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#dom reader
haitanialex · 2 days ago
pairing ! Rindou Haitani x Reader
tags ! fluff then smut then angst, sub!rindou, femdom!reader, pegging, mentions of anal fingering + finger sucking + nipple play, calling the strap a dick, kinda childhood friends to lovers with a twist bc not really, unrequited love
words ! 1,2k
Tumblr media
Rindou Haitani has loved you ever since you two met as little kids.
It was Halloween, him and Ran went around the neighborhood to get the candy his big brother promised while also scaring a few children along the way to have a good laugh at their screams.
As the time passed, little Rindou realized it had been a long time since he heard Ran’s voice besides him, noticing his absence immediately and the uneasiness he felt from being alone sent shivers through his body. Walking around the streets trying to find his brother led to him getting lost. He was really scared. The darkness of the night didn’t help either, not to mention the spooky ambience of the last day of October adding to his paranoid state.
He sat down in the middle of an unknown sidewalk pressing his knees to his chest, hugging his own legs looking for some kind of comfort. Little hiccups left his lips as he started crying. He wasn’t used to being alone. Ran was always by his side–always–not being together made him feel empty, and he hated it. He felt helpless, afraid. What if I can’t find Ran? What if I never see him again? What if I have to be by myself forever? His little head was thinking so loudly he didn’t hear the hurried footsteps coming his way.
“Are you okay?” You flinched, startled, when the blonde child raised his head quickly, gasping at the sudden sound of your voice. His face was lit up by the streetlights letting you see his wet cheeks and teary eyes. A worried look plastered immediately all over your face, not only could you clearly see his red puffy eyes but he was trembling slightly too.
Kneeling down to his eye level you pulled your long sleeves to your hands and used them to carefully dry up his tear-stained face. “There”, you said with a tiny smile and Rindou just nodded as a way to thank you. He didn’t say a word, deciding to just observe you instead. You were wearing a vampire costume and there was a small basket on the floor with the shape of a pumpkin, filled to the brim with all kinds of candies that he assumed was yours. He didn’t know your name, never even seen you before and for some reason you just decided to come to his rescue.
“Why are you here alone?”
Alone? He hated that word, it made his chest tighten, made him feel like the air was being squeezed out of his lungs. I don’t want to be alone. Nononono. Rindou’s eyes watered once again and this time hugging his legs wasn’t enough to bring him comfort. He launched himself into you and you tenderly held him with open arms. No hesitation, no questions, no looks of pity–just a soothing smile and reassuring headpats that miraculously were able to give him back the air he was struggling to breath.
Rindou Haitani has loved you ever since then. You offered your hand to him that night and helped him find his brother. Not once did you let go of him. Even when your palms had been pressed against each other for so long they started sweating, you still didn’t let go.
Tumblr media
Many years have passed and your hands are still as gentle when you run your fingers through his purple locks, pulling on his strands with just the right amount of force to make his mouth open with the sweetest gasp.
Every time you have your hands on his body feels like a blessing. The way you grace them through his neck giving him goosebumps, the way you open his red bitten lips with your fingers to have him suck on them so eagerly, the way you push them into his hole so far inside afterwards and of course the way you interlock your hands with his when you pound his ass with your lubed up strap. Everything about you, every little thing you do turns his brain to mush.
“Fuuck! (n-name) please, please oh gOD-“ you were always so good to him. Always rearranged his insides just the way he liked it. Never neglected him, never denied him release, never made him drop a gout of sweat that wasn’t worth it.
Rindou’s legs squeezed your waist while both his arms wrapped around your neck, pulling you closer. His hot breath on the crook of your neck sent shivers down your spine as he repeated your name in between heavy sighs like a mantra. He could feel everything, your tongue on the spots on his neck you knew made him mewl, your fingers pinching his sensitive nipples, your hips slamming forcefully against his ass with every. single. thrust.
His crotch was entirely covered by the fluids squirting from his cock. He couldn’t stop leaking, not with how good your strap pumped into him so deeply. His already puffy hole wouldn’t stop clenching every time the tip of your plastic dick hit all the right spots, involuntarily sucking it even deeper into his insides.
“Look at you, always so pretty for me” you giggled slightly, setting aside with your fingers the strands of hair that sticked to Rindou’s forehead. “You look like you’re gonna break in my hands Rin, so fragile.”
The ardent blush spreading through his face made him lightheaded, half lidded eyes rolling back and basking in the pleasurable sensation of you ramming into him oh so roughly.
“T-There! Right there–ahH please!” Rindou was bawling, throat growing sore, dryer, by the moment and eyelids trimming with tears, “D-don- fuCk! Don’ care, I want it- oohhh please–want you s’bad!”
Rindou felt like he was going stupid. He could barely form coherent sentences anymore nor hear his own pitiful cries. His mind was filled with you and you only. You lips, your hands, your breasts, your neck, your thighs, your cunt, ugh your dick ♡. The only thing he remembered was your name.
(name). (name). (name). (name). (name). (name)
“I- I love you! (name), I love you s’much!”
How could he not love you? Ever since he met you you showed nothing but kindness to him. You’ve always treated him so good, making his heart skip a beat every time your hands laid on his body. You always touched him so gently, so softly and tenderly. That’s how he remembered you. That’s how you were.
You were always nice to him. So why? Why did you never stay for just a little longer? Why did you push him away so often? Why didn’t you ever say ‘I love you too’?
He always begged for you to do so, “nghh- (n-name)! Please say it back? Oh god- p-please?” but you never listened. Never said the words he actually needed to hear. Not even as he reached his orgasm again pleading and whining for you to hold him tightly, closer, closer, closer.
But its fine. It doesn’t matter how many times he has to cry out your name for you to hear him. It doesn’t matter how many times he has to beg on his knees for you to love him back. He will never stop, because he just doesn’t want to leave your side no matter what. After all, Rindou Haitani hates feeling alone.
Tumblr media
a/n ! ngl this was kinda rushed and idk if i really like it but idc bc rindou got me going crazy rn and im so sorry if i broke any hearts (no really)
© to @haitanialex on tumblr; do not copy, repost or steal
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melinerin · 2 days ago
𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑 𝖒𝖆𝖎𝖉 ; 𝘢 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘮𝘴 𝘥𝘶𝘵𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳𝘴, 𝘦𝘴𝘱𝘦𝘤𝘪𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘢 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘦𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘰𝘺𝘦𝘥 𝘪𝘯 𝘢 𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘴𝘦 𝘰𝘯 𝘥𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘤 𝘥𝘶𝘵𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘰𝘳 𝘢𝘴 𝘢 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘭 𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘢𝘯𝘵.
𝖙𝖜𝖔–𝖜𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖉 𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖗 ; 𝘢 𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘰𝘯 𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘥𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘣𝘢𝘳𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘴, 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘯 𝘢𝘨𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘱𝘦𝘳𝘯𝘢𝘵𝘶𝘳𝘢𝘭 (𝘪𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘱𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦) 𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘵𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘬𝘦𝘦𝘱 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮 𝘪𝘯 𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦.
dom!reader & sub!mitsuya
read at your own risk
Tumblr media
Mitsuya applied to work on your house as a personal maid since the payment is generous but from the moment Mitsuya came inside the manor owned by you, this man already sense an unexplainable aura and he wanted to run far away from your manor but he didn’t do it.
For some reason; being your personal maid have too many rules to even count but one most important is to not come inside your work room even if there is an emergency. Hence, began the work; cleaning your bedroom, keeping your garment clean and more.
Despite being your personal caretaker, Mitsuya never saw you. When he asked the other maid; they said he shouldn’t questions about you and that you are extremely busy person all the time. Until one fateful day, Mitsuya found himself inside your work room and saw something beyond human nature.
You have no other choice. You tell him everything about you and your line of work; who you are correctly. That you are a two–world dealer, someone dealing with many enigma creature lurking around behind human, to keep them in control.
You understand if Mitsuya wants to resign from being your personal maid (you would too, honestly) but Mitsuya keep working as your maid even when he genuinely terrified and scared because of your “client” in your work room, and this opened a new world for him; a world of beyond human.
Working as your personal maid is fine (aside from all the paranormal and supernatural creature; one time Mitsuya faint when he saw a man without head pass by him) but you are a huge distraction for him. How can he focus cleaning when you look too good in your formal attire? And when you loosen down your tie or when you’re serious focusing on your work.
Soon, Mitsuya found himself daydreaming about you everytime and everyday; wondering how it is if you tied him up with your tie, Mitsuya quite sure you are gentle lover because you exude a friendly aura. Dreaming about being underneath you while you touch him with nothing but lust (very unprofessional of him).
Mitsuya accidentally said it out loud that he wants to be your personal stress–reliever.
Tumblr media
Reason on how Mitsuya Takashi found himself in this indecent stance with you; bending over your table inside the work room with no mind of anything while you pounding him silly (relieving your pent–up stress).
How long have it been with you inside this room and in this position? Mitsuya laughed at himself; you are dealing with unfathomable creature everyday, how can he came to a conclusion that you are going to be gentle when you undoubtedly have a repressed tension for a long time. But you fuck him so good— his whole body is being use for nothing but your own personal doll.
“mmh— hah,”
Mitsuya held the furniture for his dear life, with his frame moving back and forth because of your unrestrained thrust from behind. He erupted a moan as he clenched his hands when you slammed into him, Mitsuya don’t want to stop from feelings you deep inside him.
You bent down; pressing your chest against Mitsuya arched back as you messed with his pink nipples, leaving kisses on him. “Do you like it, Takashi? Being my personal stress–reliever? Do you like being my sex toy?” You taunted him with your questions, your hand made it way teasingly onto his cock and gently stroked it.
Mitsuya gasped from the sudden contact on his sensitive area, “y–yes, ah!” your once gentle stroke now full–on jerking him in your hand, causing him to abruptly quivered and mewled. “ngh— (name),” he can’t see you, while his body exposed for you to see.
Mitsuya cried out your name when you purposely pick up your pace drilling into him and pumping him at the very same time— but his tears only brought pleasure to you, his body wrecked and ruined because of you and it fueled your ego more.
Tainting his crimson red face with drool and tears, his hole squeezed you when he felt the heat on his lower stomach tighten. His moan become desperate and body shivered from the intense stimulation. With breathy voice, he asked politely, “c–can I cum?”
“Already? You’re so easy, Takashi. But you have been nothing but good to me, go on.”
“a–ah! hah ~ ♡” From your own sentence and praise; Mitsuya’s cock squelched and stained the table with the white liquid discharged from him causing you to cooed at the sticky feelings on your palm.
But you keep moving, not stopping your thrust. Savouring all Mitsuya’s cry and plead, basking in his overstimulation. You are going to ruin him; making him can’t work and stay in bed, in your bed —
“h–hah, t–too much—”
You traced the love–bite on him, “you know you want it, you weren’t least shame when you said you want to be my stress–reliever.” Going in and out from him; his hole take you very well and those small whimper and moan, leaving you in trance. You leaned down and whispered, “Takashi, you don’t want me to have another stress–reliever, don’t you.” Mitsuya’s eyes shone with tears; soaking down his burning face, pre–cum seeping out and body twitched from the sultriness.
Truly, a bless; Mitsuya. He came at the time when you need him the most; since you have to deal with your client that said his soulmate come back (you are hoping the soulmate understand the danger and leave him sooner). Apparently, there’s a powerful sorcerer going around making trouble and messing with another creature — too many work to keep them in line.
Mitsuya shook his head, “n–no, hmm— only me,”
“Don’t worry, only you.” You showed Mitsuya; only him all night long. And by end of the intimacy, you pampered and spoiled him in your bedroom.
The next morning; Mitsuya wake and saw you wearing a tie, immediately he remembered that he’s still a worker. With swift movement, Mitsuya stood out from your bed but— as soon as he stood; his whole body limping away and there is small ache on his lower frame. You really don’t lie when you said you’re going to keep him in your bed.
You chuckled, “take a rest.” You walked to him and gently pushed him down onto the bed, Mitsuya brings his hand to your tie; tying it up for you. You smiled; this is very domestic.
“I will wait for you in bed,” your heart immediately melted and Mitsuya can simply blushed from how you looked at him, you look so good in your formal attire.
He’s going to be your huge distraction.
Tumblr media
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devildomsgod · a day ago
Tumblr media
gn!reader x Belphegor
Smut; soft sex with Belphegor after spoiling him for a week
Sub!Belphegor, soft sex
Tumblr media
"My pretty boy," you grin while running your hand over the fluffy sweater on Belphegor's chest, slowly pushing him towards the bed.
His eyes are wider than usual, lips caught between his teeth while he lets you guide him onto the soft mattress. He already feels the forming sweat soak the newly bought sweater, a shiver trailing over his spine as it presses into the soft sheets. The flowers you gifted him at the beginning of the week sit in the corner of Belphegor's vision, a bursting of butterflies adding to the tingles under his skin.
He feels different, his mind too fuzzy with love and gratitude to put up rebellion against your gentle fingers curling under the waistband of his jeans to pull them off. Belphie even moans softly, showing you how much he's enjoying the attention, something he usually stops himself from doing.
"Will you let me fuck you, baby?"
Belphegor closes his eyes as your breath fans over his hard cock, nodding rustling his hair over the pillow.
"Can you say it for me?"
"Y-yes-" Belphegor gasps as your finger trails from the head of his cock, teasingly to his hole, rubbing over it, "please fuck me, Y/n."
His voice is so soft it makes you melt while smearing the previously prepared lube over your fingers. You can't help but smirk as you slide your digits into him, enjoying the demon's squirming and small moans all while he hides his shy blushing face behind shaking hands, so unusual for himself.
You pull those defensive fingers from Belphie's face while slowly thrusting into him. His cheeks are burning red, expression wrapped in a thick layer of pleasure. Your cock reaches deep into him as you bottom out, stretching his insides to fit your shape.
Belphie wraps his shaky thighs around your hips, subtly arching his back while reaching his hands behind you, holding onto you dearly. You spare a hand from holding yourself up to brush a strand of hair from his face, lovingly smiling at the blissed-out boy before leaning down to leave a hot kiss on his waiting lips.
Your hips finally begin thrusting, keeping a soft pace, to not disturb Belphegor's cute moans and his adorable gestures as he lets himself fully fall into pleasure with you.
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prinvil · 2 days ago
speaking of corruption kinks, idk what it is but I have a huge thing for corrupting aizawa and taking his virginity. like ok he’s a 30-something professor at college, I’m idk maybe a student (adult obvi), a flirty receptionist, another professor, whatever. But just imagine walking into his office during his out of hours, his break time, just to ask a quick question, no biggie. And then you just see him, cock out, stroking it along his untouched dick, staring intently of a photograph of you, gasping, moaning, dirty talkin’. Then he sees you and before he can tuck it back in his pants, you just pounce on him, kissing him with tongue, telling him how bad it is to be stroking himself to a student/colleague and just the way he attempts to kiss, how he hisses when you grab his length, ‘oh are you virgin sensei?’ and then just absolutely ruining him. ‘is shouta a lil fucking virgin??’ ‘Stroking his big fat cock to a picture of some girl he doesn’t even have the guts to talk to, Awh’ ‘want me to help you? yeah?? want me to keep playing with your virgin dick?’ ‘hmm.. why’re you so quiet now? were awful talkative about ruinin’ my lil cunt earlier’ ‘how’s ‘bout you help me with a lil problem, hmm?? good boy, just fill it in right there, yeah there, make sure I get A’s in all my classes and I’ll keep stroking you’ ‘awh you came so quick, you’re no fun sensei, what? don’t you want more? you’re the one that was cumming to me sho~’
um—um yeah y-
“d’ya like ‘em, sir?” breaks through his haze of seeing the full expanse of your thighs. the same ones that have teased him with skirts much too short in the summer and tights that turned white during winter. he doesn’t even know what to do, one look and his hearing left him for a moment, but it’s clear in your mannerisms you don’t mind much. “y’should know i wear panties like these everyday. always that about how you’d react if ya saw them… but now i see why that might not be a good idea in public.”
you’re such a fucking tease for that. taunting him with your ass set on the edge of his desk, in between his splayed legs and the hem of your flimsy skirt between your slender fingers. he swears he sees you shake you hips, or maybe rub your thighs together, but both of those thoughts are swept away easily at the sound of your voice once again.
“—ell on you,” he jerks back in his seat, suddenly aware of the limited space between you that he was eating away at in attempts to see the little words written over your soft looking mound. dark eyes dart to yours and the smile covering the lower half of your face makes his hair stand on end. “but that’d just be bad manners, huh?” he chooses to analyze your face before nodding slowly, trying to keep up in this one sided conversation. to get the ball back in his corner in refute of your smart mouth. “like you panting like a puppy over my pictures? you think that’s model worthy of this institution?” your brow raises as you say this, eyes pointedly raking over to the disheveled state he was in, and his heart drops. he has no say in how you conduct yourself looking as he does currently.
he knows this is bad, there’s no other way to put it. you’re the judge, jury, and executioner, and he holds his breath in anticipation for your verdict.
your weight settling over his thigh is the last this he expects. even less the way you pull the crotch away from your conservative underwear, to—oh. you’re hot, and pulsing, and it feels, damp somehow, even though tightly woven fabric. your thigh is pressed so heavily against him now, it takes all of his power to not make a peep. your chest presses against his as you sling your arms around his shoulders, playing with the hair at his nape, pulling and huffing lightly at his small gasp. you’re so much bolder than he imagined, but then again, he didn’t think that this would go this way.
“pull your dick back out, sir,” you whisper into his neck, spitting the last word at him as a means to assert the balanced power here. “i’m gonna tell you how to get yourself off, and with me here, you’re not gonna need this silly pictures, hm?” you nod until he nods also, smiling at him brightly as he does. “then, we’re gonna discuss how you’re gonna make it up to me, ‘kay?” he nods again, more understanding this time. “use your words.”
his throat clicks as he swallows, finding his voice that left him to long ago. “y-yes.” aizawa’s cheek jerks at your palm as it makes contact with his face in pats that feel pitying somehow.
“good boy, now…” you rolled your hips deeper into him, thigh pressing against his erection that never flagged once, “didn’t you say you wanted to see how much of you i could take earlier? mhm, you did, you’ve got a dirty mouth, said “you’re a good little thing, takin’ all’a my cock.” now i want you to imagine me really doin’ it… wait—did you whimper? just from thinkin’ about it?”
he’s so embarrassed from the breathy quality of his voice as he whispers yes, but the joyous smile from you is blinding. “you’re a virgin.” he’s not sure if he should be telling you that, because it didn’t sound like a question, but the way your eyes gleam makes him more aware of everything, of the easy power you hold over him. his dick twitches again at the rouge thought and this time your eyes catch it, and the smile turns sharp. “oh my little shouta…”
“do it again… this time, louder for me,” he’s under your control, repeating his earlier actions with only a shred of apprehension in his mind. he whines this time, louder as he turns and presses his lips to your cheek. bold, but he can’t help it. “good boy, oh—slow down, want you in commission for later. now… what else do you think about me? tell me, use your words and i’ll let you cum.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jinjitooo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
i keep dying hi im back!! anyway feminizing sub!sugawara..
warnings: dacryphilia, cnc, sub/dom dynamics, sub!sugawara, overstimulation, edging, punishment
he yelped as your cock slid in and out of him, you stared at his tits, looking at the lacey lingerie he decided to buy without your knowledge.
“if you wouldve let me know, you wouldn’t be in this situation, now would you, koushi?” you said with the worst shit eating grin he’s ever seen, he’s never been bad to you.
why didn’t he just tell you?
“im sorry, im- s-hic! sorry!!” he sobbed out, feeling you hit his spot head-on.
the cock ring kept him from cumming, youd been edging him for hours..
“look at this pussy, all needy for me. my dick is in your womb, you feel that, princess?” you said, grabbing his hair and forcing him to stare down at his pussy.
he shook his head, “im not a girl!! that- that’s my cock!! you’re- you- you’re in my ass, not-“ he looked back up at you, which resulted in you backhanding his face.
he yelped loudly, sobbing and begging through moans.
“please, please- pleashe.. let me cUm! it hurts!!” he yelled out, arching his back and crying his bitch tears.
you took the cock ring off, grabbing his hips and slamming roughly into his prostate. his eyes widened and you grabbed his face, squishing his cheeks slightly and forcing him to stare at you in the eye. you were groaning and he was sobbing, so so close.
let him cum!
he needs it! :(
he thought, though he didn’t realize he said those words out loud, he was in a haze!
you began to stroke his cock, making him yelp.
“master, im sorry!!”
and with those words said, he came on your hand.
he pushed against your chest when your thrusts didn’t falter, and your stroking on his dick only became rougher and faster.
you glided your hand over the tip, making him sob out, the mascara he wore for you sliding down his face.
he pushed harder, blabbles of “no”, “please”, we’re heard throughout the room.
he came again, back arching and voice cracking as he moaned.
“i cant- i cant cum anym-ore!!” he moaned through gasps for air and tightened around your cock, making you groan loudly and cum into his pussy.
“gonna have my babies, koushi. you’re gonna get pregnant and have my babies, yeah? aren’t you, you pretty fucking slut.” you began to thrust again, ignoring the overstimulation that followed.
his tong lolled out of his mouth, spit and tears mixing.
“you’re so fucking gross, koushi. look at you, you gross bitch.” you degraded, leaning down and biting his shoulder.
and with that, he came again, a sad excuse for cum coming out of his tortured tip.
you pulled out of him; leaning back and pulling him above you by his hair, making him wince.
you sat up on your elbows, pushing his head down to your large cock.
“suck my cock, wont you?” you slyly spoke, a silk in your voice.
he licked up the underside, moving up to the top slowly, sticking his tongue out and kitten licking the tip.
he slowly sunk his mouth down your cock, coming back up and sucking it roughly, knowing that’s how you preferred it.
“atta girl,” you said, placing your hand on the back of his head and grabbing his messy yet soft hair roughly, forcing him to suck your cock deeper.
he gagged when it hit the back of his throat, moaning at the nickname and thrusting his hips up into nothing.
he could barely breathe, scratching at your thighs as his eyes rolled back, pleasure coming from just sucking your cock.
you pushed his head all the way down, cumming into his mouth with a loud groan.
he kept it in his mouth, pulling off of your cock with a pop.
he looked up at you, waiting for your order.
he swallowed and kissed up your legs, resting his head on your thigh. “im sorry, thank you, im sorry”’s left his mouth and he praised you.
you picked him up, bringing him to the bathroom and running some water. you washed his face with a wet cloth in the meantime, also wiping off some of the remains on his stomach.
you placed him in the bath once it was warm enough, caressing his beautiful face!
he was still shaking, as soon as you sat him down in the tub and sat next to it, his arms wrapped around your neck.
though they were wet (and your shoulders were now too), you didn’t mind.
you hugged him back, whispering praises into his ear.
“you did so good, baby.” “im so proud of you,” “you’re amazing beautiful” and sweet little nothings were all he heard, he sighed lovingly and pulled away from you.
“did i go too rough?” you grabbed the body wash, placing some on your hand and washing him mindlessly, more or so focused on whether he was okay or not.
“no, no, of course not!” he said with a slightly laugh, his voice slightly raspy from how loud he was.
you grabbed conditioner, knowing his routine since you did it wrong ONCE during aftercare, he was “angry” with you.
you laughed and washed out the conditioner, talking to him sweetly.
after the bath was done and he was all washed and comfortable, you picked him up and put his clothes on for him, knowing he was extremely tired.
sweatpants and a loose shirt! he was so comfortable!!
you kissed him softly and led him to the bed, he rubbed his eyes as you two laid down on the soft queen bed.
you placed the blanket over him, knowing he’s usually cold!
he leaning closer to you, placing a leg over your legs and snuggling up to your chest.
“i love you so much, baby, you did amazing.” you sweetly said, your voice only filled with love and silk.
“i love you too, angel. thank you..” he softly said, slowly dozing off in your arms.
god how you two were in love <3…
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bangtanflirt · a day ago
Ruin Me, Pretty Please? (Part 5)
Pairings: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader
Summary: Jeon Jungkook is the campus’s it-boy. Y/N is a socially anxious recluse. When Jungkook accidentally witnesses Y/N’s sexually sadistic nature, it awakens a new side of him.
Part 1 > Part 2 > Part 3 > Part 4
Warnings: dom/sub dynamics, female domination, jealousy, insinuation of orgasm control, mentions of pegging and gagging on a strap-on, humiliation, and degradation, angst, social anxiety
“I can only cum when Y/N gives me permission.”
What. The. Fuck.
It’s your turn to be frozen in place now—a turn of tables from what happened at the lab.
Your palms are getting clammy and you can feel your heart drop to your stomach.
“Y/N? Who’s that?”
Blondie’s face twists in annoyance upon hearing another woman’s name in such a moment.
Jungkook looks at her once again, eyes now filled with an icy indifference.
“I’m not in the mood anymore.” He declares as nonchalantly as humanly possible.
“W-what? Did I do som—”
“Bye Mina.”
He glares at the poor girl, giving her a clear command without using any further words. She stumbles off him, adjusting her hair and skirt before half-walking, half-running out of the library.
Your heart aches for her, and you can’t help but feel guilty since this whole thing seems to be orchestrated to get your attention. The least you can do is not give in, so you turn on your heels and make a beeline for the exit.
You’ve made it to the parking lot when the heavy footsteps and calling of your name catch up to you.
“Leave me alone, Jungkook.” Your tone is as harsh as his was a couple minutes ago. 
“Y/N, please.”
“No Jungkook! Are you insane?!” Rage boils inside of you, “Last time you tried to talk to me in front of other people, the whole school wouldn’t stop staring at me for days! You know how I get around crowds, but you don’t give a fuck as long as you get what you want, right? Now that girl’s going to repeat what you said to the entire campus and I’ll never live it down! Get away from me.” 
You’re yelling without even realizing, too overwhelmed with processing everything.
He just stands there, like a golden retriever being reprimanded, with tears threatening to spill from the corner of those big, brown eyes. The sight makes your heart drop for a second.
Snap out of it Y/N. He’s trouble.
He starts speaking in the meekest voice you’ve heard from anyone--including your subs’.
“She won’t, I promise. No one ever talks when I turn them down…she’ll just lie and tell everyone we did it like all the other girls do.”
He pauses to wipe away the almost-tears. 
“I just wanted to get your attention. You’ve been acting like I don’t exist after that day, and it’s so frustrating because I can’t stop thinking about you.” He exasperatedly runs his hand through his hair, eyes begging you to say something.
Your brain, however, is too frozen to get words out. Maybe it’s the way the streetlights are shining on him in the dark parking lot, or how his voice and demeanor is so vulnerable, but it all feels too intimate. Before you realize, the distraught man is nuzzling into your neck, sniffling while pouring out his heart against your skin.
“I know what you think of me, and I know I haven’t given you reason to think otherwise. But there’s more. There’s more and I need someone…no…I need you to see it.”
So there you stand, holding the captain of the baseball team in your embrace, realizing that you do want to see more sides of him. ___
“I want to make Jungkook my sub.”
Your words cut through the peaceful silence, replacing the air with tension. You feel Jimin’s muscles tighten under your palm as you apply the healing balm on his body. You try to message it in more tactfully, but the tightness is still there.
“Jimin, say something.”
“Sorry-um-my joints were hurting so I wasn’t focusing…” 
You suspect his reasoning, but don’t prod further.
“Do you still want me? Or do you just want him?” He tries to make the question sound casual and non-attached.
You frown. No matter how many times you tell Jimin you won’t drop him so easily, his insecurities never seem to subside.
“I want both of you. Is that okay?”
No, Jimin thinks to himself. He doesn’t want to share you with anyone—let alone the infamous Jeon Jungkook.
“Of course.” He chokes out.
You finish rubbing the balm, and bring the man into your arms, caressing his back gently.
“This doesn’t change us Jimin. We’ve done this before, with Baekhyun. It’s just like that again.”
Yeah. Just like that. Except he wasn’t in love with you back then.
“I’m tired.” That’s all he says before nuzzling his face into your chest and letting exhaustion knock him out. ___
You wake up to an empty bed. Jimin isn’t ever the one to break from your embrace first, so this is new to you. You make a mental note to check up on him, not wanting to jeopardize a good thing with poor communication.
But, as it turns out, you don’t have to. Because Jimin is shuffling into the bedroom with a cherubic grin and a tray-table in hand. The table has a stack of waffles with fresh cut strawberries on the side, making your mouth water at the sight. He presents the food in front of you and holds in his breath for approval.
“Okay which one of my non-existent pets did you accidentally run over?”
He rolls his eyes and snorts at your remark.
“Is it that hard to believe I wanted to make you breakfast?”
“Yes Jimin. It is. Because you” 
You wiggle an accusatory finger at him for emphasis,
“are a brat.”
He throws his head back, filling the room with sweet laughter.
“Well, I can be nice sometimes. Maybe if I feel charitable again, I’ll get you furniture that doesn’t make you seem like you’re seventy-six with three cats.”
You throw your pillow over the table, skillfully avoiding the food and aiming straight for the snarky man on the other side of it.
You two bicker back and forth while you stuff your face in maple-syrup covered goodness. The fact that it’s Saturday lets you enjoy the lazy morning together without worry of classes. You’re not sure what happened between the Jimin from last night and the one right now, but you chalk it up to him getting fully out of sub-space. If it’s anything more than that, you won’t know until he’s ready to tell you.
Jimin gulps, blood rushing to his dick like he’s Pavlov’s dog.
“Minnie, are you still sore from last night? Or can you play with me a little more?”
It’s downright sinful how innocently you ask him these things.
“I, uh, I—yes. I can play.” 
Like a true sadist, your eyes glimmer with mischief at his words.
“Really? You can? Are you sure you’re not too sore from yesterday? We did a lot of things…can you remind me of everything we did again?”
Fuck. You were going to make him say all of it.
“You,” he took a shaky gulp, “fucked me with the blue strap-on. You bent me over the bed and fucked me into the pillow. Y-you,” his cheeks and ears start glowing red, “made me choke on the strap-on after.”
“Go on, Minnie. What else?”
“Uhm, I edged myself for you.”
“And what did you say when you were edging?”
Jimin refuses to look anywhere near you now.
“I said I was your bitch.” His heart races as the words spill from his lips. The humiliation almost paralyzes him, but he can’t help but crave it.
You admire how delicious he looks when he’s squirming: Park Jimin is always a pleasure to torture.
“Good boy. I think you deserve a treat for being so good, Minnie. Would you li--” 
Your offer is cut short by the doorbell.
“Be naked and spread on the bed by the time I get back.”
Jimin jumps into action at the order.
You’re not expecting anyone, but your parents do like to send the occasionally gift to your door.
You make your way to the door, opening it and naturally looking down to expect a package. But what you see instead are shoes. Chunky black combat boots to be more specific--and a man attached to them.
“Hey Y/N…Sana told me your address…”
Ah yes, Sana, the girl you partnered with for that presentation you completely butchered.
“I’m sorry for showing up unannounced, but you left without saying anything at the parking lot…and I’ve never acted that way in front of anyone before. I was worried I scared you off.” The fear in his voice is evident.
“Can I please come in?”
Sorry again for the delay! College is hard.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kinktober day 25: frott/age: Mammon and Solomon
Mammon had whined about you giving too much attention to Solomon, so you came up with a solution, you’d give them the same amount of attention in front of each other.
You made Solomon straddle Mammon and pressed their arousals together, stroking them lightly. Mammon openly whined while Solomon gave a few soft grunts. Mammon couldn’t stay still and started thrusting into your hand. “H-human, please more!”
You hum in acknowledgment, quickening your hands, giving soft squeezes when you got towards the tips. “You like that, boys?” You purr out, seeing the cute looks on Mammon’s and Solomon’s faces as they writhed in pleasure.
Mammon unsurprisingly came first, you used the cum as lube to make the movements easier, Solomon keened, thrusting into your hand desperately to chase his own release.
Mammon whined, wincing at the overstimulation. He helped you pump their cocks, excitedly. Mammon is such a damn masochist. Solomon moaned, Cumming into your hand, he was left panting and whines when you two didn’t stop.
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sleepiebeauties · a day ago
Trey’s Birthday Present
Tumblr media
Trey Clover x Female Reader
Warnings:: Sub Trey, soft dom! reader, pegging, clones
𝐓𝐫𝐞𝐲’𝐬 𝐁𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭
Trey walked towards your room. After you told him you would give him his birthday present when he arrived at your room in Ramshakle Dorm. And so that's what he did.
When he entered the Dorm, he noticed that neither the ghosts nor Grim were there. It looked like probably the only person who would be inside was you. Now all I was talking about was crossing the hall and knocking on your bedroom door.
Standing in front of the door of said room, Trey gently knocked three times on the door. A few seconds later, he heard footsteps echoing and approaching the door. The handle turned, and the door opened, revealing you in your school uniform dressed except for the coat.
With a smile, you said. "Hi, Trey. I'm happy that you arrived. Please enter!" you walked away to let him in. When he walked in, his eyes widened as you closed the bedroom door.
Sitting on the bed, you were looking at him with a curious little smile.
Surprised, he looked back to see you still at the door with a smile on your face. Then he looked again at the you who was on the bed. There were two of you in the room. His eyes weren't playing tricks on him. 
"(Y-Y/N), what are you planning to do?" he asked with a drop of sweat falling down his face as he gulped in hopes that his amusement and excitement weren't very noticeable. Both of you approached him, you#1 putting your hands on his shoulders and you blew in his ear making him shiver. You #2 hugged his waist, bringing their faces closer. The red on his face darkened, and his glasses went down a little. The corners of his mouth twitch.
"Well, what do you think I'm planning?" to you behind him spoke.
"As you can see, I plan on giving you twice the fun on your birthday. If you don't mind, of course."
"Of course, I don't mind. After all, you did it thinking of me, right? If it's a gift from you, I'll always accept it."
That was all the confirmation the two of you needed before you jumped into bed, your straps tied around your waist and your skirts discarded on the floor. Trey was sitting on your#2 thighs, the strap deep inside him. Holding him gently, you#2 moved inside him while you#1 kissed him fervently, occasionally pulling apart for breath but quickly resealing them.
While his prostate was being constantly hit by the strap, his front was being wrapped in pleasure. You wrap your tongue around his as you tighten around him and move up and down at a swift pace. You#2 sucked his neck and played with one of his nipples.
He could feel himself cumming, but before he could, you lifted yourself off of him and quickly strapped the fake dick and harness around your hips. Helping the position so he wouldn't hurt himself and guided his mouth to your strap and made him suck it, his mouth working rhythmically to the pace that you#2 was going.
"Nee Trey, go slowly otherwise you'll choke. But be sure to take everything in so you can take this one too. Though I doubt you'll need anymore stretching," you locked eyes with your clone "after all, you're already taking "my" second strap completely."
Both of you laughed. A gagged sound came from below you, Trey wanted to laugh too but couldn't with his mouth full. He felt himself close again, but once again, you denied him. You#2 took the strap out of him making his hole clench around nothing as if begging to be fille dup again. Fortunately, you weren't going to leave him empty for long.
He let his back hit the soft fabric of the couch. You rested your palms against his hips and bring him towards your strap and insert yourself in one go. Wet sounds followed each of your movements against each other. 
You smirked. Of course, your clone knew exactly what to do to stretch him nicely. Now you just needed to make him cum. 
You lean down and take his nipple into your mouth and bit and suck living light bite marks around it. Your clone tilted his head to the side and kissed him, swallowing down his moans. He grabbed the back of your clone's head as if to prevent any retraction movements.
With one final hard push, he was cumming against his stomach, and his moans gulped up by the clone's mouth. You#2 let go of his lips as he let out a blissful breath with closed eyes. He only opened them again when he felt your hand caressing his face.
"You like happy right now," you said with a small.
Still taking deep breathes, he stared at you with flushed cheeks, "You gave the best present I could ask for. Of course, I'm happy. But I have a question. Where is the second you?"
When he looked to his side, he didn't see the other you there. "Oh, I searched in the library how to make a clone of myself. It said the clone would disappear once it fulfilled the purpose it was created to do."
Gently guiding his face in your direction, you kissed his lips tenderly.
"Happy Birthday, Trey."
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thirsty-lu · 2 days ago
Making a big and smart man crumble until the only thing he wants in his world is your pleasure.
A big and smart man that ended being your personal himbo for everything, he doesn't want to think anymore he just wants your happines.
Converting him into your slut
Mans that i think would end like this
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𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: diluc, kaeya, zhongli, childe, dainsleif, tohma/thoma, ayato
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: He wants to indulge in youーsavor the feeling of being so intimately joined with you like this. Whether it is through loving kisses or frenzied thrusts, he'll selfishly indulge in your bare body.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠(𝐬): mentions of both dom and sub reader, creampie, rough sex, counter sex, servicing ( giving ), oral ( giving and receiving ), praising ( giving ), cockwarming, cosplay, rough sex, thigh-fucking, morning sex, size kink, semi-public sex, degradation, edging, temperature play, dumbification, sensual deprivation, spanking, dacryphilia, fingering, praising, breeding/cumming inside, office sex, primal kink, marking, oral (receiving and giving ), love-making, overstimulation, jealous/possessive sex, knife play, clothed/partly clothed sex, kissing, praise kink, hand-holding, role reversal, riding ( sex position), puppy play, cock stepping, nipple play, mutual masturbation, multiple rounds, hair-pulling, bondage, after-training sex, stand and carry.
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫: gender-neutral ( mentions of afab reader )
𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠: earned it ー the weekend ( slowed )
basically genshin men kinks and what they're into
also this is a pretty long post and it took a while to make, so i hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
nsfw below!
counter sex
Diluc will sometimes take shifts at Angel's Share when there's a need for an extra bartender that night, or if he's in the mood to just do it. Of curse, he isn't all too comfortable with the aroma of alcohol wafting through, and his imbecile of a brother Kaeya, but when you drop by, it makes his nights much more bearable. He'll be soaking up your perky words while dishing out alcohol-filled mugs.
So when it's just the two of you, and whether or not you or he initiates it, Diluc will have you sat atop the counter edge, his hips gently meeting yours. He'll hold you gingerly close to him, pressing butterfly kisses to your shoulder and letting out heated groans as your tight hole grips down on his cock.
servicing ( giving )
Diluc has been alone for so so long, not having anyone to truly rely on or go-to for comfort. But now that he has you, even if he doesn't visibly show it, he's just so damn happy. And he shows it through his actions, with how he's so eager to provide you with what you need and/or want during sex. Whether you want him to try out different positions, or whether you want him to speed up, he'll adhere to it.
As for aftercare, Diluc will fetch anything that you ask, since he feels guilty about pushing you so far. He presses constant kisses to your cheeks, rubbing soothing circles to your hips, and if you ask, he'll prepare a bath for you and wash down your body for you.
oral ( giving )
The redhead has a fixation with having his mouth attached to your quivering sex, and constantly brings you to an orgasm, all while gently gazing up into your eyes. Based on your reactions, he'll fix his tongue and/or fingers into a different area inside of your tight hole, working to find what makes you unravel. When Diluc finds it, he'll press into it over and over, watching as you cry out in pleasure.
Diluc doesn't mind it when you cum into his mouth, whether it be accidental or on purpose, he won't ever hold it against you. The man is practically whipped for you, so he doesn't mind swallowing and remarking how tasty it was.
praising ( giving )
Diluc is such a softie for you, and although he isn't a man that isn't too big on words, he'll spare you some of his more honeyed and sweet words. The redhead may not know how exactly to praise you, but he's doing his best so hush. It honestly starts out a bit stiff, but the more you two have sex, the more comfortable he gets.
He'll praise you on nearly anything, his soft husky whispers filling your ears as yet another kiss is pressed to your warming forehead. After you've cum into his waiting mouth, he'll gently tell you that you did a good job and press a kiss to your inner thigh, or after you've simultaneously reached your peak with him, he'll gently smile as he brushes loose strands out of your eyes.
Since Diluc tends to be incredibly busy and very occupied with all of the work that comes with managing a winery, he rarely has time to even spend with you, much less have any intimate moments. But he does at least make some attempts, and you're honestly understanding, because hey, he needs to make his money's worth, and he has his own life too.
So when you offered to have him completely sheathed inside of you while he's working, he's of course flushed and silent, since he didn't expect you to suggest something like that. But he eventually concedes, and now he's barely able to concentrate on anything except for how tightly and how hot your walls are around his thick length. His gloved hand will grip your thigh tightly as an attempt to ground himself, but dear archons if you shift, a low groan will slip from his lips.
cosplay ( maid's dress )
Okay look, Diluc's just as embarrassed as you are with that maid's dress. He had to take a good moment before his poor fair face becomes nearly as red as his flaming hair. It doesn't help with how adorable you look, and oh dear god help him if you decide to call him master or sir, he's practically dying where he sits. You'll be able to see this once composed man become a frazzled mess. He'll stutter out that you look good and look cute.
He has you ride him if you decide to turn things more sexual just so he can see more of your cute outfit. If you tell him how embarrassing it is for him to stare, he'll apologize, but explain that you just look so good and he can't help but want to engrave the image into his mind.
rough sex
Poor Diluc, he's been pent up for so long and hasn't been able to properly let out all of his frustrations, that is until you came along and managed to unlock a whole other world for him. He makes sure that you want to do this, and that you're completely okay with it. Diluc's honestly such a sweetie in making sure of your sexual activity together.
He grips the bedsheets so damn hard when he's slamming into you with no restraint, and his teeth are gritting so much that his jaw will lock if he doesn't stop. All he can focus on in his frenzied state is how good your insides feel around his thick cock, so he'll keep going until he tires himself out, which could be a while.
thigh fucking
Honestly, this man hasn't been one to prioritize his sexual appetite, as he tends to ignore it altogether. So when the two of you started to become more sexual and intimate with your relationship, he's fumbling with what to do and how to do it properly without messing it up. So when you slip his throbbing erection out of his pants, he stops you and asks if he can fuck your thighs.
When he pushes the head past the fat of your thighs pushed together, he lets out pleasured sighs and groans, his pace ever slow as he enjoys how your thighs feel around his length. When he finally cums, Diluc is so dazed from the pleasure that he forgets to pull away and ends up cumming all over your inner thighs, soaking them with the hot milky liquid.
morning sex
Diluc rarely ever gets to spend time with you due to his ever-busy schedule, but he does his best to create small snippets of time just for the two of you, but even then that's not nearly enough time. But there's always the times at the quiet of nighttime and within the early hours of the morning where he can gently hold you close to him and inhale your smell.
When he finally slips his cock into you, he just moves his hips slowly and gently, wanting to savor this very feeling and this loving moment with you. Diluc will let you change the position, whether you want him to be on top, or vice versa, he'll do it. Either way, he spills himself inside of you when he reaches his peak and presses lazy kisses to your cheeks.
size kink
Diluc has been gifted with a rather generous size down below the belt buckle, so he has to take it slow with you so he doesn't accidentally hurt you during intercourse. So he feels guilty when he gets even more aroused when you struggle to take his thick cock all the way in, your whimpers become fuel for his already rising arousal.
It doesn't make it any better since you're just so goddamn tight and squeeze down on his throbbing length, making him hiss out in pleasure. If he's completely sheathed inside of your tight heat, and he just so happens to see a slight bulge in your stomach, he nearly cums on the spot.
semi-public sex
Look, Kaeya is always so damn horny over you, and he'll get random bouts of arousal throughout the day, and he has half a mind to pull you into a deserted alley and have his way with you. He has no shame whatsoever, and he'll gladly fuck you just out of eyeshot of where anyone could see you. You wouldn't want that, now would you bunny?
He'll warn you in a sing-song tone to keep quiet, unless, you want everyone to see how much of a pervert you really are. Kaeya will remark how lewd you are for enjoying getting bent over in near broad daylight, but he isn't one to talk; he's the one who initiated this. A harsh thrust to your spots shuts you up though.
He's such a stinky and mean bastard istg. Kaeya can be so mean during sex, calling you a filthy slut or whore, or even call you his personal cumdump, all while he's smirking down at you as you squirm helplessly under his directing gaze. You'd kick him if it weren't for the fact that his long fingers just pressed against your spot.
Even when he's thrusting into you and his hips are meeting your own, Kaeya's still calling you names and taunting you. He'll leer at you for squeezing down tighter when you've been degraded yet again and how perverted you are for enjoying something like this. He'll even comment in rather explicit detail on what'll entail next and how you'd better be prepared.
Again, the bastard is so mean during sex, so ofc he's going to edge the crap out of you. Whether it be when his mouth is latched on your sex, his fingers curled deep inside, or his long cock buried all the way, he's bound to do it at least once every few rounds, and he enjoys way more than he should.
You'll be so so close to orgasming, with Kaeya thrusting away into your tight hole, and just when you've about reached your peak, Kaeya just stops thrusting all together, his cock sitting still and snug within you. No matter if you cry or hiss at him for being an ass, he'll just grin and seemingly mock you for getting so desperate.
temperature play ( ice )
While Kaeya is a kinky mf, he'll actually wait on introducing you to using his Cryo vision, since he doesn't want to just rush into it. But he does start introducing the idea to you after a good amount of time and takes it pretty slow the first few times. He'll gently apply his cold fingers to all of your sensitive places, lightly putting pressure and watching your every reaction.
He does it when he's taking things at a more slowed but frisky pace, and usually has himself buried deep within your hole. He mostly applies the cold to your perky nipples, knowing how sensitive they are, and grinning as you squeal.
Kaeya's such a sadist and loves to see you cry out and writhe underneath him until you break, and he gains such pleasure from it all. He craves seeing you break and sob until you can barely form any coherent thoughts or words. The only thing you'll even be able to do is just focus on his cock bringing you to pleasure.
He'll practically turn you into a begging mess who wants nothing more than his fat cock buried deep within your tight walls, and wanting his cum to spill into you until there's no room left. Don't worry too much, he'll press kisses all over your cheeks for doing such a good job.
rough sex
Normally Kaeya likes to have slowed sex where he can fully savor and take advantage of each and every one of your pleasure points, but he'd also like it if he were able to slam himself into you without any restraint behind his actions. Even his patience has its limits too sweetheart. So you shouldn't be surprised when he starts to fuck you harder and more sloppily.
His pace has your eyes crossed and drool seeping out from the corners of your mouth. He'll usually have you bent over something, usually either his desk and your shared mattress. Either way, you'll have to deal with a very horny Kaeya, whose too busy pistoning his hips into you like a feral animal to even really taunt you.
sensual deprivation
Whether it be a blindfold across your dewy eyes or tight ropes that sting into your wrists when you struggle, Kaeya is bound to take away one of your senses when he feels like it. As stated above, he mostly seems to prefer taking your sight, that way you can't see what he'll do next, or tying up your hands, so you can't run away from the sensations.
Or, he could do them both at once, to further drive up your sensitivity and to see you unravel underneath him. It makes it even better for Kaeya, since not only can you not see what he's doing, but you're unable to resist or run away from the onslaught of pleasure he's giving you.
This one should be pretty obvious, considering how Kaeya loves it when you cry out for him, whether it be out in pleasure or in pain, and in this case, the latter. It's always when he's thrusting into you from behind, with your ass meeting his hips, and then before you can even acknowledge it, Kaeya's brought his hand down upon the fat of your ass, and he did it hard.
If he's feeling extra mean that day, he's bound to spank you more than just a couple of times. Kaeya will do it until your skin is reddened and sore, and if you've been bratty, in his head, he'll make you count how many times he does it until he feels satisfied enough.
There's just something about watching the way you sob and cry out as he fucks into you that gets Kaeya really going. It's probably because he's a stinky and mean sadist that loves seeing you writhe under him, but whatever. All the man knows is that he wants to see you sob and maybe even see some tears fall if he's feeling meaner today.
You don't even have to sob out of pain, it can be out of the onslaught of pleasure that Kaeya gives to you. Your nails will be tightly pressed into the skin of his back, and that's when he knows that soon, your tears will start to fall down like cute pretty pearls.
fingering ( giving )
When Kaeya slips his fingers into your tight and puckering hole, you know you're in for one hell of a good time. He's rather skilled with wriggling them around inside your tight heat and finding each of those spots that have you seeing stars quite efficiently and quickly. It's enough to have you cumming in mere minutes.
It makes it even worse when kaeya taunts you for how when he tries to pull the appendages out, your walls clamp down on them tightly as if it wants him to stay inside longer. And well, who is he to deny his pretty baby.
praising ( giving )
Zhongli is just so happy to be around you, and the words that he whispers during your sessions are some of the most genuine and heartfelt you could ever get from a person, much less a god. He gazes at you with the most heartfelt expression you can ever bring out of him, warmly smiling down as his hips slowly meet yours over and over.
He praises you for any little movement you make, any little noise or squeaks you make whilst he's splitting you open, and when he's not facing you, he's press kisses that feel like a crystalfly's wings brushing against your bare skin and whispers that sound like a siren's song.
breeding / cumming inside
Okay, so let's get the obvious out of the way; this man cums a lot like it makes you feel so damn full after only a couple of rounds with him. The milky pearly liquid gushes out in huge amounts, and always dribbles down your body, whether he came inside of your mouth or inside of your tight sex.
He doesn't mind starting a family with you, but make sure to have a proper talk with him beforehand, so the two of you can make some proper preparations beforehand. If you can't get pregnant because of biological reasons, or for medical reasons, he'll respect that, but otherwise likes cumming inside. The sight of his cum dribbling out of your hole does wonder for him.
office sex
Since Zhongli has become more integrated into human life, he has also become familiar with the concept of overtime and working well into the night. Now he understands why humans are always so damn exhausted. But what makes the tiring days better is when you occasionally drop by and spend time with him to brighten up his day.
He'll usually have his cock snug within your tight hole, only occasionally shifting when he needs to alleviate the numbness in his lower half, but all it does for you is press the head deeper into you, causing you to shudder with every movement he makes. If your voice raises in several octaves, he quietly warns you to keep quiet, lest one of his coworkers walks in.
As stated above, he's often incredibly busy, so he cannot entertain either of your sexual cravings as much as he would like to. But if you suggest cockwarming to him, he'll actually contemplate it, before agreeing, wanting to try it out as well and to satisfy both of your urges.
If he's gonna be honest, he actually enjoys this far more than what he thought he would. He's letting out deep, stuttered breaths as he savors your tight heat clenching tightly around his thick cock. It's honestly just that enjoyable for him since he just enjoys being so close and intimate with you.
size kink
Again, stating the very obvious, this man has a pretty big cock, like to the point of where it stretches you out so damn much and fills you all the way to the brim. It's for that reason that he has to take everything slow and finger you open sufficiently until he feels that you're ready.
Dear Lord help him because you're so damn tight around him, and it's practically melting him. He knows he should be more concerned with your cries, but his amber eyes are much too focused on the tummy bulge, where his cock is obviously sat snug. Just that sight alone is enough to rile him up even further.
primal play ( dragon )
However, don't think that Zhongli is just all prim and proper, he was once a dragon after all, and some of his more possessive behavior reflects that. He tends to keep it all under wraps, but with you, he lets loose and can show something somewhat similar to those dragons in the tales. His horns, both slender and long, and his thumping tail, are both similar colors to his long locks and stern eyes.
He does indeed have heat periods, though they don't happen quite often, they are rather intense and he becomes more rough and feral than he would normally ever be. Zhongli will leave bruising bites and hickies behind on your skin, and he'll be slamming into you like the feral animal he is. And he won't let you go for quite some time either.
marking ( geo sigil )
Again, this all ties into both his being an archon and a dragon, and it ends up spilling over into his daily life with you. Of course, he'll be sure to talk it all through with you and make sure that you're truly alright with receiving his mark on your body, and overall just getting your consent.
After all of that, he'll sit you on his lap, brushing any stray hairs away from it, before sinking his short fangs into your supple skin, and after a certain period, will pull away as the geo sigil on the small of your neck glows affirmatively, filling him with a sense of pride.
oral ( giving )
Another one who likes having his face buried between your legs, but honestly, just let him. He loves tasting your sweet release on his tongue, and even comparing the taste to the sweetest of teas, much to your embarrassment and shock. Even after you've cum, he's bound to dive back between your legs, eager to taste your release yet again and hear your squeaks fill the air.
Zhongli's so gentle when he has his mouth latched onto your sex, drawing careful circles around it, while also gazing up at you and gauging your every reaction. When he slips the slimy appendage into you, he'll continue to watch your body language to steer him in the right direction.
Zhongli is a very passionate man, that much is already obvious enough, and even more so when it comes to you. He prefers taking everything at a much more sensual and loving pace, wanting to savor each and every last intimate moment with you, and cherish these golden memories and moments forever.
He'll hold your hands gingerly, but tight enough to where it's obvious he won't let go for quite some time. Zhongli will press constant kisses to your forehead and cheeks and whisper out his words of adoration into your ears as his hips roll slowly into yours.
overstimulation ( giving )
Honestly, Zhongli doesn't even really mean to overstimulate you, but due to his large size, and how deep his cock reaches within you, it's so hard for you to not orgasm around him. So of course he's a bit hesitant when you ask him to do it again since he thinks it might be too much for you, but he complies.
Once he gets the hang of it, he ends up overstimulating you to the point where you can barely comprehend anything anymore and can only focus on the constant flow of pleasure flowing through your veins.
semi-public sex
Of course, what else did you expect from this stinky motherfucker, he will have his cock sat snug within your walls while you're sat upon his lap on a supposed date. Childe will teasingly taunt you and even point out how people are staring at you cause all they see is an adorable couple and not you and Childe getting it on.
Or he could just have pulled you into a dark alleyway, his hips pistoning into yours as he claims what is rightfully his. He could do it at any hour of the day because that man's sexual appetite constantly fluctuates between low and high.
breeding / cumming inside
Childe's a family man, he grew up surrounded by a big family, and he has experience with children, so he wants a family of his own too, and he's so eager to have you bent over the nearest surface to cum inside of you. He won't stop thrusting into you until he feels that he's cum into you enough before pulling out.
It's usually when he comes back after missions that he just picks you up and drags you off to the bedroom, and next thing you know, you've got a horny Childe right on top of you. His stamina is practically endless during these times, and his cum feels so heavy inside of your walls.
jealous / possessive sex
Childe honestly gets jealous at least 5 times a week, but it's mostly just him giving anyone who approaches you the stink eye, but what really drives him up the wall is when people still flirt with you after you've denied their advances very vehemently, or they just pay attention to the fact that you've told them you already have a boyfriend.
So it shouldn't be surprising when Childe fucks you harder than he normally does, and in fact, he's a bit unhinged as he's slamming away into you. He makes damn sure to cover you in hickies and bites, to show everyone that you're his and his alone, and you're not really complaining, since it was the best sex you've had in a while.
size kink
Childe is honestly so damn tall like he practically towers over you at any height, and he loves it so much! He can hug you into his finely toned chest and be able to pick you up and spin you around like a damn rag doll. But it also lets him completely tower over you during sex and trap you underneath him.
He'll trap your hands with one of his own, commenting on how tiny they are and how well they fit into his palm. It's even worse when he's completely sheathed in you, openly wondering if he would reach your deepest parts like this, and how your hole was practically molded for him and him alone.
knife play
Before the two of you even so much as engage in this particular kink of his, he at least makes sure that you consent to it and are completely okay with him making little slices into your flesh. He's actually pretty gentle about it and will stop if it makes you very uncomfortable, but if you're okay with it, then it's a free game for him.
When he brings the knife down onto your skin, he makes sure to stop his frenzied thrusts into you as to not cause any further damage by accidentally cutting deep. When the blade is lifted, he'll watch the crimson liquid bubble up and dribble down your skin before licking it all up and remarking how sweet it tasted.
clothed / partly-clothed sex
Again, this man is so damn horny tf, he's happy to have you nearly anywhere and anytime if it weren't for his Fatui duties. If he gets a sudden rush of arousal and he can't even be bothered to take off most of his clothes, then he'll just let them pool around his body while he fucks you on his cock.
A majority of the time he doesn't even bother having you take off yours either, but he could just be extra horny and rip your clothes off, with a heated promise of buying you new ones, but for now, he has to satiate himself with your creamy hole gripping down on his cock.
degradation ( giving )
When he isn't babbling about how good your hole feels around him to the point of where he's delirious, he's degrading the shit out of you, and boy can he talk. He's practically on par with Kaeya with how absolutely filthy he can get, and no, he does not have any shame left in that body of his. That went out the window years ago my dude.
Childe will whisper into your ear about how much of a filthy whore you really are, cumming untouched with just words alone, huh? You're so perverted y'know babe. It goes on, but just know that he won't shut up until he feels that he's been sufficient with his rather suggestive words.
marking ( hickies and bites )
This man is such a jealous and possessive mf, like seriously, Childe, calm tf down and go beat up some poor Treasure Hoarders again. He's constantly popping up in many conversations, but sometimes he does catch some rather unsavory people, so you suppose he can be let off the hook this time. But on the times he feels more insecure and left out, he's bound to act on it later.
Once it's just the two of you, he'll grip your wrist tightly and pull you into his chest, very tightly might I add. Before you can even properly react or even protest, his lips are suckling away and leaving reddened skin behind, and Childe will even leave behind rather bruising bite marks as well.
overstimulation ( giving )
Another sadistic man that likes to see you cry beneath him, and keep on pushing you past your limits until he can see your pretty tears slip from your eyes, and he'll watch with eager excitement. Childe wants to see you completely fall apart beneath him so that he can build you back up again. It's so arousing for him to see you in such a fucked out state that he might end up cumming a bit earlier than usual.
For him, it's quite fun to see your sobs wrack your pathetic little body as his fingers massage your spots over and over, even after you've incoherently begged him to please slow down. Spoiler, he doesn't; he just keeps going and speeds up.
This particular kink of his also ties into his more sadistic tendencies, as well as wanting to see you fall apart beneath him just because of him, and only because of him. He's a possessive man like that honestly. Whether it be his fingers that are spreading you open or his fat cock driving itself into you, right when you've about reached your peak, he pulls completely out.
It excites him so much to see you sob out of frustration for the stolen orgasm that you never got, and how you're now begging for him to hurry up and put it back in. He'll continue to edge you until you're sufficiently frustrated as the loss of orgasms, and after some time, he'll finally let you cum, since you asked oh-so nicely.
You can't look at this man and not think that after all that time spent alone, he wouldn't crave emotional intimacy of any kind. Especially when it comes to youーhe wants to savor each gorgeous inch of your bare body, his deep blue eyes gazing into yours as his lips press onto your shivering skin.
Even when his hips are meeting yours over and over, he's moving at a rather sensual pace. He'll apologize for going so slow, but he whispers out that he wants to savor everything that you have to offer. Love-making lets him love you in the intimate way that he wants to, and you'll more often than not become familiar with his lips against yours, his cock reaching new depths within your tight walls as the two of you reach your peak yet again.
size kink
This man gives off big dick vibes and I will not be taking criticism-Ahem, but yes, surprisingly, the stoic Bough Keeper finds himself growing hotter under the collar from seeing how you struggle to take his fat cock in one go. The way you whimper as the thickest part of his cock slides into you, and how he can see a slight bulge on your tummy just has heat pooling down south for him. He'd never admit it though, out of embarrassment for enjoying such a lewd sight.
It doesn't help that you're significantly smaller than him, since he's so damn tall. That and the fact that you're so damn tight with how small you are, it just drives him crazy. Dainsleif is almost embarrassed with how close he is to cumming from how tightly your walls are clamping down on his throbbing erection.
I know this doesn't exactly count as a kink, but hear me out. Dainsleif looves kissing you, it calms him down after a particularly rough day out, and just the feel of your lips against his is enough to put him at ease and full of bliss. So it's no wonder that his lips are sealed against yours while his cock slides in and out of your twitching holeーthat and the way your muffled cries and moans spill into the air seems to spur him on further.
It's honestly really sweet, since his kisses are very gentle and full of complete adoration for you, and it completely ties to him making love to you. Though sometimes his kisses can become a bit rougher, especially if his hips are practically jackhammering into yours, and you'll even hear his elusive deep moans as he does so.
praise kink
Look, Dainsleif absolutely loves and holds nothing but adoration for you, and he wants you to know that as well. No matter how negatively you view yourself, Dainsleif will always whisper out words laced with love, and loving kisses pressed to your skin. Should you be insecure about parts of your nude body, the blonde will stay there for longer, suckling and kissing at the skin until he feels satisfied enough.
No matter how hard you try, or how much you try to tug him away, he won't pull his mouth away, he won't stop praising you, and he won't stop telling you how much he loves you until his words finally get across. Dainsleif just wants you to know the true extent of his adoration for you, even if it means having to praise your body until the moon slips away.
servicing ( giving )
Dainsleif's adoration for you shines through during sex, and especially since he's practically a service top. He'll do anything you ask of him, and always prioritizes your pleasure over his own. Do you want him to finger you a bit longer? Want him to go a bit faster? He'll insist on pampering you, telling you that you can lay down and he'll pleasure you.
Anything you ask of him during sex, he'll happily comply with, since Dainsleif wants nothing more than to see you happy and pleasured. As long as it doesn't hurt you in any way, or make you uncomfortable, then he'll adhere to your wishes.
oral ( giving )
If Dainsleif could stay in between your legs all day, then he would. He simply can't get enough of the taste of your release, and it definitely shows with how eagerly his mouth latches onto your dripping sex. The blonde will drink up every last drop of your release, no matter how much you insist that he doesn't have to.
He much prefers being the one giving you pleasure rather than the other way around, and due to this, his servicing instincts start to shine through, especially with how deep his tongue is buried inside of your quivering hole. It's embarrassing, but he'll often stare up at you while his mouth is busy with your sex, his deep eyes gauging every movement and reaction you make.
He honestly doesn't truly mean to overstimulate you, at first. He can't help that his cock is so damn big and reaches your deepest places so easily. The first time it happened, Dainsleif was caught off guard by your rather loud and hoarse squeals and how your cum gushed out so violently. He at first thought you to be in pain was quickly reassured once he saw your fucked out face.
Dainsleif doesn't normally overstimulate you, but with his rather generous size, it's a bit hard to not orgasm from it. But when he does purposefully overstimulate you, well, you'll just need to hold tightly onto him sweetheart.
Again, this can't exactly be counted as a kink, but to Dainsleif, it does. The man craves the emotional intimacy that he finds in you, and he wants to be as close to you as possible. Whether it be when he's making love to you, his hips gently rocking into yours, or his cock jackhammering into you like his life depends on it, his fingers are always tightly intertwined with yours, not once letting go.
It's common for you to have to grip onto something when the blonde is fucking up into you, even when he's being gentle. That, and hand-holding is just so intimate for the both of you since it adds a more loving tone to the lewd atmosphere.
role reversal
Normally, Dainsleif is the one on top, servicing and catering to your every whim, but this time, you suggested that he be the one to lie down and be pleasured instead. It took quite a good amount of convincing since he's so adamant about servicing you, but with enough coaxing, he accepts.
He's a bit embarrassed to even really admit, but he enjoyed the way that he was able to fully let go and let you take the reigns, and how arousing it was for him. Especially with how taut you had the ropes against his fair skin, and with how you so skillfully fingered him open and wrenched several orgasms out of him.
riding ( sex position )
Dainsleif is honestly alright with any position that you'd want to initiate during sex; missionary is his personal favorite, but one that you can both agree on is you riding him. It allows him to be able to hug you so lovingly close to him, while his hips can push up into your awaiting hole. It's practically paradise for him.
He also loves it because it paves way for him to whisper sweet nothings into your ear. You can't really begin to form coherent sentences out of them, but judging from the soft and happy tone he's using, you can bet that he's praising you.
oral ( giving and receiving )
giving - Thoma looves sucking and slurping away on your dripping sex and if you'd let him, he'd stay there forever if he could. Drinking up your release is like heaven to him, it's like his own form of ambrosia, albeit rather lewd. He's almost like a puppy that just got a treat with how he looks up at you after you've cum, asking if he did a good job and if he was a good boy.
receiving - The man turns into an absolute mess once your pretty lips wrap around his twitching length. He lets out the cutest high-pitched moans and whimpers, jerking his hips forward desperately. What makes him even more of a mess is if you take him all the way down your throat; you'll get to see him absolutely lose his mind.
overstimulation ( receiving and giving )
giving - He's not an exact sadist, but just the sight of you sobbing as he wrenches another orgasm out of you just after you've cum drives Thoma bonkers. The first time he did, he was caught off guard, but now he does it nearly anytime he's on top of you, all complete with that goober smile of his.
receiving - Now here is where you can get back at Thoma for overstimulating you. You can jerk him off, ignoring his cries and choked moans as his back arches from the sheer intensity of his many orgasms. Dear archons help him if you decide to slip your fingers into his little pretty hole, nudging away at his prostate, his poor mind is going blank from being overstimulated so much.
role reversal
Thoma honestly gives off switch vibes, so if you want him to be your pretty little boy, then he'll happily do so. He isn't too much of a brat, he'll be a little cheeky here and there, but he follows every single one of your orders, like the good boy he is. He doesn't mind if you treat him like a dirty slut, as long as you give him the occasional praise and hair ruffle, then he'll take anything you give him.
Since he always relies on touching and seeing you, feel free to not only bind his hands above his head but blindfold his eyes as well. No matter how much he whines about wanting to touch you, don't give in. Instead just spank him and threaten to give out a bigger punishment if he decides to keep on being disobedient.
marking ( bites and hickies )
This one shouldn't be too much of a surprise or shock, considering how playful he is. He doesn't leave big and obvious bites or hickies like Childe does, but if he's feeling a little jealous, then he'll leave them in places where your clothes shift and are now visible to the naked eye. But they honestly don't really hurt too much, just a slight sting is all.
He always holds you super close to his chest when he's giving you a hickey or bite, suckling away at the sensitive skin before pulling away and admiring his handiwork. Thoma usually leaves a good amount of them all over your body, but will frantically apologize the morning after, even offering to pay for your next meal and give you a massage.
puppy play ( receiving )
This man is such a puppy smh, his whole persona is practically a happy puppy, always beaming and bright, and he's also a good boy to back it up! So it's not too far-fetched for him to suddenly be treated like a lewd pet, complete with a collar and leash to keep him in his place. It's not full-blown, extreme puppy play, more so just him wearing a collar and treating you as his master, y'know?
He'd do anything for his beloved master, as long as you tell him he's a good boy! Of course, he does have more cheeky moods where he purposefully ignores what you ask, and so, a punishment for your disobedient puppy is in session.
cock stepping
Thoma is a little more masochistic than he would like to admit, and he enjoys having your foot press down on his leaking cock more than he lets on. It doesn't help that he's not allowed to cum, because if he does, then you'll bring about an even harsher punishment. It's not fair! No matter how much he whimpers out your name and mumbles out an apology, you just stomp down harder, ignoring his pleas.
No matter what he does, his green eyes are always drawn to your foot, as it applies pressure to the leaking head. He's almost in a trance-like state with how his eyes are glued onto the lewd sight. And when you finally let him cum, he lets out spurts of the milky liquid all over himself, letting out cracked cries as he does so.
nipple play ( receiving )
Thoma's nipples are actually quite sensitive, so he always pinches and rolls the rosy buds in between his fingers, which always causes a nice amount of cum to spurt from his cock. That, and he always imagines that instead of his fingers, it's instead either your fingers or mouth latched onto the pretty nubs, your lips sporting a teasing grin at his pathetic whimpers.
He can just cum from having his being played nipples alone, that's how sensitive they are. It's rather cute, reallyーto watch him crumble just from his nipples being sucked on. He ends up with so much of his cum splattered all over his abdomen and even his chest if he came hard that particular time. Thoma's really nothing more than a lewd pervert, huh?
mutual masturbation
There's just something about masturbation that gets Thoma going, and to make it even better, you're touching yourself alongside him as well! While his hand is busy squeezing his sensitive and leaking tip, his eyes are trailing all over your body as your fingers curl inside of you. He swears he gets harder when he hears your stifled moans and whimpers as your fingers brush against your pleasurable spots.
If he's feeling extra brave that day, Thoma may scoot closer and smash his lips against yours, leaving you little time to react. Throughout the rather sloppy kiss, he's letting out muffled whimpers and moans as his tongue sides against yours. When he's getting closer to his peak, all of his movements become more sloppy and unkempt.
multiple rounds
Thoma's so goddamn energetic in bed, it's like he's on a damn sugar high from how long he's able to keep going before he finally exhausts himself. Of course, he won't ever push you past your limits, but he'll give you the puppy eyes since he loves being sheathed inside of you so much! even when he's not thrusting as much, he's still jutting his hips ever so slightly.
Whenever the two of you need a nice break after all of that, Thoma won't let his cock leave your creamy hole even once. He just nuzzles into the crook of your neck, letting his sore muscles rest for some time as he inhales your scent. If he still has it in him, he'll press lazy kisses all over your shoulders, collarbone, and neck.
hair-pulling ( receiving )
what is it with me and long-haired men Thoma's hair isn't exactly too long, but given its rather medium length, his scalp can be prone to sensitivity. Of course, it can come in handy when you're fucking him like there's no tomorrow since he always lets out the cutest yelps and will even sometimes start drooling and his eyes begin to cross from the sensation.
As stated before, he isn't too much of a brat, but if he's in one of his more cheeky and disobeying moods, then tugging on his messy blond hair usually does this trick. it's always fun to taunt him about getting a boner from something so promiscuous. He tries to, albeit weakly, refute that he doesn't get hard from hair-pulling, but his leaking erection says otherwise.
hair-pulling ( receiving )
I like to think that since his hair is rather long, his scalp can be quite sensitive, especially when you tug on his silver locks while his mouth is attached to your quivering sex. That only further riles him, and he just wriggles his tongue even faster until he's wrenched an orgasm out of you, and even that's not enough to satisfy him.
Or it could be when he's pounding into you, his hands tightly gripping your hips, and fuck, the way you tugged on his locks just pushes him to slam into you even more. His noises become even more guttural as he slams himself into you like a feral animal.
Since Ayato is so goddamn busy and always overworks himself, despite what his little sister advises, he'll more often than not have to stick to his desk, working away. But he does make an effort to satisfy both of your sexual cravings, especially if you're both feeling it, but he can't afford to put off his documents.
It can go two waysーAyato will be the one who's a mess, trying his best to not rut his hips up into your tight heat while trying to concentrate, or you'll be the one who's softly whimpering as he shifts, pushing his pulsing cock further into you.
servicing ( giving )
Ayato's more princely and sweet side shines through during sex, as he pampers you throughout your lewd activities. He's consistently putting your own pleasure before his own, not paying any mind to your refutes as you attempt to pull him off for the nth time. Even when he's fucking into you, he's rather more focused on your own release rather than his own.
Even during aftercare, his full attention is on you, wanting nothing more than to properly take care of you after your intimate activities together. Ayato will make sure that you're alright and even offer to bring anything that you request and will carry you to the shower if you need it.
Don't be mistaken, Ayato can and will use ropes on you to restrict your movements. He may have a princely personality, but he likes the way you squirm with the ropes pressing into your body. Don't worry, he'll make sure that it doesn't leave any irritating marks that will leave painful welts, which he is incredibly careful with.
It just arouses him so much to see you in such a vulnerable state, with you completely at his mercy, unable to run away. It's even better when his hips roll torturously slow against your own since you can't do anything to make him speed up, or to get him to slow down when he's plowing into you.
after-training sex
Since Ayato has a rather orderly schedule, he likes to take breaks in the form of training, often using it as a form of stress relief, but to also make sure that he's not getting rusty with his movements and swings. His sweaty body afterward is a rather nice sight for you, so you tend to coax him into it, and next thing you know, you've got a riled-up Ayato pounding into you from behind.
Due to the extra movement from his training, and all the leftover adrenaline he retains from his activities, his thrusts tend to be much rougher and sloppier than normal. It ends up being an extra workout for both you and him. That, and since his mind is still fuzzy from his training, he's become much more vocal, letting out hissed groans and grunts as his hips meet your backside yet again.
thigh fucking
I honestly like to think that Ayato is rather sexually repressed due to being such a workaholic and always burying himself in his documents. So the first time the two of you became sexual with each other, he didn't want to just rush everything, so he settled for pushing his pulsing erection between the fat of your thighs, and slowly thrust back and forth.
Now he does it when he's feeling more desperate and needy, but can't exactly slip himself into your tight hole due to various reasons. So he'll have to settle for the space between your thighs, his stiff erection rubbing against your sex. If he ends up cumming on your thighs, Ayato will have to take a few moments to soak up the image of his cum splattered on your skin.
praise kink
Ayato absolutely loves praising you, it's practically his second favorite activity to do with you, even if it's not during sex. He can't help it; he's just happy and giddy, despite his stoic and professional demeanor. Whether it be trailing kisses all over your bare and shivering body, stroking your cheek softly, or telling you how wonderful you feel, he's bound to be carrying out either of those.
Your session of sex is often filled with his whispers of praise and adoration as he presses his flushed lips onto the fat of your thigh. If his mouth is attached to your dripping sex, and your fingers gently caress his cheek, Ayato will pause before bringing your hand to his lips, before placing a ginger kiss onto your wrist.
marking ( hickies )
His elegant and poised appearance doesn't make him seem like the type to leave hickies in his wake, but trust me, he does like to do it. He doesn't do it at first, too concerned to hurt you in a state of frenzied lust, but now that he knows you're quite alright with it, he'll scatter the reddened marks on certain areas of your skin.
Ayato won't leave hickies in very obvious places; just in places where only he can see and have access to since he doesn't want to get you humiliated or ashamed in public. But once it's just the two of you, Ayato's mouth will be latched onto your neck, your inner thighs, or your perky nipples. All while holding you as close as possible to his bare body.
stand and carry ( sex position )
Look, Ayato's muscles and biceps are incredibly well-built, although his regular attire hides it well. It doesn't help when he's all sweaty, letting out rather suggestive grunts and his muscles are showing. So it's safe to say that he can easily pick you and twirl you around in a giddy fashion, as well as being able to hold you taut against his bare and sweaty body as his cock slips back into you.
Stand and Carry allows him to either just pick you up and fuck you against the wall, or just carrying you as his cock slams into all of your sensitive spots. What makes it even better is that you just get so damn tight around him, your walls clamping down and refusing to let him go. It drives him crazy and he has to bury his face in the crook of your neck to muffle his moans and groans of how amazing it feels.
rough sex
Ayato highly favors sensual and slow sex, yes, but every once in a while, he just wants to let loose y'know? Not that he enjoys savoring every part of you, he just has so much on his shoulders and so many affairs to sort through. So it's a nice treat for the two of you since his usual slowed thrusts have become more frenzied and sloppy.
What makes him stand out from the usual rough sex quota, is that Ayato's whole pace is sloppy, desperate even. If you manage to peek up at him, you'll see a completely different man. Instead of the composed Ayato that you've always known, now all you see is a flushed mess of a man, moaning as he desperately thrusts into you over and over.
Tumblr media
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dragonspine-jpg · a month ago
Helllooo! Im here to request for nsfw headcannons pls cause im starting work tomorrow and i need to bully some boys to feel better 😭
I was thinking of the reader(gn pls!) where theyve asked the boys to wear a red rope, shibari style, underneath their clothes and whenever no ones looking theyd softly carress the bindings through their clothes 🥺 But when they cost is clear, the reader would have them sit on their lap and theyd just shower them with praise while they over stim them 🙏
I hope this isnt too confusing YwY and if its still avail, id wanna be slime anon pls! >wo ~☆ anyways no rush! and thanks for taking your time to read this!
Tumblr media
convincing them to wear shibari under their clothes (diluc, childe, kaeya)
Tumblr media
when you tie up your boyfriend in red ropes and tease them in public, it leads to some rather enjoyable situations. who knew that them being such a good boy would earn them so much praise?
# * . & | characters: diluc, kaeya, childe.
# * . & | content: nsfw 18+ only, kaeya x reader, childe x reader, diluc x reader, smut, gn reader, dom! reader, sub! kaeya, sub! childe, established relationship, praise kink, overstim, shibari, bondage, semi-public, pegging, male receiving, soft sex, teasing, a bit of corruption kink, light choking, thigh riding, spitting into mouth, handjobs, you're a fatui harbinger in the childe one, a bit of possessiveness, mention of exhibitionism, slight mention of breeding kink, slight dumbification, story quest spoiler for childe’s real name. for childe’s section the reader is described as having a cock, i wrote this interpreting a strap/dildo but you can imagine it however you want (i tried to keep it as gn as possible)! honestly just teasing and bullying men ♡
# * . & | type: headcanons (i think, idk how to classify this tbh).
# * . & | word count: 7,768.
omg you're not stupid at all !! pls i've sent asks where i've forgotten to do the exact same thing hekjhsdkjfhd, you're fine! good luck with work! hopefully this lifts your spirits a little ♡ sorry that this took so long to get out! this request was so good and it took me like a week to complete  ( ᵘ ᵕ ᵘ ⁎)  i hope the pegging for this ask is okay! my account will involve a LOT of pegging bc i like writing dom! reader and sub! male — so unless it’s specified in the ask to not involve male receiving then that’s probably what i’ll go for, for a sub male ♡
also this turned out so long? i have a major issue with chronically overwriting, but i don't think that's really a problem with smut. i mean, the more horny content the better, right?? diluc's is the longest because of this, 'cause i wrote his first and then realised i should make sure the others don't go for so many words 😩 anyway, i hope everyone enjoys this !!! thank you so much for the request ૮₍ ⸝⸝´ ꒳ `⸝⸝ ₎ა ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# * . & | DILUC
with diluc, it takes a bit of convincing
i imagine he's not super experienced in the sexual department, especially in terms of stuff outside of vanilla. like, yes, he gets railed and he's an expert at being your slut, but he's still being introduced to new kinks all the time. he's still not very used to relinquishing all his control
when you first introduced him to shibari in the bedroom, diluc was hesitant. as a warrior and a former knight, being tied up seemed a bit compromising for him. the two of you had done basic bondage before, but in those instances, it was still relatively easy to break free should he need to. shibari meant giving all control, and his entire body, over to you.
he fucking loved it.
he loved how prettied up it made him look, loved how much time you spent lovingly fussing over his body as you tied the knots of red rope, and he loved how it felt to give up all his control—his stress, his responsibilities as both the master of the dawn winery and the darknight hero—in favour of your careful caresses.
seeing as he liked it so much, and you were still insistent in showing diluc all kinds of new things as his partner, you came up with a brilliant plan.
it was a stroke of genius, really. that you'll tie shibari bindings around his chest, his abdomen, his thighs, and everywhere else sensual that will be hidden by diluc's clothing while he works his shift at the angel's share.
it does take a bit of convincing, because diluc is a firm believer in professionality (which is funny, considering you've railed him over the bar afterhours on at least two occasions, and once on the floor). most of all, he's just nervous—though he tries his best to hide that. but after an honest talk, he comes to you admitting that yes that would be something he would like to try, and yes he can do it while bartending if that's what you really want.
it's a delight to hear.
so, after some time and preparation, off to angel's share it is.
it's only really when you start touching him that diluc realises this was probably a mistake.
he's just tending the bar like normal when it happens, with you sitting across from him on a counter stool as per usual—nothing out of the ordinary for shifts like this. he doesn't even really think about the bindings aside from when they rub against his fair skin whenever he stretches just too far to reach an item. plus, you're sitting there so innocently, smiling and drinking apple cider.
no one would suspect you of having such filthy motives.
when your hand slips across the counter during his conversation with you—the rest of the tavern paying you no mind—it dips up the subtle curve of his waist and grazes where you know you left a knot beneath the shirt. a sweet, tantalising caress. your boyfriend jolts like you've just burned him with a pyro vision.
he instantly shuts up.
diluc looks scandalised. he gives you a wide-eyed expression of mild horror that silently says, 'what the fuck?' as you can't help but giggle a little, a smirk fitting itself across your face. he's so sweet. what did he think was going to happen?
his cheeks and ears are flushed a pretty red, and he coughs to clear his throat when a customer approaches the counter to order a dandelion wine. it's honestly adorable.
he'd be so nervous about anyone realising what's going on.
you know that he's now hyperaware of the ropes laced across his body, even as no one touches him. he's most definitely thinking about it, based on how he shivers every now and then and squirms a little under your gaze. cute, cute.
you don't stop the touching, of course.
that evening, it becomes second nature that anytime no one is looking, you're discreetly sliding your hand across the bar counter and pressing your fingers against spots in his clothes where you know the ropes are crossed.
to his waist, chest, thigh.
at some point, the tavern gets particularly busy, and with him being the only one tending to the bar tonight, he begins to become overrun by patrons ordering drinks.
like you do on some nights when angel's share gets this bad, you stand up from your stool and offer diluc a smile, rounding the bar. "it's alright, love. i'll help you free of charge."
you're quick to hop around the counter and start conjuring up drinks like the way that diluc has taught you, handing him a few ingredients.
of course, you have ulterior motives.
now you're pressed side-to-side with diluc. he's trapped in the same proximity as you, with both of your bodies hidden from the waist down by the grace of the bar's tall counter.
cyrus—who was in the middle of ordering a drink—chuckles at your enthusiasm to help your boyfriend bartend, even on what's clearly a night off for you, "such a generous partner you have, diluc."
diluc represses a shiver as your finger traces a rope at his thigh, running from his skin to the rope to his skin again, and pressing it in. there's no way he's going to survive this night.
smiling sweetly, you share a soft laugh with cyrus. "oh, it's nothing. luc loves the help." diluc manages to finish mixing the drink without dropping anything, and when cyrus is heading back to his seat again your fingers caress the rope down at his pelvic bone.
diluc's red eyes dart to meet your face. "stop that," he mutters, trying to be some sense of firm. he's flustered, and his ears are red.
you want to coo to him, to tease him and offer him some praise if he does good. you don't, because the two of you are still in public. and letting his desires simmer while going untouched is a wondrous thing.
you watch all night as he begins to unravel little by little. he starts to anticipate your touches at any time, shivering prematurely before you can even caress the hard work that you tied him up with earlier: that no one knows is there except for you. you watch as he resists the urge to become pliant beneath your touches, the both of you mixing drinks as your hand—hidden behind the cover of the bar—grazes the ropes on the small of his back, the curve of his ass.
it's delicious.
just imagine how silently desperate he'd be? having to act normal at his job when there's nothing more that he wants than to let you have your way with him.
to let your fingers dance between sweaty bare skin and red ropes.
unfortunately, that's not an option. he's left to suffer in silence, much to your arousal and enjoyment.
there's one point—as everyone in the tavern is preoccupied with something else—when you steal a chaste kiss to his lips, and your finger raises to swipe across the ropes surrounding his nipple. the sound of his sharp, whiney, inhale of a gasp is smothered in your cheek as he abruptly turns his head to hide the sound. diluc stumbles back so quickly you almost fear he's going to fall over. luckily, everyone in angel's share seems too preoccupied with a bawdy bard in the tavern's corner to notice what just occurred.
no one seems to pick up on the way that diluc has gotten increasingly shifty on his feet during the night, nor the fact that he can't seem to shake his heavy breathing or dilated pupils.
he's also incredibly hard behind the bar, but you're the only one privy to that.
when it's finally closing time, and all of the patrons are gone, you can't help but be smug as you take a seat in one of the empty chairs. the night had gone exactly how you'd planned. now all that's left is diluc, as he locks up the front door and puts items behind the bar away—not managing to go a few seconds without shooting a glance towards you. you can tell his gaze lingers on the way you're sat on the chair, spread a little. the perfect seat for him.
and the poor thing really needs it. he's stiff while he's packing things away, his breathing a little tight. it's been a long night at work, and he's been suffering so well this entire time. he's done everything to be good, well and truly. and he's managed to hold out so well... there was nothing that made you happier than diluc doing his very best to please you.
"come, diluc." you beckon to him, crooking a finger. when he glances over to you, his red eyes are a little glassy with delectable lust.
slightly disgruntled, diluc walks towards where you're perched on the seat. when he reaches you, your fingers latch in his belt loops and tug him closer—so he now stands in front of your knees, arms crossed. he tries to hide his obvious flustered state with a miffed expression, "i can't believe you did that when there were customers around." it does nothing to hide the fact that you can see how full-blown his pupils are, or the fact that his breathing is a little staggered with a mixture of arousal and anticipation.
once again, you laugh a little. teasing him is too fun. you tug again at his belt loop with a finger, but he refuses to budge this time. stubborn thing. he wants so bad to please you, but tries to hide it. "you were such a good boy, though," you hummed, the praise causing a shiver to wrack through him. his eyes are averted, arms still crossed tightly in a nonchalant manner to feign disinterest. "come on, i told you to sit." you spread your legs a little so that diluc can straddle your lap when he relents. your bodies are pressed flushed together. he's already hard—probably painfully so, at this point, from the way you'd been casually edging him all night. now free to do whatever you like, both of your hands trail up his clothed chest, bumping over the different bindings of rope beneath his shirt, until you can thumb at his nipples. "already so worked up for me, huh?"
he lets out a low groan, still somewhat resisting the urge to succumb entirely. he probably is a little annoyed at how well you'd played him behind the bar while he was working. "what if someone had noticed what we were doing?" he mutters, still set on chastising you.
his weight on your lap is a heavy comfort as you begin to peel off his clothes—first his jacket, then his shirt. he lets you without a complaint. you make sure to caress your fingers over every exposed rope as you go. "would you have liked that, diluc? would you have liked people knowing you were my perfect slut?"
the sound that diluc lets out then is suffering. something trapped between a low moan and a hitch of breath. "stop that," he murmurs, as you lick up his throat. his skin is hot with a flush, and he shivers bodily when you peel off his undershirt, leaving him exposed to the air of the empty tavern.
you hum, "tell me, baby." when diluc finally moans, you pull back and get a good look at him. your handiwork has paid off. the red bindings—which perfectly matches the colour of his hair, and is rivalled almost by the hot pink blush creeping across his face and chest—lace around his figure in the most delicate way possible. they diamond over his chest, curving around his nipples with barely any space. they're knotted at his torso and arch out with graceful wings of crimson. each segment is made to show off an aspect of your boyfriend: his abs, the curve of his abdomen, his pecs. it's a notably more feminine design. it fits his chest and absurdly slim waist perfectly. beneath his pants, the pretty red bands of rope constricting his thighs are revealed. delectable strips of pale skin between lacing red.
he looks delicious. all wrapped up in a testament of your care for him, and his trust of you.
they've rubbed a little into his skin, particularly around his mouth-watering thighs. "ah," you sigh contently, clearly pleased with him, and he squirms a little under your unspoken pride. your thumb strokes over his thigh, caressing teasingly. the darknight hero... succumbing so easily to you. "look at you—you've done such a good job, baby."
he preens a little, tilting his head back as you knead the muscles of his thighs. "you only did this to be cruel to me." still complaining... his voice is throaty and breathless.
"you've got it all wrong, diluc," you murmur, and lower your mouth to press your tongue against his stiff nipple. he makes a surprised sound and grips his hand into your hair. "i did this because i knew how pretty you'd look. and i knew you'd do amazing." his breath stutters at your words. there goes that composure... looking up at him, you watch his eyes flutter shut as your mouth moves to lick and suck at his other nipple—sensitive from the binds rubbing against them beneath his shirt. your fingers splay across his waist, tugging at the ropes. he sucks in breath through his teeth.
"i don't—"
"you did so fucking well, baby. don't you think you deserve a reward?" your nail trails down the curve of his spine. his whole body quakes.
your tongue glides across a line of the binding ropes before you lean back up, holding onto his ponytail and looking him in the face. you get the perfect view of his right eyebrow twitching—wanting to stay strong and proud, to not submit. it's a losing battle. he's obviously excruciatingly turned on, to the point where his neglected cock is practically begging for attention in your lap. "you can't— we can't do this type of thing in this establishment—"
a giggle escapes you as you spread your legs wider and press your fingers to his dick, effectively cutting off his stammering attempt at composure. "but you're so gorgeous, luc. i can't wait to take you apart. so beautiful all for me." the praise and touch clearly goes to his head, his lips parting. his cheeks are a constant shade of delicate pink. "that feels good, right?"
yeah, it definitely does something to him, because then all he can murmur is a weak, "fuck," as he desperately grinds his hip against the air. his hands carefully clutch your waist as to not fall off of your lap.
"you do love being tied up like this," the muse leaves your mouth. with one hand, you take hold of his leaking cock and stroke it leisurely. your slick fingers twist and caress down the pretty veins as diluc groans and grinds deeply into the wet hole of your hand. the ropes look beautiful as he stretches his body. "you've gotten yourself so riled up for me. tell me what you wanted to do at the bar, sweetheart."
the soft pet name makes him choke out a gentle sound, face screwing up. so sweet... you line his face with kisses and continue to stroke him as he gets out a stammering, "want— wanted you to touch me."
you messily press your lips to his—he opens instantly, obediently, only to have you pull away before he can totally lose himself in the sensation of your wet mouth and tongue. "is that the best you can come up with, baby?"
he groans as you twist your hand. "hah—! i wanted your hands all over me—to show me, shit, how much you needed me." his blush glows red in the dim tavern lights. "wanted you to fuck me over the bar."
"really?" you hum, smiling with amusement. "with all of those other people there? how precious, luc."
his pretty eyelashes flutter. "i—"
"so that's what you want, huh? i was worried that this plan was all for me, but no. you really are my sweet thing—you loved getting all hot and bothered while you were at work. loved me touching you behind the counter. you couldn't stop thinking about it, huh? oh, diluc, you were so good for holding back." you continue working his cock.
"or is it just that you love being mine, hmm?" your fingers press into his mouth to wet them with drool before you slick his dick up. his mouth stays open, now. diluc's eyes are lidded with need. "you liked knowing you belonged just to me. you like knowing that i was thinking about your pretty self under your clothes all night. huh?"
his hips are stuttering, the tip of his pretty dick red. "yes."
"yes?" you hum, pleased, picking up the pace of your hand. "who would've thought."
diluc's breath hitches. his face is so relaxed, throat swallowing as his adam's apple bobs. you lick off the perspiration beaded there. "can i—?" he pants on a moan. "can i cum? please?"
that sends a hot flush throughout your body, stomach coiling. you've given him no orders that he can't hit his orgasm, but he's holding back and asking for permission anyway. he wants to be good.
ignoring the way arousal rushes hot through you, your fingers card through his hair. "yes, baby, you can cum for me."
it only takes a few more strokes after your words to have his thighs shaking and breaths stuttering, cumming with a loud cry all over your hand. some of it splashes onto his defined torso, painting his abs white. it's such a pretty view, especially with the way his entire body stutters. a warrior, so big and strong, undoing like putty on your lap. whimpers of your name, and, "yes, yes," spill from his lips.
one of your hands cards through his pretty hair as you continue to stroke his oversensitive cock lightly. it makes him whine torturedly, rutting up. "think you can keep going?" you ask diluc.
"shit," he whispers, tilting his head back with his pretty eyes shut. "al— already? i— i can't—" his whole body rocks in your lap as he writhes from the overstimulation. diluc's soft moans and pants fill the air around you.
"you can," you murmur, egging him on as he continues to fuck into your hand despite his complaints. "you're doing so well for me, luc. you've been so fucking pretty all day. do you know how hard it was to keep my hands off of you?" his fingers on either of your hips will no doubt leave bruises tomorrow, as he grips you excruciatingly tight. the hold gives him the leverage he needs to perfectly rut into your curled fingers.
"n-n— ahhh..."
"you've been so lovely today, all prettied up." the praises spill easily from your lips. he deserves to be filled with pleasure until he can't walk anymore. you lean in, murmuring gently in his ear, "was so hard for me to keep my hands to myself. i wanted to get you into the backroom so i could have choked on your dick. you'd have been good and quiet for me, wouldn't you?" diluc's eyes roll back as he moans in agreement, fucking faster into the sticky mess of your hand. it's filthy. "i thought about tying you up the rest of the way and leaving you spread out on the bar. i think you'd have stayed there all night for me. and, of course, i considered pushing you down and fucking you in front of everyone. showing off my ropes, showing how my pretty little slut gets bred so good, so eagerly. i think you'd have let me, too." his poor cock twitches.
"that wouldn't do, though. these ropes are for me only." you tugged at the ones at the curve of his spine. they bit a little into his skin. "if anyone else saw them, our little secret would be up. and i know you like being my secret little slut."
when he finally cums once more, it's with a long whine. the empty interior of angel's share is filled with heavy breaths, squelching, your filthy words, and diluc's obscene vocalisations. despite his recent orgasm, you keep milking him for all he has.
"fuck, Y/N, i can't do it..." he looks to be in pain, somewhere between an overwhelming amount of pleasure and suffering. cheeks pink, glassy eyes watery, drooling a little. to shut him up, you shove your mouth against his. he kisses back messily, tongue dragging over your teeth. diluc whimpers into your mouth as he arches back, naked body gleaming with sweat and cum and laced with such pretty red ropes. his hair falls around him, damp.
your strokes don't cease.
"oh, gods— ah— ngh— Y/N, no more. please. i can't— there's no way i can—" he's a debauched mess. sweat runs down his pecs and shines over his hard nipples.
"wanna use your safeword, baby?"
desperately, he shakes his head. his long, unruly hair tumbles over his shoulders, so voluminous even tucked back into its ponytail. a pitiful sound nearing a whimper leaves his lips as his fingers clutch at your shoulder. head tilted back, eyes shut, mouth open. he looks so goddamn pretty. pretty, pretty, pretty.
"you're doing such a good job. i can't wait to fuck you stupid when we get home."
his head lolls on his shoulders at that. tossed back so his throat is exposed while he lets out a long, hoarse groan. he fluctuates between deep sounds and breathless whines. with his strong legs straddling you, delicious thighs clenching like a vice around your hips and laced with shibari ropes, diluc has never looked so beautiful. he's a dream.
"yeah, just like that luc. i love you so much, you know?"
it's clear that he wants to say it back but can't manage the three words between his scrambled brain and the overwhelming amount of pleasure frying his senses. instead, he makes a broken sound. it sounds a little bit like a keen, a little bit like a sob.
"mmm, i know," you murmur, very softly. "good boy."
Tumblr media
# * . & | CHILDE
it wasn't even much of a question for childe.
this man is a whore, he's down for anything—just name the time and place. shibari is never something he's taken outside of the bedroom but you can bet he's laughing and nodding along when you suggest such a thing. he'd practically jump at the opportunity.
the morning you choose to tie him up happens to be a harbinger meeting.
with you at his left side, there's not much he can do to escape you or your touches. not that he tries, though. he's a total slut for being teased. he just finds so much amusement and arousal in you working him up. the fact that it usually ends with him as a boneless mess is a bonus too.
so, the two of you are halfway through the fatui harbinger meeting before your touches begin.
they start light, with you grazing your pinky finger across the outside of his thigh, and him trying to mask his smirk. the closer you get to his crotch as you move your hand over his inner thigh has him squirming in his seat to try to stay discreet.
it's pretty difficult for him to pay attention to the important meeting, though he pretends.
at one point, your finger grazes down the ropes and caresses rather firmly at his hard-on. childe jolts and his knee hits the table, rocking the entire thing. several harbingers shoot him exasperated looks, but it ultimately returns to normal. covering his mouth to feign a cough, you catch a peek of childe's smile—amused and devilish—behind his fingers. clearly, he's having fun too.
oh, this is good.
your touches for the rest of the meeting consist of: grazing the ropes at the base of his spine; tracing his pelvic line; grabbing his ass; tracing his waste; pulling one of the ropes at his torso so it grazes over his nipple; and caressing his thighs.
he's too gorgeous and smug not to touch all over.
by the time it's over, childe is aptly pink in the face from lust and his breathing is notably uneven. not to mention, he's incredibly hard. each time you press your palm over his boner he resists the urge to buck up into your hand, and instead grips the edge of the table with his fingers. he still seems smug, though.
pierro calls the meeting to a close. the harbingers evacuate at a rapid pace—several shooting you looks, such as signora's clear judgemental distaste, and scaramouche's halfway between disgusted and amused expression—until the only ones remaining in the enclosed room are you and childe.
he's instantly insufferable, turning his head towards you with a sly grin. "what now, sweetheart?" he knows he won't get far with his teasing, but it's still fun on his part. of course, nothing can hide how hard he is—now free to lean back in his chair, spread his legs, and raise his knee. it reveals how aroused he really is in his tight pants.
you smirk and pat your thighs. "why don't you come find out, hmm?"
he's quick to clamber into your lap, straddling you with his ankles hooked around the back of the chair. one of his hands steadies itself on your shoulder.
the first thing you do is get a hand down his pants. he breathes out a moan and grins lazily down at you when you wrap a hand around him, your thumb swiping over the leaking tip that's left a wet spot on the front of his clothes. such a whore, even if he tries to act like it doesn't affect him.
"so, did you enjoy your little experiment?" he asks, pressing your lips together. he instantly opens his mouth, licking into yours without shame. he bites lightly on your tongue. by the time you pull him back with your fingers on his chin, he's grinding into your lap and there's a string of saliva connecting the two of you.
"you did so well," you murmur, mouthing at the pale expanse of his throat. he always bruises so nicely. "if i were mean i'd ask you to wear these all of tomorrow too. i bet you look so pretty in them."
he rolls his hips a little desperately and runs his tongue over his teeth. "ha. you think so?"
it's hard to tell if he's going to be a brat, or if he'll submit the moment you show any signs of extending control, so you decide to test it out. your free hand creeps up and intertwines in locks of his orange hair. then, sharply, you pull.
he whines.
"there you are," you whisper, leaving a line of hickeys over his adam's apple while you keep his head wrenched back. "gonna keep being good for me?"
"fuck yes," childe breathes, and hurries to pull off his upper clothes while you coat his bared throat in spit and red marks that will remain for days. licking at his collarbones has him trembling and he leans back a little, using his legs around the chair and the edge of the table pressing against the curve of his spine as leverage. it spreads his legs even wider. a desperate mess.
"hmm, good boy," you can't help but praise, stroking his drooling cock a little harder. his hips roll. "let me get a good look at you." smiling, he stretches back to show himself off. the red ropes stretch horizontally across his chest, then up on either side of his neck and down to frame his abs. they loop around each other at his torso—an exquisite design of knots and bindings running along each muscle. the final ropes stretch down to follow the 'v' of his waist into his crotch. it makes you want to finish the job: bind his arms back and leave him helpless.
instead, you can't help but smile at the way he shows himself off when you finger him open, prepping him while he makes loud, desperate noises. it's impossible to ignore the way his muscles twitch and stretch with each movement you make. so pretty. when you finally enter him, he's clenching around you with desperation, groaning as you sheathe yourself inside him. he's clearly enjoying himself, trapping you in with his thighs.
"so obedient, ajax," you muse, and he whimpers at the secret name shared only between the two of you. your fingers graze down the ropes on his shoulders. he groans lewdly, leaning back, the curve of his spine braced against the edge of the table as he arches dramatically. leave it to childe to put on a show.
he makes a submissive, desperate sound when you start to move, holding his hips still and rocking up into him achingly slow. "please," he begs. there's the ghost of a breathy smile on his face, a little blissed out already. "don't stop."
oh, is he in for a ride.
the speed that you end up fucking him at has your hips slamming against his pelvis as he bounces on your cock. he's leaning back, still tucked in your lap with his back arched and his spine pressed against the side of the meeting table. the muscles in his torso twitch and strain. childe's entire body jolts with each sharp thrust, and he's moaning uncontrollably. there's sweat that's beading on his forehead, a red tinge around his nipples from how much they've been toyed with, and his poor untouched cock is leaking. all in all, he looks pornographic.
"archons," you murmur in awe, trailing your fingers down the bindings that lead to his hard cock, as he lets out a loud, strangled cry. that's the other thing about fucking childe. you can always count on him to be loud enough for everyone in the building to hear. you still aren't entirely sure if it's exhibitionism, or if he's doing it solely to show how good you make him feel, or if he's simply just that uncontrollably noisy. it's no wonder the other harbingers had evacuated the room as fast as they did. "what did i do to deserve something as pretty and slutty as you?"
"Y/N," he whines theatrically, legs tucked around your back in an attempt to get you deeper. "fuck me."
a laugh leaves your mouth as you trail your nails across his chest and end up teasing with his nipples. "what do you think i'm doing? look how well you're taking me." you take that moment to fully admire him. slowing down a little, leaning back so you can see the way he arches to accommodate your girth, how he fits around you. his strong thighs are tensed, hole messy and lubed. he whines pitifully in agreement, writhing and bucking—unable to stay still even for a second.
you force his hips up higher to get a better angle, drilling the tip of your cock into his prostate with each mean thrust.
"oh, god!" he stumbles over his words, blush spread across his face and down his pale chest. he's drooling a little. it's obscene.
you could laugh at the way his eyes roll back and his hands slide desperately along the fatui meeting table for anything to hold—to clutch onto while you fuck him hard, fast and mean. your thumb rubs along his hipbone, other hand braced on his toned stomach as your deep thrusts continue. "look how fucking pretty you are, ajax. wish i had my kamera here. you'd look so sweet captured like this for me." your words make him arch his back further, because this man is insanely flexible, and he shudders at the thought of himself at this moment being immortalised on a roll of film. "you're so adorable, spread out like this." his thighs twitch with your words. who other than you would ever think that the infamous eleventh harbinger would be such a pure whore for praise? "i bet there's not a thought going on inside your pretty head, is there?"
"please," he begs in a choked reply, lashes fluttering while you ram him repeatedly into your cock.
"mmm," you hum in confirmation, pulling a finger at some of the bright red bindings laced across his chest. "that's what i thought."
childe can go for a long time. he can take a lot. he'll just clutch at you and beg for more while you give him orgasm after orgasm, greedy and well-fucked. sometimes he'll beg for it until he passes out. (and then he'll complain later, when he's awake, that you stopped to let him rest—greedy thing). childe is insatiable. especially today, after all your caresses and teases while in a very important debrief meeting. even more so with the fact that he's all prettied up with red rope and feeling extra fuckable.
you make him cum, and cum, and cum, until he's a pliant, boneless mess—now, just laid with his back fully pressed against the table. he still grips onto your hip as you fuck him. desperate as ever. even if the only sounds filling from his mouth at this point are breathless pleas and noises of pleasure.
he's a sight to behold.
a murmur leaves your mouth, "ajax." he opens his eyes obediently, looking at you with a glassy, blissed-out gaze. it's both adoring and lust-filled. smiling at his compliance, you lean over him and grab his cheeks with your fingers, puckering his lips a little. your hips continue to slam against his. smiling in a daze, childe opens his mouth obediently. like always. even sticks out his tongue to let a line of spit leave your mouth and roll past his waiting lips. childe's lidded, fucked-out eyes look up at you contently. he moans in enjoyment. greedy slut.
with possessive adoration, you squeeze the sides of his throat. your fingers dig in. it's not enough to really deprive him of any oxygen, but it's the feeling of you having total control that he craves. you feel the sound vibrate in his throat as he whines, letting his head fall back again. it makes a sound as it hits the table—you make a mental note to ice his skull later. fortunately, he doesn't seem to notice. he's much too focused on moaning and shaking through whatever number orgasm of the night this is, mouth shaped into an 'o' but tilting upwards with a blissful half-conscious smile at the corners.
"just like that. you feel so amazing for me, ajax."
Tumblr media
# * . & | KAEYA
you've done shibari on kaeya before. very little beats seeing him all tied up and breathless and begging, bound prettily without a single chance of escape. the different designs, the different colours... the utterly debauched way he looks with his hair loose and his eyepatch gone as he just begs you to touch him, to do anything.
from that, spawns this idea, which he flirtily agrees to (of course) with his large hands around your waist.
now, one thing kaeya loves is taking you out on the town. date nights, shopping, browsing for clothes, even running mondstadt errands for the knights. with your arm linking through his, or your hands clasping together, he basically parades you around anywhere.
this is one of those evenings.
the streets of mondstadt are relatively busy when the both of you go out—ropes hidden beneath his clothing, as his hand guides you by resting on the small of your back. the bindings aren't as uncomfortable as he imagined they would be, as you flit from shop to shop, buying some flowers and sitting down for a brief bite at good hunter.
he would have almost forgotten entirely about them if it wasn't for your goddamn wandering hands.
of course, this is what you had planned for the whole time. when you walk through an underpass and your finger grazes over his ass (he can't help but to smirk at that), and ends up lightly caressing the criss-cross pattern of ropes over the backs of his thighs. or when you make a point of touching his chest before you point for something to do, or while leaning in to speak to him. your palm presses right over the different knots.
you can't help but slide your hand inside the gap in the breast of his shirt, too. to hook a finger around one of the pretty, hidden strings and tug. it shifts the bindings that are pressed tightly over his nipples. he actually stiffens at that, composure breaking for a moment. it's beautifully hot. especially when he turns his head to look at you, starry eye flashing and a grin gracing his face, and says, "so this is the game, huh?"
by the time you get home hours later, pretty much no one but you would be able to tell the difference. he still has an arm around your waist, is still joking with you. but there's something desperate in his gaze, and his breathing is hot and heavy.
you instantly go to fall back on the couch—dragging him in by the metal link on his collar. you coax kaeya's form right into your lap. he's grinning cockily, even as you smooth your hands over his shoulders and drag them across his biceps.
"you've been perfect for me today," you breathe against the shell of his ear, biting softly at his lobe in that way he loves. your fingers coax his long hair out of its ponytail, until it spills down his back and over his shoulders in waves. he always looks so pretty like this.
"does this mean i deserve a reward?" he teases back, and kisses softly at the inside of your wrist when you remove his eyepatch. his inky eye underneath glimmers, singular star pupil amongst all that black night shining. this is how you like him best. all his guards let down, just yours. your hands cup kaeya's face.
humming gently, you smile. "of course. you've been so good." experimentally, you push the pad of your thumb against his soft lower lip, tugging it down ever so slightly. kaeya can't help but grin when his tongue darts out to lick the finger, only to have you push your thumb further past his waiting lips. he sucks on it obediently.
with your other hand—and his help—you undress him, until he's bare except for the red ropes lacing prettily across his body. it's a sight. the bindings that run right across his nipples have made them puffy and stiff, practically begging to be played with, and the muscles of his thighs strain adorably against the ropes. at his chest is the prettiest addition of all: a lovely diamond right between his pecs.
your eyes are lidded when you murmur, "you're so delightful like this, kaeya." with a coy smile, your thumb rubs over one of his sore-looking nipples, and he jolts a little at the sensation. the flirty grin still hasn't slipped from his face—he's a master at that—but it's clear he's almost far gone already.
"i try," is the tease that leaves his mouth, though his confidence fades a little when you trail your fingers from his nipples, down the curve of his waist, and finally settle your hands on his hips. you shift him so that he's straddling a thigh, one of your legs pressed between his own.
you lean in. "ride my thigh, baby," you tell him lowly, layering kiss after kiss over his neck. "you deserve it."
kaeya is quick to comply, holding back a moan as he lowers himself fully and begins to rut. it feels dirty, undignified, as he humps down on the soft flesh of your thigh, rocking back and forth and moaning at the friction. it feels incredible against his hard cock.
"archons," he hisses, putting a hand on your shoulder and another one on your knee so he can get the best possible angle. from there, you guide his hips and ass—pushing him down further, harder. every now and then, his knee presses against your own crotch, shooting fleeting waves of pleasure right through you. your hands remain on him. helping him, encouraging him, manhandling him as his arms loop around the back of your neck, elbows resting just on your shoulders, and his head falling against your chest. the noises that leave his mouth as he grinds desperately on your thigh—soft swears of "fuck" and "shit, shit"—tumble out of his parted lips in broken whimpers. all his composure is draining.
it feels too good for him to stop. kaeya keeps going, harder and harder, faster and faster, letting out lewd sounds as he grinds down onto your leg filthily. precum smears over your thigh.
"that's it." your fingers tease through his loose, pretty hair. his head lolls forward on your shoulder in response, hips stuttering. "mmm. you've been so good for me. did so well for me earlier, i could barely keep my hands off of you. you just know how pretty you are, don't you?"
"all for you," kaeya tries to tease smugly into the skin of your throat, but it comes out as more of a breathless grunt. any praise about his appearance always goes right to the foggy part of his head.
your hands gripping his ass guide him as he gets off on your thigh, his pretty, long cock drooling over you. "that's right, for me," you hum appreciatively, fingers kneading at his cheeks. he makes a low keening noise. "can't wait to mess you up. you're gorgeous like this, but you're even prettier all fucked out and helpless."
"heh, shit," he half-chuckles, half-moans. "you're so fuckin' hot." his tone is stretched a little thin.
he supresses a full-blown mewl when you spread his cheeks and press a fingertip against his hole. "you close? yeah?"
"mmm," he groans, burying his head momentarily in the crook of your neck as his hips stutter, pausing his long thrusts to grind down hard in a single spot. his mouth is wet and parted against your skin. kaeya's breath comes out hot and staggered. then, he tosses his head back with a blissful expression. "Y/N!" he cums like that, moaning out your name, shoots white ropes over your thigh and stomach and making a mess.
encouragingly, your hands slip down from where you'd been assisting him in his ministrations. your nails graze the bare skin of his spread thighs. at the sensual, tickling feeling, kaeya shivers. from there, you grab the backs of his knees and haul him closer. lift your thigh and continue rubbing it over his sensitive cock while he grunts—encouraging him to continue. obediently, he does. "there you go, pretty thing. you're doing so well." kaeya gasps, face darkened with blush, refusing to break eye contact with you no matter how much his lashes want to flutter shut. soft, desperate sounds leave his parted, plush lips. his mouth is lined with spit. "how many more can you do for me?"
he tries to pull one of his crooked grins at that, but it's dampened a bit by how much he's panting. "want to find out?"
yes. you most definitely do.
you work him up more, fisting his cock in your hands, relishing in the way he grins and moans. you kiss around the skin of his right eye when he gets so whiney that he almost forgets how to breathe. "just relax, baby," the coo leaves your mouth. you bite at the shell of his ear again. "relax."
"you— you're—" his far-gone eyes stare at you adoringly, struggling to focus his gaze. kaeya's lips are puffy, well-bitten, and his throat is lined with dark love bites. not to mention the way his loose hair drapes around him. so pretty...
"shhh," you murmur, giving him your all, as both of your slick hands slide up and down his hard length. "that's it."
you give him... everything.
from thigh-fucking, to blowing him, to having bounce on your fingers—you can't stop overdosing him on pleasure. watching him write within the confines of the pretty, pretty ropes that he'd worn hidden all day just for you, while he whines your name and is reduced to a whimpering, begging mess is too enticing.
it ends with him face-down on the couch, ass up, moaning like a whore after whatever number of orgasms he is on now. the red still decorates his skin deliciously.
"so good," you coo. "my precious boy. wish you could see how well you can take my fingers. how pretty you look." kaeya groans again, hiccupping a little, legs spreading wider. his hair pools around him like starry strands of the sea. still, it's a shame you can't see the blissed-out expression on his face. your hand taps firmly at his hip. "look at me, baby."
obediently, he turns his head to the side. his single black eye stares desperately at you, lined with overwhelmed tears of pleasure. his mouth can no longer seem to close. it remains parted, hitched with small breaths and moans with each movement that you make. he loves being overstimulated, but he can never take it that well.
"there you go. good boy." the both of you are such a mess, ropes digging into his flesh. if he'd known wearing shibari under his clothes would have you like this, he'd have done it earlier. your mouth leaves more marks up the expanse of his back—from the strong muscles, to the curve of his spine, to his pretty shoulders. you sink your teeth into a particularly sensitive spot that has him grinding down into the couch. "gorgeous," you murmur. "so beautiful, kaeya. that's good. so pretty. can't believe i'm the only one who has you like this."
it's those words that sets him over. he wails, and cums for the nth time that night.
Tumblr media
©dragonspine-jpg 2021. do not replicate or repost my works elsewhere.
teasing these boys is my favourite thing !!! thank you so much for this ask ♡ my requests are currently open!
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melinerin · 9 hours ago
this isn’t the writing sprint one
Tumblr media
All about experience!dom and inexperience!sub — tell me more about experience!sub and inexperience!dom with Hajime Kokonoi and you. Where you two made a seven–month contract with one another; for you to learn everything from him.
Koko turned you into his a perfect dom during that seven–month contract. Well, everything is fine (not really for you, for some reason you fell for him).
And by the end of contract; you straightforward said you like him but alas, Koko rejected you. It’s fine, you smiled at him and said politely, “thank you for took your time to teach me.” — and that was your last interaction.
Koko thought, it’s fine. You are like everyone he has ever meet, someone who fuck him. But, no. For some reason, Koko can’t get you out from his mind and everytime someone else fuck or seduce him, he doesn’t feel anything like how when he was with you.
Even when the other person take him in many position and prod his prostate, tell something to Koko, why he moaned your name instead of the other person name. Thinking about someone else pounded into him doesn’t get him his cock excited.
like ;
“mmh— (name) ah!”
“But my name is not (name)?”
“ ... get out.”
Koko ended up kicking the person out from his house, it genuinely a turn off at this point and he can do nothing about the situation.
But Koko found you, yeay.
While someone was flirting with you and you did nothing? Koko confused. And you even smiled at the person while they were touching your shoulder? Koko wanted to know whether you already move on from him.
No, you don’t. You’re still very much into him— you like him a lot.
And that is how Koko find himself pinned agains in your bed with you on top of him; leaving him a complete mess from how you were playing with his body.
“(name)— ngh,”
Finally, after all the “my name is not (name)” and “who is (name)?”. Koko finally have you on him again and he doesn’t anyone else but you.
Tumblr media
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devildomsgod · a month ago
Obey Me!: Overstimulation
Tumblr media
Overstimulation drabbles for Mammon, Beelzebub and Diavolo, gn!reader
Overstimulation, handjobs, begging, crying, dom!reader
Tumblr media
Mammon's body feels like it's on fire when you won't let him come down from his first orgasm, your hand continuing to pump his softening shaft, his thick cum serving as lewd lubricant. The demon cries for you, pornographic moans filling your room as you smirk down at him. Mammon's eyes are shut tightly, his face scrunching up as he fights the pain for more pleasure, needing more, always more from you, even if it meant to suffer a little.
"D-don't st-stahwp, Mc fuck me more, f-fuck me 'til- ngh 'til I pass out, o-oohkay?"
You decipher the slurred words from Mammon's mindless moans, smirking as you recognize their meaning. Why not give your puppy what he wants for once?
Beelzebub doesn't want the feeling to stop yet, his hips continuing to thrust into your pleasure, eyes closed tightly. The sensation on his cock makes his head spin, the intensity unlike anything he's felt before. Soft grunts slip past his lips as he allows himself to drop into a deep headspace, every muscle in his body devoting to what you provide.
Your hand grabs his cheeks, tilting his head to face you. Beelzebub's eyes open carefully, lips twitching in pleasure as he shyly looks into your dark pupils.
"You feeling good, baby?" you ask with a soft smile, your insides warm as you watch your lover under your body's spell.
Beel nods weakly, his hand grabbing your wrist as he feels a second orgasm approaching, the intensity of it already knocking the air out of his lungs.
A cheeky grin decorates the prince's expression as he watches his cum squirt over your hand, the feeling ecstatic as always and he doesn't want it to stop quite yet.
"Can you keep going, mc?"
You look up at the heavy breathing demon, mirroring the excited smirk.
"Sure thing, your highness," you lean forward to leave a kiss in the corner of his lips before wrapping your hand around his still hard shaft, starting with gentle strokes again.
Diavolo's hips twitch into your hold, an unexpected moan slipping his lips as he feels the surprising intensity of the overstimulation. Your strokes increase in tempo, making the demon lose his composure more and more, his body falling victim to the overwhelming pleasure as he stops fighting his fall.
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niiky6 · a month ago
Can you please do Mikey's first handjob ?
hellou, i tried my best, hope you enjoy it ❁💓
✩ manjiro sano (timeskip) x fem!dom reader
✩ descr; mikey is desperate for some of your touch and wants you to be the one to hand job him for the first time.
✩ warnings; handjob, vocal sub, dirty talk
Tumblr media
you had a good relationship with mikey, you had known each other since school and he had always been very attached to you, along with his childish attitudes and everything.
now that you were adults, you rarely saw each other, he was in his own world with his own things and you were focused on working and studying. when the world and the weather wanted it, you would get together and have a good time like when you were teenagers.
lately you had noticed that every time you went out, mikey was always close to you, with his hand on your shoulder to be closer, he hugged you from behind. always next to you, even when the other guys were around. it seemed a little weird to you, but it wasn't that bad, mikey was quite attached to you and since he was young he liked you to hug him and touch him. whether it was his hair, his face, his hands, with you he was quite desperate to find your touch.
the reality is that you had always liked mikey, he was like your crush, but because you didn't want to ruin his friendship you never said anything. you were partly relieved because you had never seen mikey with a girlfriend, or at least nothing serious. but you also felt very selfish because he should be happy with whoever he was with.
after hanging out with mikey and the others, you decided to go home because it was getting pretty late.
"thanks guys for the time together, but it's late now, we'll see you later" you announced and said goodbye to them.
when you were going to say goodbye to mikey he hugged you and whispered in your ear
"can I stay at your house today?" he asked and you broke the hug to look at his face, he pouted and kept talking.
"i just had a few beers and I don't feel like traveling that far to get home, I'd better stay with you yes." he had a silly smile on his face and sleepy eyes.
my god how cute he was, you couldn't say no to him. they both said goodbye and took a bus that would take them to your apartment.
"it's been a while since i've been to your apartment." mikey mentioned as he took off his shoes and walked into your apartment, sat down on one of your furniture and turned on the tv. as if he was at home, you didn't really care.
"it's a little cold, I'm going to make some hot chocolate," you said and looked at Mikey who had a sleepy face. "don't even think about going to sleep now, help me prepare the hot chocolate." you heard him grunt in disagreement and he struggled to get up.
you turned around and started to look for the things when you suddenly felt the blond hair hugged you from behind and put his chin on your shoulder. you felt his breathing hot and even his heart racing.
"are you drunk, mikey?" you asked him trying to get out of his grip.
"mhn, no, of course not, i just said i felt bad because i wanted to be with you." he admitted, forcing his grip tighter on your waist and pressing his whole body against yours.
it felt so good to have him so close, mikey was so cute in your eyes and you wanted so badly to kiss his whole face and caress his whole body.
"why did you want to be here with me then?" you asked, pretending to be oblivious.
"i like you so much (name), I like you too much." he whispered in your ear and started rubbing your ass, letting you know what he wanted. "i'm so needy for you (name)." he said with such a cute and pitiful tone. so erotic.
just biting your lip hard, mikey kept rubbing next to you in a desperate way, even with his pants on you felt him getting hard.
"wait mikey, no." you took his hands and pulled them away from your abdomen to turn around. "don't play with me." you told him seriously.
mikey looked so fucking cute and desperate, his cheeks and ears flushed and his mouth ajar from his slow, panting breaths.
he took your hand and placed it on his now harder cock. "look at me (name), I've never felt like this before, you don't know how many times I masturbated thinking it was your hands that made me moan." he said lost, as if he had always wanted you to touch him.
"i'm an idiot for never confessing before, and maybe this isn't the right way either, but I'm so desperate, no one has ever touched me in my life and the thought of you being the first makes me so excited to the point of dripping.”
you gasped between amazed and even excited by those shameless words she said to you.
"i love you (name), i want you to make me cum with your pretty hands and scream out in moans and gasps how much i love you." mikey looked so tackled by the situation, completely flushed and gasping for breath.
you couldn't hold back and grabbed the back of his neck to kiss him. fucking deliscious, mikey's lips moved awkwardly, both tongue and teeth clashed. "fuck mikey, haven't you ever kissed before?"
you asked, parting his lips and biting them before continuing.
"mhn, ahh." he barked like a puppy dog with his eyes dark with excitement and his mouth open and his lips shining with saliva.
"i'm going to eat your mouth if you keep looking at me with that face." you kissed him harder again, grabbing the back of his neck and pressing him even harder into you. mikey had his arms around your neck, letting you take control of the kiss and abuse his lips as you pleased.
"touch me, touch me (name), here." even with your foreheads pressed together and your breath coming in gasps mikey managed to speak and take your hand and place it on his crotch. "i feel like I'm dying, I want you to make me cum." he added and slowly rubbed himself into your palm as he began to moan like a kitten.
you smiled lustfully at him and took his hand to lay him down on the couch. "i will make you cum mikey, but only I will take care of it, don't even think about giving me orders or touching you." you warned and this cute little guy nodded his head while biting his lips and squeezing his hands.
you knelt down in front of him and with your hands you spread his legs and started to unbutton his pants. slowly, you wanted to make him suffer a little bit really. "come on (name) faster, ugh." he whimpered panting.
"relax pretty boy, you'll see stars soon enough."
now with his pants down, his dark boxers stood out with his penis wanting to escape from the annoying fabric.
with one of your fingers you outlined the tip of his penis, causing his own presiminal fluid to break through the fabric. "ahh, mhn, ahhg." he moaned and gasped in despair. now with your hands you took his penis completely and started pumping it, slow even with covered. "fuck, how good, how good it feels."
"shhh, you didn't know you were so needy, mikey." he quickly nodded his head.
you kept pumping his cock a little faster, feeling the fabric get wetter and even harder if possible. "(name) your hands, i want your hands on my cock." he tried to take your hands with one hand and with the other drag the boxer down. you quickly pulled out and stopped jerking him off.
"no, no, no, don't stop, ahhg." it was fun to watch as he rubbed himself on the couch, his penis hard and his eyes watering with excitement.
"i warned you not to give me instructions, I'm the one who's going to make you come, you haven't even been touched like this before and you want to tell me how to do my job, don't fuck with me mikey."
"forgive me it just feels so good when you do this, it turns me on too much." he said and bit his lips to give you a little kiss on the mouth and rub his nose with yours. he was so hungry for the contact."
you kept playing with his aching penis even with his boxer shorts on, and even though you wanted to feel his skin with yours, you still wanted to play with his patience some more. you were also sure that the friction of your movements with his penis felt great. because of how he was screaming it out between moans.
"that feels so good, ahhh i love you." exclaimed mikey moving his hips for more friction.
you spit in your hand and reached inside his underwear for his now red and very hard penis. "fuck mikey, i didn't know you were this big." you flattered the while licking your lips. feeling the boy's cock in your hand was so exquisite, you couldn't describe it, you wanted to make him enjoy it and make him cum so hard.
"yes yes yes yes yes, aahh how well you are jerking me off, uhhh (name) I can't." he was already on the verge, you knew it.
"not yet mikey, hold on for my big boy." you took your hands off and after a few seconds of watching him suffer you moved them back on his penis. you did it constantly, you masturbated him a little bit and took your hands off again.
every time you stopped touching him he would gasp like crazy, squirm and lift his hips seeking your touch.
"you are so needy baby, i love it so much." you commented and started to masturbate harder. "but I want you to cum already."
"fuck fuck fuck, how delicious, my god I'm going to die (name)" said looking at how your hands were moving me so frenetic, I couldn't even articulate words of so much excitement.
mikey moaned and begged you for more "like that, keep going, keep going, ahhh." so cute.
as it was his first time someone touched him like that the sensation was surely so intense for him. he felt so much pleasure that he couldn't do anything else but look at his penis being imprisoned by your hands.
"ha, your balls are so full of cum, mikey let yourself go and suck it all out, i want to see how to make a show when i finish with your penis."
"i'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming." he spoke uncontrollably with his eyes rolling and his mouth open, moaning like a madman.
"come for me baby." you said without stopping pumping, faster and faster and the gurgling sounds buzzed in your ears making everything so erotic and obscene.
and from one minute to the next mikey, he started to come so hard, with his head against the back of the couch he kept moaning uncontrollably, his eyes white with excitement, his back arched so violently, that you had to hold his penis tight because you wanted to stimulate him more.
"FUCK, FUCK, AHHHG, UGGG" he couldn't stop moaning, he was so cute mieky, "I want more, more, more, more."
you were still over stimulating when he had already come. mikey was so on the edge, with a scream he said. "leave me with nothing, yes, yes, yes, yes, you feel so good, my cock loves you."
he was still cumming, he put his hands on the couch to propel himself and move faster in your hand. you could tell how much he wanted you to go faster, more aggressive, he was so desperate your cute friend
"so, so, so, aghhhh, damn I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, ughhhh."
"fuck mikey." you commented still continuing to stimulate him and you bit your lips so excited and wet from mikey's broken moans and from how desperate and needy he looked. broken by pleasure.
"(name, name name, name, name), yes, yes, yes, yes, ahhg, ughhh, ahhhhhh." and with these last cries and moans he finished cumming in your hand, so wet, so exhausted, so good.
he fell down on the couch, his shirt a mess, cum all over the place, literally. after all that show mikey, he looked at you a little embarrassed. after all that screaming on your behalf, you wanted to devour him up.
"mikey, that was... so fucking hot." you said with a smile. "you were screaming like a puppy dog for my touch." he nodded looking at you so lost, you didn't know that submissive side of your friend.
"let me fuck you too." you mentioned this last while caressing his face and his hair.
"do with me what you want, this body belongs to you, I want you to make me scream again like a whore."
Tumblr media
—apologies, english is not my first language.
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euph0ric-bliss · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: gn!reader, dom!reader, sub!thoma/tohma, edging mention, cockwarming, pet names, crying
Poor baby just can’t keep it together when it feels so good. He’s practically sobbing and it’s only been a few minutes. His mouth is hanging open, pooling with saliva. He’ll paw at your legs and chest in hopes that you’ll let him cum.
But you just can’t say yes yet when the way he cries out after you say no is so cute. Sweet Tohma is already incoherent trying his best to obey your orders.
I like to think that he always finishes quickly but when you’re cockwarming him? That early finish just skyrockets to new records.
His cock is just too sensitive and you make him feel too good. :(
It’s a great punishment though!! If he disobeyed you or made you upset, push him onto a chair or your bed and finish some writing some letters while he does his best to keep it together. Granted you might not get much work done because of how much noise he makes.
He’ll be begging you, saying how, “I’ll be good, I swear I won’t do it again.. please please please I- ah… I p-promise I’ll be good just please.. let me cum..” while tears stream down his face. Too bad you’re not done writing yet. He’ll just have to wait and pray to the archons that this torture ends soon.
Every part of Tohma is on fire, his cock feels like it’s going to burst if you keep this up any longer. But you’re being so mean to him just shushing him, “you wanted to be good, didn’t you Tohma?” You would taunt, rubbing your fingers on his shaking thighs and hands. Even with your own hands supporting his legs, he can’t make them stop quivering. He’s putty under you while he waits for you to allow him his release.
Even though you haven’t said anything, the way you’re petting his aching thighs mixed with the malicious grin he can see, makes him certain that his punishment is far from over.
Tumblr media
a/n: me making something actually short?? that isn’t just headcanons?? what world is this??
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seinupi · 2 months ago
when she's in control
Tumblr media
── smut, nsfw (minors dni)
── scenario ; draken (ryuguji ken), matsuno chifuyu, hanemiya kazutora, smiley (kawata nahoya),
── surprises 😉 hint : dom!(name)
── originally, i have each of them written into a full smut but tumblr somehow ate 'em all 😕 well, if any of you want more, lmk hehe ♡ pls stay safe and take care darlings! (likewise, rbs are highly appreciated)
masterlist ♡ ! pt.2
Tumblr media
you watch with amusement as your man working on fixing the engine of a bike sent by a customer who wanted it to be fix as soon as draken could. what cause the smirk lingers on your features is how draken is struggling to do his work without his butt touching or bumping into anything. he is sweating more than the usual days, face slightly red.
your forefinger gliding against the screen of your phone, mindlessly moving it up, down and randomly circling it around. to the others, it seems like you're just messing with your phone. but both you and draken knew it wasn't that. every movement made by your forefinger against the screen, increase and decrease the pace of the bullet vibrator attached to his heavy balls beneath his engineering uniform.
he already cummed a lot of time earlier, his huge cock is now all twitchy and sensitive with his thick ropes of cum dribbling down the length of his cock to his balls and ended up drenching the inner globe of his ass along with his thighs. it's a wonder the wetness doesn't stained his attire of the day. you even caught him sneakily rutting against the edge of the counter desk, the seat of the motorbikes and against your ass. you teasingly walk away from him each time his huge hands grip onto your hips from the behind, joining inui as he works on polishing the metal parts of the motorbikes. your action frustrate draken even more.
"(name), you can take draken home. he seems like he's out of it. i can take over for the day." inui adviced, eyes full of worries glancing over draken who's gripping the edge of the counter for stability.
little did he know, draken is cumming again.
of course, with a smile, you sang out a sweet 'thank you' to inui, while carefully pulling draken along with you. both left after bidding proper goodbye to inui along with having your essentials on hands. he thought the teasing stopped in the car? poor draken, your lover is being merciless today.
"good boy. won't you give me one more?"
Tumblr media
both of you are having dinner at a fancy restaurant reserved by pah-chin and his wife for another gathering with the former toman executives. it was such a lively dinner, to have 12 of them along with their own partners or plus one joining. fancy meal being served along with high quality wine.
however chifuyu could not keep his hands off of you. not in a way for naughty moves but touches of pleading, wanting you to stop whatever punishment you put him in. if only he wasn't teasing you for days, touching you places where it gets the best of you then stopped it later on to continue on his paused agenda, making you cock deprived, he would not ended up with anal beads stuffed deep into his ass, the bead griding against his spongy wet walls and prostate each moves his hips made.
you sneakily run your fingertips against his sensitive thighs, the sensation sent him all tingly. when your hand wrapped around his crotch, moving your palm in painfully slow circles and reversed circles, he is fighting himself from whining and thrusting his hips into your hand. each time you felt his cock twitching against his slack, you pulled your hand away, squeezing his inner thighs instead. didn't he did this to you days ago? rubbing the callouse pad of his fingers against your throbbing clit, shamelessly circling your clit with immense speed, guiding you near orgasm only to stopped and left you frustrated.
both of you does not stay any longer for the dinner as chifuyu excused the both of you from it, saying something urgent came up and need to take a quick leave. you were only watching with a smirk, proud that your teasing bring out the desperate slut in chifuyu. he dragged you to the car, driving away from the restaurant, leading the car into more secluded area. he moved to the back seat, spreading his legs open as soon as he locked and turned off the engine of the car. he let out a raspy moan, calling your name, begging for your touches.
smirking, you joined chifuyu, straddling his laps. you grabbed both wrists of his and pushed it to his head, resting them on top of his head, locking his hands from trying to touch you. grinding against his erection, he lets out loud gasp. wetness forming against his slack, slightly wetting your own panty.
"oh? did you just cum from me grinding against you? desperate slut, your cock isn't even inside me yet."
Tumblr media
ain't he pretty? of course he is, he is your boyfriend afterall, one with the name hanemiya kazutora, born with features formed by the blessed kisses of god. you thought he can't look even prettier? my darling you are indeed wrong! now, now, won't you look at your boyfriend? obediently putting on the accessories you wanted to see on him?
kneeling on the floor, fluffy cat ears resting on top of his head, framing his beautiful long hair perfectly. collar attached to his lean neck, the chain resting in your hand, holding it. his naked upper torso blessed your eyes, as they're hugged by his strong abdomen muscles. your favourite part? his hips where the plaid skirt hanging onto the skin, a tail plug peeking through the back of the skirt. to him, it's humiliating but as long as it satisfy you, he'll do it. only for you.
you tugged the chain, patting your thighs, motioning him to sit on it. like the obedient pet he is currently, he obey it. he sat on your plush thighs, straddling you. his face slightly red along with little beads of sweat framing his face. you rest your free palm underneath his chin, thumb gently tracing his lips.
"good little kitten. gonna spoil my kitten rotten, yea?"
Tumblr media
you slapped his thick thigh, signalling him to spread his legs wider. his smirk remained on his face, disobeying you. you stared at him through the body mirror across the bed, slow down the pace of your wrist, giving him a slow and long stroke. he hissed at this sensation, annoyed that it does not meet his usual pleasure level. instead of succumb to your touches, letting himself controlled by you, he move his hips upward, fucking himself on your palm. strings of profanities left his lips, thrusting rougher as soon as he felt himself nearing his orgasm.
before he could cum, you removed your hand, threading your fingers through his hair and pulled him back, tilted his head slightly to meet yours. his chest rises and falls, breathing harder when the frustration of getting edge throbbing hard against his veins. little twitches seen on his cock and balls while the angry red head of his cock covered by his own precum.
"naughty boy doesn't get to cum, remember?" you whispered in your sultry voice laced with warning.
still pulling onto his hair, you forced him to face the mirror, told him to watch every movements. you lowered your head to meet his nipple, blowing air onto the pebbled sensitive buds. his skin received open mouth kisses from you, kissing them up to his earlobe, nibbling the soft flesh to kissing them down back to his nipple that are thirsty for your attention. the tip of your tongue flick his nipple, causing him to arch his back slightly. his breath hitched as soon as your warm mouth sucking his nipple, tongue flicking, circling and prodding the nipple.
"fuck! ahh mm- !"
you halted his cursing attempt by slapping his thick thigh, squeezing the flesh before repeating it again and again. spanking his thighs until he started to hissed out apology, promising that he'll behave and just let him fuck you already. you shut him up roughly kissing him, as your free hand mercilessly jerking his cock, massaging his balls as he shamelessly moans into your mouth.
you pulled away from the rough kissing, string of mixed saliva connecting both your lips. you stopped pulling onto his hair, freeing his head but you do so to grab something. when you popped the item into your mouth, sucking it while swirling your tongue around it like how your pretty mouth would work on his cock, his smirk dropped.
it's smiley's foe, the well known vibrating urethral sounding rod. your hand that's tugging and jerking his cock never quits, thumb rubbing the meaty thick red head of the cock, spreading his precum around. you spit on it, moisting the area before you prod his meatus, mimicking the action he'd do whenever he teases your throbbing pussy with the tip of his cock. you insert the rod, inch by inch, drawing a broken moan along with profanities from smiley.
"weren't you being such a brat just now? c'mon, i thought you wanna cum so bad?"
Tumblr media
any forms of any forms of plagiarism will not be tolerate with kindness. reblogs are appreciated. repost/translate/edit are not permitted!
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Tumblr media
Kinktober day 26 casting couch: Lucifer and Solomon
You clicked your tongue, looking at Solomon and Lucifer. Simeon had left you in charge of directing the play and you needed to get worthwhile actors and for whatever reason Lucifer and Solomon both wanted to be in it. You didn’t want to put them in at first but…Solomon made an offer, he wanted a part and offered to make you something/enchant something for you.
You had jokingly said if they sleep with you, you’ll give them a part. They both jumped up and offered to fuck you. So…here you are now, with Lucifer between your legs, tongue skillfully gliding across your sex. Solomon was shaking as you fisted his cock, with a quick and uneven pace. He was giving high pitched whines as you focused on the tip. “Solomon, if you cum first, you’re not going to be in the play.”
Solomon gave a light whimper, trying to pull away, precum dripping from his cock. Lucifer stopped and pulled away, glancing up at you. “Can…can Solomon and I switch places?” You nodded letting go of Solomon’s arousal, grinning as it throbbed uselessly. Lucifer got up, going to your side, purring as you grab his arousal and start pumping it.
Solomon got between your legs, giving your stomach a kiss before diving down. Solomon was admittedly not nearly as good as Lucifer, it made your core ache for more and you ended up grinding against Solomon’s tongue. Lucifer moaned and thrusted into your hand, already starting to drip precum.
You hissed, reaching down to shove Solomon’s head down and grinding against his face as you came on his face, intentionally making a mess of his face. Solomon whined between your legs and started grinding against your leg. Lucifer groaned and hissed out. “Can I cum now?” You grin shake your head, earning a pout from Lucifer.
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thot-writes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
you suck their tiddies headcanons — BNHA edition since u know i’m gon do it for other fandoms (18+ NSFW);
Tumblr media
Tamaki Amajiki;
Tamaki’s arm is draped over his face as his lips tremble weakly. a deep shade of pink peaks out from underneath, but he can’t bring himself to stop cowering.
you suck on his swollen nipple, using your free hand to toy with the other one, and his whole body feels like it’s coming undone beneath you.
he’s way too sensitive, it seems like any kind of touch is enough to drive him crazy, and you always abuse that.
he’s far too adorable for his own good, it’s not your fault to rough him up. he should stop seducing you.
“Mmmgh, y-you’re doing too much... it hurts.”
you pull away and give him a small kiss. “Sorry, babe. I got carried away.”
he shakes his head. “It-it’s okay... I liked it.”
“Should I keep going?” you smile.
he doesn’t answer, but you see him nod beneath his forearm.
Denki Kaminari;
“Haah! H-how are you so good— ngh!— at this?”
you fondle his chest with reckless abandon and leave a circle of hickeys surrounding his nipples. they’re already flushed and slick with your spit, and Denki is so painfully hard a single touch would probably send him over the edge
“It just comes naturally to me,” you joke. “I see something I like, I mark it— like that cute little ass of yours.”
he grips the sheets beneath him and looks at you. “Did you have to say it like that? That’s so embarrassing.”
you give a gentle slap to his left pec and he shuts up. “Don’t act like you don’t love it. Strutting around my house shirtless, you were just begging for me to do this.”
he bites his lip and blushes harder. “So... we still going?”
you lean down to lick his chest, keeping eye contact all the while. “Just try and stop me.”
Shota Aizawa;
Shota is leaned back casually at the head of the bed, breathing out a deep, pleased sigh as he drags his fingers through his hair
you’ve cupped his (surprisingly big) chest in your hands as your tongue flicks over the sensitive bud.
when you told him you wanted to do this he looked at you like you grew another head.
“Do I look like a woman?” is what he said to you.
“Your titties are big enough to motorboat, it’d be a waste to just leave ‘em unattended.”
he relented rather easily despite that though, he knew there was no stopping you once your mind was set on something.
he gazed down at you through half-lidded eyes, his breathing louder and sweeter than usual. you take a nipple between your teeth and it sends a jolt through his body, he lets out a quivering gasp.
“Y-you’re having way too much fun there...” he murmurs.
“You say that like you’re not pitching a tent right now.”
Eijiro Kirishima;
“G-geez... this isn’t manly at all...”
sweet Eijiro is straddling your lap with a blush that turns his face almost as red as his hair
you toy playfully with his chest as you eagerly suck at one of his nipples. Eijiro has his hands through your hair to steady himself against the merciless onslaught, and you can tell something feels particularly good when he tugs on it
his sweet, restrained moans fill the room along with the lewd sucking noises you’re making
one of your hands moves from his lower back to grab at the shapely flesh of his ass, and he unwittingly arches into you. he bites down on his lip and slowly gyrates his hips, wanting to feel any kind of contact on his sorely neglected erection
“You’re enjoying this quite a bit, aren’t you?” you coo.
he nods his head and whimpers in response.
you trace your tongue from his chest to his clavicle in one long lick. “I’ll make you feel good for as long as you want, baby.”
Shoto Todoroki;
when you asked to suck his tits, Shoto agreed without really thinking on it.
“Shoto, can I play with your tits?” you asked.
“Sure,” he answered, not missing a beat. it was only later on in the day that he realised what you asked him— he was just so well-trained at this point that he agrees to pretty much everything you ask of him
he’s leaned up against the wall, his hot gaze fixed solely on you as you have your way with his chest
his eyes drift shut and he leans his head back as your mouth encircles one of the sweet, sensitive buds. you have to lean down to get a good angle, but by god is it worth it
his moans and gasps are quiet, as they always are, but the way he presses his body further into your mouth is proof enough that he wants more
you pull away only to squeeze his pecs together and make circular motions on his nipples with your thumbs. you can scarcely hold back your desire for him, he’s just so perfect it’s annoying
when you see his mismatched eyes lingering on yours, you lean in and give him a short but breath-taking kiss.
“I hope you know that these — and you — belong to me forever,” you say as you press your foreheads together.
“Mmh. I’m yours. Do whatever you like with me,” he replies, a small smile tugging at his lips
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myetherealmelody · 3 months ago
haikyuu boys and dumbification
Tumblr media
characters: ushijima, bokuto, oikawa, suna, akaashi
warnings: dub/sub dynamics, afab!dom!reader, dirty talk, choking, nipple play, overstimulation, dumbification, squirting, “mommy” is said once, anal fingering, pegging, blowjobs, face fucking, bondage
ushijima gets real quiet when he’s being fucked stupid
the only sounds that escape him are these desperate groans, the sound of them going straight to your cunt
his eyes get all unfocused-the only thing he can pay attention to is watching your tits bounce as you ride him
he’s gonna need you to help him out at this point, poor fucked out beefy man can’t think for himself when he’s like this
your thighs ache from the exertion, but you will yourself to keep going, one hand at ushijima’s throat, the other resting on his chest and tweaking his nipple every time you slam back down on his cock. his mouth is slightly open now-drool is dribbling out the side of it and he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. poor ushijima is only focused on the feeling of your pussy around his cock, and he can’t help the sounds that escape him, can he? not when you’re fucking him so well.
“you gotta tell me what you want, love,” you say in his ear, out of breath. “wanna cum? yeah?”
he probably wouldn’t even notice what was happening to him at first
he’s so focused on pounding you into the mattress, watching as you clench around his thick cock, slick gathered where the two of you are connected, that he’s not even paying attention to what he’s saying
he’s just babbling at this point, his deep thrusts making your toes curl as he bends your knees to your chest and continues with his relentless pace
“gotta make you cum, baby-tryna make you cum-” bokuto says over and over, his fingers digging into your skin, the sound of skin slapping against skin the only other thing you can hear besides his moans.
“i know you’re gonna make me cum, baby,” you say back, your arms wrapped around his shoulders for traction as he pounds into you. “you’re a good boy, you can do it.”
“i promise-promise, promise, promise-”bokuto murmurs, even after you finally cum, squirting all over his cock, his own cum mixing with yours as he buries his face in your neck. “see? i did it. just like i promised.”
two words describe tooru best when he’s fucked out: vocal and messy
expect to see him lying on his back on the bed like a good little pillow princess, with tears staining his pretty long lashes
he’ll definitely suck on his fingers before sinking them into his hole, his cock twitching as he works himself open for you for the fifth time that night
“please mommy-put in again~” oikawa babbles, a sigh of relief escaping him as you slide your strap inside him with one thrust.
“it went in so easy. you take me so well,” you coo, brushing strands of hair off of his forehead before you begin fucking into him at a relentless pace. oikawa is grasping the sheets between lithe fingers, arching his back, putting on a show for you. he fucks himself back onto your cock, his skin covered in a sheen of spit and sweat.
“yeah, that’s cause im a good boy, i’m your good boy, right?’ oikawa keep repeating, watching as your hand reaches down, finally stroking his cock for the first time tonight.
“yes you are,” you whisper, kissing him on the forehead as he cums around your cock.
if you want to see suna lose his mind, you should tie him up and suck him dry
the sight of you with your lips wrapped around his cock, spit gathering at the base of his dick as you take him into your throat will make him absolutely unravel
knowing that you’re making him feel this way and he can’t even do anything about it will make him cum harder than he ever has before
“gotta touch you-gotta touch you-” suna cries out; he’s practically fucking his cock into your mouth at this point, each snap of his hips sending him further down your throat. “sorry-can’t help it-gotta-”
you grip the base of his cock, squeezing lightly as you lather your tongue on the underside-suna’s pretty wrists are tied to the bedposts, and his eyes never leave yours, his mouth hanging open and his tongue lolling as you bring him to the peak.
“yes-like that-like that-yeah, im gonna-hnng-” suna lifts his hips up, stilling as he pumps his cum into your mouth, watching with his eyes clouded over as you smile and swallow every last drop
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lord-of-anarchy · 2 months ago
Haikyuu: face sitting
Characters: Hinata, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, Nishinoya, Sugawara
Tumblr media
Hinata Shoyo:
Hinata rides your face like it's made for him, his ass grinding against your tongue to make it go deeper, to make him feel better.
His loud moans are shameless, being thrown into the air like a token for your efforts. Seriously, whenever you're eating him out, Hinata forgets what self-restraint is.
If you manage to glance up at him, you'll see him having his head tilted upwards, eyes closed in bliss, and his loud mouth stretched in a wide grin. The boy is swirling through a completely different world while holding onto this wonderful pleasure from you.
Shoyo is having so much fun on top of you, but it's honestly adorable, so maybe just this once, you'll have him use you instead of the other way around.
Tumblr media
Kageyama Tobio:
Tobio would rather get off of you right this second than make any noise. Can't let ya know how much of a slut he is for this!
He holds onto his pride and hides his embarrassment as much as he can while doing so.
Will rock his hips when he forgets to hold onto his precious self-control, though stops immediately when he notices himself.
Kageyama might have the audacity to order you to eat him out better, though trust me, he won't dare again if you punish him just right for it.
Tumblr media
Yamaguchi Tadashi:
Poor Tadashi, he gets so embarrassed when you ask him to sit on your face.
He'll refuse the offer at first, admittedly feeling a little uncomfortable with the idea.
If you give him some time to think about it though, his fantasies might lure him to bringing it up to you again.
You'll have to reassure him and take it slow before he's finally ready for it. You need to be very patient and gentle with him too.
Once he finally took his seat though....
You'll get addicted to the noises he makes, trust me. They're so endlessly adorable and almost too innocent for the situation. He'll clasp his hand over his mouth too, trying to keep a little quieter even though those soft whines are already barely audible for you.
Yamaguchi's orgasm will be extremely adorable too (yes, that is possible), 'cause he'll do his best not to grind down on your face, and he's so embarrassed, and because he doesn't want to touch his cock it's a rather weak high. Very cute.
Tumblr media
Nishinoya Yuu:
Yuu will be the biggest mess on top of you.
His legs won't stop shaking, and his fingers don't seem to have their usual strength while grabbing onto you, and why can't he seem to form a single coherent word??
Nishinoya might have to pull away from you a few times 'cause he gets genuinely overwhelmed by the stimulation.
Yuu'll cum really hard too.
Tumblr media
Sugawara Koshi:
This is more of a treat for you, to be honest.
Suga has long declared your face as his throne and he'll use it like that too.
He's so damn beautiful while riding you though, so I guess there's no need to complain.
His round cheeks suffocating you, those damn thighs just perfectly squeezing around your face? It's like a dream, isn't it?
He'll sound amazing too, a perfect mix of shameless and humble moans ringing through your room. Suga just knows how to put on a show, especially when riding your tongue.
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