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No. 8 - “Don’t Say Goodbye” | Abandoned
Fandom - BBC Merlin (Slightly canon divergent, series 5ish)
Wordcount - 433

“Arthur, please!” Merlin yelled as the guards hooked their arms under his elbows and pulled him from the room. “Arthur!”

Arthur stormed after the guards as they made their way through the castle, dragging Merlin to the cells. His sword was still in his hand, and the look in his eyes turned Merlin’s stomach to stone.

“You. Lied. To me.” Arthur shouted each word, his voice echoing off the cold stone walls. “You. Betrayed. Me!”

“No, Arthur –”

“Do you really think you could get away with such treason?!”

“But –”

“You’re a sorcerer!”

The guards forced Merlin down the stairs, not caring when he tripped.

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I need to catch up….

Tachihara understood Jouno in ways Jouno wasn’t used to being understood.

Jouno made an effort to be distant, because it didn’t matter if people were close to him or not, they all treated him one way or another.

Jouno very much expected it to be the same with the Hunting Dogs. One way, or the other. For most of them, it was.

Of course Tachihara was a different case.

Sure, he was a bit of a jackass to start, full of rage and depression that manifested through his anger. After the first couple weeks, though, he seemed to calm down. At least, now he could hold conversations that didn’t end in a fit.

Then… he grew on Jouno like a fungus.

Tachihara preferred Jouno to everyone else, that much was clear. Tecchou was Tecchou, and Teruko had her weird obsession with the commander, and the commander was a drunkard, or something.

According to the kid, Jouno was most normal, comparatively. He was the easiest to talk to, despite his frequent snobbish attitude.

They hung out constantly. Tachihara’s new desk was directly across from Jouno, they got coffee every morning, they sparred together, and went on missions with each other.

Tachihara was… also easy to talk to, in Jouno’s case. He treated Jouno like an equal, and talked to him like one too. When Jouno needed help, Tachihara wordlessly took care of it, didn’t belittle him or mock him or treat him like he was “special”.

Before either really got a grasp of the situation, they were making out instead of sparring, holding hands when they went to get coffee. Before either had realized, they both became very important to each other.

That’s why, when Jouno heard about Tachihara’s mission to go undercover, he was vehemently against it. He wasn’t ready to let go. Alas, it wasn’t up to him.

After that, they no longer sparred together. Tachihara got special training, and special maintenance, things that’d help him. From what they heard, they also worked really hard to make him stop using his ability, no matter the situation.

Jouno… was angry with Tachihara for this.

The couple weeks leading up to when the mission would begin, he absolutely refused to reciprocate anything, including but not limited to kisses and conversation.

God, he should have just stayed distant. He set himself up for disappointment.

“Well… it’ll probably be a while before I see you again,” Tachihara said, now that they were alone. He slid his hands into his pockets, taking in a slow breath. “I'm… I’m sorry, Jouno. But I have to take this opportunity. This is the only way I can find -”

“Her name is Yosano Akiko,” Jouno interrupted, leaning against the wall. When Tachihara went silent, he quirked a brow. “Your… Angel of Death? Yosano Akiko, a member of the Armed Detective Agency, previously drafted in the war for her ability which brings people back from the brink of death.”

“Why…” Tachihara trailed off, then shook his head. “O - okay, then. Thank you.”

Then it was a standstill, and Jouno and Tachihara faced each other awkwardly.


A pause.

“Don’t say goodbye.”

The redhead blinked for a few moments before he scowled, crossing his arms. “I don’t understand. Why not, Jouno?”

With a bittersweet smile, Jouno stepped forward and pulled him into his arms.

“Because this isn’t goodbye, of course. It’s just… a ‘see you later’.”

Tachihara, with his forehead to Jouno’s chest, smiled, and wrapped his arms around the other’s waist. “Oh. Of course…”

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“Don’t Say Goodbye” | Abandoned | Isolation

The house was empty when Booker woke up (the house was always empty).

“Andy?” he called, voice echoing through the high ceilings and destroyed walls, “Nicky? Joe?” 

There wasn’t an answer (there was never going to be an answer). He stumbled from his bed, the others lying cold and empty, Andy’s chair lying discarded on its side. Bottles rattled as Booker ran his fingers across them, covered in dust.

They would be back soon. Booker sat on the couch, hearing the springs groan under his weight, the fabric of the other seats gritty with dust. He just had to wait.

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Whumptober2020: Day 8 – “Don’t Say Goodbye”

Fandom: MCU, Iron Man
Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts
Universe: Mafia!AU
Summary: After an unsuccessful attempt at detaching himself from his father’s empire, he resigns himself to an unfavourable reality: breaking up with Pepper Potts. (Both Tony and Pepper are 17 years old.)

Tag: @whumptober2020

[Read on AO3 here.]

Tony lifts his fist to the door, but it takes him a few seconds of pause to muster enough courage to do this. This wasn’t just some party fling he can drop the night after, this was Pepper. Virginia Potts deserved an explanation. She deserved the world, and sadly, Tony resigned himself to not being the one to give it to her.

He rapped with his knuckles the door before fixing his eyes at the edge where stoop met house. With every passing second or two of no reply, he shuffled an inch backwards. It’s not too late to leave, part of him thought. You can still go out with her. He was tempted. His car (his dad’s, the one he borrowed without asking) stood  directly behind him. He fingered the keys in his right coat pocket, contemplating what a fake out would cost him.

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No 8. WHERE DID EVERYBODY GO? “Don’t Say Goodbye” | Abandoned | Isolation

“Do you have everything? Did you pack a spare cloak? I think you should pack a spare cloak. What about your dagger - it’s sharpened, right?”

Alyss gave an amused smile at Will’s rambling, knowing it was her husband’s tendency before all her missions. “You sharpened the dagger yourself, and I packed two spare cloaks, just for you,” she replied, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Will gave a rueful grin before wrapping his arms around his wife and pulling her close. “I know you know what you’re doing. I just…”

“And I know you know I know, and yet I still appreciate the gesture,” Alyss answered, taking Will’s hand and holding it to her cheek. “I’ll miss you, my love.”

“I’ll miss you more.”

Alyss smirked. “Don’t try to outdo me, Will Treaty,” she warned, leaning in to peck him on the lips. As she drew away, Alyss’ face scrunched fretfully as she moved a hand to lightly touch her husband’s stubble. “Will, honey, I do wish you would shave.”

“What’s wrong with it?” Will said somewhat defensively as he ran his own hand over the hair. He’d started growing it out on a whim, and thought it had looked rather good.

Alyss, however, was shaking her head distastefully. “You, my handsome husband, are far too good-looking to be hiding it beneath all that hair. I miss your face.”

“…Alright,” Will relented. “I’ll shave it when you get back. Happy?”

Alyss gave her most beautiful, winning smile. Wondering how he’d been so lucky, Will sighed and brushed a piece of Alyss’ hair behind her ear, gently touching his forehead to hers. Missions were a common occurrence for both of them, something they acknowledged and accepted. However, that didn’t make the partings any less painful. “Come back to me soon, my love.”

“I’ll be back before we’ve even had time to miss each other,” Alyss assured Will brightly, as if they both didn’t already miss the other.

“I love you so much, Alyss,” the Ranger said simply, squeezing her tightly for a moment longer before finally relaxing his hold.

His beautiful wife smiled again. “I love you, Will. Now, no fretting. I’ll be back soon, and then we can celebrate getting that monstrosity off your face.”

(line break)

Alyss didn’t come back, and Will didn’t shave.

Instead, his world shattered.

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Whumptober 2020
“Don’t Say Goodbye” | Abandoned | Isolation

Swear This One You’ll Save

“No, no, Cas. You—You can’t do this. You can’t!”

“I have to.”

“You stupid son of a bitch!”

Dean grabbed Castiel, forcing him against the wall.

No, no. He couldn’t leave. He couldn’t!

“Why do you have to go?” Dean growled in his face, voice seeming loud in the empty bunker hallway.

Castiel shoved Dean back.

“You don’t want me, Dean. Not really. You know what I see when you look at me? I see a child. Someone still hurt from how he grew up. And you’re desperate for someone, anyone, to fill that hole. But that hole won’t be filled until you face it. You can’t run away from this.”

Dean faltered back, a tear falling.

“Wh-why are you saying this?”

“Because it’s the truth. Because… I want to be with you. I want to be with you so badly it aches. But I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to be your crutch.”

Dean was in front of him again, caressing his face, his hair, any part of him he could get his hands on, to make him understand.

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Whumptober Day 8: “Don’t Say Goodbye”

Hey everyone!

Little bit of a shorter one today because the last chapter was quite large and had me awake till 4am writing it (even though it was super fun and I have zero regrets!). Unfortunately for me, I still have to stay on top of my Uni workload through this wonderful month of whumptober, so there might be a few smaller chapters here and there so I don’t burn out. I hope you enjoy this little bit of angst all the same though, and have a great day!


Ao3 Link


Red dirt swirled across the ground as Tony’s knees hit the unfamiliar planet, eyes brimming with tears he couldn’t remember forming as he stared down at his hands in horror.

There was dust on his palms. It was chalky and dry and stuck to his skin like spiderwebs.

Tony wanted to get it off, and at the same time, he wanted it to stay. Never wanted to let it go. Even now as he watched the stray, sullen flakes fall into the dirt below, lost in the sea of red, Tony could feel his heart begin to pound rapidly in his chest. His hands were shaking, and that sent more ash to the floor, which made his heart beat faster and his hands tremble harder and-

On instinct Tony turned around and searched for the impending danger, the cause of the lightning in his nerves and the ache in his chest, but found nothing. Nothing but the same red dirt and orange painted sky, the remnants of destruction littered across the horizon. It was quiet too. So eerily, painfully quiet…

Tony had always hated silence. It made him think of sterile labs and tense meals at the dinner table- of empty bedrooms and the pause before Howard’s shouts filled the air. Tony hated that sound as much as the silence, so for decades, he’d worked to erase that emptiness with his words and his wit. For the most part it worked, but he could feel it creeping into his bones now like a looming storm, preparing to swallow him whole.

So in his haste to escape the barren wasteland he kneeled in, Tony stumbled to his feet and began to walk. He didn’t care where, so long as it had noise, and people.

God, where was everyone?

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And perhaps I shall find solace
in broken stones of old
in leaf-littered steps
crunching under the weight of memory.
Perhaps I shall wait till nightfall
to see your spirit
haunting these inconsolable ruins.
Perhaps in loneliness
I shall find you.

Merlin edit: Turning Page (Sleeping at Last)
Whumptober 2020 - #8
“Don’t say goodbye”

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Day 8: Where did everybody go? || “Don’t say goodbye” 

I was tired of darker backgrounds so I had a more colorful one today :D 

I was thinking that for this one, the two were off duty but some huge threat appeared and Todoroki was badly injured, probably from jumping in front of Midoriya or some sad thing like that. After the fight was won, he lay there, bleeding out in Midoriya’s arms as the sun rises over the ruined battleground. 

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Teddy was standing in the room again, and he hadn’t come to rescue her. It wasn’t welcome anymore. Cora was tired of seeing him standing there, tired of hearing him urging her to keep going. That didn’t mean that it still didn’t sting when he whispered that he would be back soon and she blinked away the dream. 

She was alone, now, she was sure of it. It had been so long since she had seen the sunlight, since she and Teddy had stood on the lawn and thought their biggest problem would have been university in the fall. 

Cora was alone, and She wasn’t even coming for her anymore. There were no more taunting remarks, no more voices in the walls telling her to stop trying to escape. She supposed that meant it had been effective, for now she was willing to stay in place if it meant that she would get to hear another human voice again. 

Teddy didn’t count. He was just a ghost, and he always had to say goodbye so soon. 

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     With a Shadow for Company. Really proud of this one! Soon to be on AO3. @whumptober2020

    Stiles sat in a quiet room, made of four blank white walls. There was no door, not even a seam indicating where one could be. There was only the stark brightness of the single lightbulb hanging in the middle of the room that bounced off the walls so brightly that it made his head ache if he kept his eyes open for too long.

     He was alone.

     It felt like days until his eyes adjusted to the glare of the room, and still, no one had come to save him from the isolated prison. He didn’t remember how he had gotten there, nor where there was. All he knew was that his friends, his pack, had abandoned him. They had left him, one by one. First, it was Isaac, then Derek. Lydia and Scott. Eventually, even his father had left him.

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