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hootydoot · 3 months ago
Fives and Echo with lightsabers ❤
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This was really just for fun. Plus, I can't stop drawing my two favorite ARC troopers
Part 2 feat. Rex
Drawings without text below
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My style is so inconsistent lol
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nostalgia4light · 3 months ago
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Echo n Fives need a third player for the bolo ball match in the training room.
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shukruut · 5 months ago
Hi! For the request maybe Echo and Fives hugging (in their arc gear, if possible)? I miss the Domino twins
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their last hug
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heidiss · 4 months ago
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Because I know that at some point it's became Cody's worst nightmare
Alright, I'm really sorry that I'm so inactive on Tumblr, but you can follow me on Instagram @/ariasdart for more arts and stuff
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anstarwar · 4 months ago
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Rex is tired
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lifeofclonewars · 3 months ago
Fives: Hey, do you--
Echo, across the room and not looking: No
Fives: What abo--
Echo: Third one works better
Fives: Are you sure?
Echo: Yes. You?
Fives: Hmm, yeah.
Echo: Excarga
Fives: Got it. For Varn?
Echo: Yeah, I'll go grab it
Fives: Great, thanks
Echo: *leaves*
Everyone watching:
Kix: That was an understandable conversation?
Fives: Was it not? Which part wasn't? The part about Kowakian monkey-lizards in the ocean?
Jesse: The what now
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maygalodon · 3 months ago
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Domino boys!
This has taken me absolutely months but it’s been worth it and i hope you all enjoy!
Reblogs and likes are always always appreciated but please don’t repost!
Details under the cut!
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spicyblueberries · 4 months ago
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big brother
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clonetrooperwizard · 4 months ago
I love how collectively as a fandom most people are really fed up with the whole 'character random, unexplained resurrection" plot, but I don't think any of us would be mad if Fives just walked out of the bushes like "hey guys, what's up?"
No one would fault you Filoni, just saying
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hootydoot · 2 months ago
Fives and Echo with lightsabers again. This time, featuring Captain Rex!
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Part one
First two pictures without text below the cut
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kamino-coruscant · 8 months ago
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Fives being dramatic about carbon-freezing
S03x18: The Citadel
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multifandomnonsense · 26 days ago
Hunter: we left Wrecker and Omega alone for 2 hours and they dumped three pounds of sugar into the dryer trying to make cotton candy
Echo, thinking back when him and Fives wanted to do the same thing and Rex said no: did it work?
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maiseey · 2 months ago
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ARC Twins
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peachpatrols · 8 months ago
something simple for Star Wars day of some of my faves
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twinterrors29 · 4 months ago
even drugged, Fives was more clever than most knew to give him credit for
he knew he was cornered, the target of a very aggressive coverup from the highest levels of the Republic
so instead of trying to set up a meeting to desperately pass on his dangerous knowledge to his Captain and General, he asks Kix for help with a very different task in that bathroom
and then he very publicly faked his own death
after all, this is not too long after the whole Rako Hardeen incident, he had the best of examples to follow (for a given value of best (Obi-Wan))
he put some extra padding under his chest plate, got Kix’s help to pay off a morgue attendant, and voila
(Commander Fox was so confused, he could have sworn his blaster was set to stun, but the evidence (his brother’s body) speaks for itself)
once he’s ‘dead,’ he continued his investigation into the chips, eventually drawing Kix away from the 501st to help him with the medical side and to develop a safe and reliable way to remove the chips, as well as trying (and failing) to dig up any concrete dirt on the Chancellor
however, before they can even finalize their plans, Order 66 goes out
the war ends
the Empire rises
they failed their brothers, and the Jedi paid the cost with their lives
so for a time, the two of them disappear, waiting and looking for new opportunities to help their brothers
until one day, Fives hears a rumor about a mercenary group, seemingly operating out of Ord Mantell, that pulled off some kind of cover operation in Tipoca City right before the whole planet went dark
Fives and Kix need any data they can get about what their surviving brothers are doing, so they decide to see what this crew saw
however, all those plans are quickly derailed when Fives recognizes the grumpy but undisguised voice of one of the helmeted members, and launches himself across the room to hug his long-dead batchmate
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catawampuscorner · 5 months ago
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My big mission in life is to tell as many people as possible about the National Aquarium of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s Penguin of the Month program. It’s pretty much what it says on the tin: Every month, one penguin is named Good Penguin and lauded for their exemplary behaviour, and another is named Naughty Penguin and lovingly shamed for being a rascal and a menace.
It other words, it’s PEAK Domino twins.
I love an eighties-style fashion montage so I’m always open to putting the babies in different onesies, but I also try to give each one a “permanent” onesie because that makes them easier to draw in bigger projects like comics and group shots. I’ve been putting off doing the Domino twins because I was waiting for the perfect idea to come to me.
And it eventually did...via Howzer! I drew him as a kororā (aka little blue/fairy blue penguin) a few weeks ago and, about two days after posting, realised that I wanted to give the kororā onesie to Fives and TCW-era Echo instead. Kororā are cute and charming and blue and perfect. Just like Fives and Echo.
(As for Howzer? I like him best as a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action.)
Baby clones in animal onesies are available as stickers, buttons, and other fun things on Redbubble!
More baby clones in animal onesies here
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heidiss · 5 months ago
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Rex: How dare you wear that hat while in uniform?
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fluffyhales · 7 days ago
Boba can be fully healed by a Bacta tank.
Fennec gets cool cybernetic parts to keep her alive after a shot to the gut.
Anakin was kept alive after having his three little bitch limbs cut off and being BURNED ALIVE IN A RIVER OF LAVA.
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kitart15 · a month ago
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Happy holidays @coruscant-commander I’m your secret Santa from the @starwarsfandomfests event! I decided to do some members of the 501st on a snowy day! Hope you like it!
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hecckyeah · 9 months ago
obi-wan: we need to talk about your maturity
anakin, standing on the briefing table with ahsoka, rex, fives, echo, and r2d2: bold words from someone who's standing in lava
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