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#don't argue with me

so I just started listening to noah reid’s music and all I can hear is patrick brewer singing. and then all I can think about is that a few years after they get married, david encourages patrick to pursue a singing career, so he makes an album and they start selling it in the store (of course all of the songs are about david) then rosebud motels all over the country start selling them and patrick gets a fan base. so then because david misses traveling, they let their employees run the store for a few months and patrick goes on tour. every night he brings david up on stage for his last song: an acoustic cover of “simply the best”. david loves watching patrick live his dream and patrick loves that david is the one who encouraged him to pursue it.


Originally posted by amandaseyfried


at his closing show in new york, patrick brings his sister-in-law on stage and his fans are confused because the song they’re singing isn’t on his album, but some of them swore they’ve heard it before. like it was the theme song to some reality tv show they used to watch

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She shook a black tambourine,
In my seasick dreams
A heart like a lighthouse
Took these dark hours away from me

She shook a black tambourine
In my shipwrecked dreams
A heart like an anchor
That sank her down to me

I’ll be tied to the mast of a pirate ship
When god’s children rejoice
‘Cause when I was given the choice
I chose to hear the bad news first

Then I heard a mermaid singing
& that’s how I…
I heard a mermaid singing
& that’s how I…
That’s how I saved my life

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If you go to a store to make an Amazon return, and decide to argue with the associates about what they need to process the return, you will be wrong. The only exclusions are;

1) you actually work for the same company and do know better

2) you work for Amazon and do know better

Thank you, and STFU.

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In Poland we don’t say ‘general Hux’, we say 'ruda szmata’ which literally means 'ginger whore’ and I think it’s beautiful

and also highly appropriate for Cornelius Hickey

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