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#don't let people bring you down

For someone who said they don’t have time for drama, you are adding to it. I mean, remember when I told you, all you had to do was let someone own up and apologize? Yet you literally said “She’s left now all is good, I just wanna write my muse”? Welp, this is what happens when you don’t let people own up to their own actions. I mean, I’m more entertained that people still try it in this day and age. 

If you all wanted to know since someone thinks they know how to provide things about anon hate in foulplay. I was blocked after sending goo goo gaga anons. So if any other anons came, then that was all on someone else buckaroo. In fact, to counter the anons, I was the one who sent all the nice anons complimenting most of the roleplayers, I sent one to the person in question that talked about nasty anons, but it was never posted because my IP was blocked from sending trolling anons, like since we want to bring that out there. Like the anons were nasty and whoever sent them was wrong but why..why bring it up now considering that rp is long gone? 


I mean, at least I don’t have the audacity to catfish (remember you catfished as Cris). I mean I know nothing about hacking but last time I checked…rivals stole from mean girls, like blatant plagiarism something you all learn in school. It would have been one thing for the elements of mean girls to be used since once again, no one owns mean girls but to literally copy/paste group descriptions is a big yikes. Foulplay died because people were miserable and none of the concerns were getting addressed but you do you.

As for deadly, I knew you were the anon, like you were the toxic people anon in mean girls, statcounter is a blessing. Like please get off your high horse and continue rping, this won’t affect you at all considering like you said the drpc is small and even then when rphdegrassi did their psas about your groups that didn’t affect anything, so please continue rping like you said. 

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