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#don't mind me just procrastinating on. . .an assignment :)
fanaticallyperfect · 8 months ago
ok i just started that animedoro technique technically today with an online course i have to finish and iT'S LIKE ACTUALLY KINDA HELPING??? Like I really want to watch the next episode of Jujutsu Kaisen now cause it's caught my interest after the first episode, but having the obstacle of doing my homework for 40-60 minutes or until i finish my work in order to view the next episode is a motivator and I love it lowkey
Like it truly feels like a pay per view thing but with completing homework instead
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kanekuran · a year ago
Ugh... I finally finished off a paper that was due in February. Pretty sure people are going to wonder why I held it off that long. Well life decided to nip me in the ass and started to take a dump on my face. Long story short, life sucks sometimes. But I got it done. I’m just happy it’s over and done with. Which leaves me with... 13 more papers to go! Before Thursday. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa
Tumblr media
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hopelessbutterfly · 2 months ago
Not A Leftie | Draco x Reader
A/N: I came up with this idea in the shower and had to repeat it in my head until I got out so I wouldn't lose it. Love, a leftie. <3
Summary: Y/N is sleepy, so Draco offers for her to sleep on him in class. When it comes time to do his classwork, Draco realizes Y/N is holding onto his dominant hand, and he must use his left hand instead.
Warnings/content: Mention of sex, extremely soft Draco, Fem!Reader
Word count: 1.41k words
Tumblr media
"Yeah, I don't really mind the essay, you know? Moaning Myrtle's kinda hot. I've visited the moon before. I'm straight, and I'm screwing Draco." Daphne said, making everyone quiet down and look at Y/N.
Draco, getting the hint, nodded and pried a sleepy Y/N off of the breakfast table. "Love, wake up; you have to eat." He said in a low voice. Y/N shifted in her sleep, mumbling something incomprehensible. Theo smiled to himself, and Blaise laughed with Pansy. Daphne was not amused.
"Y/N! Wake up!" Daphne said, clapping loudly into Y/N's ear.
Y/N's head shot up, a bright red, looking alarmed. Then, when she saw Daphne smirking, she scowled. "You know, you can go one day without needing me to validate you for finding Myrtle attractive, Daphne."
Pansy stifled a snicker from beside Y/N, and Draco looked down at his girlfriend fondly. Y/N yawned, covering her mouth for about ten seconds before sipping some of her apple juice.
"What time did you sleep, darling?" Draco cooed, rubbing her thigh up and down tenderly.
Y/N took a deep breath and lazily spoke, trying her best to keep herself animated and in high spirits. "5 AM. I asked for an extension on the Potions assignment but procrastinated on it again. The deadline is today, so I had to have it ready yesterday." Y/N groaned, not looking forward to seeing Snape's unamused face for turning in her work late. In an average case, the professor wouldn't have given anyone an extension, no matter the case, but Y/N looked exhausted. She practically begged him to do the small favor for her.
Draco furrowed his eyebrows, sighing. "Love, why didn't you just ask me to do it?" Y/N shrugged lazily, letting herself drift off to sleep with her eyes open. "Go to sleep; we have fifteen minutes until we have to go to class." Draco said, lying Y/N's head down on his lap.
Y/N was out like a light in less than a minute. The entire breakfast, Draco endured teasing from his friends about him being "too whipped" and "turned soft." But he didn't mind and didn't even bother debating - he knew they were right.
"She looks so pretty when she sleeps." Pansy smiled, smoothing Y/N's hair down. Draco looked up from Y/N to Pansy and smiled earnestly. He had an angel for a girlfriend. Even running on two hours of sleep, Y/N looked stunning. She could win against the moon in a beauty pageant if she wanted to.
Eventually, Daphne started complaining about classes again, and Theo returned to his rambunctious and loud volume. Y/N woke to light kisses on her cheekbone, each of them belonging to her boyfriend.
"Come on, darling, we have to get to class." Draco simpered at the sight before him, standing up and holding his hand out for Y/N. She returned the smile and reached up to give him a sleepy kiss on the corner of his mouth. Y/N missed the middle but was too tired to put in the effort for another one.
When the group finally made it to class, Y/N felt like all her life force had just been sucked out. She wished for nothing more than to be in bed, Draco's or not, asleep. She didn't even care if her boyfriend cuddled her to sleep like he usually did, just as long as she was able to get at least a few minutes of shut-eye.
Y/N walked up to the front of the class, turning in her homework to a glowering Professor Snape. She mumbled a "good morning" and a "thank you" before her feet went on autopilot and led her back to her seat next to Draco.
During this class period, the students were supposed to read a chapter and answer five questions about it. It was light work compared to other days Y/N had to endure in Potions class.
Y/N looked up at the board, feebly squinting her eyes to read it from her spot at the back of the class. She brought a hand to her mouth and let out another rash yawn.
"Go to sleep, baby. I'll make sure he doesn't catch you." Draco said, pressing a kiss to Y/N's forehead and rubbing her back. She protested, but there wasn't much else to do with Draco. He was just as headstrong as she was. With a gentle motion, his hand went up to the back of her neck, softly setting her head down into his laps again. As the class commenced, Draco began absentmindedly stroking Y/N's hair. Half-asleep but still conscious enough, Y/N stopped Draco's hand and pulled it to her chest, holding it as tight as her shaky hands would allow her to.
Draco went through the majority of class just fine. Occasionally, he received dirty looks from other girls in Slytherin, most of whom wanted him to themselves. He ignored them and glanced down at Y/N, reminding himself of who had his heart.
When it came time to answer the few questions about the reading, Draco was stuck. He set his textbook down and blankly stared at the clock in front of him, hoping he could stall long enough to say that he just lost track of time and didn't get to answer any of the questions Professor Snape wanted him to answer. Draco read the questions, each requiring about three sentences to respond to. He looked down at the Y/H/C head of hair that covered his laps and enveloped his hand - his writing hand.
Draco sighed, not wanting to risk waking up his girlfriend or getting a bad grade on his classwork. So, he did the best he could with his left hand, sloppily writing the answers as carefully as he could. The worst part of it all was that once he was done with his own work, he had to do his girlfriend's in better handwriting and a different order than his own so his professor wouldn't suspect anything.
Merlin, I've got to practice my ambidexterity more often. Draco thought, finding it painful to hold even a quill with his left hand.
Soon enough, Draco finished both Y/N's work and his own. He leaned back in his seat, letting out a slow whistle, resting until the end of the period. Snape's long, brooding, and dark cloak started approaching the Gryffindors first to collect their work, and Draco knew the Slytherins would be next.
"Wake up, Sleeping Beauty." Draco joked, eager to see Y/N's eyes open and to be able to feel his numb hand again.
Slowly, Y/N's eyes fluttered open, and she grinned, now feeling a little more energized. She glanced down at the desk, seeing two full papers, courtesy of Draco Lucius Malfoy. "Thank you, baby." She smiled, giving him a peck on the lips, mindful of Snape, whose back was turned to the pair. Her face contorted in half-confusion, half-amusement as she inspected the papers closer. The most hideous penmanship she'd ever seen, more like chicken scratch, covered the lines where Draco was supposed to answer. "Your handwriting-"
"You were holding my right hand." Draco said bashfully. "I didn't want to wake you."
"Let me see your hand." Y/N said flatly, inspecting the web of Draco's hand that ran from his thumb to his index finger. A loud gasp escaped her mouth, seeing it an extremely dark shade of red, callused from gripping the quill so hard. "Draco, you should've woken me up." Y/N said sadly.
"But you looked so peaceful. Like an angel." Draco almost sang, his pupils growing larger.
"Work?" Snape interrupted the couple, holding his free hand out to collect the assignments. Draco grabbed both his and Y/N's papers and gave them to Snape. "Hm." He hummed, narrowing his eyes at the two of them. Draco's eyes threatened to grow wide, but they didn't at the fear that they'd give him away. Y/N always told him she could tell when he was lying because of how large he opens his eyes. "Great work." He nodded at the man and woman, heading over to the desk in front of them.
Sighs of relief escaped both Y/N and Draco. "When we get home," Draco said, referring to Y/N's dorm. "we're taking a long nap."
"Only if you let me sleep in your laps again. They're comfortable."
"I cannot believe you just called me comfortable." Draco said, feigning offense.
"Okay, leftie." Y/N laughed, stringing along a sweet chuckle from her beautiful and incredibly thoughtful boyfriend.
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luminarygirl · 12 days ago
Checking in with yourself...
Hello everybody 🌸 I am back with another pick a card reading. In this one we are gonna check your present state and something you can do to improve it.
Disclaimer : all my reading are for entertainment purposes only. As it is a general reading it may or may not resonate.
Choose your pile intuitively :)
Tumblr media
Pile 1
Tumblr media
Cards : the emperor , king of pentacles , Three of pentacles , the devil , The Hermit and The Hierophant
You might be feeling authoritative right now and wanting to control everything that you are doing basically you want to bring a control in your life. I see that you are someone who is lazy and you don't like to work but yourspirit guides are telling you that if you do some hard work and if you really put your mind and heart and soul into it you will feel way too much better. Your spirit guides are asking you to complete some kind of task maybe some assignment which you have been putting off for some time now or just check whether some of the deadlines are coming whatever it is you have to work hard and complete your goals to achieve that peace of your soul.
Something that you are ignoring right now is some kind of addiction coming your way. This could be anything there are so many possibilities here maybe you have addiction to alcohol or to your phone or to a certain app or to a certain person in your life. Your guides are asking you to limit it. Maybe you are obsessed with someone right now. Don't fall in the trap of these addictions. I am seeing that you are procrastinating on your alone time how long has it been that you have sat with yourself with a cup of coffee and thought what is going on in your life? It has been long right? So what are you waiting for this is the sign take a hour or two away from your phone, from your TV, from anyone you live with. And think about your life. If possible go in the nature for a walk. make yourself comfortable and spend some alone time.
Something that you should be grateful about is your morals and your traditional values I see that you are someone who doesn't really lower their morals for anybody and everybody and that is something you should be grateful about.
Tumblr media
Pile 2
Tumblr media
Cards : The hermit ; six of pentacles ; Ten of cups ; high priestess ; seven of swords ; page of wands
You guys are in the period of isolation right now and I am seeing that although you are alone you are not lonely and you are enjoying that me time with yourself you are exploring yourself more and gaining wisdom. Your spirit guides want you to be more generous and they are telling you that although you are enjoying your me time but it has been a little too long and that you should go out and help people who are in need of you trust me you will feel a lot a lot better. If you cannot go out spend time with your family and your loved ones help them with whatever they want. plan a little night out or a picnic. do something which can make you come closer to the people who are already closed to. This would really soothe your soul.
I see you are ignoring your intuition. Your inner self is trying to tell you something and you are not really catching on it maybe you feel a little distant from your intuition go for meditations, walk in the nature or do something that you really like to do like your hobbies or if you like to dance then dance or if you like to sing then sing. Something that you are procrastinating on is your assignments or some work which has been given to you. so complete it as soon as possible do it little by little. like a small portion of it everyday. set goals which are achievable and I am sure you can do it
I see that you are someone who is very adventurous and passionate about things they do and you should be grateful about this you bring colours to people's life. Be grateful for the kind of personality you have.
Tumblr media
Pile 3
Tumblr media
Cards : Ten of wands ; Three of cups ; Six of wands ; Seven of cups ; Page of Pentacles ; Seven of pentacles.
I see that right now you guys are feeling numb because you might have a lot of unnecessary burden on yourself which you don't have to even carry but still you are and that is causing you to be not in the right mind. Your guides are telling you to enjoy your life and celebrate your life and let go of unnecessary burden because at the end of the life you won't be remembering these burdens but the moment you have lived with your loved ones. They are asking you to go and celebrate. this could be a small celebration aur a big one depends on you but go and celebrate your life and your achievements. Your guides are also asking you to complete your task which you have been putting off due to these unnecessary burdens. I am telling you once you let go of these burdens, complete your task and celebrate those achievements you are gonna feel amazing trust me.
There is a warning here for you which your guides are giving. You are not seeing the situation the way it is. There are a ton of possibilities and outcomes to this situation for which you are taking the burden and you are only thinking about one which is possibly the negative outcome. Your guides are warning you here that if you will think negative it will be negative because you are the one who manifests everything in your life so don't think too much about it. go with the flow and everything is gonna turn in your favour. Something that you are procrastinate away is advice which is given to you by someone who is younger than you and you are like not accepting their advice or even listening to them. just for once at least hear them out maybe they have something important for you.
No matter what your decision will be I am seeing that you still have a joyful life and you will have a joyful life ahead in terms of finances. so you should be grateful about that.
Tumblr media
Pile 4
Tumblr media
Cards : Six of pentacles ; the sun ; queen of cups ; Three of pentacles ; Nine of Wands and nine of cups.
You might be feeling very giving right now and I see that you might be helping a lot of people it could be family, friends or just poor people maybe you are doing some voluntary or charitable work and you are feeling very satisfied with yourself right now. Although I am seeing that a little more positivity won't hurt just try to be A little more positive on everything and don't get annoyed easily it is a part of your work and you still do it with a lot of dedication but don't forget that you also have to enjoy it and just play around. you don't have to be serious all the time, talk with other people, laugh around. A little more confident approach to your work would help you soothe your soul. You have done so good thing. So, treat yourself with something it could be anything but spend a little time and money for yourself
You are helping people out but I am seeing that you are actually forgetting about yourself about your tasks and goals you also have to pay attention do your own personal life along with your work done for society. Try to manage your time evenly. Otherwise you are gonna be in a great problem. As I said you are only giving and giving and giving you also have to take rest take some time out for yourself spend it with your friends or with your family. Do something for yourself I know helping others is the best thing possible someone can do with absolutely nothing in return but you also have to think about yourself and your personal life.
I am seeing that a manifestation is coming true for you which you have been trying to manifest since a long time and you should be grateful about that.
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed your reading and it did resonate ✨ with you 🦋
Tumblr media
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oh-theseus · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
summary: eren might make for a good boyfriend, but he's a horrible project partner
warnings: eren seems so mean in this but i was just tired when i wrote it lmao, also there's one sex joke
a/n: little drabble bc real writing is hard as fuck
Tumblr media
"eren if you don't start gluing those images down i swear to god i'll tell mr. smith you didn't help with the project."
your threat is an empty one and eren is well aware of this. you'd been saying it for the past hour now while eren watched you. first it was from the office chair sitting in front of your desk, then from the floor next to you, and now with his head dangling upside down off the edge of your bed.
"you won't do shit," eren calls your bluff, but rolls to his stomach and makes his way to his feet nonetheless. he stretches his arms and back, earning your attention when you hear several loud pops from him. "i know, i know - i need to stretch more. i listen to you, i promise."
"if you listened to me then you'd come glue these down," you reply, stern look on your face. you're only joking though, you really don't mind. eren had done a lot of the research for the assignment anyways. it was for history, which happened to be his favorite subject, so eren jumped at the opportunity to read about your given topic.
"yeah, yeah," he mutters, sitting down next to you and reaching for the small stack of pictures you'd meticulously cut so that they were all perfect. he pulls the poster board closer towards him, starting to lay the images out the way you'd told him to hours ago. you're surprised he remembers after all that stalling.
once he's finished with the layout, he pokes gently at your leg to get your attention.
"looks great. you still wanna glue them to the colored paper?" you ask, pointing to the pile of paper eren had cut out earlier. his pile is not nearly as well cut, but you don't care all that much and neither does he.
"duh - who wouldn't wanna use fun paper?" eren replies, a wide smile spreading across his face that makes one grow on your face in return. you even laugh a little at his antics before grabbing the glue stick from your other side and handing it to him.
you work in silence after that, save for the quiet classical music that you'd put on in the background earlier in the day, long before eren had come over. but he liked the music and never complained once about it.
his attempt to say it under his breath fails miserably and you quickly look up from cutting out the information to look at him.
immediately, you erupt into loud laughter that eren rolls his eyes at and shoves your shoulder for.
he's somehow managed to glue two of the pictures upside down and has just now realized it. in his defense, they are pretty shitty maps, but the labels are still legible so he should've been able to figure out he was wrong.
"it's not that funny," eren mumbles, peeling the messed up images off of the poster carefully before fixing them so they're no longer upside down. all the while you keep laughing. after an hour of procrastinating doing work, eren also managed to mess up the easiest part of the project.
"oh my god, shut up," he tries to sound stern, but you can see him holding back his own laughter. his face is decorated with a light pink that you know is from embarrassment, but you can't stop your laughter.
eren lets out a huff before he puts a hand on your cheek and pulls you close to him, lips connecting with yours in order to stop your laughter.
needless to say, it works.
the kiss doesn't last long, but like all of eren's displays of affection, it leaves you flustered. now you're the one whose face is flushing with slight embarrassment while eren watches you with a shit eating grin for a moment longer before turning back to the poster.
you roll your eyes after a minute and return to your task, only this time you make sure to occasionally glance up to make sure eren hasn't glued anything else upside down.
"you know," eren says after a few minutes, "there are much better things you could be doing rather than homework. one of which starts with an e, ends with a ren."
"eren, please just glue the pictures down."
eren's response is of course to stop his gluing all together and to instead move so he's sitting behind you and his hands are around your waist, chin resting on your shoulder. he doesn't say anything, not even when you roll your eyes at him and make the same threat of telling mr. smith that he didn't help with the project.
the same threat is made for a final time when you glance at eren, only to find him falling asleep, his head leaning against you. you smile as you say it though, watching as eren removes himself from you and instead falls dramatically onto your bed.
if he wasn't eren, you might've been upset that you were left to do much of the assembly stuff for your project. but you didn't mind, not even when eren falls asleep and you have to finish gluing his pictures down for him.
he might've been a good boyfriend, but it goes without saying that eren was not a good project partner.
Tumblr media
ೃ⁀➷ tagging; @levis-hazelnut @tvnyaiidas @justanotherkpopstanlol (join my taglist here)
Tumblr media
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taechaos · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: bully!Jungkook x nerdy!fem!Reader
genre: drabble, smut, college au
synopsis: Jimin offers you information on Jungkook, but your friendship is misconstrued by Jungkook who ends it singlehandedly with one video of you professing your love to him between moans.
warnings: dubcon, fingering, degredation, mild squirting, manipulation
word count: 2.8k
a/n: jealous kook doesn't realize he's jealous. this part is a bit extreme, so beware ><
Tumblr media
One doesn't come across someone like Jungkook every day. It's fate that you met him in your first year of college, extending to your second where he grows closer to you; fair, it's clear that he only intends to use you for his academic success, but you've deluded yourself into thinking you're in love with each other. Growing up, you only had your dysfunctional family to teach you about how to love, how to think. As long as Jungkook needs you, he will love you, and you’re willing to do anything to be with him, only him. You need him to live.
Birds sing in the background as you lay on your stomach on the grass of the yard across the campus. It’s sunny and breezy, the perfect spring day as you work on Jungkook’s research paper due next month. You compiled multiple credible sources in a separate file to create an outline for his essay the moment he forwarded the assignment to you. You want him to praise you, pet your hair, kiss your cheek for starting so early so he can turn it in before anyone else. He would be proud, flashing you his pearly whites and adoring eyes. The reward motivates you to work harder and you’re relentlessly skimming through articles while counting down the minutes of Jungkook's lecture. He'll be outside with his friends in 7 minutes.
With a bad childhood, you don’t care to befriend many people. You only have a few friends to keep you company and you’re socially awkward outside of that group. You’re content, so you steer clear of boys who try to sabotage your relationship with Jungkook. Jimin, however, doesn’t get the memo.
Typing away on your laptop, a shadow looms over you to give you a break from the sunlight. You glance up and stop swinging your legs absentmindedly when you recognize the shadow; it’s a boy with frames and a tight collar adorning his neck.
Park Jimin is a typical nerd whereas you’re more of a closeted nerd. When you’re in love, you usually put more effort into your appearance to impress the one on your mind, but that doesn’t work with Jungkook. It’s always other men giving you their attention through second glances, and that includes Jimin.
“What do you want?” you rudely greet. Jimin is ruthless with his attempts at pursuing you; he’s the perfect gentleman, and often volunteers to do group tasks with you. He is never mean to anyone, and has a squeaky clean reputation, but his only flaw is that he can’t take a hint. You don't bother being friendly to him because you don't want friends.
"I want to know why you look so happy," he bends over to curiously glance at your screen, "while doing homework?"
You slam the monitor closed to stop his ogling. "You wouldn't get it. And stop watching me," you sternly say.
"What's your secret?" he grins and sits down on the grass next to you with crossed legs. His upper body serves as a shade and you stop squinting.
"There is no secret, I was just in a good mood until you came along." You're not upset, but you don't want to lead Jimin on and he won't leave unless you blow him off.
"Thinking of Jungkook?" he teases with a mischievous smile.
"Are you stalking me?"
"No, you're just too obvious," he chuckles, but the sound is strained. You don't notice his melancholy as he continues, "You were doing his homework again?"
You shift on your propped elbows a little uncomfortably. Jimin doesn't need to know what you do in your free time. "Yes," you answer anyway.
"You know he has daddy issues?"
Your eyes round as your discomfort dissipates instantly; he's piqued your interest. "Really?"
"Yeah, he has a tough exterior but he's actually a real softie."
An involuntary smile carves on your face before it falters as you ask, "How do you know this?"
"We went to high school together. I can tell you some stories if you want," he boasts when he realizes he has your attention. The context makes his heart sink, but when he imagines your lovesick grin is directed at him, it fills him with joy.
"Tell me, tell me! Please."
"Weeell," he draws with a lopsided grin, "don't tell him I told you this, but he used to hate girls. I don't know if he still does, but back then he couldn't even stand talking to a girl."
"Why?" your eyes are wide with interest as you whisper.
He shrugs, "No idea, but he hit a girl once when she wouldn't stop clinging onto him. Not like drop-kick her," he laughs, "he just shoved her on the ground. Be careful with him, okay? He can be very aggres-"
"You guys forming a nerd club now?"
You gasp when you hear Jungkook's voice. When you look up at him, he's almost glaring as his eyes flicker from you to Jimin. You're gleeful at his approach, because he never comes to you unless it's about a new assignment. It flutters your heart to see him without any papers in his hand.
You don't take his subtle insult to heart as you immediately respond, "No, we were just talking. H-Hi."
"Pull down your skirt, you look like a whore. I can see your panties all the way from the gates," he seethes in distaste. You instantly sit up with a blush and tug your skirt down to your knees. He looks back at Jimin who's glaring at him under his lashes, "The fuck's your deal?"
"Nothing," Jimin grits. Although he hates Jungkook's guts, he's too smart to fight a lost cause. He has his own set of muscles, but it isn't enough. It's best to accept defeat now.
"Did you start on the paper?" Jungkook asks you.
"Yes, I-"
"Good," he cuts you off and crouches to peck your lips by pulling the back of your neck. You're stunned when he pulls away and nonchalantly walks off to his friends.
Jimin follows him with his eyes and mutters under his breath, "douche."
Your heart is racing and you clamp a hand over your chest as a lovestruck smile spreads across your face. You know this is your end of the bargain, but it never fails to shrivel you up in delight.
"Are you two dating?" he mumbles as he pulls on the grass with a pout.
"Something like that," you exhale as you caress your lips.
Tumblr media
It’s become routine to link up with Jimin where he reminisces his high school memories and you don’t doubt a single word he says unless it sheds a bad light on Jungkook. You’ve learned so much about him in the past few days, and you’re eager to know more. He likes energy drinks to this day, he was athletic in school and often got into fights. He began interacting with girls when he entered college, as Jimin says, “only for a quick fuck.”
Though it hurts Jimin that you only talk to him for information on Jungkook, he can’t bring himself to care when you hang onto every word he says with a glint in your eyes like you’re doing now.
You're sitting in the bustling cafeteria across from Jimin, sipping on a homemade strawberry lemonade from your thermos, and you don't notice Jungkook glancing at your table every now and then. It is the first time he doesn't feel your heavy gaze on him. Jimin does notice however, because he is facing him every time he receives a threatening ferile look.
"He could become a lawyer with how much he blackmailed the teachers to give him a good grade," Jimin tells you as he glances back and forth between you and Jungkook. "He's quite dangerous, you know. He's manipulative, a liar and has no empathy-"
"He's clever," you counter defensively, "he knows how to get around the system."
He makes a disgruntled noise from the back of his throat with a grimace. "I don't think the judge would listen to that."
You laugh at his comparison of the conversation to a court hearing. Jimin can be funny sometimes, and you have to admit that he's not that bad of a friend either. You've come to enjoy his company without the topic of Jungkook the past few days, but talking about him is always appreciated.
"Are you the judge then?" you cheekily ask.
"I might as well be, since I'm not biased like a certain someone," he teases with a grin.
"A lawyer has to see the bright side of things, but if I was the prosecutor, I wouldn't tell you that your lecture is in five minutes."
His smile falters as his eyes widen; you remember his schedule? He ran late for a lecture yesterday, but he’s in disbelief that you reminded him today. "Th-Thanks," he breathes as he packs up his belongings before giving you a curt, shy nod. His heart pounds when he walks away, and he resists the urge to look back at you.
It's a good idea, because that's when Jungkook settles down on his former seat.
"I'm thinking you might be forgetting who you belong to," he starts as he gets comfortable on the stiff chair. You instantly smile at his appearance.
"No, I'm very well aware of it." Your tone is high-pitched in excitement.
"It wasn't a question."
“You talk more than you work,” he observes with a quirk of his brow. “One would think another nerd would be a better influence on you.”
“I work at night,” you defend worriedly, “I promise I’m not slacking off. Can I get a kiss please?”
You’re so adorable when you’re needy. He hides a smirk with a bite of his lip; he thrives from your loyalty to him, but he knows Jimin is a threat to it. He wants you to stop talking to that freak, and he justifies it as a concern for his grades. “I’ll kiss you when you’re not procrastinating. Do you think you deserve even a pat on the head?”
“I do! I’m halfway done with the research paper, please Jungkook,” you beg pathetically, “I-I’ll show it to you, I have it with me right now.” You start unzipping the case of your laptop until he holds up a hand for you to stop.
“You’re going to read it to me, but not here.”
When he stands up, so do you in a haste. He leaves the cafeteria with you hot on his tail, almost jogging when his strides are much bigger compared to yours. You resemble a clueless lamb following a lion, desperate to hold his claws with your hooves. You don’t know where he’s leading you as you walk down the halls until you stop in front of a door. You’re about to freak out when he swings open the door, but you realize the lecture room is empty.
“You want me to read here?” you inquire meekly. It’s a little intimidating to do it in complete silence, because you have a tendency to stutter when reading out loud and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of Jungkook where no one can talk over you. 
“Yup.” He snatches your laptop case from your hand with the handle, and roughly opens it before placing the device on the front row wooden desk. It’s a large hall, and the desks stretch out to the half of the room. You’re feeling stage fright for no particular reason; it feels like reverse claustrophobia. “Open the document and give me your phone.”
You don’t question him and hand in your phone before going through your files on the laptop. Jungkook is looking through your contacts and grins when he finds himself saved as: the love of my life ♡. Jimin is saved by his name, and he finds his WhatsApp through his information below. Once he opens your empty chat with him, he switches to your camera and pushes your back so you’re bent over the desk. You sharply inhale and ask, “Kook?” 
“Don’t get distracted now,” he lightly scolds and starts pulling down your pants. You stopped wearing skirts after the incident a week ago to appease him. You stammer with your back arched, and your ass is on full display for him. It’s humiliating. “Start reading.”
“H-Humans are- Jungkook?” you warily look back at Jungkook when he slides the slit of your panties to the side.
“Are you slacking off?” he condescends. 
You bite your lip anxiously and continue reading, “Humans are social animals that n-need social interaction,” Jungkook spits in his hand, “the extent of our social relationships is the most important predictor of h-happiness.” You squeal when you feel wet fingers graze your folds, but you know better than to stop and ask what he’s doing.
“Continue,” he coaxes softly as he brushes his fingertips over your pussy lips. 
“Um, o-one of the main reasons our brains have developed the way they have is so that we can be social,” you speak between shaky breaths. Your cheeks are tinted crimson with embarrassment from his touches; why is he pleasuring you when he specifically told you, you didn’t deserve any? “Being happy a-all of the time is neither possible nor desirable.”
“Is it now?” He slips a finger in your cunt and you involuntarily let out a cry as you push your body forward. You don’t notice him holding up your phone behind you while slowly sliding his finger in and out of you. His saliva is mixing with your arousal as you answer in a gasp, “Yes.”
“Tell me why.”
“B-Because negative feelings are natural. When it comes to negative feelings, the most important thing to remember is to learn,” you pause to exhale with quivering lips, “to control certain potentially harmful thoughts.” You whine his name when another finger is added to your heat. You’re moving your hips back and forth until he slaps your wet folds as a warning. “Sorry,” you peep and continue in a breath, “Happiness all of the time entails epistemic irrationality.”
It’s difficult to keep your eyes open when you just want to indulge in his thrusts, but you’re encouraged to stop reading when he doesn’t comment on your moans. His pace is quickening and you chase his fingers with your hips, cum dripping down his wrist as you mewl.  
“You enjoying yourself, whore?”
You nod and whimper, “So much.” You’re clutching the edge of the desk as he fingers you with fervor.
“And you're my girl?” 
“Yes, all yours, I love you so much,” you pant, not stopping for a moment to question his words. He has a full view of your sopping wet cunt on the camera, and he lightly blows on you, making you shiver. He’s recording you confess your love for him while getting fingered.
“Only me?” he presses.
“Only you, Jungkook, I love you more than anything,” you slur as you start to feel a knot in your stomach.
“Then pee.”
“Touch your clit and pee.” He removes his fingers from your clenching hole and takes a step back. “Prove your love to me.”
You mourn the loss of his hand while staring wide-eyed at the floor. You’re contemplating his demand as your hand slowly reaches down to your clit. Is he asking you to squirt? Your breathing is shallow as you near your climax, and you still don’t know if you’ll go through with his requirement.
It drips out in tiny drops as you come undone, moaning as clear liquid spills out of you for only a few seconds. 
“Good girl, my good little girl,” Jungkook whispers as he intently watches you humiliate yourself in the name of love. You’re twitching and trembling in shame when he stops recording you and sends it to Jimin without a second’s waste. “Are you okay, baby?”
You hum with a pout as you collect yourself by standing up straight, a sway in your posture. 
“Give me your panties, you’ve made a mess on the floor,” he chastises as he holds out a hand. You slip and step out of them before giving it to him. In return, he passes your phone before feigning a gasp, “Shit, I think I sent Jimin a video of you when I was trying to forward it to my phone.”
Your mouth falls open as heat consumes your entire being. “H-Huh?” Tears brim in your eyes almost instantly; your heart is pounding from anxiety.
“How will you ever look at him now,” he empathizes with a fake frown. “He must think of you as such a slut now.”
“Let me delete it,” you panic as you open your phone. “Wh-Where is it?”
He motions you to give him the phone and opens WhatsApp after. “He’s already seen it.” There are two blue ticks under the message.
“No, no, no,” you pull your hair in agony with a whimper. You quickly put your pants back on and cry as you do so.
“I guess that’s the end of your friendship,” he raises his eyebrows to himself without a hint of sympathy.
“What do I do?!” you wail and fling your hands in stress.
“Avoid him. I’ll make sure he won’t leak it.”
He steps forward to lean in your face intimidatingly. “And don’t talk to him ever again.”
You don’t exactly have a choice now, do you? 
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spideyspeaches · 8 months ago
Gold Rush ↬ t.h
Tumblr media
Gif by @parkeraul :)
A/N: I'm in love with that song 🙈 also here's my super late contribution of professor!tom 😋 cause I've been procrastinating on the wandavision au (in my defence though, it's taking a lot of brainstorming 😂) anyway here you go-
Wc: 2.6k+
Warnings: lemme know if you find one :)
Summary: He taught British History and you chastise yourself for not auditing for that subject earlier.
Pairing: Professor!Tom x Student!Reader
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Tumblr media
Waking up with a start, you groan at the shrill sound of your alarm. With a sigh that was more of a grunt of annoyance, you tried to reach for your phone at the side table, hissing when you felt the corner of your elbow hit the table, pain shooting up to your shoulder. 
Great, you weren't even up yet and your day was already going shitty. You just hoped that your professor won't be grumpy about you being late for the millionth time this semester. 
You hated cultural architecture. You had nothing against the course, but You hated your professor with a passion and wished that you could burn your textbooks for all you cared, right in front of your teacher's eyes, watch him writhe in fear as you banished the very existence of your material. 
You were being dramatic, but in your defence, your professor was an old bastard who never left an opportunity to reprimand you, going as far as letting you know how uneven your margins were on your latest project. 
He wore birkenstocks with a three piece. You wouldn't trust him with your assignments. 
Getting out of your dorm room was work, hard work. But you got out, brushed your teeth and wore what you hoped were presentable clothing. 
"You look hungover." Your roommate, Stacy, commented, spitting in the sink as you scowled at her. 
She was straightforward, outspoken and somehow managed to look like one of those Victoria secrets models that you loathed, even at seven in the morning. You hated her. 
(You didn't.)
"Thanks, I hope I smell too. Want that son of a bitch- what's his name, Wilson, to suffer for giving me that C minus on my thesis." You grumbled, rubbing your hands through your hair to flat them out. 
"You really hate him, don't you." She snickered, popping off her shirt. You tried not to look, not wanting to come off as a pervert, but damn, she was fit. You contemplated her words, frowning at your own reflection. 
You looked disheveled, the dark eye bags under your eyes very apparent as you tried to mask them with foundation, setting your hair for the millionth time. Oh well, you were presentable enough. Sweatpants would have to do for your only class today, you could binge Netflix after this wretched class. 
"I do. I hope his third wife divorces him and he loses his thermos of coffee in the subway." You said, adding your look finally before wearing your shoes. 
"That's cruel, didn't know you had it in you." She snickered, patting your back and following you as you closed the door, "Well I have to go to my boring science lectures now so, see you later hun." 
"Yeah, enjoy your chemistry period with your boyfriend!" You cheered sarcastically, rolling your eyes and hugging her to tell her that you were only joking. Your relationship was this, of jokes and hugs and kisses. You considered her your best friend. 
Rushing towards the gates of your university, you hastily tightened your loosening hair tie, adjusting the straps of your bags. You were pretty sure you had broken your record of being late to your class. You may hate the professor, but you actually enjoyed the subject. 
Wheezing as you ran past the late comers, you nodded at the receptionist, hastily signing yourself in. You would blame your clumsiness for what happened next, because one second you were fixing your sande on the foot of the fountain, and next thing you knew you were crashing into a firm body, your nose hitting the random stranger’s chest.
"I’m so sorry! I’m kinda late to class and I wasn’t looking and- whoa, ow.” You rushed your words, groaning when you felt blood rush from your head to toe, nose throbbing with double vision, a reminder of your clumsiness. 
“Whoa, hey calm down, it’s okay, I wasn’t looking either.” The stranger said, his thick South Western accent snapping you out of your self pity. 
You felt blood rush to your cheeks instead, not anticipating your face in a flush this early in the morning, when you got a good look at the stranger. He was good looking, in his black high turtleneck and brown checkered pants. He had a small leather satchel clutched in his hands, face looking as flushed as you felt when you realised that you had been gawking at him.
He was probably no older than his mid twenties, making you wonder what he was doing in your university. He was too old to be a student, and too young to be a professor. But then again, you wouldn't judge him for joining college late.
"S-sorry, you um, you must be really late, you should go." He stuttered, your heart fluttering at his dimpled chin and thick accent. His eyes were gleaming in the morning sun, captivating in a way that left you in awe. 
"Um yeah, I am." You nodded, composing yourself, hoping that you didn't look too sleep deprived or disheveled, "where are you going, if you don't mind me asking."  
"Um, the architecture wing?" He said, unconsciously stepping besides you.
"Oh, I'm going that way. Is it your first time coming here? Haven't seen you around." You asked, trying not to stare at his sharp jawline and the way the morning sun hit him just right, illuminating and accentuating his curly brown hair. 
"Yeah, it's my first lecture, so um, looks like I'm late too." He smiled. It was infectious, you noticed as you mirrored his expression. 
"Oh, you're a student?" 
"Actually, I'm a professor. Just transferred from UCL." 
So you were right, he was a professor. He looks so young though. You thought, nodding at him, your thoughts interrupted by his laugh. Looking at him with confusion, you raised an eyebrow. 
"Yeah, everyone says that. I started right after finishing graduation so, I guess I'm not much older than you." He smiled, kicking the small pebbles littered around the set grassy ground. It had just rained, the smell of wet ground still fresh. 
"I said that out loud didn't I?" You smirked, ducking your head to hide. 
"You did." 
Entering the building, you realised that you hadn't asked which subject he taught, crossing your fingers and hoping that he would replace the old bastard that taught you cultural architecture. 
"I forgot to ask, which lecture do you teach?" You asked, looking for your class in the end. The hallways were empty, it was way past your first lecture and all the students were already in the auditorium. 
"Oh, uh, British History." He answered. You didn't let disappointment show too much on your face, smiling shyly before gesturing towards the class, "that's you." 
"Oh, um thank you." He smiled, pursing his thin lips together as he walked towards the class. You could hear screaming of the students as you both neared the classroom, you still standing by the door, "I didn't get your name." 
His question snapped you out of your disappointed gaze, 
"Oh, it's Y/n. Y/n L/n." You said with a smile. 
"Pleasure to meet you Y/n, I'm Thomas Holland, but you can call me Tom." He said awkwardly, before turning back to his class, who had yet to notice him.
"The pleasure's all mine Professor." 
For the first time in your college life, you didn't feel like tearing your hair off during your lecture, your thoughts wandering around. You wanted to berate yourself for not paying attention, but your thoughts kept going there. 
It was funny, how you met him not long ago and he was already taking up residence in your brain. You could not control your feelings after all. Something akin to nausea or excitement eased into your stomach when you pictured his smile, his black turtleneck that accentuated his biceps and pectorals. The little rebellious eyebrow and the tiny scar above it. 
It made your heart flutter, everything seemingly seemed to stop around you. It scared you a bit, how You had managed to envision the little details of his face in your brain after such a short duration. 
You didn't realise that you were smiling until you felt a nudge on your side, making you nearly jump on your seat. 
"What?!" You hissed, scowling at your classmate. 
"Who're you thinking about?" She asked, wiggling her eyebrows as she leaned towards you. You had known her long enough to know her name but never bothered learning, and you were too scared to ask now. 
"It's none of your business." You muttered, glancing up to see your professor scowling at a student as they stood up. 
"Well okay, but did you hear about the hot new professor? Apparently he's teaching British History, I regret not taking that as a subject now." She said, her cheeks flushed with excitement. You furrowed your brows, feeling a pang in your chest at the realisation that you were probably just another girl with a stupid crush on the hot professor, that there were already girls who would die to feel his touch. 
"How do you know about him?" You asked, raising an eyebrow as you try to act nonchalant. You weren't being subtle, apparently, because you could see her snapping her bubblegum with a smirk, leaning forward as if trading secrets. 
"You kidding right? Everyone knows about him, you got a crush on him or something?" She suggested, scooting close enough to make you squirm. 
"I literally just met him, and ew, he's a professor, why would I see him that way?" You whisper, willing your heart to stop palpitating at the thought of said professor, your gut twisting in anticipation. 
"I don't know girl, he's hot and young and so much better than this bastard." She sighed, leaning on her palm with a fake dreamy expression. 
You went back to ignoring her after that, noticing how her notebook said 'Eloise'. At least you didn't have to ask her her name now. 
Your class went surprisingly well, or maybe it was because you weren't paying attention and thinking about him again. You really needed to get a grip on yourself. 
Walking out of your class, you decided to go to the cafeteria, your stomach begging for your attention.
Setting your things on a table, you took out your phone to scroll through Instagram, before switching it off and looking around the cafeteria. You didn't know what you were expecting to see, but your stomach was gurgling with hunger and nothing made sense when you were hungry. 
Walking to grab something to eat, you pick up your bag, hanging it over one of your shoulders before getting in the line. 
Just as you were about to turn with your bun and cup of coffee, you crashed into someone for the second time that day. Cursing your clumsiness, you heard a familiar British accent curse not very colourful words, making you stumble over as you tried to wipe off the hot coffee off his shirt.
"Hey, it's okay." He said, stopping your frantic gestures by holding your wrist with his to cease any movements.
"Professor Holland! I'm so sorry, it's like, I'm just clumsy. I have no excuse." You sighed in resignation, mentally facepalming at spilling your coffee at the hot professor. 
"It's okay darling, I've had much worse spilled on me." He smirked, his hand still holding on to yours. You had started walking away from the location, and yet his hand didn't let go, "You know, I used to babysit during my college days." 
"Oh, babysitting, right of course." You chuckled awkwardly, chest heaving with the sudden close proximity with the professor, dissipating the not quite PG thought that just occurred in your mind at his words.. 
"Sorry for-" You said in unison with him, chuckling. 
"You go first." He said.
"I'm sorry for spilling coffee on You, it must have hurt and I ruined your shirt and now there's a big splotch of coffee right in the middle!" You said, circling your fingers around your palm as you walked with your back to the exit as you walked out of the cafeteria, food forgotten and him following your pace. 
Before you could continue your awkward blabber, you were standing in the garden outside, leaning against a pillar with the garden in your view looking golden in the setting sun. He was standing in your view, the shadows around his jaw making it look sharp enough to cut glass. 
Taking a breath, you looked up at his smiling form with confusion when he didn't answer, instead leant onto the pillar next to you.
"You were... gonna say something?" You reminded, smiling awkwardly as you fiddled with your fingers.
"Oh? Oh! Oh yes yes, You know, I was kind of disappointed that you weren't in my class, Mister Wilson talks very highly of you." He said, folding his arms on his chest, it made his biceps bulge. 
"He does?" You looked at him with surprise, guilt panging in your chest when you remembered yourself bad mouthing the professor not long ago. 
"Yes, says you're a bright student with a bright future." He answered, leaning his head back so that his neck was exposed, Adam's Apple bobbing as he gulped, his hair falling into place perfectly against his forehead. The arch of his neck was beautiful, tracing it with your eyeballs as you imagined which other curves of his were as beautiful, immediately dismissing those thoughts, chastising yourself for thinking such a way of a professor. 
"That's… sweet of him. I've never heard him compliment me once in the two and half years I've been in his class." You chuckle, leaning your elbow on the pillar to get a better look at his side profile. 
"Hmm, he says he's hard on you because he wants you to do your best..." 
You stopped listening past that, your breath growing more erratic the more he talked, his smooth voice washing over you like warm honey with a squeeze of lemon. Swallowing a sudden lump in your throat, your heart leaping, leaving you nauseous and in a dream like trance. 
Tom noticed immediately, noticing your slouched posture as you stared at him with a small smile, the upturn of your lips so inviting that he almost dived in, wanting to know the feeling of them what they felt like against his. 
He wasn't the kind to date his students, in fact, he rarely dated after joining uni and becoming a professor. 
He strictly believed that student/teacher relationships should end in only a professional non romantic set up. That was all up until he crashed into you that morning. 
You had been in his mind all day, stirring him crazy as he imagined your smile, the way your eyes lit up when you talked about your subject of interest, the say your fingers fiddled with the ring you wore on your index finger. 
He wondered if this feeling would last forever or become a vague memory, an attraction of hearts that didn't last but felt good till it did. If he was rushing, or if you even felt the same way. 
He was smart, of course that's how he became a teacher, but he still couldn't place your feelings. 
So when he saw you staring at him, his heart leaping in his throat at your adorable smile, the only logical answer his brain gave was that you liked him too. Temporary attraction or not, he wasn't one to look a gift horse in it's mouth. 
Next thing he knew your lips were crashing onto his, your chest pressed against his firmly as your hands reached up to the base of his neck. 
Your fingers were soft, tongue swishing against his as he opened his mouth to let you enter. His hands automatically reach for your waist, holding onto firmly as he slammed you against the pillar. 
The sun was nearly down, the last of the rays hitting the garden, lighting you both up in a golden glow that left you breathless with a fire raging in your souls. 
"What do you say that I audit for British history? I'd like to learn more lessons from you, Professor Holland." You said, breathless against his chest, hiding your nose against his sternum, blood rushing to your ears as his warm hand burned against the bare skin underneath your shirt. 
"That would be great darling, anything to see your pretty smile every morning." 
Tumblr media
A/N: let me know what you think! :)
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milkybonya · 6 months ago
i'm not the same boy you knew back then
Warnings: food mentions and some angst, party mentions
Pairing: Yedam x (gn)reader
Summary: where Yedam broke your heart in high school because he didn't know how to act but now he's desperately in love with you and wishes you still felt the same :")
word count: 5.8k
inspired by Walls by All Time Low (it has explicit language! be careful~~i've put a link for it at the veryyy end of this fic)
Tumblr media
Hey there it's good to see you again, It never felt right calling this "just friends". I'm happy, if you're happy, with yourself.
"Isn't that Yedam?" your friend, sat beside you, asks. They point to somewhere behind your head, and naturally, you turn around to follow their finger with your eyes.
As the doors to the lecture hall swing shut, a familiar boy begins to walk quickly down the steps. While grinning, he decides on a spot near the back, far away from your almost front-row seat. You let out the breath you didn't realize you were holding and face the front.
"Since when did he go to our university?" your friend asks, also facing the front now.
"I have no clue," you admit.
You'd purposely accepted an offer at a faraway university to avoid having to see Yedam ever again after high school. High school had become one of the worst times of your life thanks to him.
Yedam's pov
As soon as I enter the hall, I find [y/n] with my eyes immediately. They look at me with a mix of shock, disgust and hatred, but seeing them fills me with so much joy that I can't help but smile.
Deciding not to bother them, I pick a spot near the back and sit down. I wonder to myself if switching to [y/n]'s school was the right choice...
[y/n]'s pov
It was obvious you were too much for me. Oblivious, I was young
Back in high school, you had the fattest crush on one of the school's most popular kids, and you hated yourself for it. It wasn't like you could control your feelings... but your heart was set on him. His smile made you feel so warm and you felt happy despite him not having the slightest clue who you were. You always watched him from afar, peering at him as he walked into the classroom while waving at all of his friends before taking a seat at the back.
By some chance, you got paired with him for an assignment. You thought he would be disappointed, since he had never spoken to you, but contrary to his somewhat intimidating aura as a result of him being a popular kid, he smiled warmly at you as you introduced yourself.
"I know you're [y/n]," he said quietly, looking down at the assignment instructions in front of him.
"How do you know?" you asked him.
He looked up and leaned in closer to you to whisper into your ear, only after being sure that no one was watching.
"It may not seem like it, but I do know my classmates."
When he moved back, he flashed you a grin before returning to the assignment instructions again. Your heartbeat was flooding your ears.
After meeting up several times to do the research and plan out the presentation together, you and Yedam somehow grew closer. You had always thought he was some sort of chic, cool guy, but he turned out to be super soft and sweet. The two of you laughed at each other's dumb jokes and procrastinated late into the night sometimes, only beginning your work when the café was about to close.
On one of those days, Yedam asked if you wanted to go to his place to finish the assignment.
"It's due in two weeks and we still have so much to do... plus we're so busy that we can only meet once a week," he explained, pouting slightly.
You agreed, feeling somewhat nervous and excited at the prospect of going to your crush's house for the first time.
His parents were home but asleep as it was late for them, so the two of you quietly went to his room.
In-between muffled giggles and late-night snacks, the two of you managed to get a lot of work done before you felt as though you'd hit your limit. After yawning and stretching, you told Yedam that it was time you went home.
"Do you live far from here?" he asked you.
You, in fact, did live quite far from his house, but you felt bad telling him this, so you lied and told him you lived close by.
He pouted and looked down.
"I was going to ask if you wanted to just sleep here... but I guess it makes sense for you to go home," he said, helping you pack up your things.
Yedam... wanted you to stay the night? How could you miss such an opportunity! Your crush! Wanted you to stay the night!!
Yedam noticed that you'd stopped moving, holding your pencil case in your hand as you thought about what to say.
"Is everything okay?" he asked you.
"Yeah... I actually... live kind of far," you mumbled, not wanting him to get mad at you for lying.
"You do? Then why did you say you live close by?" he asked, also taking his hands away from your backpack.
"I didn't want you to walk me home or anything," you explained. Yedam smiled at you, shaking his head.
"Don't worry about it now... do you have any clothes to change into?"
"Just my gym clothes... but they're dirty," you told him, shyly.
"Do you want to take something of mine to wear?" he asked you, already standing up to look through his closet without waiting for your answer.
You were going to say no, again, not wanting to bother him, but he had already pulled out some of his comfier clothes for you to wear.
After changing into them and walking back into his room, you avoided Yedam's eyes as he quietly lost his mind over how cute you looked.
"Um, so..." Yedam started, scratching the back of his neck.
"Would you be okay with sleeping in my bed? I'll go sleep in the livingroom-"
"No, no! I'll go sleep there-"
"No, I can't let a guest sleep on the couch!"
Both of you sighed, not being able to win against one another.
"Listen, it's either you sleep in my room and I go to the livingroom, or we both sleep in my bed," he said, pointing to his bed behind you.
You froze, trying to consider your options as your heartbeat grew louder.
"Well... I guess we're both sleeping here then," you said, in a tone that tried to sound confident but was a little shaky.
You plopped yourself face first into the bed to hide from your embarrassment, feeling the bed shift a few seconds later as Yedam joined you.
"Scooch over towards the wall. I'll sleep on this side so you won't fall off the bed at night," he said, pointing to the side of his bed that faced the rest of his room. You smiled at Yedam's kind gesture as you moved over.
He had turned off the light and it was dark now, and both of you lay side-by-side on your backs, staring up at the ceiling.
"Are you... asleep?" he asked you quietly a while later. You shook your head at first, but then realized he couldn't see you. So you said a quiet "no".
You felt Yedam shift as he turned to face you. You carefully turned your head towards him too, wondering what he was up to. It was hard to see in the dark, but he was just admiring your face. You looked away, feeling embarrassed, until you felt him shuffling closer to you.
It was a little nerve-wracking watching his figure tower over you in the dark. Blinking up at him, you parted your lips to ask him what he was doing, but he spoke first.
"Am I allowed to... kiss you?" he asked, quietly looking down at you.
Yedam... wants to ???? Your crush wanted-
You found yourself nodding before your thoughts could entirely be processed, and watched as Yedam lowered himself onto you with a small smile. His heart soared as he watched your reaction -- your eyes were squeezed shut so tightly out of nervousness.
Before his soft lips met yours, he found your hand under the blankets and held it in an attempt to ease you of your nervousness. He didn't know that it only made your stomach feel the effects even more intensely.
Your lips touched for only a moment, but it felt like a whole eternity. When he pulled away, he moved off of you quickly and shuffled over to his side of the bed again.
"I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry," he mumbled, looking away from you. You were confused.
"What's wrong?" you asked him.
"I... I was supposed to tell you I like you first but then now you're right beside me--wait not that I like you... wait I mean I do, but I didn't want to tell you like this--"
Hearing his unsure confession was all the confidence you needed to pull him closer, accidentally tightening his hoodie strings as you pulled him in to carefully press your lips against his again. He completely melted into your hands, then, wrapping an arm around your back and holding you close.
That was probably one of the last good memories you have of him.
After that, Yedam turned into a different person the next morning, avoiding your eyes and missing any trace of a smile on his face as he pushed a plate of breakfast towards you.
"Let's not walk to school together, okay? I'll be leaving first," he told you, leaving you alone in his own house.
You had no clue what was going on and no appetite to eat. After waiting a few minutes, you walked to school after him. You had no idea how to even get to school from his house, so after getting lost and arriving late, you finally managed to make it.
When you tried to approach him in class, he would turn his back on you and ignore you. It made you feel so small that you stopped even trying.
It was really hard for you to show up to school after that, because of how terrible you felt, but you still tried your best. Your friends knew something was wrong and they did their best to help you, but it didn't stop you from thinking about Yedam and why he was acting so strangely.
Until he texted you one day in the middle of class, asking you to meet him in an empty classroom.
You told yourself you shouldn't pay him any attention, especially after he ghosted you like that, but you still followed after him, curious to see what excuse he would give you.
In the classroom, you couldn't see anyone, so you thought Yedam hadn't arrived yet until you heard him call out your name from behind a file cabinet. By the windows.
"Come here, [y/n]," he said, motioning for you to approach him. He was smiling at you again, just like he did on those days when you'd study with him in the café. You told yourself to just turn around and leave, but your feet guided you to him.
You frowned up at him.
"What the heck have you been doing?" you asked him, tears already threatening to leave your eyes.
"[y/n], I-I'm sorry... you know how it is for me, with my popular reputation. Some kids saw us at the café and posted pictures of us, saying that I was going around dating a loser-"
He was holding onto your hands while wearing a pitiful expression, but you coldly pushed him away after hearing him out.
"So you've been acting weird because I'm tainting your reputation? Yedam, we never even dated! You gave me some... half-assed confession and... kissed me in the middle of the night and then ghosted me," you told him, sternly.
"I know, I'm sorry... It's so pathetic but I really do like you... I'm just really bad at this, I know, but I'm telling you now I like you-"
"In an empty classroom. Behind a file cabinet."
"Please, [y/n]. Date me for real... I promise I won't let you down."
You and your kind, innocent heart believed his promise. You believed him because his eyes were sparkling and he was holding onto you so tightly.
Yedam told you that you had to date him in secret, and that was just one of many red flags. He explained that if his friends found out, he would be teased and you would be hurt by their words, too. Nonetheless, you agreed. At school, you never spoke to him. All you got were stolen glances, Yedam winking at you every time you turned around in your seat. Somehow, that was enough to make your heart flutter.
You could only see each other in each other's homes, since even the risk of being caught out on a date was too much for Yedam to handle. The two of you would intertwine hands while watching a movie. You'd rest your head on Yedam's shoulder, or sometimes he would rest his head in your lap and you would gently stroke his hair, watching as his eyes squeezed shut tightly while he indulged in the feeling of your love.
Sometimes the two of you would listen to music together, quietly sharing earphones while staring out the window.
Sometimes you would just talk for hours into the night.
Yedam's smile would never leave his face when he was with you.
Except for when he was at school.
And you could handle it. At least you thought you could, until the final straw.
For Yedam's birthday, a few of his friends had gathered in his home, celebrating. You were also invited, of course, after you begged Yedam to let you come. He had told his friends that he invited you as a gesture of thanks for working on the assignment with him... it broke your heart to hear this lie, but you shrugged it off, again.
Everyone was feeling excited as they all started a game of spin-the-bottle. You felt incredibly out of place and already angry, even more so upon seeing a girl getting all handsy with Yedam, stroking his thigh with her hand and playing with his hair. She was constantly glued to him, but you shrugged it off, again.
After the bottle's mouth faced Yedam, the girl beside him dared him to kiss someone. How childish, you thought to yourself. You watched as Yedam locked eyes with you and started to stand up, making his way towards you with a small smile, but the girl beside him stopped him.
"Where are you going, damie? Isn't it me who you should kiss?"
Yedam looked back at her and then at you.
"C'mon, it's your birthday!" she said, dragging him back down.
That literally is not an excuse and makes no sense, you scoffed to yourself, rolling your eyes.
The next few moments were a blur, but Yedam ended up kissing her and you felt like a piece of paper being torn in two. We can't even look at each other in public, you thought to yourself. You fought back tears and got up to leave. No one seemed to mind or care about where you were going, since none of these people were your friends anyway. Even Yedam was preoccupied, his lips on the mouth of this other girl.
You couldn't just shrug things off anymore. This was it. Now, it was your turn to ghost Yedam.
You hadn't told him, but your family were planning to move to another city soon. You told them to plan the move for earlier so you could leave that dreaded place and leave Yedam. Ignoring all his calls and texts, you transferred out the next week, and that was that.
I'm gonna break down these walls, I built around myself. I wanna fall so in love, with you, and no one else, Could ever mean half as much, to me as you do now. Together we'll move on, just don't turn around, Let the walls break down.
You can't focus in lecture as everything that happened with Yedam flashes before your eyes. Just as you're starting to live a normal life without him, he has to show up and allow of the trauma to resurface.
As soon as your class ends, you quickly pack your bags. Your friend does the same, understanding exactly what is going on. But it seems like Yedam and his feet move a little faster.
Just as you're about to leave your row, you look up to find Yedam standing at the end of it, a small smile on his face.
You sigh and turn around, telling your friend to do the same so you can leave through the other side. But Yedam just follows behind you quietly. He doesn't say a word and just follows you as you and your friend as you leave the lecture hall to go to your next class.
Suddenly, you stop. Your friend and Yedam stop, too.
You turn around, your fist clenched into a tight ball.
"Yedam, can you please stop following me? Do you not have classes of your own or things to do? Please leave me alone," you told him, turning your back on him again and walking forward.
Your friend didn't follow you, though, but looked back and forth between you and Yedam. So lost in your thoughts, you walk to class on your own, not noticing that your friend isn't following you.
Yedam's pov
After they say those words and leave, I feel my heart breaking in two. Of course I know how much I've hurt [y/n], but their words make me realize that I'll never be able to completely understand. I almost start crying right there and then...
"Yedam, right?" their friend asks me. I look at them and nod, confused.
"Listen, [y/n] hates your guts. They're not going to talk to you and hear you out, so I'll do it instead. I know [y/n] might regret it if they don't hear you out, even if they don't want to."
I smile at [y/n]'s friend. That sounds exactly like [y/n]...
"You've probably heard a lot of awful things about me, and it's all true. But... [y/n] probably didn't tell you about those nights we spent in each other's rooms... the times that we did get to spend with each other alone.... sorry, what I'm trying to say is that I've always loved [y/n]. Not even 'like', but I've always loved them. And I don't think I'll be able to stop... I know I was such a terrible boyfriend back then. I don't think I can say I even was much of a boyfriend... but I've changed. I can promise that I've changed. I know it must be so arrogant of me to ask if they'll give me another chance but..."
I trail off, my brain shutting down as I struggle to find anymore words to express myself. [y/n]'s friend nods after I trail off.
"I see... well, I've heard about your promises. I heard they couldn't be trusted but if you've changed, then maybe that has changed, too. [y/n] has a really kind heart, but I won't let them date a jerk ever again. So unless we both know for sure that you're different now, we are not letting you date them."
With that, [y/n]'s friend walks away and leaves me there.
[y/n]'s pov
In class, you feel completely empty, unsure of how to feel. You only notice that your friend had not been beside you this entire time when they take a seat in the spot beside you, apologizing that they're late.
"Where were you?" you ask them, looking up as they sit down.
"I was talking to Yedam," your friend tells you, never one to lie.
Your face fills with disgust at the mention of his name.
"Why would you do that?" you whisper loudly, causing some heads in the lecture hall to turn your way. You mumble an apology before returning to your friend.
"I wanted to hear him out," they say, casually opening up their notes.
"What did he say?"
"So you are interested, huh?" they ask you, teasing.
"No, I'm not!"
"I know, calm down! He just said something along the lines of how he's always loved you and does now, too, and that he's changed--"
"That is the most garbage thing I've ever heard," you say, interrupting your friend with a scoff. They smile, shaking their head at you.
When you return to your dorm after all your classes, you find a small gift bag hanging on the door knob to your room. Curious, you pick it up and notice it has your name written on the side.
You could recognize that handwriting from a mile away.
As if it's the side of a hot pan, you drop it, watching its contents spill to the ground. A pack of your favourite snack falls out, along with a neatly handwritten note, a CD player and earphones.
I guess it wouldn't hurt to look, you tell yourself.
Picking everything up and walking into your room, you sit on your bed and read the note over.
[y/n]!! ah, it doesn't make sense for me to be cute or excited in this note, does it? >.< please forgive me.... i'm a little nervous... here is that snack that you've always loved... do you still love it now, too? and here is something that i wrote for you~it's on the CD. just press play and i'll let the song do the talking... i wrote this after you disappeared.
- yedam
This song better be god tier if he's coming to leave it at my door, you think to yourself.
As the song fills your ears, it seems to fill your empty heart too. You can tell it's full of Yedam's sincere feelings and thoughts... or he's just doing a good job of acting while singing. You can't seem to tell, but you still tear up a little.
You hear the door to your room swing open, as your friend, who also happens to be your roommate, barges in.
"What are you up to?" they ask, placing some things on their desk. They turn around immediately when they hear you sniffling.
"ARE YOU CRYING?" they shout, sitting beside you and wrapping their arms around you.
"This... song... Yedam..." you croak, just handing them the earphones.
When they listen to it, they also go quiet.
"It sounds really sincere..." your friend tells you, quietly.
"I'm not the only one who feels that way?" you ask your friend, looking at them.
"You know him better than I do, so you're probably right," they tell you, standing up.
"Why did this boy have to show up and make a mess of my life again," you groan, hiding your face in your hands.
"Well, I have just the solution! I know you're probably going to think about him and not get any work done anyway, so should we just go to a party?!" your friend tells you, jumping up and down.
"A party?" you wrinkle your nose in disgust.
"It'll help you stop thinking about him! Please, we never went to any parties last year!! Let's go, just this once!" they beg.
After thinking it over, you agree. What's the worst that could happen?
Wearing one of your favourite fits and feeling good, you walk alongside your friend, who already has a groove in their step as the two of you make your way to the house where the party is set to be held. It isn't that hard to find, since you're just following the bright lights and loud music in the distance. It's a wonder the people in that house aren't being arrested for causing such a ruckus...
Finally there, you step inside and try not to bump into any weird people. The music is so loud its deafening, and you shrivel up at the sound of it. Your friend wraps their arm around you, pulling you in close and guiding you to the snack/drink area so you can take what you need and go to a quieter place.
Your friend did beg you to come today, so they won't force you to dance or do any things you don't want to do...
Now equipped with everything you need, you make your way to the basement, where it's a lot quieter despite being so busy.
"How's this for a change?" your friend asks you, grooving along to the distant sound of the music from upstairs.
"It seems like you want to dance," you tell your friend.
They shake their head.
"I'll stay with you toniiiiiight!" they cheer, hugging you tightly. You laugh.
"It's fine, just go up! The crowd doesn't seem too scary or weird down here," you tell them as you watch two people play mario kart in front of a TV.
After asking you 1000 times if it's really okay, they leave you there with a drink in your hand. You continue watching the two people playing mario kart, secretly rooting for the boy in orange because his fit looks really nice, even if you're only looking from the back.
He ends up losing and you let out a "noooo!" loud enough for the two to hear. When they turn around, you discover that the boy in orange had been Yedam all along!
I take back rooting for him... he deserved to lose!
Widening your eyes at the sight of him, you quickly turn away and try to navigate your way towards another room. To your surprise, as soon as you walk in, Yedam is in there, holding the door open at the other end and panting.
"[y/n]," he calls out softly, smiling slightly. You can tell he's testing the waters and wondering how to react.
You try to walk out of the room, but the door behind you has been shut by some drunken idiot! He's pressed up against the frame and no matter how much you push, the door just won't open.
"[y/n], if you want to leave, it's okay. I don't want to bother you," Yedam tells you, stepping aside from the other door and motioning for you to walk through.
You sigh.
"No, it's fine. I guess we're here for a reason now, or something," you mumble, sliding down the wall until you're in a comfortable sitting position.
Yedam smiles, closing the door behind him.
"Still caught up in all that destiny stuff?" he asks you, joining you in sitting on the ground but also keeping his distance.
You scoff in response. How does this kid remember everything about me?
"So... what are you doing in my house?' he asks you.
"Your.... house?"
"Yeah, this is my house. You didn't know?" he asks you, looking bewildered.
You think about your friend. They must have brought you here while knowing it was Yedam's house...
"Um... nevermind that. How... have you been?" Yedam asks you, wringing his hands.
"Me? I've been doing great until now. How about you?" you spit out your words sarcastically, but Yedam doesn't seem to mind.
"I've been... well... I'm not sure. It would be cheesy for me to say I've been feeling lost without you, but that's kind of how it is," he tells you, chuckling nervously.
"Yeah, super cheesy. It also doesn't make sense, Yedam," you tell him, avoiding his eyes.
"I know it doesn't, but to me it does. I know our relationship was a mess, but those times that we spent together were... something else. Probably some of the best times of my life, honestly," he tells you.
"And why... are you telling me this?" you ask him, curious to see how he'll respond.
"Because I know I'm in the wrong and there's no excuse for my past childishness, but... I've missed you. And I still do. I know I was really caught up in my reputation back then and I didn't open myself up to you properly, but I want to do that now."
He runs his fingers through his hair, and something inside you turns. You didn't realize just how much you loved it when Yedam did that until now... he looks so pretty--
No. What are you thinking?!
"I haven't missed you though, Yedam," you say.
He smiles sadly.
"I know. And there's no reason for you to. But I'm just... asking for a second chance in case you think there's anything left."
You gulp and look up at the ceiling. You hadn't even considered the possibility of dating Yedam again, but talking with him now is different. He's less cautious and seems to be a lot more comfortable with you.
Someone knocks on the door behind Yedam and Yedam tells them to come in.
"Oh, am I interrupting?" the boy asks, slowly backing away.
"It's fine, I'm just talking to [y/n]," Yedam says with a smile, gesturing towards you. You greet the boy and his eyes light up.
"[y/n]?! The one you always tell me about? Gosh... it's so nice to meet you!" the boy says, shaking your hand and sitting down in front of you.
"You put up with a lot of Yedam's antics, I've heard," he says, laughing. Yedam laughs along, but you're still in shock.
Yedam had never told anyone about you... but now this random boy knows everything?
"It was more than antics. I was... really bad to [y/n]. I'm surprised they haven't left yet," Yedam admits, leaning back.
"I transferred to your old high school after you transferred out, and this boy was always sad. He didn't talk to anyone but me, only because the teacher asked him to show me around. He told me everything about you and eventually told the rest of his friends, too. You were his biggest and only heartbreak... I swear everyone at our school knows about you," the boy explains.
"What did you tell them?" you ask Yedam.
"He told us how he had been dating you in secret because he was afraid to ruin his popularity, but that he regrets it a lot. A lot of his friends left him after finding out you dated Yedam," the boy explains. Yedam nods along.
You're in shock. The boy who was so secretive and insecure exposed himself as a heartbreaker?
"Anyways, I'm sorry to be interrupting. I'll leave now!" the boy says, standing up and closing the door behind him.
"You... told everyone?" you ask Yedam. He nods.
"I feel like it was the only thing I could do for you. You deserved to be known as the one who held my heart," he says, holding his chest and laughing at his own cheesy words.
You find yourself laughing along and loosening up.
A moment of silence stretches between the two of you, and Yedam breaks it by standing up.
"Do you wanna play mario kart with me? You seemed to be having fun watching," Yedam asks you quietly.
You nod, also standing up.
The two of you play for about an hour, screaming and yelling at the TV just like you used to in your bedroom when you'd play games together.
"I won!" you declare in glee, turning to Yedam to do your signature high five with him. His hands meet yours, and you only realize what you're doing only after its already happened. You awkwardly move your hands away, facing the screen again.
"I'm sorry..." you mumble.
"No, I'm sorry! It's really okay, [y/n]... if you feel uncomfortable around me, you don't have to--"
"Your song touched me a lot, Yedam. And now I feel like... I want to try again. Just like this game," you say, pointing to the screen that has try again written in the corner.
"Are you sure?" he asks you, slowly.
You nod, deciding you've made up your mind. You've seen a lot of green flags already -- enough to decide that it's okay to move forward.
Yedam smiles and looks down at his lap. Then his head lifts up quickly, his eyes lighting up.
"I can take you to that café you always wanted to go! They have one in this city... and there's a museum next to it too! Do you want to go there? I.."
As he continues talking, you realize that all of the things he's saying he wants to do were things that you never did with Yedam, even after one year of dating him. It was always stay-at-home dates and ignore-each-other-when-we're-at-school. Somehow, you feel excited, wondering what things will be like.
"[y/n]! I've been looking everywhere for--oh, Yedam? Hi!" your friend greets you both.
"Did you have fun dancing?" you ask them. They nod, pointing to Yedam with their eyes.
You get up and whisper into your friend's ear.
"We have a lot to talk about, but I think..."
Your friend doesn't even wait for you to finish before they say, "well, I have to leave early now. Yedam, can you walk [y/n] home? Great, thanks!"
With that, they disappear and you shake your head at your friend's strange behaviour.
Yedam is all smiley while still sitting on the ground.
"Do I get to walk you home now?" he asks you, standing up.
"I wonder what would've happened if you walked me home that day, too..." you mumble, thinking about the day you slept over at Yedam's in the same bed as him.
"What, do you want to sleep over today, too?" he asks you.
You shake your head.
"I don't want things to turn out like that again."
"You mean, you don't want me to kiss you like I did then?" Yedam teases you, sending you a wink.
"You--shut up!" you yell, chasing after him with a pillow.
This boy literally broke my heart, you think to yourself. He is testing his limits...
After you both calm down, Yedam walks you home. It's a little quiet at first, until Yedam speaks.
"Can... I hold your hand?" he asks you.
"This soon?" you say, still grabbing his hand anyway. He looks down at your hand in his and smiles.
"Yeah... you don't know how long I've been wanting to do this for," he admits, swinging your arm up and down as you walk.
You shake your head at him.
"Let's run!" Yedam declares, racing forward with your hand in his. You trail behind him, the sound of laughter escaping your lips and ringing in Yedam's ears. It leaves a bright blush on his face as he thinks to himself about how much he's missed your laughter.
The two of you slow down, panting.
"I'm so tired," Yedam wheezes, laughing at how weird he sounds.
"Do you want me to kiss it better?" you tease him. He raises his eyebrows at the comment. Maybe it's the adrenaline from all the running or the feeling of the night air, but a courage surges through you as you snake your hand around the back of his head and pull him towards you, pressing his warm lips to yours.
You pull away shortly after, feeling breathless again. A blush dusts Yedam's cheeks as he stares at you with wide eyes.
Your own stomach is full of butterflies, but you ignore it and walk forward.
"Are you not coming?" you yell to the boy behind you. He laughs and chases after you.
[a/n]: i just want to say that i do not condone getting back together with a toxic ex so soon... i was just really excited while writing and sped up the plot >.< but don't ever get back with someone who has hurt you unless you are 100% sure! please take care of yourself!!
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loupettes · 13 hours ago
Thanks for answering my last question! You said you wanted more... so.... 1) do you think they worked together on the same missions? 2) do you think they went on "dates"? 3) do you think they're happy with Earth or they start to look at finding ways to travel space? 4) do you think they have the same insecurities - i.e. Rose's jealousy, ten's fear of losing her etc? ☺️
Anon, this is just what I need for a day of trying desperately to get my assignment in on time. A nice break every now and then to procrastinate!
1. I love the idea that Tentoo is a physics teacher! Maybe splitting his time between secondary school and at Torchwood. I don't know why! But sometimes that takes him on a mission, sometimes he's in the lab, and sometimes he's helping his year 8's navigate the world of hormones while he himself is navigating the world of hormones.
2. I do! I think they experiment with dating. Fancy restaurants? Too impersonal. Lazer tag? Too argumentative. Coffee shop? ... is they going for an interview? (Actually, they realise it's quite nice, really! So they keep going) Picnic in the park? Not bad, depends on the weather. Camping in the backgarden? Love. Home cooked meal? Love... but neither have the time. He tries things he thinks Rose wouldn't like and finds she actually loves them, like chocolates and flowers, and she's equally as surprised to find he wants to try all the cliché dating stuff (but really, of course he wants to try every human experience, so it makes sense), and they end up as every couple does: just spending time with one another and living a life together becomes their date.
3. If you're new to the fandom, then perhaps you haven't seen the deleted scene where they get a piece of the TARDIS to grow. Firm believer that it takes them maybe a year or two to get this grown. In the meantime, they explore Earth, give him a chance to be human for a while, before off they go!
4. I think.... well, I haven't thought about it! I think Rose would have grown a fair bit since she first started travelling with him, because everyone gets jealous and insecure when they're 19 and being in a healthy relationship... the thought doesn't cross your mind that your partner ever would emotionally (or physically) cheat on you. Rose went through some tough relationships, but she trusts he loves her enough by the time they get together that he couldn't love anybody other than her. It's not the same for Tentoo though, because I think he would — at least at the beginning — be aware that she is in love with somebody else.
I have definitely toyed with the idea of writing a fic where Tentoo bumps into somebody Rose had a 'thing' with while she was dimension hopping, though 😂
Thank you for these questions and giving me a break today!! ♥️♥️
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study-van · 5 months ago
hey uhm do you have any stress management tips? all the tips seem to be either "start early so you don't get overwhelmed last minute" or "take a break when you need to"
and these don't really work as my uni has a very tight turnaround time so I start as soon as I can but still don't have long to do it. and taking breaks makes me feel better in the moment but I feel just as stressed or even more when I get back to the task
thanks if you answer it and if not that's ok too! we all have a lot going on rn and I get it :)
Hello anon I’m so sorry for answering late, hope these help!!
build a fast relief system
If your schedule is so busy and taking breaks stresses you out even more the best thing you can do is add something to your study routine that might keep you grounded like a playlist specifically designed for you to feel better, or for you to stay calm while going through your tasks. Maybe you can have a nice drink for yourself while you’re studying. Just that one thing in your routine that might keep you grounded.
don’t give yourself time to procrastinate
Look we all fall victims to procrastination but sometimes you just got to kick your own butt and get to work, tackle your assignments/work head on.
Breathing exercises are a great way to relieve stress anytime and anywhere. They're simple to learn, simple to use and can be done on the spot when you feel the tension, immediately helping you to feel better. Here are some that you can check.
add exercising into your daily routine
This is probably the most cliched tip ever but exercise has so many benefits to itself and not just on having a healthy body, it will also help you keep your mind fresh. While going through your exercise routine, you don’t really get to think about anything and it will help you with that good stress relief.
have a balanced sleep schedule
I admit even I’m prone to doing all-nighters but they shouldn’t be the norm. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll be even more tired thus causing you more stress.
Here are some more posts that might be helpful:
stress reduction by @mindpalacestudy
stress guide by @educatier
stress masterpost
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introvert--weeb · 3 months ago
Hi! I really liked your writing and I thought the “match up event” sounded like a really cool idea.
Took me a while to decide between Assassination Classroom and Tokyo Revengers because I really love both T_T but I ended up going with Tokyo Revengers.
You can just completely ignore this if you want btw!
So onto the description thingy that I’m terrible at! I just turned 18 (remembers that I used to think Draken was 17… gosh…), I’m a Cancer, 162 cm (from what I’ve seen, I’m Mikey’s height… so like… tiny) and I’m a girl. I’m straight (unsure, but from what I’ve seen of myself so far that’s what I’m going with).
I’m kind of reckless, I’m very stubborn and I’m a big idiot most of the time. I procrastinate a lot and have a hard time concentrating on stuff. I overthink a lot and I’m very introverted unless I’m with people who make me comfortable. I don’t usually talk to anyone, normally just keeping a straight face (I’ve been told I’m really scary until I talk. I’ve also been told that it’s really easy to talk to me after people get over the intimidating part) and wearing headphones. I’m mostly quiet when out of the house, until I’m with friends and then I’m the loudest and then I kinda become the crack head of the group. I’ve been called the mom a lot, because I bother people about school and worry about them (let’s ignore that I do none of that for myself). I’m also not one for confrontation since I’m really scared of it (even tho I’m quite a violent person) and if I try it, I just end up screaming and crying.
Not sure what’s my aesthetic, but I mostly wear black oversized stuff cuz it makes me comfortable and usually I wear my hair in a pony tail or in a really messy looking bun.
I like writing, reading fanfic and listen to music. That’s about it.
I’d say my MBTI score, but I don’t know what that is.
Oh, Jesus… I wrote a lot. I’m so sorry. I did this like it was some kind of assignment… Jesus. Sorry!! Seriously if you want to ignore this, it’s fine. I went really overboard with the info. I feel like most of it isn’t even important, but I’m unsure? Again, I’m really, really sorry. Feel free to ignore!
Hey! And don't worry about writing a lot, the more the better for this event! 😀 Gives me a much clearer idea on how a relationship with the character would go and gives me room to run off with my own ideas 😅
Anyway, just saying but you sound like such a lovely person! ❤️❤️
I am matching you up with...
Hanemiya Kazutora ❤️
Tumblr media
You both would suit well together, especially after he had gotten the help he needed for his mental state. A quiet relationship where you would both be a support for each other, probably more so you supporting him.
Kazutora was at first hesitant to go over to you when he first saw you. You were with a group of your friends and everything that he could see from you reminded him of Baji. Of his past crime. The one thing he truly regretted.
It was only once he had spotted you walking alone had he noticed you were both similar. Away from your friends, you were quiet and seemed to keep to yourself.
It had taken the poor boy a full 6 months to get in a relationship with you. 4 months trying to find the courage to talk to you after constantly seeing you, and the other 2 months getting to know you.
As you both got more comfortable around each other, you would start to become crack heads together. Would definitely go on bike rides to wherever with mainly no chosen destination. It was simply wherever had caught your eye as you zoomed past.
Dates would include going to cat cafés since Kazu would have a soft spot for kitties. I truly believe he would have a specific favourite at one café by the pet shop. Other dates would probably include picnics at the park, movie nights at his apartment, and bike rides together.
Your styles are very similar to each others which is great for you. You would steal some of his clothes (mainly shirts and sweatshirts) which he didn't mind. After all, if it made you happy then he would do it! Since you both tend to put your hair up into simple hairdos, you would both do each others hair in the morning. He would adore brushing your hair and placing it into his signature messy bun.
Kazutora would love you with all his heart, willing to give you the world if it would make you happy. You do remind him of Baji but he does understand that there are a lot more qualities to you than just your crack-headedness. Would do everything he can to keep you safe and away from any conflict so there's no need for you to ever worry about that.
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sparkleswritings · 11 months ago
Been procrastinating for this one but I've finally finished it!!
This piece if part of a server collab I'm a part of, the masterlink containing other works from other amazing writers will be posted soon so I will reblog it on 17/11. Make sure to visit them all!
And to the requests I've put off because of this, I'm so sorry and thank you for being patient! They'll be out soon I promise ^^
Tumblr media
Word count: 1,209
Prompt: "This is why I fell in love with you."
Tags: Fluff
It had been a long day. A very long, tiring day. The mission you had been assigned to dragged on longer than expected, leaving you and your team utterly exhausted. Physically, mentally--and emotionally.
Your four man cell, now down to three, passed through the Konoha gates with heavy limbs and heavy hearts.
You wanted to be anything but alone tonight. Afraid that, if you had the silence and time to think, you might just go crazy.
So the best thing to do, after reporting your duties done to the hokage, was to trudge your way to your lover's door. He always knew how to handle you whenever your emotional heart was bursting at its limits. He was rational, level headed. Someone who could compliment your emotion driven self quite well.
The streets were currently calm, a mocking peacefulness to the turmoil your body was  currently containing. A loss of a comrade, a friend, never got any easier. 
Your steps slowed as you neared the destination. Now that you arrived you started to regret it, what if you were bothering him? You retracted the hand you raised to knock, but before you could even turn away, the door slid open. Pale, lilac eyes stared into your own, as if understanding why you were here before you even said a word.
"You look awful."
Was the first thing he said.
"Tell me about it," you gave the Hyuga a sarcastic smile. 
"How did you know I was at the doorstep?"
"Strong emotions of your caliber could be sensed from miles away. If you were in enemy territory you'd be spotted and dead."
"Touché haha," you shifted your weight from one foot to another. "And uh-- I'm sorry if I interrupted you or something I just-"
You didn't get the chance to finish your sentence, because Neji had wrapped his arms around you, pulling your head to his chest.
Startled, your body was stiff at first, but god you didn't know how much you needed this. You couldn't hold it in much longer.
"W-we lost him…" you let the tears flow freely. "I couldn't even retrieve his body."
Neji didn't say anything, making sure to listen to every word you had to say before calming you down. His gentle caresses to your hair were the only 'words of comfort' you needed.
Once your sobs were reduced to sniffling, he led you inside, still in between his arms since you refused to let go. 
The mellow fragrance of tea soon wafted around the room. Your cheek was to him, the whole of your body pressed into his back as if you needed him to stay upright.
"You can stay the night. I don't want you to be alone at a time like this," Neji said once he was able to pry yourself off him to sit down, coaxing you to drink the warm beverage.
"You're...alright with that?" 
He nodded slowly, as if contemplating on his words right after he said them. You felt your cheeks burn at the offer. Everyone knew that Neji was a traditional man, even if the two of you were in a long term relationship, he still refused to do anything past hugs, hand holding and kisses on the forehead. All of them done in private, of course. And you were alright with that. Love was more than just being physical, after all.
To have him step out of his comfort zone, so to speak, for your sake made you feel touched. You restrained yourself from glomping onto him and peppering his face with kisses, because that would certainly make him change his mind.
"Thank you, Neji," you looked up at him and smiled shyly. 
"It's only natural that I take care of you. Now please wash up, you smell of blood and dirt."
"Aye aye captain," you teased, poking him on the cheek on your way to the bathroom, to which he frowned at.
After a rather long shower (you didn't mean to sound weird, but now you smelled like him and it was driving you crazy), Neji leant you the smallest pair of clothing he had and insisted you go to bed immediately.
"Where will you be sleeping?" you asked, pulling the covers as close to your face as possible. His scent was just so calming, you couldn't help it!
"I have a spare futon in my closet, I'll sleep on the floor beside you."
"Sounds good to me," you rolled over to the furthest side of the bed to be as close to him as possible. 
Neji looked at you, "And Y/N, don't...stare at my sleeping face."
"Wh-what! I wasn't planning to!" you spluttered, fully aware that you were lying.
He gave you an amused look before pecking your forehead and bidding you goodnight. 
You thought for sure that if you stayed here, with him, you would be able to sleep peacefully. But just like any other night where you had just lost someone, the nightmares came without fail. You could still see them, their faces, the ones you couldn't save. The ones you had to sacrifice in turn to complete missions. They all say that shinobi must remain emotionless in the face of these things, after all, bloodshed was common in the business. 
Though your skills were exceptional, that was one area in which you lack. 
You are an absolute failure.
"Gah!" you awoke with a gasp. Heart pounding, mind racing. The nightmare just felt all too real. Probably because it technically was. 
You tried to calm yourself quietly, afraid that you'd wake Neji up and make him worried. But of course, it didn't go to plan. 
"Nightmares?" he asked in a low tone.
"Mhm." You replied, giving him a sheepish smile, "sorry for waking you up, love."
He shook his head and sat down beside you, running his palm up and down your back. Neji was silent, giving you some time to steady your breathing before:
"If I hold you, would that help you sleep better?"
Your head turned sideways so fast you were afraid you'd snap your neck. Even though it was dim, you could see that his cheeks were reddening. Thank god for the moonlight. 
"You've gotten...bold today," you grinned.
"Don't like it?" 
"Quite the opposite actually," you leaned to rest your cheek on his shoulder. "Who knew you could get so adorable."
"Adorable you say?" He raised an eyebrow at you, "we'll see who's adorable tomorrow during training."
You winced. Neji and his training regimens always made you want to flop to the ground and sink into the dirt afterwards. But you have to admit, they were pretty effective. You had to get better anyways, you had to increase your chances at protecting your comrades better.
A few more moments of solace, and you were once again surrounded by him. This time you were sure, you were going to sleep peacefully all the way through the morning.
Neji just had that effect on you.
"This is why I fell in love with you," you mumbled, mouth half hidden in his chest.
The remnants of your conscious mind recalled a low hum and a kiss to the crown of your head before slowly drifting off to sleep.
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chainofclovers · 10 months ago
directional breasts: an aggressively unscientific yet data-appreciative study of sex writing
Do you like boobs, data, and stories? READ ON!
How it started:
I work on creative writing before work in the mornings, and on November 20, 2020, my project of choice was a Grace and Frankie fanfic. These gals had spent years—years!—being pals under conditions of ever-increasing intimacy, and it was time to write a sex scene! As a writer I tend to vacillate wildly between moments of written language fluency and moments when it feels like I’m choosing every word one at a time from a broken hat. This was a one-very-slow-word-at-a-time kind of morning, and I found myself invested in questioning the level of specificity needed in the scene. Of course concrete details resonate far better than vague ones—broad strokes that could apply to anyone end up belonging to no one. My question wasn’t one of concreteness, but rather one of precision: if Frankie Bergstein touches one of Grace Hanson’s breasts, does the narrator need to specify which one?
Although I already knew the answer was, like literally all other answers, deeply contextual, I was thrilled by the rich possibility of procrastination and distraction. If I created a survey, I could wander away from my story and convince myself it was in service of my story. I spent about three minutes creating a Google Form called “Directional Breasts,” assumed about eight of my kindest followers would take the survey, posted it, and switched gears (and computers!) for a day of work.
Between that moment and the moment I closed the survey on Sunday morning, I got 277 responses, learned a lot about how people read, and experienced a renewed certainty that femslash community is the absolute best.
Survey and results behind the cut.
Here’s the survey itself:
Tumblr media
Assorted facts:
People could respond to the survey more than once, so I cannot confirm if these are the opinions of 277 distinct people.
I took the survey sometime during the first day it was open; I wanted to make sure it was working properly. (Yes, I took my own survey. I’m relatively new to Google Forms!)
Both questions were multiple choice, so none of the results add up to 100%. I was more interested in finding all the “and” statements I could among survey participants than in forcing people to choose only one highly unscientific response from a series of overlapping, sloppily-crafted possibilities.
It turns out a lot of people resent being made to ponder left and right breasts—left and right anything—and the survey results were often hilarious.
Context is, in fact, everything.
The results:
Question one: You're reading a story and something's about to happen to a boob. The author specifies that the boob in question is the "left breast." What do you think?
Tumblr media
This seems like a perfectly normal level of detail. I'll add this to the logistical information that helps me understand the action here. - 32.5% agreed with this statement (90 responses)
Ah, the left breast. That's the more progressive breast, I suppose? I'm distracted by the directional detail, but I don't mind it. - 14.4% agreed with this statement (40 responses)
It would be way sexier to just say "one of her breasts." A directional breast feels clinical. - 19.9% agreed with this statement (55 responses)
The word "left" doesn't take me out of the story, but it doesn't add much either. - 39.7% agreed with this statement (110 responses)
I'm glad you specified. "Her breast" would imply that she's only got one, but this character definitely has two. - 5.1% agreed with this statement (14 responses)
Custom response - 9.2% provided a custom response (23 responses)
Question two: Whose left? ;)
Tumblr media
Left according to the person whose POV the story is in - 24.5% agreed with this statement (68 responses)
Left according to the person doing the touching (the boob-feeler) - 9% agreed with this statement (25 responses)
Left according to the person being touched (the boob-owner) - 63.2% agreed with this statement (175 responses)
Custom response - 11.6% provided a custom response (29 responses)
What does it all mean (to me)?
I’m not surprised that question two was more straightforward than question one. Of course the omitted article matters here—”the left breast” is a little open-ended and POV-based, whereas “her left breast” is unequivocally (or is it?) a reference to the boob-owner’s left. 
My favorite part about question two were the custom responses from people who resented thinking about directional breasts and in one case believes this question will “plague [them] for all [their] days.” Another person sagely pointed out that what matters is that a breast is being touched, which, yes, is really great. One responder suggested the direction matters more if the person being touched is also the POV character for the story; I assume they mean that if we’re hearing the thoughts of the person being touched, it might matter more to receive that specificity of experience. 
As for question one, the reason I published this survey in the first place, it doesn’t surprise me that the responders did not reach any kind of notable consensus. Much like the Senate race in Georgia, no boob-touching possibility received a majority. In this case, that is OK! As a writer, I actually agree with all of the statements in this survey...contextually. To explain why, I’ll rely on one of my favorite custom responses: 
it's important if "left" indicates something other than mere logistics. either to set something up in the writing: it's a far reach from her right side, and it has to be clear in thhe next paragraph that the toucher is really arm-out in this situation, or metaphorically/emotionally, ie the left side is meaningful to the character(s) for some reason.
YES, anonymous survey participant! Mere logistics don’t cut it as a reason to include a detail. We’ve all read stories where the sex writing feels more like blocking for a scene in a movie than like a crafted narrative. 
I also loved both of these responses, which emphasize the importance of pacing and intimacy the narrator themself is responsible for. 
Not to be all “it depends on the context” but I think it does depend on the context? If the scene was slow, methodical (“she kissed her left breast then her right breast” etc) then I think the specificity adds to the pacing. Conversely, if this is a desperate, explosive sex scene where people’s clothes are being torn off I think it would feel weird to suddenly have such a slowing effect of specifying.
it depends! the distinction could be sweetly deliberate (as in, 'first the left, then the right,' slowing the narrative and showing deliberate planning in the gesture), or it could be totally jarring if not relevant to the context (if one breast is to be kissed, i needn't know which!
The directional detail that provides slowly-paced intimacy in one scene could feel robotic and disconcerting in another.
Other notable responses: someone said “This better be a Chekov's Breast that comes back in the third act,” which delighted me. Someone said directional details aren’t that sexy unless contextually needed, and unexpectedly described a man dripping hot wax onto a woman’s left breast while kissing her right breast, which made me realize I actually wouldn’t need those directional details to help me out as a reader there! Several people reminded me that left vs. right breasts (or any part) would fit for an injury or a medical circumstance. One wise responder described the experience of being taken out of a story because they are given details that force them to “reshuffle”—an unpleasant side effect to certain kinds of specificity.
@little-brisk​ did me the kindness of reblogging the survey and adding some great commentary and a corresponding homework assignment, which I’m totally going to do although I haven’t had time yet. So amazing. 
Femslash readers and everyone in their orbit who took this survey are the best. This was far more fun than I thought it would be. And as for my story? It’s the left breast, but I’m describing it as “her breast.” It’s enough for me to know, and you can imagine it however you like. I’ll get my specificity in elsewhere, though I’m sure I’ll have cause for a contextually appropriate directional breast at some point in the future. 
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knickynoo · 2 months ago
You wrote about it in Harborage but now I want to know all the details: what went down during the great midterm fiasco of 1985? (In both timelines). Loving your fic, btw!
LOL, I figured that little moment might stick out and prompt questions. Glad you're enjoying the fic!
Some context for others: I headcanon Marty with ADHD & that Doc is the first one to put the pieces together regarding it. In my fic, during a conversation, Doc and Marty make reference to "The Midterm Fiasco of January 1985", which isn't elaborated on but is basically implied as being the event that prompts Doc to have a conversation with Marty regarding his suspicions.
Now, some details for you, anon. (I do have a whole backstory on it because I wrote a one-shot a while back that was similar-ish in concept, but I never posted it and probably won't at this point.!) LONG post ahead...
Marty's staring down the barrel of midterm week, and he prepares accordingly by telling Doc he won't be by the garage for a while because he's going to be going straight home to study.
Doc is like, "Great, let me know if you need help," and when he doesn't see of hear from Marty, he assumes it means all is going well.
Until Marty comes flying through the garage door at full speed the weekend before his exams start, in a complete panic. He's all disheveled, and he drops his half open backpack to the ground and just sort of gives Doc this wide-eyed, deer-in-the-headlights look.
Doc figures Marty is overwhelmed or burnt out, so he assures his friend he can help and asks what subject Marty wants to focus on.
And Marty just stands there a moment and goes, "All of them." Which makes Doc go "????" because Marty's supposedly been at home studying all week, so he asks, hesitantly, if Marty has studied at all yet even though he knows the answer to that.
"Marty...what have you been doing all week??" Cue a distressed shrug from Marty and, "I DON'T KNOW."
No, really. Marty has no clue how he managed to somehow waste away the whole week, feeling stressed out of his mind but unable to open up a book. He kept telling himself he had time until oops, he's got less than two days before the tests and has done nothing.
Doc, of course, has seen this scenario before (albeit on a smaller scale with other assignments) so he calms things down first and then asks if he can take a look at Marty's exam schedule, his notes/study guides, etc. doesn't have any of those things. He dumps out his backpack, which is pretty much just a mess of wrinkled papers, a hundred pencils, food wrappers, and probably a few things he thought he had lost a while back. Exam schedule? It's somewhere in his room. Maybe. Notes? They're sparse, and a lot of what he does have is disorganized or illegible. Study guide? HA!
After a nice, nutritious fast food meal and some time to regroup (and a trip to the McFly house so Marty can find his schedule), Doc helps him form a game plan and attempt to sort through what notes he does have, as well as zero in on the specific topics he most needs to focus on.
There's only so much Doc can do though, because Marty is attempting to cram like, 4 months worth of material into his brain at once which just...doesn't work. So, it's a very tumultuous week that Marty spends panic-studying at the garage and barely sleeping. And, as Marty is prone to do, he gets all caught up in the self-blame spiral, which does nothing to aid in his motivation.
Doc keeps helping to get him back on track, but he also kind of paces the garage, doing some work/small tasks and thinking through the whole situation. He's well aware of this familiar pattern of procrastination and last minute scrambling, as well as many of Marty's other tendencies and general quirks. The impulsiveness, the time blindness, distractibility, executive functioning issues, etc.
Doc had come across some literature on ADD a while back (which is what it was referred to as then. It was changed to ADHD in 1987) and he became fascinated with the topic, as well as the clear connection he saw to Marty. He'd kept the information to himself though, never quite sure if he should bring it up for fear of upsetting his friend and also the chance he could be wrong.
But as he stands by, listening to Marty complain and drown in stress, Doc is like, Okay, yeah, we're not doing this anymore, and sits Marty down for a chat.
He says that there could be an explanation for what's going on and slowly wades into the topic, explaining all the things he'd read and his own observations. Marty's heard of ADD, but at this point in the 80s, it's still regarded by many people as not even existing, and most cases that are acknowledged/treated are the most severe ones, primarily made up of really young kids (almost exclusively boys) who are "completely out of control" and have significant discipline problems. So, Marty sort of brushes him off at first, but as Doc continues to list facts and refer to his research, Marty can't deny that he identifies with most of the things he's hearing. Plus, he trusts that Doc wouldn't just toss something like this out there without having genuine reason to.
They talk for a really long time, and lightbulbs are just going off everywhere above Marty's head as he takes things in and is like, OH. what??
Unfortunately, because of the limited understanding of the condition by most people (and even professionals), lack of resources, and Marty's less than involved parents in the original timeline, there aren't a whole lot of viable options. So Doc turns the focus to strategies they can implement in order to help with those day to day tasks that are most difficult. But more than anything, Doc makes it clear to Marty that it doesn't make him "a slacker", that being differently wired isn't bad, and that he's incredibly bright and capable.
The conversation is a lot to take in, but it's a beneficial one. Marty is still very much Marty, and a lot of things stay the same, but feeling fully understood helps a lot. The fact that Doc is open about his own eccentricities and differences is an added bonus.
When all is said and done, Marty makes it through the whirlwind of a week with his sanity mostly intact. His grades aren't spectacular or anything, but he manages to pass every exam, and the week is soon fondly dubbed "The Midterm Fiasco of January 1985" by the both of them.
The end
Thanks for the ask!
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dracomalfoyposts · 6 months ago
Proud of You
Luna Lovegood x gender neutral reader
preview: Luna discovers you having a panic attack and does her best to help you.
tw!! anxiety, panic attack, mentions of verbal abuse
(please let me know if there's anything else I should add to the trigger warning)
Tumblr media
It was another tiring day followed by the amount of homework your professors had assigned. You knew deep down you'd end up procrastinating, waiting until the very last minute to complete the assignments.
As much as you wanted to mirror Granger's excellent grades, you couldn't bring yourself to work. You were just not motivated enough.
You laid on your bed in your dorm, staring at the ceiling as if you had all the free time in the world.
A heavy sigh escaped your lips.
"Knock, knock," a soft familiar voice spoke. You looked up as the door slowly opened, revealing the adorable, astonishing, sweetheart you felt almost too lucky to call your girlfriend.
You sat up. "Hey, Luna," you beamed, your heart instantly warming at the sight of her. There was something about this special girl who managed to lift your spirits at any given situation.
Luna joined you on the bed, sitting comfortably on your left before resting her head on your shoulder.
"What are you doing?" She curiously asked.
You felt the weight of Luna's head disappear as she lifted from your shoulder.
You let out a weak chuckle, hoping to disguise your buried sadness as you shook your head. "Honestly, nothing really."
"Are you okay?"
How silly, why exactly did I think Luna wouldn't be able to detect how I feel?
"Nothing, I," you paused, taking a small breath, "I've been feeling so overwhelmed lately. It's stupid because there aren't many assignments to finish and most of them are plain simple. But I can't help but feel so stressed and pressured."
You looked at Luna, smiling softly as she tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.
"It's okay, love," she assured you, her voice soothing as she stroked your hair, "there's nothing wrong taking a breather every once in a while. School can be quite stressful, it affects everyone differently."
Instead of focusing on Luna's soft voice or her gentle touch on your hair, your mind began to wander around, bringing up memories you thought you've buried deep.
"You're not trying hard enough! You're just lazy, that's what it is!"
Your breathing began to quicken.
"You have no idea how much it affects me to hear that you're failing! If you're not trying hard enough for yourself, at least do it for me."
As those awful memories of your mother shouting at you went up through the surface, it filled your mind instantly with despair. You felt the walls beginning to close in.
"I didn't raise a disappointment!"
Your hands began to shake as your vision began to blur with tears.
"Y/N?" Luna's worried tone faintly echoed.
You felt your throat closing up, causing more anxiety to cloud your brain. It caused the heat in your body to rise.
You felt Luna was no longer sitting on the bed next to you.
"Look at me, Y/N. Focus."
"I'm so proud of you."
She was crouching on the floor in front of you.
"I," you sniffed, struggling to breathe, "I can't, I can't...breathe." You voice was noticeably shaky.
"Everything is okay, you're safe, I'm here for you, see? Everything is going to be alright, I promise. Please, look at me, love."
It was difficult, but with Luna's encouraging words, you managed to look up and see Luna's heavenly, silvery kind eyes staring back at you.
"There, you're doing so well," Luna smiled warmly, "now, can you do something for me, please?"
You couldn't bring yourself to reply, but Luna sensed your confusion.
"Don't worry, it's not much," Luna reached to your knee, but stopped halfway, worried that touching you might make you feel worse.
However, your shaking hand reached out and Luna quickly accepted it as a silent permission to hold your hand.
"I need you to look around the room and find three things you can spot."
You couldn't figure out the purpose of Luna's request but you did it anyway. It was still difficult to speak, so you remained quiet as you scanned the room, listing three items on sight.
There was the bedside table, a rug, and...
Your eyes flickered to Luna's.
Luna sent a soft smile your way, knowing you had completed her request.
"Now, I would like you to think of two things you can hear."
You nodded, closing your eyes as you concentrated.
"The window's open, I can hear the wind blowing against the trees outside and..." you paused, "I hear your breathing."
"Good! Now, I want you to think of one thing you can smell."
That answer was simple, wherever Luna goes, the sweet scent of strawberries and lavender follows.
You were too busy working on your special assignment to notice your tears were long gone, your breathing had already steadied itself and your hands, entwined with Luna's, were no longer shaking.
"You did it!" Luna beamed, giving you a tight hug. Her arms were wrapped around the back of your neck as your head rested against her chest.
You leaned back from her embrace and looked deep into her eyes lovingly. You were so grateful you met her.
With her arms still wrapped around your neck, she leaned in, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips.
A/N: honestly @fandommastermind I could not thank you enough for helping me with this, your writing is incredible!
+ this was inspired by something that happened to me a few weeks ago, I got a panic attack in the middle of class and a friend of mine helped me out of it by using this technique. Focusing on each of your senses at a time is a great way to ground yourself.
+ this oneshot was originally written as a Luna x fem reader oneshot but then I realized it could fit readers of any gender so I changed it to a gender neutral reader. If I happened to forget to change a certain description or reference that implies that y/n is a girl please let me know :)
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apotatomashedbybts · 5 months ago
Halfway Through My Heart
Tumblr media
[Pairing: Jung Hoseok×reader ; Park Jimin × reader
Genre: (kinda) enemies to lovers; fluff
Word count: 1.5k+
Warning: nothing yet.. lots of bickering ig
Prompt: "My tent got flooded by the rain but yours seems dry, so I guess we're sharing a tent tonight."
Written and posted on: 30th April 2021
Summary: You wouldn't call Hoseok your friend. More like an annoying acquaintance. But situations always brought you to be with each other. And whether you wanted it or not didn't matter when you couldn't even help it - be it spending a stormy night together in your tent or him being the only person present when you were going through a major heartbreak. ]
Tumblr media
A/n: I should be damned to hell bcs damn I am the top student in procrastination class! I know I was given like two months, yes, TWO FREAKING MONTHS, to come up with a story line and write a story BUT you know me, I can't be bothered until last minute! So here's the prologue that I managed to write today on last note!
It's a part of the Spring Will Come Again event hosted by Bangtanarmynet! I hope you will look forward to the coming chapters and support me by giving likes and feedbacks 💜🌼
Also! Thank you @joyeedas and @sly-merlin for encouraging me and being there for the entirety of the start! I am grateful and I love you so much 🥺🌼✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"My tent got flooded by the rain but yours seems dry, so I guess we're sharing a tent tonight." 
The loud grumbling of the sky and the spontaneous sound of the heavy rain failed to drown the words that came out from the mouth of that boy that you had least expected would come asking for help. And more than that you would rather have a wild boar sleep in your tent than him. 
How did it come to this? You were busy calculating the sins you have committed throughout your life. While you were busy weighing your options the shivering voice called out, "Yah! Are you really thinking right now? In this situation? Do you really want me to die in this downpour?" 
You wished you could but you were too decent of a human being; you made space for him to come in with the small luggage he managed to bring out in time. 
You looked at his trembling body with what people would depict as a disgusted look but to be exact you were just disappointed and kinda annoyed. 
But as mentioned earlier, you were too decent of a human being, so bringing out an extra towel out of your haversack you handed out to his busy-being-an-aftershower-dog self, "Yah! Jung Hoseok! Stop splashing water everywhere, you idiot! Here take this towel! Dry yourself quickly and change into whatever clothes you brought!" 
Surprised by the sudden generosity Hoseok looked at you and then at your hand holding the towel with a can't-believe-it smile. 
"What is happening? The cold y/n y/l/n is melting? What am I seeing?" 
Embarrassed and annoyed by his teasing you turned around and began to put the towel back in its place, "Whether I am melting or not that can be your next assignment but right now I think you should be more concerned about something else, like not freezing to death!" 
And as if nodding to you a wave of cold air hit your tent and Hoseok jumped to snatch that towel from you resulting in him toppling you over. Both of you looked into each other's eyes and you thought, "Why isn't he getting up?" Then you asked yourself, "Why am I not pushing him away?"
A cold drop of water fell from his hair on your forehead bringing you into reality and you practically shoved him away shouting, "Yah! This isn't some kdrama! Geez! Why didn't you move?" 
"My brain froze, okay? Along with my body! All because you took away the towel!" He shouted back. 
You let out a sigh and gave him the towel, "Okay okay! I get it! Here take it." 
He took the towel and turned around while drying his hair. After a few seconds of grumbling that he should have brought a hair dryer with him he began to change undress himself. 
You scoffed mumbling, "Yeah! As well have brought the entire washroom with you to camping!" 
"Hey! I heard that!" He exclaimed turning to you. 
You turned around to face him and retorted, "I said so that you could hear me!" 
He was going to counter you when your eyes shifted from his face to his almost bare chest visible through his half unbuttoned shirt. 
Hoseok's gaze followed yours and a smirk took place on his lips, "What? Do you wanna see Hoseok's hot body?" 
That was totally not the reason you were looking at his chest and his remark brought out the disgusted expression you often held back from expressing, "Ew! I am in no way interested in that pale rib cage cover!" 
"Whoa!" Hoseok gasped dramatically. He was going to say something back instead he wrapped the shirt closer to his chest, covering it, and then said while turning around, "I am not interested in showing you either! Can you please go outside? It's awkward to change while a girl is there." 
Surprised? No, it was utter disbelief for you. You couldn't believe the level of stupidity or ignorance you had to come across in one day. 
"Yeah! Sure! I'll wait for you outside in the rain while you comfortably change your attire, your majesty." You smiled at him. 
Hoseok stuttered before replying and realised his mistake, "Okay okay! I get it. I am sorry. I'll just change here. BUT don't peek! Okay?" 
"As if!" You scoffed. "You made my shirt wet too! So don't you dare peek!" 
After changing into dry clothes you put a scarf in the middle of the tent floor and prepared your sleeping bag to sleep. While doing so you noticed Hoseok watching you doing everything with big puppy eyes and a pout permanent on his lips. 
You looked at him questioningly and raised one eyebrow. 
The pout on his lips became even more distinct as if he was on the verge of crying. 
You almost found him cute but you were concerned more. The last thing you wanted in this cold rainstorm was to babysit a crybaby. 
You were going to ask him what was the matter but he replied before you could ask, "I couldn't grab my sleeping bag from the tent! What will I do now?" Tears were almost ready to fall from his eyes as he looked at you helplessly. 
You sighed. You hated it. You were almost as helpless as him when it comes to someone crying in front of you so you sighed, again, and asked, "What do you mean by you couldn't grab your sleeping bag from the tent? Your stuff sack wasn't attached to your haversack?" 
This time the sigh was his, "I did! But as soon as I completed setting up my camp I unpacked it… to sleep.." 
You facepalmed and after a second's pause you asked, "What's in it for me if I help you out?" 
"Really? You'll help me out? But how?" Hoseok's eyes became big in disbelief. 
You smiled smugly and said, "First, answer to my question!" 
"A-anything you want!" 
"Is that a promise?" 
"Yes! An iron promise!" 
"That's more like it. I'll keep that promise in the attic now and use it when later." 
Saying that you reached out to your big haversack and brought out another sleeping bag. 
It was a FIFA winning moment for Hoseok. He took the sleeping bag and held it as of it was his baby. 
"Yah! Yah! Stop being so dramatic! It's just a sleeping bag!" Your disgusted face had made a comeback. 
"You wouldn't understand! I am saved! It's literally freezing in here!" Hoseok shivered. 
"It's not that bad." You rolled your eyes. 
After you both settled in your respective mummy sleeping bags Hoseok asked, "Why did you bring two sleeping bags?" 
If it was any other time, outside this mountain forest, you would have surely been annoyed at him without a particular reason and retorted something gibberish instead of answering him. But tonight, as if the storm had calmed you down, it was different. But not so much as to totally turn you into a softie towards him. 
You replied, "So that I don't have to see idiots like you cry in the rain!" 
Hoseok pouted, "Hey! How would I know it would come down to this?" 
"Why do you pout so much?" 
"I don't have any control over it, okay? What can I do if I am cute?" 
"Yeah right! Jung Hoseok, the cutie! What a joke!" 
"Before you get distracted and begin to diss me more, tell me why did you bring two sleeping bags! I am curious." 
You sighed and after wiggling a little bit in your bag you replied, "Well, initially it was because I was sceptical of the chilly weather up here so I wanted some extra heat. But also because since many of my batchmates are new to camping so I thought someone might need it. So I was willing to give it to them. I just didn't expect it to be you!" 
"Just my bad luck I guess." Hoseok said. 
"Bad luck? Come on! I already warned you when you were setting your tent in that ditch that you are gonna get in trouble if it rains!" 
"How am I supposed to know that it's gonna rain when the weather report clearly said the opposite! Plus how would I have known that it will storm this hard in spring?" 
"Yeah! That's why you are an idiot! When you are going camping you should always be prepared for the worst! And the very least you could do is not set up your tent in a low area!" You grumbled. 
"Yeah yeah mom! I am sorry! But now that I am full and warm my sleep cells are fully charged. So good night. Have sweet dreams!" Hoseok wiggled in his bag while complaining about how one can sleep in a mummy sleeping bag. 
You stared at the ceiling of your tent and your mind asked you the same question that it did after first seeing Hoseok outside your tent. 
How did it come to this?
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atsuwiee · a day ago
omo congrats on reaching 600 followers you definitely deserve them 🎉🎉🥳 and for you event i'm joining and can the match up be with one of the tokyo revengers characters?? :)) ahhh i hope the information is enough
i would describe myself as a introverted person and needed much more time to be able to adapt to social situations since they make me uncomfortable and awkward. because of this, i hole up in my home for as long as i can but the main reason is that i hate the idea of going outside. as an intp-t, i tend to keep my thoughts to myself most of the time unless someone asks me for my input then i'll say what's on my mind. i have a habit to daydream a lot especially when it comes to certain topic related to mathematics or economics, they're just hella boring. i am a musical person that have a wide range of music taste, especially classical and jazz but recently i got into bardcore 👌 i'm also a bookworm and read any types of books i can get my hands on. i am also a no-nonsense person and can't tolerate trash talk at all, if that happens, i don't even bat an eye towards them. i used to be the "won't forgive and won't forget" type in the past but now it's the "forgive but not forget" type. i do have this tendency to ignore eye contact when interacting with strangers even went as far as to ignore their existence, maybe mumble a response to show i'm listening to their words. i will warm up to them if they can show me how trustworthy they can be and it might take weeks or months. when i do open up to my friends, i can be helpful with their homework or can be the one listening to their rants and give advices. in the friend circle, i have the role of the listener, since i mainly listen to their conversation and adding my words here and there. i am a procrastinator, especially when teachers assigned projects i don't like, and do them few days before the due date but i still got the work done.
Habits :
i play with the hem of my shirt or my sleeve when i get nervous and starts to look at the ground like it's the best thing in the world. i also have lots of plushies and cuddle them every time i go to bed, it makes me feel safe. i can be insensitive sometimes and blurting out something i shouldn't have but i'm quick to stop myself when that happens, unless it's during an argument. i become sarcastic and passive aggressive when i'm angry but sometimes i will block everything out and take some time for myself to cool down. i worry about money sometimes to the point where i lack sleep because of it, though it rarely happens.
Likes :
writing, playing the piano and guitar, reading, listening to music, practicing my martial arts (taekwondo), taking naps, poetry, loyalty, flowers symbolism, my bed and pillows, plushies, sweaters, baggy shirts & pants, anything oversized, money
Dislikes :
cockroaches, noisy people and places, skimpy clothes, skirts, insincere people, children, mistrust, maths, junk food, hot weather, mosquitoes, racists, homophobic people, cigarette smoke
How I dress:
i dress casual and comfy, if i'm being lazy, i just grab a shirt and shorts and that's that. if i made an effort of dressing myself up, i wear whatever that are suitable for the occasion, and my clothes are mostly black and dark blue.
Love Language:
quality time and acts of service. even though i appreciate words of affirmation, but i value the two more than the rest.
i match you with... chifuyu matsuno!
Tumblr media
i have a feeling you'd match with chifuyu's vibe JSHKJH
he's really caring and considerate for you, when there are times you have a hard time and just keep it to yourself (but he can tell there's a problem) he'll give you time but he's there to comfort you.
finds your taekwondo skills cool and awesome, sometimes he'd ask you to teach him because it looks cool lol. if you are having doubts he is quick to reassure you with warm hugs and words of reassurance (as i said he really will care for you)
i hope you liked this<3 !
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