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A/N: So currently, I am writing and posting in chronological order of the events of the “Imbalance” series. I have a good idea of all the pockets of moments I want to write for, but I am open to prompts! Everything up until chapter 8 (unless I get another stroke of inspiration from a re-read) will follow the series timeline, anything after that is extra. I say all that to preface that this chapter is the morning after the last chapter, in which tender vanilla smut occurred. However, if you are uncomfortable with smut, the previous chapter isn’t necessary to read to follow the storyline of this one. That chapter was mostly just indulgence in the romantic intimacy between Katara and Aang and exploration of Katara’s vision and how’d they feel about it. It’s all fluff and domesticity this chapter😤

Anyways, Four chapters in and we finally get some Toph and Sokka action! They’re super fun to write, shenanigans ensue, as is only natural. Okay, that was a mouthful. Enjoy and I hope y’all are continuing to stay safe out there!

Previous Moments: (1)(2)(3)

Moments before cleaning up the beach…

Waking up was always a slow, sluggish process for the young waterbending master.

A sleepy smile wound its way onto Katara’s face; fluttering kisses littered along her bare shoulder as she absently remarked the deep, honey-like voice that accompanied the airbender at her side. The slumbering girl was much more focused on the melodic, husky tone he spoke with, rather than the fact that he was faintly calling her name. The sound of it seeming to come from far away; whispering at the edge of her consciousness and not quite registering, much like a dream… She settled into his warmth, reveling in the feeling of being in his arms and quietly remarking to herself that no dream could live up to the reality she was living. 

Though, she could very well keep trying. It’d been so long since she’d slept in an actual bed… 

Sighing in content and on the verge of falling back into the sweet embrace of slumber, Katara nestled further into her pillow of choice, her boyfriend. Suddenly, however, she felt said boyfriend pillow pull away from her. She watched through barely open eyes as he sauntered over to the window and drew open the curtains, allowing entrance to the delicate light of the young sun barely peeking over the horizon.

“Aang…?” She grumbled, absently fingering the now vacant spot where his body was. The young woman noticed that her boyfriend (who was supposed to be letting her use him as a pillow) was dressed and looking very much like he wasn’t going to be returning to bed anytime soon, to her dismay. 

“Good morning, Katara,” The airbender answered in a wistful tone, gifting her with a warm smile that was almost enough to forgive him for being awake at such an ungodly hour. Almost. He then turned his attention back to the languidly brightening horizon, idly massaging the tightness out of his jaw as he did so.

Said waterbender wrapped the sheets tighter around her form, moaning sleepily, “Is it even actually morning?”

Aang let out a sharp bark of laughter, then shook his head in amusement before answering, “Yes, the sun’s just now rising…” His smile was filled with melancholy, grey eyes never moving from their steady gaze on the horizon. 

Katara was not a morning person.

Read the rest here!: (x)

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Help! xD I’m searching for fitting Prof!Sam pictures and oh my gosh, I already knew it because of various Prof!Dean stories and I mean - he’s Jensen Ackles - of course he is hot, but damn! I can picture him perfectly as professor! Look at these pics! I’m drooling… ❤️🤤

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fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), MCU

summary: It is Tony’s 50th birthday and while Tony doesn’t have any expectations, Steve wants to celebrate early.

length: 1 480

a/n:  Happy Birthday, Tony Stark! Endgame, what? Don’t know her. And Tony has the best butt in MCU, don’t even get me started on it! Hope you will like the fic and as always, feedback, reblogs and likes are appreciated and needed!


I was First

“Hey, babe… Babe? Tony? Hey, Tony. Babe. Babe. Babebabebabebabebabebabe-”

Tony pulled his eyebrows together, the annoying sound getting to him through his sleep. It was like someone had been relentlessly poking on his skull, every syllable drilling into his mind. Groggily, he forced his eyes to open, blinking in the dim glow of the night lamp.

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I finished this craft a couple of weeks ago, but here is the third quarantine craft I have done! This is a play mat for Shisa, where we can hide little treats inside of it, or when she is teething she can chew on the ties. Now onto finishing the next craft!

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also if you’d ever be comfortable with it I’d certainly love to read your fics! but again only if you’re comfortable with it, and I’m sure they’re incredible! also I’m super flattered that I can help your writing with my writing!! :D

put this under a cut because it got long, whoops, I seem to write a lot when it comes to Kai xD


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In fact Ratchet can cook quite well! It’s less his long tenure as a bachelor than a lack of time that forces him to surrender the apron to Drift most nights. All of that changes, however, whenever they go on one of their little backroad adventures. You’ve never seen a happier housewife than cowboy Ratchet in the great outdoors, baking potatoes on the embers of a fire or improvising a pie with bisquick, a frying pan, and blueberries collected in his hat.

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Can be read on here

Husky: (of a voice or utterance) sounding low-pitched and slightly hoarse.

Garfield was a very engaged and emotionally driven person where he enjoyed things that engages with his senses and feelings. So, when he and Raven moved into a room to live together; he was overjoyed by it. Her warm body and her own genuine natural scent are things he adored and became drawn to.

But the thing that he truly adored more than their bodies pressed together as they loved and doted on one another in the night. Was the sound of her morning voice and just how husky it was to his ears. She sounded like an angel to him on a normal day, but in those early morning moments; just hearing her made him purr. He’d curl up beside her as they enjoyed their own little morning rituals.

While the morning was Garfield’s favourite time due to Raven’s husky voice. The gothic heroine’s favourite time of the day was of course, after nightfall. For one it was more reserved and still and did wonders for her constant empathic connection to the world around her. As well as it was the point in the day that Changeling and Raven became Garfield and Raven once again. Gone were the body armour and suits and their bodies celebrated with the love they had for one another.

She loved the sound of his purr and his husky growls and moans he whispered into her ears as he pleased her. Their bodies touching and grinding into one another; how he grinned and hissed as she made him feel as amazing as he had made her feel. She would never admit it but she had grown quite addicted to the husky sounds of hunger and pleasure he made during their lovemaking. And missed them and him when he was away on long missions with the Doom Patrol or Titans. But always made sure to make up for lost time whenever she could.

She was not as intimately connected to physical sensation as Garfield was, not the empathic connection they would make in the quiet hours of the morning and at night was something she’d never want to replace for anything. She smiled as she laid against him, wrapped up in his arms after a long day and a long session of passion. Ready for the next day and a new set of challenges they’d overcome together.

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My Sweet Domesticated Demon (1-1)


Short Story # 5

Words - 719

Year posted - 2020

Fandom - Hellboy

Pairing - Hellboy X Reader

Based on Imagine # 630

Warnings - None really except some suggested smut at the end, but there isn’t actually any, it’s mostly fluff.


“What are you doing beautiful?” Hellboy mused as he wrapped his arms around (Y/n)’s hips. “It’s spa day, remember?” (Y/n) smiled tilting her head back to peck her boyfriends lips. “Right.” Hellboy sighed under his breath, finding her spa day tradition silly. “Oh hush you know you enjoy it.” (Y/n) giggled pushing her hips back into Hellboys groin, knowing it’d rile him up. “Careful cupcake.” He growled lowly into her ear, as he tightened his grasp on her hips. “Oh speaking of cupcakes, I made a red velvet cake! And I got us a bunch of cherrys to munch on while we soak.” (Y/n) giggled in excitement as she pointed out the cake to her lover, who beamed with excitement at the sight of the delicious cake. “Wait soak?” Hellboy looked down at her as she turned around in his arms. “Yeah I got us some bath bombs, and some scented candles. I really wanted to spoil you to some relaxation.” (Y/n) smiled before kissing his awaiting lips again. “I’m so gonna marry you.” Hellboy sighed in content as he buried his face into her neck. “I love you too.” (Y/n) giggled as she toyed with his hair, massaging his scalp gently with her nails.

—Time skip—

As (Y/n) set everything up for their spa date Hellboy watched her with doe like eyes. Feeling like a love sick puppy, to have such a loving, and beautiful woman who loves him. “You’re staring again.” (Y/n) smirked knowing the feeling of his beautiful yellow eyes burning into her very soul all to well. “You’re to good to me.” Hellboy mused as he approached her slowly. “And you’re to good to me.” (Y/n) smiled leaning into his chest as he grasped her hips. “But do we really have to do the masks?” Hellboy whined softly into her hair, making (Y/n) laugh. “Oh come on it’s not that bad, besides you look adorable with the mask on.” She giggled as Hellboy dropped some of his weight into her shoulders with a dramatic sigh. “Oh come on babe.” He whined childishly before standing to his full height. “Let me do this my love, and I’ll let you do whatever you’d like to me later tonight.” She winked as she gently ran her fingers up her lovers chest, the feeling of his breath catching because of her touch making her smirk. “Anything?” Hellboy tilted his head as he grasped her hips again, his tail coiling around her ankle affectionately. “Anything my love.” (Y/n) giggled before reaching up to peck his lips, giggling when he pulled her back in for another kiss.

After applying the masks and nestling themselves into the large tub, (Y/n) began feeding Hellboy his cake. Spoiling him for letting her do this to him, as she lay between his thick thighs. “You really like doing this don’t you?” Hellboy smiled at his loving girlfriend, as she fed him another bite. “Spoiling you? Yes I enjoy it greatly.” (Y/n) smiled as she sat the plate off to the side. “Let’s get married.” Hellboy sighed dreamily, causing (Y/n)’s breath to hitch. “What?” She gasped at the seriousness in his voice, having been used to him suggesting this playfully, his seriousness took her by surprise. “Yeah why not, I love you and you love me.” Hellboy smiled as he rest his forehead against (Y/n)’s. “Yes.” (Y/n) giggled as she began pecking his face all over. “How about next week?” Hellboy smiled making (Y/n) laugh at his eagerness. “How about next month?” (Y/n) tried to reason wanting atleast a little time to prepare. “Only if you do my favorite thing.” Hellboy countered with a devious smirk. “Oh and that would be?” She smiled despite the fact that she was blushing like mad. “I want you to sit on my face baby.” Hellboy hummed as he brushed his finger down her neck. “After we remove the masks.” (Y/n)’s blush deepened when a deep and hungry growl emitted within Hellboys chest. “Then I think it’s about time we take these off.” Hellboy smiled tilting his head to the side to allow (Y/n) to peal off his mask, which she did so eagerly.

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MDZS (The Untamed)

Word Count: 4300~

Read on AO3


Lan Sizhui is a boy of many talents. He has a keen eye, can analyze things that his fellow disciples cannot wrap their heads around, and has a very precise cultivation style. From his impeccable memory to his soothing voice, he truly is the son of Lan Wangji. As a result, it doesn’t surprise Wei Wuxian that little Sizhui also has the ability to appear anywhere at any time.

That includes, it seems, his bedside. 

“Senior Wei.”

“A-Yuan,” groans Wei Wuxian as he tries to curl further under the blankets. “What are you doing here?”

“It is not like you to want to sleep before curfew,” he replies, crouched down by the bed. “Are you feeling alright?”

Wei Wuxian manages to mumble out, “The journey was long, and I am tired,” although he knows that it will not quite be enough to deter Lan Sizhui, who is eager for his company and brimming with filial concern. He’s been travelling for a while, has been away from Cloud Recesses for months, and though he should be longing for the freedom the world offers him, Wei Wuxian has been finding himself drifting closer and closer to these mountains. He’s made trips back to Gusu before, trying to see how long it takes him to crawl to the warmth of the jingshi despite the layer of freshly fallen snow that seems to coat the Cloud Recesses every other week. He’d lasted about a year this time before turning tail at Lanling’s borders to trek his way to Gusu again.

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ok but he’s such a good boyfriend???? <3



  • He quite honestly doesn’t know the meaning of slowing down. It takes real effort from any S/O to help Tenya truly relax in any way. He knows he needs to, though, so that’s a big step in the right direction. As long as they’re willing to try, so is he. What helps a lot are things like guided meditation and breathing exercises, especially at night. Anything that allows his mind to sort of ‘shut off’ will be very effective.
  • Although he’s not always openly physically affectionate, he does get better at showing his feelings that way. It’s usually in private as opposed to in public, but there are definitely times he will hold his S/O’s hand or kiss them on the cheek around other people. Because he rarely does it, it becomes a moment where everyone goes, “Awwwww” and swoons over Tenya being so visibly sweet. He blushes really hard. To that point, (Name) loves this too. Getting shown off to all their friends and their boyfriend’s entire class as his? Yes, please.
  • If his S/O has a Quirk that’s also suited to being a hero, well… can we say power couple? He and (Name) will be a great crime-fighting duo if that’s in any way feasible. He’s proud of all their hard work in training as well as how great the two of them are in sync together during fights or rescues. It’s also almost a guarantee that the Iida family as a whole will be very excited to have Tenya’s S/O join them. And, hell, Tenya is impossibly proud when he sees (Name) working with other heroes. They’re just so incredible!!
  • (Name) can bet their bottom dollar that Tenya is going to be introducing them to Tensei. Because, listen, Tenya needs to show off his S/O, who he’s so taken with and proud of, to the person who’s inspired him so much. If it’s okay with the both of them, it’s likely that (Name) is going to get super close to Tensei, whether it’s visiting him in the hospital after he’s attacked by Stain or swinging by his workplace after he finds a new career or hanging out with him at home while they’re with Tenya. In fact, if Tenya and his S/O get engaged, Tensei will be the first to know about it. (Even before either of the happy couple’s mothers. Whoops.)
  • There are times it may seem like he’s paying more attention to his studies than (Name), and to be honest, it does happen occasionally. For the most part, though, they understand that there are certain things he prioritizes and why. They do want him to relax sometimes, of course. That’s why the two of them have worked out a sort of ‘date night’ concept. Once a week, they both set aside several hours just for spending with each other. Watch a movie, have dinner, cuddle, and drift off to sleep in each other’s arms. It’s nice and helps to ground them both ― letting them dwell on what’s important in life, and what they’re both working so hard to protect.
  • (Name) is quite honestly a big reason why Tenya tries to let go of concepts like revenge and hatred. They help serve to remind him that not pursuing those things isn’t because the other person doesn’t deserve it; it’s because he can lose himself in them, and his S/O doesn’t want to lose him. He doesn’t want to lose himself, and he doesn’t want one of the people he loves most to lose him, either. Not that he doesn’t sometimes still think about those things, but wrapping his arms around his S/O and thinking about their life together is often the only resolve he needs to ignore those kinds of urges.
  • Secretly, because he would never admit it out loud, he really, really wants his S/O to be proud of him! And to tell him that they’re proud of him!! He blushes easily at praise and truly adores it.
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Summary: What exactly does Danny want?

Warnings: Domestic violence, manipulation, coercion, death

CHAPTER 10 - Burning For You

(Possible proof reading errors)


That’s him?!” Barnes sounds disgusted. “No offence, Baby but were you blind throughout the relationship? He doesn’t look like a guy you would date.”

“He was very charming in the beginning. It was kinda easy to get swept away with it and all the fancy dinners.”

“Oh he’s that kind of guy,” Barnes’ expression hardens. “Oh sweetheart, he did a number on you, huh?”

“He was just very loose with the term monogamy.”

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