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I don’t know if I will be on Tumblr next week, so if you post about 911 or Lone star send me your gorgeous posts so I don’t miss them! ❤️

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Din-Damn-Djarin’s weekly fic rec- Oct 11th

A list of some of the amazing fics I’ve read this week! If you enjoy any of these please consider leaving a comment letting the author know how much you loved it, I guarantee you’ll make someones day just a little brighter!!

If you don’t want to be tagged or want your fic removed, let me know.
(I know I tag a lot of you almost every week so I understand completely if you don’t want to be tagged.)

Think I’ve missed a good fic? Or just want to spread some love for your favorite writers? You can make your own recommendations to be added to next weeks list using the link at the bottom of this post!

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If you want to write me a starter. write me a starter.

if you want me to reply to a certain open. Reblog it and Tag me in it. Or put it on a new post and tag me in it.

Idc if we have a million freaking threads.

If you wanna do the thing. TAG me. Tell Me.

I will love your face.

If you wanna ship with one of my kids. Tell me.

Idc if you have a ship with every one of my kids. 

It’s all good.

There’s a dozen different things we can do.

Just Do It.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

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