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#domi talks
qd-archives · a day ago
I'm changing blogs
If y'all still wanna talk and follow me, you'll find me at @domidoom from now on instead!
I'll schedule this post to make the rounds for a while, and also pin a post about it, so hopefully you won't miss it but... yeah. This blog's getting abandoned and then I'll delete it once I've let there be a chance for hopefully as many people as possible to see it.
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misera-puella · a year ago
Recently realised that Britney Spears songs go well with Persona 3/4/5 dances, enjoy
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donttouchmeimfree · 2 years ago
Less than 24 hours until Kami Con 2019
This will be my second time going since 2014 and my best friend’s first time. Sadly no cosplay in mind although I do have a Attack on Titan jacket in my bag ready to go so...maybe? The hype is real....still have to pack.
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moonzeroo · a month ago
I love how these panels depicts domi embracing all of her selves, she's finally accepting her vulnerable personas.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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neversetyoufree · 2 months ago
I saw a couple people complain yesterday about how horny the blood drinking was in ep 4 (and the corresponding chapters), and while I have zero ill will toward the people who think that, I will never agree with that take. Like, am I a big ‘ol ace who generally doesn’t enjoy sexual scenes in stuff? Yes. Are VnC’s horny blood drinking scenes near and dear to my heart? Also yes. Why? Because on a conceptual level, I think they’re so goddamn funny.
Like, queer-coding and flowery aesthetics or not, Vanitas no Carte is meant to be a shonen series. It’s published in a shonen magazine, which means that, to at least some extent, it’s meant to be marketed at teenage boys.
And y’know, on a whole, it’s not uncommon for shonen to be horny, but it’s horny in a very specific way. There’s lots of gratuitous short skirts and cleavage in girls’ outfits, and lots of jokes about nudity and perversion. The tone of it tends to be very “boobs loll,” which I do not enjoy at all, but which kinda makes sense when you’re trying to sell to fifteen year old boys. VnC, though? It may be horny, but it is horny in such a vastly different way. The blood-drinking scenes are a lot of things, but they really aren’t that male-gazey, and they’re played way too straight for that brand of shonen horny comedy. And that is why those scenes are conceptually hysterical.
Because honestly, who the fuck is this even for? Aside from, like, 18-20something year old tumblr users, who does this mix of shonen action and horny romance novel content appeal to lmao? Like, hey teenage boys! Hey shonen-loving anime dudebros! You wanna see Noé break a sword over his knee? Fuck yeah! So do I! But first you have to watch him bite Domi in a shot that looks straight out of a Josei. You wanna watch Vanitas get unhinged and scream about saving a ballroom full of hostile vampires? Of course you do! That scene is badass! But you will have to watch him on the ground moaning as his blood gets drained later that ep.
Why is it like this? Who is this for? Only Mochijun and Bones know, my friend.
tldr, in other words, yes, the sheer horniness is unnecessary and kinda ridiculous, but it’s my unnecessary and ridiculous content. It makes the series so much weirder and more difficult to define, and I love it for that.
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soft-straydog · 4 months ago
Man.. this last panel feels good and hurts at the same time.
Kind of like the final tea party of Pandora Hearts where everyone was together laughing and happy.. right before the final blow at our hearts. This bittersweet feeling is so MochiJun-like and I am here for it.
sobs quitely
Tumblr media
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emweach · 20 days ago
I find it pretty upsetting that Louis thought Domi was luckier and more loved than him. Make no mistake I am not saying that Louis didn't suffer because he obviously did, and his envy he had for Domi was justified, it just that they suffered in different ways, and it's not like he actually knew how his sister suffered.
I get this impression that Louis assumed that Domi was loved and appraciated because she was kept around, but frankly the Sade household isn't really functional either. As she has told him Domi was forced into all the noble bs, and rather than loved she was and still is constantly taunted and belittled by the family, say, Veronica and Antoine. The fact that she always looked forward to going to Averoigne seems to stemmed from the lack of compassion that she received in her household rather than simply strict noble upbringing. Domi is so deprived of agency that she picked up Louis' personality to toughen herself up, and devotes her entire life purpose to Noé. Even when she was lost in an existential crisis, the persona that replicates Louis (the stronger and wiser one) was the one that guided her way.
Domi's childhood is so tragic and unstable that her entire identity is a a projection of the two figures that had given her affection in her primitive years. And even now, she still bases her entire life purpose on Noé, rather than any motivation that she creates within herself. She literally sees no worth in herself but a desperate attempt to protect what has given her love. And yes Jeanne has also given her genuine affection but Domi hasn't accepted herself to sincerely open up to it without feeling inferior.
Louis and Domi are that one pair of tragic twins, but their respective tragedies are vastly different.
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dominoir-e · 4 months ago
sometimes i think about the fact that when she stayed at home domi was constantly compared to veronica, that she could only be her true self at averoigne with louis and noé, which is, per se, still a very sad and tragic life for a child.
and to think that at last she almost did end up erasing her real self when louis died, cutting her hair, dressing up in his clothes, even adapting her behaviour to her brother’s so that noé would actually never lose him because of her. & in the meantime she probably didn’t have the time to grieve louis properly, not after what veronica had told her ,,
eventually dominique’s life was so full of losses at such an early age, just like louis’, and it’s f heartbreaking
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little-bi-biscuit · a month ago
Tumblr media
this was the price to pay for the manga being adapted quickly
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aceteling · 20 days ago
if I had any faith left in this country it evaporated the moment I got onto a train and got shamed over wearing a mask like a sane person should be
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misera-puella · a year ago
Plz someone say something,
Why does it fit so well
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donttouchmeimfree · 3 years ago
Yo so me and a few of my closest friends have discord server we finally want to make public. Everyone is welcome to the International House of Inside Jokes.
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astonmartinseb · 2 months ago
"I'm rooting for Red Bull, of course, but also for Sebastian Vettel. I got to know him through the bio bienen project a few weeks ago. He's a super nice guy, extremely sympathetic. I was already rooting for him for red bull back then but even more so now that I know him a little more"
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panvani · 2 months ago
Wrt Domi personifying her self destructive impulses as her child self prior to Louis’s death there are a lot of aspects to this including the gendered aspect where prior to Louis’s death she did not crossdress or seek female attention or (in Japanese) refer to herself with male pronouns and the obvious implications of “the part of me that is gender conforming is the part of me that wants me to die”
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hanashiis · 7 months ago
I’m sensing possible Domi / Vanitas parallels from the recent chapters. It’s been established that Domi feels she’s a replacement for Louis to Noé and that she feels Noé would have preferred Louis having lived over her. I think it’s very possible that Vanitas also feels he was a replacement for his mother to his father and that he feels his father would have preferred having his mother live over him.
The circumstances of Louis and Vanitas’ mother’s death are overall very alike in how they both are linked to the individual birth of Domi and Vanitas. Both Louis’ & Vanitas’ mother fates were sealed the moment Domi and Vanitas were born, greatly contributing to Domi and Vanitas’ self-loathing and self-blame.
This is made all the more distressing by Domi looking very similar to Louis, and likewise Vanitas to his mother. We got Domi cutting her hair as a child to make herself not only further resemble Louis, but also his gender, believing it would make Noé happy. What if Vanitas grew his hair long for all the same reasons — to further resemble his mother and also her gender — believing it would make his father happy?
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pollyna · 9 months ago
au: Julian and Jadzia have their weekly drink at Quark's where they spend hours gossiping about everyone and everything, drinking ungodly quantity of alcohol and trying to snitch their onenightstand to the other. Jadzia loves dating random species, and then proceeding to tell every detail to a friendly ear, and Julian likes sex enough to wanting to try most of it at least once. Repetitions are rare and fewer.
Everything comes to an alt a Wednesday evening while they're arriving to the bar: in the upper floor Major Kira and Garak are having dinner. And their laughing like is normal, an everyday thing, and like Kira doesn't hate Garak six on seven days a week. Kira is out of her uniform and wearing a dark blu dress and Garak has on Julian's favourite tunic, the one with gold and green that leaves more of his neck in sight. Julian wants to bit his neck to discover if Garak's skin is really thicker than his and he wants to do it so much and so bad.
In the end is Jadzia who drags both of the to their weekly drink and "I have a confession to make. I like Kira" and Julian goes "let's drink to liking people who are having dinner together right now!" A couple of hours later they shared every thought on how they want to kiss and fuck their partners with so much detail that Quark has to kick them out because no one should give voice to things like that. Odo has the both of them in the prison cell for the first time in history but they seem to barley noticed because they're still talking and the Constable would like the eject himself in space rather than listen a minute more about licking spots and being fucked out on to the mattress.
The next morning Garak and Kira are there when Julian and Jadzia are realised with an hungover without precedents and too much headache to be ashamed of what happened the night before.
"They live, at last! And one would think they are grow up enough to know when to stop drinking and screaming stuff that everyone could hear."
"Please Kira don't shout" Jadzia whimpers "I think I have an elephant on my brain" she continues before hugging Kira "take me back to my quarter?" and so Kira takes her hand and "let's go, you have a lot to explain. Gentlemen a good day to you" she says before walking away with Jadzia, still hand in hand.
"Julian" it's all the greeting the doctor receives before "my dear, I can only imagine how your brain must be dying for a hypospary."
"A little?" even if what he wants to say is more on the line of I need that hypospray now and to dissolve myself in nothing because I really shout all that stuff out aloud?
"Oh sweetheart, let's go to the infirmary so they can make all that ache disappeared and then you can explain to me exactly how you'll like to be fucked in the matters and all the other things I didn't catch, what do you say?" And maybe their first kiss is not the best because Julian's head hurts, his breath is the last inviting thing in the galaxy but Garak let their lips touch and oh, yesyesyes again please.
The following week Julian and Jadzia still find their way to Quark's, still spending hours gossiping about everyone and everything but now Jadzia stands a little taller when she starts talking about Major Kira and details Julian doesn't want to know but now he won't ever forget about and Julian tells her, in less details, all the way Garak's skin is, as matter of facts, thicker and how he loves to argue during the foreplay and sharing tea with him after. Quark and Odo are grateful to not have to ear anything like the week before ever again.
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