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#don't @ me about the things I chose it was kinda random I don't care if you think I should've used different examples
eeddis · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah I’m probably gonna make more of these. inspired by that one meme about the Bolton Strid.
[Image description: two pictures of the official Queen’s Thief art by Emily B. Martin.  The one on the left is Eugenides and the one on the right is Costis.  Both have added text.  For Eugenides, there is large text on the top and bottom saying “I am a terrifyingly competent assassin” and “I orchestrated the fall of a barony as a belated wedding gift”.  On top of those in smaller text, are the words “come closer I am just a figurehead” and “I’m so helpless I only have one hand :(”.  Costis has the same format, with “I punched my king in the face” and “Sometimes my god possesses me and I start snapping necks” in the background and “I am a normal Attolian guardsman” and “I am definitely just some dude” in the foreground.]
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