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lord-ozymandias · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
more elliot’s
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justdoodlekat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Small update on another comic I’m working on!! :D
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Sleeping beauty with Ronan as aurora and Adam as the prince (except he’s not actually a prince he stole the prince’s identity or something) and bryde as maleficent but also Ronan’s betrothed to him <3 and yes he is a dragon sometimes
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domjaehyun · a year ago
the second letter of his name is an a :D
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kwamihitman · 12 days ago
i don’t want to read the season 5 bible. i don’t want to read the season 5 bible. i don’t want to read the season 5 bible. i don’t want to read the season 5 bible. i don’t want to re
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fastestloseralive · a year ago
look I just don’t know if dc made Wally adhd on purpose or if they just happen to write their speedsters Like That but I’m taking scraps. not all adhd superheroes are speedsters but all speedsters are adhd
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zibah-ho · 3 months ago
my head is throbbing rn but oh my god some of these robin takes are so bad
#‘dick grayson isn’t the best robin’ he might not be your favourite and that’s fine weird but fine#but. he invented robin. robin is his. his mommy called him Robin. those are his family’s colours. Bruce isnt traumatising his kids by sayin#if dick was here he’d x just for you to say he isn’t the best robin#also why reverse robins au shouldn’t introduce robin until you get down to dick#‘Jason’s true calling was red hood because he wasn’t good as robin’ the kid who said being robin gives me magic?his namesake is his murderer#if Jason’s true calling was rh that means he was destined to get crowbarred and I’d like to think destiny doesn’t work like that. if he#didn’t die there’s no way he becomes rh. I’d imagine he’d flesh his morals out prioritise and do a nightwing gtfo be his own person#‘Tim drake is the smartest Robin’ no hes not shut up#‘damian wayne is annoying/rude/mean/evil’#shut up shut uppppppp#why did I turn asks back on yesterday lmao they’re going off I don’t need you to argue with me I know I’m right#I don’t know enough about Steph or duke and I certainly don’t know enough about anything other than the main 6 but like. I see you people#talking about those two and yeah. I need to read their runs so I can disagree in an informed way#i need a self obsessed tag#oh the dick is incompetent one. or the bad bf/afraid of commitment one. oh god the hes a bad brother take.#never talk about dick grayson again pls and ty#robin#robin i#robin ii#robin iii#robin v
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adoredmarigold · 5 months ago
Saw someone the other day say Mrs. Loomis is the most sympathetic Ghostface and it made my brain short circuit for a moment
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starbuck · a month ago
gendered correctly by the dude aggressively yelling at me for telling him “fuck you” after his dog ran up to me and he was a dick about it for literally no reason. I just keep winning…
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villlainarc · a year ago
wilbur + dream parallels my beloved <3
they both leaned into the role of the villain because that’s what they thought they were, but the difference is that when wilbur said “are we the bad guys?” to tommy, he constantly fought to get wilbur to see himself as good and when dream thought “am i the bad guy?” to himself he had no one to argue against it /dsmp
#wilbur soot#dreamwastaken#dream smp#it should be noted that i think they’re both equally tragic: wilbur because he didn’t even trust the person he was closest to#meaning there was never any chance of him changing his ways and dream because he was left to deal with his corruption arc alone#oh and yes my interpretation is that dream did in fact lean into the villain role and people far more clever than i explain that very well#and i’d point you to a post if it wasn’t 3 am#but if you’re curious MIGHT I RECOMMEND the dsmpanalysis spreadsheet? it’s def there if it hasn’t been reblogged to the blog already#and there are titles there so u can find the stuff you’re looking for by character if u want#so. that’s where i would go if i were u and curious and where i’d go to find the post myself if it wasn’t 3 am lmao#AH WAIT FUCK ADDITIONALLY disclaimer that i don’t think dream OR wilbur are villains#just that they see themselves as such and play into those roles#which makes everyone else continue to see them as a “villain” which makes the problem worse and really it’s just a never ending cycle#but no neither of them are TRULY villains and i don’t believe that they are#just felt the need to add that lol i don’t want people thinking i buy into the idea that the dsmp is black and white when it is Not#anyway this would go on my analysis blog if i had anything more to say#but i don’t it’s literally just that i think wilburs line could also fit dream’s character super well#so it’s here :]
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otterpenguiny · 5 months ago
22. "It's not that heavy. I'm stronger than I look."
@zukkorrasami <3
(i may have gone nuts and written 2.4k words- be warned)
Kaoru is fidgety today, and by that Joe means that he almost spilled his wine over himself. Twice. His favourite.
The lights are low in Sia la luce, only the kitchen spills light on the counter-top and paints shadows on Kaoru’s tired face. His eyes are fixed on the night, on the pale moonlight shining lonely against the windows in the back. Maybe, Joe considers, maybe he’s really only looking at the window. At the reflection of everything Joe built for himself, bathed in still darkness, and Kaoru in the middle, a pink splash of mind.
Joe wonders if the reflection looks anything like his definition of home. Joe wonders if he wants to see it from Kaoru’s eyes, blurry and unfocused and unmoving, or if what he would see would feel different enough, then, to disturb his mind’s eye – to scare him. To rob him of daydreams so warm and yellow. And ultimately, pink. But, as Joe keeps sneaking glances back, scrubbing, maybe a little more than necessary, already clean spots on the big gas oven, the repetitive motion soothing, he can’t help but notice that the pink of his perfect picture seems a bit blue, watercolor mixing unwillingly. And no one needs to explain Cherry to Kojiro, so when he sees how the wine keeps lapping over the edge of his finest glass, swirling and spilling over a not-paying-any-mind-to-it Kaoru, he knows Adam is back on Cherry’s mind.
And he also knows what to do.
Slowly he switches off most of the lights and sends a text in the staff groupchat. His steps slowly fade out and take him back front- unplugs Carla and turns toward his frowning husband.
Kaoru sees more than he feels big gentle hands slowly taking his mostly empty glass (when did he drink so much of it-) from him, untangling his trembling fist, phalanges after phalanges, finger after finger, one at a time. The touch is soft and careful, but still, Kaoru feels a burst of anxious energy flowing through the very marrow of his bones, because he is back there, back in that godforsaken room, a child’s room even if no child was ever tolerated there, innocent drawings on grey walls, that kept being erased , smudged rainbows. He’s back there. Back where Adam was allowed a moment’s worth of childhood sometimes, when no one looked. Where Cherry laughed and fell and loved and lived and mended and waited and hurt and bled out. Where everything seemed like it could have been fixed, where everything could be loved and healed, until it couldn’t. Until it didn’t anymore. Until hurt turned into a language spoken on Kaoru’s cheeks, on his body. A melody of bruises and scars, the kind you endure because the hand ultimately stops and, horror-struck eyes realise what the palms were saying. What the fists were painting on their love, smudged pastel drawings on the walls and under Cherry’s tears. Cherry remembers, because he did love blue once. Even while his own body was tainted in indigoes and cyan, he loved blue. Sometimes he still does.
“Hey, hey, hey, sweetheart calm down, I’m not going anywhere, see? These are my hands, old cook Joe’s hands, battered and calloused you know them, hey, hey, it’s alright. Let’s get you away from there okay? I’m taking you out of here I’m taking you with me- “
Kaoru only realises he’s been clutching something once the repeated soothing sentences (their mantra, repeated over and over, prayer.) finally breach the bubble he seems to have once again escaped to. He can’t process the words, not when there is still Ainosuke bleeding blue from his knuckles to Cherry’s body in his mind. He only realises it’s Joe’s hand he’s burying his blunt nails into, once he feels something distinctly warm and smooth, against the rough planes and creeks, a gold band on the ring-finger. Something slots into place, and his body suddenly feels the weight of overly tense muscles, shuddering once before shutting down, falls limp, leaning against a warm body, one he had until now failed to notice was behind him.
As always, behind him, just one step away. never more.
Like a jerk reflex, lungs gasping for air after being submerged for such a long time, Kaoru’s trembling hand reaches up like a flash, feeling around his own neck for his ring, fearing the worst: that it might’ve never been there in the first place.
But there it is, there, scalding against his neck: the familiar chain, and dangling from it, an identical golden band. The last of his willpower and strength leave him at that reassurance, as if there were no need for them now.
“There you are, there you go, that’s it. “
It sounds like a praise, and somewhere in Cherry’s mind he wants to ask the voice (Joe’s voice-) where he goes, where is he going? If he is, really, where is the destination? Where is it all leading to?
For now, the lights in the staircase leading to Joe’s “emergency” apartment, his old one, before he started spending more & more time over at Cherry’s (because Cherry was finally okay with another person so near, so everywhere-)flicker, and Kaoru only smells sunlight, arms securely around his waist. And it’s Kojiro who is walking him up the stairs -walking not carrying because he knows Kaoru wouldn’t want to feel so helpless, (so weak his mind unhelpfully supplies) because Kaoru needs solid ground under his feet.
All the while, words, meaning so much. Hands of warmth open the door, flick on light switches, thumb drawing circles on the heavy fabric at his waist, hands make him sit on the bed, the scent of thyme and citrus-, sunlight at night, everywhere.
And Cherry briefly thinks, as gentle hands untangle his hair, that there is beauty in the way all of this feels so familiar, like a home, how he knows exactly where to take pins out of pink hair-, even if the reason all of this even exists is such a horrifying ordeal.
It’s Joe, everything here is him, and maybe this is why it’s less painful (not easier- never easier) to get out of his own head, because it’s Kojiro, it’s always been Kojiro. His everything, eyes, sunlight, greenery, hands, callouses, scars, dumb hair, everything.
The way he just has to remember all the smallest of things when it’s about Kaoru, but still forgets where he went in a day, how he cannot tell apart Kaoru’s clients no matter how many times they come into his restaurant, but can still tell you exactly what was ordered each time. And how he just seems to know what to do, even when Kaoru doesn’t know what to make of himself. And as they now lay in bed, Kaoru having been changed at some point into one of Joe’s big T-shirts (he didn’t notice, how come he didn’t notice, he used to be so wary of hands on his body-) Kaoru facing Kojiro’s chest, he can’t help but ask, his voice but a broken whisper, one of those that reveal, even if you tried to hide it:
“Doesn’t… Doesn’t it get heavy, after a while? You always do this. Doesn’t it get burdensome after all these years?”
Kaoru stops breathing the second the last word leaves his lips, a smoke trail in its wake, this, he tries to avoid, this raw uttering of his thoughts.
And silence, slow breaths, stretch enough to make him doubt half of his life again.
Kojiro’s hesitant voice finally breaches his lips, arms curling even more around Cherry’s- no Kaoru’s- frame.
“It’s not that heavy- It’s not heavy. Kaoru. No… No, how… How could it be? How could it ever be?”
Kaoru hears a hummingbird somewhere. Its wings fluttering, against glass, crystal.
There is everything in those few uttered words. And Kaoru doesn’t even need verbal explanation. Because Kojiro is here, and is existing for him, every waking breath. Just as Kaoru is himself, just as he is looking after each star and giving them Kojiro’s name.
A chuckle.
“Besides I know I don’t look it, but I’m strong enough-, a laugh rumbles through the mass against Kaoru’s forehead, I’m stronger than I look! “
The hummingbird is under Kaoru’s cheek, and it’s a story that he knows.
“I know, I know you bronzed pile of muscle you- “
Kojiro snorts and hides his smile in Kaoru’s hair, fingers never once having stopped drawing circles.
Tumblr media
Sometimes Kaoru gets scared that one day, Kojiro is going to lose it all.
He is too honest for his own good, and though it’s a quality Cherry appreciates, it’s not to everybody’s taste. That’s why Joe has quite a few enemies, more than enough. With his boisterous and flirty S persona, he got himself in a lot of trouble over the years, but never as bad as this one. And until now he could always at least, when everything else failed him, rely on his force and his 3 ½ years of martial arts training. (The amount of time he usually needed before leaving a hobby be- except of course when it came to cooking and skating)
But this time, he was distracted.
This time he was distracted because he was trying his best to protect the kids on the side-lines, and this time they were more organized.
This time, during a brawl with a sore loser and his friends, Cherry watched how Joe’s eyes, wild and scared, zeroed in on Reki standing a bit too closely to the scene, as if he would jump in at any moment to help, he watched how Shadow was already running towards Joe to help him push back a few of the guys, watched Joe rush to deflect a punch directed at Reki with his chest, and Cherry saw. Saw how the .5 seconds it took Joe to make sure Reki was okay, were enough for one of the bigger guys to take out a flashing blade, glinting under the neon lights of S- how it bore into Joe from the side before Cherry even had the time to join the brawl.
Cherry felt his blood run cold, light feet rushing to whack the guy’s head with Carla, (hard enough to give him a concussion hopefully) and help Shadow end this once and for all, seeing in his periphery how Joe wobbled and finally fell to his knees, Reki at his side.
And if Cherry rushed a bit too protectively to his side, then that was no one’s business but his own.
“You huge idiot! No- you HUMONGOUS IDIOT! Why do you always have to think with your biceps? Reki could’ve protected himself you know, he’s not dumb enough to just take the blow you insane gorilla-“ Cherry rambles on, curses every god on earth and in the skies, because that’s what he does when he’s nervous, that and calculate how much time it’s going to take to get to the nearest hospital, all the while pressing the fabric of his own belt on the wound and disinfecting it. It’s a nasty gash, and even if a voice in the back of his head reminds him that they’d both seen worse, Cherry sees only red, dotted everywhere like bleeding fireflies, and open golden skin.
“Hehe but I’m still huge- “
Luckily now Cherry is used to clamping Joe’s mouth shut as fast as he can to avoid any embarrassing questions from Shadow later on.
“Shut up. Work with me here.”
And his distress must’ve been more obvious than he thought because, Joe’s eyes go inexplicably softer, as if that was even possible for such a gentle soul, to get even more forgiving, kinder- And Cherry feels lips pressing against his palm still against Joe’s clumsy mouth. Chapped lips, a promise whispered in the crevices of his lifeline.
Cherry’s own heart is beating to the melody of Joe’s whispered “it’s okay, everything’s going to be all right”s, against his gloved hand, and again, why is Joe comforting him? He’s the one bleeding out on the ground, so why is he the one being reassured? Cherry feels his eyes getting wet, staring into Kojiro’s, because of course he would still think of Kaoru’s well-being, of course, what a self-sacrificing idiot.
“I have the car behind this patch of forest if you can get him up we can make this work-“Shadow says, breathless, having already thought everything through, as always, and Cherry thinks briefly that he should really gift Hiromi a spa day for all his troubles. Kaoru shakes himself and snaps out of it, he needs to be competent, Kojiro needs him now.
“Can you walk?” he asks Kojiro, softly.
“Yeah of course I can- just help me up- “
Kojiro’s voice is too weak, the contrast to his usual way of speaking astonishing, and Cherry almost cringes at the sound.
Cherry wraps an arm around Joe’s frame and helps him get to his feet, only to realise that this won’t do- Joe can barely stand, let alone walk.
Without much second thought, Kaoru bends down and wraps his other arm around Kojiro’s thighs, hoisting him up, and settling him against his chest, in his arms the whole of Joe, all of his weight.
Some gasps are heard, but Cherry doesn’t pay much mind to them, as he rushes to cross the patch of forest with a stuttering Joe in his arms, leaving gaping fans in his wake, shadow at his heels.
“Hey-what are you doing?? Um really Four-eyes I’m talking to you! I’m not joking, you should put me down-”
“Get over it.”
They don’t have the time to be embarrassed about such trivial things, and Cherry presses Joe a bit more to his chest, as if to say that this is how it’s going to go, if he likes it or not.
As if to say: Shut up and let me care for you. Lean on me for once.
“But- how are your arms even… Are you okay?”
“Don’t underestimate me Gorilla. You’re not that heavy so don’t flatter yourself.”
It’s true, Kaoru is only feeling a slight strain from holding Joe, not to praise himself but he can handle that much. But, maybe, maybe it’s no problem because it’s Kojiro-
And after a beat, as Joe stops struggling in his grip, and Shadow’s pink car appears behind the last trees, when he knows they’ll get out of this one too, Kaoru bows his head to graze Joe’s temple with his lips, he repeats:
“It’s not that heavy. I’m stronger than I look."
I’m stronger when it’s you.
Prompt list
read 9 + mailee here
read 38 + renga here
read 69 + zukka here
read 36 + akiharu here
read 22 + zukka here
#i really got the brainrot working but tbh i'm not that satisfied with it... idk it just feels lacking. So maybe i'll rework it some day.#I also cut out a lot of description and more in depth analysis of the characters#i had like a whole paragraph of Kaoru thinking about the chain of his ring etc etc but i thought that that would be too much#btw you can still request! it will take a while because i'm going back to life soon but i will be writing and posting eventually!#I feel like it's been such a long time since i've written anything it's bound to have mistakes in it so i apologize for that#thank you dora again for requesting the three prompts & ships you chose! i had a lot of fun writing them!#I hope you'll like this one even if the end is a bit sudden! i just HAD to write about cherry bridal carrying Joe!!!#i've had this brainrot for so long i just *had* to#skating is fun#sk8#matchablossom#nanjo kojiro#sakurayashiki kaoru#higa hiromi#also i enjoyed the challenge of writing for sk8 & given because until now i never did! so again thank you dora <333#also i looked on the kaoru wiki and joe literally says :#'He may look like a skinny thing but don’t be fooled. Did you see his roundhouse kick? Even his muscles are sly foxes'#So yea yea Joe is inhumanely strong but tbh Cherry is also very strong and he could 100% carry Joe around like he's nothing#and you bet after that he'll endlessly tease Joe.#and threaten to carry him if he's annoyed w/ him#which tbh Joe discovered he... doesn't actually mind??? but he still has his pride yknow#anyways the tags are getting longer than the OS#peng writes#my writing?#ask game : send me a prompt and a ship!#'i'll make them shorter ' my ass-
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illegalferrariengine · 4 months ago
Today I realised I had been pronouncing gilles villeneuve’ s name incorrectly- as the resident gilles fan feel like I should apologise to you lmao -ferarrii
lmaooo i’m imagining you saying his name like gills of a fish and people going ?? bro what who would name their child after that?
also fun fact this absolutely heartbreaking video of enzo ferrari talking about losing gilles is how i learnt how his name was pronounced <3
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ireallyamthemaincharacter · 7 months ago
Everyone I know is like “my parents gave me anxiety lol I’m so ✨traumatized✨” and mine gave me two trauma based personality disorders and c-ptsd that led to me developing psychosis that still troubles me to this day…but it’s not a competition (although if it was I’d win :) hello npd)
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robbyykeene · 7 months ago
they do water down the abuse daniel went through though ☹️
I agree that Daniel’s trauma isn’t centered nearly as much as Johnny’s in the overall narrative, but when it comes to watering it down, I’m not sure I completely agree. I remember seeing a post a while back that I’m having trouble finding again now, but it completely broke down all of Daniel’s trauma responses in the show and the subtle ways in which they manifested. And it also contrasted the way in which everyone in Daniel’s life seems to water down his trauma, and the way in which the writing itself shows that he’s clearly suffering from pretty severe ptsd. Which is actually something I really like about the show? Because it shows the complete opposite ways Daniel and Johnny have dealt with all the shit that’s happened to them, but how in the end they’re still equally destructive. Like, Johnny’s life is a complete mess. He took what happened to him and let it completely consume him. And everyone around him can see that. I mean, he literally tells anyone who will listen about how awful Sid was to him. But Daniel has buried everything down so deep and kept everything inside and it’s made him so tightly wound. He has a visceral reaction to seeing Cobra Kai is back and becomes downright obsessive about taking them down. I want to try and find that post and link it bc I don’t have the memory to break down all of Daniel’s trauma responses lol, but I do think it’s interesting and noteworthy how Daniel has a seemingly perfect life at the start if the series, and how everything turns to shit for him once Cobra Kai comes back. And not really through any fault of Johnny’s, but just because Daniel feels so threatened and triggered (in the true sense of the word) by the presence of the dojo that he went to extreme lengths to get rid of it, and ended up escalating everything into a full blown karate war. Like, maybe it is just wishful thinking, but I feel like in the next couple seasons Daniel’s trauma will take a more central role in the story. I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks, I could be giving the writers too much credit and just end up being massively disappointed lol
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phrynewrites · 2 months ago
What if kornbread was the one assigned to write about the volunteer day where jasmine and bosco see each other again
YES ok you’re so smart!
So Kornbread is writing this article, heading to the youth shelter to interview Jasmine on her new initiative, and as she’s about to walk out of work, Korn throws a press pass on Bosco’s desk, right into their coffee, and are like “you’re coming with me and no you can’t get out of it. You’re going to confront it today.” And Bosco’s doesn’t even have the ability to press against this stern energy, and shakily grabs the pass and joins her, trying to steady themself to see Jasmine in person again after three years
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bigskydreaming · a year ago
What kills me in fics is when you have tags going like "Good brother Jason", which, cool, but in the same story there's " Dick TRIES to be a Good Brother" LOL way to switch the dynamics. I also tend to stay clear of the ones where the centric character seems to have a platonic relationship tag with everyone (including the ones where they're antagonists in canon like Jason & Tim) except Dick. You can feel the hate/dislike/prejudice a MILE away.
Yeeeeeeah. You are definitely not alone. Like pretty much every Dick Grayson stan I’ve ever talked to on the subject stays the hell away from any fic tagged “Dick Grayson tries to be a good brother.”
LOL like....it’s basically what I was talking about in that older post I just reblogged a few minutes ago. That thing where Dick’s actions or choices in a canon story or fic aren’t judged on their own merits but are rather inherently weighed against some hypothetical perfect choice that he DIDNT make and so he’s basically evaluated based on how much he falls short of that mark each time instead of anything he actually did.
Sorry not sorry, but I’m just not interested in stories that TRANSFORM the character most commonly referred to as the emotional glue of the family and the only one who consistently even CARES about them all being a family....into the fumbling incompetent relationship disaster man who at best gets credit for at least putting in an attempt at being there for his family.
Especially not when Bruce and Jason and Tim are praised for doing the bare minimum in canon when it comes to family interactions while everything Dick ACTUALLY did is just completely ignored and overwritten in order to make his Failure to People Good the narrative obstacle to be overcome.
Now, the “Dick Grayson Tries To Be A Good Brother” tag applied to Tim-centric fics in particular tho....hoo boy I am out of there so fast there’s a Kool-Aid Man shaped hole in the wall and not a sign of me as far as the horizon.
Like, currently my Pet Peeve Thermostat is set to Battle for the Cowl-referencing fics that don’t use this tag but very much are in that spirit. You probably know the ones, like their summaries suggest they’re open to considering Dick’s side of the situation but turns out the author at most is throwing him a “well at least you tried not to suck” bone while still reading him the riot act for very much still sucking.
Because what drives me up a flipping WALL here in particular, when I naively click on a link that seems different from the usual and ignore the voice of experience because I’m just desperate enough for Tim and Dick food that doesn’t just go on and on about how Dick ruined their brotherhood and it will never be truly repaired....
What makes the fruit bats in my belfry go absolutely B-A-N-A-N-A-S is not just the super fun realization that Psych! You thought this fic might be different but it’s actually the same!
It’s how much people, both writers AND commenters, just absolutely LOVE to reference Tim’s shitbag parents and how emotionally abusive and neglectful they were (all true and valid, btw, let’s be totally clear about that)....but bringing them up here specifically to emphasize just how great Dick’s ‘betrayal’ was and how what he did makes him no better than them.
It’s like. Oh. I see.
So because after twenty years worth of stories about Dick dropping everything the second Tim needs him, whether it’s for help or just advice or even just reassurance or comfort or ANYTHING ....because after two decades worth of content showing Dick absolutely doting on Tim in their EVERY SINGLE interaction and buttressing his self confidence at every opportunity, never passing up a chance to call him his brother and emphasize that they’re family and he loves Tim and is so proud of him...
Because after all that there’s a story whose very premise forced Dick to choose between two kids, both still very much his brothers and their shared father’s sons even if one was new to him and didn’t have the same history the other two had....
Because by the very nature of the story Dick had no choice but to prioritize one over the other due to them both hating each other and Dick already being stretched to his absolute limits trying to live his dead father’s life and take on everything Bruce used to do at the cost of giving up everything Dick had chosen for his own life and wants and priorities, all while dealing with his own grief....
And with it being inevitable that the boy he DIDNT choose to prioritize was going to be hurt....
Because after twenty years of never failing to put Tim first the second Tim needed him, never even putting HIMSELF first OVER Tim....because for the first time Dick felt that someone else he felt obligated to, felt a responsibility towards, actually needed him MORE than Tim....
And for that reason and that reason ONLY, Dick picked that other boy, all while trying his best to tell Tim that he still needed him, still valued him, all the things that Bruce DIDNT tell him when he took Robin not even because he thought someone else needed it at the time but simply to take away, with absolutely nothing Dick said in any way negating or contradicting any of his many, MANY assurances to Tim over the years that they were brothers and always would be and with them still very much legally brothers and with concrete ties to each other that declared them family even WITHOUT the connection of Robin....
Because after and despite ALL OF THAT, Dick picked the brother that he didn’t know and frankly didn’t even LIKE, because he knew no one else was going to pick this kid and he also knew he’d already picked Tim a hundred times before and hoped that at least all that HISTORY of past focus and attention he’d given Tim to help build him up, give him foundations to build further upon, that hopefully at least that history that was still there, still relevant, still something Tim had actively benefited and grown from in ways Dick now hoped to help Damian....like surely this would be of at least SOME significance to Tim, SOME kind of proof of how much Dick loved and valued Tim....
Because one time and one time ONLY, Dick DIDNT put Tim’s needs first, not because he didn’t want to or because he was being selfish or short sighted or simply didn’t care, but rather solely because this one time Tim’s needs were in direct opposition with the needs of another young boy Dick saw as his responsibility and in even greater need and with even less of a foundation than the one Dick had helped Tim build....
This puts Dick on the same level as Tim’s shitbag parents, the ones who are infamous for (and practically synonymous with) emotional abuse and neglect. Dick’s basically interchangeable with them now. Certainly no better than them. Tim’s entire emotional well-being rested on Dick and Dick alone and nothing he’d provided Tim with in the past counts, just this one moment in time right here right now, that’s the entirety of their relationship see, it all comes down to this and nothing else, and because Dick didn’t put Tim first, no matter WHAT his reasons or how much he wanted to, he has officially failed Tim as hard as the neglectful parents who did nothing BUT neglect, ignore and just not give a shit at all, simply because they couldn’t be bothered to.
That’s neat.
#and please before certain people get all up in their righteous umbrage and declare a blood feud against me for this#take note of how nowhere did I say Tim doesn’t have the right and reason to be hurt#because of course he does#you will never see me claiming otherwise#but just because someone was hurt that doesn’t mean that someone did it to hurt them#and that is the distinction so many fans don’t seem to care to make#I’ve literally seen people call Dick emotionally abusive and neglectful for this era of canon and holy shit people#in terms of abuse specifically you absolutely can be abusive without meaning to#hell this is basically the nature of neglect. they’re not TRYING to hurt a child because the entire problem is the child#doesn’t even rate as much of a presence in their awareness as they should#but people can yell it’s just their interpretation all they want about this era of canon#but it’s flat out not true. it’s their transformation of the material not an interpretation of it#because you literally have to CHANGE what Dick ACTUALLY says to Tim to paint him as neglectful or not caring about his emotional well-being#you have to CUT OUT all mention of the times Dick tried reaching out to Tim or checking up on him in order to paint Dick as simply moving#on with his shiny newer little brother#that’s not a difference of interpretation. that’s an act of transformation. changing details of a story that isn’t reading the way you want#it to....until it DOES say what you want it to#and the problem has NEVER been some of us just being unwilling to let people have their headcanons#the problem is people’s refusal to call them headcanons or AUs or anything that acknowledges they’ve transformed the source material#in order to CREATE the interpretation they’re going with#AND OTHER FANS HAVE EVERY RIGHT IN THE WORLD TO SAY YEAH WE’RE NOT TRYING TO TALK ABOUT YOUR TRANSFORMATION OF CANON THO#we’re literally trying to talk about what you transformed it FROM....and the fact that despite all your complaints about canon character#choices....some of you repeatedly make the CHOICE to change canon not just to fix or address the poor character choices you don’t like for#your faves.....but also at the same time making this other character do the very stuff you claim to hate canon having your faves do#and that is your CHOICE. AND YOU GET TO MAKE IT. BUT IT IS STILL A CHOICE TO MAKE CHANGES#NOT simply a different interpretation of the foundational material#like you guys keep trying to pass it off as#and that MATTERS#it matters quite a lot in fact
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gayavenga · 5 months ago
the whole take about “steve being too stuck in the past to allow bucky to properly heal” is so fucking stupid because when you think about it, it makes no sense ? i’m not gonna go on a rant about the last few minutes of endgame or steve’s #character assassination but ASSUMING i’m accepting the face value claim of steve being stuck in the past because he wears ugly shirts, suggesting that that’s somehow enough of sway bucky’s decisions about himself is borderline insulting not to mention just … wrong 😭 like. bucky is on his own for two years after the winter soldier movie ends, a time during which steve does search for him, but only between his other missions with the avengers (see: age of ultron) and the upkeep of his other relationships. he goes to parties! he sees sam! he takes on new work responsibilities with natasha at the avengers’ compound!
anyways. i think i sidetracked myself, but to make it short: steve has his own life and so does bucky.
the civil war mess involving bringing bucky in by force was not in any way steve’s fault! but we see in the apartment scene (and the post credit scene in the winter soldier for that matter) that bucky is very invested in actively trying to figure out his own head. he is trying to heal. steve did not go to bucharest to interrupt that, he went there to save him from outside forces. during civil war, bucky is the one who brings up their shared past first in order to show steve he’s safe and can be trusted, which is the same reason steve brings one of his own memories up later in siberia. he wants to make sure bucky knows they still have each other’s backs before they go into battle, and they do. they’re still incredibly loyal to each other, even when they get to wakanda and bucky tells steve he wants to go back under. i have my own mixed feelings about why writing wise that was a cop out on what to do with bucky’s character between movies and makes no sense, but the important about it is that steve respects that choice. he respects bucky’s choices always, and yes he asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this, but wouldn’t you do the same if your best friend was about to freeze himself in a tube? steve doesn’t argue against bucky’s decision to go back under despite the fact that it leaves him alone. at that point, sam is in prison, nat is god knows where, and steve is a fugitive from almost everyone. he lets bucky go because he understands that this is what bucky feels he has to do in order to keep people safe while he heals.
after that, steve leaves bucky to it. he busts his friends out of prison, he keeps himself busy and on the run taking care of other missions with nat and sam, and yet he still comes to the phone when someone calls him for help. all of this while bucky is in wakanda, at first still frozen, but then eventually awake and back about himself enough to run a damn farm. steve is not in wakanda when bucky is doing this. he is not the one who asks bucky to come back into the fold for the battle against thanos. steve leaves bucky in cryo and as far as we know doesn’t ever try and get him to leave wakanda. so how the hell is steve supposedly disrupting a journey of healing that a majority of the time he isn’t around for ? it’s not like he abandoned bucky completely after civil war, but again: he and bucky have their own lives, and they very often take care of business separately. bucky was in wakanda running old trigger words with ayo while steve was off with sam and nat saving the world. it wasn’t like steve was pressuring bucky to keep his head in the past or convincing him not to heal— how could he when he wasn’t even there to do it ? also, the whole point of bucky’s healing process is for him to make his own choices and decisions again. if steve respects that, why do people still blame him for shit that EVEN IF IT WERE HAPPENING, wouldn’t be his fault?
bucky is responsible for his own actions and emotions. it is not steve holding him back if bucky is the one that comes up with his own thoughts about shit no one even suggested to him. of course bucky feels lost in the new world and has trouble reconciling who he is now to who he was before the war as well as before the fall. of course he carries guilt with him. of course his relationship with steve is still important, past and present. but all of those things are normal (as they can be for someone in his situation) and they are things that steve to some degree felt himself, even without the additional burden of being under hydra’s control. i just don’t understand how a character spends half of his screen time fighting for his sense of self back only for people to act like he isn’t capable of making his own decisions or feeling his own emotions without becoming a victim to everyone he’s surrounded by all over again.
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iloveyoumorethansoup · 4 months ago
Having thoughts about old friends except none are good
#i very much so had a moment where I was thinking about many things and how cruel it is for people to leave you out of nowhere#and then they just pop back into your life all of the sudden. now it’s convienent the familiarity is nice for them#and no matter what you do say. what you want to say is how could you?? how could you up and disappear for so long#and then you just come back like nothings happened? like you didn’t break every form of trust and love I’ve ever held?#i tried to hard I gave you ever single chance I made it so easy but did I ever get one word? no. nothing#but instead you lightly bring up in a joking manner how they didn’t speak to you for so long. and watch as they awkwardly fumble around it#it’s not an open wound. but it is so sore. and I wish it would heal but I think ever text I get reopens it just a little#it’s always oh well if you want to tag along with my friends you can. it’s never I want to see you#it’s like an I love you. but I think it went sour. and now it leaves me a bit sick to my stomach#i used to write so much about how much I loved her and I used to try so hard to figure out the meaning behind things she did#she was my best friend. and I did love her so so much. i moved across the country in the hopes that that would fix us#but apparently 45 minutes is just too far for her. it’s the same as living cross country. only now it’s the occasional#oh by the way I’ll be in town with my friends maybe I’ll see you#i told her once. exactly how I felt. i told her I was in love with her until she broke my heart and our friendship#i told both her and myself I would give her another chance. but almost a year later and it’s still some sort of a throbbing pain#maybe it was unfair. i don’t think that really is something you can let go. maybe it was unfair to myself sweep it under the rug#sometimes I wonder if there is could have been anything different I could have done to keep myself from feeling this way so long after#even if I had told her that I wasn’t ready to just let it go. i still don’t know that it would have made a difference#I’ve changed the way I am with people. i try not to care deeply about things. keep my friends at almost a distance#9 months. i tried everything. sometimes she’d respond with a one word answer#oh and then there was the time she said she wanted to go on a date with me. and went right back to ignoring me#how could you??? even if I want to drop off the face of the earth for her to ever avoid dealing with more of that#i still wouldn’t. I don’t wish that on anyone. even if it is a curt goodbye. then so be it. but I will not inflict that on anyone#though I suppose. it’s not like she’d care all that much would she. sometimes I wonder why I still care so much#i thought speaking my mind would give me closure. it didn’t. now she’s just aware of what happened#maybe it’s just worse now that I’m in the exact situation and I do make the effort and I do talk to my friends from home every day#maybe it’s a good thing I can’t go see her. she has to make the effort. and it’s just about the same as ever#at this point it would be wrong of me to even bring it up. i told her how I felt long ago and said we’d try again. i just don’t know how#soup talks
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thychesters · 5 months ago
elena fisher 😭
#honestly i have SO MANY thoughts about her like#they never really bothered to go in-depth with her history at all or give us any sort of clues aside from an easily missed#diploma in her office in u4#(i mean. it’s understandable kinda given nate’s the main character but i digress)#but in all there’s just so much untapped potential with her character#and the amount of pain and work she went through!#she wore her wedding ring and the first time she sees her estranged husband in what are likely months#for a split second she thinks he has his too but nope it’s drake’s still#with her plan to get sully back she gets left behind#nate comes back with his ring on and while i love that i also don’t get how they just. up and left yemen then.#pretty sure she had to be on a contract job or assignment or something and she just. left with them.#not to mention u4 and all the lies!#you knew for a fact she missed parts of the lives they had before too but he spent weeks lying to her#so you can just imagine how it felt when she started piecing all of that together#did she think the worst of him? that he left? how wild did her imagination run?#and when she finally tracks him down he pretty much just says ‘oh’ and he doesn’t go after her#she plays with her ring twisting it around her finger#(imo it was sully who walked out the door after her and that hurt her more than anything)#nate’s lying about his job and lying about his brother. what else is he lying about then?#and then she has to track him down again and she considered not going after him this time#when she finds him for a split second she has to think he’s dead#then he runs after a brother she doesn’t know and probably doesn’t trust and almost dies again#eventually they finally get home but you have to know that hurt still lingers and the lies still hurt#because part of her is always going to be the girl who got left behind on the docks#elena fisher
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embraceyourdestiny · 2 months ago
Imagine sasuke spitting on the konoha name and saying he had nothing there nothing anyone did was enough and he was completely utterly alone and he freezes in fear as naruto shouts on the top of his lungs “WHAT ABOUT ME?!”
#og#it’s a lot it’s a lot I’m feeling A Lot Right Now#i need naruto to fucking cry and be angry with sasuke for ‘forgetting him’ even though he NEVER did but how is naruto to know?#for him to tell sasuke just how he felt being abandoned and left behind and betrayed because ‘did you once ever think about how /I/ FELT?!’#‘I spend all this time chasing you and you don’t think about me at all. what’s the point! maybe I should give up on you like everyone says#but I can’t. and I don’t want to. i care about you so much but for what? to get nothing in return. you never cared about me. i was never#your friend. i was just someplace to put your hate and disdain and I’m tired.’#sasuke horrified because ‘no he’s so wrong /no/‘ but why fucking say anything? why correct naruto? this is what he wanted right? to cut ties#to be truly alone. but it hurts so fucking bad. he never anticipated tears rolling down his cheeks feeling like knives digging down through#his chest. he can’t breathe. he has to be bleeding internally because there’s no way he didn’t sustain any wounds with such sharp words.#his chest hurts so much. a sharp pain he can’t claw out. he falls to his knees clutching his chest and naruto stops his crying to say his#name in a worried voice. sasuke tsks and feels a different kind of wetness on his cheeks. ‘even as he says all that he can’t stay true to#his word.’ he falls but before he can hit the ground naruto supports him#HOD THEYRE SO MUCH#FICK
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