, H.”
a/n : working on a oneshot mwahahahha
taglist : @harry-is-my-little-spoon, @ally5sos, @purplekiwis, @coochiesteak, @buckymydarlingangel, @shadowscomefromthepain, @father-violet, @ilovedilfsandharry (couldn’t tag you!!), @hazgoldenstyles, @maddi-slytqre, @tenaciousperfectionunknown, @fiftyshadesof-h, @canyonsmns, @harrylaufeyson, @harryspumkinloveslonghairstyles (couldn’t tag you!!), @peaceandloverry, @voidroscue, @qclden, @txnnights, @meetmyblondemuffins, @harryskxrsgard
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skzkink · 2 days ago
pretty puppy.
Tumblr media
disclaimer. sub!jisung, (soft)dom!reader, gn reader but jisung calls you mommy, jisung is a soft baby, overuse of the petname puppy, mommy kink, dacryphilia
note. requested by 🤍 anon, thank you <3
word count. 660
Tumblr media
the sound of jisung walking through the front door of your shared apartment is nothing new, so you don’t even look away from the television as jisung kicks his shoes off and hangs his coat up, but the slight sniffle he lets out piques your interest. you look over, his back is to you, his sleeve up to his face, and worry starts to fill you.
“jisung?” you see his shoulders tense, like he didn’t expect you to hear him coming in. he doesn't answer you straight away. “are you okay?”
relief washes over you when he turns around finally, showing his flushed face and his boner through his sweats. he does a terrible job at hiding it. “mommy,” he whines. “need you.”
“oh, puppy,” you coo, the nickname causing jisung’s face to flush brighter. he shifts on his feet, which are pointed inwards, fiddling with his fingers as he waits for your command. “come here to mommy. i’ll look after you.” and jisung waddles over you until he’s within reach, and you pull him by his belt loops into your lap. the way you pulled him, his knee is in between yours, a perfect alignment for what you have in mind.
“tell me, baby, what’s got you in such a state, hm?” you hold jisung’s hips firmly, subtly moving them to your own pace and tensing the thigh that jisung straddles. he whines when the contact is first felt, the harsh texture of his sweats against his hard cock almost painful at first, but jisung doesn’t complain — never does. his hands rest on your shoulders, you almost lose your composure from his sweater paws that hide his hands.
“i don't… i don’t know—” jisung then whines, going to hide his face in your neck from embarrassment. before he does, you reach up and hold his jaw, making him look you in the eye. this is so humiliating for him, he is so exposed to you, he can’t hide away.
“no hiding, pup. tell me.”
“i—mommy…” jisung’s hips move on their own now, the desperation catching up to him. the look in your eye is hard, despite your soft words, and the contrast makes him feel so heady and so overwhelmed. the tears start to build up. “i-i just… missed you today and—and i was… ah, thinking about you… and your touch and your words, i couldn’t — fuck — couldn’t help it — mommy, please.”
jisung hiccups as the first tear escapes, the neediness becoming too much for him. he’s always been an easy crier, you find it adorable; how the smallest things get him so worked up. so it doesn’t make you panic when he begins to quietly sniffle alongside his little whimpers and whines. instead you slowly grab his jaw, as if he’ll fall apart right there, softly smiling.
“puppy’s so desperate, huh?” you tease with a smirk. jisung lets out a huff, he just wants you and you’re giving him nothing and yes — he’s so desperate, he just wants to cum — he needs to cum—
“yesyesyes, please, mommy,” his whines rise in pitch and his hips gyrate faster and the tears get thicker. “need to cum, fuck—puppy needs to cum so bad—”
you shush him quiet by slipping a thumb into his swollen mouth, “can’t even look after yourself, hm? need mommy to do everything for you?” jisung whimpers and nods, the tears making the caramel in his eyes swirl. “such a dumb little dog.”
your free hand makes its way down to his throbbing cock, passing a finger over his nipple through his sweater, which jisung twitches and moans, and he gasps when he feels you grip his cock through his sweats which have a dark wet patch forming at his tip. the tears continue to build up and fall.
the moan that rips from jisung’s throat could put a pornstar’s to shame. “mommy — puppy’s gonna cum…!”
“i know, baby. mommy’s got you.”
Tumblr media
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kazuunya · 2 days ago
part one
you were scared to go out now. but you couldn't just ditch work like that, you've been slacking off a lot lately already, one more excuse and you're sure you'll get your ass fired. you tried to look for the most positive probabilities for this situation, maybe he just wanted to be your friend but was awkward about it..? yeah you wished that was true. you could convince yourself all you want, but no matter how socially awkward someone is following a person around for months isn't normal.
“i'm just going to ignore him. he can't do anything to me, right? and if he tries to, i'll immediately call the police” you mumble to yourself about to get out of your house. you take a deep breath and nod confidently, then open the door-
“hi there”
you know what? you can just find a new job, to hell with this. you attempt to close the door, but his foot gets in the way, you're starting to get scared. he opens it widely with a force you can't dream to match and there he is, same wide smile and crazed eyes. he tilts his head, earring jingling, and enters your house casually like he isn't a complete stranger.
you want to scream, to run, do anything, but you're just frozen in place. glued to the floor as you watch him quickly analize all your place. “as cozy as i imagined!” he says returning to you with a smile that shows his sharp fangs. “remember what you said yesterday? you would like a kitty, right? well, i got you the perfect one!” he takes your hands in his, his cheeks taking a red hue. you fear you won't be able to go back to your normal life after hearing what he's about to say.
you just stare at the wall speechless while he drapes himself over you, nuzzling your neck and breathing your scent in, his earring jingling along his movements. the sound did end up belonging to a cat, kind of.
“thank you for accepting me, i promise i'll be good <3”
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b9k4k · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thirsting on subby TR boys.
GN reader
ੈ♡˳⚘.Character: Sanzu Haruchiyo, Ryuguji 'Draken' Ken, Haitani Ran
*ೃ༄⚘.cw: dom/sub dynamic(kinda?), a lot of hand job, kissing and making out, fingering(sanzu receiving)
*ੈ✩‧₊˚⚘.a/n: Ughhhh, tfw u having Ran Sanzu and Draken brains rot at the same time. I'm no writer(and English is not my native language), so, sorry if this is unreadable... feel free to take the idea and make an extended version, just tag me. Probably never gonna write again. It's a one-time thing ig sadsfdjgkhfha (might do again if I'm horny enough-)
Proofread but-
Sorry for any mistakes and any confusion I definitely make in here lmao. Any criticism is welcome. (Shit, I use any too many times)
I wanna kiss Ran so bad
Tumblr media
You kiss him deeply. Play with his tongue and lips with your own. He's in your lap, one hand in the back of your head, another cupping your face weakly. Trying to hold himself up. The position is kinda awkward but he doesn't really care(even though his back started to ache a bit). You two probably lay down on the floor or couch later, your leg hooked his and your hand jerking his cock off while he moans into your mouth. Eating each other face out.
He's sitting between your leg, back facing you on the bed. Your own back pressing on the wall. It's all started with your head nuzzle on his shoulder, you kissing his neck softly, your hands wandering around his chests and thighs. Damn you, he just trying to have a peaceful afternoon reading motorcycle magazine, now he's hard(what can he do about it, it's YOU after all). So he's dropped his magazine down, melted into your touch, and let you do whatever you want. You squeeze his chest, bite his neck/shoulder, play with his nipples, and jerk him off at a slow pace until he's cum.
He's a messy kisser. Lick your lips like a hungry dog and sometimes chew on its to tease you. What a brat. Really like to press his body close to yours, he like feeling you so close to him. You two just pin each other on the wall from time to time, it's both of you favorite spots. Sometimes it's your knee between his legs and vice-versa. And chairs, YES. He'll be in your lab, hips buckle into yours. Arms around your neck, begging you to fuck him. So you did, with your fingers in his ass, abusing his prostate. He'll just make a mess and cum in his pant.
When I said I'm as high as Sanzu while making this I'm not joking.
Tumblr media
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lucarioishi · a month ago
— minors please do not interact, i'm not responsible for what you read, but interacting will make me very uncomfortable and you will be blocked !
   WARNING: gender neutral except the word 'mommy/mama' is thrown around. headcanons. suggestive content. mommy kink. dom reader. praising. sub space. smut idk??
   a/n: this is the only borderline smut fic i'll ever write, for now ig.
Tumblr media
I think bruno would like someone who's very loving and understanding. someone who actually cares for him.
Sometimes he thinks he's a burden to you for all the things he's put you through, but then you reassure him about it and it slightly goes away.
I think he realizes his "type" once he says it out loud. someone motherly... he feels disgusted by it, how does a mother act?
Call him 'son'? tell him to clean the house?
Bruno was confused for sure.
A way that helped him out was.. stuffies. you had a lot in fact. his favorite by far was a yellow duck, you named him 'steven' and he's very fluffy.
You would bring the stuffies, originally for his nieces and nephews to play with. but he's watching you play with them from afar, antonio probably walks up to him with a tiger stuffie.
"Tío! Wanna play with us?" you turn to them, overhearing the boy's question.
"You can, bruno." stumbling over his words, bruno gives up on making an excuse and nods. the kids are off playing and bruno's holding a teddy bear, you're beside him, sitting in comfortable silence.
"Have you eaten well, bruno?" he nods silently, "That's good to hear."
He suddenly turns to you. "You remind me of a mother.."
He's quick to apologize, mentally slapping himself. that was very rude bruno! he wouldn't surprised if you're offended. but instead you end up laughing.
"You're just someone I feel like spoiling."
That's when realization hit him. and playing around with stuffies helped him understand.
: nsfw below the cut :
The first time he called you mommy, was by pure accident. he was sitting in your house, eating cookies you had made for him. he was watching you decorate a few more, he was finishing up the last one, crumbs on his cheeks.
"I finished mama" he expects you to say how happy you are that he liked them. even more proud that he ate them like a good boy!
He remembers every detail, he didn't even realize he said it but you. your eyes went wide and you movements stopped. bruno tilts his head, asking if he said anything wrong. "you just called me mama"
Bruno still didn't get it. he shakes his head — "Why would I..." he gasps, face burning with humiliation. he wants to bury himself in his poncho, especially since your attention is on him now! he couldn't function.
Most likely left before you could talk to him. you left the subject alone because you knew bruno would run away from it but after that incident, bruno would still accidentally call you mommy, or ma'.
Calls you Ma' when he's sleepy, mommy when he's very happy.
I can't see bruno being into "kinky" things.
He's more vanilla and soft when it comes to be intimate. he adores feeling loved and special. so he's more on the receiving side.
Plus he gets overwhemled very, very quickly. so he can't go on for long without breaks.
He's a sub. can't order you around at all, and you find it so adorable. sometimes, he gets insecure about it to.
Probably reads books and the man is always the one to take charge when being intimate. bruno shuts the book and decides to read a children's book instead.
At least they didn't make him feel bad about himself. plus you always read him those types since the characters are far more interesting than adult books.
He whines, and whimpers and stutters, it's really adorable. they're so breathy and he's muffling himself with his palm because he's really embarrassed by it.
He loves it when you caress his face as you kiss him. gently prying his lips open with your thumb to slip your tongue inside.
Will probably call you "mama" most of the time.
"Mama," he whimpers, squeezing his eyes shut. "please... do something.."
If you'll ask him to be more specific with what he wants, there would be no response.
I think bruno will get bratty at times, furrowing his brows and staying quiet when you ask him a question. not the brat to give you silent treatment, or try to take dominance but more of the brat that is too flustered to answer back.
Praising will get bruno into sub space. he's overwhelmed with all you words that he actually gets into the headspace if you continue to go on (plus adding onto the pleasure he's feeling)
Bruno would want mama to be by his side when he's overstimulated, babbling random words for you to not quite make out. take his hand and help him out. maybe press kisses to his face and he'll melt into you.
He clings onto you. pulling you back in if you ever decide to move. he doesn't want your skin off of his. you'll wake up with red marks down your back due to the fact that he scratches and grips onto you to ground himself.
Oh! he wears a shirt, your shirt, his shirt, doesn't matter. bruno likes to cover up, it makes him more comfortable. and the lights off, the thought of you seeing his face sends him into overdrive.
Aftercare!! it's filled with so much love. bruno likes to bake cookies together, but directly after sex, he's quick to fall asleep, he rarely stays up to take a proper bath. but yes, afterwards, bruno likes to do a lot of domestic things.
Tumblr media
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33roda · 2 days ago
thinking abt calling gorou “pup” or “puppy” bc it has me losing my absolute MIND… him getting so flustered but not minding it or even liking it 😩
HE'S SO EASY TO FLUSTER hnnngg .... he keeps begging you not to tease him so much but he actually loves it when you do,, he just doesn't want you to see him all blushy when you call him a puppy, even when you're not fucking. call him that in public and he'll immediately start wagging his tail and trying to hide his hardening cock. he knows he's a puppy, but why does it feel so different when you say it? :(
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devildomsgod · 2 days ago
Obey Me!: Kitten Maids 2
Tumblr media
Barbatos and Simeon as your cat maids - other characters
master kink, toys
Tumblr media
the most efficient maid ever
he sometimes struggles with the cat part but does his absolute best
it's a little clumsy when he tries to meow for you, but that's adorable
his maid dress is more practical, but he still shows a bit of skin
he wears cat ears but finds a tail to be way too impractical
definitely wears small heels
and a collar with his name on it!
he pretends not to be desperate, but Barbatos really can't help his grinding against accidental objects (or you) when you randomly force a plug into him throughout the day
Barbatos whines as you press the metal plug against his hole, forcing it inside. The demon's body shakes, a low tingle running down his spine as he tries to take the object into his unprepped hole, spikes of pain and pleasure shaking the demon.
The broadest part of the toy stretches him before it finally settles inside, sending a low pressure through Barbatos' gut. He whimpers as you push your fingers against the base of the toy, shoving it tighter against his walls.
"Keep this in, will you?"
Barbatos nods his head while pressing his eyes closed, trying to suppress the shivers threatening to spill over his limbs.
Simeon is a shy kitty
he tries his best at his maid-job but often ends up forgetting certain chores or doing them too sloppily
but not because he' wants to be a bad maid!
the angel just gets distracted by you and ends up spending most of his time around his master, which is very distracting from chores
his maid dress is very pretty
he sometimes wears a white tail plug but is often too shy to put it in
his ears have little bells attached to them
very clingy
Simeon practically lets the duster fall onto the cabinet he was cleaning upon noticing you walked into the room.
"Mc!" he calls out before leaping over, excitedly wrapping his arms around you to nuzzle his face into your chest, inhaling your scent desperately.
You chuckle at him, quickly hugging him back, feeling the warmth of his blushing skin against you.
"Missed your master, kitty?" you teasingly ask while you pinch his waist.
Simeon squeals, his body trying to flinch away from the tickling, but the sudden movement only causes his hard cock to rub against you. The feeling coaxes a sweet moan from the angel, goosebumps rising on his exposed skin.
You offer a suggestive smirk, one that makes the angel blush, his dark skin glowing under the embarrassed shine, though he can't seem to hide how much he loves your attention.
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otegi · 22 days ago
a/n: decided to give into the feeling of wanting to breed bruno 🙄
2nd a/n: lots of people are saying that bruno's a switch but no 😒 he's a sub. hernando is the switch.
3rd a/n: when i started this, i thought it was good, but now i hate it 👹
warning: dom reader. no pronouns used. male anatomy. breeding. size kink. belly bulge.
bruno is the kind of man who religiously worships you. he wants needs your praise and reassurance to move on. that doesn't mean he won't do the same with you. especially, in bed. he's so cock drunk, hungry for you. he whines for you to do something instead of watching him desperately buck his hips back onto yours.
,, after all that, you still want more bruno? " he stares up at you in embarrassment, only tugging at your pants, silently asking for you to remove it from his way. he smiles shyly when you start to unbuckle your pants. he's practically drooling as he waits impatiently.
he squirms in his place. he's underneath you, palms fisting the sheets to keep himself occupied in the mean time. trying to distracting himself from how you can see every part of his body, how his hole twitches or how his thighs tremble and quivers as he hold them together for you. its so pathetic. he doesn't understand why he really wants you inside him?!
,, ahh, what a needy puppy. you can't even wait for a few seconds can you? "
your tone is condescending and it has him panting. he shook his head to agree with your words. yes, he is. you make him feel really good, he can't help it.
bruno ignores the hard on he sports. it's even leaking all over himself from the past orgasms he had, all because you were prepping him up. he can still feel that fuzzy feeling when you had your fingers inside him, pumping in and out, cooing at how loose he was.
,, plea-..se.. " bruno had cried out. ,, just put it in me.. already! "
,, you're so cute " you mutter, leaning down to pepper his face with kisses. bruno turns his head, pressing his lips to your cheek in return. his whimpers start to get louder when you spread his legs apart, hooking them above your shoulders. ,, getting so excited over every little thing... "
his body was so petite, you knew he would break after fully thrusting inside him, but it brought you pleasure at just the thought. imagine how his face would be, maybe he'll cry even harder, maybe he'll start running his hands down your back, or he might even come as soon as you bottom out inside him.
the second you quite teasing him and push the head of you cock inside his twitching hole, bruno's hand shoot out to grip your forearm. his eyes go wide as he mouth falls in an 'o' shape. tiny grunts leaving him.
,, hngg- (name)..! " bruno's grip on your arm tightens. his could feel himself stretching, it was too much for his small body. ,, h-hurts.. "
you coo at the sound of his sobs. you feel his hips squirm around when you press your weight on him. his little whimpers getting louder and breathy by the second. ,, it's alright baby, i got you. "
,, you're gonna feel so good, you won't even be able to think " bruno nods, out of breath. his breath fans across your face. ,, what exactly makes you feel good.. hm, bruno? "
he shakes his head, mouth screwed shut. it's embarrassing to say those thing out loud! ,, don't wanna answer? "
,, well, i feel good when i see a bulge in your stomach, " you stare down at his tummy, thrusting up to test it out, theres a bulge poking out. bruno lets out a broken moan, unsure what to do with his hands. so, he places them on his chest, wrist touching each other. ,, or when you get flustered by the littlest things. "
,, just imagine what would happen if i finished inside you.. " bruno whimpers at the thought, his brain gets all mushy and he can't focus well on your words. ,, do you like that? "
his cock twitches between your bodies. you pick your hips up, and drop them on him. hard. bruno squeaks, squeezing his eyes shut. his tummy! it feels really good!
hot, salty tears fall down his blushing face as you repeat the same movements, thrusting much harden. he couldn't speak! at least not with all the moans that are leaving him! ,, do you think you'd get pregnant? "
you angle your hips up, slowly thrusting in, the head of your cock brushes past his swollen prostate. bruno yelps, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and hughing you tightly.
,, feels good, s'good ! " he repeats, you continue to hit his prostate, bruno's response every time is to scream.
,, w-wait! (name)‐ " without warning, strings of white shoot out of bruno, his body stuttering and trembling without any control. he whines for you to slow down! he can't go on! but finally, you finish —
a warm feeling flood inside him, it bloats his stomach and he feels so, so full. bruno hiccups, struggling to catch his breath. his body goes slack as you pull out, watching your semen drip from him. ,, feels good, doesn't it. "
you lean down to kiss his forehead, praising him for being so good for you.
bruno whines when you move away from him, hands reaching out for you. you quickly grab a rag and help him out ,, let's get you cleaned up now. "
Tumblr media
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uplatterme · 2 months ago
To Be a Fatui
cw: sub!childe, inexperienced!childe, dom!reader, male!reader, voyeurism, office sex, masturbation, stomach bulge, cum play, overstimulation, crying
a/n: ah yes, childe. my first five-star and the first character im writing for on my blog from genshin impact. im writing a gorou one after this because have you heard his voicelines jfc im a furry now.
When Childe joined the Fatui, he expected everything but this.
He expected to have everyday fights, giving him the thrill and danger he used to have when he fell into the abyss.
Who knew he was going to experience thrill and danger in another way?
You were a well-respected Fatui, even the Cryo Archon knew that. Childe knew this because he’s seen it. He’s seen her come to your room, only coming out sleeping, carried by your arms. That meant you were someone the Cryo Archon trusted. If he wanted to rise up the ranks, that meant he had to know you.
Childe’s idea of rising the ranks wasn’t this.
He was supposed to give you a cup of coffee since you came in early today.
The warm liquid almost spilled on himself when he heard it.
Moans, pleads, screaming. The sound of flesh slapping against one another.
Were you torturing someone?
Oh, how naive he was.
“(Name)! Please, you’re being too rough!”
The ginger felt his dick throb against his pants, his hands still holding onto the tray he was about to serve you with.
“I know you like it, you slut. I’ve seen the way you always look at me. That’s why you’re acting like my toilet now, aren’t you?”
It felt like those words were a jab at him and not to whoever you were having sex with. Would you say the same thing about him?
Childe clenched his teeth together, glamorized by your words. He should step away and leave. This wasn’t something for him to get involved with.
His body was stuck to his chair as he worked, the previously hot coffee from before was slowly getting cold but he wasn’t. The room seemed like it was on fire for him, he was sweating. He was in Snezhnaya, for fuck’s sake.
What’s worse was the fact that his dick won’t go down, he just kept thinking about your words.
Thinking about you.
It was as if he had been hypnotized, did you have a vision specifically for this?
The next thing he knew, his feet moved on their own and he was right outside your front door.
“Ohh-, Archon! No more—I can’t!”
“Quiet now, We don’t want our Dear Tsaritsa to hear, right?”
He couldn’t take it anymore.
As he listened to what was happening inside his room, he rested upon a column, hands on his cock following the sound of your movement.
You awakened something in the harbinger, he didn’t know he was capable to be such a…
Your cold and stern voice sent a shiver down his spine, it was as if you were reading his mind. He bit into his red scarf, trying to minimize his sounds just in case you would hear it.
Childe felt such huge shame, jacking off to your voice and in a public place at that. Anyone could pass by and they would see the ginger, shaking and trying his best to stand up.
“Ngh… Mpff-” His saliva was soaking his entire scarf, eyes closed, he imagined that he was the one in that room.
He kept unknowingly thrusting his hand, not realizing that you had finished. All he could think about was you.
The girl had already left your room, despite her inability to walk.
“(Name)-” He moaned quietly, back pressed against the stone column.
Your head shot up when you heard your name being called. It was a very sensual voice too, you could tell someone was trying to be quiet.
Was someone eavesdropping earlier?
You found yourself right in front of the Eleventh Harbinger, pleasuring himself to the point his eyes were closed. He was listening in, it was a very cute view to see.
“Yes, Tartaglia?”
“L-Let me cum…” His voice accidentally came out from his mouth, his imagination must’ve gone too far wild to the point he was imagining you.
“You listened to your superior having sex and masturbated. Do you really think you deserve to cum?”
He couldn’t hold it, he was about to orgasm any moment now.
“P-please, please, please.” He begged, his hand going at a faster pace as his eyes stared into yours.
“Go ahead, Darling. But you have to clean up any mess you make.”
Childe moaned loudly as he dropped the scarf he was previously biting on, cum spilling on the floor while his legs weakened.
His ass rested on the cold tiles, him failing to recognize still that you were right in front of him.
“Are you done?” You questioned him, being impatient as he ignored you.
Childe was taken in by surprise when he realized who was right in front of him.
“W-what? How?” He stuttered, realizing what he had just done.
“Clean it up.” You ordered him.
The man was stunned when he realized what you meant. His eyes traveled to the spilled cum on the floor, were you expecting him to lick that up? He couldn’t do such a shameful thing. Then again, what could be more shameful than this?
“I-“ What was he supposed to say to you?
“I let you cum, didn’t I? This is the least you could do for me.”
He swallowed the lump of air in his throat, eyes staring still at the ground. He couldn’t bear to look at you. To say the heat of his cheeks was as hot as Natlan would be an understatement.
“Come on, now. How are you supposed to make up for your actions?”
His thoughts centered on your words earlier. If he didn’t do this, would you tell someone? Everyone?
“Please don’t tell anyone.”
“Then, make it up to me.”
Childe got on his knees and faced the ground. He licked his own fluid on the floor, tasting how foul it is and making him gag but he continued cleaning his mess up, looking up at you every now and then for your approval.
“That’s right, Tartaglia. Lick it up like a good pup.”
His heart beat faster and continued cleaning the floor, unbeknownst to him that he was leaking precum. When he noticed, he immediately moved towards it and did the same.
“Good job.” You complimented the harbinger with a smile on your face, satisfied.
“T-Thank you.”
He should’ve thought this whole thing through since the beginning. Of course, you wouldn’t let him go just like that.
When you held out your hand for him to stand up, he didn’t anticipate you bringing him into your office.
Your office was a mess, it was obvious the person from before enjoyed it too much. He wanted that too but he would never admit it. Childe would not admit that he wants to get ruined by you.
“One more thing. Tell me if you want me to stop, Ajax.” His name out of your mouth was so angelic. He yearned to hear it again.
“You know my name?”
“Of course, I do. It’s part of my job.”
Your fingers inserted into his rectum made him almost fall if it wasn’t for your table. You were wasting no time exploring his insides, scissoring his core.
Anything that his voice produced was incoherent, all of them sounding as if he never learned how to speak. You push his ass up whenever he slides down from his weak legs. “Aah! Gah! Mmf!”
His throat was getting dry from all of his screaming. You didn’t even need to search for his sensitive spots, it was as if you already knew where they were. You didn’t let him rest, stimulating him as he kept whining.
Don’t get him wrong, he enjoyed every part of it. He’s about to cum once again. “You’ll see why I always carry Ms. Tsaritsa in my arms, Doll.”
“Aah…” He breathed out, exhausted from the way you abused his prostate. His cum messed up your table, despite how much of a mess it was already from earlier.
You unzipped your pants, taking out your cock. This was the first time he’s ever done anal, despite his flirtatious demeanor, he’s only ever had one sexual partner with a woman.
It was quite strange how he wasn’t scared, perhaps it was because he trusted that whatever you’ll do, it will end up with him screaming at the end of the day. He’d gladly be your toilet if you asked.
He couldn’t help but close his eyes, mouth wide open when you put your cock inside him. It wasn’t even fully in but he felt like he couldn’t take you whole. His grip tightened on the table, unable to stop the way his thighs quivered together, wanting to lay down from the pleasure.
“What a pretty sight. You really are a doll, aren’t you?” You whispered into his ear making him tremble and his dick as hard as ever.
You force yourself further into him and Childe finally screamed. He felt like he was cumming but nothing came out, his cock was shaking and it hurt.
“Take it.” You say enveloping your whole dick inside of him as he gasps from how overstimulated he was already.
“Ngh! P-Pleaaase—” The words rolled off his tongue instinctively. He was getting a bit noisy, too much for your taste.
You pressed his head down the table keeping him from doing anything else as you thrust. “Keep quiet.”
He vigorously nodded his head, biting onto his bottom lip while he cried. That’s right, he shouldn’t make a noise. He himself knew that these walls of yours weren’t soundproof.
It wasn’t as easy as it sounded. “(N-Name)! I-I-”
You cupped his face into your hands. “Stay still, Ajax.”
His lower half felt so used, you just kept thrusting into him without hesitation and you wanted him to not make any noise? You were far too cruel but maybe that’s why you were in the Fatui.
“I apologize if I don’t meet your expectations, I’m a bit tired from earlier.” You told him, pounding him roughly to the point you could hear skin slapping against one another.
Childe feared and wondered what you were like at your best performance. How could you be even better when he was about to pass out from the amount of pleasure you were giving to him.
He could tell you were close when you pressed your chest onto his back, closing the space between the two of you.
The warm sensation filled his insides. He was taking in your seed, and it felt so good he just had to cum once more. His cum was so thin, his dick completely drained out because of you.
You rested your cock inside him, letting his ass be filled entirely with your cum, preventing any of it from leaking. “Ngh!” Childe gasped from being oversensitive.
“You really impressed me, Tartaglia.” You said before thrusting once more into him and finally pulling out, his entrance twitching as liquid spilled out overflowing down to his thighs.
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subbypeterparker · a month ago
Santa Tell Me
Tumblr media
peter parker x fem!reader
Summary: Following a TikTok trend, you dress up for Peter in Christmas wrapping paper...only in wrapping paper ;)
Word count: 1.8k
A/N: Enjoy the horniness that came out of my brain after being sick for a week
Oh, I wanna let him unwrap me, like oh-woo-oh Get on top of him, by that fireplace, oh-woo-oh
The music plays in the background from the video that’s been playing for the past hour as you tape up the bit of the wrapping paper that ripped on your thigh. 
For the millionth time in the past hour, the boyfriend of the girl in the video rips off the girl’s wrapping paper skirt, and you chuckle thinking of how Peter would react when he sees you being his early Christmas gift.
The “skirt” sits in the dip of your hip, highlighting your ass, and falls to the middle of your thighs. The top is so tiny it’s barely keeping your tits inside it. 
You look hot.
Okay, maybe the Frosty the Snowman wrapping paper put a damper on how hot this all was, but as if Peter could resist his naked girlfriend, covered in only wrapping paper. 
Your phone dings, and you smile at Peter’s text.
im at the grocery store across the street. do u need anything, love?
                                                       no, im good babe
ok, im still getting the chocolate you like though. love you!
                                                           love you too <3
You shut your phone, and get ready for the night ahead. Maybe you should have set up all this before dressing up in clothes that rip at the slightest movement. 
You dim all the lights in the apartment, light candles, select the playlist for the night, and by the time you’ve done that, Peter’s lock is turning in the door, and it’s showtime. 
“Love, where are you?” he calls out. Excitement courses through his veins when he notices the lights are dimmed. This only happens when there’s going to be sex...
“Hey,” your voice calls out from way behind him. He whips around and his jaw drops. 
You’re leaning against the doorway to the kitchen, hand on your waist, dressed in wrapping paper that Peter can clearly see is close to exposing your body. He’s already hard.
All Peter can do is notice the lack of a bra, and hopefully panties too?
You chuckle, “Yes Peter, I’m not wearing panties.”
Oh fuck, he said that out loud. 
“Come here, baby boy,” Peter would be a fucking liar if he said he didn’t let out the loudest moan purely from your words. 
“Is this that one trend?” he asks, gripping your hips while trying not to rip the paper. 
“Mhmm, figured I’d surprise you as an early Christmas present,” you lightly kiss his cheek.
“I-I-I am definitely surprised,” his hands run up and down your hips while he tries not to look at your boobs. He fails. 
“Well, how about we take this party to the bedroom, and you unwrap me?” 
You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling his face closer to connect your lips. He gasps into the kiss when your hands play with the hairs at the top of the neck.
“I-yes, yes I would love that,” he breathes out against your lips.
“Perfect,” you grin almost synically. You pull the dazed boy by the hand towards your room, and shut the door with your foot.
He pulls you towards to bed, and sits down, looking up at you almost nervously.
He toys with the hem of your skirt, careful not to rip it. Your hands go up to his hair, playing with the strands.
“Can I-can I unwra-can I,” he let’s out a nervous breath, “Can I-unwrap y-...”
“Yes Peter, you can unwrap me, love.” you tilt up his head, so he can see your eyes, “You can do anything you want to me.”
He whimpers at your dirty words, and you lean down to kiss his forehead.
Peter begins slowly creating a rip going up your outer thigh, savouring in the skin that’s becoming visible. He tilts his head to the side like a puppy when he sees the skin of your ass from the side, and his cock hardens some more.
With a flourish of his wrists, he rips off the wrapping paper, and drops it unceremoniously onto the floor. You bare cunt is on display for him, and he wastes zero time in ripping the top off as fast as he can.
You let out a small moan at his actions, and Peter feels his pants tighten some more. He pulls you onto his lap, and you let out a loud laugh as he desperately grinds up into your cunt.
“It was fun to unwrap you,” he pushes the hair out of your face, laughing a little.
“Mmm, why don’t we fast-track this, and start unwrapping a condom?”
In response to his excitement at what you’ll be doing, he grinds up into you again, making you both let out quiet moans.
“Patience, baby boy. I’m not done having fun with you.”
He collapses backwards onto the bed, too horny to keep himself upright. Well, something else is upright.
You grab the condom and return to your boy on the bed. Peter looks up at you with desperation practically brimming in his eyes.
Even though you’re naked, and he’s fully clothed, the power you have is obvious. And you have never been more turned on.
“God, you’ve never looked sexier,” you straddle his hips, rocking your wet cunt against his bulge.
He groans out in frustration. He knows how wet you are, and he wants nothing more than to feel you, to pleasure you, but his stupid jeans stop him from doing so.
“Please take my pants off, please,” he paws at your hips, whining when you grind down on him harder.
“Please!” he pouts, and gives you those eyes he knows you can’t resist. Sighing, you lean forwards to connect your lips, grinding down on him particularly hard.
You undo his belt and button, and push down his jeans, throwing them away. He jumps into action and rips off his shirt.
His hands reconnect back onto your waist, quickly putting you back onto his lap. Instead of sitting on his cock, you flick the wrapped condom between your fingers.
He shoots you puppy dog eyes again, but you just look at him.
“You told me to take off your pants. I did what you asked,” you lean down to press kisses behind his ear, “Is that not what you wanted?”
He thrusts his hips into the air, trying to feel you against his cock, but you lift your hips up even farther, ending up on all fours.
Your tower over him as he whines at the sight of you above him.
“Please fuck me! Y/n, I’m so desperate. Please, I’m so desperate for you!”
“You could have just asked,” he whines out in discontent, collapsing back onto the bed. That’s all it took? Why didn’t he just say that before?!?!
“After all, this is your present.” You smirk as you connect your lips to Peters’ soft ones, and wrapping your hand around his cock.
You lazily stroke him while he moans into your mouth, bucking up into your hand. When he’s as hard as he can get, you lean back to sit against his upper thighs.
Your cunt is dripping onto his thighs, and against his better judgement, Peter reaches down to collect some of the slick, and brings his fingers up to his lips.
Looking you in the eye, he circles his fingers with his tongue, whimpering at the taste. You sit there mouth agape, before you get too worked up watching him.
You unwrap the condom, and he giggles, taking his fingers out of his mouth.
“You unwrapped the condom! Like a gift! Like what you did! Hehehe!”
“Sorry, please continue.” He lies back on the bed, and puts his hands on his stomach.
“...Ok.” You push the condom onto his cock and he moans and juts his legs upwards, hitting your clit that’s still on his thigh.
Not wasting anytime, you sink yourself on his dick, moaning in unison.
“Fuck, you feel so good!” He moans out as you begin to roughly ride him.
He lets out more strangled moans when you clench around his cock, and bucks his hips up in time with your bounces.
“I think...that this is...the best present...I’ve ever gotten!” Peter is too out of breath already that he can’t string a scentence together.
“This better be,” you glare down at him.
He goofily smiles, stroking your thigh. His eyes keep glancing down to your tits, and you sigh.
“You can touch me, baby. Once again, I’m all yours tonight.”
He flips the two of you over, and kisses from your lips down your jaw and neck, all the way down to your tits, where he slides his tongue over your nipple, before taking it into his mouth.
Peter continues thrusting into you, mumbling out “please” every now and then.
Your hands reach up to grab your headboard as he continues to fuck you. He whines against your nipple when you clench around him.
“Peter, you’re fucking me so well baby. Always make me feel so damn good!”
Your clit throbs when he whines at your words, and Peter reaches down to rub circles into the nub, gasping when your legs wrap tightly around his waist, pulling him deeper into you.
“Geez, you’re so fucking hot. I don’t think I’m gonna last, I’m sorry.”
You bring a hand down from the headboard, and push his head to connect your lips to his. Your other hand reaches down to wrap around his throat.
“This is your present baby. You can cum.”
Even though he’s so close, Peter pushes through it and kisses you hard, thumbing at your clit with more aggression.
“Please cum, Y/n, please!” he begs, sucking marks into your neck.
You clench around his cock, his words being the thing that tipped you over the edge. You cum with a shout of his name, and a particularly harsh squeeze of his throat.
He whines against your hand, and spills his cum into the condom, milking both of your orgasms for their worth’s.
He collapses on top of you, still inside you. You push his sweaty sex hair out of his face, and he gazes up at you, satisfied beyond anything.
“Let’s get cleaned up.” He groans in annoyance, perfectly find with staying inside you.
A few minutes later you’re cleaned up, and are lying in bed with his head on your naked chest.
He looks up at you again, lazily sucking a mark on the side of your left tit.
“Hi,” you giggle.
“Hi,” he leans up to press a kiss to your lips.
“Man I love your sex hair.”
“Oh well in that case, why don’t we continue?” he already beggining to climb up your body;, before you press his back down by his shoulders.
“Easy there soldier, you heart is still beating a mile a minute.”
“Yes, well it will keep doing that as long as I can see your tits, so hmph” he collapses back down, and kitten licks the skin on your breast.
You stroke his hair for a few minutes, and notice his eyes beggining to droop.
He lets out an adorable yawn, and nestles his face against your skin.
“Best present ever.”
“Mmm, you should wait for your Christmas one.”
“Aw, hell yeah!”
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daaydreamy · a month ago
Tumblr media
hi darling! here’s my harry styles masterlist vol. 1.
left all hot and bothered !
[ chapter one, chapter two ]
summary - alina likes loves teasing harry. he lets it slide for now, but who knows if he will the next time it happens?
pairings - fem!oc x harry styles
warnings - consumption of alcohol, swearing, heavy smut, sub/dom themes, sir/daddy kink… please do not read this if you are under the age of 18 or if you are uncomfortable with the contents.
love on tour !
[ chapter one ]
summary - y/n comes with harry on tour and well… harry’s quite the brat.
pairings - fem!reader x harry styles
warnings - swearing, heavy smut, sub/dom themes, oral sex, anal, degradation, pain kink, humiliation kink… do not read this if you are under the age of 18 or if you are uncomfortable with the contents.
pretty girl - fluff
just wanna be held - fluff
next day - fluff and smut
sleep - fluff
medicine - fluff
first kiss - fluff
panacea - fluff?
polaroids - fluff
christmas sweater - fluff
steamy bath - smut
nice party - smut
needy - smut
birthday gift - smut
so greedy - smut
embarrassed - smut
surprised - smut
brat - smut
got caught - smut
hot weather - smut
look so innocent after such a sinful act - smut
pretty please? - smut kinda
now - smut (pretty please? part two)
forgot - smut
promise - smut
stay quiet - smut
so pretty - smut
a guest - smut
desperate - smut
sweet pain - smut
merry christmas - slight smut
heavenly - smut (merry christmas part two)
too shy - smut
pure ecstasy - smut
i hate you - smut
bad day - smut
pain kink - smut
lazy afternoon in italy - smut
night with friends - smut
theres a first time for everything - smut
sensitivity - smut
narcissism - smut
no one can see - smut
isn’t this what you wanted? - smut
consequences - smut
facetime - smut
merry christmas - smut (it’s a different oneshot!)
white christmas - smut
pretty baby - smut
doctor’s appointment - smut
look who’s needy now - smut
boring - angst
amusement park - fluff
take care of the cat - fluff
make-out sessions in flower fields - fluff
warm and comforting - fluff
comfort - fluff
say it back - fluff
speechless - fluff
period - fluff
soft spot - fluff
long day - fluff
you’re alright - fluff
way too clumsy - fluff
jealousy - fluff
polaroids - fluff
kisses - fluff
family - fluff
pay attention to me - smut
the one where he overstimulates her - smut
car ride - smut
tears - smut
no touching - smut
ruined, ruined, ruined - smut
dominant - smut (not rlly)
touch me - smut
tied up and gagged - smut
good boy - smut (not rlly)
just a little nap - smut
always gives in - smut (not rlly)
so good - smut
sex tapes - smut
spanking - smut
alone on tour - smut
messy - smut
striptease - smut
switch - smut
count - smut
impatient - smut
yoga - smut
punishment - smut
virginity - smut
hurts - smut
too bratty - smut
this is called edging - smut
soft dom - smut
don’t you call me baby - angst
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skzkink · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
this is making my head spin oh my god
only thinking about fucking felix in a bath right now. his wet hair, the clothes sticking to his skin and the seductive look on his face.
UGH immediately joining him and he's trying to take his pants off while you're kissing him but he can't focus and the pants being wet doesn't help at all😭😭
you help him pull them down enough so you can grab ahold of his hard on and whilst holding onto to pearls for leverage, slide down on him. he bites his lip trying to hold back those cute whines hnnnnggg
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kinanabinks · a month ago
Baker!Steve x Mob!Reader
Series Status: Ongoing
Series Summary: Steve is the owner of the cute new bakery in town, and he's purer than anyone you've ever known. You can feel him melting your ice heart, but you don't mind a single bit.
Content Warning: Mob!Reader x Baker!Steve, Mob!Sam x Mob!Bucky, fluff, mature themes, flirting, soft!steve, violence, mention of weapons, organized crime, eventual smut (dom!reader x sub!steve, mommy kink, specific warnings in each part).
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
steve gets protective during a meeting
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multiqts · a month ago
Pairing: James Potter x non-gryffindor!fem!reader
Warnings: explicit content, bdsm, dom/sub themes, sub!james, dom!reader, masturbation, mommy kink, punishment, overstimulation, safeword use, subdrop
Word Count: 1.4k
Description: James acts out to get your attention but things don't work out as he planned.
Tumblr media
(not proof-read) smut under cut!
You had finally had enough of James's behavior. He had been disobeying you all day, and the worst part;
He was doing this all on purpose.
You know he was. James would always be your perfect angel until he wanted attention and with your alchemy assignment coming up, James had gotten everything but. You did feel bad but you had to prioritize the work since it was such a big part of you marks. Because of that, this week had been torture for James. During the day, he couldn't touch you because you were working. During the night he couldn't touch you because you were asleep or too tired to give him any of what he so desperately wanted. So halfway throughout the week, he made up his mind. if you weren't gonna pay attention to him when he was good, you were gonna pay attention to him when he was naughty. He asked you to meet him in his dorm so he could help you on the project. He knew you'd be on your way in a half hour so he put his plan into action. While you were putting all your things together to get to the room. Your darling boy way undressing himself from the waist down and laying down on his bed. The rest of the boys in his dorm would be at quidditch practice and would not return for another few hours. He laid down on the Gryffindor red sheets and gasped as his hand made contact with his needy cock. His hips barely thrusted into his palm as he tenderly made love to himself.
"Mummy" he whined into the air. Merlin, if only you had see him now so perfectly pathetic for you. He put his opposite habd over his mouth to stifle any other sounds he made. He was driving himself crazy with all the thoughts of what you would do to him when you found him. His hand was already beginning to stutter as it met his hips over and over again. You were only a mere feet away from the door as James pleasured himself. So close to his orgasm that all his senses were hyper-aware, he could hear your foot steps from across the room. You entered the room without knocking. project supplies in hand and came to see James teasing himself with his own hand. You quickly slammed the door with your own hand to make sure no one else saw James' little display.
"So this is how you're going to help me huh?" you dropped your things and stomped over to him.
"I've just been so needy mummy" James whined. He couldn't even make eye contact with you as his eye were draped shut. "You haven't tocuhed me all week I couldn't help it. I just wanted some attention."
"Aww you couldn't help it could you?" James shook his head vigurously. "Hm, I guess mummy has been a bit mean. You want me to touch you honey?" Your words were dripping with sickly sweet syrup. His eyes shot open and he nodded eagerly.
"More than anything!" he cried
"Mmm, ok" you hummed. Your hand slithered to his red hot tip. He groaned deeply as you slowly jerked him off. No one touched him like you. You were the only one who could make him lose his mind. An obscene moan fell out of his lips.
"Thank you mummy!" he panted again and again like a prayer. Your James was so perfect even when he was going against you. He was like a scene in an, albeit very explicit, painting. His back was beautifully arched and his soft lips parted as he shot out warm white spurts of cum onto his stomach and your hand. But, you didn't stop there. You were just getting started. You picked up the pace and continued to stroke James' thick cock. He moaned girlishly and his legs began to shake but he put up no fight. His soft panting and moans quicky turned into loud crying and whimpers.
"Y'know Jamie I went through a lot to get here. I had to sneak into the Gryffindor and then not get noticed walking into the boys' dorm. All to find you acting like a little slut fucking yourself on your bed." Even though James couldn't fully hear you, he still came from your coarse words. And again, you kept pushing. Poor James was so over-stimmulated but he had to be a good boy for you. Even when he was bratty, he loved to serve you.
"Yes, mommy I'm sorry for acting like a slut" he squeaked. He was so tired and his cock was
aching, but the last thing he wanted to do was dissapoint you. 'I was acting naughty to get mummy's attention. I wanted this. I deserve this.' He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice he was violently hyperventilating and sobbing hot tears that ran down his flushed cheeks. You however, you did notice. When you looked up to see him in this disheveled state, your face dropped from a smirk to a worried frown.
"What's your color James?" your tone was warm but stern. You knew he was in a vunerable state but you needed him to hear you.
"I-I'm sorry mummy" He panicked. "I asked for this! I was acting naughty- so naughty- on purpose! You just wanted to get your work done and I wouldn't let you!" He was sobbing and his words barely came together. You tried to give him a second to compose himself but that backfired. He just kept rambling "A-and now, I can't even take my punishment like a good boy. I'm just a useless slut." His voice was so broken and small as if he was trying to make it disappear; as if he was trying to make himself disappear. It broke your heart to see him like this. You quickly took you hand off of his soft member and scooted over to his wet face. You wiped away his still flowing tears.
"James" you sighed "you're not useless, you were just needy." You knew better than anyone that when he got to this point he was beyond reason but you still had to reassure him. "I love you James. Which is why I need you to tell me your color." James hesitated.
"Red" he hiccuped. You already knew the answer, but hearing him say it killed you. You moved over to grab your bag and James tried to hold you back.
"Please! Please! Don't leave!" he squealed "I can be good!" You immediately drew back to soothe him.
"Shh, Shh James I'm not leaving." He looked up at you with glassy eyes. "I'm sorry I scared you darling I'm just going to get you some water and something to clean you up."
"Promise?" He said with staggered breath
"Promise." you smiled. He nodded and you walked over to your bag. You grabbed your wand and apparated a glass of water next on his desk along with a warm wet rag to wipe him down. You took he water from the nightstand and brought it to James' lips. "Drink." you commanded softly. Quiet gulps followed as James headed your order. "That's a good boy." you praised sweetly. A shudder ran up James' spine. Good boy. That's all he wanted to be. Once James finished the glass you put it back to the side and wiped James' sweaty, soaked body. Once that was completed you snuggled up to him and covered his still exposed lower half with a blanket. "James, look at me." The boy did as you asked. "It doesn't matter how bad you think you're being. I don't want you to be scared of using your safeword okay?" He nodded and hiccuped again. Even though you took this whole time to calm him down, the tears came back.
"I'm sorry mummy. L-let me make it up to you." He still didn't quite understand. He frantically tried to reach for your skirt, but your hands gently stopped him. He still weakly fought you as you held his hands in yours "No, James this isn't about me, and were not playing anymore today. I'm not mad or dissapointed. I just want you to take better care of yourself, just relax my sweet."
"Not mad?" his beatiful doe eyes stare at you.
"No, not at all" you smile. James sniffles and timidly curls up into you. You can feel his body get less tense as he breathes in your scent.
"I'm sorry Y/N" he tries to apologize. You let go of his hands and rub circles in the small of his back.
"You have nothing to apologize for cherub."
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