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#domestic hcs
could i have some domestic/fluffy headcanons for risotto with a male s/o? your headcanons are so good and it鈥檚 so nice to see male s/o headcanons in general!! 馃挅

Thank you so soooo much! And of course, hun! Some home life Riz, coming up! 💖💖💖

Risotto x Male!s/o (Domestic HCs)

  • Whenever put in charge of the laundry Risotto will restart the dryer long enough to avoid having to fold and hang the clothes, until you get home and do it.
  • He insists that you not wash his hat, he’s got it, but he never does. You have to sneak it away and get it cleaned.
  • Sometimes you both have opposing taste in home decor, there are posters around the house and he tries like the neutral grays and dark colors, you tell him to compromise he says fine that you can paint one room the color of your choice. He and you both know you’re getting your way.
  • If he is home while you’re away whether it be school, work, or errands he does his best to whip up your favorite meal before you can get home. He uses some of the Metallica beans to watch the food for him, they’re not too sure what’s happening in the skillet but they like the warmth. Yes, Risotto burns the risotto.
  • Risotto stays up late a lot and plays his music through out the night. It’s a constant back and forth of you turning it down and him turning it back up while you walk back into the bedroom. This goes on for a while until one of you caves or falls asleep.
  • Despite his stoic appearance hes very playful at home. He loves to scare you as you come around the corner and if you respond with a smack he grabs you and pulls you in for a kiss as an apology.
  • He also loves to play wrestle BUT forgets his own strength sometimes so be wary he may accidentally get too rough and squish you.
  • He loves it when he finds you trying his eccentric get up, he cracks the door enough and smiles to himself as he watches you trying to stand and stomp around like him.
  • Risotto wants to take you on a date of your choice everytime he’s been gone too long. He gets you know he would prefer something quiet and intimate, but ultimately younger to pick where.
  • When falling asleep together he much prefers to lay face to face with you, but if not he wants to be the one holding you. He can’t stop talking how lucky he is to have found a man like you, someone who accepts him for who he is, and can’t imagine life with you. He does this every night that he can. He never wants to take advantage of the time he gets to spend with you.
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Aaaah, you, you person!! I hope you are doing well now after all that tumblr mean stuff ;-; I'm so sorry you had to go through all that, that sounds so terrible and I really hope you're better now!! If it's fine (Please do these only if you can/want to/are not overworked!!) Can we have Chuuya and Dazai relationship HCs for like, important 'goals'? Like, say, when-abouts, or after what event, would sleeping together (SFW) in a bed happen/be okay? Have a good day/night, Em!! Keep being wonderful!!

This is actually a really cute ask ahhhh~


{Sleeping in the same bed all night}
  • Dazai would ease into this, and only after the relationship has been established would he even consider doing this. Sleeping in the same bed (without so much foreplay) is extremely intimate to Dazai and shows a lot of trust on his part. He wouldn’t have it as a goal per say, but once he realized the relationship between the two of you was much more than flirtatious innuendos and secret kisses he makes it a point to spend as much time at your house or his late into the evening so you just have to sleep over. There would be one night where you’re just hanging out and talking late into the night when Dazai starts to feel a bit exhausted and he doesn’t want you to leave. He’s never spent a full night with someone unless there was heavy drinking or sex involved, and for the first time in a while he gets decent amount of sleep. After that it’s hard for him to sleep without you.

{Moving in together}
  • Dazai is extremely independent, and though he doesn’t mind the company it takes him a month or two to roll over the idea of living together in his mind. What seals the deal is when you’re gone for longer than a day or two because of work and he really starts to miss you. When he decides the time is right he plans to have you move into his place within two weeks of bringing up the subject. To move the process along he moves a few of your things over to his place at random, a dresser drawer full of clothes, half your make-up, and some photos. By the time you move in half your stuff is already there and Dazai acts oh-so-innocent about the entire ordeal.

{Getting a pet}
  • A dog is a firm no, and cats leave too much fur around for Dazai. He suggests a fish after two hours of you pouting at each other, both unwilling to give in to the other’s demands. Dazai points out you both work a lot and taking care of an animal is a lot of dedication, why not save a fish from being sushi? He lets you pick out the fish and proudly carries him around in the bag claiming he’s a new father and has to protect his precious son. He gets drunk later that night and names the fish ‘Sashimi Jr.’ And gets very upset if you eat sashimi or any type of fish in front of Sashimi Jr.

{Meeting your parents}
  • Dazai avoids this certain subject as long as he can. It’s not that he doesn’t want to meet your parents because he doesn’t care he just doesn’t think he’ll make a good impression. His only ‘parental’ figure was Mori, and what is he supposed to say to them? He can charm them sure but you’ll know that’s fake, and he’ll feel terrible for it, but who wants their kid dating a suicidal ex-mafia boss? He agrees after a very big fight that leaves you crying and him stalking off to the nearest bar and waking up on the couch the next morning with a headache and a very angry s/o.

{Sleep in the same bed all night}
  • Chuuya has no qualms with sleeping in the same bed even after the first time you have sex,  but he’s quick to leave early in the morning the first few times. After a couple weeks of dating Chuuya is comfortable enough in the relationship to know this isn’t just a fling. One night after a very long and tiresome day Chuuya swings by your place with a bottle of wine for a relaxing night. His intentions at first were on the naughtier side but after a glass or two his exhaustion knocks him over like a truck and he’s tugging you into his arms murmuring about going to bed. He sleeps in that morning with you wrapped in his arms and decides he could definitely get used to this.

{Moving in together}
 • In the beginning Chuuya didn’t mind the separation considering his job was a potential deal-breaker so why bother with the mess of moving for a fling? But, as the weeks turned into a couple months Chuuya grew very tired of constantly not having his things around when he slept at your house and he hated that you had to go home after work to get a change of clothes before coming back. Instead of asking in the traditional fashion Chuuya left a key on the bed side table with a vase of roses and a little note reading ‘my house is yours, if you want’.  

{Getting a pet}
  • Chuuya was never one for a pet because of his work hours and being gone for weeks at a time, but he couldn’t say no to you after you passed a little box with a tiny lonely puppy on the street. At first Chuuya is reluctant because a puppy means potty training, torn up furniture and shoes, and its just a mess he doesn’t want to deal with. After a visit to the vet for shots and a few hard weeks of Chuuya’s shoes getting torn to shit Chuuya ends up really loving the puppy. He names her Bellator, the latin word for warrior thinking it’s a boy, but when he figures out he is a she he ends up calling her Bella for short.

{Meeting the parents}
  • Chuuya doesn’t even think about this until you ask him if you can meet Kouyou. Not that he minds you meeting Kouyou in theory, but the reality spooks him a bit solely because he’s never introduced Kouyou to anyone he’s dated. Not only is he pulling you further into the Port Mafia he’s also giving Kouyou a reason to hash out all the embarrassing things Chuuya’s done throughout his life. He reluctantly plans a dinner, but he out right refuses to meet your parents because he does not want them to become a target. He’s already worried sick about you in the back of his mind, and adding another set of potential targets is something he won’t do. 

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Okay, but since Ty and Ethan have confirmed that they live seperate from Mark and together, I’ve had way too hcs to not share.

- okay but hear me out: sleepy mornings
- Ethan, who stayed up all night the night before, asleep on the couch with an empty cup of coffee in his hand
- Tyler catching him in the morning and just
• “he’s so beautiful”
- literally Ty staring at Ethan until Ethan wakes up
- “coffee please”
- literally both of them knowing how the other prefers their coffee

- or fighting over who gets the shower first
-“you got it last time, no fair!!” “snooze you lose.”
- brushing their teeth together
- *psa they fought over the design of the shower curtain
- Ethan won (only bc he has the lil blu boi eyes)

- they don’t do laundry until they know they absolutely have to (or when Ty tells Ethan to)
- “is that my sweater?” “no, its mine.” “Eth, its practically a dress on you.” “iTS CLEAN OKAY??”
- also like Eth color sorting everything while Ty goes by who the clothing belongs to (by this point, they’re guessing)

Can we like talk about them cooking together
- Ethan who is accustomed to a gymnasts diet and refuses to eat anything, like too greasy
- and Ty who has to be careful with certain foods cuz of his kidney
- so they either completely agree on something or have two seperate meals
- but they love cooking together
- feeding each other a piece of food while the other is busy stirring or smth
- i just ??

I love that they live together (might do pt 2?? i dunno, u tell me)

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me and russ learning to slow dance together but its in our living room at like 5pm just after he gets off of work and we have random youtube vibes on the tv instructing us and we spend 20 mins arguing who should take the lead and we keep accidentally kicking each other or stumbling around but its nice because we have some of my vinyls playing in the background and the sun is slowly setting. and like when i go to change or flip the vinyl he just hugs me from behind and kisses my head because he still wants to hold me and-

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//Yes hi hello, we briefly interrupt your sinday shenanigans to bring you: Mun’s Thoughts. Okay, if you’ve been following me for a while you know that Niffty was abused by both her mom and her ex-husband. And since they’re both shitty people it kinda goes without saying that they’re in Hell too. 

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, about how Niffty to this day is absolutely terrified that she’ll run into either one or both of her abusers one day. And if she does, all the work she put into creating a new life for herself will just crumble. I think just seeing them again, especially if it’s her mother, Niffty would honestly just shut down. 

That being said, I really want to write a drabble or an open starter where this scenario happens. As much as I love Niffty I also live for the Angst. But yeah, some thoughts I’ve been having. Whether I’ll get around to writing it or not is different thing entirely.

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tw: domestic abuse, fighting, blood, alcohol

a squeak and he could have been given away. marble floors there to ruin his chances of being invisible. he wasn’t usually supposed to enter through the front of the house but with the heavy new york rain made walking through the side maid entrance impossible for him unless he wanted to lose his shoes in the mud along with the pants that he was wearing. it was late… he would go unnoticed, right?

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While I understand where you and the anon are coming from, a lot of the writers that are interacting with these rp accounts—I feel—bust their asses constantly by churning out fics and blurbs and the like. It’s honestly nice getting to see them all have a bit of a break and enjoying themselves. But, that’s just my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♀️



Originally posted by brody75

  • He wasn’t always like this, malicious and so full of rage. But the job will do that to you. He spends his days seeing the worst in people, how just downright awful they can be.
  • There are parents who neglect their children, husbands who strangle their wives over something as simple as looking at them wrong. He’s seen it all, and it makes him sick.
  • The law’s also been of little help. Restraining orders are nothing but paper. He’s seen it happen time and time again where such orders are violated only to have a the complainant wind up dead.
  • So he takes the law into his own hands, picks off the scum from the streets until the crime stats in Centerville drop significantly. No one can explain it, certainly not Cliff, but no one complains and life goes on.
  • No one’s the wiser, and Ronnie’s left to his new found devices.
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Thank you so much, and I encourage everyone to start writing if they feel like it, it’s been such a positive outlet for me
I’ve already got domestic Raph and Mikey so I’ll do Donnie next?

Domestic Donnie

  • Oh poor baby, he gets up so early despite going to bed late
  • and the first thing he reaches for is coffee
  • can’t start his day without it
  • definitely reads and watches the news in the mornings 
  • like at the same time
  • that big brain can multitask so well
  • eventually you’ll come and join him on the sofa and he’ll put his arm around you, still all groggy and tired
  • but so happy you’re finally up
  • he’s not big on breakfast but will eat if you make him
  • I feel like he’s a toast guy with something sweet like jam on it
  • then he locks himself away in his lab for hours
  • you’re not really sure what he does in there
  • but sometimes you hear him muttering to himself from outside of the door
  • it’s best to no enter when he’s like that
  • he potters around the lair to the extreme
  • just picking stuff up and asking random questions to the guys
  • or saying random shit
  • “I don’t trust spiders. Anything that, if it were big enough, would eat us I don’t trust”
  • and they’re just like “Wtf Donnie, go get some sleep”
  • hangs out with Leo a fair amount
  • sometimes they’ll train together
  • they have a good time bonding like that
  • but he’s mostly in the lab
  • or reading
  • boy can this kid read a lot and he’ll read anything
  • he’s not the best chef, not the worst 
  • but he can make a decent risotto 
  • catches his second wind around midday 
  • then he’s all energy and excitedment
  • “Come and see what I just made!”
  • gleefully showing you this new thing he’s just come up with
  • kid in a candy store vibez
  • he’s just so happy when he’s hard at work
  • always has a pen and pad on him at all time
  • never know when inspo will strike
  • and as we all know, when the sun goes down it’s turtle time 
  • so the second it gets dark he’s ready to go fight some crime
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Imagine papa Kageyama having a little girl who looks up to him so much and he’s just her hero. He feels so bad when he has to leave for games because he has to face her big blue eyes and pouting face as her small hands keep reaching out to him and making a grabby motion. He’s gotta stop himself a few times from turning back and missing his plane so he leaves her with a little soft volleyball so she can play while he’s gone

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listen ,,,,, as much as mayu can never entirely be ‘tame’ as a person, she ultimately wants a domestic life–or her version of a domestic life. whatever she does it probably won’t be traditional or normal, but what she wants for herself in the future is to settle down with a family and a simple home. kids are on her ‘must have’ list. she wants something that’s hers to cherish and protect.

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[thought:] i remember reading somewhere that a little boy thought his mother’s real name was sweetheart/love/darling/dear because that’s how his father always addressed his wife and now i imagine that to be you, Daichi, and your child 

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Hi, hun! I haven’t really done domestic hcs before so I hope I did well! Enjoy!


Light would really appreciate having more of a traditional household so a stay-at-home wife would be ideal for him although he wouldn’t insist on it if you told him you wanted something else.

Much like L, he’d want you to have the best job you could and a high salary would most certainly be expected. Only the best for him and his family would be acceptable. 

His child’s education would be very important to him so he would go to the greatest lengths to find a school he personally deemed appropriate for his child’s benefit. 

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⤫; hc; alastair mclain - parents + growing up | please do not reblog.
Trigger warnings: death after childbirth, (domestic) abuse


Alastair never got to meet his mother as she died shortly after giving birth to him. It was one of the many reasons why he and his old man never got along. His father (who never deserved that title) blamed Alastair for his mother’s bad health and her death because of his birth had weakened her body even more. Alastair didn’t even know what she looked like until he found a picture of her one day, a picture he immediately kept for himself and hid away, not caring that it would enrage his father more than he always was anyways.

Meanwhile the only thing he could agree on with his father was that they hated each others guts. Alastair was treated like shit right from the start and it was a wonder he survived those early years at all. He learned early on how to run and hide from his father when he could spot the signs of the older man being about to hit him and once he was old enough also learned how to hit back whenever he wasn’t fast enough.
Once he was old enough, he left his father’s run-down apartment and didn’t look back. At some point he learned that his father had been gunned down but didn’t shed any tears for the bastards when he heard the news - not that the man had deserved any tears to begin with.

Since Alastair spend as much time away from “home” (it wasn’t really much of one to begin with) he learned how to survive on the streets and how to work for his food and some money quite early on. They didn’t live in the best of neighborhoods to begin with and so he often ended up in street fights.

Alastair learned how to shot a gun and how to box and fight properly from an old guy who ran a gym and one of the few semi-decent guys who had watched Alastair grow up.

He took to everything he was taught like a fish to water and honed his skills by himself and by observing others but also through some of the ghosts that kept following him. As a kid he already tried to ignore them once he realised that most people couldn’t see them but every now and then he would listen to their advice and thank them when no one else was around.

Sometimes he thinks that the ghosts and the old man from the gym were the only reason he even managed to reach adulthood. The skills he learned from them were also the ones that caught Riley McConnell’s eye and why Alastair managed to rise so quickly to the position of right hand man - those skills and his endless loyalty (like a dog’s) once you had earned it.

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to answer @zshadyspades about doing an hayaryuu hc: yes, i can do it!!

i will be accepting requests, but please have in mind that i might take a little bit too much time doing these — i’m a slow writter.

so, let’s get started!

- so they start to date in second to third year. hayato was the one asking for dates — but being the blunt man he is, he thought that just asking for going out was kind off doing some type of confession —, but contrary to popular belief, ryuuichi was the one to kiss first and ask him to be his boyfriend.

- the majority of their dates is just go to each other’s house and watch a movie together —sometimes with their little brothers, sometimes while the kids sleep. they hardly go out just the two of them, but when they do is also not that big: once hayato took ryuu to play basketball with him (it was a big disaster. hayato didn’t care tho, he said it was fun), there was this time they walked in a park and ryuu found a lost child there so they decided to help her found her parents (it took half of a day, and even if ryuu was worried about hayato being annoyed to be helping a lost children, the kamitani said it was fine and almost started a fight with the unresponsible parent).

- they both can cook, but ryuu is better at making sweets while hayato is better at meals. sometimes they try to cook together, but hayato actually doesn’t like having help while he works on the kitchen so it normally ends with ryuu just testing the seasoning.

- they aren’t very touchy in public, but you can expect that they would be holding hands. it became a habit for ryuu to have a little hand to grab while walking so he just instinctively do it. hayato just go along with it, not bothered at all.

- study dates are their favorites. because they help each other and talk about the future, about what the other wants or think. they plan having an apartment with enough rooms to them and their brothers and to maybe have a pet. still deciding which type, but probably a hamster since neither of them had one and they fear not being good enough to have a bigger pet. (but hayato also thinks they would totally forget to take care of a fish if they ever have one.)

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don’t think about annabeth curled up on the couch with percy whenever he’s sick or tired, brushing his hair back and spoonfeeding him, just like how she did when they met, his face nestled into her stomach and her hands playing with his.

don’t think about percy gently untangling her curls, softly massaging her shoulder with his right hand, feeding her late night fuel snacks with his left (bc he stayed up just for her), and pressing a kiss to the crown of her head in encouragement while she’s caught up in her work

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