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#don’t have fearless merch :(
diamondseaside · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you pull me in and i’m a little more brave 💛 been riding with taylor since 2009 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon
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alltoosam · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
cause I can’t help it if you look like an angel 😇
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afterplaidshirtdays · 6 months ago
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💕 I wasn’t a stan yet during the first Fearless Era so I’m living for the do-over...past me didn’t know what she was missing 💕
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oncewasamadhouse · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I... don’t have any fearless merch 😔 but I did find a picture of myself from when I was 11 when Fearless came out ignore the tiara; it’s from a Dance recital... where I danced to Love Story IIRC actually so me then and me now, and I’m VERY excited to relive my childhood tonight, headfirst fearless 💛💛
I first became a fan of Taylor like... a month before Love Story was released so fearless is an album that really defined my childhood and I used to have this potable CD player and I’d just play the album over and over again often making up stories for my littlest pet shop toys to go with them so this just- it means A LOT to me.
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redlipsanddaydreams · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fearless was the first album of taylor’s i listened to in full, so don’t mind me screaming at the fact that a.) its the first of the rereleases, and b.) i get to have a rare experience of an album release for the album that spawned my excitement for the future album release experiences that I hold so tightly and warmly in my memories
i’m so proud of you taylor, and so happy, and so thankful 💛💛
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taylahswildestdreams · 8 months ago
Not Taylor nation sending an email about limited edition lover merch at 5am my time and all of the nice stuff being out of stock by the time I woke up 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
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1ddotdhq · 8 months ago
Sun 31 Jan ‘21 
Happy Walls Dayyy!!!!!! Today was the first anniversary of our #1 fave debut album of 2020, and we all celebrated, Louis included! Last but best thing first: WE GOT A DEMO!! Louis ended the day by publishing a dreamy clip of a demo of the title song ‘Walls’. His clear voice croons over beautiful sliding electric guitars and background reverberance- if that’s his FIRST draft then he is, as we knew, a GENIUS! AND, the King Himself came on twitter to interact with his “loyal” (his words) subjects (that’s us!). He popped up at first to say that his tour, when it comes around, will be “fucking unbelievable...this is our day!”, and talked about his favorite part of the last year (“the two shows I played”), what he noticed most when performing solo the first times (“the space on stage” ughhhh all the tears), what he was looking forward to after COVID (“everything”) and getting through these times- “remember that everything is going to be better when normality sets back in.” He also explained that while he was gonna put out merch today, he “didn’t want to market the day”, but rather make it “a celebration just for us”. But, uh, the merch will be coming eventually! He then replied that there were “too many greedy fuckers out there” who try turn celebratory events into a “cash grab” (to quote the fan), and harries then got mad at that because THEY were like this must be about Harry (lol uhhhh) and assumed he was shading him and Jeff rather than, I don’t know, his OWN FORMER LABEL?? Cool cool cool, but it’s still Harry’s moth on Spotify, so cope. He told us that his proudest moment on the album was recording the strings for the Walls the Single, that he wouldn’t have approached the process differently because he’s still really proud of the album, that he was most looking forward to us hearing KMM or Walls, that Doncaster is his fav place (to no one’s surprise lmao), and, asked what song he likes to rock out to off HIS ALBUM was like oh hey have I got a rec for you: “Maybe Tomorrow” by the Stereophonics. It goes, “think I'll walk me outside and buy a rainbow smile, but be free” and “maybe tomorrow I’ll find my way home” (huh is there something happening tomorrow that could be linked to... OH. Right. Huh. Well all that is just a coincidence I’m sure, it’s not like Louis ever said he likes to rec songs because he wants us to read into the lyrics or anything... oh wait.)    
LTHQ did a insta quiz over on their stories (I only got two questions wrong!) and they did the promised virtual listening party and tweeted along to each song and retweeted fans’ reactions (and all the usernames, larries everywhere, we SEE YOU). Friends of Louis joined in the celebration- Only The Poets, Ashton Irwin of 5SoS fame, Helene Hornyck (“all the love,” she said!), Isaac Anderson and more, and All On The Board made one of their lovely Frankenstein poems which mashing up a bunch of LT1 songs, but in keeping with the theme of the day (and COVID I GUESS) did it as fanart rather than the usual in person board. And all of that was the BORING part of the day, can you BELIEVE?? The FUN part was the Walls Fanart that was chosen to be the new Spotify cards on the official Walls album. As in, they are up right now if you want to go check them out, but I’m gonna tell you straight up: they’re half Harry tats! The Defenseless card, especially, as it is just straight up fanart of Harry’s moth tattoo, especially fun when he had JUST got us talking about its Papillion origin with his finsta! The artist had been worried that Louis would be mad at them for submitting ‘Larry art’, and was overjoyed to learn that, uh... apparently, he was NOT. That was not all! The ‘Too Young’ art card is H’s rose tattoo, ‘Habit’ and ‘Fearless’ were both different variations of H’s anatomical heart tat (the ‘Habit’ one even included the word kind :{) ), and the We Made It rainbow wheel did, in fact, make it to Spotify, just like we thought! “Perfect Now” was Louis standing under a rainbow spotlight—they made that one black and white for spotify but the artist shared the original version. Harries were beside themselves, and tagged Jeff (Azoff), Ben Winston, and Gemma Styles (what?), demanding that they make Louis take the art down because it was clearly Harry art, which 1.) how much more blatant can you be if even ANTIS are noticing and 2.) what sort of control do they think Jeff, Ben, and Gemma have over Louis seeing as, uh, none of them currently work for him??? Weird, are they thinking there might be some kind of link... between Harry and his team and Louis... tell me more antis, truly, I’m fascinated!
One would think that’s more than enough for one day but WAIT THERE’S MORE Zayn is in EXCELLENT quirky Zayn form having fun with his own merch—he posted a gremlin (from the old RL Stine movie ‘Gremlins’) in a NIL beanie captioned “one size fits all humanoid shaped heads” late last night, haaaaa. Yes, I agree! The red stitching really makes the gremlin’s red eyes pop, and his fangs have never looked this good! And the question arose, is Harry’s finsta actually just his side account for following nothing but gay meme accounts? Evidence—the discovery of a second follow, of the openlygayanimals account-- would suggest yes! Well that’s valid, imagine having to not only navigate the internet AS HARRY but also without funny memes of your choice, that’s no life to lead. And Niall complained on twitter that people didn’t understand his sense of humor because SARCASM! He also tweeted about golf, which I’m sure was cool for people who understand it.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 10 months ago
💙Sat 12 Dec ‘20💙
The hype leading up to the event was beautiful and nerve wracking, with Louis' Walls streams showing the largest gain since release week, new merch dropping (pink! So much pink! It is the color of rock n roll after it's available in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL fuck yeah, so nice), LTHQ and Veeps whipping everyone into a frenzy with a barrage of tweets, plus Louis tweeted “if you have a speaker round the house plug it in, if you're old enough get yourself a drink. This is going to be special!” (fan: if I do that my mom will kill me! Louis, basically- fuck that, do what you want!), and then he posted the set list which genuinely took my stress levels down like 90% THANK YOU LOUIS, I was able to simply enjoy the cool static-y countdown with its rainbow glitches for a few. But ofc any calm went completely down the toilet the second he walked out with a giant ass H on his chest (the first heart attack) and started singing maybe the best he's ever sung in his life?? My heart was still pounding three minutes later when he sang the softest, most gorgeous version of We Made It, standing in front of a giant rainbow wheel. The arrangements on every song were incredible (the string section? YES!). He did the best version of Through The Dark I've ever heard and that song is already my fucking favorite, That Version of Two Of Us, ACOUSTIC ONLY THE BRAVE, rock Always You, stadium rock Fearless, and we all know about his version of Beautiful War (WOW), listen do I need to list every song? I WILL DON'T TRY ME. But on top of all that-- the NEW SONG!! Copy of a Copy of a Copy is, uh, amazing?? It's just... so gestures vaguely at like... all of it. The sound! The lyrics! GORGEOUS, and he really gets into the figurative lyrical territory that he admires so much in others' songs and has said he wants to do more, I love seeing that so much and the results are just... sublime. Truly. Much chatter now about the similarity in sound to Sign of the Times, as if it wasn't terrific enough already. So much to love about it! And I even loved the inclusion of the fan videos on KMM-- they were just on the screens behind Louis, it totally worked with the general cool look of everything and didn't detract at all, and tbh Louis singing directly to the wall  of singing louies was actually so lovely and precious. In conclusion, his voice throughout was PHENOMENAL, the band were great, strings included (hire those women Louis take them on the road, please!), the sets and lighting design and direction were awesome, the whole aesthetic was just SO on point, Louis said it best-- “we smashed it”. YEAH. YOU DID.
Other things: you didn’t think I was done with THAT FUCKING H SHIRT did you? It doesn't just have a GIANT H in the middle, above that (like tags!) are five asterisks, *****. YEAH. Look familiar? Yeah to me also damnnn. So, “end it”, “Harry”, or both? Poll time! Hair update: in a combined “you always come thru for your louies” and “you fucking demon troll” moment that's perfectly Louis he DID take his hat off to show us the glorious mane but I'm pretty sure he also trimmed it before the show! And: Hot Oli is already in the rearview I guess; ah we barely knew ye, but a new photog has appeared on the scene: enter Josh Halling (prev worked with Sam Fender) taking show pics today, including a super cool one on Louis' insta. Welcome to the team? Being a better guy than Jordan is a low bar, so just try to clear that one sir? And keep feeding us those great Louis pics! And: WBK Louis likes his backstage vodka redbull (and onstage 'water' bottles), and he confirmed between songs- “the power of vodka for me mate I’m loving it!” (straight? no, gay!). And: was the CK hoodie Louis was wearing in the pre show publicity photo (thanks Hot Oli) Harry's CK hoodie? Or simply a Copy of a…. well you know. And: hey guess what-- I gotta hand it to Veeps, against all odds that stream was flawless! Plus they got rid of the chat which was probably to facilitate that but also I simply appreciated it, good call. The Genius lyrics page for Copy of a Copy of a Copy did crash after the show though so it's cool don't worry; we've still got it. And finally: lots of people are talking now about how cool the show was but do any of them matter except DMAs reposting the pic on insta with hearts?! LOVE that for Louis.
And for the aftershow we got Louis on twitter! He thanked everyone (us, the crew, the band, Charlie, the strings, veeps, “all my personal team”), and answered a Q about doing another one-- “potentially but I doubt it, wanted to make this one special so no plans at the moment to do another.” About Copy he said “it will remain in the set for the tour and live shows but not sure when/if it will be released yet” but also re inclusion on LT2 “Probably but I want to keep all my options open. Very early in the process. Enjoy the moment!”
The rest of the day was pretty slow thank god, just some prerecorded content from Liam (a wizarding world spot) and a tik tok that's just him in the dark, shirtless, reacting to a fan screaming (literally) about how he apparently got relationship advice from Liam via facetime last night. And today's daily alarm, which was actually pretty wild, Liam and Roman reading a whole long rhyming poem about waking up! Very impressive indeed, I especially like when they rhyme “santa” with “banter”, perfectly British! And then also a strange interlude of Roman talking about how to impersonate Keanu Reeves, okay.
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folklore-4-evermore · 6 months ago
Folklore/evermore trilogy still a possibility?
1. The constant things in 3’s merch like the cardigans and scrunchies
2. A lot of her posts lately she’s been using 3 emojis or saying things in 3’s. On her latest Instagram post about Meredith missing she starts it off with WELL WELL WELL. She also at the bottom uses 3 emojis 🐈🐈‍⬛❓2 cats then a question mark... also reminds me of the postcard of her 3 cats. Green, blue, red
Tumblr media
3. She performed 3 songs at the Grammys and had 3 places she was in the performance. First she was on top of the cabin singing cardigan representing her being lost in the woods during folklore. Then she’s in the cabin representing evermore. she found her way to safety in the cabin but she’s still lost in the woods. Then she confidently struts her way out of the cabin and is happily dancing because she finally found her way out into the daylight. Representing the end of the willow video and possibly the third album completing the trilogy.
4. In the Grammys performance her dress is blue and gold. There’s no blue and gold in folklore and evermore photoshoots or anything but there was blue in the merch specifically the scrunchies. Which plays into the third album being dark blue.
5. She held up 3 in a picture at the Grammys. A lot of people said this represents her 3rd aoty, but this picture had to be taken before she won since they did not return to the table after they won the award. Why would she jinx it by putting up a three if she didn’t even know if she won or not. She straight up says she doesn’t like to assume she’s gonna win.
Tumblr media
5. Her grammys dress and her first post of 2021 both remind me of things worn in the movie midsommar. I have another post comparing pictures. Maybe the third album is called midsummer or a song on there is called midsummer. That movie also came out July 3rd!!! In America and July 10th!!! In Sweden. This would be her 10th album and her 3rd in the trilogy. Also the movie is described as a FOLK horror film. Also Taylor nation reposted the photo on January 14th with the caption “don’t be suspicious.”
6. Her first post after her first not a lot going on at the moment post in April which is when she started writing folklore was on May 7th and the caption was “biiig isolation” 3 L’s...
7. In promo for fearless (tv) she posted this photo where she’s wearing two braids. We haven’t seen that style before but her thing for the Folkmore era was braids. First she had the pinned up hair most times with a braid in the bun. Evermore was the braid down her back. So the third album will be two braids in the front?
Tumblr media
8. In the cowboy like me lyric video the clock is at 4:30, April 30th? Which is a Friday. Nothing like that is a coincidence in Taylor Swift world. Also it’s on top of 3 books
9. In her Stephen Colbert interview she’s wearing a cardigan even though it’s spring. So she’s obviously still in folklore/evermore mindset and aesthetic even though she’s promoting an album that is so obviously a spring/summer album.
10. In the long story short lyric vid there’s two notebooks off to the side then one open that the lyrics are on. There were 3 remixes of willow. Three chairs in the right where you left me video. In the willow mv when the kids are in the fort they have three toys with them. A bear, a carriage, and a train.
Please don’t reply with anything rude this is just a fun theory. Remember those? I know it’s more likely that we won’t get a third one but I just like dreaming. And the evidence is there so I just thought...
Tumblr media
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ivestillgotyoualloverme · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
head first, fearless! (i don’t have any fearless merch so here’s me in my cardigan) @taylorswift @taylornation
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ramen-rambles · a year ago
Quid Pro Quo
Pairing: Kirishima Eijirou x Reader
Warnings: 18+, mutual masturbation, suggestive texts 
Word Count: 2.7K
Summary: From being a total stranger you met on a dead Discord server, to literally becoming one of your best friends — Kirishima was one of the most amazing things to ever happen in your life. But what happens when you accidentally screenshot his nudes?!
A/N: My first BNHarem server collab! I was really close to naming this fic Penis Pals, if I’m being honest LOL It’s a lot shorter than I wanted but I hope I did my baby justice. Thank you to my fellow Bakugou Fanclub members for hyping me up and helping me edit this piece. I literally couldn’t have done it without you guys, ILYSM! Read all the other amazing fics in this collab, here.
Taglist: @lady-bakuhoe @bratwritings @redbeanteax
♡ ⌒*゚.❉・゜・。. ♡ ⌒*゚.❉・゜・。. ♡ ⌒*゚.❉・゜・。.
Tumblr media
Ever since you were in high school, you had always looked up to Crimson Riot — a pro hero who’s strong, manly, and fearless. I mean, who wouldn’t like him? Now that you were in college, there have been many other heroes worthy of being called the best, but Crimson Riot was still going to be Number 1 in your eyes. So, to pay homage to your all time favorite hero, you decided to join a Crimson Riot Discord server. 
You had started looking for any server invites through all platforms of social media. Google, Twitter, Tumblr, but nothing came up. You had started to lose hope, until you stumbled upon a very old server link on an equally old Reddit thread. You looked at the date it was posted and it seemed to have been made all the way back when you were in high school. You clicked on the link hesitantly, definitely not expecting it to work. However, much to your surprise, the link brought you straight to the server! 
“Finally! Something that actually fucking worked!” You thought to yourself, after hours of scrolling though numerous pages of the internet. 
You were a bit hesitant at first, not really knowing what to expect. Were people going to think you were weird for being such a nerd? What if people thought you were annoying? Or worse, what if no one liked you? 
But that didn’t seem to be much of a problem… Considering that the server was rather dead. 
You clicked through the channels — #general, #merch, #photos, #announcements; the last time anyone really said anything was nearly six months ago. “God dammit.” You should have known. All you wanted was a place to fangirl over Crimson Riot, was that too much to ask for?! You got all your hopes up, just for it to all come crashing down. Feeling a bit dejected, it seemed like you had no choice but to leave the server. Not like there was much of a point in staying anyways. 
But then you saw a notification pop up on your screen.
RED RIOT [Today at 7:56 PM] 
@Y/N Hey! How are you doing? I’m the admin for this Crimson Riot Discord. The name’s Kirishima. It’s nice to see a fresh face here :^) 
Y/N [Today at 7:56 PM] 
Oh hi! I’m doing good! I found your discord link on a really old Reddit thread so forgive me for asking but… Is this server still active? I was scrolling through the channels and everything seemed kind of dead tbh LOL
RED RIOT [Today at 7:57 PM]
Well, if I’m being honest, it’s fucking dead LMAO 
Y/N [Today at 7:57 PM]
RED RIOT [Today at 7:58 PM]
It used to be pretty active before but people just kind of... stopped. I made this server back when I was in high school because I just LOVED Crimson Riot so much, ya know? He was the one person I really looked up to. Anyways, how did you even find this link? You must have looked real hard LOL
Y/N [Today at 7:58 PM]
HAHA I did, actually! Took me for-fucking-ever to find a server link that actually worked :( I’ve looked up to him since I was a kid too and so I really just wanted a place to express my gratitude for the role he played in my life. Sorry LOL I’m getting cheesy 
RED RIOT [Today at 7:59 PM]
Well Y/N, I’m glad you found this server! You sound like a really great person and I’d love nothing more than to talk to you about our shared love for Crimson Riot, but this server is whack as fuck. Are you down to move to DMs instead?
Y/N [Today at 8:01 PM]
Fuck it. Why not? 
You and Kirishima had been talking for a while now. Ever since you came across his Crimson Riot server, you two would talk almost every single day. You learned that he actually lived near you too. Call it fate. Exchanging phone numbers, following each other on social media, starting Snapchat streaks, meeting up with each other — the chemistry between you two made it seem like you’ve known each other your entire lives. The both of you had practically become best friends. 
To you, maybe it felt a little bit more than just friends. 
Currently, you were mindlessly scrolling through your Twitter feed when you saw that you had received a Snapchat notification, from, you guessed it. Kirishima. You were expecting it to just be a bland streak of his room or something but you saw something that made your fucking jaw drop.
A picture of Kirishima in a tight fitting tank top and a very noticeable bulge that was covered by a pair of dark grey sweatpants. 
You felt your cheeks heat up, a red blush painting across your entire face. In a state of panic, you fumbled the phone in your hands and in the process you had heard a very audible click. You fucking screenshotted his snap.
You quickly went into your messages and texted him to try and explain yourself. 
Replying almost immediately, you anxiously waited for what Kirishima had to say about your little mishap. You were seriously hoping that he was just going to let it go and you could both just act like nothing happened.
Wow, I didn’t think you’d be the type to screenshot people’s snaps like that, Y/N :( 
You telling me you didn’t like what you saw? 
Okay, fine, you looked good, SUE ME. Is that what you wanted to hear?
It’s only fair you send me one back, don’t you think?
You stared at your phone. What the actual fuck. Was Kirishima asking you to send him a fucking nude? You knew it shouldn’t have, but the thought of Kirishima wanting to see your body turned you on. A small shiver running down your spine at the possibility that he liked you in return. 
Excuse me, sir. I am NOT sending you a nude. 
I didn’t ask for a nude, all I said was that you return the favor. Quid pro quo, ya know? 
Using big words like ‘quid pro quo’, smh. Since when did you become such a politician? 
But, if you want to send a nude, who am I to say no? ;)
Fucking fine. If I show you one, will you shut up?
On what, exactly?
On how good it is
Your eyes narrowed at his response. What does he even mean by that, ‘how good it is’? He should be grateful that you even considered sending him one! Based on your replies, it seemed like you were pissed, but in reality, your heart beat faster with every passing minute. You were never the type of girl to send nudes to anyone, but for Kirishima, you were willing to make a small exception. 
You got up from your bed and rummaged through your closet, looking for something that was a bit more provocative. You picked out a red lace bodysuit that hugged your curves and cupped your perky breasts. Sitting in front of your mirror, you touched up your makeup and fixed your hair, checking yourself out one last time before you started taking pictures. You opened up Snapchat and tried multiple poses, making sure the camera captured your sultriness and how good your tits looked. To mock his teasing from earlier you captioned the photo, “Quid pro quo, my ass.” before hitting the ‘send’ button. 
Was that good enough for you? 
You heard no response from him for a good five minutes. You started worrying. “Shit. Was that too much? Did I push it too far?” You chewed on the inside of your lip, anxiously waiting for any sort of reaction. 
And then, your screen lit up again. Another Snapchat notification from Kirishima. But this time, it was way more revealing. He had sent you a picture of him palming his erection, and all it said was, “You’re not even here, and look what you did to me :(“ 
Feeling cocky and with a sudden burst of confidence, you cheekily replied, “Why don’t you come here then?” 
In all honesty, Kirishima didn’t live that far from you. You two were only 15 minutes away from each other, meaning that he frequented your apartment whenever he felt like it. He came over a million times in the past, but this time was different. Very different, in fact. Anticipation was building at the pit of your stomach, but so was a familiar heat that began pooling in the middle of your underwear. 
You tried denying your feelings for Kirishima but you couldn’t help it! Everything about him was perfect. His personality, his humor, his voice, his face, his body… You could go on and on about all the things you loved about Kirishima. 
You would have been lying to yourself if you said that you’ve never thought about him with your hands in between your thighs. Thinking about his massive cock fucking your tight pussy, his fingers rubbing your clit in all the right places, or the way his tongue would feel sucking on your hardened nipples. 
You’d always wonder if he ever felt the same way but he didn’t really seem like he was. 
That was, until tonight. 
You stared at the clock on your wall and saw that 10 minutes had passed, a loud knock on your door making you wake up from the dream like trance you seemed to be trapped in. You quickly turned the doorknob, letting Kirishima inside of your apartment. 
Without saying a word, he pushed your back against the wall and began to roughly grab the side of your face. He captured your lips with his, meeting his kiss with the same aggressiveness, making your head spin at how good it felt to finally get a taste of him.
“Do you know how long I’ve waited for us to do this?” He panted, moving down to place sloppy kisses against the crook of your neck, leaving sharp bite marks and dark bruises littered all over your pretty skin.  
“Haaaa, that should be my line” you moaned, “You know how many times I’ve touched myself to the thought of you?” You whispered teasingly, biting the soft flesh of his earlobes. “How many times I wished it was your fingers inside of me instead?” You trailed your fingers down to his, intertwining them with one another before you dragged him into your bedroom. 
You pushed him down onto the mattress, gently getting on top of him and straddling his waist. Grabbing his hands, you placed them on top of your tits, giving them a rough squeeze before you began grinding your wet heat against his clothed cock. 
”Fuck, Y/N, are you sure?” He groaned, “As much as I want this, I don’t want you to do anything you’re not comfortable with —“ 
“Eiji, shut up. If I didn’t want this, would I be this wet for you?” You slipped your panties off to the side, two of your fingers dipping into your cunt, showing off the slick that stringed in between your digits. “Here, see for yourself.” You brought your coated fingers up to his mouth, making him suck it until not a drop was left. 
“Shit, you taste so fucking good,” He smirked, “Why don’t you show me how you touch yourself, princess?” 
You slowly made your way off of him, leaning back to position your body against the plush sheets. Slowly spreading your legs, you made sure he got a good view, your pussy practically dripping from how aroused you had become. You snaked your hands down back against your thighs, fingers finding its way onto your throbbing clit. Kirishima was sitting in front of you, all of his clothes still on.
That didn’t seem very fair, now did it? 
“Stroke your cock for me, Eijirou. Quid pro quo, right?” You said wickedly. You stood up quickly to remove the rest of your lingerie, Eijirou’s eyes glued to your body, watching your every move as you moved your hands back to their previous position. 
Kirishima let out a small laugh before he finally stripped himself of his clothing, pulling down his boxers to reveal his impressive length that was already oozing precum. “Is this what you wanted to see?” You nodded desperately. 
“You wanted to see me jerk off while I watch you touch that pretty pussy of yours?” Kirishima began moving his hand against his girth, gathering spit in his mouth before letting it drip onto the head. Lubricating his cock with a mix of precum and spit, he slowly started moving up and down his length. Matching your rhythm, as he watched intensely at the fingers that were still stuffed inside of your cunt. 
Soft moans started escaping your plush lips, the collective sound of small whines, and frantic gasps beginning to fill the room. “Fuck, Eiji. You look so hot stroking your cock like that. Do you imagine that it was my pussy, instead?” You say, panting intensely. 
“Fuuuuck. I’m gonna pound your tight little cunt so hard that you’re not going to be able to walk for days.” He sped up his pace, you quickly following suit. Your fingers pumping vigorously, you continued to rub tight circles over your sensitive clit. 
You were getting closer and closer to the orgasm you craved so much, and the look that Kirishima had on his face indicated that he was too. Your cunt clenched tightly around your digits while Kirishima’s fist held a vice grip on his cock. You had been waiting for this moment for so long, the intensity of your orgasm was surely going to rip through you like a plundering tidal wave.
 “A-ah, Eijirou! I’m so fucking close for you.” Your eyes squeezed shut as you felt yourself cum all over your fingers, your arousal gushing onto the bed sheets and covering the inside of your thighs. 
Kirishima quickened his strokes, the sight of your pleasure the catalyst for his own release as he continued to jack hammer his cock at an animalistic pace. “Please, baby, cum for me, I wanna see you cum all over yourself.” You whined, watching closely as you patiently waited for him to reach his end. Your filthy words were the last push he needed. 
“F-fuck Y/N! I love you so fucking much” he groaned loudly. A few more pumps, and ropes of his cum started painting his chest white, covering his sweaty body, as the remnants of both your orgasms stained the bed. 
You both looked at each other with half lidded eyes, still trying to come down from your intense highs. Breathing heavily, you looked at him greedily and whispered, “You know, I’ve always wondered how good it would feel to fuck myself on your cock.” 
“Well, I did say that I’d pound your cunt so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk for days...” Kirishima cooed as he ran his fingers along your exposed thigh,
“I’d be more than happy to show you, Princess.” 
♡ ⌒*゚.❉・゜・。. ♡ ⌒*゚.❉・゜・。. ♡ ⌒*゚.❉・゜・。.
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Quick Thoughts:  Nickelodeon All-Star Battle Fighter Speculation/Wishlist
Hey ACatOkay now i’ve gotten the actual reaction to the trailer for Nick’s new smashclone, Nickelodeon All-Star Battle, I went over what I thought of the trailer, the animation the roster all that good stuff, I can get to some gooder stuff: trying to figure out who else their going to add. The trailer has outright said there will be “some suprises” and with no cover art or release date, it’s clear that in addition to an already excellent roster (For a refresher consisting of Spongebob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Helga Pataki, Oblina, Zim (With GIR), Danny Phantom, Powdered Toastman, Nigel Thornberry, Lincoln Loud, Lucy Loud, the 87 versions of Leonadro and Michelangelo, and Reptar). That’s already 15 characters and I can expect at the very least 5 more, though I expect the roster will be more like 25-30.
Now normally i’m not a speculation guy: that kind of thing leads to disapointment and while sometimes you do get your dream come true adn Banjo and Kazooie come to smash, sometimes you get yet another fire emblem character with a fucking sword instead of that hot guy with the bow whose campaign you choose and who’d give us both a unique playstyle compared ot the other FE characters but also some pizzaz. I may have some lingering resintments can you tell. But in this case.. it’’s just too fun NOT to. While Nick’s done crossover fighters on flash and mobile, this is their first time dipping into their long and storied history of nicktoons and picking out some winners. And with the name this may even include some live action characters.. which isn’t as deep a bench, especially since Drake got arrested for child endangerment and Josh is busy becoming the new turner to a new hooch, as the prophecy foretold, when it comes to this type of game but has a few. So with such a deep and wide history and fighter selectoin i’m going to go show by show, picking out both fighters I genuinely want on there and ones that I genuinely think have a decent chance of ending up in the game. I’m not going to stop by EVERY show: I don’t KNOW every show and some just aren’t either intresting or going to happen. We’re not getting Cousin Skeeter on the roster is what i’m saying, sorry Cousin Skeeter’s one fan. So come along with me as I dive into Nick’s rich history to pull out some punchy boys, girls and others to join our fearless fighters so far under the cut as I suspect despite being just me shitposting about who I might want in the roster, this could get long
Going in alphabetical order instead of airing order as Nick has a LOT of shows and while the Wikipedia list is nice, it also has the shows no longer aired seperated form the ongoing shows and this is just easier. 
Tumblr media
Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Jimmy Neutron and Sheen Estevez.  For the former I want him on there for history: not only was this show Nick’s first CGI show, but also one of it’s most sucessful for it’s time. The show means a lot to me and Jimmy’s various gadgets would be a blast, pun intended, to play.  Sheen is a good second choice. He had his own show, (Shudders) which was awful, but was still a beloved part of the original and as long as they use that design instead, we’re good. And he adds another POC to the cast which is alwasy nice. But honestly if I had to put my money on a solid choice, it’d be Jimmy.
Angry Beavers: Dagget and Norbert
This one is VERY unlikely as the show is’nt used that much on nick merch or remembered by them despite it’s popularity, but I would love to see both and to pit richard steven horvitz vs richard steven horvitz and since billy’s at another network and Moxie is too R-Rated for this one, that leaves us with Dagget. This likely WON’T happen, and frankly theirs some better choices.. but I woudln’t be mad if both brothers were brought in ice climbers style or even just dagget. 
As Told by Ginger: Carl Foutley This one WON’T happen.. I just hoped as I loved him and Hoodseys antics, but i’m well aware Nick forgot this show existed and aims to keep it that way despite being very good. Still a man can dream. 
Avatar TLAB and Legend of Korra:  Expected: Aaang, Korra Hopes: Zuko, Asami, Bolin, Toph (either series) and Sokka
I”m a huge nerd for Avatar, and frankly need to rewatch both series... I let my rewatch and need to watch for the first time piles get really freakishly high and that needs to stop. Hmmm.. might be something to add to my patreon membership drive huh? Questions for later. 
Point is there are a TON of fighters here, frankly enough for it’s own game.. think about it Nick. But the two most likely and honestly most needed are the avatars themselves. Aang is the mascot of the franchise, rightly so, has a fluid intresting fighting style and is at the head of Nick’s most iconic action series. It’d be weird if he WASN’T included. 
Korra also is a must. besides the obvious reputation two-fer of indiginous peerson and bisexual, she’s a fun character and while you could say “Why do we need both”... the two fight entirely diffrently. Aang uses the other elements, but really focuses more on airbending to the point Zuko takes note of it in the final episodes. Korra constraingly uses water and fire the most, with heaping helpings of earth and from season 2 onward air. Both would no doubt USE all four elements, but being a hudnred years apart and being complete oppisites personality and style wise,  and smash has more than proven you can have two very similar characters who play entirley diffrently. 
The rest is wishful thinking as I think this franchise is big enough to at THE VERY LEAST warrant another fighter, and at least two more since I think TMNT will get at least two more, more on that in a bit. As for who you can see above but to go into the why: Zuko is as iconic and loved as Aaang is and has his own cool as hell fire based fighting style, Toph is likewise beeloved, played a critical role in both series, and again has a cool, unique fighting style seperate from both the two avatars and the rest of the roster. As for my Korracentric picks, Asami both brings in Korr’as girlfriend, but also has a fun martial arts style and a neat shock glove while BOlin.. admitely dosen’t have a high chance I just love my boy and lavabending does give him some cool moves and would make for a tasty finisher. 
I also alomst forgot to include him but i’d LOVE sokka as a fighter.. I just think the others are more likely. Sokka was my boy and my faviorite character and we do have only one other sowrdsman on the roster, so it’s possible.. Zuko< Toph and Asami simply have more support and thus are more likely to join the fight. Still woul dbe neat and still can hope. And before we move on for the record I like Katara and sh’ed be fine.. I just want everyone else more? Also never even remotely considered Mako, please leave him out you have 80 better options. 
Back at the Barnyard: Otis
This one’s again more just for fun, but he WAS in both of the other games and would be a fun wildcard.. but like the angry beavers there’s better choices including the AB’s themselves. 
Catdog: Catdog
No I didn’t mistype twice. Since everyone else is massively unlikeable from the show but the character itslef ha a fun design, and a bunch of nostalgic value and would be fun for newcomers unfamiliar with nick’s history, i.e. kids, to play, CatDog is not only one I WANT on the roster but one highly likely. Their on most nick merch, they showed up in racing, it’s a pretty high chance our little cat dog will be rolling into people and i’td be fun to see how they fight. 
Chalkzone: Rudy Tabootie, Snap or Skrawl.
I’d prefer Rudy, as the chalk drawing gimmick could be a LOT of fun, but the latter is more likely to fit into this cheaper game. I still woudln’t mind snap though as the chalkdrawn design could be intresting in 3d, he’s a fun character and would be a nice deeper cut like Nigel or Oblina: still popular. 
Skrawl is not very likely and is just wishful thinking but his unique deisgn and killer theme song make him a must at least mention for me. 
Danny Phantom: Vlad Plasimus, Skulker and Ember
Look if you’ve read my Danny Phantom Stuff, and if not I’ve got a review of Public Enemies coming out this week so keep an eye on the danny phantom tab, you know who I want most in this. And with the roster so far lacking villians or antagonists outside of villian protagnist Zim.. there’s only one clear choice here: Vlad motherfucking Plasmius. 
He looks awesome, like a dracula but ghostly, he’s easily nick’s best villian if not the best in western animation, and he has his own unique fighting style: he has most of danny’s powers but is more likely to use shields and has a better grasp of duplicatoin. NOT using him would be a damn shame and a dumb move and two would be plenty.
If nick didn’t want to do the obvious thoguh Ember is another great choice: a visually awesome ensemble darkhorse with a fun rocker theme, and Skulker is the second most iconic foe from the sohw. I’d also throw Dark Danny in.. but frankly I just want vlad or ember more and feel they’d be more unique to play as. 
Doug: Quailman Admitely this one is unlikely as the rights for Doug are murky and spread across two companies, but Doug WAS one of disney’s first hits and the one that gave us slice of life shows in the first place. So having Doug’s superhero alter ego would be a great fit for the roster and bein ga superhero fan i’ve alwayss loved his goofy design and OP nature. 
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera: El Tigre
Look i’m not naive. I’m only picking one because if this show does get rep somehow, it’ll only BE the one. And Nick didn’t like this show when it was airing, they don’t like it NOW and i’ts not even on paramount yet. So the odds of Manny ending up on the roster are slim.. but not IMPOSSIBLE. If powdered toast man can make it, so can our undecided super powered tween. He has great powers, the show was great, and he’d provide more represntation, which I know I keep bringing up but it’s important. And since we don’t really have any other cats on the roster yet, the claws would be a fun gimmick as would be his weird chain grapple arm thing, especially if they do grabs like smash. So while he’s a long shot Manny is too fun a possiblity not to consider. 
Fairly OddParents: Cosmo and Wanda (Or Timmy W Both)  or Jorgen Von Strangle Look I know Butch Hartman sucks, but Fairly OddParents is a great show, just like Danny Phantom is a great show despite the same fact. And if Danny’s in there.. it only makes since to let Cosmo and Wanda, either as an ice climbers style duo or as assits for timmy, throw hands right? While the show did slowly go down the crapper and into the bowels of the earth, it dosen’t change the fact it was great in it’s prime , nor that it’s Nick’s second longest lasting show.
And if they wnated to go with a wildcard again.. Jorgen is honestly the perfect choice. Who dosen’t want to play anuld but with a giant wand or have him throw hands with Reptar or NIgel Thornberry? Andi fthe show gets two reps.. who better, and really who else, would be more perfect?  HIS BULGING MUSCLES HUNGER FOR BLOOD. LET THEM FEAST. 
Harvey Beaks: Fee
This is another long shot because Nick outright murdered this series then got upset at creator CH Greenblaht for being mad they outright murdered his series. So the odds of it showing up in this game are about the same as my odds of forgetting Nick killed the show, but I can hope and Fee would be a perfect addition: still a main character but far more fitting for a fight happy setting than our pure protaganist. If you won’t give me more episodes Nick at least give me this. You owe me.
Hey Arnold!: Gerald, Pookie or Harold
Now it’s likely Arnold himself or his Buddy Gerald would join Helga.. but Arnold dose’nt really fit as a fighter to me, the first episode is him avoiding a fight and he’s a pasifcist by nature, and Gearld would be a weird fit but i’d still love it. 
But Pookie is a beloved side character, would be another curveball addition, and be damn fun to play, while Harold would likely also be a weird addition.. and is also my faviorite of the side cast, having had the most spotlight episodes and the most character development. Plus he’d just be funny to play as or punch in the face. He’s always been one of the most expressive characters Hey Arnold created. I’d also love to play Arnold’s grandpa but he’s far less likely than his wife or my chonky pal. 
Invader Zim: Dib or Professor Membrane
This one really isn’t a request from me as while I loved the reivival movie, I wasn’t crazy about the origianl series. It’s still excellent, i’m just not into kafka comedy, and part of what made the movie better is the fact it eased up on that while keeping the dark tone and insanity a flowin. 
Still if they do add more, Dib would be a perfect counterpoint to hsi rival and if not him his insane hammy father who said film thankfully made less of a douche would be a great addition. GIR is only not considered because the trailer clearly showed him alongside Zim, meaning he’ll be part of Zim’s moveset or finisher. So my boy’s still represented, he’s just not playable. Maybe for the sequel. 
It’s Pony: Pony
This is a show I haven’t watched a lot of but think is neat and hope ends up on Paramount+ soon after it finishes it’s season so I can try it out. IT’s also a long shot as I’m not sure how Nick feels about the show.. but it would be nice ot have something more recent that’s not just the loud house.. not that I don’t love the loud house, i’ve made it clear I do, I just feel that having only two shows that are currently airing represented is both weak and speaks to how bad Nick is at keeping shows on the air and i’ts way too early to do Middlemost Post so.. here we are. 
The Loud House/The Casagrandes: Luna Loud , Lynn Loud, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Bobby Santiago: Like I said I love the loud house and since the kart racer chose clyde for some reason, there are better options if they want more from their other flagship show and i’ts popular spinoff. 
From the parent show we have Luna and Lynn. Luna is my faviorite, i’ve made that clear, my bi ass relates to her, and she’s just damn fun and hitting someone with a guitar is never NOT fun in a game. So she’s a shoe in in my eyes but Lynn is more of a scrapper and while divisive with the fans, given Clyde got into the other crossover game, “diviscive with the fans” is clearly something nick dosen’t give a shit about. 
From the original but spun off, Ronnie Anne is a toughie and had scraping original in her character and having her and helga scrap would be a ton of fon. Bobby.. isn’t likely at all nor would he really fit.. but he’s my boy. I can’t help but want to play as him. But yeah if it’s four Luna and Ronnie Anne, and if ti’s just one more i’d go with either, Ronnie to help with representation and show coverage an Luna because she’s my girl and I looka fter her like a daughter because i’m weird like that. 
My Life as a Teenage Robot: Jenny “XJ9″ Wakeman
Look while this one’s also a long shot since Nick has forgotten they aired this show, it’s probablyt he most likely of the one’s i’ve caled a long shot: Jenny has an awesome unique look, is well loved, her sohw is well loved and i’ts a nice nostalgia pop for the 2000′s kids in the audience as opposed to the 90′s heavy roster now. Her shifting nature means she’d be cool to look at, fun to play for kids not familiar with the show, and be a nice unexpected treat and i’m HEAVILY hoping for this one. I do love danny phantom, but he’s not nick’s only superhero and it’s time they showed it. 
Ren and Stimpy: Ren Hoeck or Stimpy
Look as I said in my thoughts on the trailer itself i’m not a ren and stimpy fan: i like one or two jokes from it like “LOG’ or “I have to take a whiz, don’t you go anywhere”, but the show never did it for me and it’s creator is a sexual predator and sex monster. But the show is good for those who like grossout, and the rest of the crew weren’t awful people. It’d be like leaving out the loud house characters because it’s own creator was also a sexual predator. Because that’s a theme nick has apparently. 
But Ren and Stimpy, wether togehter or just picking one, are pretty iconic and it’d be weird to have an obscure part of their show but not them. I’d be fine if they weren’t with me, but I woudln’t mind throwing ren or stimpy or both into the ring once in a while and I know a lot of people would appricate it. 
Rocket Power: Otto “Sigh” Rocket. or Sam “Squid” dullard:
The former is VERY likely, as is twister, I just don’t want. I liked Rocket Power as a kid and thus can’t hate it ENTIRELY but man on mannity man is it obnoxious in modern day. That said Otto WOULD be a good addition to get to have lincoln beat him up in a family friendly way, but otherwise I don’t want. I’d prefer my boy sam, aka “the likeable one” alongside reggie, but that likely won’t happen. 
Rugrats: Tommy or Angelica Pickles, Chuckie Finster
Now if Nick IS willing to let Toddlers throw hands, and why not your already letting adults and teens beat up children, Tommy and Angelica are the obvious frontrunners being the brave one and the assohle repsectively and Chuckie would be a good WTF choice given his cowardly nature while also being as iconic and my faviorite.And he does certfiadly kick ass.... just ask Isacc Hayes. 
So yeah I want chucky but i’m expecting Angelica. Next
Rocko’s Modern Life: Heifer, Really Big Man, Filburt or Dr. Hutchenson. 
Sadly Rocko himself prob ably isn’t likely but again being such a senseitive soul I doubt it. But heifer would be fun as would filburt or his wife. Hutchinson is probably a LONNNNG shot but I can dream dammit. But most likely for me are either heifer, because he’s big, would be fun to play and this game isn’t afraid to pull from teh second charactters or really big man to go with powerded toast man. I mean who dosen’t want to use NIPLES OF THE FUTURE as a power? no one that’s who. Also I REALLY love this show so I hope SOMEONE get sin, either it be heiffer or rocko, who are probablyt he most likely. But Hutch COULD happen since they have pulled some weirder ones. 
TMNT: Raph, Donny, Krang and Shredder
I’m not even HOPING for Raph and Donny because frankly.. it’s a shoe in. There are four turtles, and their taken from a series where all four had the same body shape, meaning they can mostly recycle the same model for three diffrent characters and only have to have unique animations. 
So the odds of a FIFTH character are slightly low.. but if it happens i’d honestly want KRANG over shredder. And make no mistake I love shredhead and the 80′s version would be fun to play.. but Krang’s robot body has a really cool design, would be even MORE fun to play and if they do go as far as to give us four turtles AND another character again, might as well just go nuts. Give us something bold and fun to play with. Shredder would be fine, we can always use freddy kruger claws but god krang would be cool. 
The Adventures of Pete and Pete: Artie, the strongest man IN THE WORLD
Okay this one is again a long shot as this is ANOTHER show nick hasn’t even put on paramount+ last i checked, let alone remembered exists. But artie would be a mighty competitor, a great addition and a nice oddball inclusion.
Henry Danger/Danger Force: Henry Danger or Captain Man
Look i’m not going to pretend I would ever  watch Henry Danger for any reason other than to watch the one episode Joey Richter of Team Starkid is in. I’m just not: I have zero intrest. I’d only watch it to see my boy in a hollywood production. That’s it. But the spinoff is still going, the show was popular and it DOES fit in unlike most live actoin shows and while I vastly prefer nicktoons to their  modenn live actoin output their live actoin output is just as important as their animated one to their history. So with few other choices except maybe the thundermans, this one’s a pretty clear frontrunner and like I siad, the network is so BAD at keeping shows alive they dont’ have much to pick from. So this is less “I really want this” and more “this probably will happen since they don’t want people punching jojo siwa” in the face> That said.. I do have an alternate suggestion they might actually go for
iCarly: Spencer 
Now Sam would be a decent choice.. but I respect Jeneatte McCurdy wanting to stay the fuck out of acting after a traumatic past and she was already dragged into a forced spinoff of two diffrent shows neither lead acress wanted to be in. I don’t think it’s fair to have a virtual version of her show up in this goofy fighting game. 
But as should be clear I have a better option: Spencer. Jerry Trenor is basically a real life cartoon anyway. Spencer spent most icarly episodes off to the side doing something wacky. He’s a perfect fit for this and it’d be good synergy with the revivial. While that IS for an older audience, said older audience also likely likes some of the cartoons featured here. I don’t like Dan Schinder at all.. but Spencer is more Jerry Trainoer than dan anyway. This probaly WON’T happen but I can hope. 
So that’s my suggestoins. Like them or don’t, there here, their queer they don’t want any more bears, and i’m proud of them and proud ot finally have this done. 
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Hello! I have a request for the obey me bro! Could you write some hc abt a MC who would see the boys as lovely (each for their reasons) and would considers them more like cute little beans rather than demons, spoiling and pampering them as if they were children, giving them candy or patting them on the head to calm them down, buying them stuff... and so MC would be completely oblivious to their attempts to flirt! (like : you want a kiss? what if I pinched your adorable cheek instead?)
Ooooh boy this is both adorable and hilarious! I’m gonna do just the brothers for now, but if you want to see others lmk!
Content Warnings: References to spoilery stuff for Lucifer, Asmo, and Belphie’s sections, Asmo’s section also contains alcohol/clubbing
MC Treating the Brothers Like Cute Little Beans
MC hits Lucifer like a fucking freight train. They’ve been kidnapped and dragged to Hell, and their response to living with seven demons is... Well, he’s not sure what to call this.
The behaviour isn’t malicious or threatening, beyond dealing some serious damage to his Pride(tm), so what is he really able to do? Is this some human custom? Will he offend them if he asks them to stop? He’s supposed to be accommodating of them for the sake of the exchange program, but the last person to be so soft with him is...
He decides to deal with it. The heart-shaped foods when it’s MC’s turn to cook, the little presents, the... headpats, and other doting measures MC deems necessary. He only asks that they refrain from doing so around others, especially outside of the House of Lamentation. If Diavolo saw him like this, he’d never live it down.
And it eventually becomes quite endearing. Lucifer finds himself anticipating MC’s affection, and notices if they stop. It’s while he’s been swamped for an especially long time in paperwork that he realizes he misses it. Who knew a human like them could stir up these feelings in him...
Lucifer comes to the conclusion that if MC is so essential to his life, he should let them know. But the Avatar of Pride isn’t about to say, “Your babying has made me fall in love with you,” so instead he opts to start flirting. He gets MC fancy gifts, his touches start to linger, and he even invites them out to dinner.
And none of it gets a reaction. They coo over the gifts and smile at the increased attention, but the idea of romance seems to fly right over their head. He offered to take them to Ristorante Six and they pinched his cheek! He is The Lucifer, the son of the morning, the embodiment of pride, and a human just giggled at him and called him “such a sweetie” for trying to ask them out on a date!
Oh no. He will not let this human get the better of him. Lucifer will find a way to make his intentions clear, and this human will see him as a serious candidate to be their partner.
Mammon lives a rough and tumble life. He’s energetic and loud, and his schemes to get riches often put him at odds with those around him. He can con people, and he can survive hostility, but MC is not the type of thing he deals with often, if ever. Part of him is convinced this is fine: he’s the GREAT Mammon, of course this human is all over him! Another part of him is flattered and greatly appreciates the attention.
But there’s a growing part of him that’s concerned that they think he’s some kind of adorable pet rather than a powerful demon. And he’s not sure if he really minds that.
He flips between grinning broadly and boasting about receiving MC’s attention, and putting on an act of being upset at being coddled by some weak human. Stop packing him lunches, MC, he can make them or buy them himself! No, don’t take it away! ...yes, he likes the apple slices.
Whenever he’s upset, Mammon will storm over to MC’s room and start grousing about whatever is troubling him at the moment, be it some plan of his that failed or his brothers’ teasing. When MC starts stroking his hair and making shushing noises at him to calm him down, he’s initially flustered and offended - he’s not a child, MC! - but his weak spot is his head, and the pats win him over in the end.
It’s become something of a ritual if he’s being honest.
MC also leaves him all these little gifts, and - that’s it. This human’s wormed their way into his heart, there’s no way he’s letting anyone else have them!
Mammon tries a variety of convoluted ways to try and “confess” to MC, but it never works out the way he wants, either because of some outside force or because MC themself just... isn’t taking the hint. He’s going to have to be as direct as possible about his feelings... Shit.
This must be some Normie Tactic, Leviathan thinks as MC ruffles his hair while he complains about his older brother not paying him back yet again. His crippling lack of self esteem won’t let him view MC’s intentions as genuine, and he reacts to every gift or compliment with immense suspicion. The only people who are this nice to someone always do it because they want something, and once MC figures out he’s just some yucky otaku, they’ll lose interest.
Except now he’s at a convention, dressed in a handmade and Completely accurate Lord of Shadows cosplay, and MC is dressed in an equally impressive Henry cosplay, and they’re holding his hand and asking him what merch he wants. And it hits poor Leviathan right then and there that MC is just doing this because they think he’s...
Well, he’s not sure what they think of him. The gifts, the comforting, the kind words, they all would normally read as flirting, but MC never seems to actually go anywhere with that? They’ll hold his hand, but just to make sure they don’t get separated. They’ll hug him, but only to cradle him when he’s feeling upset about something. They even gave him a kiss once, but it was on the forehead!
Is MC bad at flirting? Are they teasing him? Is this just how they are with everyone, and he’s perverting their friendship because he wants something more?
“So, have you made up your mind yet, Leviachan?” MC asks, giggling at the cutesy nickname for their favourite little bean.
“Will you just stop TEASING me already?!” the bean shouts in response, breaking their Platonic Hand Hold for dramatic effect. “If you really l-like me, just tell me! And if you’re just doing this to make fun of me, then cut it out!”
Leviathan turns beet red as he processes what he actually just said. He scrunches his eyes shut, unwilling to face MC’s rejection.
Instead, he feels a soft hand take his. “Silly Levi, of course I like you!” MC says. “You’re so adorable when you’re all flustered like that.~ Now come on, best friend, I saw a TSL poster that would be a great fit for your room!”
MC promptly drags him off towards a booth, having clarified absolutely nothing for the poor Avatar of Envy. Of all the genres his life could have become, he had to be stuck in a rom com...
Oh No. Satan tries very, very hard to be taken seriously, despite being the personification of Lucifer’s wrath and the youngest of the brothers in terms of actual age, and a human treating him like an adorable kitten or beloved grandchild is going to get on every single one of his nerves. His self-control is famously ironclad though, so he’s able to get through it with fake smiles and clenched fists.
It doesn’t hurt that MC also flusters his brothers, especially a certain someone, to an unprecedented degree, and Satan finds this very amusing. When he’s not up to humouring MC’s bizarre affections, he’ll proverbially wind them up and point them at whichever brother most recently slighted him, saying “Oh, Mammon’s been feeling a bit down lately... MC, you should go make sure he’s okay,” or, “Lucifer seems really overworked, doesn’t he?”
But his anger can’t be contained forever. Eventually, on a particularly bad day when MC is being especially persistent, Satan snaps. With a crackle of power, his demon form rushes to the surface as he vividly recounts all the horrible things he’s going to do to MC if they don’t stop with their incessant coddling-
MC responds by waltzing up to him and petting between his horns, saying that it’s healthy to vent your frustrations, and oh isn’t his feather boa so handsome!
Satan freezes. He forgets why he was mad. He forgets why he’s ever been mad, or ever felt anything else ever. Either MC is completely fearless or they... they’re not scared of him. They trust him.
He spends the next week catatonic under a pile of blankets or pacing his library of a room, sustained by tea and biscuits brought to him by a cheery, if somewhat confused, MC.
Dammit MC, ya broke him
Unlike his brothers, Asmo is very familiar with this kind of attention, and he eats it up! He’s used to people giving him gifts or calling him pet names or even getting handsy with him, and he knows exactly where this is going to lead. So everything MC throws at him, he sends right back with flirting of his own.
“Asmo, your skin is so soft!”
“Thank you, darling! If you want, I can show you how I keep it this way... But I might need some help getting the moisturizer everywhere...”
“Awwww, you can’t reach your back? But you’re usually so bendy!”
They don’t quite respond to his attempts at getting spicy the way he expects, but the delayed gratification just makes it even more exciting!
Except... it keeps going like this. MC hasn’t responded to any of his suggestive pick up lines or his lingering touches with anything more than a fond smile and a peck on the cheek. This causes Asmo to do something he usually hates to do: reflect.
MC’s gestures were all very sweet, yes, but if they were trying to ply him with sweets and little fashion shows and going out dancing with him, they would have tried to sleep with him by now. But that seems to be the farthest thing from their mind.
Does MC just happen to... like him? Not to lust after him, or find him beautiful, but really, genuinely think he’s worth their time, no strings or favours attached?
The next time they go clubbing together, Asmo goes overboard with the Demonus and ends up piss drunk at the bar, sobbing in the arms of a much less tipsy MC.
“I just don’t understand!” he laments as MC fondly strokes his hair. “What do you want from me? Am I not enough? How is that possible?! I’m-I’m the- *hic*- I’m the embodiment of Lust!” His words slur more and more as he continues, his rant becoming unintelligible. “I can give you anything you desire! Who wouldn’t want that?”
MC pulls out a makeup removing wipe and carefully removes Asmo’s smeared mascara from his cheeks. “Don’t worry, you’re still the most beautiful demon in the Devildom to me, Asmo-chan~” they say as they boop his nose with the wipe.
What is he going to do with them? And what are they doing to him?
When MC first meets Beel, he’s very hungry, and thus very grumpy. They quickly figure out that a steady supply of snacks drastically improves his mood, and make it their personal mission to keep their favourite giant beanstalk happy and munching. Beelzebub, for one, is completely on board with this, and will in turn tolerate MC’s... unique brand of affection. How can he really complain, anyway?
Even if they fling themselves at him at high speeds, he doesn’t mind catching them because he knows they probably have some homemade goodies on their person ready to reward him. A part of him wonders if this is some way of training him to respond to their commands even without being able to call on their pact, but they’re so unwaveringly doting that his suspicions can’t stick.
MC is also his biggest cheerleader at his games, and there’s something really sweet about seeing a small human in a stadium of demons screaming louder than anyone about their precious lovely Beelzburger’s athletic prowess.
The clinginess, the gifts, the relentless adoration, and yes, the many snacks all warm Beel up to MC very quickly, and he decides that he really likes being around them and wants to return the favour. Unlike his brothers, Beel’s quite emotionally intelligent, and goes for the direct route in his confession.
Which completely flies over MC’s head. They don’t flat out reject him, but they also don’t exactly respond in a way that suggests they even fully understood exactly what Beelzebub meant when he said, “I really love you, MC, and I want to make you as happy as you’ve made me.” He thought he was clear, but apparently not.
Maybe he needs to speak their language?
MC begins finding half-eaten treats accompanied by notes written in Beel’s blocky handwriting, and notices that the Avatar of Gluttony has been vocalizing his feelings about them a lot more than usual. They find this absolutely delightful, and relish in the attention, but even still, there’s no moment of realization.
Have they been flirting with him the whole time and take his reciprocation of their affections as an unspoken acceptance of their feelings? Or do they still not understand what he’s trying to convey?
Beel wonders if he’ll ever know the truth.
At first, Belphie couldn’t care less about how the human treats him. He just needs them to get him out of this stupid attic. Their babying is easy to play into: he leans into the “poor helpless small bean baby brother locked away in the attic :’(“ sob story to get MC to work on freeing him faster.
But of course, organically making pacts with six powerful demons is going to take a while, so MC has plenty of time for their coddling shenanigans in the meantime. Despite the threat of Lucifer looming over them at every turn, MC still manages to sneak Belphegor small gifts or fresh linen. One time they even bring him a cow plushie from his formerly shared room with Beel. It has a new collar though, with a tag that says, “I hope this puts you in a good MOOd! :D”
That cow joke would be later known as the thing that kickstarted Belphegor’s existential crisis.
The denial is easy to keep in place, at first. Belphie is faking his whole persona, why wouldn’t this human be doing the same thing? They could just be trying to win him over in hopes of making a pact with him as well; they seemed strangely keen on the concept of collecting them from his brothers, after all. And besides, MC is human, and he hates humans.
Yes, that is familiar, that is safe. Humans are awful, and this one is no exception, even if they insist on kissing his forehead through the bars to the attic and giving him presents with increasingly terrible and saccharine puns on them. The denial runs so deep that he ends up getting angrier and angrier as MC continues their coddling.
It all culminates when they finally open the door to the attic. Free, furious, and ready to enact his revenge, Belphegor makes the first move to kill the idiotic nuisance that’s been a thorn in his side since he decided to start hating them day one. He offers to hug MC (to get their guard down so he can kill them, not because he actually wants to or anything...), but when he moves to wrap his tail around their throat, they spasm out of his grip, shrieking.
Terrified that they’re somehow aware he was planning on taking them out this whole time, Belphegor tries to back away in search of a weapon or an escape route, but is stopped by something latched onto his tail.
It’s MC. On their knees, stars in their eyes, hands wrapped around the base of the fluffiest part of the Avatar of Sloth’s tail, tickling themself with it and giggling violently.
Belphegor blanches. “Are you really this stupid?! Do you know what I just tried to do to you-” He lets out an undignified shriek of his own as MC gently, but insistently, tugs on his tail to force him to come closer to them.
He finds himself in MC’s lap, being held like a child. They cuddle him closer to their chest and say, “I know you want to be a big scary demon-” he is dammit, if it wasn’t for his hesitation their stupidity, they would be dead right now, “-but I know you’re just sad, and angry, and alone. So you can’t scare me, Belphie-bean.”
Belphie-bean. The Devildom’s biggest traitor has been defeated by cow puns and Belphie-bean. Belphegor falls asleep in MC’s arms, the first of many naps taken to process this development in the sick joke that is his life.
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ellewords · 6 months ago
atsumu + “superstar”
Tumblr media
fic notes : miya atsumu x gn!reader, fluff, blurb, wc: ~0.5k
from elle ! okay so uh remember that post i made last night about listening to taylor’s version of fearless where i kinda associated some of the songs with hq characters and thought about superstar with atsumu?? well, here’s an elaboration of that little idea that no one asked for because i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since :<<
Tumblr media
timeskip!miya atsumu has the biggest crush on idol/actor/singer!yn. he has seen everything they have been in, has their entire discography saved on his phone, and has several devices on standby the moment concert tickets are about to go on sale. and little does he know that yn has a teensy little crush on him too. the type that watches his games in disguise when their schedule permits and watches highlights of it on youtube when they don’t, also owns some msby merch and it’s all neatly tucked away in their closet. but neither of them make any attempts in using their several connections to meet the other because…why would they? there’s already several people vying for the other’s love and attention. both of them couldn’t help but feel just a tad bit invisible seeing how the other is an actual superstar in their field. downright ignoring the fact that they’re probably just as famous. so they settle on following each other from secret private twitter/ig accounts and admiring from afar.
but someday, on one of their rare days off, they bump into each other at a hole in the wall coffee shop that literally no one knows about and both of them are just !!! “that’s miya atsumu.” / “that’s ln yn.” and they just stare at each other because…what are the actual chances? it’s quiet for a while and neither can believe that it’s actually happening. but atsumu eventually snaps out of his daze and asks yn if they would like to share a table with him while they wait for their orders. yn agrees and they begin an actual conversation. both of them are just so shook because the other seems so…normal?? like they built up this untouchable image of each other when they’re actually just like any other person out there?? shocker.
but anyways, they exchange numbers and a friendship grows from there. they begin following each other on their public accounts. fans start spotting them out and about and suddenly #yntsumu is trending for several days. it’s all fun and games until eventually they both realize that they actually like the other? not as a friend or in the same way they admired each other as “celebrities” or personas in the time before they met. it was like as in they want to be together. and it sets both of them in a panic because oh no. the two of them lead such different lives, it’s a miracle that they even managed to maintain a friendship in the first place. so they’ll keep it to themselves. and they keep it to themselves for years. though every now and then yn writes a song that atsumu thinks is about him. or yn thinks it’s them that he’s winking at after a successful serve. one of them is bound to snap at some point; it’s just a matter of who.
Tumblr media
—  see if you can request something here.
Tumblr media
taglist : @haikyuutothetop @crystal-lilac @tobioespresso @sushijimawakatoshi @itsmeaudrieee @pantherhappy
join my hq taglist here. <3
Tumblr media
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bunnywithablog · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
sksnskdns, had a bit of a glitch with this ask but here it is! thank you for requesting and i hope you enjoy!
requests | rules | masterlist
pairing: Hetalia - america/alfred f. jones x gn!reader - trying to impress his crush hc's
Tumblr media
- as confident as alfred likes to seem on the outside, inside he actually has no idea what to do when you're around
- when he first realizes he's got a crush on you?
- impulsivity is through the roof with reckless things he hopes will catch your attention askdsnfb
- "hey [name]! wanna see if i can do a sweet backflip off this bridge into the water?!"
- "alfred, no! that's shallow water plus this river is known for having leeches!"
- you've also had to talk him out of trying to see if he can clear a flight of stairs in one jump,,,on several occasions
- there's usually a lot of things involving a test of his skills or strength too
- if you guys are ever at an amusement park he goes on the most thrilling rides to prove how fearless he is to you
- you've lost count of how many plushies and trinkets he's won for you at carnivals
- he gets so excited like a little puppy whenever he catches you staring at something particular on the prize shelves, it's so adorable!!
- always tries to get the highest score possible on those hammer test of strength games
- just wants you to think he's as awesome as he thinks you are!
- if he notices you're still not catching on he starts to shift the focus of his efforts
- while his crush on you grows, so does his awareness on things you like and dislike
- contrary to what most people think, alfred is surprisingly observant
- as a result, he's more mindful of those little interests of yours!
- i strongly headcanon one of his main love languages right next to quality time is gift giving
- so don't be shocked to find him surprising you with a new book he's heard you talking about or merch from something he knows you're into
- he hears you mentioning a new game? he's already inviting you over to play when it comes out! movie you wanna see just premiered? he's already got tickets for the two of you!
- always makes sure his cupboards are stocked with your favorite snacks and drinks for whenever you come over to hang out
- likes to leave one of your favorite flowers in places he knows you'll find it
- if you're allergic to pollen? he's got that covered too with a realistic replica of said flower!
- it even smells like the real thing, he spares no expenses when it comes to someone he likes
- really he just hopes you notice how thoughtful he is!
- he wants to spend a lot of time with you not only because he enjoys it but because he hopes you enjoy being around him and you notice how much he cares for you
- this boy is literally a lovesick puppy, willing to go to any lengths to get you something you want or to always make you happy, bless his heart- 💗
Tumblr media
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chickawah23 · a day ago
It's why I'm really antsy about Taylor filming something at Tribeca, I really do NOT want her to pull some sort of ridiculous shenanigan where she shoehorns her greedy beard into her art again at Tribeca of all places, but I just can't see her not shoehorning him into her rerecordings because she's already done that by implying she's been rerecording her albums in a makeshift studio in Primrose Place where her ~genius, mutli-talented, Grammy award winning songwriter *and* producer boy-man-lover-friend~ lives with by with the studio credits for Fearless TV.
There's literally no reason for her to not do the same with RED TV and no reason for her to not shoehorn him into RED TV related stuff to the delight of 99.9% of her fans because he's supposedly the Mr. "Real love shines golden like starlight, and doesn't fade or spontaneously combust" that Taylor hoped to find one day in the RED liner notes. I'll probably checkout of everything Taylor related semi-permanently when she uses 151 Franklin Street to strip away every single last drop of artistic integrity in her entire discography from 1989 onwards to promote her greedy beard, though, I'd have no interest keeping tabs on a woman so pathetically greedy for mass public approval that she'd defile not only the sanctity of her her music for yet another time in a 12 month period but also her family's home just to squeeze a few extra bucks out her her pathologically obsessed, unthinking, drooling stans that were going to spend hundreds of dollars on RED (TV) merch anyways.
Anon. I feel your frustration. And we all have our tipping points. So wherever that point is for you I will understand why.
For me it’s not really the studio locations implying things. I was even okay with her naming Joe as William (willam) bowery during the LPSS. I talk about how funny that whole exchange is often. Lol
For me it was her doing that documentary where she talked about what songs he was involved on. Then doing interviews solidifying those collabs. Then after winning the Grammy for Album of the Year adding his name to additional songs just so he could meet the stupid qualifications for a stupid trophy because he would’ve gotten the certificate with the credits that she gave originally. But she pushed to get him a trophy.
That really just made everything she has ever done feel cheap and it just felt like a slap in the face to other artists who actually took that award seriously. With the rule change she doesn’t have to do anything for evermore. He’ll get his stupid trophy based on the WB credits as they currently stand. But it really just cheapened it so much.
I don’t think she’d give him anything on these re-recorded albums though. It seems like she’s sticking to matching the energy of those albums and the people who were around her during those times originally. Maybe she’ll do something with him for reputation (tv) since that’s when they “met”.
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1ddotdhq · 12 months ago
🍷Thurs 29 Oct ‘20🚙
Cam’s song Changes (written by Harry along with country singer-songwriter Lori McKenna and producers Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson) dropped in some parts of the world this morning, and it is LOVELY! It is a twangy country song about growing up and getting out of your hometown and seeing the world change and you with it. I really think Cam buried the lead when advertising this song, as the best lyric is clearly, “I was falling in love in a back seat, giving it away like my heart won’t ever break. Had such a young heart drinking cheap wine…”. Hmmm...does this sound familiar to anyone? Of course it does! Fans had a great time comparing this song to Fearless and We Made It (and, honestly, yes. I agree). But that is not enough music news for Harry: SiriusXM started releasing videos of Harry’s New York performance in February (whoa a lifetime ago), including Kiwi, Golden, and Lights Up. The performances are, as always, ELECTRIC, and I can’t wait to be able to see them live, eventually.  
Zayn is back and he’s posting Better promotion on instagram (the song, not like...he’s doing a better job...oh, you know what I mean). He hasn’t blessed us with any more covers since yesterday, but he’s active, so I think we’ll be hearing more from him very soon….Maybe some of those songs he registered last month? Please???
All I want for Christmas is...for Liam to branch out and add Tech Expert to his resume alongside ‘YouTuber’ and ‘Tik Tok sensation’? Well, maybe that’s a hyperspecific demand, but it seems like I’m in luck! Liam will be joining the speaker line up of Web Summit 2020, which is a program which “brings together the people and companies redefining the global tech industry”. Liam *is* a recording tech expert, but that’s probably not what they tapped him - this is likely to do with the way he is putting on consistent and quality virtual concerts in a way that has massively transformed the potential for fan engagement in socially distant times. Congrats, Liam, because you’ve worked really hard! And he’s not done working! Liam took to instagram to call fans “detectives” for figuring out that his Christmas collaboration was Dixie D’Amelio, and promising “fun” leading up to the Holidays with “Dixie and her family” (uh, do you think that her parents are gonna be involved or just her super successful 16 year old Tik Tokker sister Charlie?). Anyways, as much as I would LOVE to say that we are indeed detectives (because we are!) , the credit for letting the cat out of the bag this time goes to Dixie herself, who posted a Tik Tok of her singing the song. This, on top of the speculation that already existed, was all the confirmation we needed to know what was happening. Liam also filmed a few episodes of a podcast Happy Hour with veteran YouTuber JaackMaate on his show, where he and his friends chat with people about their jobs and their lives in a relaxed way. And! If you bought tickets to LP Act 3, check your inbox - Liam has sent information on how to access the concert, and also some pre-emptive tech support links. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad one.
Niall was, again, very busy with promo, appearing on Live with Ryan Secrest and hitting all of the Royal Albert Hall talking points we’ve been hearing, but he also took the time to interact with fans on Twitter! He tells us that he’s not going to be doing anything for Halloween (“can’t go anywhere in big groups”), that he loves Bruce Springsteen, and that he’ll do a live striptease if “Slow Hands” passes a billion streams by next week. Look, I know I keep saying this, but, uh #PLEASEdontstripitdownNiall. BUT! Do show us more of your skincare routine, which is what he did on insta: he posted a pic of himself in a facemask saying, “You’ll all be saying after RAH, ‘Niall you were glowing!’ and I’ll say… ‘I know’”. 
And, Louis showed us how quickly he works when he has a goal in mind: after the unfortunate matter of merch shipping only to certain regions of the world yesterday, Backstreet Merch (the company in charge of his stuff) quickly took to twitter to say that, “We will be expanding our shipping zones to all of South America and India...within the next 48 hours.” And that’s exactly what happened! Not only that, Central America and Singapore are also on the list (catch ALL OF MY FAMILY rocking their Walls merch), although Mexico is not, and Backstreet Merch has said they have no current plans to ship to Mexico, which, hmmm. But look, I just gotta say that in 48 hours, Louis listened to his fans who have supported him (he sold out TWO stadiums in Argentina!) and quickly made his merch more accessible. Honestly, I love this man. And those countries certainly deserve it – can your country say Walls was its best selling album last week? Argentina can! Both Harry albums and Heartbreak Weather were also in the top ten.
However, I may have said good riddance to Celebtm too soon ( :{( ). TMZ has picked up their second mess of an article and is now distributing that. On top of this, Michael Straus has contacted both Judge Judy and the People’s Court to see if they can get some cable airtime and settle the small claim on TV - which, to be clear, Briana has to agree to, but it seems likely. Celebtm (despite saying yesterday they weren’t going to report on this until January when the court case happened, okaaaay) made a statement telling Briana to take the TV offers seriously so that Louis’ “child support” (quotes theirs, not mine) wouldn’t go to her legal fees. They went on to say, “We only see #onedirection here. To #EndIt on television and win your freedom to love ❤️ again with the next victim. Thank you #1DFamily for supporting #louistomlinson during these chaotic #1D times”. We DO support Louis, which is more than I can say for celebtm. It might bring a little thrill to see a media outlet proclaiming End It, but is it a good thing for Louis? No. This is happening because of the response they're getting and unless someone makes them (mark this down cause you won't see me saying this usually but omg LTHQ will you please get in here and shut this talk down?) they won't stop with this nonsense (see: yesterday's Larry Stylinson article) until the fans stop cheering them on. Speaking of nonsense on Instagram, Lou the golden retriever, the influencer dog fans headcanon-ed was the one HSHQ posted, decided he wanted a piece of the pie and has joined the swollen ranks of accounts falsely claiming a connection to Harry. There are many, including deuxmoi who post an endless stream of made up stories, but also the occasional credible sounding fan report such as yesterday's of Harry at a gym in the UK, and, um, WOW! It’s one of those fitness classes where you alternate your running pace to accelerate your heart rate, and the fan account claimed that Harry’s base pace (that is, comfortable running pace) is 10 mph, which is a 6 minute mile, or a 5k in 18 minutes. Uh, WHAT?? Guys, that’s it: I’m officially a stan, I love this man, and I want to go on a run with him.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 11 months ago
🐠Fri 27 Nov ‘20👚
Louis dropped a longer (but still very brief) Live in London promo vid and Parkinson UK's Festive Night In will feature a (probably equally short) video appearance from Harry Dec 10, and today is Black Friday which means everyone wants to sell us stuff! Louis dropped even more new merch (pink jumper!), then helped us out with styling advice, while Harry's store rereleased a large selection of 'classic' merch (also a pink jumper!), almost all of which very quickly sold out, though the option to support Choose Love and have the store make an additional donation on your behalf may still be possible to access. Louis' new limited merch is still available though, including the, yes, bucket hat! Man when Louis says he's gonna deliver for us he does NOT mess around huh?? Louis liked a tweet about the merch (“at this point I'm scared to buy anything from Louis' store that he'll drop something else and I'll be broke by the end of the week” umm Louis you aren't trying to tell us there's MORE coming this week surely?) then went to check out her page, unliked that one and liked her pinned tweet which was a piano cover of Fearless. Nice! And he offered us all some fashion advice: responding to a complaint about the black joggers having white strings he said “White socks white trainers. Problem solved.” LT™ white socks are available now at the official merch store for all your louie fashion needs! And speaking of iconic looks, we got a very special unseen of Harry today; it's from 2013 and he's at a literal 1D merch factory on an 'I heart 1D' bicycle, in a tiny 1D shirt, gaudy purple print bottoms, and a backwards pink hat I have suspicions may be 1D branded, holding a 1D perfume, with a word bubble coming out of his mouth saying I'm proud of my pop past and I love my band 5ever... oh wait no that part is just subtext! My bad. There was also an unseen of him at the pub by his house posing with Liam Gallagher from last year when we knew they were there together, and in up to date Harry pics, a few from the set of Don't Worry Darling came out yesterday showing Harry in disheveled evening wear (and a mask.)
Niall, Harry, and Louis all appear in the top 50 twitter users (by follower count) list; Niall is in the highest spot of the three! Liam is 51st, SO CLOSE, and 1D and Zayn are close behind. They all came in above such worthy contenders as the Pope, president elect Biden, google, and Reuters-- priorities! Sad news today too however as we bid farewell to a peculiar companion: has been suspended. Is she really gone for good though? Harry's whole ass merch store was down just the other day, may VisitEroda also rise from the ashes like a pheonix with exciting new content! I for one hope so though I know some would be happy to see it sink beneath the waves forever. The Eroda social accounts remain active.
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