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let’s kick this blog off with a set of reactions, shall we? because I love these boys!!


Sextuplets with a S/O who uses frequent pet names/nicknames


O-oh, God, oh, he… he just can’t! Just calling him Choromatsu-kun is bad enough, but do you really have to call him things like Choro and honey and babe? Every time you do, it’s like he’s two seconds away from fainting. You’re so cute; to hear such affectionate things from you aimed his way is almost more than he can bear. His face turns red, he gives you a bashful smile, and just… can’t manage anything else, really, much as he tries to get any words out. Eventually he’ll settle into it where it’s not an instant blush, but his heart always skips a beat when you call him a pet name.


Tch… whatever, is that supposed to faze him or something? Ichi, sweetheart, baby… they’re just words, and it’s all the same to him what you call him as long as it’s not jackass. (Even then, debatable whether he’d waste the effort being pissed.) Once you know him, though, it’s pretty clear that he appreciates them at least a little. Nobody’s ever… been so fond with him. He finds himself liking it more and more. Whenever you call him anything but his full name, he shifts a bit, dips his head down — he’s smiling just because you called him something nice.


Aaaaa… it’s just so nice to hear those kinds of things! The way you call him Jyushi, or sunshine or sweetie is so affectionate and it’s something he’s always craved! Now that he knows how it feels to be called by those things… maybe… maybe you would do it again? A lot? He makes no secret of the fact that he adores being called pet names. Whenever you use one, his entire being seems to light up like it’s his birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day all rolled into one. You think he smiles big normally? Without fail, expect a kiss every single time.


Well, well… it seems he just can’t stop his allure from drawing you in and treating him so nicely. Kara in particular makes him absolutely melt, but babe and hon are really just as effective. He’s just so desperate to be adored, especially by you, and you calling him those things, well, it’s the ultimate expression of adoration. He pretends like it’s not a big deal, like he’s so used to being called those things — he dishes them out to you often enough, anyway — but the truth is he’s not. He shies away just a little, and if you’re paying attention, you can see a faint pink blush over his cheeks. Oh, yeah, critical hit.


Oh, hell yeah! He totally knows how sweet you are on him, so hearing Oso, babe, honey in your voice comes as no surprise. Really! It doesn’t even affect him! … Except, heh. Those little nicknames are one of the few things that can make him go incredibly soft incredibly quickly. In one breath, he grins and calls you babe right back, and in the next breath, he’s suddenly got his arms around you, face buried in your neck to hide the fact that he’s blushing, under the guise of giving you a super sexy kiss. He likes to act as if this doesn’t make him completely weak. Don’t believe the act, because it definitely does.


Ahah! Wow, isn’t that just the cutest thing? Everyone already calls him Totty, and yet it’s different coming from you; alongside things like darling or baby, it just seems that more intimate. He allows his face to flush a little, just enough so that he doesn’t appear unaffected… but without letting you know quite how much he’s putty in your hands. If you know how much power you have over him, he’s entirely too vulnerable. It’s plain to see, though, once you know him as well as you do. All his confidence flattens into something softer and more sincere. The smile he gives when you call him those things is absolutely his most adorable one.

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Hi Anon,

Here’s a few~

I want to write you a song by driedupwishes

(Rated T, 2,441 words, oneshot, complete)

“This is a mix CD,” Eren said. He blinked slowly, looking up at his husband and feeling his eyebrows furrow in confusion. “You made me a mix CD for our ten year anniversary.”


Let’s Dance by FairyLights101

(Rated G, 2,113 words, oneshot, complete)

It happens every time it rains - there’s no stopping him. As soon as the storms come in Eren will wait impatiently until he hears the rain and dances in it. Levi can’t bear to stop him, not when he looks so happy and peaceful twirling out there in the damp.
And, sometimes, he lets Eren convince him to join.  


Hush by sugarplumsenpai

(Rated M, 1,340 words, oneshot, complete)

Rain was tapping against the windows.

How he liked this weather.

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Domestic, married scorbus actually make my heart sing

“And now we wait.” Scorpius crossed his legs beneath him. “Do you want tea?”

Albus furrowed his brow. “I never want tea.”

“Oh.” Scorpius smiled innocently.

“Do you want tea?” Albus smirked.

“Only if you’re boiling the kettle,” Scorpius shrugged.

“You’re incorrigible. It’s a good thing I love you.” Albus leaned over and kissed him on the forehead.

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Have some more mostly fluffy domestic boys making a house into a home.
Some warnings for implied child abuse (Neil Hargrove is mentioned), swearing, bit of angst and implied homophobia (but it’s more surprise at the lack of it…) 
As always, lemme know if I miss anything!

(Technically it’s Part 2 of this, but it should make sense without reading it. Just know that Steve’s possibly gay uncle left him a house, and Steve invited Billy to live with him and that’s where they’re heading!)

It’s easier than Steve expected to drag himself and Billy out of Hawkins, to escape the magnet of the small town, the pull that gets stronger with every year spent there, every opportunity missed or lost or ignored, until you turn around at forty with two kids, a beer gut and a wife you met in high school. And Steve’s gonna miss the kids, and Robin of course, and he gets a little teary when they throw him a goodbye party, but it’s not like he’s going too far away, and he knows that if he stays, they’re all gonna move on without him anyway. He’s gotta take this chance while he has it. Doesn’t know when he’s gonna get another. 

And so he gets out. So does Billy. They escape. 

When Steve pictured it, he imagined them both roaring out in the Camaro, holding hands across the seat and flipping the bird in unison at the ‘You Are Now Leaving Hawkins’ sign. Steve had even started making a mix-tape for the journey, a perfect blend of Queen, Metallica, Mötley Crüe and Blondie, just enough to lull Billy into a false sense of security before he’s hit with the finest of Steve’s pop tastes- a-Ha, Wham!, Billy fucking Joel.

In reality, they have to drive separately. They’re gonna want both of their cars there in Chicago anyway, and Steve’s BMW is absolutely crammed with boxes and suitcases so there’s no way around it. Steve thinks up all sorts of other plans, involving trailers and moving vans and him driving out early then getting a Greyhound back, and Billy gently, but firmly, shoots each one down. Puts his foot down entirely when Steve suggests walkie-talkies because ‘we’re not in goddamn Convoy, Harrington’. Tells him that they’re about to be living together, they can last a five hour journey without each other. 

So they meet early on moving day, Billy roaring his way to Loch Nora so they can at least see each other before they set off, Billy bringing Steve in for a kiss and then they’re off. They stay together to start with, and they do both stick up a middle finger at the sign, but then Billy’s shooting off in front and Steve’s lagging behind, losing sight of him by the first set of traffic lights. 

But at least Steve gets to listen to Uptown Girl without Billy’s usual scorn, and gets to think about his own ‘backstreet guy’ the whole time. Gets to sing all the ‘oh whoa whoas’ without getting a jab to the ribs. 

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Anyone who had ever had the opportunity to share a meal with the Winchester brothers knew that they had undeniably simple tastes. As sons of hunters and hunters themselves, of course, they had grown up and lived most of their lives on the roads, leaving very few opportunities for relaxation or even cooking. They would stay a few days, complete the case, save lives, then drive across the country and start all over again. However, in the many motel rooms they had crossed until then, Dean had nevertheless learned to handle things in a kitchen. He had had to feed himself and his younger brother when their father was gone several days or weeks, hunting monsters in another state and left them a roll of bills on the night table for the most part. Of course, they were not rolling in money. But Dean had always managed to find something to satisfy his brother and he was not too proud of it.

If many thought that Sam was the smartest of the two —which Dean pretended not to be offended by— very few knew that Dean was actually the best cook. Admittedly, some of his creations had not always been successful, such as those marshmallow nachos that Sam seemed to like when he was 8 years old. But he could nevertheless boast of his superb homemade hamburgers, pancakes or even of his talent for pies: apples, cherries, blueberries, pecan… he tried everything. He also knew how to concoct this famous tomato-rice soup that Mary Winchester made for him with love when he was sick, holding this recipe from her own mother, before singing “Hey Jude” to him until he fell asleep. This same soup that John had tried to reproduce for years afterwards by always adding too much salt.

However, the recipe of their childhood that Dean has always taken the most pleasure in redoing was undoubtedly the “Winchester Surprise”. It was the only dish, apart from the soup, that Mary cooked on her own for her children when she was still alive. In addition to these two recipes, Mary had always proved to be a poor cook from what their father had told them. Dean didn’t know then where his attraction to cooking came from, but he wasn’t going to complain about it. He and Sam had tried to recreate the comfort of their home hundreds of times trying to reproduce the Winchester Surprise and it was the first dish they had made in the bunker kitchen.

Dean never ran out of ideas to try to improve the recipe, making it more exotic or richer depending on the desires. He had made Castiel taste it when he became human and he had caught a cold, seeing him shivering in a blanket in the bunker all day long. To hear his friend’s groan of satisfaction when the food had passed the threshold of his lips was the best reward.

Today, he had no particular excuse to do the Winchester Surprise, he was simply bored and had just come back from the grocery store. Sam had gone to clear a vampire nest with Eileen and would probably be back tonight, Castiel had gone off to do some business in Heaven and Jack and Charlie had gone to the cinema to see the latest Disney movie. He had the kitchen to himself.

Also, Dean didn’t wait any longer to plug his phone into a small speaker and put a Metallica playlist on that soon resonated in the room. He had all the ingredients he needed and mouths to feed when they came home tonight, what more could he ask for? He started whistling quietly to the rhythm of “Fade to Black” and opened the refrigerator in search of onions, grounded meat and slices of cheese. He caught pickles and some other condiments. Once all this was laid out on the central island, he closed the fridge and went to search in a cupboard for buttermilk biscuits and corn chips, which would be the main garnishing. Finally, he seized a gratin dish and some utensils before returning to the central island.

Dean felt good and light, it was that special feeling that he felt every time he went into a new recipe. He knew that this unique satisfaction of having created something that would please his family would follow and it was really gratifying to know that his food would be eaten tonight. Sam would probably roll his eyes with tenderness while Jack and Charlie would rush to the table like the walking stomachs they were. Eileen would sign him a simple “thank you” charged with gratitude and Castiel would still give him this look full of a special affection that he always reserved for him. With that in mind, Dean got to work.

Maybe he’d come back to the bases today. After all, the Winchester Surprise in all its splendor was above all made to warm the hearts of those returning home from a rough day. He didn’t have to seek something too original today. Dean began: he scattered the cookies across the bottom of the baking dish before sautéing the onions in a frying pan. Quickly, he added the meat and let it rest for a few minutes while listening to the guitar solo which was in full swing in the speaker. Afterwards he added his condiments and stirred.

He had made this recipe so many times that he could have done it with his eyes closed. When everything had simmered to his liking, Dean poured the mixture into his baking dish and covered it with slices of cheese. Satisfied with his decoration, he finally slipped the dish into the oven before closing the door and turning the thermostat up. He programmed an alert on his phone 5 minutes before the end of the cooking to add the corn chips and sighed with satisfaction before catching the part he feared the most: the dishes.

That night, Sam and Eileen returned from their hunt in one piece just after Jack and Charlie returned. Castiel was the last to enter the bunker, a tired, but relieved to be home expression on his face. Everyone found the table set in the library, a rather rare thing in short, but everyone knew what it announced. And as Dean had predicted, each one went with his own reaction as they sat down at the table.

Thanks mum.” Sam gently laughed at him when Dean served him a piece, and Dean replied with a middle finger and a smile on his face.

Castiel, as usual now that he had become an angel again, did not hesitate to eat, but took the time to analyze each molecule with curiosity. Finally, Dean sat down with a full plate and looked around. His family chatted happily while filling their bellies and he could not feel more at home than now. Hell, he loved to innovate in the kitchen, even though he always ended up going back to basics.

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I hate that I have to be on edge wondering if you’re going to strike me.

I hate not knowing what’s going to set you off today.

I hate that my opinion is not wanted but when you ask for it I’m shot down.

I hate that you hurt me to build yourself up.

I hate that you turned me into someone I don’t even recognize.

I hate that I let you.

I hate that I stay.

I hate that I love you.

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